ZRA Part 1 1-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, January 12th

Zas watched It, Dion having surgery, Cleveland stinks


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Find the morning everyone. Says Iran's amber here it is a Friday morning that he twelfth morning. On January here Robert morning yo amber is out today she will be back with us on Monday. So in the morning and good morning to you. Trying to lot of football today feel about that Romberg a terrible Xavier as a football today divisional weekend the army good idea. Usually what I consider the best weekend of the football year I I don't feel that way this year though it on the gains or rates. This weekend Salma opened I'm hoping I'm pleasantly surprised that. By that wall will get to that old to a lot of football today. You got the heat they don't have to play to climb the standings that's right they gain ground when they don't imply you know the rest these are covets a scorer. Now back in action though for another couple days they'll play on Sunday against Milwaukee so I got home yesterday. And I decided you know what. This movie mourning ends as a mansion. Watch a movie. Again on the couch. Comic gold it's how watch a movie. And so I decided EI am finding a Netflix that happens that happens pretty often not paid like fifteen bucks a month there's never any non. And does that almost Netflix is now fifteen pass out and these names thirteen or movies or shows no shows there's like OK I'll want to watch a movie. Our rights. And movies on Netflix hacked never find. In Irvine. I don't popular person almost too much. Diesel crap. A lot of crap man a lot of crap about a rods are those ratings of sixteen to 28%. Lot of crap you watch Will Smith of the work. Only add them we called right right and that's a Netflix originally oh yeah I mean letting guy uniting scrapped when tablets and or. But it's but it's both entertaining crap. And orchids. Heat it's it's like a futuristic society where they live among. I guess like aliens writes no no more light. Okay it's more like current society. But word with the humans are crossover with a bunch of he should call them. Fairy tale type creatures. So for example we live amongst the olds we live among their allies and I think that's ordinary twenty something years ago called Peter Pan known. I dispute panel slippers. They're needed. Pick a realm. Kids that they're gonna tell you there was only one. This should add that that movie they'll writes it reminds got a feeling it's a take off of the old television show alien nation. As a looked like it that is now grown. But basically so Will Smith he's been that it got a weird is the New York is clearly. Whistles are present lake. I don't know easily black you're right we've just been trying to do. Because it is elated there have been doing lately trying to have some societal message and they're trying to like integrate or can all the prejudice or goes through a and that'll do I give our ability to really hit the mark on it okay to be honest with via. Mocha you know what's it makes bad movies. Oh yeah it's crap but like Will Smith he testified this one because you want the magic wand to grant wishes to themselves what the hell you what does this movie. This is what's going on there like Lord of the Rings McKay voted green lit a sequel is sitting and watching we waste your time with. I got us a little I want to see what is most of up to in the work but I'll go on Netflix. And I'll look for new releases and enemies are not new releases its late new one Netflix it's movies or ten years ago Netflix is just getting around to. Netflix is movies elections we. Looks original programming selection is incredible OK and their televisions selection you know or even just old TV shows incredible. But but that movie selection very weak very weak. So I'm looking on Netflix I can't find anything as per usual so I gotta go on iTunes. Ever you want on everything we pay. That in and I mean I got got a hall on of movies that I own I own every kid's movie. Relieves and what I like nineteen and I yeah we have we buy it he's 120 bucks a pop here the end did you burn them. I don't on I don't know it's gone you know skinny kid he can do you can just rip them in the with the kids caller I don't I don't know I don't when he gets stuff man there. It's just see everything that's a cartoon and you just DVR in the news rollback know what you wanted to you wanna watch was frozen. There and senator frozen to squirrel movie. Well we we we buy a lot of the kids movies okay. Good kids it was on by the rap kids' movies okay I'll by the good kids movies for them okay and the ones they're new releases one that just come out from the movie theater. And and also of course that by every superhero movie comes out so awed by all night to Israel Lotta movies on high a lot of movies. By. You could rent movies on iTunes also a guy let's let's let's go rentals for nine hour pop again by nine on net four or 599 yes is that man all I mean I was so in the mood okay. So and and I went to that iTunes. Knowing exactly what I wanted to do I did not I was I was in the right mood. I was in the right place reminded us of that porn and I know that's easy that's that's you too man color you know and you pull. I was in the right place of mind that. It was the morning so I just I was. It it was a it was all by myself so as an opportune time I was willing to spend 599. And rented and you get one guest. You get one guess. What I was ready to finally sit down and watch God's help you get one guess I was finally ready to sit down and watch it. Rocky four. Arable gasket a real gas c'mon. The with the recent superhero movie able not knows who is buying and I am I rented this one. And I see all the superhero movies and that's not good here this guy at a swim it was cracks now I am I I don't miss any of what is it hurled germ. Okay document your dad gestured do you have a guess from Erica what does it no holds bar and I see that movie a hundred times come on now. Remote. Well. Schubert topless movie now and on and on Iowa now bragging about paying for 99 that top gun and it does Netflix by the way. Thanks and act is on Netflix. Aides available for free. So I decided I went that iTunes yesterday I knew exactly what I wanted is ready to watch it I rented the movie it's. No he didn't have his first one of the box very personal when you pull up the new movies it's it's it's among the new movies bubble that it's it was a mine that I've went to the iTunes saying. Yeah man let's find it to be ordered every single blind Kuerten in the house should turn on all the light was morning and there be afraid of okay instrument be scared of it was a