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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, October 18th

Hayward injury, No video for Kyrie, Erik Spoelstra interview


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411. 180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. I am glad that's over on an amber it is a Wednesday morning the eighteenth morning of October. Robert hey good morning and we have a good time there what's stored on the answer it did because you functionality come on now. Guess Jimmy Glenn fry him. She will be back to more no. This story backs got an overreaction to the opening couple of days the NBA Tobin good morning. It's. Come now to now let's go. So he'd open the season tonight hearing or lay hands so that at 7 o'clock target big story right here with a pregame. At 6 o'clock am liking us and Ron Rothstein. Dollars I just want us about it odds and get to see the spot on public enemy come up and remember he's gonna probably that 45 minute flight he added damn that play has not been. Iran Rossi and you get on that burden than an over Orlando. So there you go out so he magic tonight the MBA opened up last and we're talk to head coach Erik Spoelstra. X ball is gonna join us this morning and we get a morally OK oh and have the head coach about 6:15 this morning okay. Head coach Erik Spoelstra who enjoys a 615 a that's that that's an that's an MBA at the Miami Heat. Opening day special right there in the head coach Erik Spoelstra case in about 45 minutes from now. When you get the coach to call in now be a lot of fun we'll talk to Erik Spoelstra DJ Williams and studio is at seven. That's what gets most of football otherwise got a lot NBA to get to hear today. Now there was a lot of sports last night's a lot of sports now the Panthers made it easy as far as what to watch what not to watch. Because they don't count for nothing in the second period I was it was dual band in that game I'm that you can't sit in the end of that and that was 51. Man. So I'd have to worry about the Panthers for too long last night. Celebs to back and forth. It's wean the NBA tip off cavaliers and Celtics and baseball the baseball sort of last night at. At five Astros and yankees that was a tremendous. Game for yesterday yankees and Astros that series tied 22 it's also. And late last night the Dodgers. They took a 30 series lead over the cubs answers on okay. But the American League series is fantastic. Aaron judge was huge last night. He made it 41 when the Astros reform nothing he made it 41 with a home run at any one off the wall on the eighth inning to hiding game. I know skewed is tired I was tied tied at 4441. Off the wall. Judge had a huge game he scored four runs in the eighth inning they winning game 64. The Yankees and that series is skewed to you got game five tonight in New York. Right they do 232 right Tobin for baseball it Yasser tonight via team five in New York. Great series I'm way into its. But the big story last night is the NBA tip salt okay the NBA got going the late game last night the rockets'. Home from behind on double figures go to the fourth quarter at the warriors. And the rockets win 1221. Point one in a shoot it's OK I didn't see Canadian. Saw none of two can't separate 1045 Robert. And 45. Bill on Tuesday. Some people want to do your jobs and who don't wanna bowl and the thing is a solid job so those people whose job it is open did it so the rockets they win in Golden State last night's but the big story comes in Cleveland. Okay the cavaliers and the Celtics last night the it was a gave it to cavs led by as many as fourteen. In the late in the first half. I think it's there by halftime actually a fourteen. And the Celtics come all the way back and they're leading CD cavaliers win the game the end LeBron James jumper or layup. They take lead Fischler about a minute left in the game. And they hold on 102 and 99 carrier via a chance to tie late no good. There you go so the cavaliers they beat the Celtics sooner than hold on her words ankle. The only thing that they're normal here's what happened okay here's TNT this is five minutes into the NBA season it. And so they tell the basketball. Gordon Hayward triangle for value. This hour. Season. So there you go if you didn't see the play last that this was five minutes into the NBA season last night. Gordon Hayward goes up in traffic OK for now leave those values they always making arrangements video leaves or traffic. Makes me cringe. And that right there now granted I rarely happens okay but that rate there was the worst case scenario and was why I core range when. They go all the Alley oops in traffic. It's dangerous. And lastly again his worst case scenario. Key he he falls on the leg getting its twists data and he lands weird and then. And and that the camera on and his ankle is to hurt and a vote could lead opposite might snap and yet so broken tibia. And obviously you know gonna have the surgery goes. Want to talk about all the time where you have to hurry up and hole. The slip back out all they did so until right there on the yet because again that's the injury that if you do not intend to immediately you got about three minutes before you lose your foot so are there to pull it back out. And then twisted back into the proper placement and put it rate back in the sock because ultimately what it is is you're having your tribute to do in your fiddler to bones that amount and your ankle. You turn the one and it just snaps in this locate so now your foot is dislocated it snaps away from the bone. And cuts off the circulation your foot so you have to pull it back out. Re arrange it to make it lineup probably in and put it back in so your your circulation goes back here for restaurants in big trouble and he was in some serious pain when they were doing that did you not hear it sounds like him Hogan crack on the court is like. Hop. You don't people saying that that. When they weren't like it was so loud the snap I didn't hear the snap you adhered to some artery there no I wasn't wasn't close enough to be Ozzie I don't wanna hear that too well we do wanna play gets we will listen for the snapping of the it was the year people who aren't I I'm not here. I don't need to hear it's OK I don't need to I know how neat to hear guys auditors