ZRA Interview w Ian Eagle 1-19-18

Friday, January 19th

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I in the morning we appreciate you joining us here and our first thing's first is what we do wanna ask you a couple things about the NFL but as far as the heat the heat are taking on the nets here tonight. You may assault that. MBA all SARS orders fans voted. It's guy and we we on this show we are deeply disappointed that they have decided they are not going to televise. Did you write. Chip I mean that's the whole reason to do would try to so we can watch the players get them out. You know a few years ago I remember that pretty vividly the salukis set up toward the rookies so you'll start being more as. Pectoral portly and Kenny Smith wrapped too. And prod him sounding great young guys gotten picked by an internal will touch on it. If it's off a domino effect. Offended feeling and I know what you're saying I'm ready to report million dollar should be Yates. John Wall. If I remember correctly. What the latch it. Of that room and use that some kind of motivation for the next years. But it NBA career so you're right divorce or more intrigued at the public here we know which equity go to the wrong. But I think the NBA elect did not embarrass anybody took to steal it deter the latch it. The only team players of the NBA. Could be eight miss giving them their could actually get some. You were feeling down the road. You know the NHL they do it on TV and the guy who's picked less he gets like a horror that that's pretty good right there. He gets caught our. I gather I gather from the outside looking edit it in pretty rational BNP area. Try to perceive a problem for pop then they took preemptive measures that the system and getting in the equation. Give me some thoughts on what you see from the outside looking in okay spores heater concern in the heat our top four in the east. They may need literally don't have a single player on their roster. Was ever a here in an all star game in their career in some thoughts are on heat. Extremely well coached they play so hard night in night out. And the fact that they can mix and match Wii is whoever's available but you're the night I go to my chart a mark prep work these gains. And half the guys that are prepared for art can apply. Because they've been dealing with the injuries either throughout the season were recent injuries in the case of Tyler got to that you showed you that. They don't use any excuses so that just doesn't fly in Miami it. Star Pat Riley continued. With Erik Spoelstra. Like the way they built their team in the got a lot of personal players guys that are due on chip being welcoming to different polls and because of that. I think in the Eastern Conference the way it's set of there they're going to be fine I I would say that I'm surprised by the ultimately outcome I'm not they always seem to find a way to be in the mix and it would appear in their last year beyond a doubt for the terrible start. That the only thing included them from being a playoff team gets what nobody you ought to keep them in the playoffs last year so it's a testament to. Probably organization run and the fact that Erik Spoelstra get the most out of this guy is it's really impressive to watch. Since you do said he these guys in preparation for them one of the guys that we've been talking about who is the only guy and then its roster has potential of making the all star game would be Goran Dragic what are your thoughts on Dragic say no he gets. It's overlooked nationally because he's on the steam. It's funny when a player does well again the Sheen or use copper. You tend to change your perception rather which show. I'm doing at its last 24 years rocket you've been in the NBA pretend you're retired rocket. That killed but their speech step along the way Phoenix. Use been. Miami. They may have played it is sloping into it and appreciate it and he killed a man is it's just one of those. Strange phenomenon that app that app in years ago remember. That just doesn't happen again the team covered doesn't mean he's doing it again everybody Chris Gatling. Who is actually a former member of the heat as well. Chris Gatling. Would kill the nets when they played the Dallas Mavericks children every cut double double my. Fourteen minutes of action eleven points twelve boards. And man the net acquired him. And either until the net at the net. The currency he couldn't get anything done so which rocket guys I've always been. And mean a kitten would Miami acting he upset. The tone of physical tone. An edge that he brings to the war. Probably not gonna get any all star accolades are also being done by he's a guy that in my mind. I probably goes onto the radar in and it's unfortunate. We. I legally or scores television voice Brooklyn nets and you see it on CBS CBS NFL he Indy and felt excellent team they had the Steelers and jaguars. This past weekend. And you know more work on for the jaguars this weekend couple reasons are her. Our struggle whether or not is one of the very few jaguar fans OK he's a huge market yet yes really it's very hard to believe. And also we obviously are rooting against the patriots so