ZRA Interview w John Clayton 1-11-18

Thursday, January 11th

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John good morning. Good to talk CON. First thing let's start out with a big story from from earlier in the week the New England Patriots he got Seth wicker sham from. ESPN the magazine writes on her. Whole long extensive piece about a possible rift between the owner and the coach and the quarterback in cubicle rob Lowe's involved there. And a lot of skepticism. You got the patriots who are releasing joint statement saying that a lot it's false and then. You know the reporter has to defend itself now the last couple games a couple days so as as our old writer or Porter yourself. I'm wondering what incentive would a reporter Seth quicker shammond is spot sense of what the reporter have to be making this stuff. And it is no incentive and then test I figured reporter that he's not going to be making Bob please guys try to do is. They went there and you know that there are quite anything else that can be tension between the coach and player particularly that have been together for so long. And so when you see for example. Of visual image of Tom Brady. Don't shake it getting we've spoken to by gosh they annual and then that next thing you know he's stepping back. And then you know that Alex Guerrero was they trainer for Tom Brady was kicked off between Israel is something there but also would get the look at it what does he. Unintended consequence of all that. And that's why they you know. If I'm I'm sure that just about everything is set. Points out was true but also what you have to look at is that what what happened more Tom Brady's probably gonna win MVP. That Bill Belichick would be strong candidate if not for coach of the year. And the patriots in the number one city. So if you all. Evaluate the story that you think OK so this is really bad objectivity QB if everything's still work at. But because it was stamps is almost like the story he wrote about these Seattle Seahawks. And the locker room yup there's a lot of attention amnesty ought wacko there's a lot of conflict in the yacht locker room. But still Indiana is manageable thought it would get to do is guilty Tuesday if you look at it okay. Here's some tensions there's some problems. Now and there's no question that they are the other vehicle look at it like okay is bad about. That. Negatively. What's going on with the patriots and the answer is no it does not. The one thing it's still. At least I know from the situation I don't do not believe that Tom Brady. Ask for more demanded Jamaica drop below the traded Andy Reid and I'd say that is that both players at the same agents. And because of that. No problem is certainly going to say it was a I'm coming back the next couple years. I don't know what you wanna do is generally. But it like don't. Boat what is applied Leon spoke plainly here. And because they know they're very good friends it didn't help Jimmy go to another team is it give him a chance to make 4324 million dollars. This situation where in New England there was no way they're going to be able to keep. What do you make of the idea that Belichick could possibly consider leaving. I don't I don't buy any of the I think that. In the first stop. He's a patriot is got a contract is ballot which is never made an arm I might might believe. Is it making about thirteen million dollars a year. Even though I think you look at this debate as well at least seven area they eat the ice eight. Coaches were always make it more than Nick Saban and eat in proposed making eleven million dollars in college it's so I don't buy any of that. Belichick will be coaching the patriots next year so I don't buy that at all. Let's let's talk good about Jon Gruden here OK the former Monday Night Football broadcaster but of course self former raiders coach former Buccaneers coach. To slow about what half in ways glued in when he was first let go of the raiders of course it was Al Davis who was running the show at that point in. You can gruden said a couple days ago when he was injured said he never wanted to leave the area it almost feels like the sun here is trying to make things right. I don't remember being down there for one of the playoff games and I have been reporting that they've Bruton would speak on someplace and so I memory. Pulled me aside after press. Takes me into a little off the it's right next to where the press conference was. Is that why didn't he saying I am going to be no longer the coach of the raiders what he's saying I'm going to be fired. And it looked chemists I have never ever stated you're going to be fired but they said he you're going to be traded. And one ended up happening exactly what I have been reporting that Al was going to take the opportunity. Because it was going to be a hard long term it would have reached a level that John Bruton was going to be. And as such great value and Jon Gruden as a coach ended up trading him for a nominal price we go to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And so it was a value judgment by Al Davis. And something that really Jon Gruden had no control over. And so what all the draft choices they got the Jon Gruden is that ended up happening I'm just happy from this standpoint that you know I knew this year you're gonna be Belichick. I I thought it was going to be Tampa Bay I didn't anticipate that. The raiders of B would pick up the and million dollar A year eight. Doubt that this going to be he gets John Bruton but it storm or say in that room looking Adam is saying no I've never been here and get tired at the center and get straight. So you believe that he actually did not know of this scenario this report that you were reporting or he was just upset that you were actually putting out there. He never knew that. About Andre at the pot because obviously