ZRA Interview w Brian Finneran 1-11-18

Thursday, January 11th

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Brian Blake morals he sucks or he's okay. I don't blame Reagan and I pleaded with the guy SP about 99 cents. Yeah yeah let them I borrowed boat and and I don't know his career and though. I guess they really didn't secure it might you're you're you were you gotta write that. So there's no. Who just aren't just in the garbage when here's a that I find confusing Brayan Pena played in the league for a long time someone there to help us out here I'm trying to remember. A situation where players for teams. Are so. All lead willingness to each. Another year OK because you had today being clowning after portals the jags scored forty thought I'd vote. On the Texans keep dancing cloudy called morals trash you got the titans defender a couple of weeks ago talking trash about another titans to Bender yesterday. Say that they're gonna make Tom Brady look like. Late morals and and happen very often they got knows the guys other teams pulling out a player by name and that he sought to my right. That it not be something going on in that division where there is a better late borrow them I'll be rendered bowel. In in during the game or maybe the night over on him ramble on at some go to eat there where I don't know what it is. But it they'd all in the division and get it in them and they they like did not come on Mac got to realize he really isn't very good you rarely see that happen. You know that's a good point you mention there goes those teams that it has mentioned their Houston and Tennessee those are those are guys who faced him twice a year so maybe there is some been going on there. Yeah Italy or you're bigger and they're radical idea I mean you know you rarely see where and other key. Track you know I'm a rookie quarterback always attract. You you're you're often catch that at all especially with the Mac conference is speaking of being within that conference. The guy they gave you the nicknamed nails Mike Malarkey then go to Tennessee Titans. I don't know if you smoke and him lately but how excited they know they're allowed Tennessee to be back in the mix a little bit. I would have I but I owe it to reassert ownership and I really hadn't ordered me out yet come out there when there's one of the US so I'm I'm happy for my Malarkey. He get credit does that. Everywhere he goes yeah grind out wins the bigger how to do it old school Allen. Ever really make a whole lot of friends I don't they let you know Mike was on my favorite coaches Redick united. And it we've played it they Whaley played the petition and rabbits they mentality that we get it out pretty good I'm I'm happy I might not the area at the opposite coordinator. A big biscuits there too that's right I forgot about that in the did you think he's okay he's got a few more years left in the tank to know. Yet these aren't alike is the head coach prepared he's not going anywhere. We Italian foreign falcons receiver Brian Finneran knew it seize on mornings era in Atlanta and Al awards are the falcons here Brian because. I was sincere show. After the dolphins. Beat the falcons we we were there we went in the game and I'm driving back to the airport okay I'm lessons you guys I was listening to the saw the show. And I specifically. Remember. You know the way you guys were talking about the falcons that this team they're not the same as they were last year they're in big trouble right now and they started this you'll like four and one and and they lost like two or three games and rose they were in the midst of a bad stretch. Add to lose a buffalo and Miami. There in Atlanta now and we go from that points where you guys are all now the falcons and now they're the favorites go to FC title game. So it really hard and that potato to be done for me lately. It is that we're in the I think that alerts that he not been Lou why don't you and I mean there. Let me get back eight came out that regular Jay Cutler coming in theory it. Literally Eden. Yeah that need your reaction by a kind of regret reform or one point out and out. Nobody not a lot of people on my age or thought about it but it was a book you know they'll play it pretty good football especially if actively net from the war breaks. In the history of the game were I carry it out there and definitely and I are both players earners that do. And I dropped on the beat in the turn and the editor in respect Matt Ryan is one of those years. Well game the next week or banquet. Met through all over eighteen yards got up like it was a fumble and returned in Atlanta and now. But that early in the Eden that it wasn't like him and now I knew I recorded in your recorder. I had a patent and a lot of guys in a panic in the way I. I would. What I'm a bit on record so but I yet we do we and a knee jerk reaction. Mile in the Miami Dolphins the only battle material. We are gonna have them though no comment from our guys doubting