ZRA Part 1 1-19-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, January 19th

Baker Mayfield loves Miami, NBA All Stars, Kiko Alonso interview


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Trying to get bullets. Odds and amber is 8 Friday morning in the nineteenth morning. January. Every morning good morning Romberg morning's news and good morning or good morning. We guys championship games in a couple days this a fun weekend for the NFL. To you right now are on the burgeoning plummets. Why not by the way you look grainy bubble what you're doing right now the both you cleaning the microphones and Obama is. During you know worst kiss he is using us ruins you would knock the crust off his lack of on I was just using hand sanitize or to try to. Clean that thing in a stock pressed on. Bag I can't do this again. We what does a couple of years ago I can't doodle Michael fountain is going to witness for the entirety years I worked there. Yours are the heir Robert Souter on the air both you make me wanna vomit I mean and look at its alleges that talking to him I just relies. Obese left com was launched before when modest young lest I really don't in my experience. Yeah I really don't understand it's Howell. We were right in east or whomever it is ceases here I saw picture be sitting here an obese that's why we're chairs all jacked up. Leary sits here I don't know of any real secure after nearly right. Americans Perkins let's go hurt is a corporate does anyone hasn't person chunks all of the might the final time. And they wrote it was I don't Wear a rule was sometimes they use the hooligans as every night with 30 I think sometimes they're very Jackson as the night here and there regulation. Beasley has tonight here in there Greg Liggins didn't strike me as chunks on the microphone academy and Tammy either. Seems cleanly yeah. We need in a B and now we stereotyping there we might be stereotyping why is that well. He looks clam it just seems to cleanly do I get says he comes in after me just doesn't doesn't seem to be growth speech Sunday father's spirits and I am he comes on the eleventh. And I can tell you that he's doesn't have food with them only notes and show maturity he's he's respectful the radio medium where he's does he seem like a consummate professional yet it seems a row row. So I'm I think he's a hawk yeah I'm gonna knock Greg likens off the list of all is that call for I mean odd couple it's ideally LeRoy hoard is eating in front of my front every single day is right incentives and with the spread like LeRoy comes in here fresh market whatever that Alec who's who's whatever they got a problem on there how does he's split why is it's sprayed all over the microphone is LeRoy LeRoy Andrews talker. And yet do I'll walk out. I do so wrote me talk and an all white down and Mike Brown it's discussed. Not really don't wanna eat yesterday's once. Yeah are you wanna call it today yellow and not enough item let's in my bones fine I'm good must remember we don't you listen anyway. I do listen although I haven't been listening to you as a much lately I. Bosh is a direct your face I feel as well most judges tell I was and human and OSHA gives his what are you doing wrong lately to tell me how. And I just been really busy illegal or lately and I I've I've haven't been able to doing while listening today it's been the time illegal work day in a tasteful concentration were too distracting. And very light out loud show is very much. Either way two guys that can axis and in my files on the computer news. And you know you can't accessory or in the wrong place and I I don't know but but they I don't I don't know the point days. And more can you sir for thirteen years righty keeps switching things up noses make a lot of sense what is NASA keep feel unimportant. Let's let's let's call space native now they are a long time like you surged things out. Those are things out. I think that maybe they also might be able to adapt idea I mean it. It's kind of a rational to think that technologically things are going to stay the exact same engineers here for 25 years you think nothing's ever gonna change. So is now nine years trying to help me get stacked at files that any get stuff learn one of the most atrocious but notes I've ever seen in my life congratulations once again needs a whole process here. Continues. I'd like you might be another thirty years of near here for another thirty years you think that the same computers and in prettier face. No it that's flying into a fight in this easy. It's easier than the creepy that is why now and into Coleman's grandfather in my hallway the series that are but he as we welcome the hall. I think that picture and you removed and replaced by Jonathan Sessler actually act out your own now you know. That's also on restart my computer love that. Those of you have no idea Robert talking about which is everybody who doesn't work here. There's a closer to this gentleman in the hallway moments grandpa bill passed away Ron Burgundy and so our studios are dedicated to him because he worked at her mom fervor or not and it Rami worked at. These rescissions are very long time was an engineer a believer and I don't want the studio is dedicated to him and that's considered. Well he has to be our next studios and LB I don't know examining dogs no go over all these I'm sure he'll kill a year or OK we're really studios early in the year I don't think you think we're gonna be personal and museum at the progress on the hysteria little will be in the studios maybe twenty at 21 Saturday and then by the time we get in there anything go wherever Lima studios the way things around there. And their dad's not necessary I'd rather a you know you wanna you wanna dedicated wing you know an American Airlines really drowned champ Valium yeah yeah. Yeah I do play can be valid that can't you know it's easier and killed just respect. You know c'mon. They're two of the three chances on the part of the deal what you want to dedicate some and and I'm not saying that I have to about able going to dedicate some things. Come. You think the season ticket holder feels that he's part of the two or three championships as well how does it did seem image and you bring. On wall I mean personally its first question got asked. Did the it did coach tell that seasons he holed that his policy and murdered and he's got asked him I I want I want them together another gums I think we need to retract that statement. We are we asked photo Maria spoke and spoke on the gave us the pause. I know we asked him any said