ZRA Interview w Israel Gutierrez 12-14-17

Thursday, December 14th

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I let's go to the Ryan fuels and answers convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenient our pal is Israel Gutierrez ESP and first off is roller. We're very curious what are you doing now okay like I'm trying to tell the folks here. That that year and you know you not to in the radio show anymore it's our Spain they're very user what are you doing. Gretchen looks like my new resolutions. But Greg. I do make a and that order and older you earn the honor and so on coached oh good. Some Anderson there are different they are only good news in the relatively near us. Aren't you want to bring you know getting errands and information. I would not have a right to regret it very corporation boards are subject to give the green hills. You will be what do we are quote it's about well who they be it. You're into that Southland has now come on you'll celebrate the news got a little breaking news on the show that's right. That excellent excellent not that Michael Mike windows you know you can repair. So brown the morning and Luke owns the NBA with you but on around the horn have you guys and have you devoted its gonna times two Jeter in the marlins' situation like to be doesn't talk about that. I haven't been on shouldn't happen puck out of gas at that burst back bright and like I had. Not take much to the floor but they are talk about it a lot of bad but let's Jeter yet now it. They went straight up the patriots start Derek Jeter talked. But it getting to add to pitch out. The Saudi has. I don't know Kiki got whacked out about. Or they'll open that laughed out loud temperament that would ever look we're out yet but it. I they. Like I don't you do it right like to sort pretty Carter but he. But he picked out they don't weary were there on the Mercury is over it get my. Pastor of everybody if we keep our eye black. Could just be what are get sent to bad reputation. Recover and so you gotta be really care without a deal. On the table of Houston and go through what the people gone through down here at the authorities and I think he underestimated I think maybe underestimated I mean. You've probably look at the Marlins from the outside in you'd think they don't have many fans people don't sell to their game so there's not be much backlash and so maybe he died. They're eating at an easier time for a PR perspective it people who do care about the Marlins very much care passionately about the Marlins. And I need to get the care that Iran is a crack it could figure it. He bonus. And yet I pay. It sort of took up the surround her and makers inappropriately you know the other ordered it through and still it gave it because news you know. You would like what what time it is a city. This might kill going to be the guy falling on the sword guy the sands in the new modern day. Some are and here. Are you the editor I don't know what should I be so Boehner to Wear the a lot of are. Out. Keep it negates the virtual. Each each each sort of write it out pretty well. Pilots. That's get some NBA stuff here tomorrow is tomorrow is the day that. Trades and can really be made all of the league as guys who signed new contracts reagents. They can now be included in an NBA trades your best guess in a month from now month and a half from now let's say who's gonna save the demining yet seem rosters and you right now. I am. Even the team actually just took the top of people and it ain't don't a couple of them. That other key. You can add I just had leprosy. Hyper pick I got a about a they'll out of it not that they're. Note the without it I. If a young whether or not but to beat it would get treated. Like a spotlight that that they like arbitrary but I'd be out by it get it. He would eat it they're there. Spirit they get her RB that would be the big change at any big outs would be the it would just be simple to keep it really really. All right Erica. And I are your initial quick and accurate and go after opera they were quite that. Whiteside is not a god they would be interested in but if on the heat's I am I am trying to pride old George from Oklahoma City. What do you make of that because I I don't think Oklahoma City if if this is gonna continue for the next let's say month to month plus. I think Oklahoma City is going to move all torch. Good crow because they are there to recruit them up as. The patriot Tibetans can't produce and on turek and I didn't either. I've been around and it was important to adapt it to the troop. You can whatever. On the didn't expect it. To continue this chick look no doubt that they're way up trade. Sport. It's sort of of I don't. And on the bad and include all of the would go to go to lately the good of a lot and so are. Only about what's on. We are completely cents. Cooler in the public gene shall. I. Saw. That's. A group. They not only did it just keep it. And you think that that's basically the writing on the wall for Billy Donovan losing. Only commander in in the immediate fire Israel Uga Uga and I. I don't know I think I talked about a guy who well doesn't boats is evil bitch and and I've had to adjust their respect the iPad. Last year. You know I think it did with that team that we expect it obviously Russell putting it BP and carry that even the reason while. We keep up at least a lot of people took. Is it taxpayer. So Lou Lou there what you're here are what they do they keep the show a lot of the root it out without a kid there. And that the Al. Operate on a minute period and appeared Beckett or I got to try to Wear a little order. That person about. Give me give me some thought series over a little bit off topic we did it give reason to not see her on the the ball kids going and playing Lithuania what do what do you make that whole situation. Oh. I. Want that much because. It really to play out when they're not out a little while net the current. Yet these junior high school right but he's it is the batter of the sun out of the either one of the missiles meaning good right and I thought he was a snowy. He'd already cute I like that they could probably if he's going to be super that you got to do expense you know that type of you know. Because sidelight. You know not huge and and not super athletic so. On the that they don't think that there won't like it cute picture what was professional at all. Gaga beat Oprah purpose of that book our book that at currently. And so are out there are still up the chips whether the department that they were. Not restrict them. A college basketball I would have people who don't have a big problem honestly like I batted literally right typical spot if. A man I feel like the rules of Lithuania are gonna be stricter than college basketball I mean and I have not it just seems like overseas that it would be. It didn't very regiment. I would also say they don't you grow your view the party and that really eat. You know this wild and crazy urgently you get older you're I think he sort of you know. While little ruled a little bit about that book about a prominent are the book about. And don't steal anything. They're only getting area papers thinks nuance in the in order. Yet it's still you wanna get a different ideas on how money now. Now playing college ball. I didn't CNN. There you know that's his routier's.