ZRA Part 1 11-14-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, November 14th

Dolphins are a vomit. You was whack. Enes the Weenis Kanter.


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It's. I. And I think though that the game. He says there. On May not even know what you're doing yeah. None none mania set up. Well then. War games and yeah and I can't get affected by a dolphin lost yes it's all it's all of the U. Odom said about. We'll set about I was there about this last night Jane died as you can start tweeting about him that would I mean I clearly right about that but. I was thinking about how the dolphins oatmeal life received. Just of. All the hours wasted watching that garbage. Yet that man. Morning everyone's does or ons and amber are here Tuesday morning the fourteenth morning on November hamburger morning hey good morning Romberg hey good morning to you cash in a late receipt. I would like to imagine wherever we go after words. A just present all the hours I spent watching dolphins football. And show them the spreadsheet and that is like you know what. You get to go have another. Eighteen months. You'll enjoy I'm sorry you had to witness that which is more surprising. That this team has taken such a nosedive. After. What was a four and who starts and then and in a somewhat of an easy portion of the schedule coming up because. You're playing at a bad Baltimore team posting a bad Oakland team and you know then last night of course you rack Carolina. The fact that they totally. Blew off a four into sort or the fact that they were even 421 point. I think it was the second part because if you look at the foreign two victories. Not there was. It was pretty ardent football there's really do what they do it Sewell. Very compromise and wins Atlanta data center in Atlanta just a little Indian are thinking was going to be that's for sure. And we know I think we know just on any good either and those were two of the games. And that organizations are gonna record breaking offensive numbers against this I think that's from the most disheartening in a world because we're supposed to be an unbelievable defense right. What feel like it's the end of the dolphins Stevens being improved price lately that's that's overly that lasted six games. And now in the last three games at dolphin defense has given a 112 points. So like we're done we're done with that it was it was a nice surprise. And the beginning of the season of dolphins defense is good and it was it was really good. But I think we're done with that on the mile and a third of the season and now it's over we are looking at what six point stir the goose egg and then. The fact that I woke up this morning I heard that they actually scored 21 points or disliked. We went when it's all hits it sinks a Wendy's should game off last night. We're on third quarter gets completely acceptable so that game off last time when did you I know I know you share oh I didn't make the second half. It was also have to. Yeah I was in the halftime it's deep center. So where they are on there is no good most intense that you know color threw the interception. And any edge Julius Thomas who's a whole Baum OK every week at same thing and decides that he's dropped a touchdown passes and and falling out of bounds when no winds near him he's he's taken a personal fouls secede I don't know how brutal personal foul the end of the first half. He hears a Wal-Mart or whether it's so excited when they brought him in again Denver Peyton Manning bowl people over. Jacksonville first is always there when it's like yeah I clearly is good you sodium have been Manning we came down their robbed the bank committee came over here well I've never seen I've never seen a tight end. Look more on athletic in my life he's a bomb. It's it's like dog and tight ends up a mix of blocking tight and severely wanna think about it every every time a guy catch the football with him but he's getting killed by the two months old son was better. And societal out there looks at least 45 years old. And and dishonest but. It's getting crazy out Julius Thomas and gain and it was fortified Tony one is just stupid. Well obviously gonna do a lot of dolphins today. But. You know I I told you guys does it take care of the situation. Well today and and I had to go home and deal with a situation we gotta we gotta we preface it with what happened in the show yesterday yet so. So it into the show yesterday Romberg spilled the beans which I only realized yesterday okay class robbery at one point yesterday hey. One time giving the ACC championship game is. And and year your shorts at night anatomy it's an evening Arabia okay upset generate piano whenever it's it's a night game. Am like him because is months ago. For my wife's debt makes noise birthday is is that is the weak golf. I eat all my wife tickets for it's let's go I want to go to you know I I like the good shows. Authorities see the book of Mormon it's a dealer senator hands. Look I don't like musicals or anything like that by page you know. Some of these shows are really good and from what I say in the book of Mormon is really good. So I am look at boats and then Robert tells me yesterday that the EC champs had games at night and it's the same night. As. As the show that I bought tickets from my wife for so it's damn you know. So much proof that you believe in McCain's all and it's this early in the season or before the season started. Shift when the ACC title game even probably anybody who actually things are teams going. He's a government I consider. K okay December. And I am a life take its war for her birthday fur are on and off Broadway shows it. It's easy to hide. Her and me or does it ever occur. Helio earlier got to do when I look for tickets is the heat