regular. OPEC Twitter account it's okay that's fine. Yeah I I didn't hear that be are not listening for that specifically maybe that's why. But outside and I was watching a lot. Okay do you watch it live Romberg I saw it told where you watch it live. I was watching it live okay I'll watch it with my wife and and my older son downstairs and it was very upsetting to watch by news. I was I was shaken up from man. Like the did it first hat and a. And all an oral nor. And you know I got my hands over my phase of all all over. And and you know my my son's grab what happened here you know why going on winded at the showed again not whining and EU and. I feel so. I was shot from watching it live I felt so bad for Gordon Hayward. I felt that a valid for everyone who was on that floor last night's video and it works every almost sold sex it was sold hard. For all than to be run it'll pass for everybody pretty much for senate podiums is I didn't seat in college. Won my first NFL games was actually. A pre season game down here in Miami. When it was still the dirt field at that there was tackle Joseph Robbie at that point probably pro player pro player might have been and I'll never forget there was three of those that happened that night. Three of those ankles one on a kickoff return where that the player tried to catch the football and all the sudden they came down any any kind of gave. The fair catch stopped in and somebody tackle them but he ended up sitting on his own foot mats Baptist foot around another one running backs not to put Russell. The rolling around on the ground holding their late in the footage turn the other way around. So that like I imagine. You gotta go on do your job after seeing so patella those guys that are americorps last night. There there tiptoeing around a little bit like everybody's worried about landing on some of the stores is excellent match for every one there. Lisa love the head coach years the head coach the Boston Celtics is Brad Stevens. And let's let's hear from the head coach the Boston Celtics after the game last night. I thought he had his most comfortable week as far as I feel like he's gonna play really well and now will hopefully keep. Get a full recovery rate and and so let's say tough tough deal that. I guess that's that's part of it the risk of injury. No more on this Hayward injury and the game last night by the way is quite a story lines which Celtics cavaliers last night next. Roberts is features you can hear indeed Boston Celtics. Call. Of the Gordon Hayward injury and because those guys especially they're probably especially upset about it that's Sean Korean. On it WBZ 95 the sports have you wanna hear a quarter of algebra just imagine you thinking about this we were going after his kid to do yeah so imagine all of a sudden your big free agent acquisitions it's killer doomed the five minutes into your whole season I don't take I don't take any cute I don't take any. Pride in that you know I don't like the Celtics and yeah you don't wish that upon anybody and there's no can you imagine a hunt audio 15081284. For 126 may be one point six inning it was. There's nothing about yes Gordon Hayward he showed lawsuit over Miami would like Celtics and it was nothing about that situation. But I like here's the call from 985. WBZ sports on Boston. I read while looking for Gordon Hayward Rosen traffic mix of funny now so what did you hit the ground to get the job well and lay sedan that Gordon Hayward is our group he collected from the Cooper. With the groups on. You sure you may or landed awkwardly we have Celtics with their hands on their hands through. Communities season. A summary which everybody thought they knew what was going to happen. Everybody waiting for a wild card and five minutes in fifteen seconds it's all putting night. As gruesome a wildcard as you can imagine who's just been dealt. To the Celtics. Miramax to shock or you know hormonal do emotionally broken oh we broke his fortune on cornbread was shot. Of that when his foot bush on the broke. Let alone all of Osama broke a Brooklyn. It was it it was if you suiting you now Gordon Hayward five minutes into the season last night the big free agent acquisition here's the top free agent this off season right. Number one Maria Smith's death. Then number one freeagent five minutes into the NBA season done for the year not just into his game that was the opening of the season killing game standalone game. Five minutes into the season breaks his ankle eight in Dallas and it's one of the worst sports injuries I've ever seen I think it's pours it if you visually visually it. Kind of ugly via the right you're dealing with like a Willis McGahee knee or something like pepper visually Frye had a broken ankle but but just elaborate on like the people always hear a high ankle sprain a high ankle sprain. That's basically the high ankle sprain on steroids that means like that that tibia just gave out as opposed to holding on as those two bones are spreading apart. That's a high ankle has dipped as long as that goes to bones kind of stay relatively. Intact to the ankle that's your ankle sprain which takes. Nasty nasty nasty rehab but then neither the snapping of the ankles actually sometimes they say is better. In the long run just having that break in being able to go and repair cleanly. As opposed to waiting for your body to their heels in and read to regenerate the ligaments and all the other day and also what are we talking as far as ligaments suffered concern might use this situation where the ligaments are all snapped as well no we've got to take a look at it sometimes angle just becomes dislocated and it turns around and your ligaments might be stretched. But again. Sometimes they don't terrible way sometimes they do so obviously they're gonna go ahead look at the memorize that clearly the ankles broken tibia put it to be enemies of foot that's the thing that snapped so. Just got to look at Jimmy MRI what ligament damage there is a there's no ligament damage and this is just gonna be as simple put it back in. And then open this open aside the ankle out do little but a surgery on a mission the bones heal right maybe put a pin in order to. Maybe a played who knows of but but for the most part this is this is a recoverable injury. Man he is 27 years