ZRA Interview w/ Mauro Ranallo 3-2-2018

Friday, March 2nd

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I wanna bags as all rounds and amber here on a Friday morning is actually is that big heavyweight boxing fight coming up. This Saturday night Brett okay Saturday night 9 o'clock Barclays center in Brooklyn. Showtime sports moral and all he of course the voice of showtime sports where you had Dionte wilder huge heavyweight chain indicate WBZ's taken on Louis Ortiz is actually from down here. And more all joins us in the Ryan fuels and bouncers convenience stores gas line truly sets beyond convenient. More good morning it's good to talk CA again we've had yacht in the past on the big pro wrestling fan of course we've spoken to you before but. This fight this weekend. I told me why the best way you can explain its. Why is Dionte wilder okay I heavyweight champion. He's 39 I know he's got 38 knock outs why not in massive saw in the United States. A compartment separate remember back now it would be 44 hour news cycle well we are we're gonna become popular. The labor album open not but the liberal but we set or end up for you that while. So where we are right now and urban profile for a spot where I am. And the golf ball marker one but we're over Kirk really opened up on it will model in the box and ultimately wake them they're like they're on their whopper you know even. Bought by blocks record and I think. They're being considered for what are they are not people while they're gonna become our record our especially. If by heat it only for me and that up what is. We're gonna sell the picket weight fight in here are bent up and dropped what are not bought the seat that notebook barker coming up at the end of the month. It seems like he's not shy of a little bit of boisterous attitude is well talking about he would you sure Roy a young Mike Tyson what your thoughts on Matt. Good art in clinic where what are our own accord with the ball or go. There and their program over the news notes and Guerrero and I. It's rare that we need we no wonder dependent on homer that are not there are or what what are their own bone and all in all or or who got. Go on Welker. Want that other americorps there's an urban hope we're not my fight and they won all. Oprah phenomenon in the eighties and Andrew Card all these are what are hopeful for our our notebook that group. Look for that Britain so. Are acting yacht it whopper that fight locally they bet with Marco Mike site that. I think it is that it is where it eight you know I can remember that competent and and you know what what oh what a respect. Here you combat computer error I agree what what we're one of the greatest February there are generally shouldn't that you know. Like I did not involve airports ports are under him and hopefully oh win a robot a spark for now. It would not. Born at all because what are people don't find him a long time we don't buy them they're all fine what he didn't purple mark to recruit or. Republic spoke all of what we knew what the you'll always wondered what ordinary weatherman act now. And then he couldn't believe and Britain centered but you wake up and go bowl 0:4 o'clock this evening in our world. I noticed down here that direction restart that rivalry down here entirely apart in December after. Ortiz got 28 no 124 knock outs and in Dionte jumped into the ranked in the exchange a few words. You are bigger and go up coming multiple. Article review uproar over what were about oh well well it. Look at it and I've been out for a lot to report that sort of why why why are or not urban but there are certain. Doing what it that it Robert Horry and what through. You nauert require that men that we are celebrating not apart there remained. I don't want to remember I'm a bomb on that map earth. Well wolf we're in the air are both from the get your app that it. We didn't grow up ordered the grammar yuk it whopper or not on reality is it would is that pro brand dog like that are so. We're not. Why not well or not that they are partner yet you call or write up what opera that oh Ricard. Great diet to opt for a follow up all the people wanna look for me I'm no expert in. Ordered it on people are going to despite battery and I both. Up by her book based than on paper book of that of their respective career both. Who on the Internet great read. It is mark mark I'm mark in particular because. And you'll look at what I'm not on both the indictment and not that that pat or sell them back but we were like in mark. Outcome they're about corporate and Lebanon and oh what 100 knocked out of that or not they probably is not that not make good cited them. What our value that the four spot the bubble are now back at weight are afforded better weather along. William Morrow no joining us Ceres the boxing voice showtime sports like you mentioned 9 o'clock Saturday night it's at Barclays senator. He had the WBZ heavyweight champion Dionte wilder he takes on Lewis Ortiz why do you think. Why did he got to a point where it there was there was a lull for so long weather has been a law for so long. In in the heavyweight division as far as our interest in this country's concern was at a Klitschko Brothers thing what what do you make of that. Yeah I spent your partner but they're prepared you regard and now where you know it'd be huge contract. Eaton sport you know you have. The an order to check an appointment embittered and belt but why are we go. Open air at that more per Edward. You know we all in the Frazier and Foreman and Norton beacon or people or about mr. but he and then you oh. What might look better or they'll limit or a Greg oh. And then in Britain are that the with both brother and what ever written that. At Allen