play OK and that's all lights it's all Edwards. I know that hey if it's January. All right tonight got to be careful could be. Committed Super Bowl since the end of January or does the very meaning of better be careful there but. Became have never ever played in the ACC title game even though you know it's only good stories in particular raid. All are so anyway so I buy the tickets and I find out yesterday damn I got a problem I'm I'm not gonna be able to seat. The ACC title game OK and and yet lately get it appears. Yet that the games either 74530. PM physiology BAC seek fan fest that is all afternoon it's a night sums out our rights. And Anna and I told you guys I am I'm an undisputed. I got to deal at this OK somebody give my wife the option. It's Heller you're choice and I did this yesterday it is in the early evening last night totally wrong and I was of the woman you can't play mind games woman. Did you teller with a conflict was. Like to set its eyes as a loser and so you know this is what's going on. And it's to hold your choice. Okay city knew it was coming then be set it up with the guys who live. Have a saying there's this championship game the canes are and then I really wanna watch and. Yeah I you know I told her it's the it's the ACC championship game and here's also a thing. If she doesn't know what the hell that means OK on. Rainy certain. She interpreted ACC champ to team as like now I'm still AA champion of the national TV show mad that you received my god it's not I'm pretty sure that's what she interpreted the canes go lines of play in the playoffs he's gonna think that oh what. Today according one champion sit him out there own and that albeit a separate situation ideal fit well I also deal with that when the time comes but I'm. Pretty sure she thinks it's the championship game because I said I give the option hate you now you're choice our rights. I can either go with you all and all wanna see the shell OK but I got to watch this game or you could take any year friends okay. And and and that's that in Al and and my older son is sitting at the bar with her and he he he's a real jerk okay. Because she then says. If he tell her she turns to him what do you think I should do when he goes. He seek husband that he should go with you. Yeah he's he's he's a real sure about that he's a real jerk okay. And and so I told my wife you made that son so I sitter killed in. On amber did you whatever you want meted to you okay. And as it turns out. Watching McCain's on December 2. The EC champ. And I think I would. I'll take on my girlfriend and another area out there and they eerie resemblance. You saw I showed you. And playing I don't is another prayer and. Not going through right now on having him sit and watch who played for three hours. As you can watch my game. So you don't. Yeah because she and accompanying me boy and I'm going to be crazy old. You know those owners and how Jong I I'm gonna I'm pushing my luck in that spot of pagers it and says. What do you do what do you do with the kids okay what are we doing in there like nine big user not. Highs as it budget problem but again ready or it's MP errors on them I don't know dollars and push at that point oh now. Out I don't data writer you know remain there and moved there down staying home I'm watching the game ended there isn't you know they asserted that you go to surely soon. That's that's. You have the Charlotte comes in with a promote within the week so then so that I saw the so that I saw she was accused text and her friend. John things can't go because yes to watch the canes championship. And emling yes she she thinks it's like and do you championship. So in that conversation the number that are our rights but December sect in this. I'm once in the yield. If I could all family now told you don't see myself sitting there in the negotiating met in a Republican go the same way you know it she'll take her friend would or should we should be mad at me because I'm a figure for QQB okay with effect if she's. It's gonna go. With him she finds out. When I'm going to be doing like I said my. It is what are it was a little bit of the butter or not and won't let. I just feel greeting hi. They may have said Bennett for forgiveness than permission okay so we'll find out you know December 3. What her reaction is to meets Eleanor and by the way paint playoff game you know what January 2 whatever it is. Text or raked in the book of Mormon is hilarious though all hydrates not to go oh I've seen it I you know I need I thought it was good no no I thought it was good. I thought it was good I did I think that there were so much hype around it when I saw it. That it was setting. We meet up for it not being as amazing is every once us all to see it. I did a lot of Broadway plays they really like Broadway plays I've seen ones they think are better but it. I thought it was good. Is it a musical. Yeah oh it's musical yeah I don't normally date the musicals but I but I hear that book of Mormon is really gonna wanna see. It's cyber hey I think that's it's this enemy and they can't really get the a lot of men don't dig musical horizon I don't know motto wanted to compete date only around Baghdad because I Philly men are always telling me that it musicals are there things I'm really glad anatomy was. Adults getting all geared up to assume like an chairs aren't marred the fund now. But but I do enjoy watching the performance via. And I remember in my life united OC rants like ten years ago on the singing at the gallery yeah. I told Elena it's down. I'm Whitney canes fan I'm with you all the way adults nine points on tonight's third when. Newton with real the flick ones who have the snap backs up a little bit throws to put just left side pushes forward. Putting his