Tony Fiorentino Interview 12-15-17

Friday, December 15th

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How is Tony Fiorentino DTV and cats and tonight 630 he lives temple was at 7 PM tonight from Charlotte hate Sony morning. Our short program we are we were just talking I mean it's all basketball for a moment here I don't know of amber and and Brett no but. Tony Fiorentino is a huge New York Yankees fan. And gradually GA LA we're talking about John Carlos and egg vessel would have thought there'd Tony side. What I like it immediately shot to make canceled season but he agreed he gets bonus helps. Yeah. Hey you know I never thought that would have been unbelievable that they're gonna hit 300 Oman. Yeah it's and you're like I don't get the impression that your big sports fan outside of basketball you law of the Yankees. Well I do what was done you know my dad was to expand and I remember. Back in the late fifties when I first started following the Yankees you know when I was fifteen years old yankees were not in the World Series twice. They were in thirteen of my first fifteen years on the earth so hard to hear how they aren't they did not. Beer fan clearly you've handled my favorite guy of all time nobody will ever. You place him in my mind is you know. And aptly. Olson's. You know you're not only go coach you know. Will stand in judge that to others and it's new mantle and Maris right. Yeah yeah it was great watching that 61 in. You know my America's 61 moment madame Maris hit 61 analyst at least one male without the two or three weeks at the end of the season. We may have had more so this bit may surpass. So why did yet yet some negative things to say here for us what we Derek Jeter route and the Marlins about backs. Now OIPOPO. I know to get a person on the planet is right now is that Joseph Girardi. It's a boy. When you know I thought that was unfair but you know things happen so yeah we're real survival go somewhere else but. I date. Knowing Jeter out and aptly you know I don't know much at all but just follow the missile career that he's got to give them time I guess you know red. People are about not happy would have now would just give them time don't ever want to be not every seemed to be as well as the heat right. And that's an all right well we know it from Reno well to run either this month you know that. I did so tonight and I got the heat and the hornets against 7 o'clock early start tonight so are you how American Tony inject 638 got he lied. I get some thoughts here Tony I'm ban at a bio you know whats been up a struggle so far this season the team is a game under 500. Something that I think the heat Spanish start to get excited about as the play from the from the rookie. Yeah they showed because he's really accelerated visit of progress. You know it obviously he's a young player but he has so much energy and he has he is so athletic. And more people don't realize this he's one of the brightest guy on the team he picks things up very quickly. He he asks a lot of questions he observes what's going on you know and people picked out for granted that doesn't always happen what kind. And a young player who were successful what Kentucky. Comes into a program in Denmark you know young guy wanna play right away. He's been very patient he'd listened to what you want how to works with a bullet time he listens to the veterans like I Udonis. And various guys and so. When he is he's rated so they're almost at a point where expo has to play him in somebody's name guest command because. It is so many good things and and that they that they told us what we know we don't get the watch practice what we wanted to and they told most of their own we will go like the bottom was. He had he six had. When he had the lead this easy lateral movement and the quickness of foot. Of all the small forward. And that's exactly what he has he gets out he thought we showed that cute doggie. She he had a great sequence regarded abroad while we played Cleveland got a great sequence we can't step curry. Step Kush trying to get by and it could have been involved passing the ball block to the upshot. Of these all the things that excited about beyond their yeah. You don't also really like about him that I noticed bomb he he plays very physical position OK but he doesn't. He doesn't get rattled he doesn't react to any the physical Audi he he keeps the same demeanor. And you know to get involved and eight at extracurricular nonsense that it happens sometimes abatement. Got a great point you made a bra one year in got to be a little coupled with someone that they would and that. And I question on why he got attacking into any type. He stood there and let the guy that was trying to blow on you know do what he had to do. Then an XT here they gave a double technical file. He didn't deserve it you're right yes a great demeanor great great maturity about them. Cause we're talking looking for a lot of consistencies of some of these guys and last year you know the three point ball game in my column was get checked out pretty predominantly. This year it's kind of sporadic in and we saw a rolling your performance of the night to the point work it's caused a new deed faint on the side. But Wayne Ellington he's he's come off phenomena comes this three point game is