ZRA Part 1 10-12-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, October 12th

Vegas "model", Justise's shooting, Why U Mad


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Raw data. Did you order new rule book. Shall go when it. Was how this. Look. The poll also football take audio role. We will go 121000. Dual clutch and new home. The united I've heard Jacqueline at Doral well and he's going to be excited are you out of do you Richard remember crucial balls hole. Need all mall or insure new Cory do host she goes. Honors all of its broad shocks. To. To do well. You are you imitating him. The cook the host here Jonathan's I was on all rich oil as we recent orders Roy drug also don't growls. Dragon your bowels you about holds her own so. And. Doesn't really go for. I was over a year ago the whole segment. Good morning everybody has everybody doing today Alberto is on offense has stick. Thursday morning as you can tell Johnson's as low GB out embers also the wrong dogs here. We are football features today we're gonna talk to Jamey Eisenberg do some fantasy. Will talk to professor John Clayton. Dole into some other hijinks you know you never know what's going on stuff with the dolphins they had an actual football game this football stuff happening. Not it's it's all just hookers and blow around the dolphins Romberg know they're all just be fun unfortunately. You know sometimes you gotta get down to serious stuff like Blake fixing assignments. And and coverage and whatnot and then football once in awhile in now out of so. Yes that's what's happened. Money he won just say how excited pre season game man I was having fun once again you know it's gorgeous you like these young guys who are in the suit there and the the bottom of the league their fringe and images bombs away as the game is close now just trying to make a name for themselves. That's got a call like they are on the team where. A lot of those guys that have actually made names for themselves leave you look around that Ross and you CJ Jones and music Tyler Jones he's he has some Whiteside. Is it guys that aura. Were Vijay does was at the league but he was kicking around us on what's I was playing damn Lebanon with goats. Tyler Johnson slice some summer league sensation and let. It it seems a little bit more attainable right when you guys had your playing with that actually have done it as opposing hearing stories so. See these real life living stories day in and day out and then I remember walking in the hallway you know it's like yeah. Let's names Mickey. And today I was Mickey let's just now he's in metro region jumper turns out he's just he's just a man with two giant onions and measures measures stroke and he actually had three offensive fouls in the game. Is uses hole I went over guys that giant manager and nobody controllers just gets of the racquet he loses. Bulldozed them and so you've felt badly Oz guy keeps kids in the movie gives him doesn't he get waved off from the referees. It's too rough more men more room. With Israel some been real tight the pre season called all these rules and whatnot. Oh loosened up student I'd do you know they got to the got to get rid of the pre season though. They got to hear it all the commercials when it's coming down from second to second I feel like that advertising has to change on the games don't count. Visits it was didn't doubt that last forty seconds just today like shot timeout. Commercial shot. Only. Ten wins. Went to bed. That is Europe and Asia I need to make some money in this pre season or that is the production companies like Columbia we got a problem we have summerall pulled out. Gotta we gotta go to we got a commercial we knew how to fix them. And say he wanted us as a baseball playoffs the Yang usable when on AB Cleveland's LeBron can usher for the team who wants do. And the national Stephen Strasburg shaken off the sniffles. Seven shutout innings. That was crazy. What all that within this whole thing where he was gonna start that he was gonna start to move. Mad dog. Him in a ball gimme the ball. Minutes earlier when he arms amputated. Thank you sing us a mole. Restrict. Its. Are running no lose you feel good and some mold mold mold the bastard island at. Room. I don't. On coach don't you move coats. Much you're making against Strasburg year. Total. Romania enters bodes 120 million. And it looks pretty regular and get out of bed. Damn ball when he gets cold case just ultra go to. It's seven shutout innings killed. So does that relate with Ryan and little drama goes down do you think you seem it's you are right. No because sometimes I think it's still just aren't him in its baseball its its its pampered. It it's like oh my god. I have nothing going against me on the than the laws of gravity. Possible wind resistance. Yeah make hoax. Yeah screw it. And I cannot take will. Struggle. And we. I get a sack. In the playoffs man that the softest baseball. In the backseat. Where's my speed. At which shut out. Backseat. Anita CLU. A magnet professional. Leagues. On here crying about. You don't hold him and called his Saddam's team and skip. Given a long. Oh but you regret. That you missed. Playoff game. Because you had the sniffles mad be bad for Jews and the and big thing in his career the first hole as a religious fault. Only when starter Jeanne. The nationals held an out of a playoff out of playoff series because the users just getting into illegally none on Rios saved shots birdies and an innings count. Yeah stout. Hearted about. You don't win the World Series. Act would give outs in the first round it's cool. Does Republican in the real world make a 35000 dollars a year and on your lunch or go announcers and work out lawyer haven't heart that we'll do somewhere that maybe MI changer. I won't retire. Her and that haven't got a new tournament me yet hearts and that was the automaker. That is like a heart thing and the action of an attack and then. When demand is your pairs. Guys are just no grinding through this and on the mud tires just get entered into crap. I was nearby is a story about her you were they just kept thinking of late. They were before we have that you walk in and it's a Muslim government and and Hollywood audition withers and I receive enough. To just take a look did you obviously. Garcia later. Picture