head. Mile and touchdown through when Newt sprints right clubs drifts through. Good pets right side McCaffery held onto it for the touchdown and went in the shotgun bounces all the balls this season. That's not ten but just to revive. Well it is a story. Bloodbath last night. Dolphins lose 4521. Man's criminal or soup. Yeah could have been well hundreds and often it could've been worse evidence lot of drugs. Take out the brits are music Basil coward like forwarded as the week ended December 2 and third Fort Lauderdale beat you may say pays ads on I can't come to that EC championship game December 2. Not enough. Makes you stop by the seven I think it's sports oasis you go watch the game month. At a sports bore. We've beaten stance make money. Rip tides presented by edge on the V accident attorneys call 800 simpler seven Parikh. That's 807473732. By Gloria if it's going SP good in my written energy fuel real energy for real people. Rip tide tickets are on sale now. At the ticket Miami dot com I stayed up for the whole team last night's. But I will tell you this. Yeah gotten I kidnap a no no I I'm really tired today OK I am and feel like. The dolphin fan base is going to be extra angry today because we. All lost sleep. For just just terrible reason okay. So the fan base is going to be extra angry tonight do you see your dolphin fan if you're not at all and UC adult and am yeah out. He T. d.s OK take it easy on them. They're gonna be an. Extra sorely mood after their favorite football team lost because this team is so not were losing sleep over. And and you lost I mean the game didn't end until about 1145. So you give more weight right Alec Ellison we've only for a while he yeah you are you really tired today. I say the whole game. I will tell you the only reason that I was able to stay up for the whole game was because what no knock okay and are okay no not not the tea at a OK it was BS I decide to switch the TV's OK and I moved dolphins to the little TV. Little TV be my iPad. I move that Altman's a little TV at. Monday night all on the main TV it's the only reason I was able sale last night. I was watching wrestling at this I am addressing a month I was watching wrestling at the same time last night. Specifically. He meal oh wait so I can see the end of the dolphins game. And I stayed awake because wrestling was sold much better. Why don't you for you to see the end of this horrendous game because. Do they indicted on them is gonna Jane just we got a job to do once like. I got kind of forced myself stay up I got a I don't know what's gonna happen I got to see yet although although you know what was gonna happen now although they can get to Baltimore couple weeks ago when I went upstairs in those late. Late in the third quarter early in the fourth quarter feels like 34 nothing about wonder some pin and I went into the bed jemaah license that he really too loosely bids came over yet. No gain title for that team this crap bonus sleet and and so I didn't stay out. Four at the end of that one but for whatever reason I felt the need to stay up last night. And the only whales able to is because all's watch and wrestling at saint Simon ressam was really good about smelling of us left did you get answer normal. Oh yeah. But it doesn't mean I'm tired of the in the night is I'm I'm tired today and that seems so not wars loosely don't feel that the fee and it's really dale. Let's sort headlines are c'mon. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to admit. ARAMARK. These headlines are right do you buy sovereign healthy view or loved one are suffering from addiction or mental health problems Auburn held provides confidential treatment services and support to solve your problems. Call 888383. Care insurance accepted. Let it till well last and I hate to see your Miami Dolphins. Got this tour right by the Carolina Panthers 45 to 21. Here's what it's on a like. Any say today it's 53 industry towards good field. And this was fun tonight for the printers bit of America stadium complete performance in the final score from Bank of America Stadium and uptown Charlotte on Monday Night Football Carolina 45 Miami. When he won in Ireland. Panthers a radio network I mean it was it was oh hole games' worth of Cam Newton just haunt in the dolphins Goldman's were console war to. On Monday Night Football for everyone to see why and and they are pumped by a quarterback Chris and he's been having a great year it easy it's not when he fifteen candidates on NB PCs and cam do in other is tiger is five and one gunman and a football. Gloves is also my Internet football Miami heads it's an arbitrary stats but is that the dolphins you know. The three straight weeks. National television. 112. Of 45. Camera talked about this a little while ago about what the teams are gonna do in terms of the players that are going to be on the Miami Dolphins team right now looking up at coaching staff. Certain point fingers a little bit or lose faith in themselves. Now it's gonna be of the players vs the coaches because I'm wondering what the next press conference amount Rodham gays and what is gonna say. Obviously they're going to be critical bottom case now right like that's that's more than it's going to be for certain is is the criticism about a gays and how he cannot. These guys motivated to do something special on Sundays or Monday it was such a pathetic performance last night. It was aims. Yeah you know I'm gonna go the route among other odds out players on trying to eat that stuff OK I think thankful bulls are very typical game for players and I'll try Jerry's he sent criticize and don't suicide as well. Volek played her on the ground all time what does he do what is he lay in on the what is Elaine on the ground are somewhat better as you can imagine sleazy