Will Manso w/ TLB 12-20-17

Wednesday, December 20th

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You don't run what do you think South Florida how well you do red dead a group. At the right the pool. Certainly we would not direct any anger at wall Manso he's one of us. He joins us right now in the oh right fuels and downstairs measles deaths lie there who says beyond giving it to our friend who meant so. Well a did you hear the interview with the lemon tart and rob Manfred. I did. Intercourse yet they did it how I would not I would root out what went well you know help you to watch the show is great there are very Ella. All right so after a hearing that after being at the town hall last night. With blood Derek Jeter where he answered questions for ninety minutes. Have you felt like we've been at a more contentious time. Between South Florida fans and Marlins ownership. Then we are right now. You don't want I don't think like anything go to the store that moment you'll live there you know with something or not that only Hewitt or the hacker you know the worst case scenario. Oh god I feel like your glory after. They're immediately or they got the ballpark and hope he's treated they could video that was pretty powerful to. I think probably it is that everybody thought you were you aren't and that'll cut any country can get a feeling of warrior again but the reality is. We've had people of fortitude not to do for the county just to her purse kick off. And edit different sport you're but we had this big for years now you're you're you're gonna while. So take us inside Marlins park last night. The bunch of people season ticket holders were allowed to come and ask Derek Jeter questions and he did that for ninety minutes what was it like. It was surreal it really what it was you know we've all seen ghost town hall meetings. A politician right where you coming in that spirit I would I want to work part of going. And we got to pick our parking the community at editors at a bit though if that the virtual education. Will listen to keep that up. But it was spent pretty much yelling your. You're about how the forward. But they're talented they spoke for years and now they can better and you know the Europeans grew up there and Jeter are the least read the book. We're talking bad note from minute to minute we're talking fans crying we're talking and go about forty players they want. Talk to while I was just 120 that they everybody that got a speak got a kick speak with no time but it looked like our employees all timer was straight up. They what you want your cheater in an open forum and that was pretty you're pretty sure no doubt you'll happening real time haven't you got to. Do you not think he did a good job of defending himself. And do you think he knew what he was getting into. Answer blow yet. I think she purity Smart savvy guy IQ and accused you know from people understand that. The one thing I respect about Jeter more than anything and I don't know that well. What are yours. And a person. That they require a respectful guy and battle where you know it isn't and it. Shepherd it would never. Ever had sat there and taken that criticism that Ingrid up top you'll be. Basically a roast it was basically erode your enemy airing out session likable. It is kind of a patent you know when transit then check the warrior. Just stick it knows that the mere eight or talk about better that you kind of speed whether these Spanish media. You can do that it was important it would well you know ensure they can get it wouldn't answer to get overly emotional but I thought shall compassion. And I think he knew it was going to be open to about half the I heart you are are left. Well he hasn't broken down the middle or like that and expect all these you know. What is it happiness can bend and smiling and he would there be anger can either be frustration. Nobody did a good job handling put a god just one night back and change everything he knows that I think we know that you. This comes in on the golfing LaMont detects lied six and I ism for. Metso is a yankees fan he is went to see is idled Jeter hash tag don't believe Manso. I am I would actually might not know what they think I respect you mean I I looked. Them. That was the I was like a player but I was born and they are what you see here throughout the years I've. But I look how about respect your point. What he did create great you know used part backcourt. I think you have to separate to the player to management Steven then it'll Michael Jordan Michael Jordan great is clear or are certainly not the pretty technical or not. There's no guarantee you're gonna come in and have a set at a later date although that. What I think is what cheater is at least now being transparent. He became clear he he's giving his plan why do we get it could absolutely you and stock and you'll be targeted by years. But I'd rather he actually a bit on notre been edited out. And her go yet and hostility and anger and frustration at having the border Regina. Which are so tight lip which were so bad didn't care about anybody but themselves. Why which. Label that would not given a shot and I forty are older. They ship owner I would have been an incredibly ink EIQ. Is about but what Manger who were actually want to try something out of baseball. OK well then. Would this situation be much better. If Jeter had been more of front sooner. As far as conversations with staying at or what their plans were with him because keep in mind when you take a team. Take care. Best player. A player that's why and then have all this nonsense surrounding him about who said what what was said he came to us in and all this stuff. Now your being up front. And transparent. When in actuality if you had been that way sooner more people will may be understand. What you were trying to do. Yeah picture what you get and I think he wrote but now what it is that are there. I mean our our quarterback or try to you need to work out what do you. He had strayed off you know what they your hatred they have for it to happen. Jeter's first deputy county should have been OK you get to the future immediate court battle plan. But the real first that the call chuck Carl it sure yellow Jeep to a mutual marshals who do you say look I. We are going to rebuild. Chances are you will not be a part of that war you don't wanna be part that you could actually happen to mature down and have our scratch. It is the best interest I will bring you I would look at the bad situation. Promptly I want good review it will work out. It would they say hey look we're Y echo what happened. But to this regional approach where is that line you know he happened. Anybody unclear what the fans and B or especially the players. And it backfired it would have first I know where he was coming from because he wanted to kind of that you've got a plane to where we were pretty incomplete or leaking out what we want you. But it situationally this why not just beyond the moral that would be good for years is gonna billion dollars and you're not mood. Or how you're what you have built our system go we know beyond SP transparent. I thought lap I was first up at bat but you're right we should have two on. Will last night a couple of tweets. That I saw from people at the event they were pretty Kirk or a little annoyed. At may be though the way Derrick explained himself and wanting them kind of pander. To the Latin community you don't play Latin music and having some signs in Spanish and stuff like that. How did you find those remarks