ZRA Interview w Rodney McGruder 3-1-2018

Thursday, March 1st

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I says rob and amber here on a Thursday morning the heat back in action tonight they continue to homestand with the Los Angeles Lakers and man it was good seeing Rodney Magruder back with the team Magruder came back Kelly a limit came back a couple nights ago. And runny joins us in the Ryan fuels and announcers convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenience. All right Rodney did Erik Spoelstra did the coach to help you. They you had a chance of playing on Tuesday night did he tell you he didn't want to play you because you just got back from California. And all of a sudden you're playing crunch time like how did that go down. You know when it blew up the new total you know policy but I don't know whether on my. You know you don't do not on a great man he know much better. Is that that's that's what he told me before the game also we said Romney's available Owens who dress. But he is not going to blystone faced liar actually set Roddy he said it believes that made gains a block out hopefully in order. Or and that I can get Rodney some and it's and the next thing you know. You're you're hitting a huge three pointer when you guys were down by ten and your plane crunch time minutes late when he looked down the bench and said Rodney get in here were you surprised. You don't comedian who got hit one no doubt that I maybe you know. You know maybe similar to determine a couple of months indicate that the coach is human needs and let you know it's you know them at built momentum. Oh he's so were you nervous I mean it was it was a big moment for you because you worked really hard to get back. Where I want to melanoma who have them are known. Only have a career and a big commitment vehicle spiritual moment like that so nova. United do not go out there. Isn't Ali is like riding a bicycle when you get back out there isn't always the same all feeling. It is paperwork is also noted testament not bits and moral. We Honolulu for an up note that we move on local. How annoying was Redick and how much that a lot of guys wanna mix of some hands the other night when when we saw how physical game was especially around physical very physical. Do anyway because little I would note broker. Who consumers. You know there's been gone for awhile and then maybe not you know they're too little footnote that Russia has a lot of people. He grew up when you are going to let them. Not command were put to open up the gonna tell. No you you correct me if I'm wrong you got that from California played a couple days there at the sky force you got back. Yeah it is a bit of that alone they took I'm a bit ago. And I mean I would figure you must have been tie your leg jet. I get flying across the country and then you're out there playing big minutes mean. I don't wanna you know the onion pat yourself on the back revealed rages and it deliberately it's OK to say that it was a little wind the rights. Whoever riveted go to school you know. It could have been a little better you know you don't come about from Lenovo offers McChrystal wrote you a bit of an eagle so what they're. Being with this stuff we're gonna come home you know give it some love out there with you lose louima it could have been written better. To be average viewer that's watching these games as of late especially now with the insurgents of Dwyane Wade coming back and doing his staying in the fourth quarter especially. Is there any kind of sense of difference feeling when you're on the court with that guy would victory. You know you you know don't include the ability of we don't honey you are not include. Security is so good so wouldn't go on news four to a little program for president now. Now Rodney got -- agree here with us the your back and actually got the lakers tonight American Airlines re now when you're watching on the side there OK you weren't in the game at the very end. And and wade waist lining up for for the for the jump shot the enemy wit we all knew it was going in right running. They didn't know you will even make the most my nose my older you interpret the long route it. Or let you go over the it would be certainly let you know why don't go. No no quit in the autumn of London didn't permit that. How great was the crowd man it was a playoff type atmosphere so much so we're. There was a match and when those crowds. The other that's I'm in its most important to allow innocent and of course really really. If there's gridlock won't put uniform who deeply into and out of up. Now what's it like for you when you're going through the rehab OK and you got to watch the games you're watching on TV before you then rejoin the club. Were you what you bummed out watching it like what was your attitude are you stay positive kind of guy. They closed loop well you know or would it be appropriate you know and no there's. Well with those. Well noted misery roto you know it and that's what I wanna who wrote the article. A blue the other one you don't. You know we've been openly split among McCain he took the thought it. So so what's it like if he you know you're on the team when you're watching from a fall or early in the season when a team loses a game you get upset. Oh yeah almost. Let's because you ought to know. You wanna be a part of Oklahoma matter you know eroded as well look part of it and that that won't go. When when the words you're live in the bottom of the boat the Madeleine book you know that never you know who better to put we ought to limit will vote on this. I don't want mormons there and build those good. I don't need help us out here with some Rodney it in Alitalia Brett Romberg he'd play in the NFL for a long time and we 08 we came up with a revelation a couple weeks ago where he did not know OK Bret Bret did not know. That the NFL. That football players are the only you know professional athletes OG or not we get bed check you as a matter veteran that when -- on the road Rodney OK the big check in the hotel you know beat the trainer to train comes by knocks on your door even some smoke position coats got to Dubai duty yeah I'd certainly comes Rodney Brooks on the doors he checks if you're in bed at a certain time and on topic no well sometimes that's him coming to room pull back shower curtain drawn on the balcony and make sure who's number one yeah no he's out there and zero Ruddy. How crazy is that. They didn't play you know is that it was almost that it would've those little that I don't know and wouldn't you know did you have a good point there will be. Predicament the most. That's true in the one thing that he couldn't believe it was the fact that if you if your family council for instance if you travel back home to where your from and you obviously got to get a grip tickets. You're not even allowed to have your family up on the saints more in your room and little brother older brother uncle cousin were you know it doesn't matter may security guard says no so yeah. I don't know the NFL players like children my children volume in the lobby you're. You're a grown up to you and someone telling you can't. You see you do your brother sister in your room just hang out rural and yet that's crazy right. If that's not mowed this. All good or better today that Bill Clinton. They're there. Ian badly. Mean you know I don't I don't I'm imagine Roddy grounds out to 4 in the morning out regularly when that lets you know sometimes media wanna hang on heavily you know a lot of I'd like to play a little bit there are some like that the go from room to room maybe keep the doors open play some cards. But once that like 1030 rolls around coached knock on the door to get you back to the room let's go Belichick time. If not for. A great the great. It's running eliciting keep keep the great work may and we are we're really glad that you're back and let's let's continue his push towards the playoffs and good to have you back and playing regular. Student Julio. I'd that's run immigrant right there each and every one of us at one. That slam is Erica now to open. What you're doing when when Rodney called engines now. If you are like I was ready I was ready to take its call OK and you're on the phone with him for a while here. Waiting for Obama have what was probably not red dust slim was actually on the phone with we did add to switch mode from Bluetooth to register on the phone that Olbermann of I don't recalls that in just. Yeah.