bought the team. That's we passed so I don't know like had a conversation in the stands and we can have a whole larger conversation. Totals eight. Get back to the and that you and you know goes so last night. I am I'm flipping around the on footer on the TV. Amman trying to find something to watch. And I stopped on a fugitive would Harrison for. Which I find there is no chance. That I will ever change channel if the fugitive is on my holds up like this tournament oh my god it's 88 besides that it's so good it's so re watchable. It's it's it's one it's it's maybe the hot movie. Is that I will not. Change the channel. If it's on its so easy to stop the other day that everyone has movies like that. Everett who has laid out there will not change if it's on you'll pick up wherever it is in the in the movie and for me the fugitive is. Probably at the very top let's movies so good and it's so you it was a while man U it's from beginning and Arnold and yet I caught it like in the middle. Cardinals at school. Sub on this their ego. I was slim coming into a different time or bring in reinforcements. You know was as a doesn't know how to restart computer properly. You got a movie like that right they're gonna few movies like that and then I tried to recreate the whole number I was super excited of back that I got to watch a movie from beginning to end the other night. Bremer or this or watch a movie. Try to do again in the Internet Benjamin button. And realize that it is two and a half hours and that's well that's a year they use you as an able to do again you a couple of hours that you're able to kill a huge issues and user I'm Benjamin ball first forty minutes that I was watching it I kind of realized that I said that to myself a tournament and I've been here for forty minutes on bothered. And I picked Benjamin button to watch this is the moment I'm doing right now with lies we're ma'am. That's where that's where you go on with an odd time for two and a half hour on moving our our program about another ten minutes in you know the. I'll solve on the fugitive every single time every single time it's on you get togethers does. Yeah guy gallery and now. The price is averted Mario and. Yeah maybe some pulling up on a port on the computer and I wouldn't crash shall its aerial show researchers. He added don't don't don't dominated human job. We don't know my movies never ending story that's the way I can't turn on. This writer brought you what are some EC never ending story though among big play and I really pride event. My. Elbow. You may all know I'm not kidding you I think it's legitimate question is thirty years what's legitimate is the movie in a ball and moving and the characters. Never ending story holds up on from the time your four. To the time your 400 yards I believe it holds up because the special effects are you know our style right so that's old. They're about as good as Star Wars is to sort of fusion exit action thriller. Normal quality of graphics. Star Wars the original Star Wars or yours before hold up the ferry planes in the straight spaceships. Run them through galaxy trying to really it's planets. I guess part of that is I guess more that could be true. Although although although they did they did read they they did remastered. Those movies like they excel below Brohm. Flying dragon. Looks like a puppy dog legit giant turtle. Midget the giant turtles great phenomenal phenomenal. Cinematographer Tony right now would never ending stories about. The plot to never an excellent way right now about a it is way beyond this time there is is about a boy who's getting bullied at school who hides in a bookstore. From the bullies ends up talking to the bookstore owner who's reading a book at that time which is a very special book. Tries to entice the key to good get the book and read it because he's a reader the kid goes and gets the book. Runs to school shows up late goes up in the attic and hide this or treating this book skipping class. And gets way involved in the book and balls in too deep into the never ending story now. It's not Fred Savage Fred Savage the kid reading the book from princess bride rights in our current high and you know you never ending story. But it's a long time and those two movies are based around a kid an old man don't do an old book. So isolate get I get that Arcandor area there's a little bit of a similarity is. A good story for kids I mean isn't there for a movie for kids it's really cares I feel your sons or not to watch that's us. I don't know I I think I think the special effects are are probably so dated that it's gonna lose my son's attention. Every time I see the rock biter kind of get a little worked up about the rock article too much rock might as very very take. And then snail together right dispelled sales to superpower front. Zoom really breaking down never you know or perhaps it's like wizard of laws leave out to watch was in laws right now who could probably be a rough one no I watch series only sold out. It was on TV Erie is joining us are remastered survivors are gonna and it holds all told not. Not bad the facts not my. Nevertheless. Still appreciate of course it's pretty bad yeah that's I don't know that's the whole I don't know. Up to retreat present you with a cute little princess receive for world. And that's how you find out that's what she says. ASEAN and ideas I just remember saddest scenes cinematic history is when you know the horses drowning and oh my god. Barrels in the swamps the suddenness. Girl's team. A beautiful white horse stuck in that mop. Trying to get away from. The nothing indicated so sad it's really a bad scene is wrong when your camp c'mon boys who are tax. Our techs. Could. We women. Know. Acts. Malia and genocide just caught it opens it and it's it's it's a sad seeing a home improvement that's sad scene. I don't wanna serve predator or are. Nancy the fugitive down his watch in Mike and I know he's gonna wind up on top and like any catch them on our man and then in the end Tommy Lee Jones believes them. He knows he's innocent. Great and all of and you remember the ending like if it's a funny thing with the fugitives like oddly more doubt firm also manipulate L but they still kill his wife. What's old is murdered his wife and happy on her computer watching infusion dealer owners and our man classic movie c'mon now. Ortiz hit a spoiler alert it's it's a remake final TV show so I don't think the regular season. He's out read our what do you I've. Return it to a huge department what's the Smart do you like Jones why does