he's resting. It is amazing Ndamukong Suh or is his energy to fight guys after the Kansas chasing a fifty yard run. It's got to spend it and he's always stealing from Arnold never fails give a big run gets into a fight with a guard the next drive the. Cam Newton threw for or 254. Yards four touchdowns and rushed for a 95 yards Jon Stewart rushed for a 110 yards. The dolphins defense gave up 294. Yards rushing. On soul hoard it like it it did vomit inducing is what that is that's the best way to describe the dolphins defense on site. Ball makes it you know vomit inducing it all just vomit not just the dolphins defense did vomit so that's what dollar. That's what they are that your talk about the dolphins even say you're talking about a vomit in the dolphins defense is a vomit and. Here's Adam gaze on moving forward and hope you want to come as Marlon. Watch film make corrections an invasion. What kind of hero. You know what we're having an issue is that it's a stretch it quickly because it doesn't staggering in any user what's to inject some of them scheduled. Watch film to find out the good that way where you need to correction didn't you right here it takes five seconds okay have a offensive line can't stop anyone attack. And it's all full and the Altman's a one is the worst may yet go home sick so the film session. Does your corrections. Teams of vomit. Here's can't wait talking about the vomit defense and especially images did you play. The office that there's probably food poisoning or we. As a defense that's sure I'm always been. And eventually some of us let us live from benefits them down for the rest flavors and the feel. That'll start you just. It didn't go. But you've got to be in the position you had to happen that comes to stop the run to that quarterbacks. You don't feel your bosses the ball back. First or second or third quarter it feels as fourth quarter and ground. You know hopefully. Close games so we have to play consistently this inconsistency is the thing that's that's Jonas. I'd sit getting about two minutes into. Does things ought to do it well the first season. Investigated. As. Now I would say were now were were seen the real dolphins defense what we faults was going to be the case going into the season. Will we saw all of last year those first six games thousand barrage manned. Bad tee that was a mirage. From that defense this is the real defense will always seen the last three games now okay 11 of moderates. Ndamukong Suh is disappointed about bomb at this point. Especially the way. Just overall put throughout that game. Unity. You don't feel it helps filter. Especially jumping off sides. That's what displays. It's got to find ways to get a few. I'm moving on Johnny Damon reports that the cardinals and giants are the favorite to trade for Giancarlo Stanton cubs sources say at least seven teams have some interesting dealing for Stanton. The Dodgers have yet you checked in on him. What's reality it's a product or spend much time on this okay but you know he here's the problem is the the you know if you're gonna get someone to take the entire salary which we know is. The Marlins MO. Then then you're not gonna get I don't believe you're going to get the prospects in return it's one or the other either you can pay a good portion of the salary and get a good prospects in return. Or you get the entire salary and you get very mediocre prospects in return and and that's that's the route the Marlins are likely gonna wind up gone because the there MO is to get rid of of the contract and that's the part that's especially frustrating because it's one thing to wind to get rid of the contract. And Yucca Izzy got the there'll be a certain thing in and you reallocate that money let's say war. Or you get rid of the the player in the contract and get the really good assets. And I do and this is it's a whole salary. And that's the part that's that's brushing it's one thing to dump the salary. And then reallocate the money that's how they're dealing just there's dump and salary so. That's sizeable not speak of that again. The beard GM winery just tells John Carlos and agent to put on a list leaders in the and Gail anytime we do and it probably did and we never got to miss all of like we really it's true hero when you ever see a list drizzle as nominee you know pretty well public thing. I think you're always talking publicly I got it yet adding I didn't hey is ideally not wrong no all the sports and capitalize on hearsay not wrong it's not their publicly. I think these players are giving lists all the time. I don't claims that I would do X country. I would do it publicly does that feel it that nukes leverage on the Marlins if I was a front office and one Baddeley. Because the only way you really can get leverage for the wants you to prospects of there are multiple teams that are wanna take his contract. But that can also get hurt by Joan called as a wanna go to those teams he doesn't wanna go to the cardinals to the supposedly preference said he wants Atlantic coast. Like wanna have that out there's of the tunnels only oblique went off and came and giants man offering and anybody. Hey man I'm insane for a very long time a safe forever he's no trade clauses I'll I'll never be on the side and no trade clause on. Always on the team side on this I hate these no trade clauses say it'd be a team. Should have the advantage. I am not pro player and that's why I'm always pro team. And I hate notre clauses it prevents the team from getting the best deal possible and that will likely be the case here that's aunts uncles all. A front office executive on the stand trade says Don Carlo is running the show court like hills says it's possible John Carla does not accept a trade all. But he does have a sense of what