ZRA Interview w John Clayton 12-14-17

Thursday, December 14th

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John Clayton ER that's good morning John. Sorry album good a good I actually like this time a year now with the football because a wake up this morning and decides that yes we had Thursday night football and it's it's a lousy game tonight but. IE eight totally slipped my mind that. This weekend this is one of those Saturdays when we get the Saturday football. And Saturday nights you got really as as big game as any this weekend at San Diego on Kansas City about that. That that's good I think that that's partly because. There you go around and quicktime is back and even now. It is owed to a sport somebody out on a Saturday. And it's that it going over into the shop you know all wac you know that TVs that are seeing what's going on there in the game so that I had a great tradition. And the fact that it is a very good football game on Saturday night because there's one very welcome determine who's going to be winning the AFC west. I would get to some of the bigger games coming up and a couple minutes here you jumble let's let's go back a few days ago to the Dalton's a gate dolphins and patriots. Certainly you watch it's Monday Night Football everyone's watching what are you make of that game OK because obviously the patriots they go and haven't won. Eight in a row but man Jay Cutler was fantastic for the dolphins and it really seemed like that in case he may have to Bill Belichick and I what do you make of that. Very much so evident that they think it just seeing. A bad game by Tom Brady that you really don't see that is seemed to be so off. Certainly in the first quarter was unable to get anything going. It is that they still have some issues on defense at a at a party ticket orders they came winning streak but that they were starting to hold people like fourteen point became. And say OK maybe that eat at the right. And oldest son is Jay Cutler out there you know carving out what they are that the that and if you look over the last couple years and they've given away so many they would play makers in the Caylee Jones does. The GB ala and you looked is it okay with a real good defensive players on the patriots and it really like to debate. So it's like okay this game was so important for the patriot because they needed to win. Critical of the expert on Sunday and by losing that game they may have lost the chance to go to the Super Bowl because if it's Burton win big at home field advantage and that may be tough for. No way gonna come back in the championship game and went. You know you mentioned that Tom Brady seemed off he has had a rough drove it down here generally I think he's only seven for nine in Miami so Miami is it been a boring inside. I really but that does the advantage of having that division. Because a lot of times you can have that one match up and. It was every seems to have its. Law or has ever it's one thing and again I usually see that they can they go by that one in division play with the fact that Miami that one game that they don't do well. I think it speaks well Miami and the ticket is that they. They beat the patriots and the good. They are to be human at times. John what do you make of canyon Drake on Monday night for the dolphins. Yet now we can see why they betrayed that they would die and after a couple weeks of adjusting these seem to be a pretty good back and so. I I think like most people around the country any less so in Miami we're also stunned when that trade app. I mean you could understand that maybe I'd be our guy. We're atom based approach based sometimes to be such a talented back I mean I know that they worry about that. Indian at the ballot you can be okay. Justified if you can get a draft choice and move on try to make a statement. Because outbreak affected by it is pretty good back this state. Not now Jarvis Landry he he's ready catches on the year and Tony yours ago and it okay is yards per catch it it's very lonely it's around eight points on them. But he doesn't eight touchdowns this year it's a career high so far. He's going to be freeagent what so what what he'd likely to commands. If you were to hit the open market. I think it'd be pretty strong because again you look at him at the biggest slot receiver and you figure. Most guys in the slot that's going to be like eleven or twelve million dollars but he better as a slot receiver wanted to better one. I think you probably get somewhere that we're into the fifty million dollar a year range I am not gonna get to seventeen or eighteen. If somebody guys in 2014. And some of the guys currently are going to get but I think that he can probably get say that we're in a fifteen billion dollar a year range. Kudos to Jay Cutler obviously from an unbelievable game and Adam gays for developing that nice little game plan they have formed but what do you think lit the fire underneath Jay Cutler why all of a sudden you look like such a demonstrative player looks like he cared. Couple wide receivers might have run some difficult routes are wrong routes for that matter did you see the emotion coming out of. And how hard it probably be just competitive nature maybe to back but it was an important game. The idea that the notices this stage to try to police shows something else and maybe there's a competent activity at. Yes being a working at the patriots deep into that you know it's ace Jake how was always hard guy to read is that way and send her back side Chicago. But if some I think in Europe is about which. It is that it was a very talented athlete and sometimes I guess you could say if you're gonna be on the big stage to perform in this game he performed very well. Biggest biggest game this weekend is obviously during the 4 o'clock slate Pittsburg in new England's I mean