old Gordon Hayward. And I can only he's he's young kid Tony senators all I can only imagine like. Stanley soak cited for his debut game. Parents are home watching is not there's no experimental tendencies of these you're gonna rehab every morning is that for the year today but but it but imagine as parents and you watch you're watching your son's first game in five minutes in and that that's what you're seeing Ian you. You know worry this is going to be horrible to say this put. He's going to be living in Boston for the next few years you know nasty bad ankle is going to feel every morning when he wakes up in that cold weather and every single season made his choice that is going to be the nasty part. Years down the road I'm talking like two or three years after this this injury he's gonna feel that ankle every single morning in the wintertime when. Maybe I'll tell you play hit you know it's either you know it's so such that it is such an ugly look. And the end of Gordon Hayward took only ten years from now the ended his career. And you go look at record he words career stats. Lisa stark someone you that he averaged two points per game like what die. Howell who points per game you averaged in 22 you. Temple where they use or. What happened there. I don't really bad for him now. All and yell what are the Eagles went there originally was does it even hurt OK some wondering you know I'm orderly as it is just completely numb that. It doesn't hurt but you look like he's in a lot who what when it's out. Yes that's that's when you're in some pain is women when when the dislocation quick obviously this now that you've surrogate that he that fire. And then when your ankle is sitting there dislocated you're not getting into circulation and it's fired up but the minute that the doctors pull it out quarterbacking and back into place. It's fine. Aside from the throbbing and all of the stuff the comes along with a that did the initial pain and in the fired that you initially have when each when you snap during collect that. At a dissipates or goes away so now you're just dealing with the regular province. 2.3 game this season sucks but I will say it is he this year he averaged a career best 50% from four. That's that's that's gras that is her for the season so you'll Bagley wow immediately easy shot the ball really well her career high 50% percentage shooter. The east Celtics. Came back for a double digit deficit last night made me made a good game Jim Brown's impressive player. That's what that's you take away from that game last night OK obviously is far is that the big stories Hayward. But that team. Which was about Kyra you're being going back to Boston. Jalen brown. I think is the take away. From Boston. He was a rookie last year they selected highly number three or something it was one of those Brooklyn picks. He shot the ball the most from Boston he's ex Los. At the baskets. He led them what 25 points last night steeler browns that take away for Boston but. As far as cut re is concerned. He is he's eaten now at he word injury he's gonna learn really quick. Howell how good he had it with LeBron in Cleveland last four years that. There's a lot of luck involved in this league and balsam was hit by the worst kind of walk five minutes into the season there was a lot of luck. It's really difficult to win in this league and carrier ring is a pal to learn how good he had. It's also like that when these things always happen to think it's also as it was in the collision of life. It's amazing that that Robin LeBron. Oh yeah he is played more minutes than anybody has that never has really think most significant ever happened I don't know it's it's an. Like the most and everybody the most significant injuries ever had was when he had to Wear the face mask. Nine a bad. In announcing right is is that the most significant in drilling a broken orbital bone or summit and ahead to relate the black mask as a broken nose. Seattle the brutal orbital wasn't voting no other Arenas yet and like that's the worst thing right night that there was an a Philly wrote an oval in Nevada where thrust the area where the rest of the county new. Amber's here to. We all want to yet. Is it possible you can do the headlines. I mean if you trust me I'll do it are going to get shot and acts. When it's on the need closer. It's clean. We need to call for. Fireworks and about a minute from now. Right so at some point every hour during our headlines. We are going to give you a chance to win he tickets that's that's all day today through 6 PM I'd restore headlines come. Here's what's. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. It's tough but it's actually a four pack of tickets are pretty giveaway not not a pair is a four pack every hour. Does it says here that we got to that we got good at once once every hourly before packet tickets for for the heat's that you wrote. Yep that's the president's auto let's put an end as the game two can I say to game. Is this pretty greats in them all okay wows of the ticket turning your way again. Every hour show this morning we and where I'm gonna do it during headlines and at some point during headlines where you do packet tickets. And it's free disperse. Let's bring on their own soul for a pack. A week from tonight heat and spurs. Right so some pointer in the headlines that that's pretty howry Ayatollah Mohamed erupting beautiful day it's a holiday boy is the Miami Heat they opened their season tonight out of heard about that. Well again and it feels like he always open in Orlando that he can't doesn't matter to be creative Ambien doesn't matter it's a basketball game the counts in the win or loss column. In my needs involved 7 o'clock tip off in the Amway senator. As the years ago with a pregame tonight at six. Out of sight out tonight CO wondered yesterday why not excited that's a white nines on the side now focus now we're tonight. I'd be excited before. Excited that. Seeing start tonight the now excited. I dare you question. Otherwise you're cheating as are really tons of people called for tickets criminally indicted as shooters you wasting your minutes and headlines brought to buy Chile shows as even bigger news than their ribs of folks on one thing Romberg what one day is the one the one thing that they're focused on his burgers