ZRA Interview w/ John Clayton 11-22-17

Wednesday, November 22nd

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John good morning happy holidays. So I I saw yesterday the semifinalists for the whole theme for the two when he eighteen induction the class of the pro football team was. Release there yesterday and and a couple names that we wanna talk about here wanted to start out with Edgerrin James who is bin eligible in the past and I'm not quite sure why it turned James hasn't been able to get in yet so what what are his chances moving forward you think. Is it going to be a little bit of a battle but again it I think eventually gonna make them because you look at the articulate it to access all the different things that. If he's been able to do got a lot of ways. You know it took Jerome Bettis a few extra years it would it and that he got in because he did at the art. So much of it gonna be the competition. That goes in and this can be very competitive ear because if you look at the list. Mean there's spot and new guys that are on a six that are first time eligible for the have come on in kinda got in there. But the first time the you know when you get ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher. You know reindeer moss and guys like that. It is only five spot and so this this bill might be operative to make it this year that they give it true you're still had a great at the event. You mentioned 61 timers are on the ballot who were the first timers who were definitely getting in. I have been without doubt Ray Lewis. Now we have two linebackers in two guys that same position. It is sometimes is the penalty is the only take both away on that any anybody that they boats away from Ray Lewis but and you look at Brian Urlacher. And you know he is this doesn't happen this year it should happen next year I think that he's been very strong and being able to do it and you also look at you know with Brady Law now you're they've been challenged is going to be there because again. And we itself anytime when you have likely that we had picked by the spent the band that were battling each other. And if they'll pull votes away from each other but eventually they all got him. And you look at mosque valued at Terrell Owen but you've got other receivers particularly to Iran. That I think Bruce and Torry Holt now that's worse sometimes it may get that done. I'd take a little bit more time the that it was for the three of the six they have agreed to it will run deep barbour's gonna be kind of interest paying at the cornerback was able to get back. Now he's going to be kind of fun to see how that's gonna go again wailing out by swat. And yet some very good area over some very good guys from the op at the white vote is going to be of I think a pretty interesting meeting at a pretty. Pretty good battle to see who get in because you know again there's more than five that are deserving and we've got a burst that the 27. Ticket out of this scene and then go in there and see how it goes. Is there a chance that moss gets in before Terrell Owens we know Randy Moss is getting in is impossible moss gets in before Owens. I think coming up quite that bad. There's a chance that he might be able to get first ballot. It's rare deep wide receivers for some reason. It would always a little slower in getting it because what ends up happening you know we we were we were like about. I two decades sometimes. The take care of some of the wide receivers from the 1970. Miller I forget what to buy by fourteen years. We get wins one at. Is so sometimes you know that kind of backlog because you've taken difficult came back in the seventies they didn't get a lot of passes and now they get a lot of passes and so there's kind of a can use kind of deal with a wide receiver position that's why mutilate them opt in to work really got first ballot consideration they got in. Others at the wait a little bit. My opinion should be Terrell Owens should go in. If or Randy Moss that I know that I I totally support the idea you know getting in and a vote of four of the last couple years. It's very possible that really want to beat him out. And how about finally here as far as Paul Dana turned. Public Jimmie Johnson. And he's going to be top. You know and that's why I hope at some point we get into the category of taking coaches and putting him in the contributor category because. Well end up happening is coaches like Jimmie Johnson. I'm Gloria all Mike Allred all deserve to give in to get apps over because a lot of times. But by then I'm guilty of that myself I tend to favor the player over the coach. Because the players do so much on the field and the coaches in the like that it. So I think it's gonna be as it has been tough for everything it in and particularly when you have a class is gonna be as talented as this one. John how stale as the main get when it keeps getting brought up over and over in order to succeed in college football with Lamar Jackson. Because of an unbelievable things but he's never really in that front running Heisman talk like it is. In the NFL when a name comes up constantly for instance example TO how stale does that give when it comes to voting. I think it it does get stale I mean because that's why it's so much on the people supporting those type of players that I have been a rapid sometime. If you coming up with different type of both presentations. And different type always been it was beat everything oppression to go in. I know that for example and Cortez Kennedy and we care about what I've secures an idea is coming up with different type of it is an ad and then once you get the feeling that then all of a sudden this Spartan ago and you come up with the clincher to try to give them any we have that same problem. The only. A lot of different players like Andre reed for example we have to keep coming up with different ways that make presentations to be able to get him and it finally it happened. He'll ultimately. The way it works and that's why sometimes if the name is still you have to expression of presentation is that if you make of this team easily ultimately did it. That's why you have to have people have to be creative and it helped over the last couple years is analytic. Because now what happened is that it was the pressure of the numbers that you can present as sometimes it be the clincher in getting somebody like for example we could take. Andre reed and you'll how good he was in the playoffs and what he was able to do it sports touched down production to bring out those numbers that you bring up a metric to if when they got past the pressure thing is that at a Q2 and steel names. Alive and then eventually if that meant. John we had a two big ceremony down here for the ring of honor