ZRA Interview w Derek MacKenzie 2-28-18

Wednesday, February 28th

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Derrick good morning we appreciate you get up early and joining us today how you doing. Underpinned properly it. Now are you aware that your your. And hit their stuff you're caught up in your job okay you Wear at how easy last night was for all our trio of sports teams or an action last night's. I would not want to. I just got a couple of your your show was. I wasn't to a sudden thirty games out but now we get home related. That's understandable OK so I get 10 o'clock last night so it the heat game ended and and Dwyane Wade had eight crazy fourth quarter. And hit game winning shot with seconds remaining so that he went at 10 o'clock. About ten minutes later you guys won in sudden death overtime so both last shot type scenarios. And then about thirty minutes after that within the hour the mighty hurricanes won on a half court or Peter. North Carolina on the wards and I'm cool who is the number nine ranked team in the country. It was eight Corey C. Crazy sports ID you guys report. Our public phones on the water here on you know whether I can only picture our our building much by the and all of these kind of electrical and the Canadian team come down begin yet. It certainly had a little fan who might that you know we came up the overtime when it bit. So you have just given a lot losing at this point of the season like you you don't lose anymore do you guys who's gonna win every game there is the way it seems like. Well I think you know unfortunately that you know we can only lose a few on. You don't even know we've chronicled the job on on the the playoff picture. You know there's so many teams just not want on that you did they ignore racial he openly XP and ever like of the count Portland many. How much attention do you guys pay to the standings or is just say we always gotta keep going out there you can points. Mean it's partly that currently you know pop it up a little packet that they. You know certainly. Chase in Columbus. On you know the islanders and hurt in general rate there. So. My son on night one now we have a game in hand. The only news. Importantly we on world news news wonderful. Short game and make sure you get McConnell on either amount. Armed and our schedule has gotten busy over the last few weeks so. It's horrible. You know get right we and unity every night to. You don't have a good third because I think if you are on. Part of this morning. Streak that we've been and we've been on on you know it really the ought to do it. Our our and and then play sixty minutes and of people back when I was the interviews are when he gave that kind of where and who are not doing. And you guys obviously had a nice little road trip up in Canada you and for their winning some games up there and came back on you guys have beat some really formidable opponents. Heading change in the locker room has proved done anything differently here are the guys taken it upon themselves or what what's what's the story on the big push towards the end here. Meanwhile we would look on the season and has a couple things that are all it was. Our behavior that on or is you know opponent and then combine now with. New coaching and learning the system than. You know she knew guys in the locker room and overall. Things. Take a bit of an adjustment period and I banker kind of crew will be true. You cannot you know look at art you know always kind of slowly. Continue to get a little bit better late on you know peace system that coaching up and places you know on the deal more consistent. And a little bit more on one loan but hold on to whip I don't think we were created here or last beat teams as far as. No all that is where we found ways to win McDonald by BP. Armed you know we don't wanna get a promotion go to track meet poker game where people Washington where it's Kurt just choose not until we put. Overall. You know I won't be the battle group right now and because there are on comer. We got the Panthers captain Derek MacKenzie joining us here's the team's red hot they're trying to make a push here in the playoffs they're totally in the eight in the thick of things. All asking here Derrick I at least in my entire life okay in South Florida and you or you are currently Parkland resident my right about that. Yeah and you can you describe to us can help settle at what it was like the week when you guys were in Canada I mean you must been very anxious and and just wanted to get home obviously. I really did calm you know again I was David. You don't. Me personally when we were real lucky. On in the sense that we were person dinner or anyone directly around it was was personally affected my. Panel will eight tell my story can compare in the summer temperature. On you know we will not on the luckily for me with the time change your own Cooper on and was only 1130. There when and and only my kid you know it to you on. You know I think in bird happened at around 226 so I'd check in with my way in public though you do just to the other bit rule was and that was in the match. You know a way to kind of mentioned that some might be going home until that point we will capture or two. On tonight or. Don't Levy that a trial have been fired or something like that so. We cannot account on. With my day in pregame meal and and capital. Virtually Robocop. Around 3 o'clock. I'm Vancouver time on everything at it the usual. That certainly changed things you don't like that the war in palm. You know goes to show kind of room that we haven't been in all immediately. Around my time everyone was on text in group charge each other make sure that it won't damage gored. You know kind of not point. Through the rest of the day kinda gain time pretty emotional I don't think you don't. The best thing you can do then is is really just. Try to mop with a win and all the battle the weird way and I think that's how they approach we've. Took a lot will buy in. We're not Alitalia even when you guys finally did get back home last week he played Washington on Thursday last week's that was a little