ZRA Interview w Bryant Mckinnie 2-21-18

Wednesday, February 21st

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The all time great Miami hurricane. Offensive lineman Brian McCann a year or less. Robert what you tell us what what you amount McKinney got involved going on everybody got coming up. Yet this is just mckinny's big thing that we were doing her for a couple years now started over at coral park high school. Now it's it's moved on a little bit further south now. It's gonna be implement a park this Saturday the 24. So it's at 1 PM that's the opening ceremonies I imagine Brian might be taken out the national sentiment 1230 you know. I he's gonna have to agree to that eyes out. You see an ID you and your Fergie. Parent and you can probably do better than surrogate and how are bigger than a birdie and Carl Lewis. Yeah. That's an odd. Brian we appreciate you joining us here I'll look at got a kick ball player you get not there'll kind of people clarion. I'm pretty becoming you know a lot of simply can vote a Rama. And I am a normal person pitch him up. How serious you take it we will you chucked at someone's head and try to run the base. I will not competitive like. Nationally look for the first time voters you can't make sure. We lost a professional team on our debt team was legit man and plus we got too much American athletes who don't really wanna play how you actually play kick ball. Is by keeping an eye on the ground and kicking and the holes and we're just guys are just trying to boost the camping over the fence every single time so we. On the DA to pop out and yes in Stratton who. Bryant who takes it the most serious of your pals here who are joining you who has the guys most competitive. It could be 200 alms but the rule book. He's won an email to acquire. Are. So DJ takes it really serious Brett do you take it serious Yemen I think I remember two years ago O'Brien and finalizing the game we won nine of doing a double play jumped in the year. Stole the ball out of the year in the drop bring it back down created a double play tagged out myself those numbers in order. Probably not enough that I got off the ground it was a little bit impressed when there Panama Santana Moss and chase and a guy down he. Walked out he he caught the ball and felt territory almost at the science behind the guy tried to tag from third. And Santana chased him from almost a home run fence. And got to before he got to home plate like he was he so had to move mighty mouse the had a man. So how can folks and get involved here again Unisys six fibrosis kit CFO Miami 2018 dot passion. CFS dot org and you can also call for info at 786255036. The or. To really cool man again it's down and all meadow bay at the market got plenty of diamonds it's Tony bucks a pop to get through to get to hang out. Got a bunch of football players former football players colonel ball players obviously Brian's going to be the one hosting it put Antrel Rolle Vilma meet DJ Edgerrin James Olivier Vernon Brent Grimes Larry Johnson Roscoe Parrish. Obviously Damien Berry was always funny as hell all the time most cyclones more guys and I know big Macs got his plethora of ladies and men coming as well. Big Mac give me a little bit more info on what this disease has meant to you and obviously little girl that we we do all this for. We've been on there and restore it on in the arm that picked up their you Merritt beat them out in the world to our home. Is bump and we've lament a when with the dominant in order grand. And is on the net put him out them you don't situation though is which eat up the middle watcher. As we grow up and they'll battle to be and distraught about it aren't open up your. And there's so many different strains of the singer's well to it's a lot of it is still on discoverable there still is no cure but are making giant leaps and bounds due to the foundation like came exe have been and what it is basically system processor is a rare genetic life shortening disease that affects every single organ. In your body and it makes breathing a lot. A lot difficult when I know there's certain now mobile hospitals are mobile devices that people and parents can take advantage of but church streaming expensive and a lot of care has to be given and primary problem especially the younger kids which are needed to stop so. Please come on out and supported and are you get to see that. That the celebrity Bryant McKinnie that is. Old old TV now big timers Nomo when he got going on TV. On the morning showed up here about something rip it and so we just give out more. Well I'd really like no injuries aren't a lot more like no shirt because I know you've been exercise and in the trying to play tennis and like Santiago. When mark and I'm on orbit but it. I saw you was farmers are you ready for. Or so hard and sentiments. Yeah. You know. You know Brian we're just talking about you know as the scandal going on with Rick Pitino and little bowl and the recruits in like the sex parties and stuff and I want you talk about that. Apple what I do when asking here is. You know can you tell also about when you were being recruited. You land or or maybe. Recruiting choosy. To your daughter. Well why you to have had that it okay well it's always like wolves are recruiting trip who is all. When you beat agreed to UN