for me I never mime herald thank you and about us on we'll see you Reche chip. I don't work out again tomorrow. What. WEB. Allred. Who worked out Momo and coach that you may be. So if thing and it nearly a feature in. As a family do when I go to cities' like go to work out in the strength coaches or the other cities imitated. Yeah. Oh yeah illiteracy in the air and it is C a puppet coaches staff and get the breakdown. And that's what a little bit there was a couple codes on coach I had it all started because I believe it was southern miss last year where. One of the strength coaches. Look like a damned Dolph Lungren from rocky form look at Mike he's meant we would you do when you're young elite player he knew I was. So what are you doing now whether this squad and 615. Power cleaner 400 made music. It's basically let him do now a pseudo can. As I'm afraid it is working and music Obey your more morning. You're solo only got to work out him with a that's cool yeah as alleges that in my queue up a news out spot on the got a video crew all your round notes. All on. Adams analyst so guys so CA addicts are working men say hi guys gonna beat rice. All you coached. Do you so you are part of his workouts late to impress or Regis you know you you you Donna back to you don't want to seem like value that guy. I think I go in the mindset of bomb. A mental war. And I realize some. Oldest Helen my shoulders are gonna collapse of my grip too much weight so it is. I kind of tapered down a little bit but I'll give you one re Max liked to make you look good for camera on it some editing. I'd all of them put the 2.5 rip on Rico Tuesday to yankees off our coach. Your dominant help me take you to ease a fairly good man. This new. You you do you see these these people in the gym was like yours using machines in different ways all mine and to try and seem like they've they've on cracks and code. That's that was my area pursue the person who's doing the bench backwards. They got they have their legs out off the rails is enough demand as is their showrooms they. You know I'm sure they do a lot of designs for that bench I think they know that's the most effective way but you've cracked the code to geno you you let your low back have no supporter. The fact that it hasn't changed. Since the dawn of time. I figure that like the original engineering marvels that are coming out there with a different ergonomic bench them making you get better. It's the same damn bored that's nine inches wide that. You know and as early venture but you wanna talk about work goes by. I'm them and their seemingly has its government like this dispose of him Friday its problem and found them it's like 92. And flagler. It is. Something out of this world it is it is it is a another demon it's indoor yeah bomb. It's basically 22 hurts. Workouts it is. So what exactly. I've never seen so much flesh. So much booty booty. So many ones he's never seen anybody work on ones anymore no I'm off to promote optimal girls opened back side you sort of warns you. One Z it's. Like I'm talking before a little aren't like you know when a girl does three songs onstage you know the first song where they usually keep the majority of her clothes on this he's though I didn't. This Jim should be called first song. Because it's freaking and seen good I can't go back and that's can work out. Just I don't know I can't work out those letters. Jews keep yourself in check suitor. I'm telling you ray now I saw two girls get picked up on the parking lot before they even got into the gym. I don't know if they're professionals are with the there was but I saw them make their way towards the facility. Looking like they're getting ready to go to a damn Jay-Z big hit in video. All white leotard outfit like old ones the giant hoop earrings. Nothing real on them. Unbelievable. Look in and then nine I couldn't take it anymore sobs at the stair and then all of a sudden you guys pull up and cars start. Yeah on a mom he. Neon an idea off. Maybe in his mamma Mia M I deal mile mile mile and I. We would you say you mean Islamic grab arsenic is a real work out afterwards after the show Lamar McConnell item of you handle displaced new. I'm so worried I can't go back to work out that's how bad it is I Wear boxer briefs. It. I've set for. I especially if the wind blows like this guy. Lacking creativity so that is why when asked those odds you interviewed dumb bird. Five votes in floor let me know what Tonya lessons are for radio can I need to go back to back and radio personality of the year who needs a new tips. About the guy that thinks that Romberg making up the story about the heart attack. Robbers got muffled and it knows full blown Pannemon widow maker. Three stents only got to carry the Carter were ago pants or is it good to security we answer three and out there who. There I thought about the sky on a tough Tom's. The big number guy that number Tommy how poems number gonna ask don't tell. Come out as annoy you Worcester mass I don't know about Tommy tough thumbs and does he has no ass load numbered in the broadly it's got. Ratings are in the tank. Terrible. Where's it ever been right Romberg. Yemen if if I was saying the opposite. And it's throughout. Rough times Ross led in broad break records you know it's rodeo do I mean I am signal they mean they took away our ascent and put on me nomad and dragons and ratings are still higher than everybody in our lives. What do winner and so hence. What else do I remember the guys who don't return whatever was on my daughters and a my daughters are relatively Richard five. I get mad I get Malin derision as you wish you what's that Barbara Joan Netflix and we can and the ugly bruise who's this move the Barbie dolls please. There's Smart kid you know did you shouldn't let our watch that's and a I stopped. When he and then stuff hit live this fire is what you do as a parent that's what exactly what you do is stop them from watching barbies that you don't tax. What I don't I don't ask don't know a lot of costs night among a lot of them I looked up I saw the game in the in the background and then also in the foreground I looked down and I saw this. This demon steal my soul from me so now when you look at this he's Italy's huge LO men sat back at stared into my soul who did man. I'll tell you or by teachers queries like smiling. You don't have to your phone down what do we slowly come on. No way. Pet cat says nothing to do with like hey. Don't third dollar raise your darted beasts of the walking around saying what ads to people or not that's the story and talent and I'll take it for you. I mean that I'm not how do you tell your castle talk. I yell at them if they're knowing me late kick him one of my cat's neck and in the in the NC Graham picture like. 