I've been saying it. I've been hearing it is such a long time and I had been reporting it or you know whatever period it was and and so. Dollar item I was wasn't happy it ended up happening to doubt. He's such a great bit in Oakland and he was such a great coach in Oakland but again this is what I've been hearing. And I kept reporting it and he dialed supporting it a different way but. It's the matter that there appear in older and you have great value on some things sometimes you make it feels sometimes you don't in this case Al Davis made the deal. Didn't he did not know that was going to happen. Do you think Chucky bite off a little bit more than he can chew by being the play caller as well I gutsy guy coming off the couch and being the head man. Being involved in football stuff but being able to call the plays as well he's not a game up a lot. Now I think not because they spend so much time preparing. I doubt it if you look at what would take a look at Jon Gruden all he is scheduled. The last nine years period receivables such as where they'll go at different points the colleges. This I'm just saying that they taste so what's going on his collar job that what's going on there and so you don't go there with the ideas that he's gonna learn. He appears so much. For the nuances of the game now in the game in the future. And I see no problem but the bad at all you know maybe at some point have very eerie to you might give it up. But having missed that for so long that they've been if you want to get in here we remember we you've ever visited import interview. Particular training camp. The first place yet to go a Toyota 4 in the morning to meet him in the opposite he's got that early. He prepares so heavily for everything that preparation has for the broadcast. Are so intent. It's so now I think at the natural thing to do you know you do it for a couple years may be in any handed over to somebody else but one thing I like what he's doing right now. He's trying to get in incredible step. Part it is not only paid him ten million dollars a year but also gave him the ability to hire hire coaches on four year contract errant he'd. And at a high price. So it got a great staff who have won in the ability calling plays and even though he hasn't done it in nine years is going to be pressure that it meant being very good at it. The M number of interest in the assistance is going to be bringing on I want a shooting that always got going to be in there on the defensive side of the football specially. Remembering his days back in Tampa we had over there too so I'm pretty excited about that bubble in your backyard Seattle. Is it autumn with the buzzes in Seattle but it's personally odd for me. To see since 2003. That these guys have absolutely dominated football for so long and I think aside from like always known nine Amanda homegrown immoral. Carol Carol and make it at least one year as well maybe in eleven. But for the most part these guys have been in divisional playoffs wildcard wins a big big won a Super Bowl they've they've had an impeccable resume is it weird the buzz and to on the fact that these guys aren't. I've gotten out of the activities like celebrating because you know. BBC now we really don't run off and has been and the offensive line and so bands have been Chiming for Tom Cable to be fired for two years. And with Darrell babble a lot of the plans and some of the players have never recovered. On the planet of the fact that if they are against the patriot than the one yard line they call at the intercept that as a postal Marshawn Lynch it yell so. When that band standpoint a lot of people are happy I still didn't think it was going to happen but something needed to have that because the fact that. Out of med they weren't on the same page but it wasn't working in the Russell Wilson. Is basically running around play after play on his own. Almost like playing street ball run off and it was nonexistent really at the last two years leading him to slow starts. And then you throw into the mix. They've trapped six team offensive lineman in 2010. And over the last couple years has not developed. The right combination of pop at the climate so it to all that together we something probably needed to happen. Now the question is going to be you know what this beat you to replays the very talented coaches. John and put John Holt here we'll get to this weekend's games coming up next all right. I'd if you wanna get amber John till you talked and it's 786360790. Or you can text in your question on the call springs auto mall Ki attacks on. 67974. Or we gets a divisional round game to John Clayton next. John all the Detroit fans in my family included wanna know about the actual Matt Patricia rumor about going to the draw lines. Hey it's such a natural thing but the problem is more people were thinking that he's kind of preferred that in the giants job over the lions job and to me that's where the surprises because. When they started the surge would be a gentleman making me. Trying to make higher. The body is that they wanted to experience head coach and Napa Trisha obviously is to be a first time. And you think it is such a good relationship is gonna happen are we in the Detroit winded at your map Patricia meet. Would you rather have Matthew Stafford. Where would you rather have Eli Manning at the end of his career as your quarterback and so. Thought that you you know he's going to get one of the head coaching job either in with the giants or the lions that it would collide at the worry about if you prefer is that giant. Because then if not then you have to go a different direction. Look tonight Ken Dorsey and Shula getting the axe a couple days ago anything looking. On an upside for both of those two and are they a package deal or go somewhere else. I don't know about a package deal but the first