ZRA Part 1 12-11-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, December 11th

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Beads as long runs and end. Yeah. Homes aren't you go OK yeah. Forward ago okay Dion Waiters had an opportunity US troops. That's don't come out of being diligent is probably the best human being in the world what nobody just say. People via did you ever you Celek usually do redneck jokes on the blue collar comedy tour bill Belichick's face. These just. Shaking his head. I don't know I don't know what's going on Robert. It is a half asleep right now clear. With you will be here until they will okay is date got changed up but really. What are you trying to say right now. Helping the way. But on 790 victim. I wanna get funds as a Iran's amber it is a Monday morning the 11 the morning of December handles a morning hang in morning. Robbery hey morning Nero Tobin the morning. I had beyond a spot I I don't know how people deal this whether. It is so now regularly would normally any idea. It's so cold out to me is not even Michael it's 53 degrees are now it's so cold out. Let I dread out of Gault saw in the morning affiliates the temperature than it normally is in the studio. I was pretty excited when I showed up because they actually have air turned off in the studio got it never happened got to get to get sick. It's sick can't have that. It's so cold outside and then you know you you look at the weather yesterday. In buffalo with the colts in the bills that his goal of what is going on there. 49159. Gold. Compared not that he was real gold is I don't know how people live in that I don't evil in this this is Canada makes this a sweatshirt rivalry loudly. You're never. You're never sweaty freezing never greasy demand for a little error is always nice and fluffy. I'd definitely get down to this weather so cold for is. Why exactly but I am I can't get down with what went on in buffalo yeah I don't know how good Iran without lake effect snow. No thank you so it's been around for you prepare for that level it's now go senators osu. I neatly for snow inserts long and so. Those whose views are those long Johns and your armor snow suit your good. Would sit around. And and like their friend calls them up yesterday morning okay were up in buffalo their friend calls them up yesterday morning like. Had an action take it to the bills game you wanna com hells yeah and the francis' yeah. Kodak. Jay how do you stay tied game ambassador I think is amazing that dedication of the fans it's day lows in the temperature it was played her I've I was in the airport when I ain't saga and the nagging him. And it was an overtime. And 77. You know what was the actual temperature I'll probably sit here Brad processes. Probably says in the box score here let the actual temp true. You see the am a mini or they actually were coated in snow pads have been terrible amount from our twenties may be thirty that's so terrible. It had to be relentless easy part of the thirty I know it will is in. Should say here. It doesn't have a program bigger rubio when it was our government ultimately it was all about snow that could have a medical it it's too cold to snow than you know what's but if it's snowing and stuff you're okay. Publicly when he's maybe thirty but the fans are just sitting there for four hours ages. Eaten the snow at least the players you know the rug and a talent and I got an up or office sideline you know it. The fans are just sit there you sit on the snow birds audio right do you see as conference now okay so uneven no reason as do about that. And convincing you to stand at all game and your reason your ass off for the recap for hours. Yup the snow coming down all your face became CD game where you know those people are prepared for that stuff. Tell you we I mean there's there's nothing that you can even prepare for the episode nuts 60000. People there dead and Salah thirteen Doug Muller and shout I'll blame. 60000 people. They're standing there watching. Holtz and Ailes and if the wasn't enough the sixty minutes they gave an extra fifteen. They go to overtime yielded a more global more this. I'll I'll never understand all my entire life I'm I'm pretty goblins and as I'll go my entire life never you know. Never going to call the football what what do. I'm not vehicle whether I've never and I'd never done before. And at this point my life I mean I've. What do stingy guys go to something rejoice and yet we did we did we rented it but that I felt like. You don't we let the stadium classic two ends of the islanders and Rangers and new Yankee Stadium. We went to the outdoor hockey game and any other hockey brought it feels like it's mostly older and all it was breezy cool it was so so so cold blood but at least that was you know that that that felt like well all once in a lifetime event you know they rarely have these outdoor games they're only barely caught games a year and it's never going to be in South Florida OK and that really cool thing ever to Yankee Stadium so it felt like a cool thing to did a case that that on on down 40 okay. Bly. I I don't see scenario were I would ever go to a football game. And sit outside in the cold weather three after four hours and I don't know how I can do that when I go to the Super Bowl. And the dolphins are playing it dead on those dopey outdoor Super Bowls again. Greg go the way it was learned that I am concerned good knowing you know you watch on TV and support those guys. Greg know if it was quite breezy weather doesn't have deeds that that OK let's say it's crazy weather. Dolphins. Outdoor Super Bowl what I go out. Our national championship games you know for college football. These are on venues where it's not gonna be crazy okay like the play all busy there in Tempe. Or it's in nor early and keep building more CNN in Pasadena. OK these these are warm weather places with the game's going to be. On January 1 and then I guess January 8 whoever notice that's not a scenario or would you see to McCain's plane that can you never gonna happen. OK we see the dolphins. And it holds whether Super Bowl I'm. I don't know what to do that. And symbols too long to. Els march. Most liberals never going to be somewhere where the weather was like it was in buffalo against what that's true what are really geeky building domes and not league anyway news and hate it either out of the game remember it was supposed to be that in New York where we are always saying it would be. That farmers almanac and in resolving. Tell farmer's almanac is a real thing talk farmer's almanac is a real thing. As a real thing it's a group and Israel from farmers fearing farmer's almanac real thing and it was supposed to be terrible weather. And the ample out. Now is not yesterday in buffalo. So the big story obviously over the weekend is John Carlos stands no no no not the jaguars it's not some calls Stan. Not jaguars. Did you watch the whole jaguar game it results. It does seem like it was probably awesome. Augment its and so laws and enjoy and a football Sunday when's the last when's