you saw the jaguars firsthand last weekend. I do Jackson chance this week and gone to north. Yeah we we sit down for the production immediately with a coach and then 345. Players and the goal there is really just apply. Only to get information which the obvious the news on here but just to get a sense. Or between the recovering in a better sense no camera no we're in the room. And there and I walked away from that meeting him and so to one another and the guys are either. We usually cocky. Word they truly believe that they're gonna win this game and bad men younger guys. Like jail and Ramsey and older guys like alias Campbell. What are foreign. And obviously it was it was probably a little political expert that's what that works for them so. Go to New England you think you're so this is a very tall order they have no frame of reference what that was one. Real benefit there they had built they had a they had multiple memory employing the Pittsburgh Steelers they could put it up on the big screen in their facility they look. We buy we dominated these guys we controlled the line Rimage. Just don't have that would New England or think you're gonna have to happen. Their defense and perhaps to probably underscore again we're set themselves up. Or score. Our special tool to play. A huge role in this game in my mind it's well and the biggest difference is that Bill Archer will be ready crippling mortal world looks so. Always been comfortable. In that fourth quarter in pressure moments. There's going to be a spy on them eat you'd have to deal with more that probably got into the war. Arnold and picked it must look that's what they did against Pittsburg if the Big Apple watchers Chara missed one. This is the game has probably gonna have to be played more in the twenties and thirties and forty. I I was one of the biggest doubters and Jacksonville's ability to go in beat the it is well what. After speaking with callais us I don't know what it was I felt the same sense that that you're in Powell's felt was. Mimic these guys really believe like the confidence in the guy who was unbelievable so I left. After speaking with with with clay as. Miles we will wait a minute I I kind of changed my tune a little bit the way I was feeling. There and delegates who has brought a professionalism of the team obviously he's brought the production separate church were the abstract. They're feeding off of that the young guys. Are buying yen and sometimes with young guys they don't know what they don't know. I. I have heard a strange feeling about there's this Jacksonville team that. In this wacky. Topsy turvy Anna Ortiz and it really has been if you think about it. As with everything that's gone on from we brought all the way through the year champ teacher unions. Wouldn't be sitting at the Jacksonville Jaguars were some out pianist you quibble. I kept pick them because it is Lockett so many other. Older observations have become to the forefront. Bought it. Iron I wouldn't I wouldn't be shocked that there would be completely shot. Boosting somehow emerges on the other hand I. I think Minnesota's got a little bit of that there's Eudora and they don't boredom. I beat the vikings are gonna play on their own stating it was over that way am I'm leading amount. Finally here I am of course you know you work for a major network parents CBS and I NBC has Super Bowl this year so we were talking earlier in the show today. As does the network does BC they do they care. It's a huge disappointment for them in this year that they get the Super Bowl in the rotation. It's portals vs you know like it is a big. I get my beat yeah I I know on the Circuit City where there's an automatic audience but to quote bill been. But often times networks look on the best possible. Steps he tractor to their game is based on the fact that you get it once every three years and we wanted to be memorable. Clearly if it's a great game that's what people will remember what the build up is such a orbit to two weeks leading up to it. So it's unfortunate that been that way and in my mind as torture and I think it's fantastic. At the get new names of people knew she whom are true that's what it's about the other spill has room to root for a few reasons. What the problem is the fact that every single year or he won't street ears and flew. There was in the last place in the NFL the the previous season and it's finished in first place and what else. The next year it happens every year and re banned Pete believes ultimately in the ground that they have a chair. When the student starts. Apps. That's pretty incredible to think about the NBA which we started talk about obviously with baseball. And what hockey or hasn't had not in the NFL you can turn things around quickly and as we present when you can sustain it. You can't have one of those one year magical court rights and to me it's if you get put the championship game the biggest game of the year. We gave your quarterback is never suspected or tune that you never expect it. I kept secrets aren't a lot. Great job fine thanks lot for joining us and we really appreciate it. We got a guy. Have fun night we've net and he am brought down the road.