teams he wants to go him. Public's own good easily huge walk in and say yeah out here love Miami I'm not wave in the clause so keep movement. Derek Jeter amber Sherman according to the Miami Herald plan to have a ninety million dollar payroll the next two season all seen not just next year. And the year after with a possible. Increase in 20/20. It depends on whether there four point plan for increased revenue work sounds like Aponte scheme. As yours fielder Ken and just like grandma's curtains cowboy. Anything that is impressive. Doodles in the women's ready for a draw I knew who he was on knowing. The galleries this morning three point deficit to beat the next wasn't good quality that game last night James at a technical foul after a first quarter all her he shin Venus the wean us cantor right the end zone and that is his nickname the wean us. This is busy the tough guy he's like the league tough guy look he he is like. At war with the president of Turkey so I think it does qualify for being an actual tough guy. That's pretty tough if your savior actually. Like a wanted man in. In your home country. I know you're CNET jokingly that he's a tough guy and Al. Actually makes you a tough guy. If the president. Of your home country. Is certain is that Gunter yeah like I think actually is a tough guy and and. Speaking of tough guys an unnamed owner told Bleacher Report that Jerry Jones is trying to start a quote unquote civil war amongst ownership. Reportedly the owners send Jerry jones' cease and desist letter of bird the Cadel extension. Seems like most theaters are now on Jerry's it. And I can't wait to see this play out and that's how it's fifteen minutes heat next. Shot. Champions plus or South Florida someone keep trucking SEV customization choppy guaranteed if deadlines for my for modifications in town called champion four by four at 7865023446. A champion four X four dot com. The direct action tomorrow night they're finally back call me at sea of fatal basketball team in person for the first time in more feels like forever. They all host the Washington Wizards who'll are are also very middle and start to his seasoning a good team. But they're also very middle and sarge just like Miami. I amber made the point yesterday and I think she's right that that he'd have you know EA ye ye not all wrapped up and yet this year like the heat or not. Now very exciting and and what you were confused as to why you feel that way and now I mean I think the answer is he ceiling there that you're six is that the Sox. You know and now it's it's very early in the season I think the wind up being fine. They'll wind to beat a team that probably means in the mid forties okay and and that's fine for what they all our blood. There's there's no reason for you to. You confused because it's the same global players or you billion last year right. Well even at the beginning of last season I felt more. Tuned in to the games and I fill the seat assembly house you know sat applauds the meeting. Like thirteen games of first you know heading into the season and got really really obviously got really really ugly but I'm in the first ten games of the season I remember being. Brady it you know into a watching every amended and and thinking that they would turn things around uneasy they didn't and and I got old at some point and then they did turn things around that and of course the second half of the season was so incredible. I don't expect this season to feel like the second half of that season that man I don't know I just felt very law boulders and wanna watch he games to be honest I've been feeling a lake. I wouldn't be watching every minute this is I didn't have this job. We saw we saw some new faces like churning this year we kind of know we're gonna get I mean that's it I'm guys like them I mean a lot of things big and we signed the guys that we currently I had. I think also I think they've won back to teams once so far this year they've not three row divot even even if this team's record is a little bit different say they were in the you know if it's six or seven right now what do they were you know eaten five Wendy Libby would have done more attractive to yeah I I again I think you would feel I don't think so either. I wouldn't be I don't I I think you're Romberg saying I think it's that. Last year another good record there is it you know new guy is in and trying to find out how they organize sit in gel and this year it's Connelly Ari. An eight by is okay does it as I run in five but I wouldn't be that. I read I don't. God Narnia. It probably would mean that bid even their best performance this year I mean was three quarters of the numbers game and I've got ruined. Because of of them having to hold on that game. I mean they almost they mean it did blow 25 point lead so there really just haven't had a lot of enjoyable performances to watch yet it not donate it not a great watch yet this year but. It is it's not it's not it hasn't been an exciting aren't a lot so yeah I mean I think I am still differently youth. If there was you know losses but they worry exciting more exciting a lot of this. I think you'll get better especially because they they scenes they seemed to of you know found there were found the defensive side on this road trip. I I I think it's gonna start to get better but. The answer is easy why you why not as fired up right now over the heat as you thought you would be the 67 record sucks you know it'll get better now though they'll be okay but. That debt makes sense and at the same time. We are we are super. Fired up over the or another that Gaza might play into it it does not focus it on heat basketball yet. It's just you know it if it's that they not focus and think you are focused on its but. Not so it probably not and