the last big time Sunday when they've had like that that's that's the reason the year. I remember them being kicked the crap team like the final score was like the only moment six to seventeen in the second half did it was close out the best I've ever enjoying a Sunday they'd be paid many for the first on forever one time just over nearly a sixty yard of Google home. Jack was a good year. They were fine they were good they were. Maybe 79 sometime last time that they were like they were good they wanted eight regular C and it doesn't happen it's evident relevance of the seven. My cousin of the while Slough. While it grow hard. Fourth down. I was against the patriots right Steelers nose they have a crack at them by the pitches those pitchers undefeated until the loss assume that it lost the page the playoffs right yeah yeah. Now it's on Seymour had come in for sacks on our right tackle. Mo Williams. And her. So drug policy and he is traded over the weekend it would deal became official yesterday it's going to be announced I believe by the Yankees like Google press conference airing any it's happening today. Then they're gonna have all that sometime this afternoon at times union prevailing story in our show this morning here. The dolphins all are going to show everyone how to lose them on an affable as that thing. You saw the dolphins lost like fifteen the last nineteen. Nationally televised games of the night games there's nights and I am and it whatever it is and of course there herb Cohen whatever it is this year. Owens who so far this year on national TV games I believe it is. Oh bill also Thursday night game also on the night game now engulf the trifecta. Seed they glues the Monday night game which they will. The dolphins and patriots are tonight's right down the road from on the net for all the heat won over the weekend RI AA win tonight's new gig you winning road trip. Let's go. Viewing Russia. Two out of three but tonight's event Ian. Is all they spit this one's for fares would be great if they actually dedicated the game David Tisdale tonight this one's for kids and having greats. And that's that's what they said they'll. You seek seek Chris Bosh of the game in Mexico on a Friday night's primary Saturday is ours just as Winslow. I was really surprised that bonds entered. Picks them. I was botched their botched video bond yeah him in the head unit Graeme moody he loves the team again he's hugging their cardinals own he's talking up players. That's. And look he's clearly on good terms of the team because wouldn't even paying him hundreds of millions of dollars which he wasn't he wasn't just there to take it and you know he. He was at center court representing the heat slight heat legends Alonzo Mourning Chris Bosh and Glen Rice. Are here to you know represented the global game is going to be here much semen commissioner Tony some. Megawatt. And a lot. Made of paper on flight to play a lot well he's he's in Texas okay. Why he made in Texas there hopefully not a house against a no nonsense going on what the hell is going on there. And I is Eisenberg is it is is it is moms Eisenberg as it seems like. Is is it believable that Chris Bosh doesn't ordinance no. What was going on that house. I would things out because he's asked to rate laced a standup guy is there is I missed this how to how do you not know what's going on center allegedly here. And led to name there's a drug ring operating out of one of his houses of the mother lonesome. Allegedly Shula and his mother's suspect mama slang and she's a suspect. Cheesy drama that money they don't know her involvement is yet but she is a suspect. And he owns the house Josh rather. And and and apparently there there was a serious. Drug. Situation going on in that home. Like home building forgeries and got gates and security cameras and security people and eight's. Yet there's a series drug situation going on at home. And the mother is a suspect we dug in he's cracked no no I think I think you're talking heroin inherent. And and will and some house. But his mom six manager trying to tell us. Easily she decides it all day they did try to figure out how. Or if you don't go way she's involved especially around organ on our own supply mr. struggle at the mastermind and a man how how does how does bosh had. If that's your home there how do you not have a clue my guess he doesn't have a clue. But have not have of course you own so many homes are not paying attention away. Is the daily op no one hour and there are some of the Omar's mother is this is our primary announced the militant visiting her handlers. Just been he's just my primary now. You must be innocent because he's up there in Mexico on Saturday night shown his face Lleyton often they must be innocent right. This is on in Mexico City is gonna rest a stroke menus Chris Bosh needs to be involved in drug ring I I what does need to be involved I don't know they are not given any. The buses travel a lot you got to foot the bills on and you know make you'll make alongside almost photographers at four maybe yeah. Pretty uncommon anymore. Notable more common in annuity is right now but Bennett. It's a stop or appointments. Media on the street nickel most don't know you'd Evernote. I writes about him you know I'm making those moves on the street violence and I'm gonna say I have or haven't but I I nobody moves like no other animal life Miami. Oh yeah. Do we got going on today it makes you listen at 715. And you'd think you'd called for. Well I think it's an upcoming heat home game for sharpshooter of the game the heat Greg came back of first place in their division and first place in division. Gives you a top four seed. In the Eastern Conference playoffs. That's a mean tell me yet let's get excited welcome together. But it was in the division. Yeah the wizards a 12 in the week and they stink. I don't get the wizards don't get a BL SU two and they eventually got to go and I mean there'll out John Wall right now the wizards who makes a little bit of sense but. Yeah the wizards aren't going to gain a bigger game up on Miami I think it was during game over 500 leader game under five under but he can back 500 Snyder when more of this. That's the motto tonight when the bids. He grizzly sent a late game sluggish start at seven with the pregame show ever you are Bahamas this weekend Iowa is a tried to get it want to think that you're engaged. Oh well I know don't worry about that I got taxed some Orioles on got taxes super annoying. So what you gradually toward tax REM it's awesome girl Amy telling God's awesome Zia parent. I like her style mentions he's pretty sewing is so mad every time now he's pretty witty. She's free zone so frustrated every time so you had a response all these people wondering is yeah this. And I don't lose sleep as opposed just to deuce and actually why. Sandy I'm gals. Don't memento that I did save engaged. You said it wished her congratulations nice it was a rabbit congratulations on news and gradually is another. A photo Meehan and then of course now the commons over the photos from