ZRA Interview w/ Sean McDonough 12-11-17

Monday, December 11th

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Monday Night Football tonight obviously it's right down the road from here joining us me Ryan fuels and announcers convenience stores gas line truly sets beyond convenient. Television voice monitor it for all Sean McDonough is here with a special on good morning we appreciate you joining us and you know we're all on down here because Marlins slugger former Marlins slugger down calls stand he was traded. It feel better tonight right with the dolphins went over the patriots money it. Yeah that can happen. And I wouldn't rule it out but the first game that they played which is only two weeks ago was. A little bit the old cliche a little more competitive in the final score would indicate and you guys probably remember watching that a couple weeks ago and Miami was down 21 to ten record for the past symbols marched downfield and Matt Moore can have a bad interception in the end zone which I think really change the game significantly soap. You know they've had a a good record against the patriots here over the years in Miami and I would expect it'll be a competitive game tonight. You know in all series is again it's 830 tonight okay Monday Night Football ESPN. How how seriously how will you guys how Liu and Jon Gruden. You're gonna try and sell the audience OK on the dolphins being in the hole I mean we saw the graphic the dolphins. Or in the in the hunt part of the standings at five and seven so it certainly going to be somebody you guys are going to talk about it. How you go into eight ulcers is try and sell us the goldmans or in the. Well you know I'm not big on phony baloney stuff citizens trying to hide something beyond what the average intelligent person would be able to figure out forever herself so there's enough. But there's an awful lot of traffic between them and a playoff spot right now so. I think any realistic chance that they have would involve a win tonight if they did show last year. That they had in them when they you know had a really bad start of the year went on Iran and made the playoffs but you know to me there are better looking team last year than they are this year and yeah I think it's highly unlikely that make the playoffs but certainly you know in terms of the way we approach tonight they'd better win this state realistically want to have any shot that. What's been the best atmosphere that you guys have Donny. Seattle not even close you know we've been there each is my second you're doing Monday Night Football now and we've been there once in each of those two years and it is by far estimated collector from. You walk into the stadium they were plowed the entire time there are other places that are really loud Kansas city's really loud. That that seemed to go up and down based on what's happening in the game. At Seattle it's just this constant din of noise and a really fun place to go at Lambeau Field is cool that kept. They're football fans listening who. Know that thought about going to Green Bay Agassi became I would really encourage it just the atmosphere in the town in the stadium itself and the whole. Thing is really tremendous. I I've lived down here my entire life so I've never experienced it you know our pal Brad here he played league for a long time so he's played in games like that and and an amber years from Sao you know Florida as well so it never experience a cold weather like. Super snow a tight game that we saw in buffalo yesterday were buffalo and Indianapolis I never ever ever experience that. Do you have you been to a game media as a kid growing up your teenager where you experience a game in the stands like what we saw yesterday in buffalo. Oh yeah Leo a few of them go I grew up in New England went to a lot of pictures games as a candidate ever going Barbara stadium they're really young kid. When the patriots play the Minnesota Vikings and the lizard. And I watched Syracuse so I saw a lot of days like what you saw on TV yesterday and awful. He's an old age you enjoy there's a miserable. Well you know back then I didn't enjoy I mean I just didn't mind it very much mean you're young in you really don't care about one out sometimes I go back to Jerry Hughes and it's in the middle. The low winter I think to myself how did I ever make it through four years here. But the reality is you know it's a great place and I love going there and I love when I go back there and I I was up there a couple of weeks ago for a alumni event and walked into the Carrier Dome really thought to myself you know the first walked in this building in 1980 and it's still special everytime I go there's some. Pastor accused of special place despite the weather. I think is Syracuse dealing does that lake effect snow worsened buffalo does right does her own reality. Morse oh I think well but it is similar amount of snow as Syracuse it's more of the kind of just nuisance little flurries all day long and at the end of the day you got three inches of snow whereas if we saw yesterday in buffalo because they really right are on the way. When it comes there you can comment huge punches and that's what they got yesterday obviously this is quite a scene to be sure quite a football game. You know had a big impact in a lot of ways around the league with. Result cannot vote Cabot bad call that wiped out. Indianapolis is two point play that probably should be given them the win but. It is what it is that they say. So you're looking to fill some time tomorrow night in the broadcast because chances are not man games and I wanna chances are doing is going to be doing a little bit of damage to Miami are you could be poking fun at some of the south Floridians that are wearing winter jacket also so hold your. Door and it'll look like we're from Sarah are still not okay formula they are boarded their pets rarity brought all the plants and need to get degrees in Miami Vice mega sold out everywhere. Well you know I think it's me because did you guys below you so they too probably ought to younger than ever this book. A few years go more than two years ago now I did the Orange Bowl here I believe with Iowa and Georgia Tech. And that it was the coldest Orange Bowl ever in the Orange Bowl you guys know have a long history at epic the kickoff temperature was in the high forty cell. God has called. Yeah must be something about me a maverick rebate plan to stay for a couple days to play golf and go to the beach and you really good lord he's every day so I none of that. Outpost Orange Bowl player and really materialized but. I've gotten used to it in a couple winters ago we had the but winters recalled its no apocalypse in Austin three winters ago the record setting snow in the coldest winter ever and so we finally decided let's do snowbird go to Arizona in the winter where my two Brothers live and I was probably in Arizona about a week it was in January when a lake golf club with a couple friends of mine out there. It was 62 degrees and when I got to the course the guys that they weren't sure they're gonna play because it was too COLT. It I'd I didn't I'm with that guy I was in the. I'm like are you kidding me out of his shorts and a golf shirt