he like easily and that we are numbered years and he's about. Yet a movie imports about us now. Cross the gas terrorism towards about a student like you know Harrison portrait is a major actions are you don't like a goal Indian you know and tonight you know is he he wasn't crusty on us again. Does the definition of an eight is the early and I relations Tom Hanks is when he's fine considered solid didn't Donald I would not want to production solar. Didn't just do that you're you're gonna hearing here isn't the words on the man's organs is a whip around the president Ford has all Harrison Ford was gorgeous and huge accident action star when he was young. Mean Harrison Ford it was imports Augen 20/20 five years ago every role that we Neeson is doing was Harrison Ford 100%. President Ford is the all time great actors start. Gotta be a good fighter and to be a good action star what here's the thing they they made it unbelievable like he was a it was a regular dude in college he was. And as he's Indian jobs. But except in the Indiana Jones movies like. He's he's a regular dues sometimes NASA flight. It or make him like Jackie Chan who who has the better actions are because Steve is the goal is like legit bad ass with with credentials bizarre cloud and then is a bit of a fraud. Some but a big some of your feet tall jumper and a good book or some four. And damn is it redoing you don't like it that you're calling down god and am from little less generous fighting accolades let my posts are actually I actually knew how to fight with a double and it's kind of phony baloney I was actually like illegitimate black Bellman lovable hoping said the east sea gulls the one as the actual credentials. Also calls about motor scooter. Why not put more egregious lie a 100000. Pound Elena continues community. I. And John plug and am taken to whack. It's easier tell me van dam was not was not a real your tough guy freaking minds started. Martial arts at the age of ten. Let me let it be Miller time wasted do you is. He had joined to the Yankees. Let's see it looks kick boxing karate. He eventually earned his black moment Friday the age eighteen the he was also in the mr. Belgium body though he won the mister Belden bodybuilding title he was also bodybuilder. Bath he also took a ballet at the age of sixteen months on out and play. And then he later took up Taekwondo and and my type of Taekwondo relief premise for their picks and what's ballet and ballet is obviously another let my time. Great you know I would go to. Lot more or actually my eyes and I would noise and I think more thoughts do you practice I mean it sounds into. I didn't remember and I'm proud. It sounds on slide one it was eight or is a a real you know blow real bad ass always was out today and that has been portrayed as bad as that really isn't that tough. Mean Chuck Norris was a real bad ass right like he was Tom Cruise. But I don't know what actually thinks it's Tom Cruise no lose. You know like that the tough guy you know it takes its contracts Israel as a product don't send me I'm being clear. If Jon Claude van dam we're Stephenson golf gods will fight in real life I think we believe they would be able to use. That the training that you see in the movies. They know that's a big use it in real life and that's on talk about that guy like Chuck Norris was like dead terrorists on talk about the guy who. It in in the movies portrayed is like this you know martial artists who is it's phony baloney. I don't anyways cheaper to raid as a martial artists who doesn't happen. A background in martial arts and in a sound like with van dam it I mean if you did it continuing to read his bio I mean he was a fighter and the values problem surveyor. It seems like I discovered in you don't put into acting and so he was extremist martial artists fighter in Belgium. So I would you have to have that sort of backgrounds of fate the martial arts thing very well as a martial arts career I do think that there's a lot of actors. Like Romberg said York action stars. Like Tom Cruise you are portrayed as a bad asses in terms of actions SARS who are like Matt Damon. Would be another one that's how those colleges and born ready that those Jason Gore's he's a huge bad ass in those movies I can. Harrison Ford is not a real bad Cyrus stars in my hair and or would be another Harrison Ford would not be a tough guy. In real life the same it's always a little Clooney's weaving Claes was about motor scooter. Will undoubtedly one college sang. When used dirty Harry you're saying and what I need only this can really play if you Montreal's Kutcher we use a bad man nobody admitted I know he's pretty old those who was on talking dirty Harry's of these will be younger but. I don't blame no I don't think so I I I think that in I think Denham real life needs to you know installing a truck Bronson allowing Charles Bronson depart order paper Brad. It is guys who really adores surges action star so many Empresa Charles Bronson was probably real tough guy now maybe I'm wrong and I don't think he's tough on now I don't know what about Denzel Washington you think gonzo stuff now now. Schwarzenegger. I'll and so is I don't use my body builder just looks like Munich and look what you managed bodybuilder pounding so Schwarzenegger. Luke for a mil. On the TV show also by the daughter as a guy that lives on Barack garage and in and works out Doug. On dogma. I'm Bronson within the it was in World War II when he was Emma. And in the military pro told us it was a real doubted that stuff in the military getting off base allowing Charles Ross was real tough guy. Now I just don't expect a consumer's eyes you know and you any news legitimately tough eager about coal mining talon and Lithuania. Since it Ali Al real Donald Stephens at all is problematic really claim that he trained and as a result on right to automatic kick out of the from tick then. He claims that. Yes that's he responded to our warmest of because he does that a key to suffer mentally tough fat now still listening got a lot to thank you still do it like I'm I'm I don't. His form of martial arts you don't need to be in the gritty shiver through like form like. It's whatever you give him so for instance you throw punch and hammer you try to grab the murders Eminem. He has the expertise and and and the know how to basically snap your armor break your leg or do something very damaging to my. You don't really have. The ability to fight anymore so that's the kind of guy that I'm not really interested in fighting at all I'm also John it is big man. Padraig