ZRA Part 1 1-3-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, January 3rd

Zaslow falls asleep during massage, Canada Night at the AAA, Life in the cold


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Like the morning everyone that's around to emirates Wednesday morning to the third morning of January. Payrolls in the morning hey good morning Romberg mourning dove told me and he's good morning to you what to do act. What to do to. Sold. After the show yesterday. I need you guys help here after the show yesterday. By the by Wentz and I got on saute chicken massage at the stress they hope passionately and name. Now knows couple's massage and operating a steroids are built in excuse couple's massage cheaper one man now knows couple's massage a case sides be on the good behavior. So we you know my wife is all because the schools aren't aren't back yet that's next week the schools go back. So I say I had a eight couples massage with my wife schedule yesterday and went and it was good and everything oblige. I I need to know. AA if it's okay what I did during the massage okay. Because I'm a little bit embarrassed into during the sought to you know no blood but that's a that's guests okay. I am I'm. Can't stand. Know that the only god does silent again happened ultimately it's easier to option that does there. Is have to be used the pants all I I don't know there's any good news that play that that is so that it's so embarrassing and it's a case it has to be pretty common Clemens again. Aroused during them not you could enjoy yourself that's that's not that's not. Appropriate and all going fortunately flex loser here you're are not being able adult controllers are you going bare ass every dollar you know. No I. Didn't know now my life even asked me before it went in if you buy if I usually goal. You know without my on the war on us it on television probably goes topless woman just wears a bottomless and just nannies he had yet but no I really I never Wear any cameras BA yeah while it's there you go nuts on the IE I Keaton argument or yes absolutely bomb. But anyway so. During the massage. I believe this happened twice. They'll sleep. Oh yeah store little bit. Yes wow I had gotten it colonel massages as well with my boyfriend where he falls asleep in hand snore is called and he doesn't know in order. He doesn't snore otherwise. But so for some reason we're gonna sides and it falls asleep and start snoring like crazy those around me nuts why I don't. I I thought like I don't mean I don't know I don't know. I thought maybe maybe it's it's all award for the ms. sue them muscular gratification it's like your new strippers given your lap there it's and you don't get a pants that's like. You're good man and you're missing them aside its own and never honestly during the south slacks they got one of falsely put. You know because he has such good at you know. But I guess it was too good karma so few times. What I. I catch myself snorting my wife told me no boring game normally when Christmas is or isn't just a little bit he's I don't really Korea. Don't know why I tried not to I I I tried to play at all few jokes have figured hey maybe no one knew there was snort that I was that I fell asleep. To the applicable to our and the white told me afterward that I fell asleep a couple times and I was snow warning and she had the Holden from laughing. Through I just wanted to lap. I've laughed. When it happens and against the misuse is also started laughing really when my boyfriend's been soaring. Yeah I was I'm I'm John better now. I was embarrassed now amassed a slightly embarrassed par for the course were there points she was as you say to be that she was also than waiting to say did you did did you two. And she said she was waiting for that to happen. She. So yeah. But did not happen. So think gosh I'm definitely at the I can't say never because I don't know and opposed sleep and I did it right on I've never been totally awaken in them before and I had my masseuse Tellme. But there's been plenty of guys got a break. Just really all you out there in the sense that stops us. And I can't control here that's not that is women and their entire lives controlling their flatulence. That's not there are trying to know what is meant the day we can't control you control dotted caddie here we want to know you just have the luxury end of not having zero Aden. Liability. So you never had it you've never had a massage where you roll over onto your on your back. And also when you start raising the flag on our little bit you know she know it's so bad. All the time. Has to have the best thing about a woman is a nobody and can tell I've rolled over before I'd bridges. You. Or given a heads up on literally. See what it did guys I guess I did Everglades and even know it doesn't do that thirty says happened while blade yeah I just I had to say funny things sometimes here on this morning so I didn't I I didn't have to I don't have to feel embarrassed I know and yeah. And number exited the barometer of when you should feel embarrassed him when you should not know you just think it's something that. It happens a Romer did just reveal the U that he often roll over and it alerts the masseuse to his pants tents. Bridge what do you have to alert her legs and big she's gonna see it. They usually hold sheet for you as you turn. And then you kind of role and as they leave she'd backed down eleven no bridges out. Bridges. Texas if anyone else lets them know the bridges up at 974. Does anyone else let the masseuse no like Robert does that the bridges up so they are not caught off guard. And I Celtics and owner be mortified. If that happened on I'd I'd be I'd be so. So mortified. If that happened to me. We are your options. One way we want when a little bit. Eight yet that I'd I have tomorrow but sometime it be like god does goods don't you know we must act today. We got from what I would do that vote or use us for the heads not flip over to do just that middle and it was a has not at all when you take care in the middle and and you work on the rest as well as it was a happy ending here you have the middle massage parlors are you going to Nuremberg. For instance go to the good ones Verizon's. I hi Jason this hole which was harassed yesterday. All asleep and snoring. Now grid Els working on very little sleep I knew I was gonna falsely telling the wrestling and I Hewitt's I knew I was gonna falsely. How do you not falsely Baldelli already hours' sleep and get a massage that in the next morning how do you not false and I knew I was gonna. Well yeah I Don and got a massage yesterday morning these are running on I think 45 minutes of sleep I definitely would have deathly would have fallen asleep. Time to schedule homicides CI I just really you missing in terms not to her sleeping. We added him water fall asleep I'll tell you what else though when you go to the massage place. They should ask you walk kind of music you want. What