listeners their own maneuvering and everything everyone's commenting about rain and rain auto unit boyfriend. No I'm sick I posted a five. That although all the common and all that's on you even picture. It's just a picture of us sitting at a Chris mr. right there shouldn't be any moment that I can't believe you've been that two different foreign place series on housing gunned down in the early and didn't list the places Sony then the knee to the Atlantis and the bombers paradise island and the other one on his bounds on from rent. Citgo city called who. Dominating spots to go hinges displays as his knee a little bit of getting to France great places. Yes they are great places they universe Francis. It was that we had a fabulous time say hello. And no attorney get engaged scenario like we didn't recede at the reef. Mexico and I deserve what are really huge drop his law and he was down on one knee like driving some vehicles only until they got. No I never thought yeah I think it's really really there's not because now we have to have these guy saying gosh darn. Congress say exit. From earth these gosh darn conversation with every time we got a trip where he hasn't it refill these Tommy does and I'm Ambrose thing and I'm like yeah. I know OK but the backfire and and is that why that could backfire because the when it's time comes that you go on a trip. He doesn't tell you start hey I'm not in the new notes from both. I don't know maybe it never proposing a trip that that maybe he. What tap. Not proposing I and I told him that I feel like we shouldn't get engaged now because like at a feel like I should take a stand girl strong independent women out there you do that are so much outside pressure to getting gate it's okay martyr you do that snipers the split its slate all right so let's pressure you do you play well and all of your pressure. I tell you right now though like immigrants enjoy airline rising at a meeting is currently. Laugh you eagle on the foreign countries you married aren't so it means we don't house together it would campaign together through sickness and health yet literally have literally are clearly on all the validly. Together for years. These ice and then if you get engaged. And you don't announce it on the show can be there is. I'm Moby. News. Are so I'm not allowed this outfit welcome message to Witter hey listen. Legal age after you announce our show yup. After that you you know units simultaneously god but that needs an announcement shout I'm gonna be. It's either this is like their ratings remain and a great he's despite this out game exists it no because you do it all. You know I got a big announcement coming up odd an odds on mask importantly. Aegis. You show one day and slate Hagan gauges we. It. Arguably be utterly that it it has to happen on this show up let her and I'm I'm doing you guys anything heard after the birth nearly wrath. The last six months are you people all the issued and has been lashing out at the Matta mr. mountain. I think convenient about the pop round yeah. Yeah I don't. Yeah anyhow I wouldn't have had any problem getting engaged her remember they've got a lot of women would it is so you know this was a birthday why would women get to know these what are some ridiculous and it got a little ridiculous they why they think it's they wanna special day they don't want to be honest do on their birthday. Exciting with a lot of girls ready feel lake. I don't Albanian their own standalone special operating game he's Sammy is that the wedding is the weddings the standalone day. News. I mean Arab neighbors are requirement very early when it comes to the stuff. But I do know that that's a thing. And so him not proposing and a birthday trip as outlandish. France was his birthday trip theoretically. Moya into that either. What went for my birthday. This slow December have a very good point when he stuck in a row why you might account when you get milk for free you know and he's a true amber to get milk for free you in get ever earn ever lets us know more on that and your headlines next hour. It. Bought tickets over the weekend they don't want to success. Gotta do it. Got to go you know let's go Holland in the Orange Bowl. America with the lights. Well I play I feel I feel bad I feel bad at a missed the Notre Dame game and not entertains them playable and I was there to support one is away. But I I feel bad and as the canes Notre Dame game and I want to. Oh and experience. What that building was like that night so like I'm trying to recreate apple thing and that's that's what's going on there and play like I've I've. Either of them on self aware enough to know that that's what I'm trying to get out of the orange apple. Is I want it to you like the Notre Dame game on the crowd to be crazy and want to experience it and that's why spend a ton of money on it. Yarn ball game which in reality doesn't mean anything okay. But that's as old with me. Let's I wondered it's going to be the same and I assure you can recreate a bright bright and I could be make him sick. That's on trying to do there. You so like I I just I regret I really regret that I regret not going to canes are deemed game I wasn't able to a regret not being able to go to that game. I know what a great game yeah that would otherwise let's I'm gone beyond apple I I I want to report that wanna beat air for the atmosphere. Over this is probably the biggest game that pertains to pad and a very very long time this Orange Bowl game that's going to be. The nice man could also give a lot of people the opportunity to go back and do what you're doing conceive a game that weren't really able to go see. The Irish name. Look there's going to be there's what I mean Wisconsin fans and there were Notre Dame fans that will write because was continental wanna take names travels well though they show up I mean there's 100 able to hire. The allotted tickets no school says he ignored him to get just think it's it's. They do get some man tipped the thing about it you know he got a month in advance to figure we're going to a lot of Pham was probably in a trying to do aside from the players famines just offense Wisconsin will do the whole Florida vacation you know I mean like almost a lot of I think anyway. Yeah I think there will be a lot of Wisconsin fans there and I'll tell you I think the fact that there will be a lot of Wisconsin fans they are. Is gonna make it even great easier than Cain stand and even louder. Could do to try and drown out the Wisconsin fans. I think it's neat greens you're seeing because it to be more was content for it's it's going to be so many failed she's beaten white people it's going to be insane. Three font. We've got to do what Aaron does make. Do. He gets its over the weekend it took about these real lot of fun how was Disney armored. Retirement how. Which ports that you go to. Just magic kingdom and it's at. It's an old school on. And a third that's gone I think I went to the Christmas parade in see I rely as did a very merry record holiday is dance remembers Mickey Mickey very merry