he our next three point shooter is that going to be our guy. Well he is you know he's one of the best three point shooters in the NBA. And I think sometimes people don't realizable prayer or understand. I think to the point where. All NBA team most NBA teams I've got sent everything bagel with the same thing dead or in those who. You have a breakthrough was gonna have a bad night. You have to keep this sort of turned the ball over. You have give on certain nights are gonna play is sort of like a true. Hell I'm I think there's certain aspects of that like turn the ball will appreciate that happen too often put. They're there are things that happened that Olivier change or grow what you that you kind of big acutely to your team. A guy like. Alec and I call well you know there are made of Italian shoots well the only like that. And but he's got to go through streaks where you don't need illicit street quarter gros basically get. We got like we coach Bo does sort of reason just keep shooting because eventually he's going to get on these two good and they shot that he K. How much energy and how much our preparation goes into that he's just such great shape. He it's great acceleration learn. When he jumps. And and now he jumped or were these ballrooms right there wanted to get some separation on him you ought to try to block the shot. He gotta love what he's doing. So he. Coach when it comes preparation this is an argument that we have all the time on our show. Free throws and I don't know you're probably traveling last night I don't know if you noticed Brook Lopez called air balling back to back to pose for the cavs in the second quarter. And as he was. I on the back court. You could see his teammates asking him are you all right and he's like yeah I'm okay I'm Jan I'm sure saying I'm okay I'm okay be OK when your professional basketball player Macon blue cool money like that Tony and you shot eight million album in your life in its most of the players to be given that you're supposed to hit these shots. A coach like bill O Luke Walton has to be losing his mind and re playing that over and over and over for the team has a little bit of a joke. And Tony also also the funny part is no you're the first free throw. You compensate doughnuts and when you shoot an actual. All the shooting that's right you know one of the things that is always perplexed me watch you get like great shooters. We feel good about shooting such a bad situation. They're gonna live shots but I don't understand how you shoot available. You know IP even elect a guy like Ellington military. Good shooter you've got to live shot it into gonna happen if you got an open shot. I don't understand how real good shooters it's always perplexed me throughout the years and that's one that's what they're explains here like he said that. And he felt like you did upon experience the people of bullets in short he shooting this section of want law that's right. That's right I mean I may serve finally caught the man on the first on the second most in the back we wanna impress you about what you way. When I I I played varsity one year I did not make any trips in the free throw line now appear. Because that's the basketball but he imitate old. It isn't that hands on touch screens all hurts. So yes you that your son went to the basket with two weeks are camped worry about that. Yet you know that's that's a good good good point your Tony I know the heat for the first time ever. They are doing a winter basketball camp but of course Tony he runs those it can you tell folks here how they could send their kids because I highly endorse him my son has great lawyer. Going to be great at the great idea by the either one so what we're gonna have some of the future this is the first one. And you mentioned first time in the thirty year history to eat there's a went to basketball camp the January 2 due to their kids or that we. It's a great idea apparent to they wanna you know that your parents don't want their kids not to be hanging around the house this. Go to war that he basketball can't afford to Asia Tuesday through Thursday night the street thirty gonna be a ransom have a great middle school. And the growth. Pure water pitchers that you go to Miami Heat camp dot com or you can call 786777113. And talked Crespo. And so we're looking forward to it it's going to be a lot of want to take that. This is something that's gonna we've started that that we exploited it's gonna go forward starting next year we're gonna do a lot of different things around the community of maybe do some clinics and and I had a great idea over the winter type people in the summer parents ask. Do you do anything over the winter and we we could quote we never did because all these facilities are used. I was too busy but you know next year won't. Have that probably what would be a bit PI will be able to do all these things full time so we're looking forward to this especially the first one on January 2. Yeah and again my son's gone for a couple years now I highly endorse and it's really great Tony. We will I'll be watching tonight 7 o'clock and beginning at 630 big slob joining us Tony you Garrett thanks guys I'll that's Tony Fiorentino right there. All man nice hate follow my guy around on defense and haven't run through the pains.