did you did you notice a balmy don't normally asking old and it isn't just music yeah that's right zen CD yeah corner I don't Harris I don't hear it's. And Robert we legitimate not always does when I was younger eager in this deal and I'm asking you your your your option for music. She gets a listen to what I want to we want them to play Pearl Jam is or massaging I don't know maybe. But something else a little while Letterman like Alec the. And the speakers as your getting rubbed down you don't think the worst thing maybe I do wanna listen Metallica lawn get run down on the one hand. Like it was what I want. It's almost it was liberating experience a spot music is supposedly in the proper mind to relax a clearly it worked so bad but I am glad Mike. A warning and he's going here. Bluetooth and like porno body and the man to beat down would know that side that I don't want that. Oh. Seems like bad man comfortable from the serious yeah. All heads up hands and to. Bridges up Purdue outages off. All men took the Silva coming through bridges. I mean I wouldn't I wouldn't be able I'd I'd I'd be I'd be so disgusted with myself immediately crazy would it to my bill that matches you gonna like wind it all up. In and then and it's and then they say that and like do they laugh or chuckle. Of course you're looking eagle. We got to get to the awkwardness. Oh man Carroll over that hit the forearm bruise in my revealing always act now you got actually let him know he does and it sure about the situation at every exactly adults and intently is not happening speaking of speaking of which she CSC Rich Rodriguez fired. As the head coach in Arizona sexual harassment allegations I was quite a transitional near our talent that's in I. You received did their Segway into sports and wait for that now we wait for that why why hasn't this happened in actual. Sports yet. That's not surprising I can't believe it's taken this room facility here is a summary outside the facility east said it was Sony is not affiliated with the University of Arizona and everybody had an extra marital affair who. And did but that it was consensual busy. By whom the power of sexual harassment. Well maybe she Sandefur. And it and that he. He also created a hostile work environment. So there ego I think Arizona soda I am an advocate firemen I think there's still pay an alligator and goes the whole lawsuit and all that deal with the dual. And you'd I don't need to be liked the most messy thing Wednesday A yes he fired and yesterday. Different levels of sexual harassment or somethings are proud of being on the wrong. Mother and other sexual harassment on their site as a result. And it's only incredibly difficult approves it then you don't have to pay mean she's saying one thing you seen another what do you do you know to really difficult to prove element of evidence senators from Maria. But I'm I was about com. Barbara policies I mean that's a bit of the misconception that that your company you just you know fire you because somebody just says something I mean much most of these allegations have more. Wait to them and somebody to saying something like went win. Not our thing happen and we were all surprised by that initially and then we came to find out that he can answer yes and that there is actually speaks during years of those rumors and there is Ita some poor cooperation to the stories so you know it's not normally a simple let's just. Somebody saying something with nobody else backing out. We're gonna talk to. Maverick CNET heat lost to. So he's gonna join us the 8 o'clock out what do you like survivor some and misery it's amazing race. He's doing amazing race. I've never seen that show have you ever seen that show murmured. I was a few minutes of it. Yeah you like it's one of those shows I think that died in that show would be cool to go on I don't know why people wanted to on survivor. A life of me but I think Allen would be your Big Brother I don't know why he wanted to SS but. Amazing race I think actually those are furious on cater to their across of people are what's Missouri's no I mean not not everybody is in good shape I stand here on your car but it's like an international scavenger hunt and it's really quite cool. Arrigo. All right so we'll talk show America this morning at the heat action tonight Tim we sort of wanted to work with the as far as the college football on the NFL playoffs this week and that's next. Iowa really got going on here today let's. This is an angle on this and angle on it. You know today is ripe yet I do. Total today its candidate Dave baby it's right for the Miami Heat and it's right. The Miami you're celebrating candidates in nights okay heat and pistons tonight's not really candidate but the airline okay. So candidate today tonight at American Airlines Arena as the heat take on the pistons are right. Are we celebrating those jokers or not this was going to be done on boxing day. Which was the 26 of December which is a Canadian holiday it's like our Black Friday after Christmas solicitor Bedard gets our returns gifts or buys gifts. And if I was in Canada I would move my Christmas calendar to the 26 that way if I need to buy some gift from my kids. Obama 26 low just saves them money yet. So. Candidate Canadian heritage nights and American Airlines Arena tonight did he take on easy tried pistons and we are gonna have oral we do and I go into we have 44. Packs. For tonight's. Heat pistons game Robert are you going you asked him. You might be the only dual Canadian Americans stand in the Miami area so you kind of have to guys. And in my immediate area or or one of on a quick steps up this so Romberg is going to lot easier to flip the coin at center court today right well you've got in there either away. This sure. That's nurture. When they have this exhibit also might get windows on the side it was sort of talking about this so this is. A little homage to our friend Kelli real America who is obviously Canadians not really an homage to him he's he's just happens to be Canadian on the team this is what are. They were doing and in a day literally at ML analytic depth would be doing it to me they do Jewish charities they everywhere I don't Jews on the. No elevated the owner it sounds owner or golf that without makes a little bit more. A good itself. A lot of you know and those who are you I think that's great don't out of Philly but it's. Any Canadian. Reasons because of the Toronto native Kelly Wallace Kelly who cheered because. Hear from Canada so many people like yeah Allen have Jewish knighted. June on the team not just the owner did you only Canadian people I've ever met here you're nuts you don't on his promise me you're not far you're not skip back has tried to separate from -- per year you know and a lot of the Miami will want. Lord I mean it would why wouldn't you already talking about her saying simply Miami. South Florida. I don't know him redo their but I mean connect. People and Kenny for