for yours in Miami we have Mike Irvin. Ray Lewis Warren Sapp a few of those gentlemen are already got their golden jackets and ray obviously on the ballot now. I'm looking forward for got a Ed Reed how long before Ed Reed goes in and you think he is going to be a first bout. I think it would be thinking as he will be not a first or second ballot now we are real hard on getting safety net. Does say it I think we only have like about it curiously these that it made it any and you can see on the list the day that ESP got watered John Lynch. Steve that there's they have not been able to get them. And you know they're deserving to get it discover for safeties didn't get him because unless you have the interception unless you have a big. Tackling numbers and stuff like that that's why I think that that it is the exception with Ed read I think also Troy Polamalu all the good what you're looking at. Is to say is that really kind of changed the game. Polamalu with his mobility the ability to drop back move up the line of scrimmage brought all over the field. And certainly in the case of Ed Reed is ability to intercept passes and so I think before Patrice say he's coming up in the next couple years particularly bad this year. I think etiquette I cannot. Break that kind of barrier we've seen that advocates say. You wanna get your questions emerge on clay and we'll get tee and a few minutes Syrian call and talk to yourself that you want 78636079. York. It's also easy to just Texas your question on the call spring to autumn he attacks line. At 67974. Monday Night Football K sea hawks falcons we know you're there okay work with the Seahawks. Pete Carroll he he did not have a very good night Diddy. I think so now. Some very bad decisions I did not like the decision at the end of the app to go with the state field goal particularly when I was standing on the sideline and listening to and when yelling out at what for the state what that they give up some more deepen the starters in particularly. Grady Jarrett and all of a sudden it stopped that play and when you give up two touchdowns like he did or two plays. We're scores quite a bit early. With Russell and making some mistakes that you can't give up points and what's going to be a high scoring type name. And so I thought that was bad about that challenge in the end though what Doug Baldwin was bad. And you other decisions as far as I'm management LP as and a great years or is making decisions on a lot of different things this was not his best game. You were having the debate yesterday about the whole legion of boom being done with guys are getting a little bit older what's the sentiment out there going on and and also. The question about that shared tackle on the fake field goal was heats excuse ultimately with a long snapper supposed to get back to block the starting defense to tackle for the mountains. I yell first. The the lead to one belief in the boom. The I think there is concern that this could be the end of the legion of boom because of camp chancellor is that they are not. Boy ruled him out but I think if it was pretty bad. And what the stinger that might not be good I could be the end of his career or at least at the end of this season. And Richard Germans still should be able to play coming back up an Achilles is point nine years old. But the fact that that the salaries are so big. It would at all in the ten plus million dollar raised fourteen per Sherman temper camp chancellor doctor Earl Thomas is contract is up after this these after next season. So there's a chance that this could have been the last and they all played together big decisions about when bestow the instilled good it's just I was rated that is about legion of boom. Right now you look at a team that could still win the division is probably gonna win the division of the dozens of Morsi. As far as what Pete's explanation don't you thought that he had the player that does Luke Wilson would have made the block on the way to very. The creature was angle. That it was going to be a walk into the end zone but that turned out to be wrong because preacher being a starter made a very good player was able to make that adjustment and make the tackle but no honestly. It's just one but he's prospect spiked as it but the way that they the great there was going to be stated we're gonna work it didn't work can look at. I don't put on hold on to take some calls and questions for your game. I'd hang on this giant plane right there again joins us every week normally Thursday's kind of join us. On Wednesday this week because the holiday. If you won again 7863600790. Or on the tax line 67974. More would John Clayton next. They come out the largest gains delegate party on for the auto beach next weekend not this come and we get up a holiday week but next weekend rip tide music festival powered by Ford December 2 and third. When you're there you make she's up by the England 798 sports oasis watch the ACC championship you've beaten the sand. Presented of course rip tides resented by enjoy on the accident attorneys 807 or seven breed that's 807 or 73733. By smelled Dino RTZ water bottle directly at the source in Sardinia Italy's islands of wellness in my written energy fuel. Real energy for real people retired tickets on sale now diplomat the ticket Miami dot com of course John claimed joins us usually on Thursdays. He saying now with us here today you could taxing your questions. On the calls brings on more key tech signed 6797. War. Hi what does John think the Packers should do with Aaron Rodgers if he comes back sooner rather than later. Well I think they should probably consider shutting them down because I think. But depending on where they are understanding and oh by the five. They're not out of it right now I think that. You can look conceded they're probably going to be you know a baby gamer to below 500 when he's gonna be eligible and that's going to be the case. And you're out of the play out is probably best just shut him down you know errant error is gonna wanna play. It's if he's healthy enough to do it he'll go out there is to try to finish the season and do it but are you of the state to change so much. Were both you know teams like Green Bay and Dallas that by the time you get to week 151617. Everything looks like they could be done because you know it is prop get a piece six who's seven teams. In the NFC that are gonna have and winds or more is that you're sitting there you know like at what seven losses. Say bye week fifteen or sixteen you're you're really in trouble I think there's a good chance ballot can be an opposition but it is a good chance them. Packers can be about the this year. On the guru titles kind of escaping coach gazed down here as of right now specialist