ZRA Interview w/ Jon Beason 11-29-17

Wednesday, November 29th

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Talk to again this morning John's so. I I I guess expectation wise for this hurricane team. You know do expectations. For you change in the middle of the season when McCain's having a surprise a year and undefeated Jiri netter in the national championship. Cumbersome and expectations and change per year. All are being paid Beijing you know sort of a runner in the our approach from coal record Arab public to partner Kate major European Richard eco. Along the way when in the cold windy he beat championship golf cart gold because it route two and chipped in Jupiter and you you spoke to do pretty well. Are you can mark in an eight. For a game I mean we were part. It seemed to go out it would be don't eat is there are. You know for a defense a guy like yourself and your great defensive player that's got to be frustrating for you last week where you see that McCain's defense going up against. You know a freshman quarterback with it. That's an offense that isn't very good I mean that that must watching that game from a defensive perspective memos make you crazy right. There you know Lou the toe to act very you know in their meat market pressure. Throughout history. We are what championship. Every hour or in your spare battery. Need to look at it in line where Miami. Right now to take the ball way better than anybody or restraint is going to play our. Normally be in part. You can meet them steak because of because they were nervous because they assume that we would go out and the gap driven or big deal but it already made their bed and have. He made that Obama by 88. Read at a narrow win game where better in it and you played there and start it North Korea. We met late on the field quickly should have made record of H yeah became orchestra import. These women are going down that last six minute drive that they ended up taking advantage Burton obviously killing any hopes that we had of coming back. What is your mentality was your thought as a defense for you've done basically what you need to do his defense in order to give the offense a chance to win a ball game. And at that last drive that last moment were where your bell or your or your phone is called you're gonna go and answer the bell. What are you thinking as a defender that we just let possibly the team down. They got in it now Mon op that's where a Lockheed they hate the we note that we're we're Purdue will reach your own. Probably I mean it just do your job. Because you're better you're you're you're you're more ready. Have a great play caller I mean yeah you owe it to your job. That. Part of you wearing your group and are being a really really almost. You could be entered our outlook is one of an amount polyps were. I would I would. You know it the Indian wars my job late game road on May play. In our movement. Or my arm back who were better me out war ball. I'm in indicate where. In that moment. What we we we at eight Q and where. Did you see anybody like karma coming up short in their assignment like Hamas do you like call anybody outer inning but but it seemed to me like you just talked about that it seem like we're trying to do too much that last drive in guys got a gap responsibility and they weren't. They weren't relying on each other to go and handle their own responsible did you see anything in particular. That you noticed or that stood out to you. He or would you H bomb bomb you know your. A purely right he won it after that double warm. Got the thing that I would not everybody. At the boat crew who argue that our army import to regard it could build a couple Lleyton every game where they. Well pretty unique respect chair and or you know you this front 81 where weight became part. In the game baking mowed down. And that the that would be to be there are battery pressure of you are the ball. You know can you go our way Oregon and we go down knowing that every player there are people I'm swarmed all chase the ball. And that way they don't they don't bring back old arms bogey became the gore are paper they if we played or. You know do your job so. Sure army and then how are you ordered you. We got we America and great Jon Beason joining us here you know I I saw all quotes from one of the one of the guys I've I don't remember which player was but. You know say how this team plays better when we're being just respected we like it when teams are counting us out and you know that sets in on Pittsburgh would mean we took. Love it for granted now the counting us out against Clemson would you that's type a guide to the back kind of stuff gets huge did you play with more of an edge it. When when you felt you were being dis respected. Yeah I mean he always sort aren't aren't age I would pay your arm and I so young players that need me even. Older players believed it that Barrett is it. Evaluate order when things are going back. Who are you would being prepared at bats really well you are and where you know when you're right in. Undefeated at that it eat it eaten there to feel good about up to read lack. Owed in the bank that we know that