years and years has come back is trying to secede from. Cannot forever was on it happened in America it's element you and your money in your own health care system is so I don't know eastern. Well so many Canadians live down here so many anyway anyway tonight is tonight's meeting airs tonight so we're gonna have a four pack of tickets. Every hour okay and actually will we get 44 packs so we're gonna pick one Alameda twice so we got a lot. Heats executed this morning. And I think Romberg wants to make it somewhat difficult for your own bag this 'cause you want it. You wanna make sure that century tonight's new kid genius and he can be if you can't be far seems to be some real Canadian instrument from proper Canadians and our rights for improper. Yes so. In the 6 o'clock gala do once socially elegant that's sort of a promise to make sure that we get a proper Canadian okay through the turnstiles tonight's. For Heaton pissed and so you wanna make sure you list U don't forget I I is is that it's time okay the first the first option will have a little dude at 615 okayed to earn fifteen minutes each. Dude it's sixers team. And August and folks on the phone here and Steve weekend make sure that your your proper had to be Canadian always got to improper with Canadian branch again it is going to be a proper Canadian sand. Which anywhere below. The Florida belt line. It's going to be a difficult situation because there's not many people in the United States or know much about cam yet stroke but slow down Canadians it has certainly made Steel City were aware of them was you'll banana hammocks on many vote that they may be in town visiting it they're definitely in town because otherwise you would see the Floridians and goodies should get as many as the days go please pack two I mean yeah all over the place here. So each hour we're gonna have a four pack of tickets for you for tonight for the heat and the pistons. So make sure you listen the first opportunity to windows W 6:15 this morning their fifteen minutes he'd Amber's got your headlines. Next. I got a game coming on the Monday it's might be a big game. SEC. That's easy for delegates he's very big game not okay. I don't know if Sunnis buy them a bigger and I don't know Myers bullet for you bomb. I you definitely enjoying never won at sports grill pay check out one of their location in that is on Monday night. Tries what's most famous special gold wings -- told him I'll love mechanic and like wings spreading now I do like wings okay and of course get drink specials present in my hands on the been accident attorneys. Eight hundreds and we're 73 that's 807 or seven. 3733. Years it is cold out. The old 88 is going cold and alana would rather not yet it like this morning was yesterday's hot. Today it was fine united in their mind that it was going to be cold tonight. Tonight is supposed to be and more are going to be chilly bullets are gonna get down to tonight's roads on the run up a polo team is that it's also is back in the fifties song gonna cite the low is 43 degree all mine look today the highest seventy ones of today is really nice and then tonight temperatures dip. 43 and then I heard on our sister station late FM this morning I heard them talking about how the wind sell. Is going to make it in the thirties tonight I everyone needs to be really careful OPEC is really. Careful out there by you were energetic people are dying as it is on a local ski shop just tell me last segment that you're Canadian. No. I dual citizenship Beimel married you as Canadian as it does America and I hate that it does not Al's latest to be revoked on American you don't. Still there okay sure Canadians are anti American worried about forty degree weather. Again Canada day tonight's yeah. At American Airlines Arena and at fifty minutes he would sixers team this morning where a guy like they brought in the cold weather. No I haven't this time a year here we're going to we give you chance it's 14 pack of tickets tonight BI yet have you Canadian knowledge okay for Roberts Lecce in the doors pilots do our it was headlines while ago. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS advanced HD to admit. ARAMARK. These headlines are brought to you. I sprint pace South Florida sprint has the best rises for a limited. Sprint works for me compared to national carrier rates per fully featured unlimited plan scarier features and many differ may need. Air bag an action tonight against the d.s rate has sins James Johnson is question. Hmmm are they gonna have a special patch on their uniform tonight. Pretend today and no chance that's the case then well I am able manner Dion Waiters in just a swindler remain outs. Music is a violent at the scene the Canadian National Anthem. There's not a Canadian team playing the only do that went Toronto's here are older than to say I mean you can't act if you don't Canadian heritage you kind of have to do the anthem don't. Our thanks so now. We're doing wants going to be there is Kelly to a Canadian on the team right be so proud. Sow hat they should sing at Israel wants out would be a good day he's on the cynical should sing it's. You remember the words that he should sing. A buffer American Airlines Arena as a force 7:30 PM. Eric's bolster says his son Whiteside is not want to play again if he takes off his need seriously is diagonally the magic this weekend this year is spat. Or he's not going to be out there. It really can didn't have discomfort we expect that especially guys wearing an ankle brace or K okay. For some time to do with the couple's new. He's going away yet yeah. Non negotiable. As my and he practicing his background and background that's on the practice court. A day like it stimulate Hassan Whiteside aids. Tolerance for being on comfortable. Very high enough to assume he's been out for so long and not very high goes like that revenue in the uncomfortable gimmick yeah not very high here's is on Whiteside. Prof so far off a full photo approval not mean how confident is wearing the race card and people skiers this barrier culpable book and also. Who knows move and had to do for ourselves or promised to Mumbai. You listen to the body isn't as violent or get off the planet now he's got to listen to style that studied the body may elicit your dad. Let's go man to brace on its non negotiable. Is really just say the other Palm Beach post this is a terrorism has pissed off a lot of heat players in the past like Chris Bosh early in the fact he made him Wear a brace right. Well because it actually me and Chris Bosh what he had like actual curse on his legs as opposed to stakes earning an at the bottom it's a nice and that's why they did well. Maybe. Dolphins offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen his future with the team is uncertain. My into the Miami Herald. Adam he's hosted a former bears OC Dowell low again oh sweet yeah and where the discussion of taken on a significant workload in the week to week Brian