from going on the last couple weeks and they're trying to find answers and seventeen penalties. Really doesn't help in terms of discipline football. What do you think going forward is going to be the situation for him and his possible friendship slash coach player relationship with Jay Cutler. Yeah did have to pick at some point here in the next couple weeks. If it continues to go to bed as it is epic consider benching KM one Overton Matt Moore but that they you know Adam is that pretty adamant about the weight that he handles bank. And he's gonna stay with Jay as long as we possibly can because the beta as in table when you look at the opposite and that is. It's just not there and is there's great talent at receiver position I'm still baffled about the gay guys trade because again. ID give up your best running back I mean Damian Williams did some good things but has not Eddie. People I think in the potential of gay guys though overall. Just kind of wait till next year I guess they get Bryant and it ill back. And then try to get yup it's back there's some positive duke rape I don't think he's an eight job jeopardy epic coach too well last year and this year was just. Very difficult season but you know I need you kind of wonder are making it continued to have those two interception after the intercept is the first app. Which out against and then you look at Matt Moore and I know that you know if you put it back up quarterback out their more than three weeks. You know that may not be the best thing that happened they get a couple weeks it have to bit about. Are the I think is Steelers are obviously it pretty good team at this point eight entail OK but to the Steelers who currently is tiebreak scenario sit atop the of seeds they need that home game. Potentially against New England to win the AFC are they good enough to wood to win on the route. I know I I think they're talented and up to one on the rope up and say an apple the last couple years that dispute we're the only team in the AFC and this is one. The Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. A critic on in there and won games in Foxboro or in Denver. He saw that couldn't happen. And so hold bill means everything pretty astute team that's why the December 17 game. Doing and Pittsburgh is going to be so huge that desperate can win that and get home field advantage and I think they have a chance when the championship game and go to the Super Bowl. I think if that happens the other way around and the patriots it. If the number one's seat at the same results as it was last year that Pittsburgh goes in there try to ice the Plame man and ended up losing to Tom Brady. Still comes down Ben Roethlisberger wears Tom Brady that you put Tom Brady at home. You know he's gonna probably win. If you put them on the road Tom Brady's probably gonna win in the championship game two but don't there is a must win they must have been number one seed if they wanna go to the suitable. Was coming out of Kansas City were at the buckled and just having an energized on there. Yeah I mean it that the defense has been pretty off. Most of the season. But I think what happened is in many ways they figured out different ways of Andy Reid has been trying to. Run the ball and run that often and I think they've figured some things out because I mean you look at what was the 32 point offense. Ballot in the teens over the last say four games and you could see how things have dropped down so fast. Is so knowing that they have outs or is that we can for whatever reason they got Allenby that. But it just gives up too many point to many big plays maybe that's just the byproduct and not having Eric Berry and a couple whether injuries. But it seems that there what was needed to happen all at the point just isn't there right now they've been able to contain their Kareem on its. As far as that part of the problem was that it's an injury on the opposite the line. That as many as two up at the wind and out in some games but that wasn't the case last week. They're helping on the offensive line and everybody back there but at the same type in non production so I think in a lot of ways and these creativity. I got caught up with the but now even a lot of rare I weep game that normally is so good in coming off I weakened when they are right now the same orbit that was their that was being stopped. For the bye week. John I think most people would be surprised if it was someone other than Pittsburgh or new England's that came out of the AFC but in the NFC. It really feels like you know let's let's say it's the sixteens or Carly in the playoff positions right now in the NFC. It really feels like you you wouldn't be terribly surprised if it's any of those sixteen tomorrow right about that. You're right about that what you're saying and could it but he is seven but. What you're looking at is that the ANC. Is so bad right now it's serving up the end that's utility inter conference battle and it is up 26 news seventeen. And that's on a playing the spike is going to be it was 38 to 26 but very similar to 2000 and well in 2012 pianist he was 39. And 25. And because of that but joined that app happening was that. Seven teams have and win. And that means Chicago it and it's six did not make the playoffs so what you're seeing it kind of that's the change that and that happened in the field. Brief four times in the last say several several years in 2004 it was like 44 to twenty AST. 2006. Was 4024 ASE is so because of that kind of evident latest numbers but the teams in the NFC. We may not have won super team. You have a lot of teams right now they could have say. The twelve wins thirteen wins eleven wins Politico you're seeing a very good NSC being helped by a very bad ASE. Finally John before I let you go here or what what do you make of the turn over Chaney university Miami Hurricanes turn over chains but he also mom. I really is America the same come back and I think that's an aspect that degree when. Over Notre Dame and he has great that they have a chance in the championship series but this is such a good program because one thing that was so great about the Miami program. Well that kind of help the NFL because Jimmy brought Johnson's team came in there is propped. After he spent the players know I think it's fantastic to watch. So are you of the belief that college football does need the University of Miami to be back oh yeah. What other percent gap we need big schools and it's eliminated the sport what it is also the great. Tradition and this sport has its such a great traditions so I think college football needed that. That hurricane back and has been the scene that they have come back. John excellent job we'll talk to next week have a great holiday. Thank you.