'cause they was hungry. And I was like. She and that's that's the only way I mean I don't say hate talk more did you how does that Prius that is slim zero on the border and that a Keon. Need. He was it's stress whom it may be interviewed the girl yeah love it's hard no it's dead or in the 9 o'clock hour. How did she agree on this show yeah or its automotive of the Vegas model Devale Ellis model yeah yeah. Activist. I was I was sweating and here. It was rough relations I saw some like rise of Iran quick dump Biden or something like yeah yeah I got the same thing in here. She doesn't yet a lot a bunch. So and one thing got through because like you can only done so many times. It was an uphill aren't just back luckily no. It was an end bomb too jumpy and bomb he had. So there will be blood tweeting to her and whatnot. And but she she did describe that apparently this coach liked user has a cocaine Pletcher. Who doesn't it plots there I know like where is that specialty brotherhood listen. No ax. Disney's Italy down there and we have put a snowman Tanya it's would have to the point where. You know when the big face watches came in like the big Jacob the jeweler watches him a lot of like Rolex is the stuff surgery during a much bigger diameter and 44 millimeter watch now on to do with a 4640 millimeters or before there. Only 38 was the biggest when you define. Low because people were around and blow on the faces of their watches and go on in the about terms and and have to put it on any stalled proper. Or anything like that you know I was like that's what a lot of the big watch bases started coming in to play for was. Especially down here was history convene to assist it in an area that's what it is mentally design your own little portable table. I guess like what's the thing literally wanted to do all the ladies. Dominance I think that's a that's a strain on the man. But why him why and warned they wanna. Do do do do the money shot. All over over the face you know. At the same things it's really just about feeling. Like you're all so you know dominant thing. Well. You know actually foul the most surprising things of the interview. What it all went down notice figure this guy had a long history with the stripper. Or professional model excuse me Keon. Fact is evident ox Florida late two weeks to go. And this is it works spiral. I mean. I got a big. I got to at least totally be for I don't know seven months before I would throw video down means as soon nor an up at a higher snow feels social was in a past history with these two it was going. Oh yeah relatively fresh just let that word if the camera torture. Gain intelligence all of that downtime crazy all that freaking down time. Now. Did you find it ironic or weird. That the majority of the guys now especially offensive line guys. Very sympathetic towards him yet bush does a great guy you do you find it kind of weird I don't actually normalized. As you guys are craze. More judges. In terms of late you know in the outside world. A lot of things humanize somebody and make them a little bit more. For lack of better term like watchable. One month stop but it happens to the normal population happens to a celebrity your a musician and or whatever might be. It's almost like. Damn what my coach it's down like we'd kind of English or if you look at the SP honestly. Version Muppets lot of money for clubs downtime like yeah this happens all the time spoke locking up troopers cheating on spouses infidelity in the sports world. Of all the time. Well who would you say are probably worse friendly presently would you say its players or would you say it's coaches because we wouldn't honestly Zeljko coaches because as go to our about wild red. I wouldn't necessarily in terms of shore rain away from your family but if you look at the the amount of time the coaches or was from a family. Are on the I was remember elegant banquet and stuff like that growing up that the call is global especially. They would always you know first thing first person that they would always like bankers is their wives. And the reason being is because it really does take a special wife to be married to a football coach her earlier professional coach per. Any any sport literature because your never around they are assessed and there's a reason why there pop is because are assessed with what they do. In order to be good at what you do. You have to put so many hours and so. Like an offensive line coach. An Olympic coach Gil there was a Smart point Emma coach Q had a cot is in his room. And he would just sleep in his office because he's there to 1 o'clock in the morning and is gonna come back for 35 o'clock in the morning for meetings anyway right so it's on these coaches are just away from their families so. Europe have a very taller and wife. Awesome wife who can help raise your kids in and basically take care your family in your household because your never around so. Players at least it to go home early. Mike early meaning 5 o'clock o'clock at night coaches that's when they start meetings after it heard you guys. So there there in the building usually play 39 sometimes game planning and game prepping to 103011 o'clock at night so. And terms of being a family oriented guy I'd I'd hand that over to the coaches I've ever how ever more difficult time doing so. Have a good chance sort of doesn't much today as it you're cash contest keywords thousand dollars slam dunks to listen it's evident even that gotcha headlines coming up next. So it doesn't do we get enjoy fall vessels of beer and pumpkins joined at CNN coconut grove pumpkin patch vessel regatta park Saturday and Sunday October 21 and 22. Provider presented by herself for the Honda dealers. But we put good food court beer bars they wind guarded from god today grow. What struck me as carnival rides 5000 pumpkins and more. For more info