ZRA Interview w/ John Clayton 12-7-17

Thursday, December 7th

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This time. Professor John Clayton. Before we get to him who remind you all 798. Is presenting heat team date ticket to get access a last minute need to get too excited now to keep game day tickets dot com. You'll receive an alert on your phone when the tickets become available yet tickets for as low as ten dollars of the game on December 16 against the clippers. He game day ticket sign up right now you know what caught a five right now on the contests line. Where disable the four pack of tickets to see the heat take on the pelicans are caught five right now 7865340790. Jon claims appearance here response my manager on V accident attorneys have you been in accidents call 800 simpler seventh free that's 8074737. 3:3 John good morning how are you. It. Good so tonight we get week fourteen started we get a real good 11 of the one of the better rivalries in the NFL saints and falcons both are jockeying for playoff positioning would you agree with that this wanted to derive forties in the league right now. I've covered a bunch of these games whether it out of New Orleans or Atlanta. Usually the games are like 34. Point type big games a lot of times they go down at the last minute. A lot of time comes down to a comeback knowledge that this is one of the better ones in the late I really like this series. You know we were talking earlier in the show today you know you go way back after Hurricane Katrina Monday Night Football yet these two clubs and yet the ferry Dana Steve Gleason play with a blocked punt and either returned for touchdown in every time these scenes Lal I always think that play it's one of my all time favorite NFL players. Yeah yeah and then and the course that means you got Drew Brees going against pat Ryan when he got get a shot patent in this series admitted that. A great part about that this is a real good one and that had interest in part by the NFC south has been the best division I football this year. Three pap playoff caliber team in there. I don't know what happened to Tampa Bay they just went out for whatever reason it has been exposed to be better what you really look at you know is that the division and the way it's gone. Every everything was so late. But because of this division was the latest starting as far as having division is played and now because of the back into playing games. All at December pretty much mostly division games. It's really got back the NFC race and was gonna happen because now every game is going to be so important. And they're gonna knock each other out there's a certain degree. You know you're right you talk about the late division games soul woods was that hey what was that a conscious effort by the league because the dolphins I mean. The dolphins are planned four out of six games are against new England and buffalo late in the season. I don't know sometimes I mean there's little I would expect the schedule and I by the way too much probably. You know you can never totally get everything even. And the way that the weight like to schedule everything they like to have both the ideal proportion of division games toward the end of the thing that. I mean that you conceded a lot of division their permit early if you get a game out of the way a little bit earlier and I think it would come out to a that would have 3218. He can't do everything even late. But in a lot of give and expect a couple cases of particularly in this division. Everything is so late which is a really chaotic that put away because now you have better games that are going to be more important all here in December. I'd so's this Roger Goodell situation over with now oral or is there more to it as far as though hold Jerry Jones ankle. I I mean Kerry lost the battle. The deal has been agreed to a peace sign that. He's gonna get forty million dollars a year I think that I don't know there was any in Willits and Gary add as far as how that it was set up because. You know it is a lot of 90% of the way to the salary goes for Roger Goodell is going to be tied up in incentives. But then when you realize is that visit I have to revenue you know with the revenue is going to be. You know he's going to make them money and so now at the forty million dollar deal is a five year contract is now signed in. I think because of Gary they want to make sure that before next week owners meeting in Dallas. Which you do that Jerry was going to make it a case try to slow this down make sure it doesn't happen. But Jerry wants this badly that they have enough support. Competition committee was able to get together and make contact with just about every owner and collate and make sure they're on the same age. That it it is in response been scary and even though Kerry goes and out of like that the deal is done Roger Goodell the commissioner of the act by the ears. I don't 200 million dollars can probably buy you a lot of airplane tickets and and health care treasure your lifetime but do you do you don't they ended up putting that in the of that contract about the long term health care and private jets situation. I would imagine the long term health care is in there I don't know about the private jet as we wanna Kessler is the cracked. I would app that they did that probably not going to be there because we're gonna make forty million dollars a year. You can get your first plastic. And it's you need to you can I actually hire you own charter. The that's the one thing that has not about it or is the deal whether that Roger Goodell was able to get is playing pro life. Also totals go the other way around that if I had the option of one of its heels like a bomb in the forty million dollars a year totaled 200 million dollars. And I to pick between the lifetime healthcare or the private jot it may pick depriving jell O because I would