good time data watch it. I was in the right frame of mind that I'm okay remedy that did things on Iowa today that decided let's. Hello and well slug watched it yesterday I rented in behind them violent again. But I I rented and watched it yesterday Stephen king's it just due to ID just recently is available now on iTunes and that you know kinda deal. And the first thing I'll tell you is. We really go that browser scene. You this year OK the movies really go that's for sure. I I never saw the miniseries or certainly read the book at no idea what's thousand pages. And so the movie is really good as I expected because it was it was said to be really good and and and there there are parts that make you uncomfortable. It's it's scary it's mainly scary because is it. You're dealing with kids. That's what's. Deal (%expletive) Hands. I'll tell you what man. For people who say arguably spoilers on it waning that you don't already know okay. And members that this this movie this is a mini series this movie and there are a lot of parts in the movie their shot for shot. Okay from the mini series. And. The opening scene. In the movie. Is a U Rolf watched. The opening scene and is Rauf. And and it sets the tone for the rest of the movie because the opening scene you and your scared of this cloud. The entire movie because of the opening scene. The opening scene says the premise doesn't of the mystery like the old movie where it's all. Your sale senators electoral imagery the opening scene is the scariest part of the movie we don't want it it is deal I mean I was Arthur how to turn it off and it's openings he was not pleasant to keep therefore many nights that I want to know more yeah it in and and it was a scary scene man. And you and you know what's comment just because then it's it's a famous ball in its famous movie and and you know is remade. You knew what was com and it was still. Scare. But yes it's really good that. I I reckon be like those kind of movies I I do recommend it it's a it's a really good movie okay. By that opening scene as a whole flock to manly guy I was thinking about it the rest of the day you acted and and I was not unhappy I was not happy and mentally for that. How nicely yes I was holding onto his wife and his fellow I supply and but the thing is I told my I told my older son when when he got home and I watched. It's aka. BS he knows about it and so. And he originally wanted to seat and I showed my. Preview for you know this is months ago and and I showed a preview for it and and you get very scared to numb and he cried. Reprieve to know now like a few minutes later he uses really scared. And I'm like yeah man is why not today it's talking about policy it's an why don't CNN it's. And so I told him yesterday that I that I watched it. And he's asking me about about the scene the bad scene and again and I Gasol. You know you'd even kids know about it to be no ending of the movie you likely know about the scene and talk about. And and late at night when we were getting ready for Betty comes at his room he comes over me into my room. I'm scared of its. My food and there clowns are terrifying especially Americans he a heat it just me telling him that I watched it yesterday. He was scared and had a hard time go to sleep as I told him right aboard at times I told you in the afternoon. Tell right before bed as you watch yes scared yet because because. Because the ball of that movie was back in his life via may be you brought maybe had the ability to Glenn have that one way channel for that clown to come into your life because you watch it there and I told him number one it's not real you know this and number two. I can tell you anything about them movie like this thinks that you snorting. You know these things inviting new kind of a dampening any real leader but I'm watching the it's is that due to that first scene is not pleasant. In a mussina movie you know what I'm talking about obviously. I tell you tonight. Robert wants Novak the opening scene and it up on its own mafia -- on Monday shelved a nuts on on the show because. It don't spoil it for people haven't seen it means as of yesterday I haven't seen this though. A mockery of moderate talk about on the year but but you did you know anything about the movie you know what the opening scene is. Romberg. Law is having movies and television show spoiled for him to stomach. Like if I like what are here and obviously it yet he if he wants to know so that he can then decide to see. With that I don't mind spoilers. He law spoilers. And he missed all of last season of game of throne he wants to know what happened I I don't know if it's just because I wanna hear the interpretation of others. I have watched it and then when I get it I can have my own little. Point of view or it's it's the excitement of of getting to know exactly what's going on and then I can go watch him put all the ever he wants to decide if it's worth watching them now you telling him it feels good or not like you telling me exactly what happened. And then he wants to go back and see. And are you want to hear about then he doesn't have to watch the movie OK at that sounds cool now I know would have been all right very good move and home life. Now he wants to know what happened. So then he could decide at its horsemen and talk. So tell you about it all the odds on you on the air like settled yesterday I hadn't seen. And we just came out you know a dvd iTunes. Is still make money selling dvds. And those five dollar grants. If you buy blu rays happily buy books. Because we had this conversation before IE I still have and use my dvds. A lot oh my god I've Ivan knock the dust off mine forever oh really we will see is a I would say all the time because. You know we got the apple TVs we got a lot of movies available just the natural bond. We have lots of dvds and every now and then my kids don't pop that dvd into our dvd player and they watch the movie spoofing a lot of move. My main living room TV at the house here is is a little bit older it's like maybe I think four years old now at this point time but. That it does thirty you did earlier goal is doesn't it doesn't have the built in Wi-Fi for summary is an awesome little cheaper and I didn't have the built in Wi-Fi so I've been without Wi-Fi on the link for awhile. But the all the TVs and he's obviously your new so you do just a straight a tree right directly to the TV without having an Amazon fire's sticker buying an adaptor that. Did you connection for Wi-Fi so finally. Consider their hustlin' owls held kids are extremely about opaque such an amendment right of the spires the current fires to the YouTube ohm talked in the remote control. Big YouTube Walt