ZRA Interview w Jorge Sedano 5-16-18

Wednesday, May 16th

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George we we just a very big moment on the show we inducted Michael will bon as the fourth inductees into the toy all the week hall of fame mark. All what what are you make it that you think it do you think that it's deserving giving it's an honor that he'll be very proud of. I think you're very disrespectful. On your not respecting your elders. Michael will butted a pillar of the journalistic community and you. Does blow particularly our rabble route or that you are. ESPN paycheck socket yeah. I'm not matter I I I'm the one who votes okay which he was nominated and then the committee which the committee of one. The committee then inducted him into the hall of fame assuming that it's my doing a but it is not so OK there's a process here George opens. You sound like LeBron and at the end of the season when they get eliminated and you know he's gonna sit there and talk about how he doesn't have enough help. And that way I believe I gonna blame everyone else when really you are the core of the problem was last night. The perfect. Explanation as to why LeBron is leading cavaliers next month. Oh my god yeah I mean we've seen this thing well he didn't write like doing this thing was approved who bladder out there in Cleveland. You know Kevin Love. At this stage of his career at least playing what LeBron on he's not even close to being the same guy he was a year or two ago it's just strange out. And I don't injuries and played it back Durbin it's strange how. Much he's regressed playing with the bride and the port is right. Everyone made Chris Bosh when Chris Bosh said hey man stop the blame it on it I did begin you'd think. Gonna be a lot harder than you saying. Everyone acknowledges. It's just sour grapes he didn't know what he's talking about gotta gotta gotta will look here's Kevin Love when you look at the roster right. And now her diary clearly. And how the trade fiery clearly. And a lot of LeBron and so I had great LeBron is added good he can make guys most of the time. On the court you know met gonna get make it around him on the court better. Most of the time. Man I heat. Self destructs a giant and a lot of weight because of his lack of commitment and his unwillingness to work the franchise and this is the culmination of all of now. I I understand you'll give Cleveland credit for trying to do some and the trade deadline they had to do so on the team was in a bad way to get a bunch of guys who were given an absolutely nothing and they got rid of them. But you know we we we can look back now we give a grade to that trade OK and we look at Rodney hood. And we look at jordin Clarkson and we look at George Hill and we look at Larry Nance and it's like George that attributes and half. Question. When. Harry did do ordering large in Los Angeles. Beat those guys like I do every day but all eight players. They're not even great players or good player on a young team that was into the B I wonder there's no way in hell they were gonna help rod. I mean to largely in a warm and Mario Chalmers and Larry and in big player who. We give you a little bit of energy here and occasionally but never have a real skill set. In the NBA outside of okay he hustles right like I guess there's always a plate and I sort of make an impact. On and the Utah Jazz were clearly better without Rodney hood out of that. Accords were rooting go bears' injury but you just look at the totality of what he would air didn't make second. And his rookie GM and Kobe Altman in Cleveland making the decision. And you're right. I did that any debt that happen even at that time bomb people over exaggerated their impact just because. You know we do this bidding war oh after two games like god it's the greatest thing and clearly what that you that you have to give it represented an example side. And you do the represented Campbell side would be as career this is more representative of who they are. So George being out there in West Coast you get to see what's going on Golden State and how all these superstars superstars. Can basically gel together what we're seeing samples everywhere else throughout the country you're seeing what's going on in okay see Russell Westbrook superstar. Nobody can play with a quiet Leonard doesn't want any part of the spurs' organization or his teammates anymore and now LeBron is falling into the same category so what way is the NBA gonna go now in terms of paying these Macs superstar contracts. And trying to build these teams when you have a formula established renowned gold state. Because do what Golden State you are going to try to find a way to build a super team now. There's a cap restrictions. And not everyone's going to be willing to take like they did in Miami and numbered years ago and obviously what Durant did. Golden State a big model is. And basically. He would Boston it's okay basically broke off. And Billy Jane I just gave them. Pot can explore a broken down Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce so they're somewhat involved. On those. And use your cap space on the right players and even seen players that he required either via trade or with cap state. The way up the bill franchise or you go the other with Billy in your tank and you. Right yeah and some guys. Are you a Bill Young core if you build young core you are never going to win. And the war that they young core with step in Kuwait particularly your dream and develop later Mark Jackson was gone and then they did Kevin Kevin or haven't or excuse me. Com after the Alec you build or a young core augment the free agency to me it's no different than the NFL right now. Already we had George is on your resolve when he wanted to give me some thoughts here on on tonight on rockets and warriors Chris. I don't know what you felt go into this series I felt though that this is going to be a short series that Golden State's been rolled MI obviously still feel that way after just one game. And you know I look at the difference between these two teams in game number one. And you got the rockets with iso ball. You've got Golden State displays beautiful basketball or Steve Kerr wants 300 passes OK any game. Anyone can be the guy who scores over the air and on the rockets' side you know old iso ball when he gets to. Great iso players OK in hoarding and Paul. Iso Baltimore fantastic over 82 games mostly against inferior competition. And when you play in the Warner's every single night's. Yeah I would I would you ordered percent and here's the crazy part. So during the regular season the rockets averaged 22 isolation plays a game you know on average about. You know 8590 possession game for the most part. On which that beat the junk right at 20% of your place. In game wore on and bid 45. Isolation placed warriors forced them into the on they basically say okay. More regard you're great isolation players what I want a switch and everything much like the rockets which and everything on defense which by the way the wars all sorts of its during the regular speed and so speed guard Mike Brown. The rocket to playbook and get the Bellic. We don't know is you know you guys nobody audience it though is part of rightly treat defensively it's it's schemes are very similar to what you'd done in the past. It took a page out of a book and turned it against them they basically did right. We're gonna guard your shooters and let you guys go around one. And why and what won't you guys going one on one more than you normally do get by the end of the game you're gonna be gaps. And that work there comfortably so I grant the warriors are offensively. Deep and to believe where they won that game. Now George you are part of the Miami family for very long time of course you're very familiar with our friend Jonathan's as low here you're also those familiar which might I. I don't work I don't know you heard Mike Ryan dude is as low impression that I want it for you and then you have to rate this is is the latest one this is from yesterday doesn't exiles and anyone says doesn't deny this sounds like him we think this is dead on let's play free and get your thoughts. I'd like to hear what it would sound like you've. Is as low was threatening name. And who have played. Stupid to got to appoint me on to its. What. Could be a tough guy. Tells us. This the same which with you face. It's a war could be honest Georgia needle in a war. Nunn and needles aren't the sorts. If oh some. And on some merit is enough for you.