ZRA Interview w Israel Gutierrez 1-12-18

Friday, January 12th

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Sought deserted Sierras he has let us in the Rhine fuels and douse his convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenience. As popcorn chicken the same thing as chicken nuggets what do you think their man. That college is there a certain target but they're big two and and there's a limit the treating the political will or probably aren't on what they are the popularity. Here in America. In an in his good a shape as you are I am I imagine you are not a breaded chicken finger eager. Well people targeted all the time and I covered it come what treaty at duke it really didn't I got a new. You break it up there and you'd like Rick but everyone about it and it arguing. Could I got a lesson either dazzled to line up and do my show today I hear you yeah. So I know you hear. What is your what is your next what's an ex NBA game what's next team you got. Policy in the community and we. Okay and some of Cleveland didn't let it. This Saturday night. OK that wasn't actually world's leading well and we get them a moment here below what I amateurs and talking about here. You know. Okay well you know this this affects someone like yourself because you do the sidelines were a lot of BS BN. ABC games and Stan Van Gundy recently came out and he's one of several coaches who was unhappy with your network ESPN's Goodridge. All of lawns noble all. And stand for instance. Of global sees me and standard for instance is not going to participate the next time that Detroit has ESPN game. It's not gonna participate with the pregame. Responsibilities. And the indie game responsibilities which are some it was a place were some like yourself. Is certainly involved and I'm wondering what you make of that whole situation. Have to leave that. Coach is dating which other and I totally understand that a better job. They're done particularly well done to experience the NBA reaction. Among the coaches we're gonna get fired. A little bit too did you know to a lot of people probably ban. You know we saw Rick Carlisle know we will Harlem and on to beat up and pretend to respect each other up but in terms of what it too far. Are. Are you. Neck. You'll lose initially not anymore we've been Jeff. And in any of these players we. Will be more willing more we could say more public and we are no I don't like people and you know the way. It seemed like I know now built by. It even a bigger cubic kind of come and wait for the aren't it is due. I just don't find it interesting I don't know how many people really close to Arnold stories true I don't like are actually you know it we're leaving it at a point where. There are real solutions aren't you Ali you know we saw the well. Did I did drama. I don't know where their get out stock. More post installation. Art I want I doubt that he is speaking and right now. Yet there is a bit more interest on up there what would it more so interest and okay how would they get an awful like the right. You write it like we want to appear at it and they orient at them and with long and windy out. Being a great way and that kind of background noise I don't know I just aren't there. Special interest in this is what the student 32. The opinions on what's going on the that you were anywhere and yet it can. Anybody out background noise and and they really should be well. And and also Alberts and like this is the first time the F family members are such you're extremely outspoken I mean I remember. I mean I remember in court was in Saint Louis it is wife was. Very vocal OK and when Bulger started to get playing time his wife was extremely vocal she used to call into the talk shows. Glen Rice when he was out there in Los Angeles. His wife used to call into the talk shows that he should Phil Jackson to be playing him more and and we would like ESPN whatever news outlets we would we would that stop. I think that went. You could choose not to. You know read it sort listened to or care about I don't particularly care. But I think that any time a family member or in the two you know in his eyes give us house I think that anytime day or. Are are giving opinions there eat you can easily rationalized you know maybe this is inside information. It additionally. Not only shot oh wait hit some good. Well you're you're going to. So in the media about editor. Also would have you automatically. Quote that school happen again. I'll let cool that would at their time and I ordered it kind of like we aren't executed curse word. Bound and if you can't get that shock value initially. While. I would probably you know particularly popular in your Twitter after what happened so. I kind of it was equip outlook are I had it been different and it brought in which it. Thank god DC that's even more seat jet and on these employed by ESP NN man he supports them. Well and. You know Brothers and I'm pretty sure that you were hoping doctors at play. He mentioned something that you know I thought about a little bit but not really so. Marleau took should really wanna be the way to right now I can Eckstein hit a hero I. They happen over here but it out of it. Point being true. Want it out his kid and Spain the Jill sort of lived through them all unclear if we're up to it. While the bar you. Know. Making sure nurturing long blue professional career. You don't know trying to bankrupt and fell and not without really establishing it. And an NBA are on duty are critical likable. And why you don't like it always is probably not the critic and literally waited Peco are inaccurate or. I'm better than him oh or not they're actively diving at first it. I'm going to pay for it don't have my back is really the opposition. And I. I don't entertainment while. What is it. Now that you put that some there are I didn't I thought his phone cut out of obviously he's added. Question for for you is is I'm sure you've heard that Dion Waiters. Is is electing to have his season ending injury get this exit action right now we're talking about this earlier have a surgery on it and clean it up and in our. Have a hard time dealing with the fact that every time the story broke it was either broken by Brian went horse threw up in Cleveland or shout. Yeah I was out who's out now away. How does this always break from another news outlet or media as the most of the guys here every. The guys who around the team all the time why they always break the story. Yeah I can armor don't you it's been hard. Eight years I've been told reporters you know old am I big. It probably below the asking and Ira are urged them to hear very. Well throughout the day that. But I true and I went on to. Williams on the people around them they more often than not drag a lot of each. Breaking stories. Depending on the Republican people. On a or not just that particular clothing or even the relationship with the actual writer would have you read your piece written and in particular. We're approaching wind blows over the years aren't a great story not a local. Or local people wouldn't be like well why they hate it it's the top. Recruit a couple of in Honolulu eat well. Look when course yeah never below all the tactics. You probably have or connection or or you didn't. To have these sources can't hear you. And then benefit from it eventually so. It hit the ball. I'm not that local writer couldn't wait anymore but a guy like. I'm so long I create a pitcher. Every single day you don't have equity in our it people in it he went out of your control are digging or providing but it. I think branding Roche. Sort of see uncle called big hook up our relationship and own up. Would come in and go to work or. Where are. Writing couldn't Wear it all it could be aware we're in over it. They can you know economic who. Well and option Israel Brett Israel years ago when he he made a very big trade OK in 2005. But. When they they traded. Eddie Jones. And they guide. Antoine Walker and Jason Williams and James it was neat to meet a very big trade. Israel was still working for Harrell back and he broke that story. And I didn't really a little better and could mean you could open and Ali Ali. Just call up agents would we even players or whatever and we'll. That you had earlier into the night to write that we'll look at it only met William are ignoring them exporting to eat it Eric. And if it went between world. When we're having a little slow on market herald Mike you are. This can you you ever called us a little bit of cross a line of any information on the players' minds giving you anything and expect you to keep your confidence to yourself. And you just excited it was it was something that would really boost your career and you just don't forget it I'm an idea that you can't do. It. I had to do it. One thing I would try to get it. It happens all time immediate correct it okay. Well you're you're important are the adults lives. Name names gone had done and literally. Do you speak. Their names. God who is being his name rhyme with build on. Iran into. Exactly. All right man good talky detached and out thinks Israel. And I it's Ian.