good to go that's it outcomes 35 to prepare pigs really ago that's convenient as hell yeah man. I'm talking about how dumb prelude to bowl pago ticker pick while. But the biggest whiny. Auto George Little brother. I'll get the hell out of here George. Tajik. He could secure him a deep cut to insult not haven't watched that crap anymore it's like hi you your kids so watching IU growing up as a restarted directives make it it's a pain in the ass faster cut if he's Canadian by the yeah is to meeting her in a decade. Hey guys you. Right now things are kicked right of the kids in the puppy dog house that's getting annoying and other towels. Bingo enrollees counting no that is Nam and who knew. The worst dogs are always run away trying to get the mischief. As a kid and Alice as a kid ice. TV on Saturday morning don't bother me. Out get out I would get up Berry early on Saturday morning. A plot myself in front of that TV you know and it and I'd be watched in my cartoons while playing my GI Joseph with the melodies with the call in merry melodies temerity melodies there. Nudity PP PDT to the low Louisiana this is DP DP DP if you do when you you'd know that's that's a different one there it is like the younger version of expert for dock and all of us up. But was it was like some other ones like the old school so oh again this is it's a series of essays and saying thanks Emma and how they see what was it saved by the bell on that. Was it eleven the song was on the morning managing ideals at ten and then inside stuff was eleven caller EA inside stuff now he's on cartoon dollars in inside sub mod or shot will bag and insides are all dressed such a good show and Osama and sausages with some maple serve on associated vertigo. Make him number offense hand. After school every day to day had a good cartoons like weekdays not gonna get a whole bunch and in a row but you know getting union game thunder cats now gone after a look it was a while back and house of fiscal course you watch it why would you want a lot of pack and a house allowed back routes memorial to command. For dinner. You got almost what you had to play outside guests. Yeah I mean we played outside everyday do their get outside. What can you get outside. Now what it's freezing now. On the matter buried too deep to my right just so parents ought to go a skate on the rink in the backyard or something you know real Mayo said bill that I'd camera Barnett. Covered all their garden for you don't. Put your skates odd. Jockey stick out. There. Not a damn house. Senate teen outside sunshine in it up there are. Nobody you do headlines for us. You can't let two days and around certainly act and I that's next. That's illegal any chance to go to tonight from war. To trip since Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis on February 3 the night before the big football game you don't talk to my knowledge and. Visit the coach ordered 8 am able set yup menial text in the go to court to seven to eight a one and and your answer also qualified for on the occasion gained experiences. Message and batteries may have. Lie and get tickets now for the towel group Minneapolis. Big game parties that's. Go to big game MP LS dot com it's big game MPL. As it's no Minneapolis dot com IE I like movies. Like movies where the kids are the source market kids are scholars but aren't series and he's like like I drama was or or whatever suspense. I love those types of movies where the kids. Our great actors. And they got three got on the movie yet that the whole movies kids and kids are really good. Really good. Name. It's it's one of the reasons I love movies stand by me and Alex and by me great movie old movie with four kids you know River Phoenix and Jerry O'Connell are all brilliance and great movies or major Arnold yeah yeah. It's a great movie and you know it's kids and a serious movie I I did the television show stranger things long stranger things the kids. Are so good in that show into serious shell. It's funny but it's it's it's kind of it's kind of a horror I mean horse at least suspense. Eight kind of television show all of the movies with with kits. I mean real soon in my have to sit lay it down you know my my older one is is going to be nine this month. And a few months ago we finally got around to why I I showed them movie Sam law and he loves it loves the great movie while menu of sand lot. And on and hats and down to show and goodies because you got to watch goalies if your kid corpse got to watch duties. Well the movies have periods but odds are mullah cartoons or anything like that. Good movies advocates are sourced and I assortment. It's got what you XY and South Miami WS SH DH oh yeah. Our boy is. Finally seemed leery of some clarity on what's gonna have it would Dion Waiters Yahoo! Sports of Aureus. Who's likely done for the season he's expected opt to have surgery after getting numerous opinions wall in Los Angeles away from the team. So Deion like Leo do you pick stuff. As we we've heard over the last couple days and apparently is caused some tension with the heat because they want among nonsurgical rehab program. Don't know organization want to go to certain opinion personal what's the what's the problem you want them to trust your doctors team doctors the effect of actually. Put it in the union and the players union. To allow for a second opinion you know without bias that's that's something that drives you organizations that the leaders like drive to increase. It's odd to me a feeling I've peeling it's normally the other way around that the team would want surgery in the player wouldn't but in this case were being told that the team does not want surgery. And the player does in and that to me is it in the former. Okay you're yet and convince a player to be caught open that's that's a half. That's a tough decision to make you feel the player but if you're the if it's the other way around on that that the player. Wants to go ahead and have an operation and and why do you need to go get a second like scoop do it's it's your body do we walk. You wanna have the surgery go have the surgery right on sugars like a tolerance level that the Miami he think that Dion Waiters can play with. And Deion like look. I understand that I can go through this and probably play with pain. And if we have a little bit of a management problem or program for myself throughout the season sitting playing sitting playing. But there really is no incentive for the player at this point time is gonna get paid no matter what. He Miami he's paranoid that part where it's like Oreo wanted to get you know he had the surgery originally. We would you know the spot that worry in a year from now instead we could