goes through its that would be that July day in Syracuse so. You know I was ready ago but I'm sort of becoming one of those people myself now that I'm in my third winter without winter. Tell me Shawmut national McDonough joining us here again Monday Night Football tonight 830 ESPN what is Bill Belichick like in Europe production meeting and and doesn't disclose CU Boise. Affable you like or. Sure it is the quote machine I could write the thing I doubt that this. Would have cut a no it's not much different than what you see in the press conference you know if you can get him on to a topic. That he seems to enjoy. And that I have not how many of those yet in my two experiences we have one game last year where they've played in Foxboro against the Baltimore Ravens and modestly last night at their hotel. You know he's very guarded the I don't think it's an exercise those production meetings with the TV crew that he particularly enjoys and that's probably in my over the and other media obligations but. We are now and then you'll get a mandala topic I've met Rex. He's got a good chuckle or grin expense just regular talk mop up buffalo game and Adam Vinatieri kicking the 43 yard extra point in this snow and of course up. That flashback Turkey and coach gruden too when Joba coached bill in the field goal in the snow also but it was a good chance from the chapter in the little bit and back out lap and a smile welcome. And that is that's rough that's offering and is there anybody on that staff that you enjoyed talking to because you know doing the production to use the head coach is little bit more guarded than some of the position coaches and coordinators. Recorders are great bulk of them I think Baltimore beat head coaches soon Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia. Oh they're honest they are helpful. Obviously both extremely bright I mean Matt Patricia. You see him at the big beer in the pencil in his year and he literally is a rocket scientist in the major and graduated from RPI in upstate New York with a degree in aeronautical engineering so if this guy can coach was gonna build Iraq itself. You know he's a fun guy to talk to and you know Josh McDaniels saying they haven't Josh your coach next year if the head coach again the next year he wants to be but. There bond and note Tom Brady is. As good in those production meetings as anybody I've ever been around a pro in any sport yeah. There's a lot. He's very thoughtful he can have to ridiculously stupid question and he's smile finances are nonetheless and again I just appreciate the honesty and candor and you know guys like him yeah I think they trust you to know what they're telling them that clearly they don't want. Repeated on national TP CEO he understands that we're not gonna do that where you know some guys that well really shouldn't say this. All on go on you know yeah exactly so what I like Tom thought it was Cutler smoke into the exit put out the cigarette when you were tock general immunity to us and he's I didn't I've never met not to smoke and we're not sure we like to believe that. I don't think he does he's a guy wielding the I always close her eyes as the guy that has the cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth when he talks Diaz it's like bounce and up and down. Imus. Leo I've got a number of production meetings with him over the years back to what it was at Vanderbilt actually I was at CBS during the at least the college football games and and you know he. And actually gonna ever ready ESPN I had him in the early but I it was a in my earlier days expected ESP but he. I've always found them to beat you know he's he's not sitting their doing standup comedy club you know I can understand why would he auditioned with box that they liked it and hired him because. It does give you good insights and again he'll answer the questions honestly to sell. I know he has been a mixed reputation amongst somebody in there and honestly my experience I think he's an excellent. Have you ever obvious on the Donnie here or less got the call tonight he and Jon Gruden ESPN 830 Monday Night Football. Have you thought about asking Matt Patricia why he's got a pencil and zero we all know the places laminated. I do like to met yesterday to get in our meeting we had the consulate is here when he walked in. I mean he can't you said that she lemonade and you can well right. Don't know that just can say is look but he said when he first got to the patriots and he was you know low level entry coaching assistant. It was twelve hours a day of real breaking down the film literally. Drawing it on these pads with. You know had a pencil no. He just got used to constantly having to console and though often want to open is here and it just kind of stay that way. Finally here Sean as far as Adam gay scene on time you've had with him leading up to the game here did. I jet age I come to you guys press and low bit on what pat what did you age ice situation I imagine you'll you'll bring that up at some point. Well we get more of that when we melon because you know that has happened before they played on Monday night in Carolina duke go so. We didn't really spending time on that you know the impression I got out of sure what you guys have taken away from others that. They thought he OJ was officially a pain in the neck that even though it's a good player did want them around anymore so. And I still thinking you're too he's kinda trying to build his own culture and said the Mona expectation for what he wants from the players so. I've certainly thought it was strange certainly from a distance I autos slightly less strange. Once I heard the explanations board and it didn't just seem to be Adam who felt that way but. It's still estranged take a guy who like your best player in trade him away. 830 tonight Shawna gruden got called tonight and make sure you stay warm okay worried about you guys makes my. And will be five we were out there at the stadium last night what would be game time. To kick a couple of commercials actually and it was quite pleasant at this stage and so. Hopefully will be again the night it sure looks nice the first time I've been here. Since they did the renovation so. As you well you're gonna love this you're hello call me in a scene is tremendous the war in semen. They did a great job you know that promote your question bring this up the 58 to nothing. The and tell all ten and you know it was about a million degrees and I remember thinking how can anybody stood out here or noon game what the sun baking down on them like that and then. Dario and next thing you know they have a canopy which I'm sure helped of those. And oh there's cleansing game down here that's the Ellen got rid Al Golden now we're on the right track we actually asked fond memories now of that game that kind of thing going in the right direction you know we're sand. Well I'm I'm biased some of the leaked diplomatic I've known Al for a long time to pick either really good guys sold. I wish them well. But it sounds like ill he's gone on to something good and obviously Decatur thrilled with the direction it's taken so and so. The ago. I'd enjoy your stay we appreciate your time Sean thanks a lot you have a great day.