more than a week after. The shooting took place and and ribeiro who who of course it is also Auckland resident but is it in Puerto South Florida community since the year 2000 okay when he first got to the Florida Panthers. And IE I don't know how you guys came out with okay report was going to be the one to address the crowd. But I know that's extraordinarily. Unusual for a goaltender okayed in Iraq to whatever is. Pregame ritual is an address the crowd before the game I was I was very moved by a bird though and everything that you guys did that night. I think. Will mean certain. Not only has been a resident here for a long time but I don't produce it if you will be. Our resident you're moving forward on a long time ago lot of amateur titles are is interrupting you know any kind of routine that he has immune. I think people sometimes forget that you know you you in the capital in the league can really change the rules and I think at the same note there ought Erica account so. It didn't surprise me. On why by used only on the right guys to not speak on our behalf and you know I think you really come on. Set the stage for the rest that evening and I put into perspective world than non. You know by an organization. Own you know did a real good real richer on our. And think together. You know maybe more well panel behind the scenes now we have been workshop or trying to. You know put pieces together for so well that. I'm home you know even after the game got an opportunity. Or some of the hockey team. On come down and horrible to even come down and not just beat the guys I know for pretty. I'd put it to go your Derek Derek MacKenzie panders captain they won again last night stay there they don't lose anymore. I want you to help us out here OK one of my co host here is is Brett. Brett Romberg played in the NFL OK four for nine years or writes a Miami Hurricanes play in the NFL for a long time. And from Windsor OK from our rights aren't nine. South of the medical I settled now so so so Derek we we recently told Brett this is a few weeks ago Brett was shocked to learn. That's. In football okay when he used to play games are right get a curfew Hammond you have to he had to be in bed in the hotel okay by a certain time nobody on the floor no business on the floor knows women OK I don't know wives girlfriend doesn't matter now today. They're not out there and get it checked and curfew. And he was on there and I told him that his sport for all it's the only one where they do and you can you tell him how crazy there. Is no way that you got a nineteen year old kid just doing road trips go on broad new cities and not being able to have to have bad check and I that no way that happens. All in all I think. I play well Brooke I've grown up from you know we play major junior world com on all of you know it's certainly. In exactly the way you describe it in on. When he turned pro which is kind of expect that I think we get the rule sheet that the early years. It goes to bed check your Derek. Adults. I've never I've never been called if I'm Mara you've got to be kidding me. Not if you want your wife more or you know maybe back in the day golf and I don't know like you wanted to hang its. You tell me juniors and Leo its own stuff that's when you guys maybe get bench or when 161718. Years old when you turn pro that's it you're you're okay Euro grounds out. All of it you being. Rusher in junior would Morgan Morgan called more of would have. Other family told the runoff from not that town and no coaching stop will be called to make sure that because her record you've got a ping response that might occur between our sport eat and certainly it's on I'm not sure yours but. I mean it just almost impossible to bowl off will need to be going out and do not I think that we're expected to be at the rain early in ergonomic. I wanted ownership produced in our hotel burned out but went back to the ring that my so. I mean it's it's it's not may be the same routine which certainly. You don't mean we have to be in that certain time. When's the last time Derrick when's the last time that you idea. Yet you you hit it hard and you got back to the hotel or middle of the night. I haven't had a heart by can't I can't tell that amount or even in the certainly there on when you know. We get in the cities should unite before or on the rare occasion on time we stay. The ninety because we're traveling to another city and will not be O com. You know this year August because we're pretty excited to be going abated and we are in Vegas a couple days early. You are to expect. So yeah. But midnight that it is very dirty dog place and Minnesota. Good is that they are and how he's in Vegas now of course that we Derek how ridiculous is it all bloggers knocking on your door it's wall clock to make sure your embed. It's ridiculous to be in it coach Booker is not an hour or books are gonna or not gonna mention this earlier in day or so would the young kids. Before our laps straight. Which was you know four years ago I believe now we had we get you rudely radio particularly good had a roommate I was. No thirty some years old sleuth do kids had a guy we've been back to our next home. Did continue to both. They now that a coach is going to be knocked them rhetorical advantage I can I can hear on the paper towel here. Derek continued continued get those points man or a beer me nice gay guys back in the post season we appreciate you joining us today. Oh drove me appreciate the sport are your eyes that's Panthers captain Derek MacKenzie there's an ego I told every time we got a confession audit from other sports. We're gonna ask about your OP and I felt bad check. That's your sport man that's ridiculous and you didn't check on Ambien and Bentley. Didn't want a man sounded groaned mentally to have gays and Ari does the front gates about the situation to me he's always embarrassed. On Alex real. For you there's no way twenty year old nineteen year old Eric black comes here in South Florida fresh from Canada. He's got money he's a good looking individual responsibility. As of Albion is that he's grown up past the facts.