probably not so level we nor are normally we don't have the game at this point in the season as the hurricanes or sewer hole you are such an inquiry. Red Bull story. You didn't have it we did have a gains mean liberty on Burnett talked dolphins are not talking Panthers. Insurers are telling talking about gators and a few of its atmosphere as a lawyer Luciano analyze well in a pretty good. I'm telling the thing that is both a bummer about the heat is you feel really good about how they're playing. And every game there inevitably don't have a stretch where the offense gets constipated. Paisley. Why why was it's so good a quarter ago and all the sudden it's bogged down like this is just frustrating to watch them. What they're not they're not hitting threes the way they were last year in the second half the season second half the season last year they were one of the best. Three point shooting teams in the league and right now I think there are I think there around twenty. In in the league in three point shooting which is obviously not good. They were like the top driving to eighteen in the entire league and you know that helps when. Issue in the three the way you were last year so I know that's a big reason and I saw a bit let's not forget I mean Hassan missed. I'd games the very beginning of the year you know and that that plays a role as well with their early season struggles mean. The day world what three they were two and three in those five games that he missiles were all home games Souza yet totally blow homestand. Mean the first chance say you had a CD he played extended time in person. They were just three and thirty in those six games it was it was not you know there's not been cited there. And now they've been on the road the last two weeks and you haven't got a seat and on top of its. They don't wrote the late games he probably had even seen all of these games. That's plain wrong and I'll be Greg's team that's journal I was going to play at the latest scams and sales of Ambien and good teams that's. The only game I mean they beat the clippers and achieve a good but then I could also backing government I'm telling you that the feeling of that game. Got ruined because of of how they ended up having to pull out late. So analogy if you would have if you're even gotten the nuggets win and and that DN ideal way to shot to gun down you would a guy on the Philly cheese moma which kinda got the jazz game. But again those teams aren't. That they're not one of those. It's season changing exciting when the summit that's a team we like all loudly that wing now we can build off that nuggets. Their best when the nuggets all our is the nuggets look like a good team their optimists on the ninth six may be that it not too good. That that would get a good will be right he don't have a single win I don't think it'll. Against a team that's any good like he's their best win the clippers it's like us and how it is not good there when they're bulls suns clippers. Jazz chat doesn't mean does a good win. Pacers. Paces over 500 right now but I don't know the pacers are Inca. Those all the winter pacers hawks a jab and out on bond. Does under 500 into that. That would felt good because you got the Dion moment and you know typical bear and you know that robberies there was feminists on them but still it's as manly you know they're they're now without Gordon any words though and I got its it's all of those ones are gonna stand on the ground. You can really really the you can really hang your hat on that win. Did you see what took place. And in the guardian yesterday you had to cap Keller silicon it's like the 323 at the next thirteen socks and no one's afraid of them. Now they they came back and won okay they won by three but promise a couple free throws late this demand to hold on. LeBron has I think a big fourth quarter and watching handles all watching wrestling and Dalton's. And and the cats they came from behind him they they were on fifteen. The start of the fourth quarter and and they came back and he and they won but the big story was the it has been a scope. Scott would LeBron and so here's what happen. After he got DI after he got the value is a bit of a skull as LeBron did wanna go back on defense. And when I try to inbound the ball again and the key was trying to get the ball but LeBron was standing in his way in Little Rock him baseline you get to the base ranked inbound the ball right. But but this whole thing and how is no Tina that's that's the rookies is like 1818 year old French get that in the real problem by big money deal French and elect com. This this started a couple days before and we know like LeBron has this never ending feud with Phil Jackson. Mean Phil Jackson's good news desk and ones and originate though like I don't think it's still because you never fill called LeBron and his buddies award AO posse all the possible little posse LeBron last year Brett can't get past. Cannot get past. Is that near them LeBron we don't know that hands get passing you cannot call it athlete ego do not called Randall and his friends Abbas can't do. You will never get over okay. And and it's a very terrible thing to say so a couple days ago. Here was LeBron. Talking about mavs rookie. Dennis Smith. The next pass them on a really go. And in Dallas and Dallas got the dominant run he should be a Knick economics and they realize we should be innate but. That was definitely a noted excited billion voters so he's unbelievable talent criticism very poised abuse abuse age. To shoot the ball to penetrate he's only get better and better with opportunities given here to play. That girl. How in the world view is that LeBron is business to talk about cool other team I should drive a question who who route to the Dallas it. I don't know