which are the events page of the data mining dot com thousand pumpkins a lot of pumpkins. Aren't on it's headlines. Right out shot out. It. Can pass a man. Round hole. Speaks WE XY and South Miami and tell you sat next to each each O'Meara car. So bloodiest day of the week the Washington Wizards won 7115. Jordan Mickey with those big gas mouse ears and his pants the game winner. As the seconds clear out that little body let Miami score Romberg the role. The roof with fifteen yesterday. In a lot Alley oops that guy. And that just with a seven points nine assists ever rounds will descend on the floor the song go on and Dion Waiters sat out. Want to get that mental stuff. Slim idea I've voice sure. You're you're discussed about not being invited to the Miami Heat. Sponsorship party. The right people know that your you're not too happy about it I I just. I wanna know like for next time because this is going to be an annual thing so from the next time they do extend an invitation to you. Will you be interviewing players are we begin down on them. I'll begin down. In her new book as you said you wanted to talk to them about how her cronies lessons and so open and being best friends I arch now men I've never interviewed anybody in my life. All right hang out. Those who Freud says guys. I'm not gonna talk music with Josh Richards in OK you know he's like into the pianist and he's he's he's in the beats. He's in all kinds stuff like I've seen him at a concert before. Like I said no photo I think I kind of weird in a mount laurel that I would probably in an item might happen again. After I don't know you have to teach Rihanna be cooler center. I don't think I'm being weird. Of those things that can't be coached. Just you have haven't you don't. I think so too I think you here. This and have Obama that the bad news host the heels both four and one on the air Carolinas through now what fails to gain the I got a messed up. I was talking endorsing last week amid Hamad I'm coming in to town. I got into the game in Charlotte music. Really let's get together early yamana get on Thursday and has will be able to go to the Eagles game music. Way when he commended and I was like yeah a couple Thursdays from now for the Eagles game music playing music. Okay yeah yeah and I think that we we got a Thursday game coming up act okay cool let's get together announced that now and again I saw your email us I. On the rundown. Now the plan and I Enron city. I carry nothing out at the chiefs game next week. Take its latest attempt. Number on are Doris element pieces of doors is rooted out by you know no not at all not only news I guess let's do it has you know has has in a book. 021 victory at 24 hours a day so what's it like cornea and I'll Doris is as early as. Is. Is it isn't. Q he's. He's oh he's a little guy poses couple guys hoping to soulful Ballmer it's like former football and it's like for what it. Probably none of that has never done a lot out of it not only Dorsey never even seen snot beat foreigners like. Yeah I eat at these estimate before Ballmer now like he's he's obviously babysitting Cam Newton and what level. Fiasco created the last couple weeks and then I don't think he taught Ken Noonan Rosie the riveter was. I don't think there's a chance that Cam Newton who wrote it regardless. Seasons of doors in a PowerPoint Dirk is like cam. Demeanor. Or look at this this is what you got to do now do me a favor and don't giggle smirk as you go on and apologizing. When it came can remember to do more than one or two things at once you know super that. Over the playoffs yankees beat the Indians in game five of the five to win the National League and a BL ES. Stephen Strasburg draws seven shot things against the cubs they would five nothing. The slaughter had the backing actions that they take on the saint Louis blues at 730 C good check that out Panama it all has to do to get ready for the Atlanta Falcons Adam gays apparently he had some meetings with. Jarvis Landry and over their temperament. There according that Vegas is trying to get a gauge their emotion and so apparently Jay GIA. And who understandably does he's getting hit three yards by the line and Jarvis Landry. Are expressing matter is there at their discussed on the sidelines might guess that it it will become. An epidemic there's no doubt about it I've I've said this from the beginning about germs Lander. He is the emotional leader this team both sides of the football and yet nobody on on defense that's acting crazy throwing the ball in the stands get everybody Crump though I'm sure. I'm sure germs probably orchestrated touchdown dances which hasn't really been able XQ so far this year but are. The whole emotional leadership this team. Now obviously is JJ IA on the office says the football he's kind of helped take the reins with Jarvis a little bit but when you got those two guys. Disgusted with what's going on because of the lack of production. It's it's cancerous and also in the finger pointing some sort of says dolphins of lies on demand yards or time to throw the football. This is the finger point will start that this doesn't get on Donald but here's the growth for gays score it's it's fourteen it's 43 minutes and me. The three hot heads on offense with a deadly combination we start getting all fired up. All three of us talked about and how the three rescue nuggets of Russia when things don't go quite right. I'm easier about a dog you my anger under control and they're trying to do the same thing. I can imagine the Lincoln reading glasses. We'll pro business is probably what it was. Sad to say is is the offensive line coach was probably getting back in about offensive line room. And it's their bid us against them mentality where he he takes the crap running downhill from Jason takes a crap from every other position coach because. The other position coaches looking at this like they were doing our job you guys are doing your job so when they off of the white coaches sitting in there and just taking. You know barrel after barrel after aero for his guys he has backed him off principle I'm told moments ago because the situation. Everybody thinks we saw. Everybody has us penned up were done this is our situation were we gonna do we gonna rise that you would almost becomes like us against them mentality. And