with a man Russia and Moscow on the bar at the Ritz is heated during her he looks like he's a drinker I'll. He's just he's a man they had the big goatee and everything going on his with his lady friend. Steve's goal. As it might my hero was marked for death and all imposed moves under siege under siege grades fixing undersea Erica Allen react. Comes out of the cake and choose big Playboy model the time. Under siege great movie Batman Gary Busey was a legitimate human being Tommy Lee Jones is in that movie to north it's good looking chicks man what's the one that he got where he was sick all the it was like paralyzed and one of the movies and and he had to work his way back but the person was working Ambac was a nurse and she was a woman from weird sign. Yeah I mean I get I get the names see you know hard to kill and hard to Carol I mean right and hard to kill makes sense that's the title to movies these many airline boycott or Arnold in the mark to death marked for death movie were Jamaican undersea commands under siege it's a good movie. 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All right sometimes 7 o'clock out singular sport magazine it's heating rockets you are back in action tonight. We'll get to that. And the rescue headlines here let's do want to open. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WSS best. HD true Miramar. The Miami Heat is back in action to nine weeks they take on the Brooklyn nets tip off tonight from Barclays is set for 7:30 PM that means coverage begins right here on the ticket at 6:30 PM with Johnson's out Loews Miami Heat bring games. Governor we we got that cleared up I'm glad we got that all cleared up there was seven a 730 now everything's all working. Yeah yeah some people think thought it was seven and 730 and there we go better. Yeah and again on out to gain time in Miami given tell people wanna do muzzle watch party. You're down there at game time Miami to ninety nets the nets and believe word the loss right before the went on this Ron. That was the last. That was the last loss they also idols like a hundred points but that was to gain and they went on the run and won the next night and seven straights and what are you know they they when a couple of it's a Milwaukee okay find it. The cavs remain a game up on the Miami it's after barely holding on against the Orlando Magic so it's one of fort laughter noted such great collapse. Fourth quarter game last night I knew I was I was in that game I I'd until he does say I don't matter to William and and the cavs who were up by 22. Is. And the magic to hold believed it wins. Like 33 seconds left he took the lead came all the way back beat took the lead it. And he had a lousy call from the officials with eleven seconds left should've been a jump ball and said they called the foul Isiah Thomas the free throw line. Knocks down both free throws. And yeah and it is such a silly finish to the end of that game OK the the magic. They inbound the ball after the second free throw goes and they're down by one and it is gonna take it full court. I understand not using a timeout when your plane in transition. Okay the love that moved by let's let's seal let's go put some ball let's try catch them. All balance but that's that's in transition I mean if you're imbalance in the Bassett. Across our core cult aren't yet orders there is thirteen seconds left well. I don't even I don't even know yet do that I mean years you can you can inbound the ball at half court. It is view. Before you inbound it lately you don't have to inbound the ball view if you called a timeout before the inbounds you can op it's take the ball half Portland and after that and yes so. A lot of times team calls I don't some final play there dig ball at. And it's pretty rare that you have an NBA team have. A shot to win the game down by a points. And they wind up losing by appoints. Andy finished the game with a timeout in their pocket. Frank ball on the magic museum two timeouts in the pocket. He would who. Timeouts. They had a shot at the buzzer to win the game which they should have taken to the buzzer obviously Bay's shot at the buzzer to win the game it was a shot I should have made Albert Payton Lou. But. They did not convert and the game and the French bull go bull will hold on those who timeouts he wants to save him for next. Had he wants and to carry over certain excuse as brutal job is is it's struggled Miller is that stubble bill. LeBron says his team as a struggle now struggled while income I don't know about that city Aaron struggled. Bill. So just name your happy. Tobin dissent hit taxed. John Carlos Stanton. It's doing. Being very strong and Jack. Get jacked out yeah. Students get that diet etc. I have this thing surge or not John pros and bang and it is on his on his answer around and I condone that kind of behavior yankees saw right there. As a work until you've reached your limit its. Her and he is scaring some that are there training looks very heavy not that Libya is not elements of 300 sort of a million dollar contract the limit now. You want another one. Less asserts. Brad James is Seth Greenberg wrote it all star captains. LeBron says he's playing to win this year. Right as opposed to other handling it. This year's a year explained to win. I mean I know so it was is DD game last year was a disgrace what's incentive for one in order to get three or more money side that wins I don't think so I think adding I think it's just about hey you guys are picking the teams now also have some pride because you picked it. From the east to the team is the honest answer to come though Tyree Irving G while indeed and DeMar DeRozan. From the west the team is Kevin during Anthony Davis DeMarcus Cousins and James Hartman. It was a great year this year yeah yeah he's very good or that those are the teams. Those are the players who have been vote. Oh and then they pick them from that yeah those are the teams the teams are going to be selected. And a weak effort on the other to answer it Nancy. Not on T because there's NBA they're so sensitive. Not on TV the whole points in 22 right after. Is to tell lies so people get what that's the arts is so that we can see you pick that's important to. And they're so sensitive it's not to be on dolphins behind secret super secret closed doors to delay the NBA draft lottery. Miso secret. And around when no cell phones and like a law firms and Malia. Not so weak but yes CIT had five guys fives I saw those other starters no matter what those guys out to be selected first. Body does not beat Philly