ZRA Interview w Bobby Marks 5-15-18

Tuesday, May 15th

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Let's get into some more NBA here body marks joining us me Ryan fuels and dancers convenient source guess I actually sense beyond convenient former front office exact with the nets. Of course now on ESPN hey Bobby good morning how are you. Under courier good results again last night did Houston need that team more than Golden State or does the home court not mean as much when we're talking about. To a league teams. Now I think he's been I hate to say they're in a must win in game one but that was a must win in street used it there and I thought that old beta has already proved. A lack you know after four years that they don't want eroded when. Big game in the a they did so they did so last night and I now use it. Now there an uphill battle you're an attorney even is Cherie by each share they and I showed you how good this warrior team is. You know they were looking into that it has an injury to a year or you have that along when you. They get to a western talent finals with more players LP and no current curry Thompson and green. Yeah I mean nobody even came in and you saw that last night. I agree I think it's a very deflating loss for do you see and they they spent the entire year again the home court advantage they spent the entire U waiting for Golden State's. And and you know it's essentially what seat car alluded to last week body where. You know that Houston's been obsessed with beating the warriors all year Warren doesn't sets to win the championship. Oh you're right yeah I mean acting you know which would you can sort out it would that team together with all trade a year ago it heated talker and that our move very defenders or try to guard you know. Ring ring Thompson yeah that was mine that there could. Go dated pretty much gone about their business they care about on or you know are they saw or read that even finishing second what was fine. Miracle is news is that when you're injured or you know respect I mean and and two years here. Are your former front office executive OKQ. And you helpless he makes sense. The success that the Celtics are having right now. I think that helped a little bit that the that would yeah. I. Every week we will we traded that pick there were no name is pat do it I mean it wouldn't need to in order like we treated 88 were gay or credit the 80 they got there any I think. It's a little bit everything you have. Yell or Al Horford are playing at an all our level who barely under radar and a radar. They have that next Mack and man up mentality that medical pot and there. You have two young players and Yale grad in Dayton Tatum who are not playing light and you know what are 1920 year old. And you got carrier here who you know has been really develop into it nice holder who you know as a to be a starter down the road for another cheating at that output market more you all the land well and have a great coach I mean it just. It just worked out well for how that thought there was the together and we have and in part retiree you're all Gordon who were coming back next year. And got new match that they expect her or pick nine in the lottery and that there's a lot a lot of it being content that ought. And keep it up or first round up next year. The but the pieces of work and they're all interchangeable they'd be immune watch them how they switched. Even Erin being. They can all play multiple addition there may I think this team to win have to win six against Cleveland here we are one of three to speak it. Because I thought. The Cleveland team we would start report back who bit who bought in Vienna period or are you get a little bit do you want. And as he says something about rose you're getting paid somewhere else do you think that as a front topics exact or former front office exact. Do you think that they do sit on their hands and wait for Kyra you're gonna come back and and just kind of wait and see what happens with rouge here in terms of other offers. I can understand that year would carry that he won't be. Are created every trick Braden to 2019 will be expansion eligible. This summer so it it certainly wouldn't turn policy you'd you'd never act I think you'll see where. What Tyree coming back netting injury might might in turn would be you know one party is creation. Are you will pay him a 18085. Million dollar a lot of money or our player who's gone through you know in Tunisia now surgeries here. So I think we'll probably own a little bit of a little bit of a holding pattern but they've got a lot of the problem there are coming you know. The call is going to be highly he moved back to be big east you know mark Smart summer Richard read all of the all these numbers are adding up here. We got Bonnie mark's ESP and joining us here former front office exact course of the Brooklyn nets are doing Casey gets fired a few days ago was getting swept in the second round it's the first time almost fifty years. That number one seed has been swept before the conference finals was that if horrible cents. I think what I was not surprised by knows there's a lot of people in the media that would outraged by an idea. I look. Latch here getting swept this year getting swept. The game up more performance basically. A no show on them critical error or an art Cleveland series. And and a coach going in the last year departure and what I'm gonna get it ended them he had and I at that formal or somebody losing your job and I know. It sounds rootless and it is it to a typical business especially for coach who want to beat aren't being cheered by. Now the record on the party you're either GM you know I never hire code and do you know in the tenure in Denver or or trial he inherited George Karl and I pointy ears and now. Now the key will be jut not going to reckless eating next year but what they would play out so. But yeah I I do agree with it would move between certainly in the job somewhere out by eight. They needed it and boy to a chain that are able animal always cheered. Now body gambling is is about to be legal in in every state okay in this country we're gonna be gambling on sports like crazy very very soon if you had to bet. On why lettered in San Antonio next year or somewhere else where we put the money. I would days. Number somewhere else. I do I mean I think what he'll be here in the next four weeks is still be a meeting between both sides here. Leonard and the spurs try to hash this out I don't know if they. It. It is period they were gunned down the road are too far already that it can't work out. You'll know what no by mid July Munich attic there it is not our net or nine million dollar he cracked and you're not buying. I again will will start what you're required by rumors will probably your article to drop I. As your acting out it probably unlikely. Where would he be out here it really. How do we Olympic teams are looking at who happy act that are bowed out he and what they want it pop art strap their. You wanna of ours are to come in Denmark 000 part of meteor. Package declared NATO the lakers are always there always in the mix here. Wit. You know in grameen model ball a Mac that group there I don't vote. But if you are out there and he'll speak a bit. Your own draft pick it out this year. And you have that pick going at Phoenix and he's gotten 21 end and to have the player that you don't know there's. Elite players here but you know maybe maybe there's open their sport let Antonio my my bike. McClintock getting along with anybody on that staff whether it's the players that head coach or the executives in the front office. What do you see going forward and in terms of the way to the NBA shifting from talent being one thing but all ultimately locker room cancer is becoming another thing. How do you notice that shift that Paramount ship. Going forward Anemia. You know I've noted is that these you'd put the super Max in the Max contract although good our start being more of a double negative year and I think. If you make a mistake and pay a player thirty by the sporting million dollars at the site where the foreseeable future here and I and I say that with. Players like John Wall and brought the west book and certainly deserve their money but now you want to look back at our chart and it be that way. Pat routines are going to learn that summer and that's why you are probably going to walk away somebody eight. They don't wanna a player who you know maybe the chemistry now right now locker room were coming off an injury and now you're Seattle a big contract. Great job Bobby always like having you on the show thanks a lot. As Bobby Morse and ESPN forefathers exact. Couple things on one robbery is always Q when you Chinese big words and you get wrong when I say there are Paramount shifted to paradigm shift parent but it's Q like Paramount. Well that's not what you said though he's out of Paramount shift a man is saying that I'd. I use that sending you use it wrong not not. That's my sink. Do you own that statement. You know if you want a television that you know not exist there's a there's a Paramount shift not. A real world if you wanna claim that you own that statement you can have a African right mapping out all right that's that's Paramount. And that shift is Paramount.