replied. His inner ear reportedly went well you 37 year old worked as gaze his quarterback coach in Chicago in 2015. He was the OC with the bears on John Buck. To staff aren't there you have John foxy what is he was can't. A couple days ago right use only guys that got released yesterday when do we want to associate. And that's common dolphins fans are excited about this once more yes man that's what he wants to be honest. Is fairness fire a year Rosie on a year where you'd. More work and their quarterback. Men feel it we feel that we took his OC a couple years ago me in the head coach. It's the thinks they'll appoint. Isiah Thomas. May is cavs debut and he played nineteen minutes and scored seventeen points now go beat the blazers and I game 127 a one that there you go did you watch in eight games athlete. Although it what it wasn't on TV so I just saw and some highlights in a much it was on T and it wasn't like on here. Com sort of saw highlights but there you go Isiah Thomas he had he had that it looks. If he didn't seem resting your toe pan down in knocking down shots you know diversity on social media to skip meals referred to in his I T team was a record that's. Why would why would anyone believe that. Authorities say. Since its IT's team now well you really and I said that's an even median. I don't know Miguel is 3000 responses immediately demilitarized zone because we don't like LeBron let's look great and it really really isn't it really is genius does LeBron is probably you know MVP this year. And and that ten appetizing as team does this team is that no winning in his career it's on the same. A LeBron also with. Miami Heat or sorry the Miami Herald rather receive two versions of project Wolverine Derek Jeter Amber's sermons plans for the Marlins turned. A profit in the coming years and includes higher ticket revenue from surging attendance while lowering payroll. A potential upfront payment on a renegotiated fox TV deal which is not yet happened. All I want to talk about this yet anybody else because they file a wanna get into this year getting us we need to do the Minnesota Wild beat the Panthers drive to want I don't know no points you know he points that. They'd had their five game. Win streaks snapped I just shuttered all but three Noth and I showed that pay on time Renault and knock on back and is on Arafat now. So and and they lost there they all seemed primer for a few minutes the backup yoga doable right away that's got a war stealing right. Dude that backup goaltender I don't we will put that called itself. He's putting cold okay he's in the middle the second period it's a party to nothing Syria liberal point game where. The next school day you know either either blowouts or you right back did OK so it's a pivotal point game. And he's never appeared in NHL game. So for the very first time. Between the pipes is he most of and his. Our guns and he's probably not he's probably not at least not yet he's probably in financial caliber goaltender okayed eggs we know Longo is perpetually her now this one is career does not play in a long time driver starts every night at Eads could easily well over thirteen games and even really good there in the stretch too by the way. But the goaltender the backup comes in with a couple minutes he gives up goal. And which which by the way I think that this challenge that goal and they won the challenge actually. Or or that happened and then he gave up another goal made it three nothing either way he gave up the goal. And it's the first time ever. Your between the pipes you probably nervous as all hell you're on the road and Andy gill the goal immediately it's got to be such a lonely feeling rights and better for you the only in your resume and spewed only guy there all year. That's going to be a low on the field and rights that's not on no that is not fond. The balmy approached the Palm Beach pro am sorry and time that is ram Palm Beach supposed to reports that fox is likely going to leave the door open inferred Jay Cutler to join numb this upcoming season. All right so. Yesterday the Miami Herald is doing aid they sort of the five horror series. Exploring Derek Jeter's business. And baseball plan will coordinate projects. Which they say he called it that's because he's promised yet. The N and he yeah yes. And so. I just coincidence because of slash and pay a dead as a breed more choices are named who that is there really had nothing there at the size enemy. And really think Allen and this project Wolverine. Which by the way did the commissioner of Major League Baseball said no one had any clue about was not enemies huge flier. And and the immediate heralds the herald's aware of bits and I mean if it was it's very obvious that it was presented to every one so anyway. V the part that stands out here. From from the get go. And if you wanna be pissed all of you monitoring get ready. Because in this project Wolverine and Jeter projects. For 2018 that's this coming season okay. That the Marlins. Make a profit. Model is 68. Million dollars much too small. A profit. Which which the way it the more sort of make a profit of 68 million dollars my guess not to beat me the most profitable season and his street money months mining slush Guatemala. I sixty million dollars is an incredible profit. On a year on on on an annual basis for professional sports and that's incredible profit and I just had to entice investors that's real reasonably good lighting the US actually pleased he's got he's got it's just rejection he's got but he got reasons why projects amended and it's it's not as it makes what money you should buy in the he has the and they got the seat. So 68 million dollars is what he's projecting pretty good Amber's right its projections. Based on some than. And that's got to make moral against his salt before you leave NC Andy did he tales. 68 million dollars it's like. Yeah. Your first year. Owning the team. You can't just take off on thirty million dollar profit and keep John calls stance that's not good enough because the fact of the matter is. That would tell you that the team is gonna make a profit and their. By keeping John called stand and by being not Laurie I'll. Attendance is gonna rise people Monica. Yeah people would come out. But then you also keep. John Carlos stance and you're gonna get some people given you or most people giving you some type of. Period. As known. Are you know is that certainly hasn't happened yet. Think just it's a bit just by keeping John Carlo you think that was the only thing that's turned public perception against the new ownership I think would be much difference it should govern and everybody else and they just have John Carlo yet what I guess. I Sherry and got me you've got a son is now bringing people out to the ballpark. When he had a good line on being not Gloria. What is. Going to bring people up the ball park. And I understand you keep on college radio guys running its prospects in return. Team wasn't good anyway I try and build a little bit for the future. You keep junk policy and didn't you get people out to the ballpark yes it it would not be the massive uproar. That is spent. 