he does that their new menu. Will come and see what chili's is back baby last that the NBA season did get going. Ads are with a really scary moment cavaliers and Celtics were we're playing in the of their season opener. And Gordon Hayward his first game with Boston. Did not go as planned as he has a fractured tibia. And a dislocated ankle hears the call on TNT. Seasons change. You brought it right here at the time. Now I was I was not do you listen to a cinema and was not a front ankles and potentially up I've I've heard and seen it many times are numb I got Gaza was not paying attention. By. Do it like the dudes who ran away. From a him. Has yet to jar. They they they they ran a Yemeni from broken ankles are contagious they're. 800 part of that they ran away several analysts who shocked her directories do yours or freeze in the training stats and I get away from get away from your way from. Oh there. And then of course. Router shocks and it was a rowdy crowd obviously started games yet you the whole carrier ring situation and agent several ever won't shock. For the next. I don't know I feel like for the rest the quarter you know impressive spot right there so it's such a century nobody wants the battle on the basket and more nobody wants to go up and come come with a big agreement on the scene even for the fans like once the game got started again and editorial residents cheered for anything for the next several minutes you know that the rest the quarter was really we're. Did you see the the report assay from Cleveland dot com on the carry video yes so so member how would brought up yesterday and they were doing the right thing in that spot where they had a video prepared. To honor carrier ring ass like they can do that he always do that they get to do you know and and he only had the biggest shot in the history of the franchise. And I'd think you play a video. But it's an odd scenario because is you know the fans are going to build him. And during the starting introductions they booed him it would be heavily and for the first few minutes that there wasn't going after the Hayward entry but for the first few minutes of the game whenever you touch the ball. They booed him they booed heavily okay but they had a video. Plans to apply. And they decided not to let your yes the reason being is because tad carper and Dan Gilbert chose not to show the video they were expecting to have a nice little floating opportunity to what is now as had corporate spokesman. Oh that's it that's and got. Aren't yet he did that happens and guys know ten guys sits at the owner of the players are pissed about it says that's another reason with the players the cast players on the guarantee we're not happy there and human tribute well. It. Mean. It. Yeah I mean you got you gotta figure that's that's LeBron but but I OC. If that played a role. In them not playing yet. Then then what needs to happen is Lee that actually matters and if they find out that the team is not happy and civilly LeBron is not happy damn why. They ask him in the first place should we play should we make a video Oprah party how do you feel about it. Help us out here we hear about how you think during the game we care about your your opinion here. If if that's something that's going to deter them from playing it not asking in advance saliva answer this. Did he do it's a moron. Have to beat the conclusion but it will swirls community if you do you make video to her carry and you find out that LeBron is unhappy seeds of sites and mix it. Why do you not asking him before you make this. As it happened because it's the it's the it's the team battle man between Dan Gilbert and LeBron James which you can see all yearlong he had dude did Dana go legs at the trade Tyreke is LeBron want to you win horse article yesterday many aids wade it's crazy. Yeah immediately stop asking me but seemed wind solar cycles will wind or. Red wings or started pulling. Yours at all to listeners. So I ask you meet that man aren't well we're Norris columnists say on ESPN is all about how we use Ari disrupting things in the cavaliers organization always saw the headline I did so I saw a headline and he's like he's bead things to end Spiezio would basically. And LeBron is during this is the brunt those and but JR says on how to oppose owes him seven months and how old Tristan Thompson's not have be always because now the story Linus are messed up because of Dwyane Wade. So I think he's got to do whatever he says is he's got he's gonna try to do everything can be people were doing deserves better you know these last two years including this year Chicago disaster from last year and it's not gonna go while Cleveland for him but he is a bad. You know he deserves better but he also made it on net until I think yesterday it was weird. A year I am normally I would like to Alex you burn in my it is not affect me and less on get as it is the cavs there's like merit whatever offer is like. How that's all that's worse than. I don't know. It's rare Robert and everything that trust me that's that's worse when you become apathetic towards that that's like you're going home and mama's this office you. She wants to fight with the junior just like Caribbean and is sure he's an Arab to fight anymore in his choice we're all well and that's Iowa. Well they did enjoy the run Texas Austin passageway rated news has taken up anymore. I'll tell you what those two hours locked by a giant white dude I'll say what his Florida's. As far as that video those concerned and they decided not to play the carrier ring video because dated feel that the moments was gonna present itself have enough time I don't even know what the hell that means number the moment and presented so obviously they talk about halftime because they went too many had to go to make a comment because they wanted to get the video before halftime and then I guess with an army minutes remaining. This the sixers. Eight minutes remaining after the guy broke his ankle. They just decided now at this point time you know let's not do this and then they did it just never had a spot to import play I think I think the Gordon Hayward situation. He's and the opportunity. To play the carrier venting because the game sorts all the booing and play a video tribute for a guy who the crowd hates