well I wonder if rich boldness. Ron is saying there because this is before this must be right board their plane Dallas because LeBron says they got a good one here. It is so so he's he's actually C and they says. It's a good eat it it's good thing he wasn't they are anyway so I would say if if rich ball wrap this Dennis and it definitely does. But it beat did mean it like you essentially saying I'm glad that the knicks did not select. As a show that LeBron is actually involved or was he overseas on a yacht. With in terms of what goes on administrative leave when it comes to draft would clear the caps is I. I don't I don't understand your US and the football players that are here and now. Nobody knows about who were supposed to go where would pick this team had who's over Lorena is there I way more idea than. It flares are are more tuned in better we pretending like LeBron is good at evaluating talent coming out of the draft does he certainly hasn't always done. While you're gone you're gone back to it's about as navy. Is not about to end the French tradition but. It's it's sold at a line. Suited to it does say that. One team picked the wrong kid this team picked the right kid. In general it's why does CNET and hey guess what were were were 1415 games into the season like its way analyze so. What ends up happening is like you mentioned there are LeBron. Swords bumping chests and wall move out of the way. Of militant. Who oh who is clearly going to take offense to what LeBron is saying there are rights and and by the way. It is cancer whose union a bit of a big mouth and as cantor on Twitter. Before the game yesterday. Responsible bronze comments summoned the effect of we got a good one more fine. I think the next volley or five and the investment right now is a goalie tutors and rookie of the year conversation while no Latino is really young but but it's still I was playing the knicks and you'd probably want to be really good player. But they wind up pushing inch bolt Brothers doing the pushing. No Latina does the pushing but LeBron is gonna stand and over and and won't get away from her and in coms and is cancer. And it's cantor comes flying in get an open the bronzed face. Revenues a lot of the players and I'm already going down court Dwyane being one of them was well and then it is the wean us kind of turns around and sees it as a little bit of a scuffle going on. So he goes back and he puts his cheeky it's abroad she can do. Thing has cancer is about that life okay because like I said earlier he's essentially. In any hole out. With the president of Turkey. And he he's here's to be about that life. Which he is and by the way even remember this is cantor has also been disowned by his vehicle. Turkey. Goes art but one dude that I notice a parade message anyone used its own mother phenom to say you know as a Duane never came back. So I was born back McCourt always glamorous really complain yet do we ever involved and getting involved it easier continued into factories in practice and an ambulance brutally you know so here is yours at. After the game this is as cancer. It was tough we're opposed twentysomething offensive touching just you're forty something or some form or. I think if you look at those movies before federal parliament currently I would a lot of energy. All of 21 thing systems through special and in comes from my house and that water bottle from Jamaica and army. I'm sure we were. Chin what more nuclear sells ten grand princess on every door. Clue what you're gonna fight and no nobody out there and upon us. I did he just became the most popular player on an XR was he doing bottle foot and again nobody's like that's a reference to when LeBron what is on their course so Motorola if you call yourself king queen princess. He just became those moderately and the same he's built that for fifteen games and and he is eating is definitely the most popular he's taken in that old schoolmate attitude Yankee he he is now. Aid loves it. New York net. And finally here's LeBron. It's. Why we're. Say yeah. While McCain my wife Susan Quinn in my daughter's princess so we got all recovered. LeBron Zambrano was lame by the way you look on the runs our rights and and how does LeBron know about what he said before the reporter even asked. We have heard about it the reporters don't though he's so yeah I heard I mean is there I'm sure our reporters told bombers people on the grounds out right. You can't say that and I you don't like what Enes Kanter said about Yule when this whole thing start with you. Criticizing. With the knicks are drafting of the broad outline. And is no toilet I don't know what button to push for anyone assert talk contreras LeBron right is his one word early. Oh yeah I can't call bitch you know is one burgers and go matter to you to go there and really wanna handle that can't do it. Can't do it go man got kids I don't know I don't feel like Jeremy get and is cancer and Goran Dragic rupiah scary duo yeah and it's candid about their life. I would not mess around. The Turkey to serve and that's and that's one of my actual things I don't mess at any one exile Massey. I don't mess they went to somebody to blame us like well. If you're just a might be anonymous US three's online again and yeah yeah. By the way and we used his own view blow or by the way did you see your cousins get into a scrap of the game this weekend Notre Dame game. Cousins. Presidents of the physics club my co host and zeros got her ask someone to white kids my cousins. We embarrassed by that. Yeah Islam back there and I terribly if I got a little bit in band so we look at the keynesian Rudy lookalike it to NASA to concourses or Rudy lookalike and Tommy O'Neill. Walked about five or six physics kid's ass. Just couldn't spend big