68. Million dollars was rejection Al tell you what that when you look at some of the details. Is incredibly ambitious. It's it's it's not even put people some of the stuff. That he thinks he's going to make money off year one and I'm probably speaking Labatt attorney year. But this idea that they're gonna renegotiate. The television rights with fox. And that they're gonna get this huge upfront payments. As part it's renegotiated TV deal why the hell would fox what fox do it acts. They're they're they're bidding against themselves who else would possibly paid for the Marlins television rights Alden fox and it tells adhered to by the way it's like. Us or is all for them to contract. Flocks. Give them any more money that and an end to the lowest in baseball. Why fox given any more money if no one else out there is going to. Make it all first to broadcast. Marlins games what fox. I mean I don't I don't know I mean there's got to be some reason that fox pays. What it does pay. Re an old and it just doesn't mean I doubt that fox can offer them ten dollars. So I don't I don't know how that works with those TV rights deals and I have read up before as well at the bit problem of the Marlins is that no one else's is going to bid. Although I would imagine that that's true though. In a huge majority of markets with fox particularly after the merger we ESPN I mean now I I would amassed even worse I would imagine that most markets are are dominated. By just one TV contracts still I'd add there's got to be some way manner in which that works. To ensure that there is some sort of competitor praising that day. Carl I don't know how that works like SNI Greece the united term but it does make a whole lot of sense to me. And and then these projections. Ticket revenue. And attendance. Other regent street from here okay look this from the herald's. Mall has generated a thirty million dollars in ticket revenue last season. Put project wolverines right projects. Increases to 37 and a half million. In 201840. Point 6000000 and 45 point eight million the following two seasons I mean. How is that even possible. This thing where you are gonna come out of the ballpark. How how was that although I think canary and read that the thirty million of those the thirty million from ticket revenue will only. Let's not only like eight hon. To a sore even though the nationally announce he wants attendance at one point six million Nazis and only 820000. Were paid tickets. Project Wolverine projects that paid figures to rise so so again. 820000 last year prod jewelry and projects that pay figures dries up one point one million. This coming season so Jeter. In his plan thinks that they're gonna draw. 300000. More. Hate tickets this coming season he is high as a kite. Yeah I don't I don't know quite YE he's projecting it that way particularly when they obviously intended to break up the teams I don't know why he would expect. Ticket sales to rise in this first year of ownership in particular I can understand the protections. We're like that three years from now four years from now when they expect to have this team turned around. There there must be some reason but again you're getting worked up over a pitch to potential investors I mean that's not it. And usual. I don't believe for these projections still look extremely optimistic and I don't really know I'm Marlins fans should be mad about that frank and. All the match or would be if he thinks that they're gonna make 68 million dollars this year why are you slashing payroll to the worst in baseball LB deport to easily. Be mad about if your Marlon can't. Except for you won't be mad about it than three years then you have you know I team that's headed in the right direction. Sure you what I mean what Ian that if if in thirty years and I got a team that's headed in the right. Direction might have. Don't cross and because it because a team as profitable for a few years in his ownership was able to be profitable as he had ear resilient and work the numbers and so in four years you got this team turned around and it's. The cubs Astros you would feel quite differently about it but 70000007. Is that that I aimed I don't know what the profitability of of most MLB teams. Is is that is diet and usual 70000068. Million got a really lie I did and what is seeing any professional what adverse. Is what is a percentage of an ounce of what is sixty million to one point two billion though it's certainly not something that they were doing and I had. So that's your return on your investment measure profitability I can't them and that's just a gross number write it I would assume Y I I'm not sure about is does. As wacky as were saying it isn't how much how much would you feel comfortable win. For Jeter projecting too by the way again potential investors people he's trying to talk into investing. In his company how would you like him. Two sports a look profitable as a Marlins they are really comfortable are you a line. And hours and I think. But it all adding that eat these numbers are overly optimistic and inflated it was one to two things is don't shouldn't be selling knowing which pisses me off or is line which also. Pull it why he's not try I mean it's again it's projections I mean there's no hard and fast rule here it's projections it's. If everything goes according to plan this is the Max we think we can make in profitability icu. That and you go to Bosnia seven million this year with a mightily to him. I'm not. I'm fine win judging the profitability of the team after that this year is actually occurred. But again I don't know I mean Sidney Marlins fans won this ownership group to does not be profitable because people don't buy one point two million dollar billion dollar businesses. To not make a profit so Marlins fans think that the new ownership and a comment and not make a profit yell or explain yourself. I don't I'm not really too concerned about his projected numbers on the I don't really care about how much he's thinking that he's going to be making her how much he's telling everybody that is going to making. What I think the Marlon public is going to be lose my mind over you so this is going to be a couple part series the them that my body parts. They're gonna be mad at them out of the balance sheet that they were seeing in the prior years because that's all available that's going to be positive or no bull yes you you're you're gonna see some numbers on their regular you gotta be kidding me. So that's the issue that I think Miami herald's gonna. Try to let let the public know is as solid and lying that the team was existing monitors who they are working with numbers you're gonna see how that. You know remain lying that's a thing about it is you can net. You it depends I elected depends on on the