and they just booed I mean that that seems kind of weird. But once the Hayward injury happened. There was no way the crowd was due to boot the carrier and video like that. Same place it was play in the first quarter you know double as him quarters Haywood situation. At some point it was the perfect opportunity to get away with slaying that. The video and not have the crowd give a visceral reaction. It's such a biomass organization. Why keep them as common format has a bomb masculine movement the Yankees yesterday they even up the LCS two games apiece they've made the gesture news' 64 hears the call the Yankees radio network Chatman deals long time. Pop back up again. I am left bailed out there. We're. It is. Cool. Great game and such a huge game today 50 wait for burial finally it's finally today. And it's cycle to knock as a big time matchup game 54 users goes back to Houston. Other series not surrogate the Dodgers beat them a lot of accounts six to one answer is now 30 here's the follicle dodge radio. Two balls two strikes two out bottom of the ninth Janssen back half. And as strike Corey had an out of Los Angeles Dodgers. Part three and hole against what. One win away from going to the World Series. The Dodgers who won six consecutive games in the post season as they beat the cubs tonight 621. That's too bad I I can't thank him is uncommon name about so orbit for before for spoke. The gets what he doesn't think it's banned in slurs he pulled back on five of the counters line 786534. 079786534. 07 he caller five gets the tickets I and we are gonna talk to the head coach Erik Spoelstra in. Open and knocks. I'd be joined by the Terrence Wall Street here fifteen minutes he. Customize by champion four by fours up large number one Jeep truck. And STV customizations shop you're guaranteed that the hottest or by four modifications in town. Called champion four by four at 7865023446. Or. Go to champion four X four dot com is that we get the heat opening the season they are in Orlando the NBA of course tipped off last night. But tonight we get it going for real finally get a head coach Erik Spoelstra joining us here in the Iran and fuel announcers convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenience. Coach week we appreciate you joining us here obviously were excited for the start of the season and does the sort of this season. Had any kind of different feel for you than past seasons because it really felt like last year the wade finished it was unfinished business for you guys. Yeah a picture of me on guys that they're probably that they all feel differently. Every single seat and they probably feel a bit similar to. In this context I do. But after the first in retreat only came back brought back most of the guys. It was disappointed in super motivated for the next season. That could compare to compare the teams. But that type of feeling. Where that year if you remember we were coming back from a lockout so. Everybody's just chopped a bit to get on I think it would put this group are come back from a lockout by. I think to a man guys would like to struggles he's about to want to go we could happen and there and that kind of shaped and some aren't. And mentally just really don't. We don't you talk about the kind of shape they're in during the summer we know that these guys hey they're tight and they hung out a lot over the summer in and I was reading Nielsen quotes from Tyler Johnson. Yesterday where just that did this a group that everyone is really tight they really like being around each other. We've seen that go along with this franchise and your team is for a while now and I'm pretty sure it's pretty unique in this league and and I'm really wondered if you have some kind of explanation as to why that happens with your team as opposed still around the rest of the week. I'm not sure I mean I pick it does happen what would some teams but it seems that are perhaps something unique and special and you feel like you can built per. Our big expectations so usually eat you have to have that kind of dynamic it's not. There again keeping any don't have to do absolutely mature enough to put up this group really likes each other we try to be intentional. A lot of the team building and antibiotics things. But. It has been our advocates welcome added actually have to like each other after enjoy being around each other not only beat out on the road going to dinners. Now movies concerts that kind of thing by. Enjoying coming to work together what we began with each other that's right it the most. Guys really enjoy walking in our building. Dealing experience of our culture. And expert team that together and keep. Impacting each other make each other better but also doing it with a with a smile and and having a lot of laps ball. We're working extremely hard. That makes. You know this it's just churning that much more job well it to all in two year old problems could shape we are around each other more than we are around our Arctic at least. Between it's about exactly true that we are because we were. We work so much trouble so much. We are around each other. That Judy can now and then what this team. That we haven't had a team always brought the majority comes back really and people like you are so. They don't feel. A little bit different than it has musketeers. So here about bringing guys back in Tyler Johnson are you guys shocked I imagine your Sherman police with a tractor tires coming in played as well as he played throughout this free season or is this just the reason why he got the 54 million dollar the fifty million dollar deal in the off season that we just didn't see yet. Are not chart at all pop I got the not one bit out of anybody have building each side. PL LaMont got a brigadier plastered just nobody would tend attention. But it just watched senator chuck and rear anti graft it on board and just beat out every single year he's made a a big improvement. You would expect there used to be cute character driven as worker picked because of this extreme that what it is and and extreme competitiveness. Are you spoke for depleting its score last year and an entire league for guys that only keep up the bench all your all. You know we have a lot of guys that they had years like that that if we won more games the person or even. Putin