with a conference center on the don't. Now to do on beads and also are. He's not address and greenery anymore there's oil and be eight years ago you were denied by young mom. Star. Is there anything you like to say that anybody on TNT right now. I'm married he should deny me Baghdad and so. Why go we've heard and so I. The past and move on to the next one got the I I think you like to sex all Joseph Fossett. Yeah and re read down on national did see did blacks I got as a bride who's really like it Rihanna and Rihanna didn't really. Throw you read reviews Ghazi rawhide. Yeah I easy she turned him down and so he's he's moved on man. Into his rap yet again in the sport they get success yeah. Yet before they get successful. And then read those coattails on he started the bottom and now he's here and she and one and then so. They got to get back and made up. It's catchy. I injure you better baker mayfield and commented on penny still live and Graham they want to blame Miami. He had some of the house tagging get me to Miami like it. All I get. Now he did go line. Inquire violator and where so backlash just so while it it hit every headline every headline speaker refill when the plane Miami went to be a dolphin. So he went on his rhetoric he's had just jeopardy knows accommodate about playing for Miami because I was talking to a former sooner and Kenny stills everybody relax and play anywhere at Disney chance I go anywhere and strike outlook for France as a member Al gains. But clearly he'd like you be in Miami clearly you'd like to be playing alongside Kenny stills. Pesos the only person mogul in the NFL. Probably not. Was living dolphins. Pretty simple one clip that Muslim Miami which makes entries went through golden Miami one would need but. You know any solid case goes rabbit Oklahoma organized blow the sooner a a body of a invited him on every single have a team on political as well in Miami. It's also. Really gory here. It's cool to hear for once a guy go to the draft and saying I possession of quarterbacks those really you know the and the guys were outspoken. We Iowa I want women dolphins was asked book on talk about anytime they a year ago I was kind of dictating where it wants played always seems it. Quarterbacks this thing is is. I I don't think make me feel realizes that you know the real starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins has been sitting at home because of his blown ACL pain I think he's been seeing Jay Cutler at the Helm for the Miami don't even know that he has a big opportunity or he thinks he has a big opportunity to come here play made. As true. It does not to be annoying variety and a whole. Is there any chance of Golden State am. No I don't think it's going to because it wasn't like a week or so ago or ten miles said he he is completely on phase of the dolphins take quarterback and first round. You said recently Ashe at least hole. Thank you Ryan. The way that a lot of the quarterback play was this year in the success of that. Throw in the mix backup quarterback had this year was some of these teams about getting into the playoffs if you get run channel one of the team might I think about the team would definitely wanna take Ryan. At this point time. The police a copycat league and I know you have your staples and you have your palms and and and and in the other predominant quarterbacks we have holier Rogers sought what premise Stafford to stop that will continuously be where there rat. I think a lot of the teams see what happened this year with wood other teams that had good camaraderie good cohesion great defense if you put a decent quarterback almost franchises I mean you're going to be our. Look this is the year I mean look at the fourteen planes right. This the year. You EL one legends NES three guys who you figure had no business being in the cut and in the championship games corps so this is the year to make that argument. He knows I'm ready had a fake injury to his hands there's not out of practice Doug Brown says he doesn't care has break and probably a left handed if BP. Brady's parents on the injury report has affected the betting line. Pats have gone down to eight and a half point favorite so maybe that's why maybe they may they had some money on the games are there fixes and then hundreds. We have an agreement by repeat some of those got a lot of guys that betting line down. Vibrant image millennium as books that the burglar trying all these stupid tricks victory so confident going into his return to their shock you Shimmy goddess are going on Tuesday delegates the titans to be clear what are the stupid tricks is that let her forget a car accident that day when a friend a car accident and so blatantly cheating. Taking a Brady injury thinking Brady injury and over praise craft that working. The too dumb to fail. The others are back on the ice ice skating with the Las Vegas cold nights the puck drops 7 PM from the AT&T and that type minds. I'd fifteen minutes yet they are back in action tonight and be eaten NBA next. Like 77 o'clock hour disable the fourth bag dignity rockets so don't miss you Q call makes realism and. Fifteen he 'cause as a champion for bipolar South Florida's number orgy truck and SUV customization shopping guaranteed him the hottest for my for modifications in town. Called champion four by four at 7865023446. We're gonna champion for. X four dot com and also by all pro orthopedic. I don't want to read it blew. Retail. Also by all row orthopedic at all row orthopedic and sports medicine it's their job to get you back in the game with more supple on locations there's one near you got all pro orthopedics. Dot com from war in true. OK so. Last nights. At a couple things last a ST NT broadcast that's that I thought were interesting in both them essentially deal the same thing. First thing I'll tell you it is the if I understand it correctly here's how it's gone down. The fan voting them. Was a little bit different this year the fans still the majority safer disorders. But it was a smaller percentage now for media. And players OK who were voting. In the starters. And to those orders. For the Western Conference OK all our. Kevin Durant really any Davis. DeMarcus Cousins and James Harden Kevin Durant Andy Davis Marcus and James Harden one more would leave out there's one more that's four right there. Varied terrain and hardy and Davis and cause it's OK it's a fought those vibrate there toward the east sorters. Into kimbo Irving. And beaten and DeRozan. And on to compile the Q no I said answer to come out work. Yeah O James