thirteen that they get surfacing on my chill is going to be possibly Seattle. Because I know what the change in coaches with Darrell Babylon on cable or they're gonna be looking forward. Maybe combination or something different I think that not knowing again what he pointed do you know it was Seattle probably at top of the list where Mike could end up. That could be one but again that that was the Seattle has not really emerged yet but firing yesterday but I do think that. Usual attitude toward them that may be in the mix here in Seattle and that could be a good bit. I'm Ken Dorsey post again Dan Morgan in the office up there as one of the GM guys get you know Michael Barrow Jimmy Graham got a lot of a lot of human connections over there in Seattle on the top left hand corner of the country. Any idea in the end if you look back. You know with the Darrel bevel firing is that there is goodies as a play caller and he spent a very good job. Bill is Bill Russell Wilson running around making plays. And so and almost like street ball and so now you know if you have a good quarterback coach Mike and can relate with what the quarterback and act could be a good bit annoyed that played big. Both would have a great chance but come on here and obviously with the chains that are happening on the Seattle spat you know that can be won if they can wrap that up that. If they can really get a good thing going. It is Graham Don others show. It's hard to bring him back to ten million a year and a one of the criticism that Darrel bevel. Received is they didn't ever really got the old value of what Jimmy Jimmy Graham is able to do it would really took them until this year to be that involved in the red zone. You know but he is in the red zone as far as is that match up nice there. I got a lot of big contracts. Some contracts that are going to be let go and a lot of changes and it came so they keep Jimmy you have to pay more than ten DL not gonna do it. I John saw go to divisional round games this weekend wall sorrow the first game Atlanta and Philadelphia Atlanta as the going to be looks like they're going to be the first scenes ever. The B a favorite acts at the number one seeded team in the divisional round as Philadelphia win this game when nick pulls. I mean home field advantage is desperate play some and then it right now the oddsmakers on pot buying it becomes about two pit bulls past the play of the game of his life. Because I think that you can beat Atlanta is getting better and better and they're peaking at the right time. And I know that he spent within win is that a great job last year mean beyond Jones a linebacker had a great game is so what it comes down to visit the other the new emission in this way is that if you have a back up quarterback and they both have been back up quarterback if they beat you Williams three games sickened when you're three games he complains six. Illusion three game and that's what happening with the old. The more he plays the more used by the and that's part of the defense been better defense is and the start of an old he's come out with a good game and I always setting that can win. I'd still go with the oddsmakers like favorite topic. And you think that Drew Brees can go inside that dome there in Minnesota and go and clean up. I knew I didn't do it last year or many of the other years map at I would say no but the fact that he goes in two dimensional. He has two great running back that are going to be a problem and the ability that he has dealt with is Smart and all that. To be able to make plays both of the pastor and a guy that can get the ball to the running back I think this is one where again. It's breathing in case you know advantage pre. It's you the patriots are two touchdown favorite OK if someone were going to make the best case scenario for Tennessee this weekend moldy scent. I'm waiting to hear it because remember I mean visited Tennessee team that was great in pulling out of surprise victory last week there's really not even a playoff. You know because you look at how they've finished down the stretch is three losses in December. The back of the gave up more points based sports artist Mario it's still not doing the best seat. And because I think hamstring injury is contained in the world I guess I just don't see it like he can make a case but the case is that in itself the Tom Brady in Foxborough going against that team that was what you did in the playoffs. In any worst quarterback that you senior time covering football that is in the play outside of the blockade portals. Well I don't know on me when I watched that game last week in the Tyrod Taylor and I challenged them that was one of the worst playoff game for quarterbacking I've ever seen. But now it is hard to make a case her wait portals because it was just like to relocate Vienna got this is too hard. That he was going to choke that he didn't show based Billiton have a great game I mean it was kind of like in some ways in real bad criticism. Watching it Tim Tebow type game you'll open guys getting over our own guys that had short passes getting overthrown. You know open an anti it was just really bad the watch is so our guy and I know that yes you can say that. You know Blake won the first meeting against its bird or I'm really put up sixteen points. Ben Roethlisberger put up fourteen to be a two X six's. And so this was going to be very tough to try to reap the I don't know what this or lost by 21 I can't see it happening again with wake portals quarter. Is is a tight game now. I really don't think so I think it yeah its art has everything going form now that Antonio Brown is back. The cap injury you know they've got equality they've got the team they get it deep bench and in many ways they have played oral. John excellent job but we all talk again next week before championship weekend.