ZRA Interview w/ John Clayton 10-12-17

Thursday, October 12th

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Discussing Iran feels Gaza's in his it was just lunch it was just an idea they'll find the professor John clay and he joins us. Every week to decide to others that time really appreciate it. Very very good I got to start off with getting your. Obviously the story really hasn't been a lot a lot about football down here it's been. Once again 000 weird kind of scantily week because of the O line judge in the video that came out. What was your reaction to this and everything that's broken down the dolphins. Yet it just banning in the course even more details we find as time goes on still it is IRS problems and everything else and you know the I don't know he ought to call our model. So and the fact that now she even has more video land sure with more video that means more video's gonna count because first topic is still sorry for the family. Because. The wipe out all that. And then you concede Chris force are obviously has problems. And it just another distraction for the dolphins as something that obviously is going to hurt the franchise because it was a very good coach at a very important position. So unfortunate thing but that seems to be the way to do that is going. He made it started with the hurricane. It started with the largest tenant problems that continues with this. And yell you figure that it's like it's going to be a long very difficult season and something that who knows where it turns are gonna go and how bad those turns are going to be. Jon Forster was revered in the in the coach community was considered one of the better outlets like coach is out there and he was paid like he was I'd I've never. I've never really heard of the sky before so obviously you know a lot more about him than I do. Don't consider to be a good coach Jimmy. If he's not rushed grammys not bill Callahan or anything else but he is a good solid coach and he's got a good background so it you know it. Again a lot of the coaches feel they may not have the best reputation but he had a decent one it's not like he was a bad coach and he's a good coach and obviously got a good contract. John lake the feeling I guess nationally for the dolphins because it does feel like did their bit snake bit this season but they always seem to find themselves in these we're scandals bully gay and whatnot and and it and I got a Mac feel terrible for Adam gays because you know he came in here it's a great year last year and he's not tied to any of the stuff but now it's like things that are just out of his control just getting kind of piled onto him and I know how to do that that's got to be unbelievably frustrating. Oh no question because it's like it's one thing after another avid. Still you you're quarterback. Doesn't have the ACL surgery next thing you know illusion quarterback for this season then I heard it. It honestly we went and had to beat you you know how bad it was that the hurricanes and of course living through it. He had to go through every so many people had to do it but it just seemed like he just says everything that you've got to get a sense that the dolphins were going to go through very traumatic season. Always liked it what the fact that. Here it is week five last week. And that was her first holiday. It's like wow and you know what's gonna be a drain it where last year the schedule was reasonably easy. Things seem to come together a lot of things were very positive for this year is like fighting through the negativity. To be able to just try to salvage. A mile just to be too until right now. Couple of moves that have this we got Adrian Peterson he got traded you don't think he has anything left or what was that was that lack of production just a case of New Orleans didn't wanna use imported they see some of that he's got to the left so let's let's Dublin Sebring gets on the form. There will be determined at that there's some stuff left but obviously it may not be great Demi and activists see the Adrian Peterson at 34 years ago. In practice the hall of fame running back they can't be as bad as what it was in New Orleans because. First thought he made the mistake. A trying to sign there and the period as the eye formation back who was lineup eight yards behind the line of scrimmage getting on with the team the likes to go shotgun. And you know how much he complained internally about going shotgun two years ago at the beginning of the season. At least is able to top Mike Zimmer out of it and go more conventional so he goes there in the course of like I was curious when they signed them psyched. Why would the same side of what they have Mark Ingram was like one of thirteen 1000 yard back last year. It's like okay that didn't make much sense that you get into it. They get Albert is a more in the drafts they trade out for him to go OK why would they trade for albums of more well now you see why he's a very good. Third down back in a very good potential starting back in the future. So value getting in this fight he sit in their numbers three and all he was basically therefore. Was this service Mark Ingram as the back up as far as the early now. Ounces so it did not work out for the saints if they end up losing money signing him he has a losing playing time and time. And so to go to Arizona is probably pieces fit in one way because these kind of general manager. Wanted to draft him way back. Years ago what is coming out of a out of college and the idea was it done it was I was a coach. Russ Grimm was the opposite coordinate what they are that the white coach. And they decided that we want to Levi Brown more and they want the internal battle and so all of a sudden Levi Brown goes in and are you have. Peterson having a hall of fame career Minnesota's that this is the complete with steep side originally wants unfortunately. This season right now for the cardinals is on the break. They're not doing well at all on offense they have a bad offensive line. And really it's hard to run when you don't have a good up as a client and that's what Adrian Peterson is probably in a bind there when he gets to Arizona. John you think after Sunday's performance of Aaron Rodgers going against the cowboys do you think he's not Tom Brady off the top of that mountain with doing more with less. Think so and they've got a good team but they haven't added all the opposite parts together and he's been good performing at an incredible level. Because what you look at is that in most of the games he didn't have both tackles in the game on Sunday his top two running backs were not there. He always is that a struggle all the way through that again he just