ZRA Interview w Jamey Eisenberg 12-14-17

Thursday, December 14th

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Jamie. That's what that means. Means time fantasy football guide your questions answered 67 guys employed type attacks stand. Got a bunch accordingly none holds. Fast run offense football playoff questions Sunnis and us here in the Ryan fuels. And dancers convenience stores gas like truly sets beyond convenient. Jamie people will pay you thousands and thousands of dollars for hot tips. On start. Report a serious sports actually I really does what he gets paid to do no problem talking about like blaming the side that lost a bit breezy amounts of money. On this fantasy team. Jimmie Rodgers is our do what you do. If some guy was willing to get you in your expert he's whose personal fantasy team guy and pay the same amount of money as we got an. Error. No threads and listening in as a cache is all that's interesting listen very. Balloon but you quit CBS. All sets the question you about you do both. And you would not tell the Ira. OK I'd tell me a hit the dump on their analog in and try to hide so tonight you got week fifteen getting under way are truly awful game Denver Indianapolis. This very important stuff now because of dancer global players. Every once their status global playoffs at this point of the seasons at Denver and Indianapolis teams and the skill players here that guys can rely on tonight's. I I think you look at are keeping an no. The work he's been getting you know our look at all game yet no or article yard and not on very. Both Burkle team coming I don't know Obama got a lot of immigrant know. Those guys that are being bought out the plane and while I'm in Atlanta are night. By I expect you know he gators sent to welcome their academic arm looked like. Doctor Meehan and Thomas on Bankrate so. I like a guy from them Vernon chemical that oil and there are those of struggle and and really all these and well I think he beat oil they can't hurt your game and then or dad I think what you might look at our but I try to avoid and it's great border. I'm speaking about are these guys are one reporter now where. Record looked like he does or by the nuclear war. Is. Are you ask me what are what he had 36 carries on Sunday. Yeah our corporate record or your whole having to play Thursday. Now are after what he had to go through you know we are we going to be got. Make sense and on the other and our running back down here can injury what what do you think about him moving forward after a couple weeks or performance yes you must start seeming. Absolutely. He's argued that their tactic and technique you look at oh I gave the one thing and yet he earned about. Is is there any way of coming back and you may cut out by. It but he could have all been getting killed for their trading their guy is acting. There's more wider percolate and very well in particular you know really got the cargo to more. Yeah he's good at that ought. I'd seniority we got a bunch of people wanna get and here they need answers so let's start things off with ray ray go every question pertaining. Jamie build defense against a Balkan to a cutter but Drake had leaner. Or know of thinking outside the box Greg can beat them against the cardinals playing a 1 o'clock. Yeah I think the way to go. You know are all played well a lot in giving him credit and bill he spent like eight and entry could be a problem for them because they're rugby ball well. I think you were there are written piece of cargo are part time over the lap appeared early numbers period Arab. Going what he each of those early start on our current battery you rub it Chancy but rob. Morning okay here retiree kill or mama to new. And on the X you'll feel Redick or Derrick can during the last one NBA cramped space and Obama McCain doll. Sure I. I would I would go with your rig and the like is it and are you certain car what a miracle or better bitten and got a Blackberry or my. Here is Scott Scots up next we're Jamie. Jamie championship game were 3000 dollars in their car grow up a low or pulled a quarterback. I think it comes down either drop below or old are your eye on our truck or car pick out what exactly are little better so. If you if you are comfortable all into this role America great again giant brought although it went really well the last game that probably a drop well. How does. Foals this week affect the other skill guys in Philly. You know airplane anybody out there be a little bit more earned by really promote our new talk about that are on the back to being that the diet. Outsider because. That are amber buy her. I think Erica that you're even it was probably run the ball a bit more elite by their guy with bigger workload yet for coming to Philadelphia I think on the big communal. Here is no Zell Novell's next go ahead. Good morning guys are wrong and league Dion Lewis ripped birchard. I'll remorse or Goodwin. I need one. But I can I could be offered more evidence they big game. Probably say the term becoming can't get the peeling favor are. You're probably favor erect for years retell glory goes next to Jimmie dodged. There are monitored on remote US Brooke over can do. Or can't do you who ordered air Rogers. Thank you yet they're the quarterback Matt make wanna marry but up from Iraq could be you know more upset and coming back even for impact but. ID say Ron Rivera retired as courier. Article two of the pair they're he's battled it out and Hartnell regain then and I got out well. Any writer welcome back and play well and that are pretty good for over they'll Britain are your back and who were eager to come on a lot. Jamie into Star Wars. Or are a late you already had tickets like you know what you're going. Why are you probably know they're there yet but Utley bunting so. Are probably going get weirder appear I'm quite there are no no oh. You couldn't get to those bootleg copies like them things they already fresh OK yes they you've got to get the first dibs on stuff like that right. You were pink or you know those. Of article. What does it because you don't ask don't like it you cannot or are elderly and I would I would ask. Or prescribe. Pressure under your lately give illegal watermark on on that the copy for you where else you don't get caught and offers some of them might be canned DEA wanted Jeffrey. Again we we don't know what are your in nuggets but you finally did see Justice League. And I hope it believable. Essential to. And are worried are made up all your support your family hygiene you'll talk to next week it Eric Eric baker I'd see in there you go.