Tony Burns w/ TLB 7-27-18

Friday, July 27th
Poker Tournament Director at the Seminole Hard Rock.

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I before get out of here and send yelled at the weekend is going to be big times over here at the several hard rock hotel and casino coming up next week reality Seminole hard rock. Poker open it is running August 2 through the fourteenth that means we need to talk to the man himself. Tony burns who has got an up to Jones on the Iran feels announces to me as soon as guests on Tony is. He poker tournament director for the Seminole hard rock and he's got all the information Boris is it comes down to. The hard rock poker open. And what you guys can do if you wanna get involved and get a seat and stop playing get in on the action here for the settle hard rock poker open we're we're gonna talk to our guy Tony burns is the poker tournament director is is upon us it is getting there he's several heart on poker open it is less than a week away it is August 2 next Thursday. And we are talking it's only on Iran does not sister Beazer is just not true says the ideas don't Tony meant. Barbara Howard you know there's a good bit ago I met so how is this dog for you all were close in on the of the poker open. I how's it been in the lead up to this thing really excited nervous that this is all is all happened and uses it all happiness boy how is the the countdown golf Loria. I'm never nervous anxious ready to go. Been off this summer. System hard Brock then suddenly felt Los Vegas that the real. I'll get a good but they're promoting the up from theory. You know we've given away two or three feet. Into the championship event that a lot of new faces. No fault you're familiar one than those of great opportunity be up there are up for sudden we promoting the upcoming series. That's very cool men solid what do you want when your out daily what are you looking to do I mean obviously promote the tournament but you re looking to see how. They run things there you can pick things up where you are in the canoe person and have a player how does that go for your guests. Well we've set up right outside of registration we've got a really good duplication. And we actually giveaways Wagner giveaways wag bag than an out recap for people that stop buying find up to the drawing. So the great opportunity to do you know that was the third year we've done it. And it's amazing like on the people like west of the Mississippi from Dunn. It's all like they haven't done bill and they know the hard rock brand. Both of them like to eat you up poker I haven't been down there yet looked great opportunity to have one on one you know in your face conversation about property. Well what we're doing and we had to fight them and we told you about the hotel room rates that are or. Our hotel room rate for the period well pulled out of the the other day. But the arguably the film you know hey come on down. And a book your hotel room than and they did it right there on the spot so what do you great opportunity and anybody that's really serious about Volcker. Is that the World Series. That's very awesome that's Rizzo went when you when you meet all exuberant different places. I'll what is your go to anyone a cell self flawed because that's got to be an inch in different perspective to go from here in normal clientele. I mean stopped short print itself its level that you you you think Florida that somebody you know they think poker vacation. Well you know we film about the property you know or boot you know how the properties flash unit shall all the background. And a lot of people know about the upcoming you know expansion. And they are excited to come down and see that the you know how how about drafting so yup South Florida at the pretty itself annually like that that a political poker vacations off orders please they. Was our tell it burns poker tournament director for the Seminole hard rock the hard rock poker open is going through August 2. Through the fourteenth. Ten of the 143 million dollar guarantee championship. So the the set up for that we what are you what are you expecting for next week as as things start to unfold here. Well we're opening up for the 500000 dollar fine million currency. You know that have been always is that enough. It's a great way to get things kicked off. No first plate usually does that over quarter million dollars. You know for 570 dollar investment that that brings them out of the great way to get things started out so it's one that the fence and over forty satellite. I can we bring back the big four overnight America where where we have our five feet championship with a reminder to you spoke oh coupled with. The point 650000011100. Dollar half a 1125000. Or Cairo or humiliate your feet. So it's just been great string of events that you know that those four events but on the final table. You don't get him in the same room and we'd like three minutes and out film for Beatty with both CBS sports. Montreal cement the Sperry also new guys also via the Jeff Conine poker classic coming off. On August 9 it's it's it's always Cooley got Agnelli Snyder covenant and doing something like this how does how does that normally org if you wanna get in into that black. Get to the day before the championship event will be our Jeff Conine event. The perspective here having the event last year we have 307 entries. We're having over 30000 dollars in cash and prizes. First played here at the feet into the fight you championship. That simply getting. The trip up to the new Atlantic City property up for the hard rock her career up people there and check that out like that cash and try to but I get past it. From the hard rock fine by you know different in instinct they'll find it guitar this year for one of the winners off packages. You know dinners to occur oh count flow so just a great up and get everybody together and you know all we have that's for the kids. Jeff Conine as the Coleman club help. At the DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Both I think last year we raised over a hundred and apple over a 139000. For the charity. So bring my theater by together and you know Jeff joked well poker and you know. You think about South Florida and in baseball you know just to mr. Marron will salute it there you know it took him again together worked side that a Vatican. You guys and go to SH RPO dot com if you guys want any more information in and on the run down the schedule all things that they do this weekend every single weekend stood up the July high hands and everything that goes out. A thousand dollars every thirty minutes on on tonight. So tell it before we before let's ago here wartime for the for the poker open what must sell for anybody who's thinking about get into it. What is the best way for them to get involved. Other regular involved as you know just give it down South Florida obviously who wasn't there's. Local players registration book available you can come in look today. And you can buy it in an apparent. Are ignored them and they'll you know we're gonna be in the event center again I was suddenly six table we're also opening up a one of the new alarm. During the period for the high roller and a couple of other event but you know in the series so great opportunity to beat the new event planner. You haven't checked that out already and if that on appearance fees. And this great frightful than great out here to be around sounds awesome Mel we're looking forward to it. All right appreciate you have me on a poet. He sought to bar is always love haven't always stop by with us here on the show everybody have a great rest you re going get on down the hard rock you don't have to wait until the poker open if you guys wanna get down here. Just this weekend tonight July high hands went up to thousand dollars every thirty minutes now until midnight Somalia in July big slick deep stack. Know it and hold them with a reentry eleven and thousand dollar buying 30000 guaranteed to get on out there. For that if you guys wanna have some action this weekend we'll talk to Gaza Monday have a great weekend.