that book looking for sure. Also right now right now the latest falcon team has been playing and I think they are the most impressive team on wild card weekend so right now. The weight as falcon team is playing how they compare to last year's falcons. So much better effectively. The first time. I've taken a couple of decked it out in the attic and we're in B I am. Yarder he it well ever had a and I played in the matter monitor. You know he's been here. That item has been phenomenal. He it really. They got most yards per play it ain't going on most yards after a like that they had a unit they're under and Indiana now. So meet Roland you don't really get our respect and down or turn Pollard. I mean your guide to popular they haven't got. The Opel unit and ballot that really struggled in the red zone. And I no way I bet I think that mode that might mean EEE. Just trying to figure out what to do an entity it to a tighter down there and undeclared and played quality when McGovern and the apartment equated. And also eloquent when on the media and so there's not a chance in hell assert he's he's gonna really are correct. Aspect came out yesterday you're exactly right which jumped violent that they can I it never called played Indiana all we're gonna take out. He did use a quarterback coach to know read it like it got there at the end. I doubt Alabama. Appears to go so. I got a priority and a fine job to go to you all our guard play and again 49 Diop and banana boat demons in Paris in. At a better time. And an opportune drop. So stars align we might get a rematch noodle knowingly and land in the comparable. I'm open for that as well. But but I always have this lake perky feeling in the background and I don't know if you have the same feeling and when it came down to being on the field of Matta you. You know we we've obviously got a lot of footballs for Matt Ryan book and I always had that eerie feeling especially against New Orleans if were planned there on Monday night or or one of the bigger games if it's against Green Bay it seems like Matty. All we seem silly burn it at the end I don't know if it's good is putting too much on his shoulder injury shrine to hard but it always seems to be like got a two minute drive ins and an interception or richest. It's just always seems to be coughed up for some reason do you have that same feeling with him I don't not to throw him under the bus tournament like that put put. They get a look at it jet take some of the biggest moment. I've been unfairly Iran that they expect the group on the back bumble and not get rid of the ball you pick it out. He has the title game back in 2012 or it didn't shock and we're not in earnings and I don't think they don't matter in the Batman and he got here at both corner the last minute I come back we're well. If I'm fortunate replicate its they got a little bit from me. Wrong about it long and you can really only or how well our goal early in the wrong. It. You know it's it's difficult not to look past and we shouldn't look past amicus Philadelphia's the home team that the number one seed but. It's difficult not to look a little bit past this game this weekend I mean I think most people think Atlanta's going to win this game and I just you know just for talk radio fodder okay and it lands on. New Orleans Saints NFC championship game ideologues on. The. On the Internet speak yet so all our. That we are seeing less. Office was the place for you where. Toughest place for you to play like when you played were result of that is that the African dome especially on a nice man that rivalry game is nasty. Is did not is there or the curtain back after Katrina. Re easy that nights the entire world knows that loud environment of ever ever and I. Go to is it really or the way as well the crowd go to play accurately but yeah when you not being monitored my are you repeat it is legit. But it that did happen and we had to go to Norah OPR and now and there. That is that would be even a couple of quick deploy in your pre cleared out and well I don't know I'm more help. People keep asking me about the game in Minnesota this weekend and I'm like look man I don't I don't. Doubt drew doing anything without football especially indoors. Yeah it's those special ability India and Michael com where another miner to running I. They've beaten. Or the epic alien and get a minute I don't know can be really they play eleven other. Did you go to the Dutch have to game on Monday nine your building there. No I didn't make is that gonna be technically show it is decided I better if they don't watch it. I go to that eating and I thought about it the next tournament let. There right now. Your stroke a little frustrated in Ottawa doesn't have been available back of their in the sweet yeah they got it happened here they're really does it. You're out in the end of Brian good job and we appreciate talk EM's morning thanks a lot. You got a guy and our thanks now since Brian Finneran right there.