it's it's likely going to be for home field advantage in the AFC. Does one of those teams need the playoff home game. More than the other Pittsburgh knowing and. Quite an expert because in the UNC. It's art as we go to Foxboro like it did last year is not gonna win. There's such an advantage that the patriots have a that you got Tom Brady Bill Belichick. Poaching at all. You know that the desperate point and it went laps here to try to play and it it has got absolutely are not that this sport wants to go to the super boat out is they'd do. I have to win this game. If they lose and lose the chance they have all Billy Bennett I just don't see it working for the Steelers think they may have the most talented team in the congress to be able to do that. The pool went out of pot a bit at that now the last couple years. You can see it out of work if it's going to be a game where they happen is something they have to do it at that are so this is everything right now for the steeler. So looking at the Buffalo Bills don't have this weekend and we gonna see them again a couple more weeks as well wanted to come back down here. Sean McDermott met coach there's obviously ruffle a few feathers he's gotten rid of some of the cancers that they're called. On some of their teams or defensive stud the wide receiver wide cans. Ultimately trying to basically purge everything that was over there that was an ultimate asset for them. I know they don't have the depth I know they don't have the skill set to go ahead and beat. Some of the big teams and it in their conference. But the Doocy New England in between the two Miami games do you see buffalo holding its own fate by any means necessary. You get bigger when you look at the schedule they've probably get a split coming out here. Because it was going to be on the home at all that opened it they can win this game and then lose when it comes out of Miami that. I think he's still gonna be difficult and that's why when they've made the move by John McDermott a couple weeks ago. Then shot Tyrod Taylor which I was in the state improved to be a mistake to motivate the Peter. That might have been that game that gave the opportunity. For Baltimore take that. In a playoff spot away from now and I think that probably was an end up happening that you look at it. And you can see tennis is likely to be a little older one wildcard and Baltimore's got that chance or the other that have been you know I think it's comic there was static big job I think he. He's changed the portrait there about well it is more accountability but again you're right about the back that they've even give it away in trade in the debate so many. Good players that they're not as talented but in the end of it open again you look at that crazy it that they advocate Indianapolis. Somehow someway it has spell there it or not. They they they have some chances they can't help then they are is gonna play against. John as a possible nine wins will get UN in the AFC. Yet Altman and all the possible but he went ideally get but I think now when you look at the landscape with Tennessee. And Baltimore you know that's probably going to be ending up in that elegant. So much plays into what happens in the AFC west. Because of the I'll point issue is that an eighteen point eight went division when there's going to be there as debate got out he's been built with the division aimed at all that. But now I think that it was pretty tough do you look at Baltimore schedule they've got to. Route relatively easy games coming out and Tennessee just beat one more game to get that night but they denied is going to be worth of people. We know we know you do the radio there with the Seahawks the Seahawks got a huge one this weekend in the rams OK Ed looks like that could be the west's OK all kinds tiebreak scenarios going on there but. You know I look at this NFC playoff picture and you know now with the win with winds out for Philadelphia you look at the top teams in the eight in the SE OK Philadelphia. Minnesota. Los Angeles rams and then you look at the bottom teams. In the playoff picture New Orleans Carolina Atlanta and Seattle is it possible the teams on the bottom of the playoff picture. Are gonna be better than the teams the top come playoff. Yeah I am in that this has all the making of the team that's going to be playing in the first round of the the playoffs but people under the super would be a wild card could be one of the division what is their because. But when you look the seat that at this stage of the goes the way it but it. Finish at the top quarterbacks that have been picked rolls case in them maybe Jerry Cobb they're going to be the top recorder back. And you concede they like Cam Newton I am due to Wear hot Drew Brees. Parra hot. Russell Wilson you know they can get hot enough to be able to bill in its steal somebody's went on the road against these other teams that can out number one number two or number three seed but no I think. There's there's a chance now because we get. The quarterback driven away at the quarterback go in and get hot at the right time what state they very much they can't. That's gonna really put the position where you're at it team displaying in the first round of the playoffs possibly going to the Super Bowl. Yeah how could possibly see a playoff matchup where he had he's keen on vs. You don't Russell Wilson right knicks bulls against. Him don't know or Drew Brees for that matter how much possibly supposed to pick the whole team in that spot. I had you probably can't I mean that's where it if you're gonna be particularly caught up in Minnesota it's. I don't if you get all the other bad that is your one chance. And maybe get a play off one or two if you happen then lose the couple in particular I'd give Philadelphia without went in going with export. If you're back and have a chance and also that they took wide open as a Super Bowl run for whatever team but the quarterback Indiana say. I'd Johns he would take your questions he detects and 67 ninths of four of rewarding call and 786360. 