on the map in and around the league there with a more than and we work. And how accepting Gorham and about you know this offseason mental break is that one of those things where you had to. Twist his arm to take this break or does he understand. The end of the rainbow at the beginning at this point. No he understood it and look I went over there. Again just the start tomorrow to show and we saw the intensity and the passion and heated emotional announcement that he was putting into that people we saw him on expect parents. Buddy of Croatia. In preparation for. I'll be your pastor turned back and obviously speaker stroke in Croatia from the former Yugoslavia as the incredible rivalry and just in perpetuity. A barricade at a playoff game. Obsolete a playoff game being played our our star point are planning. And it didn't. You know on all world mobile. And misses. And they ought to step. Flew home and I told by bill SA. What Goran target to be ready player a playoff game the ball were part about telemarketers being ready to play the first receiving game of first. Preceding game which is it. You know pretty much could dance from most NBA players either trying to didn't mention it just be great to training camp. Org a lot of treasury play McCain walking straight to play of first game of the seven game series and NBA. So we want to make sure that. You know after I left out she went on that Ron took to win it championship which is one of the more remarkable thing. Kelly mentioned in our locker room. Intimately equivalent. Really a low low nature when Nancy turned. But that my Leo that that much of an upset well I mean Kelly restructure because you're allowed an international basketball you have all the titans over there. In ultra. You know it's Spain. And all the teams interest sloping in a country of two million people. Went at it is really remarkable what he put that. Country but on his back console. I that would merely when he came back. Here after and we talked academia and straight and I love the now directly go to count or the next step but he actually try to experience. What it really means to emotionally. Deposit. And not only physically but just emotionally put yourself into a situation to try to team. I wanted to take everything you happen and it did and Tony came back to see that the that he was too he was trained been. Two we tried. Particular plant where Utah State decreased to it but give him time. To mentally is engaged get away from it kind of relax get it by adoption of knocked it out of shape to. Pretty bought into it I think expression yet to incredible practices which he's looked much different and expects to than they would they'd only have gone in training camp can get to a accuses stern can't get through it. Most thought process in plain in the first two preceding gains as opposed to maybe get the rest of them playing the last two parties is. Well we've all talked about it any good look I'm going amount charged up. I can't just pull the outlook right now big government to distort practice and that our I'd like that Whipple so comfortable about that because. And we also want to rip open seat. And one of our real important leaders so other teams you want to make a statement about first practice so we haven't built the first two practices don't start scaling back from their. And then you know played at. Short minute and both those first two games and then it wasn't that much of it just couldn't screeching halt. Of emotion do you build the country out of it and hear back up slowly. You know so hopefully we ticket ticket plan. If you look at first debate Israelis barricade and record it and it didn't really. Really sharp practices what bluster they're eager to get back cal Perry really competing to get. So speaking of intensity and your old school guy you like the intensity levels though the competition. And beat him Whiteside Twitter beef are you glad to see that guys are starting to China now is everybody being friends let's go. I don't know why don't problem. Now it's spent just two guys that are really competitive at the church has put a lot of responsibility ample shoulders. But not a market back down from any competition. In this week. Andy likes. Opportunities that come very infrequently and Utley replay against another reputable being a senator. That's not like it was in the ninety's were at every night. In order all our senator you had somebody that was big it could impact you didn't have another big against Hewitt against them you were huge deal. All over the course of the game. But you did did walked back into the locker room and and giving the fist pump or what you saw the jugular shot at a game with a thirty IBM's tigers hope to see alliances. 11 but he one you want to. That was part of our solvent started take bigger steps and wait impact winning that was just another. Another thing to do. A look at him but he was already starting to really impact when it and put together. Really. Good basketball games so on both sides of war that we are poem if you would have bet that kind of start and we would have won eight. In my mind teach should've been in the run return he transported here. So he's tried it but you know what we try to at a lot of different way to let the league in and block she's worked league in batting we had a top forward defense last year. Okay what's missing now. We've got to win. Okay you've got to help the team win and now. Everybody else and start. To recognize that open directly out ATC is really start meet the artist will start deterrent or as a competitor an impact player. I figure I got something in common we were very. Very social media savvy right people I know your life and anti smoking but low key because I'm just trying to figure out how to get my toward him because it's really important to me to find out how many followers I have I see you have 35000. Followers. With one yeah waiting educated awaiting company created thousands some days ago how earlier this. We heard Hawaii's. Years ago my family and my brother in law loose it. Arguments today entered it on Twitter and social media and everything like that they'll. I'm very aren't whatever it up what made you read the first week as well it actually is we put a human lives. I pick a top people go to there could be a while like