ZRA Interview w Kiko Alonso 1-18-2018

Friday, January 19th

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We're joined here by Kiko Alonso dolphins linebacker in the newly humanitarian I don't know this is something new. Even doing or I know you've been in Puerto Rico for the last week or so. Tell me what's going on what you were you have going on because you got a real nice thing going on throughout the drug the season raises some funds are now during the hurricane armor trauma. Yeah the world knows he's that her kids have been right all right for the first era leaders. We decided you Democrats are located like dated. And use our platform that can raise money and look these are quote we achieved our local local what you want to communicate. We guys weren't did you. So we put through myriad. There's applies. You know addition mourners Saturday survey. Gloria go to areas that are here root. He may not have even been impeached by the thirty. I would do that move up from water. Diapers and I think the most important that there are you know until I saw the pilot lights. Little engines. Under mounting gloom and there. Like it or ordered soon. Soon didn't. We saw a lot going on even Good Morning America the other day had something about one of the schools in Puerto Rico getting electricity for the first time in months and we saw the excitement from the kids and teachers and somebody that's been on ground zero who's been over there. And and your obviously you grew up there are so you saw your hometown basically getting demolished. What do what went through your mind when you went over there did you. We use were you happy that what was the emotions or you're going through when you're there. On a loop them look a way it looked. Go ahead and didn't you can learn a lot what it is that you don't we go through very steady the you know. During the season into the you heard numbers and to do. Lou the size great money so it was a hard here they go there. No way that you solution. Still a mystery Europe and people. In there that brought this toward mr. there's no way to approach. On beard burn it session murders so long do you know personal blog posts there used. Our most devastated. Yeah I'm that was one of the things are really come Meyer is the fact that like it's one thing first celeb or professional athlete to raise some money and basically. Shift money over there but but for some of that actually got on the plane and went over there and and was there in person and helping people being hands on I thought that was just next level must that's basically. One of the main reasons why I wanted to go and call you and and and let everybody know in south for the most of football season was over with Kiko Alonso to just go back to a the West Coast are going on board shorts and broad tanks. Yeah actually went over there aren't did some pretty remarkable things with a lot of the good. Humanitarianism that I'm not only he did but a lot of the community that support the Miami Dolphins and support Kiko Alonso to. Early. Those monitors are doing something you don't like that. No we do know going into this site places Europe and my brother regardless Doug motorcycle. Toward these days we can move there with our cars. But in the Marines. I don't know people people very log into our there was another car pretty neat if there right right SOS and reassure those who wrote the great. Registered she's on the war say who I know we've been through our churches. No interest at receiver you know with those great. You know part of professional golfers is so cute quote usually smoke them show shall ensure you know we hear character of. I don't know if that's the feeling was over there that that we were still. Not helping them or not worrying about them and I know president trump is probably not the most qualified person over there as well also. But what is the actual emotional feeling or GAAP I guess CBC feeling between between the main land in and Puerto Rico. Yeah it they have various you know on whatever action grateful. You know about who most anti abortion groups or you know. Hello do you leave it to see in Pinochet's story. They reduce their debt it still devastated military delicate. Received more you learn that you can smell it. What are you personally in terms of the dolphins got going are we see a lot of coaching changes happening are Yugoslav same linebacker coach next year what's the story there. It's. I've known terrorists. Learned weren't good there. I don't know so. But what on a personal level in terms of the way you played this year your performance going in how do you think you go lawns and did this year. As opposed his pursuit of golf. Mom stated our. You look at it you know I think you know are you looking good there are no serious this term. You know our receivers it's murderer. So you're in any of these games this weekend are you just totally non interest. I'm not only watching. You're starting to remember during the those missions so as we miss Lucas birthday early in. I I got back in time to counselor at duke the second game until the revolution. Crede and the sir. You're also being mixed martial artists and boxing fan as well legacy from a lot of post on your NC grams of food. Who's your favorite guy now and in and I know there's another USC coming up pretty soon. My favorite guys. Or. The heavyweight become that was sent out its normalized. You know just doesn't eat everybody. This trip together besides it is due to new terrorist. So what's their plans right now for for your offseason is it just basically training errors are relaxing at this point time. You know I'm a recovering now they have no I train impressed them acute turned to. No listen let me know where it stood very. There's little they care deserved or. There's a website you can give us right now that we can put out there that it's gonna Wear and help out Puerto Rico and raise some more money form. You know words there's a little my might into. I believe so much quicker. Moment where outsiders. There's Bancshares. Truce there at all all proceeds are going to lose. The beautiful book import ego. Somewhere in April with that is going to donate it or moved. In my social media accounts. Thanks for coming on this morning man I'm I'm really looking forward to to see what's going on here with a Super Bowl on the rest of these playoffs and not again. Out on the back definitely for for what you've done in Puerto Rico on not only just sending funds over there but also going over there physically. Being on the ground handing out water and lanterns and solar powered. Light systems and that's that's just next level stuff and I really appreciate that. Wrong move and dads. Because six we're good kicker. That's my main Kiko Alonso take that very Jackson will be back with the headlines and a few minutes.