they just lost their general. Romo's part in that room. Out of the offensive line and handles the new coach and how does the new coach go about business GO on does he wash away accountability and say here's -- with dolphins again. That is nine to eleven I think 2009 at 222 it's 111. I'm Susan league by the women. Yeah I think browsers Russian 2010. I think so everybody else is gone yeah. I don't know about stuff that's really the guy the guy's gonna Reza mail order some of the patriots had a and so there was being honest here. Passers drafted this guy's finally your pals are just in love so browsers a rookie. Rookies never liked her up it's allowing coaches because they pick on them so. I don't know to be just turning over a new leaf. Bleachers that. Stop and start up for the coach and up who put the opposition group. By the barker mistrust of the ankle injury is the its knowledge of promising that he is going to play the street so that's awesome. TI and AJ she spoke to Levitt talk show yesterday and some things that you put out there. She doesn't think that the tree the the treatment. Of black you what loses equals so I was a big motivation behind us. As a slicker casualty of war situation that she's. Going on I mean she denied having any financial. Promises is the question like whether any financial promises about doubling the screen shot over Texas you're supposedly going recommending program comment. The answer and I don't think they've specifically asked about the the descent were there any financial promises she said no she says that he. Talk about things like marriage and kids which financial responsibility yeah she was following it come on I don't know. I don't know but she says they met in Oxnard California. And apparently she is she got threatening text from him possibly do the cleanup crew. With the were from my guess the dolphins typically the group here's what Jia hound her motive for release in the video. Obama that question. Debate. They really. Say any qualities that and that there's some. As I get an up sell it just terror link is any qualities because the senate minority. Compared to be an all white privilege card and an American agent in general. As part. So yeah. Gee she sounds and the fact that she's probably been a dance on might she sounds like. She's she's relatively intelligent. I didn't come away like she sounds like she's. Able to. Get a grip on on on the current situation she doesn't sound like she's she's an idiot I. I'm on a moment out. Grant it Augusta yes I don't strippers are idiots and full force is needs to goes hadn't and to make better decisions yeah of course and you know it's bigger when one ahead means not to and the other by. Am and you just. It's gonna Goran is ruin a man's life just totally ruin one man's wife who has nothing. To do. With the situation that you're describing right now with inequality to minorities in as far as I'm. I I can't say that you know. Does he use then word I had no idea like I don't know what set her off and try to go and bait trap. I like this guy I don't know and and from what everybody has said they've like they liked by like them like they like sports I don't I don't know Arnold adds this. Maybe this is not thought of as slight such a bad thing. Like maybe it was in no and saying how many how many normal allowed to have that Diego and have all that power. And and make all that money and have that as like has his characters like that you know when I mean. Like if he was black. Would he be able to have like have that position and an act that way. So she's she's kind of like manipulating the stage that he's on ultimately. Anyway did you think snorted blow up for her before in the past like let's be honest. 19000. Question though. Even if that is an element like a message doesn't think those things I have a hard time believing that you personally do that to somebody. Who you've been in contact with you had financial exchanges Griff. That is below our message. Out now. And so I said the organization them on the text out prominent yet let's say that I'd mention cheese ball like she doesn't believe those things I'm sure those action things. That have come along with how she's thought about it or justifying it or want to get their message out. I just get a hard time believing that's the starting that's the start in the end of it. Parents. Singer little Romberg lives by. Colder than onlookers are. Such as an older than hookers and it's an evil woman meant evil woman. Or ruin somebody's life like that. After he probably just pay your rent in your light bill after a couple of nights dancing with the evil you're evil girl and fifty minutes that he does next. Bad bad. We get an Dickey scored three. That it is way more important for. I shot so I. There are okay. We've all these. Carries. Second it has always hurt you gotta have a tough close game just for the emotion the passion. We feel everything. Every whistle. Every ball covers certain shot. You know heartbeat goes out. You can't. Replicate that kind practice so. That's probably ten times than normal wraps you know we have you might have a good benefits of frequently do. Pats head coach expose just says are gonna join to make his game winner at the end get deceived forbids him as he is customize my champion pulled out for South Florida is number one Jeep Chuck Nash because position shot you guarantee you have the hottest Bullock for modifications in town got (%expletive) people about four. 7865023446. Good champion for four dot com or how to do water boy Winslet do us to do a better how well I. I thought it played a good game well it was it was a good well round again he's he's still didn't shoot well his only shot he may was a three pointer or get to go that's the speed and show too late what was he will. One for what 1% in. Romberg facilitator nine assists I mean you lead to nine baskets in his own way. That's that means he was running the office late who's got the young guys involved. Saudi I thought he really bounce back and had a good closing performance of those that's a fair point for me no but he hasn't. Played five on five basketball and Ohio. And so the idea that he's given these extra minutes total on things when you do play Rezko buyers so you should be good shooting mean he wasn't no. The thing that he was good