makes big play after big play and he literally is carrying the team still had that one stretch for the middle of 2000 at fifteen to sixteen. We wasn't in the ball down field. Part of that was Jordy Nelson I don't know what it was that was holding him back but now he's playing at the best level. And you can see a hall of fame quarterback is doing just amazing things and that's why they're four and one. In probably the toughest part of the schedule. What's going on a New York now to wide receiver position but the giants obviously they've been decimated. Will they brought in and and and what do they look to to go to now as part of their offensive power. You know ironically no I was I was well seed sales. Just. It's a total collapse I don't think I've ever seen a team lose four receivers in one game. Three the IR and sterling Shepperd there slot receiver as an ankle injury that has just put in the boot. And all they basically have done is sick and again there's not much on the street right now is brought up practice squad players and players who have been there before. And it still went to forest seeing is your only. And receive the you can sign and that's about it and in that just signed a three other guys that there are all minimum salary guys in. Stoking those 690000. Dollar got amid biggest don't have anything. And so you figured that yesterday's practice they've had nine starters that were out you know of course you got the two receivers that are opposites for your opera's season. So this is absolute disaster and then it pop and off. With that now the complaining coming from the quarterbacks. It was Eli apple was and he was complaining about it was happy. He's been a first round pick from last year and then Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Has now got three times we've got a wall at different times and they got in the bowels. Verbally with the coach and coach. Position coach and now you suspend. I just don't know how to survive. In this kicked around on the a couple times John what do you think of the idea. Of Tom Coughlin. Wrote in the jaguars now called up the New York Giants and trading for his former quarterback's a possible. No I don't see it. Out of and they you know it. Leo they got a good young team right now in Jacksonville. You know they realize they have to get a quarterback after the season and those hard. With a good defense be able to get it way he completions out your quarterback but no that's not an. So is like a death warrant right now from acted as you basically don't have to the season thank. If he could make it through this season yeah it's going to be very tough now the only thing that in his favor right now is the fact that the Arab families very loyal. They like to give everybody every opportunity to be able to do this specific about what the reality coming up. This offense has been terrible for the last two years yup and when he was the offensive coordinator at Eli Manning it 26 points a game. Last year it was in the eighteen range now it's going to be barely able without wide receivers no running back had a bad off as a blind. And I don't know how low that scores going to be. And really Eli is going to be standing target because there's nobody really that you have to worry about as far as skill positions other than Eli. So this is going to be very difficult I think and to keep a job after this year I think the big thing right now is just get to the end of the season. And onto another bed near Pittsburgh Steelers and Roethlisberger out of your comments post game. A lot of it's got to be taken with a grain of salt a word he think he is right now mentally going into this this weekend's game. Up frustrated mad probably got a little doubt in his mind because it just has been a horrible start this season. I think the big thing that still yet to insert his leadership. Because that you can see things are afraid he'll let me unveil holdout comes back as a slow start averaging 3.5 yards a carry. And now is complaining Khalili at fifteen carries last week. Make a 35 before and didn't get that out of that the week before now it's fifteen carries that started out Antonio Brown. Is having temper temper tantrums over not getting certain routes that he wants I think the big thing that they have to do is focus just on football. And that's going to be where Ben's leadership this but now elis suck to have to wonder. Are the quarterback of 2004. At great class with Eli Manning. And Ben Roethlisberger Philip Rivers a restart to seeing the beginning of the end I hope not because it's such a great class of quarterbacks and Ben had a talented team that should be scoring. 25 to thirty points a game he's got picked up his game at the office the focus. US can text your questions of the progressive 67974. On the text slide or you can call 78636. So. 07 ID one more segment with professor with your questions after this we are joined by the professor John clay and on the Iran does not sister Meester is gas line. Once questions born in at 67 as a viable forward is that John. What is the NFL hoping to accomplish in this upcoming meeting that the talking about the of them seem like there's a lot of mixed messages. That have come out over the last laureate 48 hours so I don't really know what they're trying to accomplish what what do they hope to get out of this thing. I guess what they're hoping and thinking get the players to stand. And agreed to stand and obviously this back happen. It's that they have to find some something in between it and honestly at the end of the two meet the simple solution. Would be to just not have the players and the coaches involved. In the National Anthem and remember this is something that started in 2009. Is not like there's a fifty year history of this happening. I know it's a patriotic thing. It's a good thing to be able to have it but too many players right now have problems not necessarily with the anthem of the flag but they have a ability that they wanna try to express their opinions and to do this if they wanna take a stand whether it's raising your hand. Whether it's kneeling whether it's sitting. And so. You know they need to come up with a solution because I think it's a distraction. There's no question I think it puts the players and a bad position puts the country in a bad position. So I think they'll they're trying to come up with some common ground with the players can at least agree with that. But Bret I don't know what can you see one. I don't see one or because I think a lot of players. Or are slightly divided renew your a lot of them doing community service work and I remember what team it was and who was four. But he said he actually felt guilty going