Reilly James and Brian JSR and stuff curtain that but that was where LeBron James and stuff curry colonel a captain to captain. So those ten guys why. East and west those designations don't mean anything once you voted into the game okay. That the players are selected. Based on east and west but they all are not going to play. On. Teens designated east to west it's going to be a home team and is gonna be a road team okay. LeBron James was the top vote getter so he's captain Andy gets first pick step curry is this is that toppled get to the west so. He's a captain as well and he gets to pick Jersey color. And you know answer back so that's that's the designation. And invade have to select among the eight store owners. First. You know we really boring. Is that if they just slack. They're proper it's. While that is an app the more I concede to Zogby televised because everyone solved by. I hope that's not the case. Or it'll O'Brien. And LeBron his legs everywhere in the east except for diary well OK if LeBron would you named the eight remaining guys if LeBron and the bronze god first. So. He there's no other Cleveland guy okay. There is is former Cleveland he may carrier ring who's available you can't pick him no chain can't ticket no. Hey you can pick him. You get to him first real bond so if you LeBron I mean kind of statement do you think that would you miss them for a service the NB ATV and first getting a burst. Nor evil under a minute and think about this. I think most of it would take haven't Iran versed if he's frustrated. If you are frustrated with IT. And the rest of the teams are frustrated with a million campaign you'd think he would do that in spite Cantu. Enter it into tablet there kind of message do you think that would send it could be him saying he's getting his knees and say I miss you yes lets you can't you got your own Rondell White you know LeBron has do he wants the plays my height every. Don't be like look I was sure the rest the world that there is no bad blood between us I'm picking Kyra dream left good he doesn't want to play little broad. And would have would say I'm going to be televised regardless. Irises I passed Jimmie tell us what it does seem now like apparently these reports that the carry trade broke the trust LeBron had any trust LeBron had left in the cavs organization it's all flipping like. He's used in the Tyree trade as the out route for him leaving in the subway that's what he just doesn't like anywhere it means so him select. Dana hi read what needs to tell the cavaliers. Asked out of penetrated him this is why don't we guys here's I think he's gonna pick carrier perspective OK wow beauty. I mean I think you feel LeBron I think to take on to compel of course he's all the rage in the league right now. He's a safe pick I think most people would would go Kevin Durant when bag or James Harden. I do but their but there's the rivalry would look at Don Juan and wrongly and you can't figure LeBron enactment it to rant because there's a rivalry you don't want also say on big EE LA year you're the best guy to bass and they got people they're seeing the rain spell out LeBron would stupid. And then LeBron takes to ran first easy how to. He's the best you can shoot somebody who's been in the league about launch you have to you have to choose somebody yell. And into tomorrow he's the next thing rates so OK LeBron can choose Jimmy's way younger than LeBron an affront not threaten to buy into it to compose our. If you wanna talk about mind games okay. You're you're selected Anthony Davis first okay because it's pay. This is the kind of guy wanna play with Cleveland this is who you should've gotten. Andy Davis is a guy who I would spend the rest Michael rear with. If you want it to the mind games type stuff. So glad that that's needed to have no Brock. Yeah this is fun and it's not gonna tell us so ridiculous. So that's how it's gonna walk our stuff curry are there any pics here from stuffed curry that would be content you could make it to rant because of their race and you just go Broncos fans to come you taped rants. Pretty pissed about it dig direct and edit your query is gonna lead to rent sitting there an addict addict is a little bothered that. Pelicans get to all star starters. The two games or voted to end Bo Diddley he can't even sniff getting all the sniff getting in and our fan vote out late like this is not the part to pick on the voting across the fans vote in the sparked. But look at past the pin that you know that these are getting on this team the one guy that leads me to the next. Instinct thing that hurt us not OK so but that's got there those disorders the teens are pretty 825 the reserves are. Who mainly voted by the coaches coaches and players the reserves are going to be selected on the 23. An even higher pool of players for LeBron and curry to choose from but they have to select among the eight store owners first there. Dexter rates and how would we know who goes spurt to to to points are even you know how published else I would tell us all please tell us. We saw Lehman they don't tell one assaults so I'll tell my candidates. Was a point draft yeah yet what I can now tell us that's the order that things went and that they're zero point sucks you for forget. You know. Easing to the fan base. What about just the sure sponsorships are the gonna possibly lost on the CME could lose a bunch of money on this. One of Hadley he'll ma'am. You what you would figure that you love you professionally yeah these guys are sewn into his goal that they can't deal oh wait. I'm getting married meeting takes an onion and start value and professional manner. Yes it's not being picked last in the playground well some of the kids saw like you you voted as one of the best players in the league everyone else who's not the game. His weight lying to you select it's it's really unbelievable. You guys sensitive that you can go to that at that level super sensitive. So that exploded existing mandate thing that I heard us on walls watching sixers and Celtics I'd I'd give up on that game obviously is a terrible name them Irvington line six has killed them. Anyway. Kevin make payroll. And Reggie Miller there on the broadcast Marv Albert last night and they're going through you know who they thinking getting in as reserves and whatnot. We were on Goran Dragic is ahead in our. It on his hip last night as Carroll and and Reggie Miller. They were on his hip last night. And guard drivers never made an all star closer to full range kind of guy. Never made an all star team. He's