ZRA Interview W/Steve Goldstein 5-23-18

Wednesday, May 23rd

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He had gained seven Tampa. Washington. As they made it into doing big game not a big game is being began. Now Steve Goldstein courses Spanish television voice you can hear him on Westwood One in the Western Conference finals I believe he also has the Stanley Cup final is what is the right fuels. And dancers convenience stores gas sign truly sense beyond competing Goldie in my right about that Westwood One Stanley Cup finals well. I really can't tell but I Obey the pregame and postgame and intermission quote Ella. Counts you all the that's an excellent dig right their goalie. I am not complaining and if you screw it up a port and you let me put it can't that would be my immediate match up well I'll admit that joke. I'm until partially to incur up and. Okay is is there anything negative. For the NHL with Vegas it's a team in the Stanley Cup final. Question a lot of people have been talking about there. There are a lot of people that are up. I am I clear I'm honored I am not one album I think the only negative monitoring. It is true a lot of NHL opposite. By a number. Only. Between Boca and our own couldn't go to trial. He's going period. GM and player personnel guy and had to go OK and I cannot I cannot explain me how arguing it. And we haven't won around. Bringing senior. You know I think that would the only Elam chip but I will tell you watch that Elop quote well. Like if you move it out. And well and it trip older. Poetry and concurrent. What happened really unreal Madonna would. The one they've been on the and Ryan read. It on eighteen this year at one Y all wanted to wind. Game winning goal cushion to become Egypt's economic. Cooley what about. Having that knowledge about march or so and and the former head coach and now being in Vegas have you noticed anything differently why are they doing so well and so successful out there and how come they couldn't do so much a pretty good here tell. Georgia immediately win the division the year before and they got off to good you know what I wanna do. So you don't Girard college Italy which he had a good first heard it very could check in India well. Now I asked about why should I talk to punch in a little bit when you reach here and the content is out there including their coaching is. He did not want to level where each and meet on the market that top line. Okay abortion shall call there and wait for a led an open and try and track record in counting around a when you're. Geared to children by English Connecticut and it wouldn't show. I don't have an particularly violent and robbery where it came at a high level well what happened when a guy. Everybody matures and iron. Merely wanna baby and alienate Sheikh yesterday at the chip on the shoulder bickered and everybody who were actually likely too. Met in one corner and they go eight. I obviously. The way I. Surely she I would opportunity. And you'll. Know where your boycott like teams. Actually 00 I hear. A thing. Down two amateur in Charlotte and on and it literally about one I saw first hand like RBIs and made it look like. So you root for Tampa and at march or so. Gets his opportunity to go and have his revenge against the lightning your first interview your first question is the march or so is how good does it feel to finally get an opportunity. To showcase your ability against the former team that basically three in the garbage. Outlook and they get put on weight and her. There's at least you can elite by excited Piniella. Or another program. Yeah you know Tampa Bay and there anyway to cut about an. On the 08 and maybe in part. They couldn't Qaeda and that he would include an I don't really know. The Aggie Eliot happening here there that we can't pushed out of them and quite apparently a limited time he had. Equally well when a guy. It has. You know I've talked to quite a bit. Chip on the shoulder he told me some of the things that people. When he hit the beach and into an indicator to you guys gonna win one team. And every one of those guys in here at home inside track a bit locker room they call themselves walking machine it. And it kind of fueled on this field. Played our our north ensuring good everybody lashed out now. You know leave if that was all words every expansion team would win don't want to ever wonder what it actually obviously they were count. Right so like you mention him by most accounts okay people thought this expansion team was going to be terrible thing to be one of the worst teams are not the worst owner included in a boat I only wanna lose by two goals as opposed to lose. Most accounts they're going to be the worst team in the National Hockey League. Where we at least every one role one click. What was the big mistake about this team about this roster. That it's in the complete opposite. Well I have Gerrard go on. I'm an idol and we were there in December I talked to him and he was surprise to anybody and a surprise to anybody. Or goaltenders. Is one goalie used by the way that he never even heard of okay. And a guy like I'm being at like 66 or some kinda you need well when everybody else was hurt. And Auburn better then and a lot of people are gonna punch guys that kind of environment wanting. I'm in order pushed around to a shut in and already developed and nobody 192021. Years old and he's not one guy. He also don't have any curtain I 36 years old took a bunch of guys that are in their prime. And me going all the wrong way you know should come out anyway Sharma at that that. You all have bad that you are somebody who is already looking to let me go. Andy Reid has fueled by. You know they've got a bunch of guys on that team. I can change the certainly without you don't think people and good old Oscar but it probably actually guys. I. Already can develop. And Puerto Rican in this situation and then go to we're gonna with the current and former loose. All elevated a plate of it would potential. And you guys