0790 John will put you on hold also wanna ask John about Devin Hester and his chances in the whole fame since he officially announce his retirement and put on hold your Donna right. All right John clay and every Thursday now's time you get talked on. It's the only time and place more the professor next. Fans at a crowded park brought a block curious celebration of all things New Orleans coming Obama to be champion Peter. On Saturday march 24 now Tobin and beast in Lee Roy. You need to be opportunity human tickets experience I cajun food as he bask in the shadow of New Orleans. And the inaugurated when courtesy of brought about tree on and 79 in FM one a four point three. HD suited seeded John Klain joins us every Thursday this time he's on the Ryan fuels and announcers convenience stores gas line. Truly sets beyond convenient if you wanna get some questions any text in 67974. You call in 7863600790s. So John Devin has thirties are out university Miami all time great we like him a lot down here and the officially announces his retirement he sent out a letter a couple days ago. He's certainly one of the all time great about the greatest kick returners deceive a shot the whole fame what he thinks the outlook there. Have a shot but it's not going to be easy because no one of the things that you know works against is clearly and he was the best returner. And one of the most exciting players that you can have but when you go up each year to remember we start but we get into the room with this game we epic at a out of five. And it's like okay how does he stack up against somebody that plays every down and does everything obviously his success has more on special teams. Which are talking about your eight to ten plays that game purses I guy's gonna be out there are 6065. Plays and so I think when it when it comes down to it. If anything did a year where there's not a lot of strong candidate to get slighted because certainly I think he's got a chance to be in the role because he's so good at what he. It Andy's we have scored more touchdowns on returns to anybody in NFL history. This EDT click on it if you look at Amy's say oh yeah he's hall of Famer. But then again you take a tight global offensive lineman in the BP yet that person out. A hundred sack guy on the deep at the end or running back say that as ten. 111000 yards so is that the. How long does the fact that he's probably one of the most impact full players that I've ever seen or played with or seen on a football field maybe like Deion Sanders. Or Dante Hall for that matter guys another return was pretty spectacular special. You can you see another football player. That at any given point in time to change the outcome on the game or make stance on the edge of their seats believing that something immaculate can happen right now. Well again I mean he was that way because again you don't know what he was gonna be able to break that we turn. To be able to do it. You know but in the end despite that you bring up thought they all. And as great as he was again it's a special teams player that you're looking at. When you bring up Deion Sanders and it's not only was he great as far as returning but he was also great as far as just being out there and just. Covering anybody getting the interception in getting the big play and then doing a great aunt so adept the the problem that DeVon spaces is are matters that we're talking bill. And four plays and gains vs get sixty plays but he can't he will be in the conversation. Is there precedent there may be is there a guy who was you know meat may be a special teams ace. Who is in the hall of fame based on that. I just kickers now there's so. Nobody second pick of the disputed on returns. Yeah and given either. Yeah and I gotta have for example it is always going to be a pre conversation about beep at Oscar yeah it was not a bad thing. And that is the how long he's been on the outside looking at it again it's like when you look at. One of the things and despite it being in the root out the 1988. And always looking back its spending paint and try to figure out the trends and all these different they exhibit which you look at. Is just how good when you get noticed fifteen and it. Paper DeVon. That he can get into the bit and get the conversation going in a row. Could usually in May take years. But is it those picket at the top fifteen usually eventually get it some it could take ten years sometimes it could take 1213 years but they'll. What you get in there there's a good chance because they you know you have support of a good. Portion of the room just to be able to get the vote from 25 is that they but the big thing for DeVon is to find a way to get into the twentieth by the fifteenth and then take the shot. Let's give let's give Josh an opportunity to get in with a question for John Glenn good Josh. Pay more to Belgrade professor roker what is your outlook on the Chicago Bears and and why it is a coach like Mike Zimmer succeed. Purses like coach like John talk circulate. Is that sense of mine has been so. Organ out of him as well badgers are. Having got product and its successors to tame the business success in Carolina and Denver and they want to appears in the dust and they'll be rebuilt. And then the problem is is that but it just takes I mean my I used the motto now that it takes about four years. At least to rebuild a team go to Europe by the Beers it to rebuild on top it's hip to rebuild on deep as is so here you are looking at but I'm. The offensive success just has not been there. And it is not really get much play at quarterback. Of the defense is getting