having a great tutor people some people hate this guy decent people they Goran drug we knew. It was trading him for years ago saying how horrible here yeah overcoming also not in there the reason he's he's been moved and he number one. He was in he was in a Phoenix and his starting are stuck with Syria be sure and until he Tran he's some trouble towards a guy like Goran Dragic and why is dopey he fan as he can't think Desi and the air -- Sox really we're doing. Everyone else thinks he's one of the best what does an MBA yeah Adobe candidates Booth took Adobe and things Riley sucks that I. But but anyway so there they're put together who they think can get in and they were on gore on drugs is hit OK they think try it should. It is. Going to get in a big think he is they think he's going to get in here not yet on and it's it's questionable he's having his best year okay. He's a he's already won 2 Eastern Conference player of the week awards. And and if you wanted to just take a quick peek at that because that's a DC and gauge as to who's playing well. Like that should be something that you look at only he's won it twice. Only 1 player has 1 Eastern Conference play that we support three times and that's DeMar DeRozan users voting is a source without taking spot okay. And then it. Goran Dragic. LeBron James and doctoral depot are the only guys who won it twice the bronze already voted to start and it don't people's lot. To get voted by the coaches he's going to take a wonders or spots the only other guy. Who has been voted multiple times conference player of the week. Is corn products. That's got to speak for some. And who were going to be the guys who is big guns is an old egos getting in all Tebow is a lot he has to get here's. The votes it's seven reserves free for the east OK 3M or forwards to it regards. And two wild carts okay CM between two and possibly for more positions to. And as many as war. One of the slots going to throw deep. Another spots go to Bradley Beale. So I think that Goran Dragic Hassey counts on one of those two wildcard spots going to him. And so his competition we're targeted the way I see who's this year he's this year coach or player vote and carry the reserves are you so. Your hole and cultures it is implanted knowledge has coached gets the vote yeah and then the team the players themselves popular votes of Jimmy to vote number for each team. I won't know why I don't know how that works for the players and housing team wrapper every player votes I don't know how that. But it's coaches. And players vote in the reserves that's on. And it would talk about the competition video to walk hard spots. And ending corn dog its competition has age on wall. And speed and Simmons out quite expensive ends up the list because he is a rookie OK and because the sixers are under 500 team. Right so I I I think drug which gets ahead Simmons since Jimmy also for a thousand years all right Andy well. But he rookie this year I don't use your priority in on the U well. John Wall is the one that you got a look at. This sport's taken one a sponsor and draw but here's the thing. The wizards deserve to all stars when their one of the bigger under achievers in the league and a behind the stand he's also been hurt as question and ask. Jumbled great Donald a lot better than Goran Dragic but there there you know. Season wires. John Paul seems major under achiever so foreign here Adam. So that's that's of these guys have doesn't bounce ideas are gone down the wall and dropped. I did not as Jewish guy their player walls must replace much. By the heat having a touch users these cops. Britney and on the east maybe Toronto and he just beat so I don't. I'll. Be nicer Goran Dragic as he really strong week. Leading up to address what did he used to go on this guy he was just what are we keys most recent play of the week that's that. Also the next game and an extreme right after that wasn't his. Bass and it was the same thing last time you want at the next game out after winning it is an issue a 25 and Tony two points since then no. My game I am in the game right after he won it both times. I died were poor performances by him I have to look out anyway. EU just won the most recent player of the week that's good that's fresh in mind if you're one of those coaches and but strong anti strong game tomorrow hopefully that kind of cements. Case because they're apt to vote the next couple days. I think that's what it comes down to and it's adding it's draw your chin jaw mall. Financial blows out to do the wizards deserve to guys when they're behind in the standings who'll not had any. A TI ask yourself. And I think he deserves someone. A more biased. That's true. People also next yeah you a lot of us Yemen. Liberals think I am sorry image that are hears us and so we obviously he's out LA or he's on California so you know it is trying to move on right now here's. Here's what I ate ears are I think we should do. You handle this human to do wanna. When you hand this is yesterday you were terrible OK okay yeah yeah terrible. I'll give you a chance you your friends. Are you think you are out of college are playing Pete you called you called judge on Clinton he had a rough day SA and people it's about seriously and back were you happy he's Williams. Who. No he doesn't what was his favorite sleeping bag right and then you out to them out there was this fear or comedic heats up in a sleeping by. It got Ugly Betty we've only had him on the shelf like four years. More work together share comedian. Trip where the comedy troupe where obviously the measure hostile. The worst comedian you've had to go with a can actually knows this is why zero. And we know that it's my daddy Jackson loves Joseph arose in his interview skills are so ugly sentiment armor and and doesn't write about you I am homage drugs or should shots have had the Giroux is take it through his career by. I might. My lead here that before they cared about head injuries so I don't know if you win so that means Mel Oka and there's any good withstand impact definitely I. Is that Jackson though does not give you any credits. And eagle on your friend. This good opportunity when you take the reins here OK we'll do this. You giggle and so was he played my pleasure to the words broad tanks and board shorts and I had a good time is it up there right now it is what it is man is he's probably is rushed out the club to at 330. Million or not. Eagle wants on Romberg next time. We're joined by Kiko Alonso dolphins linebacker in nearly humanitarian I don't know there's