ZRA Interview w/John Crotty 3-20-18

Tuesday, March 20th

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John Roddy is our pal he joins us and Iran fuels and dancers convene serves guests lined truly sets beyond convenient jog mourning him and. What's up they dumb but they've filled morning totally. Paul man that I mean coming out and complains about that a scale like I like more like my job the last there was only one man I mean come out of you know so if they. Felt like a five hour game meant that they went on forever. Looking into you got to work through it okay. You know world data today and you got to fight through to get to work you don't say what. There you go so all I ask you go big here about about the game last night and and then I wanna talk a little about determined dog I told Robert not to tell you questions about Virginia by the way just. Not my style has noticed a number wherever yeah seriously I told you on the the umbrellas in the first round man among us anyway I would agree. Yeah I was I was hurt for you go to Lou right at the end like it was tough. Can you believe it did to them back to back those are those guys. Yeah. There are. Praising so his soul get it back then ammonium again Robert like that's it the Virginia questions on out and I I think last night you know James Johnson had what you could say is the best game his career okay he had a career high with 31 points. But eighteen of those 31 calm in the overtime sessions. And I think that was a very important game pertains Johnson because. He has yet proven this year to be a player who is very emotional and those emotions affect his play. And would just you know eleven games left in the season. And then what's going to be a post season appearance I think last night was a very important game competence watching James Johnson waiting about that. Agree I think it was cute German and he played at such a high level he did it in the biggest moment when they needed him to me that the EP importance in the farm. Two overtimes there are 31 career high eleven boards and he was he was all over the floor. He courted both of their senators. You know whether it was. Yokich and you're really playing at a at a super local. On home you know or chat room. Formally will whoever he just played at a higher level opened the floor and he's told he's one of the captains and leaders of the team you'll look to the ago like that being able to. Executed out on the floor of economic confidence by then again like this can really really carry you for a few games and hopefully he can build on Clinton and continue to play a couple of. There was a there was a hall on a complaining about the officiating last night but I really dragged down the game because it wasn't just. The silly thing that like other beavers had a hard time last night. But at the game was really drag down because every single whistle whether it was the nuggets or it was heat it was nonstop and cleaning. About the officials last night's is there you know from when you play in the league. Is there is there a hierarchy as far as what guys all what how a player is allowed to complain like you don't edged Larry you'll complain a bit to the officials. You can't eat typically it falls on deaf ears I mean the thing. The thing that's amazing to me it's just the speed with which that game was played that I picked it. But I've never been an official I've you know I've done that for fun men then rec leagues and stuff I mean it's a tough job when the got a plane at that speed. There's so many collisions constantly happening on the floor that it's very difficult game to call and things are happening in a split second. You know there's the bang bang bang type halt outbreak early happening and I think it's very it's very very difficult to officiate that I became a if this pace was not what. Miami want to play they know they want to keep nuggets under a hundred points they wanna opportunistically. Run off turnovers and things like that I mean they go oh. With one of the faster teams in the league and one of winning giving them but they used to the run methamphetamine. It was it was an impressive game to watch. I can I was concerned that there were problematic gas and then all of a sudden a cultural conflict with federal burst. Pull ahead but it never happened so. While what an entertaining game I mean look at that I mean that we broke the stat system that African craziness. Yeah it was on ESPN it. That's the headline on espn.com. Literally yeah. Well I mean look we scored a season high most points. You know throughout the entire league it was it was a it was an amazing game. We're all very impressive JJ especially in the overtime periods it was or anybody else that particularly caught your eye was was bam in his. Acrobatics that he had on the inbounds play some pretty special for you is the yeah yeah. Yeah look I I think he's he's really. You know clip what everyone thought he was to do as a as a first year guy I mean he. He's come in and and been a big part of what Peter bill what makes him unique and really. Well the key duties such a quick big and so he can go out. Guard somebody at the three point line or whole on a high pick and roll. And that's still recover all the way back to the remote because it can't do that they typically wanna hang around the rim after all the way out but would like hitting the ball. Opposing Federline had a lot of high pick and rolls because the big guy can't cover way out there than it all the way back to the right. So that's why they constantly pulling the guy away from the basket opened the lame. Com or you can corps district torture he's it would people about the tickets but look great look Sri to have him. Along with a guy like white side but I thought he played well at all Dwyane was great off the bench and I you know six to reach for him. You know potential holders of 66 point they outscored by 6622. I mean by 44. Points. You know this bench continues to play at a super super high level what great chemistry. And different guys have been coming. You know. Ought to pitch it to cut it's been a rotating. Rupp because. Some of them have been asked to step into historic role so I think dispensed just continues to keep pressure on the opponent in. At the pro level how long does it take as I notice this last night watching this is he much he kept getting beat by the same play especially the late third early fourth quarter it seem like that high pick and roll that you mentioned yeah they seem to be pretty susceptible to that how long does that take before the coach either make that adjustment or the player on his own makes an adjustment to go and defend that. So going into the game I mean they have a very. Clear plan of