go. Drummer with the scourge. Rather I tell you way amok among going back. When I'm done yet as and that's what I'm a man yeah maybe even less turn allies Tom Dunn called taking here's our prep from a series but I've already. I'm our party leads this thing down on you ready to do and also last week that you were going. Well you know and this was this was this is not a fun one might not know look look and it is embarrassing yourself normally is not doing combatants and are doing. Amerigroup a couple grand to go be miserable now and zero to the girls are sure is. I'm mole does that you'll know leg you do you walk away you going to. And I'm happy to go to the parks. I went to parks the one time and I was and I left government of this month and not how did you means so much and using plant in from. Well I think it depends like in terms of its sleepless nights that's one thing. Constant crying because you know the white has her regiment that she wants to. See everything at the par to what he'd do the sell eggs you know but why does she enjoy it's well I don't. Are you doing to us on high alert the whole time too much joy it is hard as this thing in her head that the kids got to see freak and Disney donuts at one in three years old did not see dizzy nauseated you know. He's very very young you really and it's probably resigned the first African time we've gone and my brother and his web all the time of their kids. And they have baby stay on that yet you that's it's a waste money. Can do not remember and I didn't grow up going to Disney baby girl in Florida you grow one Disney it has pretty Corey. You don't remember at that is the problem also means it is lovely because of the that it remembers when it's absolutely about a man Mets are one earlier. Buck up and take a give and nanny and taken anyway you know I that's a here's posted zero. But it got to remember he may use some professional athlete money in their homes and zero. Delegate that professional nanny I'm paying for somebody to take care my kids are Disney but totally defeats the purpose of bringing accuses Disney. You do you go to Disney with them and then you have the nanny take care of the kids at night everything yeah you out of the what if you go to a nice dinner you enjoy yourself. Nanny has to deal with the kids. I'm aggressive if they get up in the middle remain weak and on the nanny it's not on Uga is on for five words sort of always change each a sort utilizing them money Kirkland. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here okay. Figure that teenage street kid a bank had been a professional I went. As these remind him what's important. Which is what it. Brokers and drugs covered so he's either ride Seawright count times tis the season for Aaron projects and increased workload to count on is perfectly match candidate to make closing out here breezed his accountant dot com to learn more accountants or Robert half. Company. Miami Dolphins take on the New England Patriots too and I get excited dolphins fans Monday night. Football kickoff from hard rock 830 I love that. It's at the same time as the heat. Let some real may hate it because. You know you wanna watch Steve Begin what's the dolphins over them discuss it all the game is a big guess it's more borrowing on those dolphin game really kind of meaningless one to sixteen under Sims and I I'd like that it's at the same time. Because. Otherwise it is for me it doesn't feel rich or then. Saying not until 11301145. Whatever it is to see the entire adult and you and going to be a war in the heat team anyway. I mean do you know I hate this time she's in makes me feel like I'm night in and the bank had to man of either of them. Reilly means it's the game's close you won't catch the I mean this is going to be close again to. Another one this operates. It's almost got Al -- wanting MEM million dollars now I mean it's on the grounds out to its. Cage is never play close game. Whenever you buy a blowout. The road or did you hear of New England usually you loses stood to Miami you know I mean it's one of those things where I don't usually OK Mi Jack usually sometimes. They have no place yeah it is time director had his. And remember December quite often that that Miami would always pull up factories sometimes. On. John Carlos Stanton was traded to the New York Yankees. Is obviously number and a renowned all Siegelman. It really turn four star on Astaro and prospects. Jorge Guzman and Jose Dan. Ever since I was a duck sell yours those people. Marlins are expected to flip pastor of remorse are only so. We Castro zug be next week is the question. Your opening. The Yankees will pay 265. Million of the 295 million left on Stanton to deal should he opt in for Tony when he. The deal be officially announced today John Carlos do you tend and Aron judge. I want to change it to prospects names to single a prospects at Mann's got for John call centers or change their names who cares. I can bring up they they got who cares and won't. How long is going to be before we actually see them while playing for the Marlon it. That the armed enemy of the better one at that they got until one of them or one and ends up on nobody or hey there's been a number nine prospect overnight and even a tiny Yankee yankees he'll likely be higher and the Marlins system. On mosey down and as night and raid at yet forget about and that guy's appears. Why this other this other pitcher he is. 21 I think young and really aren't you know he's he's not a Major League pitcher yet eventually he will be. And he's he's not a big time prospects. Means he's got. God is a Brigham prospect Libya either really good system is all these things are the same getting the Mariners to prospecting of the yankees' nine profit right. On the same as I say he's number ninety yankees and maybe like number of I think is great for no more now. I think so yeah that that's our expert but it cares that's got returning who. Can turn MVP for an I guy and Aurilia Caro and he's rated big the Yankees tigers the Marlins they about it. And by the way to impose its going to be this year yankees at the Marlins coming up tweeting sees okay but. Derek Jeter. What does first moves. As seal the Marlins. Was trading nationally MBP. For Stalin Castro. And two single players it's pretty amazing that his dedication to the eighties is such that he bought entire team. Just help the Yankees out like that is yankees. Lifer there. Amazing stalling Castro. Who is I mean EEE held on average infielder that it EE es is not great good very good or anything he's an above average fielder that's it. And song Castro and two single. Miley players for John Harlow. Stay still got to pay him thirty million dollars at least with me governor Aaron you know Lisa McGovern era and Elise what Miguel Cabrera. Then a big big time prospects in the trade Miguel Cabrera now to work out on. Most teams would have traded if they were going to trade star player. Would have traded for Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller from the Detroit tigers' most teams would have done Marlins traded