be in right now. Or that's the main reason so beyond like you know what marketing at my bonus. Some audible to go and collect my check do my rehab give my mind right and get ready for next year but again it's surgery I don't care how minute how large it is. A guy coming back off surgery the following year especially with the lower extremity word that's where the main emphasis severe wade is going to be put on. And I don't know how and a ten month retirement at ten month. Rehabilitation. Before he's ultimately ready to go again possibly that's a long time for an ankle man it must be some serious stuff wrong and I also know exactly what surgeries getting apparently he could be getting and that is shorter timetable. Late so maybe comes back and eight months six to eight months rather like. The long term but. They always they always give you options are always wanted to either duke cadaver ligaments they are there wanna do. Rides you wanna do screws you wanna do plates one refuse to join. There's always like they give you like a bunch of different options that you can choose from when. And really at the end of the day no one is better than the other your screws can come out your rods are just the nasty you know the Mickey stiffer than anything. There was going to be dealing with inflammation like this guy's ankles going to be no Bueno for the rest of his careers and I see Trey. Value either by the way means you don't you don't even have to ever talk about that either zero trade value because last year he mishap the season and this year he's missing almost the entire season and having surgery. There's no trade. I mean I I I I don't think I that you be heat fan right now. And I mean maybe that sounds crazy but the team has been really good of late and they had debt the deposition. And Dion has been that. That this year. I eighty in you know that that honeymoon was short lived man and that arts kind of surprising. I don't give me and I told you so but put this is what else is all about all through last year. Let's also it's also tough to judge of who wasn't healthy. Or he was playing exactly the way he's played for all his career except perhaps lasting. I get you but it's also an event that took the Levys going up every day and his ankle doesn't work he's a guy who drives of the group it is not being able do that. Does have to be thrown to the doctor especially when they were good with him last year which is more likely at this point on a big guns your head you've got to give the right answer. Yelled waiters in the league for five years now writes this this is is this is fifth here this is sixty. Oh OK there's 61. Which is more likely. Dion Waiters is the guy we saw perhaps the season. Or last year. Or he's the guy that we saw for half a season this year. Which is more likely won't what what what determines whether or not your pull the trigger on that don't know if I'm wrong idea I have a lot of questions before you. You put this go to my hat today great like what went to return to I'd die in four years is career have to be over wind as the gun go off fits right. You gotta eat body in here in your opinion you gotta give the best in the answer you think is the best answer possible is he the guy we Saul. For limited time last year. Or is he the guy we saw for limited time this year or wrists he's either the guy's been his entire career or has been the most clutch player I've ever seen in NBA history. For 25 games OK if that's what you wanna Julia saint and with a healthy ankle. Mohamed go if who always been his entire career. But I I wish I wish you give me a little bit more of a window you have to go to guy he's been as awkward. Because you're gonna die at the. Desperately but this is what this the problem like I feel like we take these small sample size that we've had these weeks. And yet right on costs not sweet and all we that would Josh Richardson right up he's done not gonna take a leap and now we ease the most reliable player on the team. Knowledge of the same thing issued 35% for the first three weeks of the season. Now you trust every shot that he's taken it X. Here's the thing I would say were Josh Richardson OK Josh Richards in he hardly played in his rookie year until the last half the season where he was means. And then last year okay he was incredibly uneven and then he was amazing again the last part of the season. And now this year his third year he's been really good I mean there there's there's a progression. At least there would Dion Waiters. Dion Waiters at a ready healthy sample size for ever a right thing year. The public who he. So I understand but if I ordered the pro war to make the argument that Dion is it still has chance to be who it was last year. Visual look at Josh Richardson. Just resume with his struggles last year they were health related he came into the season had surgery wasn't healthy. God healthy that he was awesome again Dion Waiters when he was all be last year was also and it led to wins for the steam and. Your out what your best guess your best guess is the guy who we've seen this year is the guy who he has that's your best guess that. That's right well liked that guy is my best guess. A best guess is that guy that we saw this year's who he has. As we have more examples of that. You know and also I can't get it wrong I can't get over the fact that every single time we hear vote. The ons ankle surgery how is getting surgeries and we don't tourists here are never comes or anybody local. That's all it's always great question outside of Miami so we re all I know you guys and guides a great question how do we have people in and out of that facility never understood all day long dark here nobody can tell us. You know at 8 o'clock this morning and talked his Ruben Sierras OK and or talks of NBA and I also wanna talk about the war ball with him having it's going on there with the ESPN because unity at the coaches standing Gundy is not participating I think this week it made its tonight. Let's MB game tonight he checked Tobin if Friday night's don't think. Ordered the Saturday games start this weekend that's possible to do certain next week I'll cable all regardless coming up soon maybe it's ninety Troy has to gain and stand has already said that you shunning the SPN. That he is not too in the pregame he's not too and in game interviews or you're not giving him any access because of what's going on with Libor ball. So it's itching to talk to Israel about the leg like what kind of relationship to it what kind of responsibility is is the network's most hat yet tonight is warriors bucks for the early gamely came as rockets suns saw he wants some pointy Troy and stand haven't ESPN or ABC game coming