rock the boat try to duplicate get excited computer and. I'll tell you it doesn't look Garrett out rate training camp. Fired up for the season average days ago since I was 2500 days ago. From Peter match. Well let's rock I mean the next week that comes out I mean you know you gotta be weird but we're talking about it we wanted to run easily lineup starting lineup like a secret just might try announced they starting line up radiates winners do that. Well Pete audited and that's what made you could hear rhetoric crap. Asking here all on a personal level okay. I feel I look you're so busy when when basketball season swords and even doing it for a long time now is there ever a time during the season Marge is like. And it shouldn't go and do that you know like you don't ever get to go you really like concert source you and your wife wanted to get away and go do something or. You know listen big Stanley okay Asian immediately hit TV show the ones who wants it is or timely manner I've really wish we could do that but I got a game tomorrow it's. Not a government appointed Douglas would critic at large yeah. Yeah long hours and hours you know we travel but during the Summers off seasons. We hit a time. A lot of time to me the way it's been probably a camera. In Tijuana human numbers like this past summer. Where do not make the playoffs against the off season and almost six months to replied Monty change. Albans not able to go within gate two goes to Africa and spent time you know take issue with my family. Do a lot of different patriot didn't work or normal you know that we get into the grinder and and when it. Yeah out night often any don't have to keep functionary don't have property yet. Are going to be out at dinner continued threat to kindly you know much spot not go to concerts. Yes sir. I don't watch many TV shows only show that I was content to watch last year from my wife like a lot about trying to talk about it was stricken banks also look ought to look at throwback. And the burden. Which has brought back a lot of good memories so you don't too much about it. The new one comes out next week OJS missile binge watch on the airplane eighty West Coast trip knowing get it. Now are you know I don't like the games watch electorate deeply you know. When it happens there you know and and make an item that. What about. Pressure from the in laws there's three time NBA championship coach ever get the pressure from the in laws on the kiddies ones are gonna be a little Erik Spoelstra run around I. And yet. What we got a dog last year we are rescue personnel were on an ad in that direction right now if you go ice for a few years that's good moves. Yeah I don't know our first few years split deal video keep quiet for a few months. Yeah put. That's basically wanted to communicate it was this. This past summer this you can tempered what was obviously to become a tough I like it all go on vacation and why it was about that. Mammal is in ever want on excited everyone's excited he magic obviously tonight is as we get the it's when he 171830. Campaign of heat basketball can go on what you know pretend for US ecosystem approach. Yeah now here are real meat better here where we're organization good real Iowa hey we always appreciate you joining us thanks a lot coach. Guess time there are tied there you go that's that coach Erik Spoelstra right there. As the he'd begin to nights. 7 o'clock against your land a magic I get it started at six with a pregame you can only imagine him sitting there with the analyze and he's preparing for a he championship and all of a sudden he's got his mother in laws and so. Eric. When when when we gonna have a family what he's got other things ansari a mourn him are right now I apologize what he does make his mother in law into an. Eighty year old Jewish lady. I so we got a couple things really got to remind you here at 7 AM and it AM on the nose we give mere chance 1000 bucks at the thousand dollar slam dunk contest are right. We'll give you code where he'll text that in the seven to 81 but also just import I think it's more important every hour today. We are giving away tickets and heat on our shell. Each hour during headlines. We're gonna give you the cute call. And we're Sanyo the war. A tickets. For heat and spur course that's a week from tonight actually our rights. So let's during headlines we did it once right we are in winner in the sixth lock out order in the headlines we did OK did you want due to speak its name. We speak its name since since he's the big winner. Juan was our winner lawn and congratulations to war on he is going next week for packet take its stake in. It's one and three of his money's right they're all gone now he spurs' next week. So give me another opportunity at seven and data every Monday on the ticket right here it's Coke and Greek auto mall Monday re wind a full recap. But the weekend's games. And it's brought to us by Coconut Creek auto mall friendly knowledgeable the price you want sponsor violin because public adjusters. Coors Light and the flawed a lottery I thought the coached pretty honest they are number I didn't. I didn't ask about starting lineup. We don't know about the starting lineup yet for tonight he's been really cool aid because I know his style and he's gonna given out 45 minutes for the game tonight I mean I mean I've been. You know essentially working with him for this will be eight years now residing in the starting line. Because like restaurants. I mean not that close boat war or war costs all right as you can tell you like usual respect like meanwhile there you know there's mutual respect and more what I'm like an extension of the coach and and I know that he's not gonna. Give out the starting lineup I'd 4615 tonight I voters say ledger has Curacao to Ali you know what I mean I'm his ordeal. Now and I knocked is like behind the scenes they liked each other may be may be it's set it off in a rough patch. OK but on the air Ernie that's his boils confrontation. I don't degrade if you guys are staging confrontational pregame interviews here a week we could we could do it we can bring back like the old bit than that John McClain and Sean Salisbury. Used to do you remember when they were on television. Joseph Clayton and Sean Salisbury we're lick the click the regional. First