ZRA Interview w/ Erik Spoelstra 10-18-17

Wednesday, October 18th

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I or bats rejoined by the heat head coach Erik Spoelstra here fifty minutes heat. Customize by champion four by four south lord's number one Jeep truck. And Jesse because as they should shop you're guaranteed that the hottest four by four modifications in town. Called champion four by four at 7865023446. Or. Go to champion four X four dot com is that we get the heat opening the season they are in Orlando the NBA of course took off last night. But tonight we get it going for real finally get a head coach Erik Spoelstra joining us here in the Iran and fuel announcers convenience stores gas slide truly steps beyond convenience. Coach week we appreciate you joining us here obviously were excited for the start of the season and does the start of this season. Had any kind of different feel for you than past seasons because it really felt like last year the wade finished it was unfinished business for you guys. Yet our picture of me on guys that probably that we all feel differently. Every single seat in there probably feel a bit similar to. In this context I do but. Output per student victory we came back were brought back most of the guys. It was despondent super motivate them next season. That could compare to compare the teams. Put that type of feeling. Where that year if you remember we were coming back from a lockout so. Everybody's just chopped a bit to it dawned on campaign would put this group are come back from a lockout by. I think to a man guys would like to uncertainty about to want to go to we could happen and they're not trying to shape during the summer and and mentally just basic all. We don't you talk about the kind of shape they're in during the summer we know that these guys they're a they're tight and they hung out a lot over the summer in an I was reading Nielsen quotes from Tyler Johnson. Yesterday where just that did this a group that everyone is really tight they really like being around each other. And we can see that going on with this franchise and your team is for a while now and I'm pretty sure it's pretty unique in this league and and I'm really wondered if you have some kind of explanation as to why that happens with your team as opposed still around the Russell. I'm not sure midnight or pick it does happen what were some teams split teams that are perhaps something unique and special need to feel like you can go for. Our big expectations so usually you know you have to have that kind of dynamic it's not. Then again TD TD don't haft to actually venturing out to put this group really likes each other we try to be intentional. Pop out a lot of team building in antibiotics things. But. It has been operatic it's located actually have to like each other after enjoy being around each other not only beat out on the road go to dinners. Now movies concerts that campaign by. Enjoying coming to work together what we began with each other that's right here Kamal steps guys really enjoy walking in our building. During the experience of our culture. And expert connect together and keep impacting each other make each other better but also doing a weather with a smile and and having a lot of laps ball. We're working extremely hard. That makes. You know this columns just churning that much more joy or would it to all I mean you're no problems could shape we are around each other more than we are around our our families. Between it's about exactly true that we are because we were we work so much trouble so much. We are around each other. It's unique and that what this team that we haven't had a team always brought the majority goes back and really an import like you are so. They don't feel. A little bit different than has what appears. Let's hear about bringing guys back in Tyler Johnson are you guys shocked I imagine nurtured me please what the fact that time has come in and played as well as he played throughout this free season or is this just the reason why he got the 54 million dollar the fifty million dollar deal in the offseason that we just didn't see yet. I'm not shocked at all I got. Not one bit out of anybody in our building it's. PL LaMont got a bit brigadier Lester just nobody was paid attention but it just watched senator chuck and rear anti graft it on board and just seat belt every single year he's made a a big improvement. You would expect them to be good news character driven as worker picked because of this extreme that what it is the most extreme competitiveness. Are you spoke sport leading bench scorer last year in an entire league for guys that only to get off the bench all your all. You know we have a lot of guys that they had years like that it is pleaded. One more game as a person or even booed and on the map in and around the league a little more than anywhere. And how accepting as Gorham and about you know this offseason mental break isn't one of those things where you want to. Twist his arm to take this break or does he understand. The under the rainbow at the beginning of this. No he understood it and look I went over there. Again just the start tomorrow are talk show. And we saw the intensity and the passion and heated emotional announcement that he was putting into our people we saw him on expect by two. Play gets Croatia. In preparation for. I'll be your pastor turned back and obviously because slope you can encourage from the former Yugoslavia as the incredible rivalry interest in perpetuity. Well Beck you know to play often aren't seeing a playoff game being played our our star point are playing pay and you know on all world global. And reduce. And they ought to step. I flew home and I taught there by not building are today. Look Goran target to be ready player a play off game the ball were part about telemarketers being ready to play the first rate to game of first. Has preceding game which is it. You know pretty much advance from most NBA players either trying to get in good shape just be great to training camp. I got a lot harder to replace a campaign orchestrated play of first game of the seven game series in the NBA. So we want to make sure that. You know after I left out he went on that Ron took to win it championship which is one of the more remarkable things. Actually Kelly mentioned in our locker room. It would appear equivalent. Really a low low major when Nancy term. But that model really that that much of an upset well I mean Kelly restructure because he's played a lot of an international basketball but you have all the titans over there. Now for our troops and host Spain. And all these teams interest sloping in a country of two million people. Two went at it is really remarkable what he put that. Country but on his back console. I that would merely when he came out. Here after and we talked market beyond straight and I love the now become critical account clerk for next step but he actually got to experience. What it really mean it's too emotionally. Deposit. And not only physically but just emotionally put yourself into a situation to try to team two winner take everything you happen and it did and Tony came back to see that and he was too he was trained bin. Two we tried. Particular plant where astute state decreased at a particular time. To mentally is engaged get away from it kind of relax and my doctorate. Knocked it out of shape to. Pretty bought into it I think expression yet to incredible practices