Miguel Cabrera. All World War II. Very big prospects at the time who did not work out the Marlins traded the nationally NBC some demagoguery and I've won the Marlins. Treated a nationally NDP for Stalin Castro. Above average player. And to single a players are Byrd and governor Terry clustering. Boy Cooper host OT controlled and it's tragic American did it on and confidence is a difference yes it does no answer. It is reportedly some of these other deals aura or a lot matter I used in terms of what you got to return phony deals. Tony it was Eliza mirrors of course he's all Marcellus phony baloney deals it's about. This is what we talked about this last week hurt in sport where they had no treat now on the NBA's very rare. In the NFL in these countries don't happen but Major League Baseball there's no trickles all the time what have you ever heard. Of a player with a no trade clause and teams trading and eighteen makes the deal. The deal. And T. Johns cardinals. And then go back to the player hope easily except the Marlins apparently on the apparently. Alleged. Spent all this time working out rates working out deals with two teams giants and cardinals two teams who very obviously. We're not on John Paul stands. Double wade might trickle as experts obvious that the board that you had so the Marlins went ahead Derek Jeter went ahead and negotiated. Who traits. With teens. Who were not. On jump policy and trade list. You wanna tell me it's the question the belief. That those were never serious talks. And a question to belief. That those would never. Serious. Trade conversations made it shines so they're serious. But is that at a question to believe. The Marlins in their minds never had a serious trade conversation. With the giants and cardinals had finally negotiated trade organization when John called stand. Did not tell you that he accepts treat those teams and the Yankees are on his list. Only a couple days ago. Also visibly wide fields have been all along is because Derek Jeter kept getting a jump from group to group invests in an investor. But they just want to have Derek Jeter here to have that kind of filtration system. Basically rob never want to build the Golden State Warriors offers sport because he knows the sport is failing and he wants to get. He superstar team how can attract young people NBA that it. All look analysts are together on it that's your guys based on the home runs and it hasn't happened that it is now supports the Scott Morse comments to Ken Rosenthal to. Yeah and easy easy out what to expect to seem like it's all it's all in play together like price opera's great however there are you saying Scott boy essentially let it slip that he's that he's he's steering Bryce Harper. To the Yankees I guess in a year from now created an Indian names and said the three tenors. Everyone knows who's on about yet it's it's it's very it's very shady but it. You know in the Yankees oral some that's a great thing for baseball. You know take take a jungle Stanton was trade a great day for John honest answer I mean I feel good for him and he be on her wedding to now. Yeah. Ollie on the phone now no I'm not a yeah. Regular Holtz speech what does the president. All of this I wanna give it anyway there are probably years. It's not none your your ridiculous every. Leafs are ridiculous person ever I don't think you're reflecting the sentiment a Marlins fans because I turned out there that's why. Why I Ireland might run Bahamas vacation to try to rid of two seconds and it was like a dumpster fire Marlins just everybody so angry and honesty and right nobody was not a can't match everybody was reading about how they you know means he gets ago wins somewhere and feeling good for him was can he didn't deserve it. Myron when I see that Tobin hates LeBron James Nichols Mariah faint in just despises and his shock Carlo now. And then the closed. I do not aging. And LeBron James Tobin LeBron James taken completely reasonable not visited I didn't want blow at him gays and that he didn't want to either read on there. Ought to shoot sugar because that would sticker on it's going to be on the most famous team ever are ridiculous person. Hell out of here. You said what you're saying MLB. Orchestrated this whole thing and you don't adults at an an arms Jeter or should it. Yeah I don't yankees. And I really think John Carlos. I'm Derek Jeter being involved all some cost and signed this deal with the Yankees the day so ideally that is the day he was up there with Loria and news spewing that not that they don't want -- -- -- he's kind of the winning mean it to win a winter meetings start today in Orlando and walk the Marlins are looking at their hero on there in ninety million awesome according to mlb.com. Imagine Pizarro well when our dollar or pool our cell is it is the next player likely to get dealt by the Marlins Kristen islets and JT real mute or unlikely the move tila tweeted out eight thinking me and among OG has anyone ever bought anything in the world in the history of the world and whenever purchase something from one point two billion dollars as humble. Miami heat's. Eat the impression in Mexico City you know 101 to 89. Just as winds blow. Fifteen points in the sport from war from downtown Chris Bosh fix them. Just this point shoot out lets get its start Chris Bosh was in attendance for the game. He gave Winslow pep talk that night before the game good. When I said that's my guy good I know bees over the Memphis tonight. Miami heat's back actions and I implement this grizzlies have up from FedEx arms for 8 PM I mean it's coverage begins right here on seven and to get a job and a close to having him whenever phase it's gonna trying to hash tag winning. For days and take effort that a church you see him in this game iMac on Winifred out of 5000. It. No it was sugar football news Carson whence suffered a knee injury against the rams Eagles fear it is a torn ACL. It's terrible makes it easy the adults really doesn't exceed the NFL. And so I like your hole season your whole season is Crosby is on audits are mark and he's a mark Hoover area series well the rams quarterback I heard he goes Achilles yesterday blots Jared golf was Achilles and McCormack caboose Achilles yesterday. I'm glad I came in for your gossip and rumors body. Florida Panthers take under each grave red wings tonight 7:30 PM from little Caesar arena. And finally baker mayfield won the Heisman Trophy and there you go out grads crotch and is walking a bomb stayed only didn't. Now delicate thing you know I saw that I was so server has always get the amount was like you know yet Fowler talked to him a little bit and you had the cry guy. Amish current. Who's gonna cry those mean every couch. Our long term summer salty and Ali yeah and and again news and and then he should do all time he sees it bigger mayfield was in his mind to speculate at this. As wanted to some ridiculous now. They got sandman they're goes. Tell you it's always funny always makes you laugh with and Heisman ceremony. Annie all of the past former you know the former highs