at. It's five on five basketball facility and the other player writes not much backwards to me but it's different because. When issued by itself. Plain against anybody. Said oh man. Ponder on for seven its hardware. And it's Jarrett. Harder and harder I'm more concerned about him mentally and physically I think and less that was good form of out. The for the gay before not so much of the young president there were. I felt like there were respecting him as the guy who has played in the Lee has played in playoff games. Yesterday they they deferred and they let him on the offense. Use finding really used by an open shooters we use Graham ball accord to. That news and the ball really well he did he you know he did get a charge late. You know. Off of the foul. So those were crap called though is crowd applauding the rest of the three seasons pre season for the rest to Romberg. You know look at though. A lot of by. And you look good enough they were they were thrown a blobs in middle really jail and down Yemen I tell you. Johnson Johnson lawyers and those guys have fallen so teachers is remaining consistent TJ it was stroke and it is bumpy as the grown a beard idea that this thing he's the wolfman. Disgusting beard is a horrible grow. This global growth but you know what this is the lead where disgusting seems to sell you got a guy as a unit brow marketing opportunity when you go you got a big Moses beard on James Harden. Big marketing opportunity. So when Harden looks my camp he looked clean Ozzie he looks lined up all the time I don't know I mean if you say so. I mean that's because we don't have I guess that four K camera America's odd but she does owns a cookie crumbs in the what he's not it is these clear that beard after every meal Russell Canadian Lou and comments to write who Kelly a Linden. Yeah. But you know I kind of expect from him you know. At least he's not at least how is not like Matt Roberts where he was showed rob looked like it was zoos fashion New York every every time is on the band sidelines. Sure over the dam scarf around his neck. We do it. It's over the scarf around your neck. Not compliant. So nominee game was that he it was funniest it was it was cool it was better than that Monday that money it sucked. This cannot. Fund and its and the whole time Newman we start off ago we Wednesday one more season yeah it was a next week slim. His next his last game is on Friday and that's not even on televisions in Kansas City. Colonel of the Kemper camera scans city. And once you start slim is only Wednesday that you regret though is where it's super early this year. I'm excited man I'm excited. Excited he would see the other star players know Dion. Knows what Israel has peace is say and Bleacher Report about Deion. And how would Pat Riley got up in that beleaguered last year with him. Late yes Dian would show he showed two a practice in the user apply to Asia enterprises do any wires is practice uniform. And Riley lit. His ass off a rally right don't play that Riley was in when Riley lined up everybody against the wall and shoot them out singled out Dion. He's like you're uniform Asia armor. All's well that's. Steve and Reilly rather is not candidate is that we had this talk. Promises you promise you're gonna lose weight get in shape and he said the reason they were getting in shape of the resist synod does not shape. Kind of weird it's like a chicken that they are you not out is in shape or your shape and it is not a I don't know O Reilly. His there was you get hurt did you not in shape. And so therefore. Your essence in shape you probably one down 6% body fat got a seven point five at the in the last year not quite the goal. But he came in some more private mission that was enormous things he came in just a shape as he left Lester I don't know. Nom does disposed to having won here comes down and wants to address team in practice like this bodice and a at the whistle on his pocket and step back or how does that work I don't know how that works this is like the ultimate respect. I think you Matt Riley do what he wants to do a solid he doesn't let you spoke coach. But right no but but he's the one but rather is the one who seem like he had these discussions with -- and so Dion is not living up to those expectations are those of. Write your hands everybody challenges the beginning of the year when the sign them more when they bring the men then that's a lot of guys like the fact that they get from Pat Riley and his plan for the death. Like putted alien Vizio you expect me figure out big on judges are getting into the shape I want. A but I like. This does seem like have a kinship. Aaron and India beyond. It was late he tells Perez was built to destroy. It's like that. Strong caps. He's is looking Jesus looked for his Obi wan is put a first petty Obi wan. Whatever it takes a takes it to do to get it right speed Adobe to cheer. That Von Miller thinks that we'll go back to junior should be paid the most in the an ocean to the highest paid and a pro football player was an out of them. Your brother it is too Draco we re talking observe is a draconian than what an affront a super weird. Georgia showed the most random spots in sports. It's normally were this year you have to I think Africa. You into the everything over alleged ago who visit there every year to go OJ yeah yeah you know it is a visit I don't need that did you know we went to have you recovered from like low banks thing this on a safari is right. He went assault mania. You grow up. He also want to go see him to score on us to go on stimulus so callers grandfather on issues you negotiate his Beers. Best political improbably you can grow your. Obie and his I thought as Slovenia and steered. It's big difference in my grungy weird about a slow many mirrors pretty strong run yeah I thought was. You know I'm ultimately medio I don't know gentlemen you it was a gruesome good Fischler due to go on drug urges a three bladed. He's straight as securities is clippers or ethics panel. I'm obviously uses a razor and a lot a lot of a lot it's don't sheet shape these clippers. It is irritating on the skin the amount of sway knowledge that you and you have an assistant football player's helmet chin strap. Ritual act mean ear pieces that are on your cheeks a lot of guys don't shape I was achiever. Oh