take your regional and raised debates you remember that Robert you plane back Dan's meal duty you do you may not have an idea about that. Is out back when your plane. But John Clayton and Sean Salisbury. On ESP and they used to do the split screen. His claims never in studio planes you know me he's easing in his in his bedroom was in the anthrax and he's got back drop clear and makes it look like he's like an office in at all. But it's John Clayton vs Sean Salisbury and they were just all argue. Sister. You never Saudi it is now. It urges org you and and L Salisbury were always go to the oldest appropriate you know that he's nerdy or whatever and you have a that are all right dot iridium belittle him all the time during Klain was such a good sports. You know Clinton always made good points but Salisbury would belittle him there is ready to all the Clayton didn't -- assault Griese Allen claims is coming back with a good you know would would that hot fire the regional. At the remembrance on what they like the original embrace debates told you remember that writes. Not really really. It was a long time ago I mean we're talking like fifteen years ago. A long time ago and illegal that they've run it on YouTube but John Clayton Sean Salisbury. Every week it was a big thing we got to yell at each other anyway. That would be some open it now is Dallas won like the coaches show was. On the heat network pregame news mean Erik Spoelstra just gonna go on and it's a mechanic could be a new thing elegant and now. I could be a thing. I did the was interesting though with Goran Dragic as to why heats taking the first. Why he played the first two games those last two games and it does kind of make sense sent to calm down slowly. From the you know the basketball high against that he was on Brownsville cold Turkey in your not playing. The next couple weeks that that does that does make a better sense the way to decide to do it but yeah. Gore will be out there tonight a look on as illegal and report sort of like a guaranteed ask your eye and I wanted to know what the soaring liners locates Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters and then it's Josh Richardson and Kelly a Winnick and Hassan Whiteside pago reported boom done so anyone else. Later tonight's. When they put other Twitter. And that they don't give credit does dazzle and they won't he never did. You know that is that a lot of first process. No one of those things where they're gonna keep the starters and their for a little bit England flush them out by bringing the twos off the bench like they did last year as the chemistry may do it to users. Our Johnson and James Johnson they're plays much anyone man yeah oh and by the way couple people's taxes and it totally went over coaches had de Hassan reference that we're making to Twitter BP was speaking to something else. I think you saw him a one pass on dominated Dolan beat in the regular season. Last year was that he was a book is when you brought up. You know Husain get the jugular shot on Twitter then I I don't think I don't think he knew what we were referencing their bat him want to correct them can't root. He sees me to root. The Oklahoma City Thunder okay I'm I'm guessing they played tonight the thunder plates I accents obviously one of the hot teams he wanted to keep an eye on with all Georgian. Carmelo and their debuting Oklahoma City tonight let me see is Oklahoma City playing tonight you know most the league in action this evening now looks like Oklahoma City probably debut tomorrow on synagogue in the next tomorrow tomorrow okay. Will anyway. The this thunder okay under the salts. They have a guy on their team. A rookie called PGA Dozier. Okay. He's. Going to start the leak this season in the G leaked out to be on the active rosters are at the season to sweeten the G leaked Danks the lead got it but Zaid. They had to assign him a number okay official leagues this season signings and to officially signing. Mean the teams are so on the geely now they had to officially assigned him a number sold all the numbers from 199 would figure. 35. Then why is that interesting. We saw where Kevin's are out there. That's that's our kittens that are cool. Oh I think it's cool and I mean that's that's Oklahoma City given a big middle fingers without. I think it's cool. From 35 down the geely I mean no no one no one wore number 23 EE I don't think in Cleveland when LeBron left. June writes no known now. No one or number three here. The albums went to write about what number six but some people are not angry with weight. In cleanly wearing LeBron but even the cavs in giveaways number. In Oklahoma City the morning good to rent. You know material here there's 35 where where pride I mean I buy it. Even number six is not exactly it's it's it's the golden bridge between he and LeBron after he left port number to the kid used to Wear. Who would only knows we is that's the point is easy going a college theater was zeal my I don't know. This PGA Joshi you're out of rebellious that's the point they give this kid duds are canceled number noticed early Sarkozy in the GU league. Make you imagine if the heat gave him at a bio Glen rice's number I think Abby to be bleeping kidding me we love. Rice. Is given and Kevin grants number three and by the way you saw his shot of the balls which were won the game last night they'd go to replay. Shot was late in general some time really yeah a Rhodes went spear lesser charge you saw the Beers last second shot last Aaron. His last oh what the into the game. Would did did did Harding get no admitted free throws that put them ahead. What are we talking about I thought they have any had a three point jumper that broke some rankles. Oh well just that to win the game though no I didn't see that that that play at a particular place that you wore. But you're talking about be it injuries from that game less like Chris Paul he'd put the finishing in what he's OK but simply to finish the game and trim hungry left the game. The need strict. You left the game early. The big injury last seismic story from last night was corn pay work. Willis what's worse injury you've seen. On the field when you played you know what I think about it for a moment DJ is gonna be here till I lost it again next year forgetful Austria next.