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Thursday, October 12th

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Let's go to Iran deals announces it means there was gas line to resist young communion. Lab. Now go to Jamie guys emerged today that John has been to appreciate it. My partner tiger doing good doing good eyes so let's get it let's get to a I mean is is. It's sick to our brand to New Haven trust is offensive line I don't know I don't know it's good bangers and mash. It Tucker that somebody who's getting 25 Perry and those that are going to be ample opportunity there's going to be no long run. It's a good defense they're facing good run defense is not a great one. No unfortunately the way to beat the falcons from your running back position if you're with our impact that it backed bill. And clearly that's not a dice strength but. I think it is up to treat them more of like a number two type of running back that you just start based on the volume as opposed to an elite level number one and police are superb. What about the dolphins receivers are any of them were starting right now. A little bit nervous you know if park with a 100% that was story obviously in the street get a point per catch is hard to get away from Dartmouth slander because the common target he yet. How does he could potentially go you know this is going to be. As great as the defense has played it later they're a great author of the ready in the Olympic indoor and outdoors you know how that typically goes for the paint they're different indoors and outdoors. It is going to be and all that coming off a bye week Matt Ryan's numbers awful by at least our. Typically great so it is often put up a big number and a doll that particular point. At a big level you know may be expressing doubt no doubt who backed the the patent pact but right now I think it's kind of cautious approach. So you have an easy 120 suitors. Boat okay. That would get into it need one. Kevin Coleman. Our quote McGwire or Breda. Well I would I would set McGwire if he's the only guy there but apparently Matt Forte may return of that critical about that their program so. Go Coleman you know that the thing that he does well is capped at the backfield and you saw what the paint were able to do for example with their running back. What America having a contact game but I think over the Bebop and passed in the inner battle. Learn to worry about payment dole. Marte was Brian we're juju Smith they need look. They examined all of you know I mean you property tax game that he's expecting very so he called you you'd be gentlemen placement so. You know that's been hurt her Brady so that chemicals. Or about 710 people but because circuit court of build up. In it's you can get your calls average every 78636007. I'd never return except as a resident of Austin, Texas 67 as imposed on the John dollars goes for Jamie. Anyone got a little quote quote actual are being injury and all happy that changed skills and my wallet and they had to me curse on the bench we should charter Bieber. I think you can guys that aren't you know FitzGerald is. In a situation where he's he's getting a lot of targets in and the slot receiver with that the working lines up. Against Tampa Bay has been very successful. And then the same thing with a sawed back and you can avoid Patrick Peterson because that's where Mike Evans with the result. That's pretty gonna go into the Peterson and that you know try to cover Mike Evans so unity did respond to take a shot at the time that was coming off on your game so you're you're it doesn't hurt it up. Consumers and hey Jimmy what's going on man much better quarterback issue what do you do game went better cart away and I'll need replete Prez got. I'm looking at McCarron in them blog go to go recruit that Don. Yeah at Harvard are a probable. Looking America you know I I think you you can't a public look at Tampa Bay you know when you opened up got a little bit. Big and and feeling and and lassie got Rudolph involved. It could be a situation that you can point to prevent offense on the road put up a big number so. It is probably your high ceiling guys there and I would that would in Overland. I just think that went to the struggle a little bit on the road shortly. And agent had to play one that I McCaffrey of budget. I try to build a better you know McCaffrey is it is is not getting the thought is that you'd love to see. And and he doesn't Wear elastic you know it got him out of 45 point day you know maybe nine point them in a PR. Spoke what does that rebels have gone down has been fantastic and in the secondary although it doesn't scare me at all I think you're looking at as part of having another good day. All select position. Similar injury. Or Jauron. A way chuck as simple but but that picky combined with the names of her. I they landed about that. You know just against targets are going to be in his favor Dixon vehicle via a last week is that you are the norm there was a lot about the coverage in. And he put up you know three big cat is so. Rangers think is going to be in a situation where you're going to be part of a lot Johnson James like. They're very similar you know the differences that the job is finding a donor also white you know to it's just our luck consumable. So with the way that the browns have been operating I think we'll be built some new wrinkle with a different quarterback Kevin Hogan. And they're the kind of the same thing Harvard accept you know get docked at the have a knack of getting a governor. Some of us know do you think that Marcella she still has just above yours you washed out. I don't know blow up what I would kind of on the mark summit owners use in the leak at the very good matchup against their Diego if you want and the starters. And if he has another decent game though he's been kind of in that all the cooking they're hearing couldn't get it you know six yard touchdown. I even network gateways elastic forty yard touchdown I was kind rate of you know some of the mind that name recognition. And again you know the world we are looking at thirty cluster organic market that got done at the level that used to 'cause he probably it will record a lot side. What about Adrian Peterson he got traded this week should you start him on his new team. I would part of this week you know I I think awaited the approach I'm not very optimistic you know it's because of the situation that he's been here he goes from. But you know what the little ball a lot in and plays and shotgun and you know has been in in income eighteen point situations where he's just not gonna have the chance to get those very toward the end of game. To looking at very similar you know so. Without a part of an operating out I don't know he's an evolved uncle and learn and turn things around here they basically just went from an old running back interest optimal running back intricate but. If he does you know do anything starting off this week. They should be little more optimistic than probably I've just fuels the drug for any. Yeah. A question in my only a mother league I got the shot wide area or met after the assured that. Well both guys are reaper cart to get away collapses during expressing our own game against Cleveland spoke. I I think without either plane you know I don't know if he's going to be a Boehner. And your situation and if you want trying to trade winds are people that go off the week but a lot of hearing who over our community that. At that time Manuel talked to last week are much greater. To me has very CBS sports tennis expert roses are great job taking your fancy calls and everything going down for that.