and winners up there. That Eric crouch man never missed is that ceremony bearded never miss your help here I always say he never misses it. Geno was the first on stage there is and as you know get there was already an interview them that they give you AM NGOs which featured. But time and that their crowds never miss the Heisman ceremony. You take advantage of them Bo Bo. He's all about are the ones that are not there Reggie Bush noted Simpson. Though it does DF get a present back. I mean I don't know I don't even act but I'll exactly these you know welcome. Suggests he says he uses his vote went the way turvy that was part of that wasn't that part of that's the memorabilia is trying to get back it's true I don't know not only the highs and pounding so tone of the meeting RJ showed up like you want to be on stage. And it turned away and he did win the intense or more that you can either be easier voted to showed up I won't. No she you don't think there's convicted felon Glaus and there were they can he be out did you Ben gay convicted. And spend years in prison feel they cut well. How would you be there next year. Dynegy next. Customize my champion four by fours out what is someone Jeep truck at CB customization shopping guaranteed. Said the hottest four by four modifications in town called champion four by four at 786502. Three or 46 go to champion four X four dot com also like Comcast extent that he delivers the fastest Internet. The most Wi-Fi covers about your home and the most Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide and and it's only from. X Kennedy and by the way you guys can get you he gained a ticket sets access last minute tickets. We sign up now he gained eight tickets dot com and then you'll receive an alert your phone when tickets are available yet to get through those ten bucks for the game on December 6 heat against the clippers heat game day tickets sign up now. That is on the sets Rite Aid the group notes Saturday excuse me it's salary heat and clippers beater back home on Wednesday. And on the road Friday and Charlotte's meant Saturdays against the site though. They have the grizzlies. A win tonight and you take two out of three in this road trip to get back to 500 you feel good about that's. Tonight it's hash tag went for fear is all right that's of the game is tonight trying you'll revenge. On the grizzlies franchise is more for firing. Former heat assistant coach David Tisdale couple weeks ago. That's that's that's that's trash is no input that's trash. And look at for James Johnson tied to dawn on more assault that's he's not doing that you know is that right Gene Johnson back to dump it on falls. Did that a couple nights ago you like that. James Johnson Don ground balls and a bio. He dunks on fool still. That loyalty and I do and that's okay that's all right. And and so they've won on Saturday nights and me. You may be a decent nets team is number good good decent and a terrible debit if you could be the you have the same record Islam that's right. That's right yes a bit like not terrible a decent team okay. And he pulled away in the fourth quarter a game that he got off to a terrible stalls seven nothing I think the starting in some like that and and they were. They were neck and neck really the entire game to three quarters then the fourth quarter Miami took over as. He got big fourth quarter some James Johnson and Kelly a limit and Goran Dragic. And you finally got to see that Sony group to which alike applause sinus it's unlikely that starting group all new rules will learn. Spinal commentary on now. Gotten all of a sudden that's that's over send their but he dealt with us we know he could shoot themselves you know you can make them and the work ethic he puts in their days as workers. Us James Johns on just Winslow right it is kind of all of a sudden. Oh is absolutely elements seven. And I didn't see the game ansari night since I was in the Bahamas but. And I woke up to the news that we apparently late just as when the again. Justice don't fall fall from three at bats to it jaded adults on tech there what is it happened it's news gras. That's also actually never happens if you would have afforded this is just turn around what if he becomes a sharp shooter could also open v.s sharpshooter of the game every game Passat justice for three point Shia did you just give out the search leader of the game hasn't done anything under the same. At 1150 minutes from now by the way at some fifteen reconstruction team I should also mention. At 8 o'clock this morning were talks Sean McDonough from Monday Night Football OK he and Jon Gruden of course had to call tonight. For Monday Night Football dolphins and patriots so Shawmut does enjoy wanna set. But 8 o'clock to 5 this morning and rule against that obviously is Dalton steak on the patriots tonight's a year old tool TV action. It that's your style dolphins and heat Chris Bosh who mentioned was at big team in Mexico City now we need him to and every game so they just as when those status. Six that's somewhat surprising. I was surprised really really happy because he was so happy to see all the guys in the heat shocked at how she misses everything you missed everyone and just think what were we were. Six months ago. With all the animosity keys angry at the heat. Yet another episode and about but he's angry the heat he should have been angry and he you understand what is coming from okay. And six months ago you had a terrible situation. Where is one of the all time great key players and organization and now he's out there at center court represented team. He Alonzo Mourning Glen Rice three legends. Represented team at center court there in DB Mexico City global games there so I'm of those really cool. Heated goal you know photo bombing they use hug and kiss and Erik Spoelstra after the game he's given pep talks of justice when did there was life. That's amid some kind of nonsense it's going on with. This Graham and his wife we know known as the with a home that he owns more nonsense and his wife know at home that he owns where. Does the mother lives in the home. That that hasn't. As for the last that we're price on that wasn't confirmed to but that we have believed she did was and I was reading yet but it was how she lived in just under chris' name. I think it is too big dates that they ain't bad back is that how she would dim but then there is I guess conflicting your four they are trying to confirm whether she's actually living manner like that is supposed to be her house. Maybe it's a scar for starters house that's what's going on folks you wouldn't see a few days ago Chris Bosh is. Home was raided a home he owns was raided in Texas. It's it's. Allegedly a home that there's some serious. Drug. Transaction that wish when it going on in the home. With serious drug smuggler and you know few marijuana plants okay we're talking like real real drugs. And the mother is a suspect. They they seized like garbage bags outside the home and error. Along drug paraphernalia and the guards' bags like male with her name on and