on the way you're doing your taxes I guess you'd say you'll see you'll see how the Marlins and their sample to Millie who worked in terms of revenues and and and sharing and to the people that own the team I think that's what that's what the barrels and who hadn't revealed on everybody's gonna you worked up about I don't care about Derek Derek Jeter's possible projections I don't care about that at all. On the factory once in a surprise him is he's turned into a businessman not a purely thing about it and so. So is our personal make a profit and he's the same data and make a profit right is the same projections that you know there were flown around their months and months ago so. Are we do fifty minutes Eden like giving opportunity went for packed tickets for comedian day. Canadian Canadian heritage nights and American Airlines air American Airlines Arena and you going to go to senate courts are slow in seeing me on the coin toss the Canadian National Anthem on the eloquent Austin San Francisco on. I can't I don't speak for anybody you'll sing the beat us in an apartment on. Your newest problem back in your from our kind of New York today or make your bay Quebec. Now I don't speak any French at all I mean I didn't I don't that's not for I don't know I like why can't you are dual citizenship and that's not in front to gays and speak French. Our American zoos and I speak English. Your early Canadian citizen as well I think that they call language in the world. And for the top country in the world America. Are you wanna get out right now if you think you know some Canadian history like donors today got a sudden you're only an idiot you don't. Yet a little something for rumba to let's in the ports are tight okay so you wanna get any abnormal for packed tickets for heat and pistons tonight. 78636007. Idea its next. I. I trust I think champion four by fours up Florida's someone's Jeep truck and SUV customization shopping guaranteed to of the hottest four by four modifications in town. Called champions four by four at 7865023446. Go to champion four X four. Dot com are we got open lines here if you wanna get anyone won a four pack of tickets. To CD heat take on the pistons tonight glided up give me an opportunity 786360. 0790 it is Canadian heritage night two nights. At American Airlines Arena you to celebrate Canadian Harry's night when he take on the pistons any big time it. Eastern Conference matchup tonight anchor also buy tickets that he gained eight tickets dot com before you is trying to win. All right Simon numbers pretty right here so we'll give you option when a sport package tickets and Romberg wants make sure that you don't have to be Canadian or you don't bring your passport. The game tonight to bring your knowledge they got some type of Canadian knowledge OK so. They'll get onboard here and he's gonna ask you one question national Canadian question. And if you get it right boom we say yup we're gonna do this we have 44 packs soar into once an hour dude here. Would do and 7 o'clock out here twice and 7 o'clock out of four tickets. And Campbell do it again the 8 o'clock council several opportunities. If you don't get through here now to be a couple minutes to get a couple people on board here. But before it do that. How could this possibly be real. So last night. Isiah Thomas made his debut for the Cleveland Cavaliers. At seventeen points and played very much Philly 1819 minutes. He has seventeen points the most fun OK primary my mind you were halfway through the season just about right at this point time we're almost halfway through via. And made its debut again last night yes missing half of the season almost yes that's why this trade was right on for the Celtics. I am because Harry Reid a lot better than Isiah Thomas. So when it. Com. Skip Bayless. Skip Bayless sends out a two week right. Right at the sort of redeem us. This is just after the is at 740 this is right at tip off last night cavaliers and blazers. And at tweet reads this as a Isiah thomas' debut in the three reads Isiah Thomas needs the ball. And needs to shoot it. And he's never been netted sampling defense with Ky re in place of IT. Selz have gone from twelfth to first. In defensive efficiency. Pats are second to last in. Good luck with the IT LBJ. So elaborate there is like he's on very high on Isiah Thomas Azinger did a great trade for the Celtics why the Celtics moved him out agree okay. And then about an hour and twenty minutes later. Another two weeks follows that says. The cavs are now IT's team. That's just stick at it when going up one game at this thing. And it worked on. Serious. An entire career off of that. One game and inserts. Our rights Gemini any special Canadian music forests alike get everyone in the in the Canadian heritage trivia mood here Tobin. You got some good for everyone other than me asking Romberg dissing the Canadian National Anthem on a music here because this a question roms has music theme yeah oh this is behind via a guy's music I'm all right. I let's give well let's give Robert a chance first year okay Roberts got the first opportunity Robert Hague morning. Are rated ROK there you ordering a okay are you all what's your citizenship what country from. I'm from New York America and around my trainer got an okay all right so median all that some in the so low order and appeared yeah that would Duquesne heritage ya I noted conducted scared. Don't know yet I know Soledad Israel agreed to do so you got. The heat and the and the essence it would it would then if you one. Sending an era in twenty minute waiting what are you doing OK you are you surprised you're always hostile Logan is written it's Roberts Italy Emanuel had. I just got to do with Canadian music royalty. And you've got a name this song by this particular Canadian royalty band. Hi guys. There's now Robert. And he keeps. His thumbs you meet your current there are committed. Bigger crowd on denying Al guy there will place. You're good so yeah it's probably damaged lower number in the band's name with you know the man correct. Predicted it got all of her name. It's on TV he knows he does yeah. Song. Probably yeah. Robby is that you don't know important innings insurance insurance to rush yeah that's good given that you can all right and finally you my name. I'd bet that Forsberg for future reference rob that is rush Harry ago. Don't blame the guy that's correct the current people all the things and as for. Yeah Pacino is all right so rob hang on we'll get your information you and three money's going to game tonight all right. Look Michelle high banks hang on Roberts there you go out and do you see is ready. David JD yeah there's get ice standing in the rain was a necessary component of calling hell no we say and that that's that's how bad he wants it taken this stand outside in the rain and old Rain Man. I'll tell you have them be safe out there it'd the weather is dangerous over the regular down on your. The tax line