Xavier Woods Interview w ZRA 8-10-17

Friday, August 11th

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I you know we love talk incident of Adobe superstars. And WB live at summer slam he waved to war is here on Sunday it's at American Airlines Arena at 5 PM I'm gone I'm taking my kids you know that you know robbery now ideal yeah no kids we love it ma'am we're in sounds more. And joining us now on the ride fuels and dancers convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenience. Xavier woods of the new today they're the tag team champion there's smackdown tag team champions they are immensely popular. Xavier good morning we appreciate you joining this year and how do you how do you realize that you and tag team partners there have struck gold innate in a business that is very difficult. Have success and because you hear a big hit now the team is a big hits. Do you realize when you realize that you have finally I guess fulfill your dream of being a successful professional wrestler. I'm pretty into the crowd told. Unquote leaders if they're cuter champ Forrest. Then. Cash like that struck Coke. Google don't work when it's warm it up there from special possible and in the they're cute from the crowd when you look at the music and movies and my mother excuse. Auction shoot. In their current. But how long how long did it take Q you know how many appearances. With the new date did you guys then realized wow that this is working. Britain. New date. Political muscle in eleven years. So it kicks in and socially feel that the margolick immediately because it's who managed to reform. Christine. An open air cooking is different everybody. Knows that you're. I am also effective peek at. Didn't even print columns. The court went and record. Where we're told me of what was he particularly. Give people what Q and conflict that's pretty in particular here mr. Right and and and and and coming I would cereal boxes and pouring cereal into kids' mouths right it's really not what you expected 1015 years ago. Yeah. So are you into gene transplant did you go to the Orlando on school or did you and of golden tickets they got in Atlanta. I've been not been meticulously. I reason. But I went down on. East Coast or. So. Could sponsor in the world who were over there are competent and move it to actually got my shot. WV. And then when what order. The what we were in camp and and so I was in the Booth. In the world and so we're in it. For the general public won't quote unquote he didn't. So I'm Xavier woods of new data escaped from the massive. Massive rigmarole of two warring might have video games on its way into videogames rights. I walker we are critical equipment with the third duke what is not a didn't want to. OK so so listeners would his way into video games Wayne's a pop culture what is the new courteous thing about you. It's. Probably can't play. So we don't know constantly insecure about typical traditional comic book it and how you in a while ago obstacle to a and it's costly than the plant will shut down a port city blocks as a sort of background and put compute. And I've been tournaments in each week. Some new less importance. But you know wouldn't listen. What do you do you get recognized you in such outfits and positives to make that you are not recognized. Depend on the custom so. Sometimes yes sometimes no it just the total economic liquidity. And might mark up is usually very I can't wrestling based didn't know the turtles in Ukraine yes. So we made it with the wrestling crane and Lampard the plane McCormick and everything. True to some people did notice but I took my face some people didn't. But yet it's. It's literally like the best time of year for me to Labor Day weekend doubled the paper it's. I could citizens like 7000 nurtured in America to let slip where really my element. So how crazy is your schedule especially now with a with a newborn I think you guys just had a kid last year from a mistake and so how crazy is your schedule. Obviously the wrestling is insane you're you're trying to get to every single kind of comic con event that you could possibly attend a tough and then you've got the Internet home like this has got to be crazy for you gotta be trying to survive right now. I mean pretty much into portable water. But that occurred before the interview. Thank you just won't sleep in closely on me. So enormous tuition can remove get a pretty good. So republic but nuclear mixture but he didn't Africa but it centrum got to do this in the regular folks that might gain internal upload our government to shoot seventy reckless corporate. Which is what it is that it took struggling current book I've been lucky enough to be able to the young there's a proposal would refer to the union have this platforms outlet. Of McCain and so and so. What are route was on two for me it is. Wrestling program that you since I've could answer that question you know what wouldn't you agree I'm also this massive look for review games too so. Struck that I can mold too and ensure kids that would like me who super nerdy and not so socially adept to things. They keep your gonna be a cricket you can Zoellick you can you can you can love wrestling and you can be super weird. And you can still don't trust what political. So in terms of how you know some of the boards you really don't get involved with a lot of you guys are you gonna do your isolation thing in play video games yeah where you're. Questions like I want it doesn't nerdy guy and like yourself. Like how does that play in WW block. So exhibit would conduct with all the ports because all the boys love videogames to. There's a misconception I think those. This divide between Mike what you would call. Prosecution spec but he critic chuck sooners or for the stuff and I think that people feel more comfortable when they're able to Costa course from what we want those people took the box but this generation not a sort of but what certain people in general. They are less able to be put your classification standard was able to put these boxes and so that's. The Jude one of the most formed crimes that we have to mark them as Clint do you games. Com because we eventually get to bond with people that we may not apply and would otherwise could touch that's our activity you know I mean. Focus our own Telus and you hear in the WW locker room before a show like you got hours to kill. Who is a guy we be surprised you're sitting down with the new Plainview