who the players that we're taking out surely to time. It will conclude models on injured right here from Jerry circuit Olympic record dirty. So long. To develop and commute here. Yeah all day long right there and we are all going to buried in the like it was a little weary and you go. Output in India outlawed by the end yet that they want them how to let. Kind of looking at the injured were included to review here include the right part. So Barbara I'm the man who went. A long weekend from people alone. Who charms or your retirement. That oh right. Are you come here and what about some guys that when you were finally astute in two you'd taken out any at any kids he. Lol we're repealed in the home. You've been and also two Eric went into sure. I can remember regardless of Odom throughout the Cuban took our current committee here. Ozzie you play a big role I was I was trying to explain this earlier was saying that usually a big recruit came in they were either given to you were me I think once you're done and I think cheered Payton took over the role as the got to go out and show people the good times so yeah I think they gave me wince in one night. She should only the white guy night and then at the same year she liked the that's the writers of the and how would you keep these kids that I mean lady given out of the club closes. Over there are rumored to Auburn but it. We close we close the club down quite a best all of the records are used to take GAAP earnings these these are squeeze a who the best time you felt. I'm probably in home. Markovic came in Puerto and we don't know where you're that would really make a mere illusion that they you know. So that area anti social it's not you guys really seat. Repeated. Anywhere but down. Or chant overcome and you would come up with some assurance we have some lame ducks on visits remember. Martin build a good friend of mine lives who is you know the right guard is playing on. It's wanna meet eagle and are not me bids wanted his host which I believe was Dan Morgan at the time. Wanted him to just give him the thirty dollars in just wanted to go back to his hotel room but. This man like to Elaine column name wants a pocket it. Ranks or talk about as a robbery last segments he'll. How does the coach to head coach no. About what goes on with you guys on recruiting trips like should head coach me responsible for knowing everything you guys are doing. I don't think they wanna go at it and I think it is both them. And don't give them trouble without particularly one though is that all they. Robert yet the coach I mean he kind of cut you know only uses. In less than terrible happens is when I know about it right primarily able. Butch Davis obviously was was at the Helm when we did a lot of the stuff and and Coker does. Overdid it really cared and wanna have any kind of idea what was going on but but yeah maybe you have a lot of reporting going back to butch and I think bush was one of the coaches that. You know as long as you know the guys made it back home in their hotel room and in their bedroom and get ready to go go all day with all the class work in the introductory to to the campus life I'm I'm paying. PD was just like to get them home and get them safe for the most part you know what are not my oats government not to evident angle idea. You know we're talking about this last week or two weeks ago at the Super Bowl Al. You know DL the Malcolm Butler stuff you don't really know what's true but we were talking about how you guys have perfume you know and got it Shaq and he can't the girls. In your room of the hotel when you're out on the road game and Bryant you know Romberg here. He was shocked when I told him. That football that you guys have for all is the only sport that it's like that basketball players baseball hockey and Germany at check coming to is that they go to the floor. Yeah we've been up like you when you're gonna leak took that wrong. Security. Exits you can bring and here I'm Italian so. You tell people tell. Not a not a lot but it run on an artist nor does. Do these guys bring ladies into there room you know they once we feel guilty if we have family in town visiting and I figured out. And Richard or you are you going to be in the lobby that's it you're going for and it is not a man you guys are the only hazard to children Bryan like every other sport mandates of the entire nightly adults yet but you know McKinney had its own floor of the zone knows. What are. Brett Brian talents and it's out when again how they can yeah. And this is this is going down this Saturday it starts at 1230 is the opening ceremonies is going to be a palmetto bay park. That's located off with some 535 southwest 95. Avenue and again it's twenty bucks it's includes food come on out support kick. Cystic fibrosis with Bryant McKinnie and a bunch of his football buddies and again sixty years ago most children did not live long enough. To attend elementary school with this disease but but thanks this foundational one of the research that this foundation has provided. The median survival age now with CO2 is about forty years old so it's done amazing things and thanks to guys like Brad McKinney and his buddies. Pomona and helping out foundations like Texas Barbara star nation which Brian keep up the good war command. Or no problem.