up. Sonny it's actually talked is about that. That's also great question to ask Israel what you just brought looks like I've never understood that. Where. You know yesterday. Which two days ago two days ago young Ryan wins horse. Who is the first one to come out and say that Dion Waiters looks like he's got Sergio would on what kind yet and then yesterday. Got buddy from Yahoo! Sports. Who confirms. And this guy's league eighteen years old who confirms. That's. Dion Waiters is going to have surgery and is going to miss the rest of the season. And I I I'm always confused as well how local reporters. Always break these sorts. There around the team all the time. And these reporters that we just mentioned are ever around the team. What does that have. You would think I win meant the wait was excellent okay. Config scratch. I and his pads is unbelievable. He doesn't like Tyrus dad's picture of him my twenty years ago. I can be let in anywhere view terraces and Friday along the or piracy it's prize that he saying hey we get that file for me Tony is a lot more error. You did it bothers rock of a different person. When it is excellent okay Bly. How does he get that story how does and he breaks that I'm disease and an example he noted that the us as an editor. For whoever he writes forsake other color I don't know these are the people I don't know if it is it's always or using. But here's the thing great personal it's not a suicide and that they're getting from the team the most likely get in this story from Dion agent. Who's probably not based down here it's probably based in LA and that's this guy particular election ends his job is to go on Twitter and breach stories. Like arrow in demand are or how tomorrow coveted scenery it just breaks story yeah I don't not necessarily just a great stories it's to cover the team date today what's the news going on dated I think it's. Yeah but it but it's also it's also would open dawn in a tweet. But other than that there's no other stories. Rates is big and you report from a team that train trade the biggest stories. That's a fans wanting to the most are true raids okay. And local reporters never break the trade again local reporters mostly their tides of the teams and teams don't leak that stuff agents do. Talked Israel about that because I I I it's always confused me why the guy who's around the team every single day. Does not get that story every time sports those bricks at. Breaks tree so. Her. Share of the second opinion was broken by the first the first report of yet again in the second opinion is program by Tim Reynolds let's local. John out. You'll five. Because. Yes it's don't know Cleveland. And it's not the rent that LeBron have all got its amazing yesterday lost that to the raptors by 34 point. By the way the heat held the raptors 89 to cancel the raptors to a 133 without Kyle Larry is Serge Ibaka. Boom I. Mean it when he released a block of we have to game via the heat held the raptors 89. The cavaliers are the raptors to a hundred. Thirty or so LeBron is freaking. Out on his teammates in the middle of the game tired Irving likes and comments to Graham because he's a troll now that's that's fantastic. LeBron James here is on Weis and his teammates after the game. Listen we are very comparable funeral for actually come before our report how replies how hard we play well we don't want another musician plays you know there we should. Newser sure Kamal where we should make. You know we're losing you know you tend to not want to make those plays or ten toothless some plays get away from you we can't afford a renowned where we're playing ball so. Shawn holder about accountable and canoeing and move on which reduced. Now here's the funny thing so yesterday as it Thomas it was 250. Days and bad except the first game where he returned and he was really good to about a team four points. Tyler comes out after the game and he's talking about. We need to we need to put aside our our personal agenda. It's that we played better defensively you know things offensively. Wheelchair basketball. On the same page. Got seventy. I I could see how you make in the core relation their beat I don't know it's true but I get CIA Macon correlation there and Isiah Thomas is Isiah Thomas every other word. He's he's obsessed with new contract that is Neil. Yet not yet to comment last year they better back up the brink's draw. And and now it's talking about you don't want to stay in Cleveland long term the Max deal. And every every other conversation about Isiah Thomas is about him getting paid. So I don't I don't it's true but I can understand where your dollar connect the dot as a series if he's bawling out. And he has an agenda but if you saw in your agenda is to get paid. How can that be a possible distraction for your team are you you're your your heart surgery now agreed to. Now I don't know but I I hate the idea of politics we hear this all the time in basketball now has its biggest on the used to each other. Middle season man. The season and I understand just through Isaiah Thomas out music. I have it's not the medals and yet it's autopsies but I it's it's faster ball let's go man would go player. The figure outs. Seems. Trades that he trades. Is significant trades in the middle the season. For storm players to put them over the top like how come I am entitled to 125 years ago it didn't take all this time for us to get used to each other. Click on the Houston Rockets each rate in the middle the season for Clyde Drexler. Because they need that one piece to put them over the top to when the champion Germany did walk. Take they make or patriot required in the middle seats in the hall of fame player. Possibly made that war and now we hear all the time takes so much time guy used to each other. Hugs me. How does take its time. The heat in middle of the year the trade Jamal Mashburn. That season the first season it'll really good with Pat Riley. Back in 1997 nearly got the Eastern Conference finals a year in the middle of the season he traded for Jamal Mashburn. And it also. I mean they they they won six he won games that year what appeared and so come back and minutes and yours and they didn't really seem to jive too well together yes yeah it's true. Yeah it's true I mean I guess you know meters made as a redundancy there may dad plays a role and you know may may Suze that was a selfish aspect there with mace with him a Mason like the Jack up Mason ghetto reject that no no Anthony Mason who passed away couple years ago by the way. You know put the knicks snow and time it was and he was LaGuardia and at the mosque on a big guy and I loved amazed by the way he was my favorite player on the team I loved