what not associate them rested. But over southern France via the neighbors think I'm slowing and Joseph. Was up from. Related tournament its camera probably about a year ago on that camera borders as. They keep saying allegedly lives in the home now. Well regardless okay do you it's it's hard to live Chris Bosh who know about that at the same time it's hardly be one the on the home but again you know he he does. You know your parents during their own you don't have near I know they're not it is as close yeah Ireland stuff going on math and other and in Maryland any pop is as as. He per day it was a ski party saying I think the key party I know heroin has not been. They'll hire on now yeah I know that enhances the they would in the 305 it be more like okay. Now I know that I'm going on area there. Regardless though so and the heat tonight take on Memphis at saint Thomas Dalton in which I like some selfish. And I don't you have. Just as Winslow who had a really nice game on Saturday night's. I'd just come off the bench he is he is not a sauter in the MBA OK at least not right now I like and caught the bench in a once in while you get a performance he got sent right good for you. But you put another. Scorer in the Sorin lineup when Johnson analytic for now with Whiteside out but I liked what I saw on Saturday night. From those two in the sun and especially. Because those who Wear a major reason why you want me in the fourth quarter. Okay political did nothing offensively mean higher game and again eight points in the fourth quarter he was very good idea to big baskets right after. And currently four it was eleven because of more than a Lincoln too quick baskets got the lead pack up there and you never let it go. And JJ was very in the fourth quarter so what's over the you know where was the on at that terrible thing that that love Al I'm magazine they benched him but the game played much sooner or zeal. And arms and are asking if he should come off the bench he's talking and says they're not you know harder in the easily you know I I like that he said I'm never coming off the bands go ahead with the arrest I liked that there's so many guys in the league. Who'll want you to believe. It doesn't matter if they stork be called the bench wants art okay. There's a prestige would be disorder. It won't want to start so do you have to be honest not spot starter. So easily. And Eddie is serves reassert arena again a big contract in the offseason okay and the team is they're passed last year. When Dion was disorder and Gordon Dion were working more together so yeah distorted because let's be honest. Even if Dion is going to struggle the entire year let's say. This team is not going to get to where whom wanted to go it Dion is not. Plain rates. So he Mays all sorts and you need him to beat a guy he was last year. He's he's not a guy Ortiz coming up the bench you're not gonna be the team that you thought there would be torso and thirteen or another does he deserve to be solar heat sort of his daughter. I have a problem with a view on that way. I I liked here and it's it's honest and look. You know I mean on Dion Waiters. Signed long terms that seem. He's fun to watch he's not afraid I'm in on Dion Waiters he is easy heat guy now they signed to a long term deal but he's been at. OK and he's been especially bad the last couple of games or two out of the last three games. And this is what I was talking about last year right didn't think it's a lock key Dion Waiters OK now I'm good hash back to that. Because I'm in on DO wait he's here they signed him it is what it is all wanna side I'll like them alike want to imply but this is what I was talking about. It after seeing what you saw a lot sure Dion Waiters and the rest of the crew and how there'll celebrating together general boys and Merrill playing for each other. Now I DN got paid you've seen some presume so. Separation going on between him and the rest of the crew or maybe he's like on the man to a mile an hour now now in the news is what he is man he's doubled last year he. Blush or he was labeled. That guy the guy that's very selfish doesn't really care about anybody else and just wants to worry about him now. We learned those lessons and it's not a silly deserved though right publisher reed he puts forth the different for me look like he was all about encompassing team and Miami Heat basketball. You know I arranged for he's he's. Been hurt all throughout this season business again when he's out there playing hard and trying to help the team you know. It if if if you got a guy who finally Cassidy got the big contract and he's playing with. Elbow stingers which ways the right order announces release what are you going to situation in this game doctor. You know he could easily say not zeros because he has IA hasn't missed an intact but he easily say hey I got paid to sit out a few games get a 100% and I was like autopsy. You know that's beetle that. Yeah I agree with your you know he's he's out there every night plain art. And I'm I'm I'm Jim winners ball but this you don't want for 10 o'clock vice Gillick is this is Ron Paul or what I was talking about but I he's our guy. Easier long term on down Dion Waiters. Not Dowd is Derek Jeter I'm I'm I'm never count him among doubt and I would never be down Derek Jeter Baxter. This is for the city Miami that's referred newfound confidence and trust. Another thing that I want to make clear which is why one of the lifetime type contract because I want either one of the few years and then they feel later that you know the Miami doesn't need that they don't deserve they need personal look to and to get this in the right direction to us we'll want to. Make a main focus for this team moved forward honestly I'd love living here I love the people love the environment I've said it from the beginning and winning or losing. We'll just my personal belief and living here I like it better than LA where I grew so just two start that I'm very comfortable here I enjoy all aspects of it and this is a place makes them. Bring some in the Miami haven't seen before. It was an amber heard just the tips on our show Thursday mornings in the aim our sponsor like East Coast public adjusters. Got your assets covered call 855 dead EC PAA order. Is it East Coast public justice dot com don't settle for less. And listening Ambrose just tips. On 79 ask someone a four point three HD to the ticket has some calls stand right there at his press conference here I when he signed with. The Big Three hundred in what thirty million dollar deal. How we know they knew owners would come and then wanna get rid of on. So men. On a global team on you again you gonna stay. Luckily got easy. It's exit the show McCall springs are lucky attacks line 67974. Amber's boy different such gangster knocked him honoring a man does. I. He's known as GI love it he's in GM's streets and love did amber says she's such a strong woman no one does and she propose. As I have. When second capital this feminist all policy quality Sony and anyway some women doing it he matchup in