and and do you think that's a marketing strategy that's going to work. I don't personally I believe we heard about it and I wrote the April and of course they should about the way up the good and bad yet reflect that is part of I thought the bat. And but apparently not that his heart and mind in the right place. Well be too happy. Latin beauty and latins but our outlook wasteful. And you know I I grow at a Cuban assembly what why would look based or all I eat it all looked at my they eat it it will be packets. Marlin what they all play. But. What does not look different than any other any other group of people doesn't matter race color religion. People like winners never quit no different white black Jewish used and it happened with the matter people like a winning team. And you play Latin music and then serve black would the game and you've got to get 100 team. Latin people are gonna care they're they want of 120. And you can cure whatever you want pop out are or aren't on anymore it also. I thought while it harder to wait wait. I don't think that the way to go out you know and look when you go OP political action there at Portland Rasheed had. You know Puerto Rican heritage I Dominican and it's really she inherited and I. And they still had the worst you know probable work tenant in baseball what decade so. I too. Think that was spoken to that but I understand what you try to do what it is important. But the way you can we don't know what you'd be in whatever community you gotta we gotta have that commitment when. Has anyone seen Bruce Sherman. Are all important opening news conference know what I'm told that's my point. Not about what kind of I wouldn't expect it any pastor C crucial and difficult laureate. We should Wear more created behind Santa Barbara what they will go you don't basically Sampson. Got because you'd do different this is this totally I want my apple really kind of court there cheater he's. The old ball at a portal grant it legal to small portion of the court order. Derek Jeter had been even the power like who surely they are open all these are and the big spoke to score. I cheat them contract talks that might heal and Gary and go by the prospect. But the bottom quite a bit unlike anything in Spain David cancer repeated what did you laureate in public Derek Jeter make every final decision. No decisions are made of personal standpoint and you understand what are what you are cheaters and yet. Release got the most powerful argument they should we got. Although it. Evidently he has no input on the decisions through the TV broadcasters are. Well he that perhaps it would pocket an accurate I don't regret it when it happened you know like is that I eat I I don't look at it. I don't I eat by far but not Pete by the heat I my paycheck beat box works. I think he don't give me input they eat you know I mean I nor any people there happy their portal Arquette are trying to. But my input and often and were published on our apps like Pete is picking these ball. I am honestly actual mechanics of that but I would think Britain that the U wanna get rid of meat. I would think that they can probably make a phone call mark they will report that we bought our franchise. We'd rather not can be a broadcaster and I would be dead meat. You know so while BP didn't have any hey there's no doubt he could if you really want. On Mike tell. I know he was their last night how much did he say here what kind of vote vibe you get from him. I thought you know but what I mean after Jeter was gone like would sit there are so talk to eat when we're at the I have a discussion with the private. And he was very candid. He says look we in the pac legal content they get aren't they. And the final decision maker you know and basically. Without saying he was torn or under the orders beat goes silent as they want or gotten more oil outlook will have a chance to. And proclaim their Chan and all these guys make it. When it was an around baseball who. Kill that couple but of course you're a bit. That they got great crop in return no matter what big old Erica or whatever or. He heard Gary Campbell was the Yankees and knows that it is better than at any point in highlight those guys who aren't that you'll be players. Those who are they wanted to accomplish getting 260 billion dollars but got them on the what I thought still hold those Mittal told me when I talked to was. To the truck horrible special player what. Wouldn't be that one with them last year you won MVP we want to be certain games you only had YouTube would have three B a all pieces and we're paying him now. We are billion dollars or more like its support that we have a lack of revenue in the open that we can do. Not Smart to have one player control that money and a player who had proven that he can they don't think Mr. Bush who said. And it's hard to argue that dispute that. But it and you don't care you want your superstar your BP and as a baseball person kind of he we're coming from. Each of these guys don't turn out beat the guy they expect to be all like did it by peers were to beat saint Pete is Capitol Hill over again. Well well my question is is why it may just be to come up front and say look. This was more with salary don't didn't give me anything your return. Don't worry about who were getting back we were able to get from underneath that entire contract. Instead of portions of it because. And in the best. The Marlins have gotten rid of players in had to pay some of that salary and that did pleaded. Domata money that they could spin to give players just because they were in a lot of these contracts there from trade. Yet Walter Jeter I looked at it Jeter afterward that. I don't know where it's Robert you're you're certainly it would certainly nobody I mean Jeter's that is that people act like we give a gift yankees' first what we got prospects like. You said these are due to lower our ticket 260 million dollar if he'd be of the week. Can lead back if you're totally epic is that we gave him a B a return was torched it will endorsed. Flexibility Al pick that day. And that has port act like that I what it also so well what. About what why wouldn't be about money up what ability of future. We limited a lot of money from contract so we had expired at eaters. Now we can eventually use that money to do all the way we want to build so he didn't back away from that. That's for sure he didn't make it sound like oh we get rated prospect Everett it wasn't about money art got about popular no doubt about it. Well before I let you go or having an internal debate actually get you on record on this. Do we or do we not care about the early signing period today from the Miami Hurricanes. You know obviously this is the first kind of happening at kind of a you know like company bank. I don't curious watch because I look at what's urgent not doctor early what are the you know just okay great early doctor okay. I don't I honestly don't cure to watch a but I do we change I think it just another way to get people that are out so I think it'll all well clear and. Was mentally and were. Oh. Somebody that does all changed radio to say up to Melbourne to your will you're on the broadcast tonight Lee. I am sure a lot of pregame and our. And I think yeah you know we might have Suu Kyi and money isn't the end. Backcourt while goodness gracious I well thanks a lot and always appreciate you whenever you come honor commander what have you. Are what part what got over durability. Say human we'll Manson joining us from local ten and fox boards on the.