him. But does he only industry was all story was great he's the best guy and a team Enzo came magazine and steal my thunder and now as a self says ball pressure Ted yeah I love him though member. Recipes and on the in serious he was my fever on the team alone maize and affairs you have on him on all I got up and one favorite team and multiple I'd want to replace. As you've ever. That I might feel that yours makes you a maze of my favorite player on the team love them love them. Let's silence. Team made it to heat NBA next. Customized care by champion or by force apple does someone she'd struck a nasty because his agent shopping guarantee that the hottest four by four modifications in town. Champion four by 47865023446. Or go to champion four X four dot com also brought to my activity when it comes the team and you'll love X one gives you more change the way experience to be with X in eighty X one of the heat have vote. A game at home this Sunday afternoon actually. Back to back days afternoon games IA I would venture to say that this could be if for some teams history that's happened that seems really ought. Back to back. After new games. That's that's really rare appoints Sunday 1 PM Monday 3:30 PM. There homes okay. Yeah of course yet and and they got a bunch of national TV games is a triple header national TV. I think starting at like five. On one with the king day and yet to play among looking day but then on to eat it suits them. Yeah on the local team. On a national game. But the home on Sunday and then they had on the road for five so they're they're playing their best bass door right now Miami had a really good time. That that road trip that begins Monday Chicago. That team's on a good but the play caller okay it's our gimme. I and then you got Milwaukee gets to help obviously Brooklyn. That team that not a good to play hard that you missed half okay. And at Charlotte. And they finish out with at Houston. OK so I would Italian the first four games there are Chicago Milwaukee Brooklyn Charlotte's. Think when those four glues a sport. Those are those are winnable games. But against teams that play really. And and you see game at the and that's obviously. That's tough one obviously so this it's a stretch that there in the middle right now. I mean you're you look at the road trip coming up teams like Chicago Brooklyn install ago seems on the 500 they suck. Those that those are not in games. Telling a TCB man. Element take their business they don't. They go. TCB time you really wanna you wanna. When they say Roberts so with the Eagles you gotta get up with the owls that a cause the other way around its owner Arthur are you going to be out booting with the owls which is. Throughout pound pavement at night. And be able to get up and soar with the eagle video sent to most stunning as is saying. No no this is TCB top of the heap. That's sank. You text in the show on the call springs on mall Kia tax line 67974. One tax arrays why do you break the stories as and that's about Dion Waiters knee injury he's isn't a job sorry ditto. The designees saints the guy who broke the sort of what you do talk show. Money you talked could be a job could be your job to just hold rounds it's not my job. You knew about Dion Waiters surgery weeks ago that some. Weeks ago. You break the story and as a wedge into the broadcast news in the talk show. The Bryan wins oil away prime windows pose a Iowa what you sports auction but my job overall to beg always there's. It's. I guess as local porter's you're softer covers a team sucks Barry Jackson's doing the best. I I don't agree I I think the local I think a lot of the local reporters here a lot some. I think a lot of the rogue reporters here are very group that I do think though that Barry Jackson does best that that I do believe. Really good reporter doing very is the best one that all those cruise best the best he gives it S news best reporter yet. Does not like Hillary or stationary does or does not was a very on here Lexus now it's. But I don't really it does know he does not go to likes he looks like I six units were like yes loved. Yeah mr. Laurel that America's as you remember there were not already are out and all station early show. 60 yeah easy to track because I syrupy like that be jeetz jokes doesn't it doesn't matter though he has an app to write about says i.'s job as a job at all. What he's really good as job. Election deadbeat she'd jokes. Yankees he's got. All wall means that grilling him personally no one has access to Jeter. But he is someone doing this five point monsters once fit Marcum out by the way Alan it's like on an appearance on them here. And it and a summary go to do the media thing I'm going to sit and Baird's seat. And apparently you member who annoy you can't sit there because those are the specifics what do you do that. Cause trouble agitator. But really used on into the different rooms of the eatery just try to plants and which as I did Deborah if you sandwiches open a players got him. The lawyers at which has now I don't care was hungry you got got us there. Starve and Armand Marvin like on South Park avenue eat anything about five or six hours and you don't want you to cover he did Philip the -- program and Rachel Nichols rolled around the lists. Oh. Texas writes in you get Dion Waiters to pass what about the surgery then judge the heat is turned around a bunch of misfits. If he stinks afterward then usery is like all that on to say that you had to choose. It and local have to rule that detector says but I'm saying if if you had to choose. Do you think he's the guy we saw last year or do you think he's the guy you saw this year the evidence would tell you he's the guy we saw this on saint. If you had to pick one of the tail. So damn hungry yummy thank everybody urinal pucks and stuff pile of freedom hungry man. I was all agree. You come there after this guy before the morning and then go to the arena sit there and side as some. 71 of the seventeen locker change rooms that are they're trying to splashed water on my face. Maybe get hydrated a little bit limited. Heavy water. I don't have a ton for you on the heats up this morning immunity didn't play last night and don't play again. Until Sunday Dion Waiters is obviously the big news. They're back at his vision on the national landscape everybody is saying about your back they're knocking everybody off. We are yet that oh back to walk though we are back. To coverage. And national relevance and people see the heat as a threat to win the Eastern Conference such as Stephen A Smith. You hear this. Christmas up there yesterday and he says we're not topic out the Celtics basically. And and that basically means or NBA