something new. You've been doing nor I know you've been in Puerto Rico for the last week or so. Tell me what's going on with what you have going on if you're a real nice thing going on throughout the throughout the season raises some funds are now during the hurricane armor trauma. Yeah world knows you better kin have been right all right for the first era leaders. Pan am now. We decided to even plants are located like gated. And use our platform to raise money and we'll. These charcoal we actually got a local local what you wanted UK the only guy Lawrence is cute. So we put through money into. Certain supplies dealers. Yet this year mourners Saturday reserved it. Gory going to two two areas that are you root. Here is maybe done even their breached by anybody. At. I'm never been living room and water. Diapers and I think most importantly that and you know as a pixel a couple of lights. A little mentions. Underground to the moon and it. Life or Reuters Susan. Soon didn't. We we saw a lot going on even Good Morning America that they had something about one of the schools in Puerto Rico getting electricity for the first time in months and we saw the excitement from the kids and teachers and some that's been on ground zero who's been over there. And and you're obviously you grew up there so you saw your hometown basically getting demolished. What went through your mind when you went over there did you release were you happy or what was the emotions you're going through when you're there. On an. My dad looked I Wear my. All right and this and that we can learn a lot a 100 where earlier. That you know can go to division I DC. During the season convention. He earned number doesn't do. Lupus does great money so it was a hard hit them though there are. No way to you're associated. It's still a mystery garden pupil. In their brought this time mr. there's limited it's. Ordered protection. Murders so long doing you know there's no one posts there you. Our most devastated. Yeah I've that was one of the things are really come Meyer is the fact that like it's one thing first celeb or professional athlete to raise some money and basically. She money over there but but to summit that actually got on a plane and went over there and and was there in person and helping people being hands on I thought that was just next level must that's basically. One of the main reasons why I wanted to go and call you and and and let everybody know insult for the most of football season was over with Kiko Alonso to just go back to a the West Coast are going on board shorts and broad tanks. Yeah actually went over an hour and did some pretty remarkable things with a lot of good. Humanitarianism that I'm not only he did it put a lot of the community that support the Miami Dolphins and support you go on soda. It is. Does hunters are doing so men feel like. No we do know going into this site. Places where I broke there was artist motorcycle. It's going to be especially true there with our cars. An immigrant stay. You know people people have great support into our there was another car I leave it there right. Right SOS Richards who broke the great. Registry keys are brought general partner we've entered our churches know trichet received you know with those great. No part of there's a regardless she's so cute quote usually post more of them sure sure sure you don't care care about them. I don't know if it's a feeling was over there that that we were still. Not helping them or not worrying about them and I know president trump is probably not the most qualified person over there as well also. But what is the actual emotional feeling or GAAP I guess you could see feeling between between the main land in and Puerto Rico. He I think it varies you know I don't want you whatever action grateful. You know I do most pure auction record for our. Hello do you leave it to see him Pinochet's story. They reduce their debt it's still a devastating military go to received when you have WGC. You personally in terms with the dolphins got going are we see a lot of coaching changes happening are Yugoslav same linebacker coach this year what's the story there. Blue. The most terrorism. Who aren't really good Booth. And I don't know sort of. What what on a personal level in terms of the way you played this year your performance going in how do you think you go lawns and did this year. As opposed his personal with adult. Moon moon distinct honor him. We look at ignorant and think you know on the you would include those donations sits on tour. You are the citizens murdered her. So you're in any of these games this weekend are you just totally not interest him. I'm not only watching. Europe starting November during the those missions so as we missed an expert there really impressed. I thought we got back in time can Cutler the end of the second game so this may receive decorations in the Serb. You're also a big mixed martial artists and boxing fan as well legacy from a lot of posts on your NC grams of food. Who's your favorite guy now and in and I know there's another USC coming up pretty soon. My favorite. Or it. The heavyweight become as an obvious normalized. The judges doesn't mean everybody. Demonstrated together besides the UQ it is so there. So what's their plans right now for for your offseason is it just basically training her is a relaxing at this point time. You know them them account wearing maybe young star chamber of them acute challenge to. Melissa money or where it stood very pivotal day care that you served or murder. There's a website you can give us right now that we could put out there that it's gonna Wear and help out Puerto Rico and raise some more money form. Yeah were there's a link. My instant. I believe Osama Twitter. Moment where outsiders. There's our church had troops there at all on the procedure gored to Pluto. The beautiful book important ago. Somewhere in April that it previously. Is horrible link. And my social media accounts. Thanks for coming on this morning man I'm I'm really looking forward to to see what's going on here with the Super Bowl Morrison's playoffs and not again. Out on the back definitely for for what you've done in Puerto Rico on not only just sending funds over there but also going over there physically. Being on the ground handing out water and lanterns and solar powered. Light systems and that's that's just next level stuff man I really appreciate that. Wrong move does does does he we're go take care of. That's my main Kiko Alonso take. Perry Jackson will be back with the headlines and a few minutes.