runs. Once they kind of shed drag racing going through after the turnovers. Fourteen point swing. You know between then and asking. It's important and it's beginning to that's. Close as you can do against teams. They wrote travel robbery is back and not some of them were checking out your play that's on the road trip and they'll. Is that miserable sat on. I'll like the song I loved that suit it's pretty somber. Like this song meant celebre. Andy Kaufman. You live the way. Well I agree that this may well if he. Think if you wrestle I mean I. If you take your rights advocates such an easy way to get people age youth. Might be a man who played some women. I. Heads it was awesome they Rhode similar robbery is back his stuff payments that kaine of Virginia. This Saturday unique guest can win and hop on that bus of the Romberg to hard rock stadium register now to take him I mean dot com. You'll get tailgate passes the cores like Kohl's own the stadium plus tickets of the game up. To present my cores let whatever your mountain climb on spots that votes on runways and concierge twin peaks and I'm like clothing to win register now to get Miami dot com. The dolphins Horry Vaughn last night's. And the defense. Gave up 300. Yards on the ground. And it's officially to a 94 bronze saint 300 they don't dessert they they stay in death the day they deserve to be rounded off. They were a vomit it's 300 yards rushing. Let's do you was a whack. For the third week in a row. After a dolphin game. You tell us it was a wacky Texans show on the calls brings on a multi attacks line 67974. For me this one's easy you know I know Jay Cutler gets a lot of criticism. But for me yesterday was the first game edgy cult like the was legitimately terrible. And he's a Little League terrible. And and my gamble for the most part is I'll I'll I'll defend the quarterback most the time. And it Gilligan done that so far this year with color. But he he was so bad yesterday. Over throws one hops he bit the port decisions came out yesterday. The interception at the end of the second quarter doubt now essentially into the game. An adult it's we're in that game 107 go to happened in the game 177 after that interception. That is incredibly deflating and then you're also not get the ball of course. It's it yet the double possession here for Carolina they scored both times. It's tense seven your blankets 24/7 game over. For me for the first time this year Jay Cutler was absolutely horrible yesterday he was why I am what do you guys. I'll go out and gay ace Adam gave you is whack. All we heard of course the beginning of the season was about as much improved defense we know that's not true now a special after going oh and three. And these prime time games we know the problems with the offense this team couldn't be. More boring to watch him is a struggle. To watch these games at all wife Alice look at halftime. Miami now has five of its last seven games against teams with winning records. I don't think any of us have any confidence in this team's direction moving forward. It's just such a disappointing season so Adam gave spew his lack. I'm to go the whole defense as a unit man can give a record breaking numbers soup. An organization is still depleted in terms of their offensive weapons we could just he can't do that became gave up 410 yards. An addict in a career season best firfer Jonathan Stewart they're running back you can't allow camp. It's almost rush for a hundred yards and throw for three touchdown you can't you just can't do that. I does. It eat it individually. Jonathan Stewart and Christian McCaffrey on the season both averaging like who half yards a carry which is is. Unbelievably bad. That's that's that's not like a professional that's an adult running back to wrap your ads but Gary that's dirty worst in the league for what. For for qualified. I think the thing with McCaffrey is going to be going forward they're gonna learn how to use them a little bit better because he is to a different kind of player let's say it's his fault and he's got a very clear but he did make. Keiko tire issues veco got to be just fell off when he did the little move on him in the end zone but. And I love I love me some Keiko budgets you can't you can't defend a guy Leila back game he got a very rough game so what are you got. My tandem bomb first suggesting the calorie was coming within TJ McDonald and Ted Larsen and down Dave Parker youngest and the arts and backward mind they still suck. He literally said the cavalry yesterday and reinforcements right before they traded Jai that it. He believes in team believes in the character in the cavalry is coming back or cap at least coming. And yet you like the morgue we're going to be just fine and I he fought to. That a bomb yeah all don't go yeah Manny I'm the same fears you should hand over the keys to Denver and he's a vomit you can you Kelli arena Walt was -- dollar back for why not Marino. Films Emery is not mom gets it can make sure that spending that they go to marina area says it is up in the Booth disgusted with this franchise that. He is king of and he just has to watch with that turned into a cell wall and put the camera laughable Bob Griese who was the only person that building the law of those three yard passes you must been so proud. And that's how it played back in 1970. Well tech stories and who is whack could be asked is it lack airport. Well above its like who's most black I guess that's that's the way I was gonna say Louie CK but I if I didn't. You're you're just gonna use you keep pounds and Lucy cage jokes on no pun intended when you when he's got Smith's. Get all Jews who were no rule that can't. And. DJ Williams of being about 7:15 this morning rolled to a lot of hurricanes with him so we'll continue with.