is Rupert and it didn't look what both brother bar and make that we will be much quieter group but especially Vladimir. All I sit the fact that they were able that that bella. You'll meet them back them already opened door open early and ample where are what was the matter what but you are an audience at about what will reap what they ate or. Like you're in America and the fact that like Eric Berry beyond that while there. American heavyweight champion is jamboree and development seven and are there you know there had to wait and Britain want. Apparent last April on fund but it but I appetite and you're up that wondered what on November white that even you merchant about antitrust law. Who are on a spike what will start happen all over. What is the or a hundred apple is a bit. For a while for like what are they important and it oh. I can know there was a bit which spoke out on the debate about what open upon. And and there are they eight bit of both read Burton and everywhere that Britain and the fact that before I can't wait are they is number there one. No volume of pop where we are in the port. Now more you did he may weather McGregor. Last year showtime. Are you interested in one capacity you're another day in a rematch there they continue to jab each other on social media. Are you intercity and around till. It is is a mixed martial arts match between those two are completely ridiculous. So are you go revert back up without a fight on Saturday night of the art. Art art I won't go very loud. It in modern. The group but never in ordinary. Annual report were caught amber were there we know how that. Are you there are I want one who knows. Then I will never never. Are I'd I'd go back pocket or where are. That opened on about you know work what brought on that but there that the art but art. Although I know that the 100 billion dollar stake their spot is here early on he'll remain Merck you over are you coming back. Up or they put their. I I don't know app the does the yen. If some of the money is there are then you know why not I I act were it not being is. It ought bulletin board in the world that we liberated. Or were remote. That look but they don't look there are untreated there. You know I love a lot more I'll watch in I love seeing the crowd OK at the huge boxing fights huge and and then make fights you have seen huge WW events. I've never been to a huge heavyweight boxing fight so can't nervous on Vegas Freddie that. Can you can you explain to me what it's a light in that moment for a major boxing fight heavyweight as far as the crowd in the hole on beyond his concern. Cart open it over it but none urgent and all of sport that. And we're both are two of the North American sunburn if you'll. Want to walk I had to wait far right now it wouldn't be one where the united 80 is it politically and wait till you end up with your. There are but what if even you need it just it is up to you all remind you when I was going to bite buddies get into. I am coming at spent in Japan where. Oh not where the money that was their idea what the brand with a oh and and then what the equity all that weight but are we can not how many people when you're. You don't need a pretty rapidly truck off is it. It boots on so art there. You know. Brought in here and it all back aren't at memorial you know what the arm where heavyweight champion of the world we are and what about Animal Planet and what on the 18 or. Here in America don't pick my arm but upright and been it's been exciting aren't the big and that's what you're for and they have Buick. I you know you see it out in Japan and in the United Kingdom and of semen on television like. Well I would sure like that here that sounds like fun to have that kind of atmosphere you know for the big fights. Yeah you know what and I think you still get it it's bad for. Where a parent you don't they're there we met at. They're not the demographic you know you're an opener you get that the polish there'd be that out the year Obama do in order. Rampage that while the Volvo supporting. You're a fighter but but there's been a little extra special in the purple were wary of of watching out that being the united single. Speaking at birth place habits for BC grown up your favorite manager Jimmy Hart. Percival orbit and ours we'll tell our Canadian lemon and me don't from Windsor we talked about this before personable Paul bearer Bobby the brain. While I got to go all the luminaries in the row right or not there was only one popular print even sought to Seoul and an American apparel group would look more book call what rate. There's that that is the only correct answer excellent job moral again on Saturday night Barclays and her 9 PM showtime sports the odds at wilder the WBZ heavyweight champion. No one does better and combat sports immoral and I'll look at the top. Abort her remarks and I that's morneau again you know showtime sports. He's sees WW NX two he's on time you can and he's silent disease announcer he used to be on the and JPW. Japan though the wrestling out at a news. He he's the man when it comes up people that have them like Bob you career this is they got the announcer voice excellent question by you by the way for which which manager which managers is no ma'am I'm from Leo I've heard enough about that you're trying to more than it was 100 brain excellent class but it's going economy passed away obviously yeah Paul bearer god rest his soul to you know possible. You know regular element of personal. Coup he changed whose real name came. Not his real name his original manager name 00 okay yeah that he changed it over when he became the Calder from underneath on him to pull there has been written me and him needs. And do you bowl. Do I do Cancun.