and Matt Bryant he's got a razor deal to let. About it in the doesn't really use those products that they pitched only am I used to bring on permanent battle time you better believe those are my my Jim banks and a paramedic there and and and until let's take home. My government. Should principals mark three's are on these authors. I can't go to grocery store and got touched another separate lock and key. Yes it's rough well that's that's why those doctors like stub behind locking key 33 dollars for a camera that's on those dollar. Any other free regime got. It's realty tree that's that I know you a billion dollar from from endorsements. He he's had a Roddy was like a humongous. Adidas guy and I think it is owned titlist at that time or was Reebok that that was a thing of the appeared. Reebok would always give you more more money more merchandise credits. But Nike had obviously the better product right calm so I would always swap like a grand for a two or three grant. But Roddy was just so big time with those who was running was just a victim of the Reebok. In in in Saint Louis I got Bolger gave me like treadmills exercise bikes and live tackles basketball hoops. Wait sets. Incline bench the stuff. Anything basically everybody made I had Bolger you would like to get it delivered that I owed and I would get it. Com put them with Roddy I got mourn the golf game with the titlist outside like the custom clubs from titlist and get the custom bags. There's any bigger and Roddy Roddy had unlimited run limited to rebook merge and they don't titlist and there are few other things so many ridiculous hurt others. No my family used my stuff my Nike stuff I just I got I got boxes. A box of legal jays. Is that he's had a son and before my Nike contract or out I bought. It is sickest amount of like baby closely as time went on like blue shoes big shoes bigger issues. All. He's my favorite boxer and Greg Jones can sit and watch all highlights and you don't and. Wouldn't it be sweet if if we could reap the benefits of working with sonong say like and university Miami hall of Famer. Who had access to free clothing and gear and stuff like that. I know it's mentally. You know those that's in my car and then believe we don't forget it over to Johnny stole don't. I I got friends that bad guys a sticky fingers man you gotta get in you gotta go you gotta do it and you alive through given I don't know what a delight at visiting hangers. As a what did you what what should just Wear and bad banana republic. Tidy were athlete here. Was she trying to issue trying to tame the beast. She wants them and dumps its brand at the ballot you're right it could produce a sweater over your shoulders once were but now. Your cardigan on babe ultimately that is next. Yeah. Our manager outside and thus when announcement NAM our other stunning reversal a cornerstone of the whole load up basis -- second and third Saturday headlined by Kasey open these airs Sunday got KC and the sunshine man. So that was gonna be there who want tickets go to the tournament dot com it's all presented by edge on the mean. Accident attorneys have you been an accident call 1807473107473733. The iconic by MR four blow they'll beat a DoubleTree by Hilton hotel. About underground you. Experts on his vessel December 2 and third all around you be on stage and this time tanked out the broad tanks broad tanked out. It's a wide mound like lodge area as a religious X our John Clinton just at 8 o'clock hour is as low sick he's got a sore throat. I think I don't know really what's wrong and know what the diseases. Although he's got amber we backed tomorrow's schedule would you be back tomorrow roms is. Beyond human your ongoing gamers Amanda Knight Alabama tomorrow no amount MO. The other going we're no where you BL UAB and who. Middle Tennessee. That's right the team that kick. A phase us as fast as possible without their starting quarterback in the starting star wide receiver yes. Looks like things are happening in the conference USA because it's a white man Roy glad. I'll start off a glad. Only given up our panelists they've been around bowyer shuts Kenny stills Johnson Kenny stills. But this really cool can still little right along with north Miami police and Roger Goodell. Thank goodness those men boarded the figures for the Miami Dolphins who has been the kneeling during the anthem now he has to be in the locker room during the anthem. And he's having he's done a great job voicing why he's going about this but I also think this is good on him. To reach us that need to be in the community to try and build bridges. You know to try and and and educate and and and communicate self. I drew glee can easily do this have a willingness that gets enough coverage literally gets an a brazen. You know even though the dolphins as an as an event doesn't measure for the dolphins that's still important cause that Kenny is. Trying. To do better with and let's go to him gone about doing that. I do wonder what it's like being in the top pros Rodrigo. That's got to be out awkward gaga do you think they invest up Roger Goodell. Now now now that they are dangerous now McLellan no we used to do we student here field beach police we should do canes on patrol every summer. And we would Leno do drug busts and I there was promised that the public can do nowadays. So you would bring into the crowd and this. We're ready to go annually to the ground and Leah not only Alec physically arresting somebody. We view with and then this you know I also think also with the the plastic straps a mobiles blankets and like testing cracked and everything like. I put in the bag and make it later Lou. You know white stopped once because we would we would go from the chopper two we would do it get over and the sergeant. Pour. Deerfield Beach police. Got shot the gas. Somebody shot up with the helicopters shot and in the path so we were not allowed to go back on the chopper. I don't know so that was the I think that was the end McCain's patrolled the truth. Now. With mrs. ass okay. I think you're at the meter recover quicker recovery. But the right. Shamir. And get over to the other and I'm a little mad the small. I'm Germany seen or if you haven't seen yet. I'm Molly humongous like animal lover guy in special madman not going to be every scene as. Portal