to speak to kids as a role model because he wasn't using his his platform as being a role model to. Through to take a knee with his friends as he said he ultimately felt like he should take any for the injustice but he didn't want to suffer any kind of repercussions or consequences. Weather is from sponsorships or or people in his community your friends or family. I think it's just something that that I agree with you that this is this is the only thing going on mandatory early for what. It's eight years now. I'm not an idea you have the option if you wanted to stay and stay out what are we wanted to do I'm. I'm a firm believer if you believe in you wanna do that than you could do that if this if you ought to stand at attention and and put your hand on your heart do that whatever you wanna do but if you wanna try to unify something. Also in the locker room like everybody just hang out Milan permanently what was it like in regular was so the CI exhibit one of the more outspoken teams. Fall for this cause is it is it is it changed at all out of this seems like the owners are trying to unite to get players to stand. Because it is the deceit on several top players have been so involved in speaking out on causes and add it I think definitely headed the game. Still for example Michael Bennet to. He is not staying at the end of the course had his incident with the police officer. Over in Vegas still he's not a whatever a mile. For the most part he's gonna take the position he wants to be able to use this is a form to at least talk about likewise matters and all of these different causes. That they had an interesting one on. Sunday because all the players we're standing and the reason they did it was because of the shooting in Vegas. They wanted to be supportive of all the people shoot it but that's where I think the problem now as is grown. Is it now he'll each week you have to have a meeting with the players the C brought the same page of what they're going to do and what they're not going to do. And I think there's like this just concentrate on football and the easiest way to do it. Is again just not happening at the players involved and as you can just happen the National Anthem. Before the game at the stadium have respect here and then they'll have to let the players have any kind of internal problems and decisions to make like that. I don't know if you might know the latest update on the specials on social media yesterday they're doing something with Josh Gordon and his possible reinstatement or maybe his comeback after. After his treatment when this facility in Florida where have you heard anything on his his recovery here his ability to get back in Italy. We had an interview which was very open talking about the problems they have because he said the idea that. I was just involved with marijuana was not truly went through all the different drug cities use and the fact that he had a ninety day rehab. And you know he's on at least good terms right now and abilities formally put the application and but he was very open about it and very admitting to the problems that he adds up. It's just a matter that still once he gets the application is and it course it continues to be tested that he may come back and eat don't hold great hole. But I think the fact that he had the interview was very open. I think that the positive side because it's such a great talent. But boy that Alec has been waiting for such a long period of time I remember I saw him in training camp last year he had just gotten back at that time I think it was probably about. 101520. Pounds overweight. He was able to work the way off in camp but then unfortunately with the drugs he was not able to make it in at least get it out of this season. It's our Sara sends out what are you see from the Oakland Raiders the rest of the season they were obviously I had a lot of expectations Derek Carr is an injury what what is the date back to what receive from the rest of the season. There's going to be back this week because yes the transverse process injury Tony Romo guy came chancellor each but it didn't eat came back. Like within one game and can't back they're back this week. But the big thing that they have to try to do that they believe they're not as talented as I it is or opposite wind that office supplies been spotty the last three games but don't be able to do that they've been able to. Pick up sensibly and they have to get better catching Adam. Alvin and MR I of Cooper has to catch better and then they have to get better play out of a deep sense of it's they're they're going to be fine and they're gonna have a woody concede that the problem is. Kansas City and Denver playing so well right now that they are losing the three games could put it that position I don't know if they're gonna be able to catch them and make the playoffs. What about a woman Andrew Luck who would like to read everything he's impossible because. Got it right yeah Rautins. Yeah I'd say I think four more weeks should be the timetable could be a little bit earlier than that. Because what he has to do now is just what you start throwing and really you these Cam Newton as an example of that. He saw that he got the training camp just started to throw that it takes some time off. Because you know as normal as of right. As indicated wasn't right he didn't have the full strength. And that he starts this season and the first three games that he looked completely off well once he had that four week period was able to build up strength get the mechanics better. Then things started to work out and you can see in the last two games he's been fantastic he's playing at an MVP type a level. So I'd say probably four weeks before you see Andrew Luck unless there's any kind of a setback. What do you make of the browns are to make you meet these switching QB this season. I how disappointed they started. Kaiser because you know you put that shot out there and have nothing I repeat nothing at wide receiver. Now here's the idea that they had I would charges he didn't think I draft choice was cut last year. He ends up going on the practice squad they called up on a Saturday and now effectively use certain number one wide receiver how bad is that. I mean our last week. Huge Jackson said that Kenny Britt who has been terrible this year. Was need some time off but he did. Nobody can replace some people young quarterback out there without any receivers. Spotty running game that's which are going to get so EL five games in nine interceptions eleven turnovers bad performance they needed to bench him because he really was only gonna get work. Don't it was a treasure the time thanks Europe things again Obama's. It.