champion. It's any bold prediction center out there are you gonna stick with the cavaliers because they've got us how the team and I'll let you know something and I'm not gonna say definitively as of yet but at the beginning of the season Ali with the Miami Heat my sleeper. If I were to make a bold prediction which I'm hesitant to do if I had to I would see him that I believe that why. Knock off one of his top two seeds in the comfort mean Cleveland school forces on special lots of these guys because of Toronto relevant because at some point to the rest of the tube to be at the BC gonna run in the LeBron. And that's been Kryptonite so that the man. Gifted at the match but so. I'm looking at Cleveland and Boston has been two or 3 teams in the Eastern Conference and I think the Miami Heat. Has the best chance of anybody else's needs. Not one of them all. She humanity did it feel that LeBron has every team had to and I noticed that Toronto's gonna run a fellow Enron and you they're Kryptonite to. Finals like 2000 straight years and everyone's Kryptonite. No. News then that. Is that the wars. It was so bad last like Cleveland and their overall they're a bad defensive team and just come in town Cleveland's roster man and some old you foods what you old dudes and guys who haven't career worst type seasons. JR Smith is have a career worst season. Dewayne wade is having a career worst season Tristan Thompson is ebony career worst season. It yeah winning like that's on top of that you know address me crazier and I was like the statisticians. The ones that. Come about the most ridiculous. That some of the last 82 games. Forty something of you know attack kind of guy. I just on ESPN no team has ever won a title. When losing back to back games by 25 points or more like what are you come up with some isn't on its majority come up. With that still has its very meaningless and and I don't I don't even know what to make of Cleveland right now because like you just said it invade they just lost back to back games like 25 plus more like dolls by 29 in my 33. So easy to sales expecting between nine plus point. And vote Robert exist in general on the title which which I mean means absolutely nothing to me and shouldn't mean anything to you it's it's a nonsense that. But I I don't I don't know what to make of Cleveland because. I feel like. We have this conversation about that every year. We do they go stretch every season and where there they are herald. Now is the difference because this year statistically the entire year they'd be in a legitimately terrible defensive team. They weren't very good defense league last year that work. By the brawl was it does it mean he's he's off to an incredible start. You were brazenly say this whose best individual season. Am I I I I don't know what to make of Cleveland's if if you don't think that bronze guys are gonna be there in the Eastern Conference finals and seniors. A the launch. And ability. I think this shows though IDs for sure Lehman. I just think that that teams in purgatory if you really are in the situation reading Isaiah Thomas is gonna be. A piece for you yet and they're well they're going to pay him the Max rhythm they're gonna think. Is that that's that's abandonment OK LeBron left but I Isiah Thomas he gets to be little guy and Cleveland. And ride it out. And the bronze gonna go to someplace as a fresh slate probably the lakers he gets how the lakers flip loves a ball toward have you caddies and I feel friendly with the right now. But we know I don't play with young guys there's no way LeBron goes there lawns a wall there's nada en us this is all rope don't buy him he's like. He's praising Alonso ball he's been a slot the ball don't think LeBron James has forgotten what volleyball said about John's kids is no way he plays Alonso ball. Absolutely not this is all buddy buddy thing or the savvy in the back it's that to protect. How. Don't Cesar reference there no. While main thing going on old school legacy oldies can see it while. Current probably your trip to the rockets. For James Harden and current Chris Paul joins up and Ella bully the MBA players or or some NBA players have been babies next. Does every Thursday morning which we'll from yesterday. He joined state when he would talk NFL NFL playoffs and spot playing in front of the accident attorneys. You've been an accident call 807473. That's 807 or 73733. Rob atop the out of some football divisional round weekend yep I sure hope so. All right so I think some NBA players have been baby's first. Sina this year so hum this year the NBA all star game before Madison Angel bit they're trying to spice things up. The game is in Los Angeles next month and you may remember last year it was it was disgrace the all star game where I mean a straight up not trying. The entire game. Just. All up and down not not a single or are members in the defense you a lot of the players started to address the issue with the union Zobrist Paul who's the union presidents immediately contacted the commissioner apparently has a we we got to do something about this and have a little bit right it was in and harassment. These players eighties. The folks or intend into the all star game. The prices are out Regis. Outrageous. For an all star game hell I even considered you know we NHL all star game next month is in Tampa. I considered going. Because like that kind of a core experience. God I never into an all star game before but tickets are very expensive. Very expensive ago. And that's the NHL the NBA all star game. And you break out here so anyway. They decide to change up before metal bits trying spruce things Opel. And they are doing to draft. This year. They're gonna draft the players now are still the fans are still voting in this orders okayed by conference. Fans are still voting in the starters and the coaches and the players are then voting in the resorts. But the way the reserves in and chosen. OK. Is wide two captains. That captain on each side. That's the leading vote getter for each column for its. And then their tap ins select among the resort's. Okay disorders are the sort promoted by fans. But the rest the guys the teams you're talking about adding another like eight or nine guys whenever her team. The captains the leading vote getter for each conference. He. Is selecting the rest of the teams you know for example. LeBron right now is the leading vote getter in the east. So he would be to captain air he's got one point six million votes right now on two combo has one point four OK so LeBron right now is the leading vote getter. And in the Western Conference Kevin Durant is leading vote getter he's got one point three million. And that max's. Ons are