say. You know how health care if it's our right appealing and it was nearly or his family. Tony for the how do you make enough money for the jets yeah here's a necessity the jets now I am now. It. It into excessive government. Yes no I think it's completely except do we know it was truly is it seemed like it Jerry Jones a leaked during the error battle. Plus it is always true that was part of the negotiation that was writer was asking the court he wanted to go private jet to be able to use. But the rest of his life. You grass or some outrageous and any year contracts John. I know I'm Diana eightieth birthdays it was going to be a volatile I don't deal. Content and let's let's talk about what's going on in New York okay Eli Manning he's back as the starter this this is weird okay because. I understand that geno Smith we all know geno Smith is so did make a ton of sense to me that you're gonna take a look at him last week okay. And why undersea and Jerry Reese has been fired back at two has been fired no John Mara he said from the start. It was his directive that it was his decision let's get a look at the other quarterbacks and all of a sudden we're not gonna look at your quarterbacks what's going on there. Is either a lot of communication gaps in the way this whole thing was handled because John. That an owners meeting on the topic competition committee in New York. And so what he was back there this decision came out and I think that the man who would John Kerry does not dictate what a coach and general manager's point it has one thing. As an owner he's stayed away from. It's so I think the spot was for the coaches and general manager respect a look at the other quarterback that is silly notion. You've seen you knows that he's been in New York a long and up with the jet that you realize there's not too much more you need to see how it was a giant pop. And so what you want to make the move. Is that okay are we were waiting waiting to see you know that the young quarterback well I mean I would be in the final two incidents these popular. It was losing they're darn it. Yeah I silent though we lost their recite a good if you wanna get in Clayton here and your phone calls at 786360790. Mary got a couple guys who wore on hold him waiting that's okay we'll get to coming up to one Texan your questions. You could use on the calls rings on a monkey attacks on 67974. Eli Manning has been mentioned. Not a ton but it's it's been talked about a little bit. Over the last few days about a possible destination. Being here in Miami next year does that make any sense deal. Does it make any sense of BO Matic right antidote to quarterback this Steve it's got the long term contracts. He's done enough good things I think you go back to Atlantic you're gonna go back and yo why would you go to an old quarterback. That's been in the late outlawed because again there's not a lot of future and Erica and you can it is a little bit of a drop off and he lives it doesn't make any that committee's gonna go anywhere. Start with Jacksonville you've been considered Denver maybe you look at the Arizona Cardinals I don't see any. Situation where it goes quietly. I again get your questions now 67974. Or you could ask him directly yourself 786. 3600790. John but John holes you'll get some questions all right. I'd John Clayton the only place in time. They gets talked to the professor yourself but it's right here on Thursday's your questions for John Clayton next coming kept coming and coming. Coming up. I want to say nearly all New Jersey weekend party for ninety days you win roundtrip airfare you and again as hotel for four nights to get seat Foo Fighters. Duran Duran and Zack brown band. It's real way to ring in the new year you ought to win going out to get out of dot com slash contests. And you can be going to Vegas to see three great concerts winner and new guest must be 21 years moreover. And this is a national contest John Clayton of course joins us. Every Thursday it is timing hangs out those gets us. Sorted for week fourteen of the NFL season giant he would pick one game this week this week I feel like it's it's a loaded the schedule yet a lot of big time games. Big time playoff implications which is the game at that stands out to use the mouse. I think rams and Eagles because there's so many things going on in this game meant it for example the Eagles are coming up a lot to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. They still. I about not drop when. When the number one that the number two seed in the conference behind Minnesota are you really wanna see it like that and then so they think they're going up with a rampant and they're biting all the problems right now. They have a bald buyers that are out there that couldn't practice yesterday they don't know by the day and then of course you know that you don't know how things are going to be at the coliseum because. Right at the plan was pressure on the bait they have a silent cal because he was worried there have been more equal they had. That in the 65000 understands that could expect the crowd noise and negatively affect us so they don't expect a albeit it and it sucks that the need of very intriguing game. John does the you know I get the ravens in the Steelers on Sunday nights does the league now pay extra attention. Too bad game considering it's the second straight week they got this NFC and AFC north match up coming off of you all the all all the all the violence if you will. From Steelers and Bengals last week does the league takes an extra notice to Wear this one. Yet to a small degree because I mean this has been one of the more bitter series at one of the more bitter rivalries. In the National Football League it's never got to the point where it's got as bad as Monday night but it that it Pittsburgh I mean because again the on paper that aspect has really had. Always in that