have done. What's the atmosphere like there in Vegas for those games. It's not the pregame saying that. Now he's trying to make it more elaborate and more over the top. And they and they constantly ever had an ideal coming out I would have shortened. The showgirl and me. You understand. During the pregame I actually interviewing you know went down there ringside watching them watching the pregame skate so. Need I remind me a lot of going Pampers jokingly to adjust on us when he was good made a couple of thirty year and everybody was just. You know so happy to have a team and we just eat or eating environment and what it's like ever really in a little sound you know until the raiders. There are they are the only team in. Yeah I was gonna say it seems like I thought I saw you a few days ago and they isn't it nice to mania altered Vegas I was I actually surprise I mean I knew that obviously they'd be the hot thing in town that I was surprised at how. Golden knights will and it was everywhere on every hotel every restaurant everybody was wearing the jerseys Alter how big is it me they really haven't Greece's team. And I'm I'm I'm guessing it's because it's the first real name that they gave its first real professional thing that they've had to root war and. I think those things also that you know watched from the outside. You know we look at it and not just you know once street the other two million people live there are people. No curtain or suburbs there. You know they they don't they live on live off the script and they have a lot of pride in where they live so I probably a lot about underestimated. And because they're the only team that's why everybody's input whether you're hot and other right. So the underlying story especially from an athlete world is how the hell are you going to be professional athlete in the league and Las Vegas dory here at the time Hollywood these guys walking around the under the radar they considered celebrities out there yet what's the deal with the actual players themselves. Like Google urinary December literally like 10 in the morning we went to win the coaster by the old am I assume you guys. Myself and really literally run right into the marshes shell in the casino and he occasions in their for the night. He was it is like which I believe could add at Indian electronic anyway so for the most part. On the date it is now called troubling and it's about one minute out item may get. I guess you can share it I don't know trying to somewhere. Egg Weston or something. Probably eat that. Look out a little easier to expound on their desk that their track actually gain politically and obviously to put a new facility. And all the guys we're going there and they are mourning each day of digging in and obviously order practicing as they abort the track is short. Or killing the only time I would scoring drive to the air. Either you want to hang out go for a nine or a plane he showed they don't want it Hawaii. And I. Lot of these guys you know they been around a little bit and you know they they they don't think big and very disciplined you know you haven't heard in Oregon you know guys out there in the Lyoto Umar. On site and able. Editing or Condit to do god and you don't want players to kind of like that a lot of ways anyway they come out pretty good discipline much. I would think that it's a huge blessing that this is happened as a run is that before the raiders are America right now they're the only keeping it down and so now they have these these ANC probably weren't all hockey fans before. Since then that does her but it now other they're gonna be hockey fans for life when you ought to run like this I imagine you look at people for life. I would think at least yourself a great scholarship by seven years I've been. The other. Probably what is what is on it when it probably that the tenure on a critic probably a ten years where they. They never get there again and people will be and I agree or came in that we're going (%expletive) about they shallow approach or go there everybody always shed. First came in the will be the case and it was funny I somewhat English or British. I don't appreciate it Tariq is one game you would like I'm Nicole which Wright era I was sitting there and grow up in the glass with Jim Gray. Pretty cute little different this. Golly here's what I want from you for tonight okay you know game seven tonight a Washington and Tampa it's a dead skin and some major major sporting line. With tonight's game he's one of the best that Bernie never been in the spot forty may never get back. And I'd tell people about this every year we get to a game seven days deep OK in the Stanley Cup Playoffs even if you're not. A hockey fan if you're a fan a sports. And you're not watching this game tonight okay and you sell right now to be sixty seconds cell of people war and that's spot or not. Big hockey fans that are fans of sport and why the need to watch this game tonight. Namely you'll like reading you watch a wouldn't have come against Belmont in the conference championship game here goes the N double A tournament. One and done. Sports and the desperation when you get additional level. Pretty teamed with even and goes happening lightening bolt and occasionally. Edit and Marino hockey and he's got a great players change wouldn't. Ever be in the playoffs without him like Reno is Tina going to be written out there so your story line and try and they were and a cup final is great. And these guys they're all wise try to get their names on the Stanley Cup the sixty minute someone's gonna go home and out and anxious collider probably either I go out. The game so that would be nice solid and I. Great job goal the F one of the Stanley Cup final. I gonna talk to guys and ordered nothing like running in amber Wilson. In the wide enough hotel in the Bellagio is meant that. Gold yet what's his club like 6 AM time loses during the day oh. You know application and judgment. On what happened and it. Seasonally. I. Knew you know.