dog that they ended up. Beat the hell out of him stabbing and causing obviously the elevator now. The Packers porting in a suitcase in the film a dog's paw in and out of a suitcase. So they'll put the suitcase and is the portal dogs and their light on its debt that's so they rescue didn't. I think they're trying to find out of they know the owner is they put out the blue suitcase that the dog was in. The show pictures of the dog it's like it almost looks like a red for the most part might it look looks like a pit on an open is a pattern not put. Like our orange the red color you know that the pig snout and everything that's available and I think discuss. Yeah you're in Asia to parts Woman of the Year old adage a site but it does adoption video of the the wheels are gone public that is not only did you see how explosive that little girl was jumping in that. Thousands of social worker principle remains it was beautiful but I don't expect that are coming off I don't expect that comes from you know many wanna go on when you know why because I was watching. This is us at the same time since I think this is a food. I had stopped plus I can't I can't add in losses we can't watch as bacillus is alone in this week. I don't know who to my son. Noah those sons in the show but I think thinks lies in the show's way he's just unease with the the good look at the good look and sound. He is I think the Guatemalan guy. Yeah with. Remember when there the white like it. Other twins have a daughter Hemmer went all the further I agree. Or another and then no one died at birth and then he comes Randal from in and out of Russia. Than her among his picking up stood that show con tugs on your strings a little bit you know makes you would appreciate family in Tennessee Krauss and it was. No I've I I've put my ear phones and and I watch YouTube videos of the boxers overseas. Beat boxers from her one why it's not like that type of stuff no residue like dubbed. Really oh my god yeah I was going to Ireland and England that. That doesn't like crazy and why did you post those not. Just for me I'm sure that everybody. Audio slow outsource. Media's work. I'm glad. I would you know I was as close like. This whole thing when the iPhone eight comes it's an overdue good food service and run when the iPhone eight comes I get the iPhone six. I'm like you two back to bind I. And I so I finally have those lives. Photos that apple. Where you deceit snap a photo and then like it for you to respect and to move this you press and hold and it's like this little miniature video. And then I download this app that like easily turns these little live photos into Jeffs. Or videos and stuff. So I'm just I'm like all last night during the heat game I'm taking pictures of my cat are hosting Jeffs. It's kind of jobs like I'm my Twitter feed is just gonna be nonstop captives from now on. Cool man they're not there is that it. Boring catches did you see the one I this is horrifying. Not the other one that I posted that whereas where he Barley he totally just jumps on Sophie and these tapes are out the adorable. Oh yeah and it's impressive to multiple he was like he goes for on his back. Still like pretending he's like photo moments of mayonnaise like. And Sophie soccer. In honor. Jamey Eisenberg is John is coming up you and your tax questions for you as a football team. Look at about Nigerians got all the chances for you 786. Through six toes and I his phone number Eagles text 67974. To headlines. Which has a thousand bucks is coming up and pseudo sports area Eisenberg as a global expert joins us next. Public system today is Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital kids love in Philly I saw you museum of discovery inside a Fort Lauderdale. Saturday November 4 once everybody activities are kids yes celebrity meet and greets character photo ops with. And more publish your job is a pleasure for to give details go to demanded a commodores upon them my kids love Leona. Love mean people cat. Gets real gets real talent and plus they got to see ought to think there. My cute looks and others. There's a VCRs are mysterious. And their killers you receives two yarder to roll around and lay on its back and crack open clams and oysters on his belly wild. Looks like uses homes. You received that corpse praise he's got to get his food man Kory he's got to go out awhile I've gotten is gonna join us and a few minutes of which has about the most drug joined. Prosper Jamey Eisenberg Yemeni Tennessee questions. Your team right 786360. 07 ID can Texas 67 some borrowed them the first. Lines he speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX HD true Miramar. Allies abroad but indeed dot com are you hiring join the over three million businesses they use Indy dot com barring a bush next job opening of the world's number one job site indeed dot com they're also brought you by chili's. Chili's as news even bigger than ever ribs their folks on one thing Romberg. Want to look only want one thing. That is burgers there's fetus. Holder menu then. It's better. To come see why series is back baby the back. Oh. Anyway the win yesterday. Game winner from Jordan Mickey with a second left. He he lets the don't want 7150 would battle by fifteen points just went up seven points nine assists seven rebounds. War zone from the field. But I thought it was great I thought he resign I thought he was facilitating and use get right. I thought I was looking good for a referral justice there for roms and award about it right. Or dollars out of his third straight game no aside no deal last night there's an affable like good game Panthers and Eagles Alex's game man. Eight point five Cam Newton Carson Wentz. Good matchup the other your poster boy dorsett and I yet has no doubt about it. Woman boy came to win man my guys so stressed out all the damn time as a so stressed out elegant job. It isn't really good job he's just as heading towards doing projects that's who he is man uses. He's all in all the time. Tonight the Panthers finally back and actually take on the saint Louis blues have various sites we now about yard jog in the Calgary flame yeah men and one last night in overtime where is Calgary and listen to where you grew up. Counters ligament did know its middle of the country. Where you for a mom rate above teach.