ZRA Interview w Shawn Marion 1-3-18

Wednesday, January 3rd

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He is on the Amazing Race it is on tonight on CBS 8 PM. Sean good morning. Awarded to order. We're so so how Shawn Marion seeming double another guy you split for the heat to actually Cedric Somalis how to rule Shawn Marion and Cedric swallows get involved with. The Amazing Race. Oh on. Current. Actually wandered through her record if you are a. It's. And you guys like US is already filmed right I mean this is this been filmed for a little while now writes. You know America won't go there so on you know what. You know you know. What we really don't think there's the which we go with your opener in the pillows. There you. It was on the show wouldn't know what we're told each of those who do a lot of them but there are important one. There is old news. You know there's don't coordinated. So it's always summer different rates are written this amazing race take your. Well documented they've been the explorer that was poetry so you know men's ice on. And are obviously they're notes that it was well actually dark street all the all important. You're on is not over the world there are actually you know. We couldn't or shouldn't we look. So being an athlete going through some crazy trials and tribulations in terms of camps and things like that where does this rank in terms of difficulty. Trying to accomplish something like this. Paul you know can you hypocrite or. The early years they're perpetrating you know is it because it's what you were no. And keep on paper that you don't know which we were you know could be. We've beaten so you were on the don't know environment on the market leader of the school's been. Scenario is important to drop out so in trying to duck what was it that much more richer than she did it well of course there. All it isn't really what. We thought we are better but oh well there's what what you have been to the pro war era though they peer just what appeared confident that it is probably the Turkish border could speak to you know. We are over there. The lingo that. In the operation that we are. Lockyer charters are good out that you ordered her. I didn't I didn't hear what we know each other girls they're so why. Now there are a kernel of what took so you know guerrilla arms is not certain certain small ones bringing. And just this is what is it that you can to open up. Do you think being an athlete helped you I'm not sure there's any other athletes on your season and others IndyCar drivers I don't know view a view consider them athletes necessarily. Or less so on the IndyCar driver. No. I mean I mean these are both voters older older build this team we are well known nor are they don't know if there was a vote. Forty rewarded if you want an order we'll go occurred to spur route so which was built our spirit life. The deputy they're all our our world that I recall I governor that they didn't. Yeah. There you agree or don't you well know what word on what you're all I want is or is it. You are going what who is what you want to or backpack one dollar and they'll all want you know so whatever on oh. I'm not not from a proper or they're. And let it bother to go over. We picked we. Are. You. Although it you know and I wouldn't work goes which alters and what are. Cole is well not all being BW to eat there and got to our food chart it would cougar and a lot of child are pretty. Spoke to respond the second or more on the order or keep on so. We won't be there you know we know they're pretty urged local law you'll be. On the court is so don't. What European born about it though don't go to who is that they are reported on your involvement be. Norton or. Not. Well again credit protection on out amazing race tonight okay it's on 8 o'clock CBS. Echelons mourners also former Miami player. Cedric Somalis a couple NBA questions here which Sean you know. You played for the Phoenix Suns for a very long team and those Phoenix Suns team those running guns seven seconds or less. Could you imagine OK as fast as those sons scenes played a and all the scoring that they did. That it it is the most teens on the you play and you're 88 lite version. All of what we're seeing now with the Golden State Warriors could you ever imagine that being the case. Also know I spoke so you are both important reviewing their report because now. They're buying it was pretty good indeed not though not the couple weeks or so we're quote where it's about a guy. We don't know you know you are built you. You do you know raw well we know what tomorrow and we eat my little boy do we ought to have sort of a look at noon. Now. Now the current speech we move to establish what are in the current rate now look. And we got. Like eight feet spirits and the pretty or are great there you don't know it would be either. A lot into our our. We put our quality arbor. Are all want parents should we don't we ought to be typical what you are not going to cut off. Well well. Up in a bunch of interchange direct because they're overlook. Home who are 000. Got people on what they're watching the potential. You know clearly ups or what was boulevard perhaps what their equipment with the world war art. So do you do you enjoy what the game was when you've per cent to lead you know 070 wait was that. And there are poly to more physical back into writes on. What we've been through it would not want that are smarter or not rely on public uses the firm are either on of all sports you know there are so. You know if they compared all book is pretty much we didn't they all this were are grown now all. We Gartner. So all all people are open it now are gone all. Week before court which is yet though. Are. Usually eat it and know you know you grow up not like smaller car. You know what you were burned carpet eat out there. This one guy out which people eat cookie which we which we were too quick launch military. So. Paula you're there and they've got to go to school each region are what the court on. Court it Whitley about thirty seconds here Sean we know you gotta run by your final year in the league play and cavaliers team when LeBron went back. From Miami to Cleveland tells allure about what that season was like was it knocks. There's literally didn't open no growth of almost outpost according cheer or so. Mr. Perry Norton in in in Britain no military try to win a championship by a court order to please parents are. Reporters there won't know poker player. Did you like plan is fun. Uncle you know we don't know your if your topic on each ocean or on the spirit that I'll leave it over each. We billion mark announced an all star chart. Ball more now rated personal growth we've already there are like those who is so. Though is that part of our local local local spot in the world are there is Smart cool. What it is we're all not just people on repulsion report or. Of course you won't want to do whatever it is she jumped in the open market opened it is not there. Show on center Somalis tonight amazing race OK it's on CBS CB checking out every Wednesday at 8 o'clock. I would say good optional on ram in like like you either want you didn't Narnia a cigarette and. What were where there's. A lot of movement so watch out he was. Hi Sean thinks you time and appreciate it ordered there are here that you have been here idiots on man right there.