for saying that I mean some of our listeners who live other places is that oil happier with this you making a big deal out of the weather down here somebody from Chapel Hill road and I. You know that it is fifteen degrees there though that he and I guides us loosen up. I as Emil Matt and in hopes move around noon. This housing unit may go alleged decision. Getting down into the forties. Tonight. Tomorrow the high 61 like no one I'm nervous on Friday the picture looks exactly the same. This cold weather pretty much last until sun. I know nervous in recent emergency or any mab. They make it stereo gig iridium is noted for tomorrow's our tonight's actual newscast federal fibers sparked aren't rooted bring their pets inning cover their plan. Sarah salt that's all local legitimate they they actually made declare a state of emergency. Four I know homeless population and actual serious when he because when he gets down into the forties that can be. Uncomfortable for the. Homeless when I would go back home and as my dad this is my dad lived way up north in Canada like Sudbury like nickel and the places where people don't win or you're not supposed to live arm I never forget that day that I pulled up and it was probably about 8 o'clock in the morning pulled up to his place. And all of a sudden two dogs. Jumped out of the snow piles we're gonna sleeping. They were covered and buried in snow and they jumped up the common greet me and I was just like you leave the dogs outside world might wanna. Love it and wanna be an house they told that. I said oh my god you gotta be kidding me sleeping out in the frigid wrong unbelievable almost as though I love. You're everybody's out of north. Every image you like ridiculously cold like you can you notice you're not supposed you have to put a mirage were only other you know twenty point five by NASA goes daddy. Pinhead and usually go to this don't make it. Oh my god are still highly depends on the breed of the all the other prefer that these things had to like mountain walls manly things were insane. Congratulations a robber there will be only game tonight simulate since Russia's greatest hits the entire ride down. So have a bad day guts out to the war all right rumble is gonna ask you Canadian question that at all. Now on on op I was really crazy with that rush question I was or what rush song was named after the airport. In Toronto. It's why Boise. It's like three letter Coke out of a little bit to get even I would have been like motivational guy I'm -- airport go to Toronto. -- drum solo in that song to say Canadians a little while but finally it's Ron wants on the front are only gonna TO once one time you know you get to get a TOM Ontario bunch times and I've wanted to Toronto wants them. You gotta go knock out like a baseball at the blue jays game and then head over what some may believe so good at. So let me get you were boring here but then lived in Canada for two years as a kid and you back here yeah yeah yeah I do YE. Why did your family when they got to South Florida decide it was a good idea head back North Africa players because my mom's family is is there is there was there now that she decided that she wanted to move back for two years and then she really is how dark cold it was and then high tailed it back to south yeah that my dad probably hated. Both Foley and generally hated her dad pulled the cards as the predators get out of here has gone back to South Florida via believe it's. On the whilom. Two colts. Go wondered I've always wondered like what people do differences have figured out of my guess is born and raised down here no New York ma on the first generation McKinley does that slows and as not a he was so cold weather down here. Yeah but testament god cold to. Montreal you know like a different kind of Cole although I know it's been it's been Montreal pulled in New York City it'll last week. Model ID like people think that you know always you mention or Candida and its by Omar got frozen tundra moment. 7% of the population in Canada lives within I don't know how many miles of the of the American borders so look at a place like Minnesota and all of that are wage further north. On geographical map and then were I grew up I actually grow the uneven playing field with the New York curious so. I'm IR Andersen wasn't that insane it was that little horrible little Molly. For instance I think. For the last camera for the last three or four years in my life up there and twelve to eighteen years old I. I barely saw snow Miguel and I lived in an area where there's barely any snow oh really we never. Since most excited it's just such a foreign concept to beat her up in Florida I mean I've been import of my entire life. And I was asking my boyfriend when we were how about looper in Chicago when you're walking down the jet streams and they with negative to. And I was asking him in my added people live in places this darn cold in heat are up and Sarah years. And I say when the English Syracuse is obviously extremely called a little lots is an outing that did you leave your how also acutely how to people functionally do you. Do you lean your views and adds new living indoors there in the attorneys a lot of times you end up living indoors. So a lot of time you gotta specialist I'm getting ready and blaring your clothing and boots and and you walked in her house and all the sudden McGee slot shoulder shoes you're constantly mopping your floors. I'm even even if you're trying to run and stay in shape Francis everybody would have to work on a gym all the times your general was packed during the winner. And you always have every ten and for the most part everybody would have to rent out the tanning beds all time. So what I would do is I would rap a scarf around my face of our goal running when I was in high school. And I'll have to breathe into my scarf because otherwise the mideast are breathing in the cold there really you're burning your lungs immediately think you can barely get you don't get used to it all Elmo nominal and then like you walk outside and appeals you know is like for the bloggers because your all your nose hairs freeze together. The tears in the core your eyes are freezing out it's not fun and I still watch. Who is running and the date back in my day not stealing from Cody by. But he that we we would walk the boss of apple execs were 5 in the morning and I'd have a good 1015 minute walk to the boss stop them I was I was for Richard mandella additional. Cold call noticed that. I think I I think I wouldn't he living somewhere really cold because I am a bit of a homebody anyway so I think that I had the idea used. Being inside by the by air Alitalia but it's got to be pretty prohibitive of childhood as I guess my idea it's a bit bigger a in Florida I can't imagine spending so much of them. Or is it's fun though is a lot of great things that he can make a lot of people's could do a lot of people do either mean AT being electric ice fishing