series and I thought. Covered so many of the experts Cincinnati game I covered so many of Baltimore Cincinnati isn't in that division. But the only though the rivalry is if there's a certain respect even though against are also is usually. It was set a lot of negative things against the Steelers through the years. But that it is more respect in the Baltimore Pittsburgh and Arizona Cincinnati it's part consists of any that are really started to get out of control and Monday night. But isn't taxed questions on the Tex signed for you John is 67974. Attackers asking about Drew Brees says techsters says that he seems to be much less accurate the last couple games do you think that he's starting to lose any ability it's. I don't they thought it they're they're maybe a little bit of a lot and just like it is the it Eli Manning at any of the order quarterback and there's a little bit of a drop off but not to that degree like bet them. John is that there I am so well. Oh yeah we lost their percent and I got so I'm glad Amer. Another text or asks what has happened to Mike Evans this year. I mean came at once and has not been as productive in the past has indicated it is I haven't gotten sick. Mean that you missed one game with a suspension that's one game. Anyway but the DeShawn. It's Jack in addition. But it really gonna make so much better Brandon. Because now you're at it great number one. There's not gonna be a number two is gonna open things up but it just happened Skype right now up but the wind has not been good for the bucks it's just been up as these. John the chargers real Renault Philip Rivers. I depend on what you wanna paper for real because again. It's a bad division at the bad AFC. But they have gotten better that the talented team. Particularly with their defense and rivers is of course is that still very very good quarterback with about weapons so. What they don't get starters hurt I think David decent chance to claim a bad debated. This only going to be an eight or nine when he. But after an order or start and the fact that in the city's drop out so quickly. Now things are wide open for them the baby try to get a division what I'd whip. And the Asian insurance is a slightly bit out of his mind when he said the argument to beat the patriots this year is. San Diego Chargers or hourly chart. Not what I wanna me really been that way any AFC at that there's always been to it has been Pittsburgh it's been delinquent. We get a bit away it gave them one at an apple when they play next week. Text or asked is Chris Hogan coming back this year. He has only been fighting an injury the last few weeks but I think. That it'd be back this week that respect is some practice is not going to be this week is going to be next week. Speaking of injuries and other tax asks about willful heard is he going to be they continue to be edit the same production level that he's been able to produce so far no he's been battling Iran injuring. GAAP and nice it is a bad season for a overall I'm not even guaranteed to Kabila the latest sweep the reason why it happened. Beginning of the season with an injury when he gets the rib injury is that they wanted a pretty even put it the exit permit them very bad year. So I think epic almost got to write it off this season. John did you see the locker room rent that Mitchell had the other day yesterday. Are you what though which your thoughts are basically took aflame for just about everybody he could in the league from. Obviously I was say yeah see no issues Roger Goodell salary. Do you see anything. Coming out through this interview in terms of more players speaking out. Don't wanna check check what John's on the exiting Johns phones have an issue for us there and if we get not only have issues with them if we get it back on another couple minutes we can't respond to problem that's okay extra towards one outbreak is TO seller is where that line is called ours the end is DSL now he's he has. The DSL LTD DSL line now I text her Edison's as a and informed us that steal God's it was on and Bolick and lingo this morning. Greater and took a shot year bout a doubt without money was mistreated not a knee he did not name you by name I'm all right you're none name apparently did not make the ESPN our lap. Hold onto that odds of that talk about final hole odds and let's let's let's bring John back here for a common standards you remember what you question that was for John Texans as can. Oh yeah Robert I'm sorry yes. Yes so it's like I would honestly like you know he's hard hitting player. He's the guy that. It is a couple weeks right Alison injury and all that's not but I'm not surprised he spoke out because. I think you can see the way the league is going haven't they get. Without even Alan out of respect we have the its target still you have the app problems that. Particularly using the college targeting role in putting added that he had at bell pepper guy as hard hitting safety is never going to like that. Another Dexter asks are the vikings for real. I think Europe that diet pop impossibly is in the playoffs. In one case even goes against better quarterbacks. And it's almost like flat he went back press dot where they would ballots. And that Tony Romo there in liberal would be better in the playoffs because that would be the first playoff series. But in this case Leo. They're they're so good on defense. What. The good thing is a big if first or second seed they get all the games and that's gonna make it easier for the biking and Kate you know. John Elliott points it at all but to beat the patriots by a Monday night. How. I don't see that happening unfortunately the patriots just seemed to be always had a great spot. I know part of the people upload the week before they wondered if there was a chance against what the patriots won by twenty. John excellent job enjoy the weekend's game to talk to next week.