what are gonna do that the gonna trap that whether. Which culture show that in the big guy gets off the band settings screen shows for the the car can go over the top. Where they go underneath that of the guys not as much of a threat to shoot put. While Taylor makes a really difficult Brett is is just Yokich the guy that the screen is a really good player Munich guide to me is under the radar a lot ultimately. For Denver Nikola. You'll get sure he would forty. You know six plus points. You know again we lost track were trying to keep the score whether or it was simple. Yet the 36. Citizens yeah I mean he was secular and is that he they won a lot of often the most popular Mike Paloma and by the cook for the game he's just like look. I'd like to get a more just because we brought him to release such a good after seven feet. Quick look over the top of the defense and pick it apart. He does a lot of growth impulses of very typical got a cord. And it's it's hard to just traditionally played the waves that you would we you would try to combat. On the pick and roll what you're playing that team they play fast she you'll get like 33 balls for a seventh foresee can't help awful. If you get too tight economy can drive. He passed the basketball also a UAE you can't just mechanical out there you going to be very reactive been responsive and pro active at times trying to takeaways different than they do but rather just so they're playing basketball so it was very curtailed. John let's let's get an a couple questions here about the tournaments. You know I I wonder I I always thought growing up that it was impossible for number sixteen seed to beat a number one a are we gonna start seeing this every now and then you think. I you know I I don't know I don't know we like it converging this particular case. Secure and I discussed this. I was very concerned I've been involved throughout the course here I was very concerned when that when the care and hunker. The wrist injury after the tournament was out for six weeks of many to me is. The other country he is there. You know most talented offensive player comes off the bench. But everybody of that paint he's really the guy who probably has promised plant in India. When he was lost you know I don't often enough was made about about that injury I knew they were gonna have trouble when they got I thought it would. Obviously bit further than they did. I think the thing that makes this tournament so good to delay or was obviously just so it's a one game series right to mean anything can happen and finished. Those games happen over ten games you know the underdog probably it'll lose nine at a time capsule makes so entertaining and fun to watch but it's also. Incredibly maddening if your team comes out there flatly just you know don't get it done. But there's no they never most of these teams have never seen each other they've never played each other around like a lot of conference. You know what your clinic as a cooperative probably know what that team's strengths and tendencies tend to be probably a replay at least once not twice. You know personal personally like the guy you're guarding that is terrific to me at a point where the guy I am -- I know which tendencies of the take away. Obese teens future fresh increased from each other. Those teams that are that are lower seeds what may get. That are higher seat what are what we're seeing it would make get humble man like they do in the first half almost. It anything can happen out there today it's pretty excited. You know turn it hasn't excitement element to it's that the MBA playoffs lack of course because the MBA playoffs are all seven game series and the best team. It's almost always gonna win any seven game series right. Well there's an injury that's exactly right. Think the MBA really lost are a lot of that surprise element we got to go back like fifteen years ago. I don't think the NBA should have ever gotten rid of the five game opening round series and they got to get some of that you know. Yep no I've played in a few of those and you're exactly right I'll tell you where the five game series is. You know was really kind of amazing that you were favorite. Pulling in your home floor any rock that first came up big trouble all of a sudden it just that the whole throwing just one needy. Now you're a huge underdog. Because you know you have to win and hold the parliament next game and then you're going to the opposing team's gym for two you know two intuit. Very very. But you know is that really fair those when you look at our whole body work over 82 game that should come down to a shorter series I've indicative I think it should be seven games here are really do army. Welcoming the better team should have the chance to win it shouldn't be a one game playoff that you showed. That's not. But the wage you should you know it's just not it's not fair Arnold McNamee look if you wanted to shock him and do that that's why you have one game series. Greta what's your opinion the fact some of the moss as a part of entered that game is is there are certain schools that. It's the only basketball tournaments are better with those teams and it as opposed to having like the the big upset or the fairy tale story well it definitely elected of all the big dogs get knocked out as. Snore well I mean look I mean you have the perennial powerhouses that you know people follow you know that are. You know I mean do you still there Michigan obviously here or Kentucky or somebody like mission. But you know there's plenty of surprises here in this remote. In the sweet sixteen that are. Kansas is still there that's a big deal Villanova odds big deal. But there the Catholic schools her for a rampant out there right now you go sister. But not since this is dogs and she. Mr. dream issues she's got to go on right now each sector in Lagos or that you gut. Well. In summit comes close this bill helmets loves us anyway it's it's it's a new. It's still going to be a phenomenal finish that interesting mix. Team and perhaps some real non traditional seems to your point I mean you know have a like clumps and from the deep sea of ineptitude that you know Euro expect a football and if they've got a great year. Come to stay and we go team like West Virginians band thing in the bottom mean you know while Chicago you know that are positioned to him that you'll never get that far so pretty intriguing matchups. John Brett did a good job not done pretty about Virginia I told a Nazi he did a good job. What are prep mop. They go our man we'll see the arena tomorrow night you Erica. And I care night John karate right there. Yeah I'm on the radio broadcast those of course O'Neal's I'm great you've BA basketball players.