ZRA Interview w/ Freezing Cold Takes 5-19-17

Friday, May 19th

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One pops them. You know the earth is much. How many times have you turned out of Miami game sand and say it's just empty seats pre news. Where her they're like oh the donuts in the electorate so much more keeping them freeze. These patriots. Tell. Tell over. I mean you can't fix all to. These stats ever dream Monday morning in its box by East Coast public adjusters got assets covered call 855 get ECPA or visit East Coast public adjusters. Dot com. Gonna connect here where. Mr. freeze freezing cold takes in a moment here and it Tyson about mr. freezer. Tell us he was on NFL network Google morning's arraignment here you showed me that you know him and you big time surprises a temper shelf and he's also bigger than I would expect you know you never really get there. Put a face with the voice usually in. Brees is a bigger Fella would mean bigger early he's my home in Israel is part of our TV are you talking about is a modern. Numbers. Not normative he gazing mind high eighties maybe I don't know fifteen pounds heavier than all these bigger him via TV cameras don't assume you know. It's just like your size to may again. But it and it's not like he was on the phone. On NFL network he was in a studio. For like ten minutes. On the NFL network's morning show couple days ago on sort of press guide national network TV ads and that's a big deal undone is fairly well Bryan. Yeah and it's. But its own dog don't really came from you know so he he's this year and derived fuel dancers convenience stores gas I truly sense beyond comedians. Fred Segal as mr. freeze from freezing cold takes morning. Yeah I hope you weren't too promiscuous with that I will be saved all of that pay for us. You know I didn't do I didn't do that K okay that they weren't. They I don't think you're ready for the an autograph don't know where they're ready. How does this come about like it is they did is called the other and said hey we ought to fly you into our studios and can. Yeah well tuna tuna post and actually out here triggered. And Ohio Brent. They all exactly come on the show. At least think the only piece you come on the show but it's not like. I never actually thought it was a real. Images like that then. Recently they the producer acting on declining immune email equity share and we are about you you've got a couple weeks ago and then. We were about to. Scheduler that I had to the new York and went to work went into act in. The package come on I'm wondering yet. Also so you're going there anyway so worked up perfect. Right right right well I was gonna go on no matter what. But weird schedule it for a later time that ought. Did you make Darnell the NFL's got a lot of money did you make them pay your flight. Quite happy you know go for work. Tell him I felt bad that it was good it worked out I was cool at that time. You are clearly your -- worked out as well as your New York you figure you don't address nicely and were soon on television media outlet by some really nice looking people and then word is that has opened this because of those attending a gala in New York City tonight and it's telling me he's wearing a pair of slacks and button up. You know dad and well whenever elsewhere in there but it presents icy day total gala that raises a lot of money with a Gleason here Heidi Pasadena. Yeah would you order your current gala you think top sorry mister free. There aren't they thought regular dealt Dalembert and Eric I think I think that my ties to be perfect but that may be noble CNET could be freezing cold take by Ian and I are you know this eighth. I can't give us out we had a couple minutes here mr. freeze what do we have this week. All right I'm Michael will climb back in 1990 side. Article in the Washington post's. Kevin Garnett. Pressed our Kevin Garnett is MBA schools gold foolish move to go to the NBA. Straight from high school he should be studying for JC key. Could it mean he sees it this way he's one dime he's one of the the wealthiest. NBA players of all time. I would say a study the AZT would be massive waste of time for Kevin Garnett. That's. A ray taken by by Benny the bulls and as Michael will bond excellent excellent job what Ozzie and as a priest. It is really funny the Miami Herald sports account back in 200910. Wee bit OK yes. I came to being expand. Would exert that there's actually. Yeah we actually want their curry. In order. Johnny but when dummies. Now I posted it and then a day later someone admitted it was them who died in any key no and it. He worked over The Herald. And he said he was accidentally as the beginning of Twitter he had his own account at all he had been. And as a turnover in the county axial potent the peril app they get nobody used Twitter than. And nobody noticed. It was it was it was never a positive thing back then and where would get screen grabs you know you're there with the president at one point so how did you find it. Alec is looking for so I was looking for sitting in the draft about curry back at the time could curry were having a great game it was Tuesday night. And is looking to coming around that I'm not. Curry as drag and too good and then. About Leo we know what time from 1 morning and mr. freeze what does he got our our. When war yet what police and a lot of time talking about being a big star of the New York City mayor. Address okay here here it can't nauert last year during the final. LeBron is simply no longer in his prime so Ari. He is more like that and not beat the man. You know look obviously it's a freezing cold take split a lot of people including myself. You know would fall into that category I I thought that we Miami got his best years. And that's not true we're actually sharing his best use of the cavaliers right now you and you. And one. Rhetoric great one we got crime. Yeah I would wait yeah I mean essentially had been saying the same thing for a couple years that we got his best years him that's true. Our it's still though it's still not those are good cold tanks but nothing ever tops the the original freezing cold take right mr. freeze. It's time that you ethics code now no no I don't know. Know that no no the original freezing cold take is it's time the dolphins trade Dan Marino. Greg the that it's a strict straight there I didn't grant then prince prayed every you know period. The all time or nothing attributed this greatly our. It's easy and Syria right figured I'd Leo freeze eagle takes. Excellent picks are out there in New York City I don't have the NFL he saved the NFL few blocks he was already Allen noted to take it seriously right in the problems of first class right.