which he's looked much different and expect then did they'd only have gone in training camp during camp who accuses stern trying to get through. Most thought process in plain in the first two preceding gains as opposed to maybe get the rest of them playing the last two crazies. Well we've all talked about it any good look I'm going amount charged up. I can't just pull the outlook right now it deliberately distorted practiced in that aren't I'd like that would both tell comfortable about that because. And we also want the open seat. And one of our real important leaders of the need to you want to make a statement that first practice so we had to go the first two practices. Don't start scaling back from there. And that you know played at. Short minute and both those first two games and then it wasn't as much of it just print screeching halt time. Of emotions you build a country without a bit and then you're back out slowly. You know so hopefully we ticket ticket plan. He looks fresh debate scrimmage American market and it hit two really. Really sharp practices what bluster they're eager to get back count they're really competing to get. So speaking of intensity and you're an old school guy you like the intensity levels that the competition. And beat him Whiteside Twitter beef are you glad to see that guys are starting to China now is everybody being friends let's go. I have no bilateral problem. Now it's spent just two guys that are really competitive district has put a lot of responsibility ample shoulders. The talk market back down from any competition. In this week. Andy likes. Opportunities that come very infrequently obviously replay against another reputable unique SATA. That's not like it wasn't a ninety's were at every night. In order all of our senator you had somebody that was big it could in package he didn't have another big against Hewitt against them you're a huge deal. All over the course of the game. But you do did walk back into the locker room and they've given that this Barbara what you saw the jugular shot that a game with a thirty volumes and tigers hope to see I see us. I want anyone but you want you want to that was part of Assad and started take bigger steps and wait impact winning that was just another. Another thing to do. Took a look at him but he was already starting to really impact when he. And put together. Really. Good basketball games on both sides of the war. We are poem if he would have bet that kind of start and we would've won eight. I had my teacher should have been in the running Turk he transported a year. So he's tried it but you know what we try to at a lot of different ways to be led the league in and block she's worked lead in the batting we had a top forward these trips last year. Okay what's missing now. We've got to win. Okay he got to help the team win and now. Everybody else and start. To recognize the impact he's got a big east teams really start meet the artist will start deterrent or as a competitor and impact. I think you know I got something in common we were very. Very social media savvy type people I know you're a candidate who are anti smoking but low key because I'm just trying to figure out how to get my toward him because it's really important to me to find out how many followers I have I see you have 35000. Followers. With one yeah waiting you keep it at wake up between 8000. Some days ago. How earlier this. Weird why aid years ago my family and my brother in law loose it. I can this be OK okay get on putter on these social media and everything I had hoped. A radar whatever it up for made you read the first week as well it actually is we are you remember applause. I pick goes up people go to there could be a while like rock the boat so they go like they get excited for the seat in. I'll tell you what is a look Garrett out rate training camp. Fired up for the season coming days ago gas pedal at 18500 days ago. Computer match. Well it's about I mean did the next week that comes out I mean you you got to be hundreds but we're talking about it we wanted to do uneasily lineup starting lineup like a secret just might try and Alexei starting line up radiates winner do that. Well Pete auditors and that's what made you could hear rhetoric got. Asking here all on a personal level okay. I feel I look you're so busy when when basketball season starts and even doing it for a long time now is there ever times during the season Mauritius like. And it shouldn't go and do that you know like you don't ever get to go you really like concerts. Or if you when your wife wanted to get away and go do some staying or. You know some big Stanley occasionally immediately hit TV show the ones watch like he is or timely manner I've really wish we could do that but I got a game tomorrow night's. Not a government appointed Doug as a critic at large yeah. Yeah Laurence bowers you know we travel but during the Summers off seasons smoke we hit a time. A lot of time to do either way it's been probably Cam Newton. If you wanna human numbers like this past summer where do not make the playoffs get the off season almost six months to five month and change. I was not able to go and gate to Africa and spent time the competition and my family. Do I anticipate trinity and where were normal you know that we get into the grinder and and when it. You have a night off and you don't have to keep function and don't have something yet. I'm going to be out at dinner continued threat to caddie you know much by not go to concerts. Yes sir I don't watch any TV shows only show that I was condemned to lost last year from my wife like a lot about trying to talk about it with strictures banks. Always look awesome so throwback. And he couldn't. Which has brought back a lot of good memories so you don't too much about it. The new one comes out next week OJS missile binge watch it on the airplane eighty West Coast trip knowing get it. Now I knew I know I don't like to do and watch elector at Japan that he now. When it happens there you know and and make an item that. What about. Pressure from the in laws as three time NBA championship coach ever get the pressure from the in laws on the kiddies ones are gonna be a little Erik Spoelstra run around. And yet. What we got a daughter last year we rescued our personnel are gone and that in that direction right now spotlight for a few years removed. I don't know our first few years but DO video keep quiet for a few months. Yeah put. That's basically what our candy kitchen was this. This past summer as you can tempered with my arms and two down with half. It all go on vacation and why it was about that. Mammal listen everyone I'm excited everyone's excited he magic obviously tonight is as we get the Tony 171830. Campaign of heat basketball game go on what is you know pretend for US coast coach. Yeah well here period on a third gear worked well organization good real I will pay we always appreciate you joining us thanks a lot coach. Guess start here tonight there guts that such exports are right there. As the he'd begin to nights. 7 o'clock against Orlando Magic I get it started at six with a pregame you can only imagine him sitting there with the in laws and he's preparing for a heat championship and all of a sudden he's got his mother in laws and so. Eric. When you learn when we gonna have a sham. Lee what he's got other things and so I mourn him are and I apologize what he does make his mother in law into an. Eighty year old Jewish lady.