Stockard Corey Corey Corey is barely out of cores one point 36. The rains one point 32 OK so. LeBron would be the Capital One site. Steps core who beat captain on the other side and managed raft to. The resorts. So late there. The the reserves aren't pitch like they used to be as far as they don't have a pool of reserves were from the get to just pick the reserve no no they do they doable pulled reserves the vote is the exact same as it's always been. OK just get to pick the players once that there yes. Outside of the stars yes a threat so they're gonna pick of the pool. Of lake sixteen players like eight reserves on each seat a guy that they're taken from that pool. That is already voted him. Through. Can the starter swat teams for I don't think so I think they'll provide position and by conference. Yeah I doubt people like it'd be there before and deceit. LeBron if let's say it's LeBron. And step Korea the two guys and a LeBron drafts Kevin Durant right. But the camera Kevin Russell starter but he's a starter for the bronze to yeah I don't think that's the way I don't think so hang. So. You got a bunch NBA players. Who are against. The draft to being aired on television. Yeah yeah. Because that policy gets taken last is that why courts course. So they are not going to error. Drafts. The commissioner Adam silver agrees. They're not an ear in the draft Antalya. The recent. Did you draft. Is to habit on TV it. For people to watch pressing other leagues that have done this any jokes on NHL and well at the dollars and you don't NHL does. Brutal for the guy who selected last minute show. We call ups in agony and in the NFL when it was team that urban and rice. Same thing last guy gets a car last guy's chosen in the NHL draft arrow the angels still doesn't this like by the Alaska shows of the NHL. It's a cork and they do it on television. The only reason to have a draft. Is to do it on TV people see otherwise. Held carries. Additional the next say what the all star teams are just fans got a lot of it is the team that Kerry Hague. Cool. Oh. The whole yeah. Is watching them so the players. Is it you know any kind of strategy. Or watching reaction. Or you know Ollie guy who we don't you hate that's kind of cool to that. That's the order of Vick and the guys that's the whole point. And you know Seth Curry makes a good a set in two separate does not care and and separate makes a good point. Where. He says eat you know what why not I like the new system. Ice the played on all the time and he wants me to got taken teams that meant you were something on the court back in the day to be equal vibes Seattle shakes out I need you to make the lineups. I agree on top bit you know back in the day you picking guys on the court to whatever. So he's always we pick last Danielle you feel bad for second whatever poking fun. Who's been picked last year. And EA store. Arsenal. The last Geiger pick it does give of one black socks that's letters nick last he's in store now top of it. We kinda makes millions of dollars to play basketball so it'd be the last all star selected. Well without a lot of times if you're if you're probably going to be the last ultimately probably licking your first or second time like for example. More guards never made an all star team really keys kind of sadly you're accepting. That I. Lastly also a drug to never get some guys that gore runs you'd be like upset that he. Got it last. Yes yes. So on is set a guy who selected less in the NBA all star in who was voted or someone who has never played an all star game. Supplement MBA player. NBA all sort put double and he also he's also as our conference and he Kauffman and their guy that he culture puts up MBA all star they could make it in the jungle. They're not an error. The draft. Only reason to draft to. On its own solved. And I love the NBA in the gossip high school mentality a lot it's juicy a lot. In no no league does it better than the NBA in that regard might not specially because reversible. The draw like they do in the draft of all the players there they showed a toll and does it should who's gonna get out anyway. This damage you don't think so it's not just that were instead read it while it's don't on. And give the guy who selected last on each team. He gets to donate a 100000 dollars to the charity of choice. Due to some OK but. Eighty eerie you know you don't wanna be slacken eras and you don't want to be last and it's it's gonna be an impossible position to beat and the pressure agrees. Bert Roberts government approval you think he cares it's their guest has become last who's who's more embarrassed do is pick last of the NBA all source or Romberg who's ever come close to making the owner of a third team alternative I don't care. Care Mair. Shot and seriously. Its own we can't sort came to picking up on the playground did your mobile carrier team are now. While I was always want better kids were on basketball Ozal is on the market. He kind of forget it was really good bass player. Is always better kits. Was always athletic mode when the other sports and when you believe that's the medical and how much I believe with enough. Like he's he's sitting silent night you're rolling your eyes. That's what charity via charity. To let me and I've always seems out of a basketball ones as well as it was after yeah the joy new joy and it's our little basketball work and how that. A bad now. I better not to play him in oh I'm better now than it was. Two years ago we made that tape yes of course yes the reader puts it that that's not good or you guys on the basketball when he sub document. He's terrible man and no amount of clearly no way and I. Do you think it was charity and played high school basketball. And who we need to like it. Pick you think it's charity. I think you're dormant might have brought the ball that's probably why they do you I was the one who literally gotta learn big Symbian meego is gonna take his blanket legally what are you I'm sure you worked your ass off I'm sure you were today that. I am extra hustled a stroke sheer Hampshire chill out hustles all marched so much hostile while diving tenacity pads. I'm sure your chemistry guy glue guy. Additive well so it's it's our Beagle got a number on the floor again I mean Utah is the glass is glued to the seat. Did you see Udonis Muslim. 30 it was a whose it was something to do with with the hear him and catches it that's why I'm here man. Just like the Dow is kind of accepted like that'll play anymore. Just out his soul was he may make amends of men over Miller and what he's making two mill at league minimum for veterans probably couple million. Good gig. Always got your headlines gets the NFL playoffs next.