better I mean you look at the defense is that okay they've got a good strike there but. If they had no luck on offense to look at the wide receivers now and look at the running back. Good bear that Leo we got the quarterback and they went with the young quarterback about the question that move because. I still think he's ready yet he's seeing particularly L I six weeks ago it barely able to get 5060 after the game out there they're being so protective bubble so. I would anticipate there's going to be a coaching change. They'll then take a couple more years stability. Ought to be a very good football coach unfortunately it just it came it just isn't ready to beat up primetime yet. John was Carson once going to win the MVP. I think so yeah it is he was my leading candidate. Could I knew what when you look at it it's like okay who were the top four. I had once number one of the Russell Wilson and Tom Brady number two and three and it probably Antonio Brown number four and now what went gone. It would open it up for Russell wolf and if he makes the playoffs. Tom Brady obvious it is going to be in the mix and that could be the possibility particularly Pittsburgh when they may have the first receiver in NFL history. To India BP's. Plus I'm sorry but also lending Jerry Rice was never good enough to win what are indeed be a receiver never won the war. I because they had a guy name on and on that theme you blew your quarterback could have did so loved. I think he is in a quarterback driven league can really go back to once separatist goes started to become good at Bill Walsh and put Montana in a position to make this a quarterback fervently. And there's nothing that Ben Roethlisberger may be even this weekend can possibly do to change that maybe get his name in the mix as well. I don't think so because of it what you really think about it as I got there the first twelve weeks of the season he he was not at his best they are that the score in the low 18. As opposed or not that is Allah should be in the thirty. It was some people were starting to wonder geez that that is spent started to be at the end which probably it was a mistake. But no I can't see him being right Alex and his MVP candidate is more going to be for a 34 week stretch since the beepers sixty game. Pilots get to what's really important here John I'm sure you're aware. But tonight's Star Wars last Jett died it's opening in the years Nino last year when the new Star Wars came out your very excited. Were wondered if you purchase your tickets yet for Star Wars last Jenna. I did not know because again what the big gun. Thursday night football game you know in Denver wanna get Indianapolis it is just hard for me to be able to think about going to a Peter predict it appears that either shopping. He has such a big football ain't gonna like Denver and they. Yeah I'll go on tonight I'm gonna see it tonight yeah yeah I'll give you any spoilers though we talked to next week against media don't more albums well look at. Our job will in enjoy the game tonight enjoy your game this weekend as the big one. Seattle Los sandals and we'll talk and actually. I'd seat on there you go ladies right if he's got a watchable nights giggle so easy it is our job to job. It really if I went you'll see Star Wars and set a leg he'd had a game tonight netting and in port the team want to see soaring into. The stupid. It. Lot of people really fired up over the south fox Disney thing Tommy that I want to do more and it was a big deal now I'm glad I like my life's okay either way. But what ever. Crazier going to be Homer Simpson Mickey Mouse together I believe jobs. Just go to live my life anyway insuring it and like I signed running back retired I honestly it's cool all. Okay grades grade Sosa some of these guys to be able to be in the other movies and everyone else polite. I really affect my life itchy and scratchy and Mickey Mouse club us together. I told about the first time my experience and itchy and scratchy right until his before my son at the time you use for all my son my older one mild almost four back then. But he lost the Simpsons I mean at this point he seem like little like every episode and 25 years. How previous that the of the Simpsons predicted this merger a multi candidate so creek the Alley trump being pro line of events something going on. The Sims and my son has seen so many Simpsons episodes of 25 years because you know on the FX as. Out uses quite pleased random episodes over and over and over Zeke he's seen them all okay but the very first time that it on Simpson's like. I had the television channel on fox those ads until Sunday and neo Simpsons are on Sunday night's okay sort of turn the TV back on. Like 7 PM whatever was unifil result was on fox is watching NFL before and the Simpsons are on now okay. It's cartoon on the TV my son's seeds is leaked. All wanna watch this what is the issue is who we for at that point what all of watches went out sharing what does that show on my economic non player this is not a this is not a show freed is an adult cartoon. And long searching for the remote to change the channel. Odds when the itchy and scratchy episodes that are on and itchy runs over scratchy. In a bulldozer. That has a giant swastika on the side of. On no account per classic yet you did need to let John watch that show. Now he's seen every episode. Couldn't get that remote fast notably you'll secure watched. Shimon as music video of her eating a banana she's going to jail for two years. Egyptian rock star eating a banana in a music video is getting jail for two years she's also eating tacos China know that broads I know she is. We're doing that we're not doing that earlier we can't think of bonus editions. It's she she's gonna get two years and pent up next limits are judged and gives you his thoughts sunshine now.