is like a big thing back home to his well. Birdie get ready get all the lakes goes Earl frozen out salon ice fishermen goes on girl skiing can be fun skiing if you live up like these the amounts of areas you can do good it's skiing all the time sort of funny stuff to do put. My brother said essentially miserably Tony particularly if you got kids young kids. Layering them up putting the cover all of. The. And then you get back into the building and did you go into any rusher on earning and it's like. 108 degrees on because they got the thermostat kicked up so yours what your ass off so your your temperature changes and so. Ain't my study that first I really don't understand how how well Florida at the state of Florida oh we don't have like war on our own army. Well we're not constantly at war where where other states are trying to invade us and trying to live yearly time and it's amazing to me. Our other warm weather states that's low it's always warlord is very warm days but Florida could be considered too warm for some people Kennedy another California. You're describing right now it too warm to warm is much better than everything you are talking about I don't agree that I'm a Floridian during thrill I do know Southern California probably appeals as the math more. You know it seems like a big pain in the ass to me is is in news in that kind of weather and it's very similar to that here right now it's it's it's very peak apple outside battle. And the war sports meet seems like. You got a little you got to take your dog okay is gonna go do his thing. And you gotta put on. All the clothes. He's got to put all layers on and get all booed and hope that the worst part the just take out dueled for fuming. The worst printing it your dog I've followed I have all of these people and there's a media who live in Montana. And they have to dig. They'd be tunnels toward their dog counseling because otherwise god and he can't go out is an MB buried in snow his nose you know eight feet deep. So they actually asked to dig a tunnel for other dog to bend taste for dog outside. Its Cheshire shoveling your drive was a pain in the ass you know someone that's a where it all back out shovel it again two hours later got a shovel and some people like admiral and I because that to go to work and shovel driveways so they don't have such a big shoveling on. Good days that changed a light bowl show when your true. What your car and if the plug your car organized so that engine block as unfreeze. It. I'm gonna if you lead out IRS is great that you know you put your lot and one of the vehicles up more if you deploy a good and so the engine block engine block doesn't freeze over throughout the night. Not that we're not talking about hybrid vehicles like a regular vehicle regularly pulls the plug and others like a plug it comes out of the front of the radiator yet you plug anything in or you scrape the ice off in the morning that's that's never fun either that takes about 15:20 minutes your morning. It's not fun man it's not exactly the the the cool thing in the world that do that has ever won not wanna live in South Florida this place. Really is the best. It's. So did you guys see yesterday. The finalists for its when he broke for the new pro fought when he eighteen pro football. Yeah I think it was now the finalists. You wanna hear some of these Z here's amber. Finals or not done yet but first timers OK if you first time finalist yeah Ray Lewis he's issue went for first time. You got Randy Moss was a first time finalists. Ramos is first time on the ballot till. Yes. Yet ray anymore should be Sheila OK you got Steve Hutchinson. I don't know he's ish east sure hall of Famer. I'm obese shoe and first time should be. And young writer locker who who should not be getting it for now by a that would be surprised me. But Ray Lewis Randy Moss should be no brainer first time alternate and first ballot hall of famers putt Cincinnati is debatable deathly getting in now Steve the only alignment. For first timers yeah. And and that. And it's and the other finalist here. Okay yet legend James is also finalist. And I I don't know hydrogen is not in the whole thing yet should be. One of the selling. Tomas Tony he's not he's currently do not want it's been a finals before so he's definitely a lot on the rock each each each I don't know. In his career record low is crucial in no short. Shorts. To date. But toward the sell animals die left of the 200. That's two years and I eighty years I I don't I don't. I rolled the resulting in her eyes he's wrong. And got in Russia needs raw. So I got sick here its main argument for him. Who played and hip and I know that's not true so true. I talked about what cam weeks still needs to do shoulders against golfing show respect. I respect her Tony miceli but you know it'd it's not a isn't enough dominant years. The services. You guys wanna get Edgerrin James NC trying to knock off some the other finalist that's what's going on here I don't care but I mean I should be in okay error. Isaac Bruce keep jags down Isaac Bruce is a finalist. Is Isaac Bruce hall of Famer I agree questionable and questionable. Brian Dawkins. Brian Dawkins is probably against the whole team at some point but LTT from Philly Marion America is crazy yeah Alan Faneca. I Danica this particular definitely I think panic panic and Hutchison's or get us some of the one that basically started breaking the bank for a lot of often sublime yet Hutchinson all touch. Hi all I don't think tiles all think he's finalist again John Lynch. I don't think John insult. Animals why isn't that what the greatest voicing these ever play the game but he they don't don't gradient that radon that's why I think it is I think you need to put images sort of the white seat in the NFL. Adam why don't why unions all demos and inland can win some. Terrell Owens tells story B Holmes government and its embarrassing it is embarrassing tone should already be in the hall of fame. So there you know those are a bunch of the finalists who this year Ray Lewis Prilosec and Randy Moss should be no. Doubt first I'm hall of famers. Tell charted yen and how many get him. And clocks. Good question I mean they only have a certain number of votes right you know we jobs he talked to clean about it again when he joins us tomorrow is anywhere RG six. It's usually something like that have. There's only certain amount of votes he made a percentage and nobody wants a third senator Rick talk for twenty apartments your tests like mine will that that is an ev do that but that's why it that's why only certain amount guys getting an even though he got a lot of guys were worthy it's good is only a certain number winds up getting in. But I mean Terrell a shortage be in Edgerrin James serie B in ray Lewis and anymore it's should get in this year's first time. Hall of famers and see what's is probably get in this year as first on all Famer. Bomb as well Amber's got headlines free next.