border in the game were you realize that or app urging a gorilla in. It to you BR we we played better than we're just expecting a birdie. You're you're an a country. You were being able wanted to country. There is no prior to GOP. You know let out a war over new warm person prewar Britain or dame all that. Where is respect from him on the committee I I do. You have an opportunity to abandon you might. You go art and and it would expect that it would have we earned it utterly you know we argue every Beck and you know that they are we here in a comic about. I'm guy you know are what really feeling it that they are you know I bet it is an app there's too much on a Maarten in the and that's where we encumbered by their. Come out use say. If he showed they're young. In that would bachelor pop downs and meet them all repeat the word. These guys really don't have that leader that it. Look the other quarterback Kate we go play in the region we know you care. Or a martyr brigade you can't compare it or you beat pic the beat or regard in that regard. Ali is that while they may or would we want it. And in port between the play at a higher level would be no beat it back to admit it when you're young. I got a question for you here there is a little roundtable discussion it was me DJ Williams and Antrel Rolle and Vilma sitting around. And DJ seems to think he's got it in his head he's still got it that he can still do. I know the alma still built like a brick crap house I know you're definitely built like a brick crap houses well but each is thinking about 255. To sixty gray now. And he swears to god that he could take out. One of the linebackers amok domain names. Can you know will lead that he might expose one of the linebackers as him being the running back do you think you can still do some and at this age that you are now and how many years out of the game that you wore. Oh. Oh you're ready. You the ration book Bobbitt triggered broad rubric and the years and years of being in your body and being strong and been most of their go out there where our level. For our backcourt and perk up a story about immediately career where you know Billy Graham comes out around big. Billion in northern Baird you spectre with ray beard. You know BJP and its popularity here either I okay bad we beat where great. OK they are Lauren. Game he edict mole aren't. Argue Graham BD in the gate. Now it paid if if golfing Greenberg and they were you know rookie year player on at it ain't on the table when every ER run. Well you know what you say you are to be our future here might better be more that beat wake up or look up and play. Hamster and yeah and you know you know we don't. It's funny that you bring that up is. We have to hold that story before and we told it and we didn't release the video on more social media of that of that race. I. I EG YEU. 88 he would bet people will marry. They've they've eaten talk about it or read it in Spain and every. Because this could argue that you can look at forty aren't they though we're not that. You they're older now people around you rate them. Now we know if every it would have been it would have bad audio courier me I'd I'd put my head there. But I will say that they are of course Greg. On a lead it. He did mean it will are back being a big beer into play. Right now are my back number two spot regarding it and become young gained an adult from a man answering that may. From a a maturity import. When apple back. Run the more you play world. When the wave them on block. It would be a special it Amare got on it or close eye level. Because that back because let me out. We need to either be out there beat me you know that there's really no way in a lot of it is the patient to. It is going up to him better. Where you gonna lead. So we know you spent some of the giants but you're also Carolina panther for the most part of your career and you've got some going down over there was. Did you know that we're a great record tree. You know we are bought they care of their universe army but all we aren't party. So. Will never be that mean when my number eight being. Charlie. And have a party. And you know didn't get away with Eric ball game you move on April oak room. Doubted it Charlie should be a great arm and you web site they can't get check out our website you know we did outer put an honest Graham were with a locations going to be. The book you know. Meet tweeting quote BP it very art new. Are you shall meet in Brea at all but I I you know Mary you were it is it art or where. In in all a bit respect or from oak room at Charlotte. Good night more people should be repaired about being. Park hall director that could be one hour ago it's Jurich with the third leg gonna be post and two is going to be there. On the ruling. I don't know I don't know related Roy you know I'm so whoever. We're ready BD right ER I know your guys who John how are you ready for excellence does not have my the in this weekend man. Yeah no it irk me a narco okay knives Jon Beason right now I always like talking and I I he see each mile on the years Ahmard he has. This TV while they got you should be a easy -- really get Alec talk and amp.