games with. And we'll department argued to go to my game and throw up up down down and check it out for yourself. The airports and what do you see the next it's not a. Book due to academic couldn't couldn't say. Because and I'm given partly the magic but I can't give away what people hope that it people were very surprised to see driven differently. Yet that that would be weird I think that we fought legacy big giant hoping Bruce Evans is playing video games likely with his shirt off bright he's sitting there with a short obstacle is the shirt off in the. Both are there are different times you're wrong you're not put her on him and commences or at the a ping pong revelry. Actually on the channel so it's not a completely you can split that component reoccur in the channel people actually. Our future champion. You're watching it fifa. Fever if there disorder triggered yes yes yes and weaknesses are and studio it is important yes I'm cured her route receivers are people whose that is now I'm curious to hear because so to speak with the for a few minutes it seems like your right human PO maturities and this thing done. Start a hero of your IQ test that. No it happened and we certainly are that we we did as as a bit on the show a year or two ago we did. It was IQ test we did the you know the players being an NFL players the ones early test humor that's. Yeah here yet we did a book was op out your bread he's a former NFL player offensive line to make fun of the ones you know intelligent it was a hell how lack thereof if you wanna go that route did you what are. Concedes Uranus empty doing those any tests knowledge yet. To get to get the coach who took into the Harvard of the south Furman University. You look loose arm armament score but I'm pretty sure they were like letters. Close to perfect if not offered. You know now and now ferry Brett at Xavier woods at the news or tag team champions and again. Hi I'm gonna be there this Sunday 5 PM American Airlines Arena WB lives summer slam. Heat wave to war. Tell us about your first ever always like asking even or sports show we've double to be superstars on in studio that's all the time. Tell me about tell me about an encounter with a Vince McMahon because I always get the impression. Then he's. That he's mean and like he's half. And then when I asked superstars about Vince McMahon I hear nothing but but great things and how how nice season goods them. Yeah it's he's like any other grown man. The if you come and speak to him as an adult with a backbone. And there's respect there if you respect yourself and he's the kind of person I respect you have. Not had one. Read encounter with a Brigham is that if you can come in with no believing in yourself where this is where if you don't believe. What YouTube is going to. Be it success on the show and be good for the company but you know completely. So long as you've got that in grabs your problem. Comes up with the idea for for a group like new days that you and your partners does Vince bring it up to you how does that work. That was me. So. Most were short. On our it was struggle. Leading in the company. You divorced or kind of floating around in cattle futures are always the guy who's had these amazing matches put for whatever reason. Just never what that heavyweight championship and support or sponsor Romans has been met the continent. Great guy with a smile on his face the media freedom made in Mexico time. And so on I was thinking that maybe together. We might all too little bit better need this special Likud I was not doing well at all. And then it's kind of picks is likely to the murders SP recruit. In the passing out talking and writing together and we spend like excuse them more than I see anyone in my late you know. We're together classic is a week we're ready get a train together what shows together. Arm and after a look at few months that. Our friendship creditors grew from there and then you do just kind of blossomed into what it is and wasn't really look at. People do this stiffness and that's what we did it's kind of people. From this small idea of course being the trio to what it is now in order to acknowledge is us being friends and canal. And I think that really comes across on screen in the political we are actually threatened to march. Took from the worst forced to do gorgeous smashed together we wanted to beat the group. You prefer being in the good guys do you prefer being in the heels because I feel like being in the heels a lot more fun. It's. Had more fun of say especially because you're young kids and Milicic hilarious to me. But I mean either way it did. The cool thing about. What we do is that. Whether you are playing the role of the good guys or the bad guy. People in the crowd respects the craft and they understand what goes into it yet politicos in the goes into it that mental acumen that you have to have in order to be able speech. Of the troubled performer in the century so. As long as people are enjoying the show if they're booing me like crazy perfect picture from the crazy perfectly didn't do my job we do it. Tell us Xavier bullets are gonna tell us what this travel schedule is like love hearing about the travel schedule how many days we on the road tell us about it. 200 plus. So in this country January. I was home for two days. It's very intense and so what we talked a storm. I would Mikey an internal a book down down on to post script. That it adds to the whole. Poster of travel bureau airplane sponsor of the country's two strokes up so it's it's rough which 20200 boots plus year. And that it's hectic and it's cooling let honestly like a certain abuses and beat a dead horse. Going back Catholics seem to places like. That wasn't he when I was little extreme that would have happened so. That I kind of mix opener. WW lives summer's heat wave toward 5 PM this Sunday American Airlines Arena albeit there Xavier woods' new date tag team champions really it's not easy things on man. Are you read your good at Xavier woods rate there the new date sound Smart guy I. Yeah a little bit too Smart little bit really small mark how how. Does remember is as eighties preacher close to perfect. As a mis. More than nine yeah. Remember what you got it yet that he was 1020004. Years yeah I think ideology just below 11100 like immediately ten ED English not good right now and pick an. Honest and I got informed that they actually give you round 600 points or your name correctly so early. 00.