Hungary can imagine that. If you if you eagerly it's irony for you human and. What happened. Do they feel lake. The way that the social contract still it is it's it's pretty much. The expectation is from romance losing if he hasn't proposed and he probably doesn't want proposed for whatever is a grave. And I would say so then the woman gets down the knee because she's tired of waiting. I don't Billy that's putting him in an uncomfortable situation panel on I'd say you know some things that have always been one way brocade always stay one way. Right now be one of situations to Acadia. I mean from a woman's perspective I I don't really know why we want that responsibility because yes sir make him by uttering you know. Play and the proposal. Sure your weapons. League for you. Possible. I'm I'm answering you so much cheaper than girls during its elevation buyer now on we will have a lot Romo put an army either put on Mexico. Is that what as a woman who proposes to command do would they buy it the inner ring but is it the same ring that he wears a wedding man it's nice to a martyr promissory thing. There. Maybe you'll find out you know I won't find out how. It's a cycle path of a woman shows up with her own ring and says hey Mel you know what I'll do it yeah I just I don't know that girl that this it successfully getting engaged I mean. That that's next level really wanting to be engaged and I suppose I had an early Obama this week my hand or give or take my chance and I got that. There you until bothers him and it was in the Bahamas this weekend for her birthday so we were we were expecting or maybe hoping. But probably expecting her to come in this morning wins. Engage rings she did not did not you got a lot of car this weekend to. They did it. There was no conquering now Romberg. Two point but I saw that you there's a lot of Lanka got a lot of cons this weekend model idea. It makes good points here. Got a tied you down now CD in that waits. I don't of that. Coin is ES battering on a surrogate that hands on that point ball you have to wanted to do that so the Indian fatten up about point. I'm glad I mean word divorce lawyers in the exterior. And then you guys always gone on like. Legal terms and when it comes to soft like Alec there's always says oh yeah for sure right now Ali there's all sorts of. I am designs are like me and rework home kind of thing. You mean in terms of our released a structural between you guys oh yeah are all equal we bought a house the other fun oh yeah. I layered up on that. I promise you I just awesome fun. Of the time your retirement as the liner even though we're not married yet rim where very practical people who AV. It's romantic to a super. And what's it. Hannibal Burris he's comedian what you get arrested for here this weekend. They really drunk and disorderly you won't happen he was a little weasel intoxicated but they said I don't show us your. We're just had to be here these are our Basel Al blood it is our Pozen and get started what so what do we get. Oh I. Laws and a global and you're ready oh bonds who has visited guzzlers they grew it's. That's another reason I don't like it's. It's who the hell cares how it's announced all our proposals yet so it fits in celebration of our in the country and a world has ever. What do they go stare at this painting and pretend like I know what I'm mood in it's. Gimme a break. It presented a ton of money into you won't. Your community is so true as your bones who. Bruised people flying in from all over the world attended that I wish to make the city of Miami look rates here for art Basel and brings. Additional cultured in Miami took a dumbed my extending my heart is here in Miami. I made the mistake one time gone to dinner to earn our Basel I'm happy chickens we want to miss your house and were sitting there. And there's a table of about fifteen you know young. Disaster looking you know it's like that looked at their China have where he spent a lot of money to look like you don't have a lot of money kind of thing I. What a lot of yards for doing. And like her hair was all the shuttled there weren't horrible ready clothing that jogging pants that mr. 2000 to put my hot mess. But there was this one girl that apparently must slept too long from the afternoon it was trying to come down and sit at the table with them and they're all like shunning her away like seats take it. And I honest to god I felt bad for but I just realize like look at the disaster that was sitting around a table. And this poor girl she kept trying to sit in between if you people merely moving their chairs and not letting her in. She was obviously that that friend that was just hot mats like that nobody wanted to be towed them silly and not on the. Dissent current giggle a little bit about this Hambrecht in my Sosa is gonna have ending now number that's that's a memory I have an hour of our Barclays is well did every hour battle so all MIA. You celebrate you salute on the beats Italy town. I mean you're not especially in opera taking a toll on so fans you know are now I went to burst your eyelids in Miami. Minister earlier in town elderly people at a gaelic site outs when it would would have no good arts smacked in the face Maryland on our laws on Motorola painted and I liked Gallagher cup. Well different are not until like. What is the abstract art to money and that kind of thing I'm really not into the Brito kind of thing the cartoon again elect. It's about a bright colors on Khartoum and stuff missiles from science monitor that either Alec monopoly. Not an. Tell and I only likely exceed. And and marine kind of paintings like. Are at that I feel like I could not myself you Kabul the morons that put the fifteen foot sculptures in the front yard of seven pieces of copper one piece of ten and then they banded and forge weld in the makers like ma'am bosses. But this thing for porn app military out. All art should that is one. Cool thing about Basel is that it has on different types of art and it has sculptures and that's reforming our demand. Thousand and Sam Allen and Van Gogh Museum I know what the hell I was looking out mock a lot odd tries to sit here and tell you all the amazing pictures obligates pains I don't want to hell I was gonna drugs to look at Dolly's photos two are probably will make your head go crazy. Yeah there's a big Dali museum in Tampa gotten to the museums in Europe. I mean I'm not with the bears as museums and your incredible sponsor callers who the hell knows what it is the colors. Are still selling your training from acumen earner for seven on a little areas have been a lot of tired. I I believe it. And believe it courses people bidding and see that's our overall state got stance a little skewed. Balls all. Wasted time you see Billy court considered him but he gets through muzzle talk you're blocked on. And liked it to restore of the blocks on and a aren't there when the ball's could. Our I wanna talk about stand some more can be introduced today as a member of the Yankees it looks like. Now that looks these images of the member easel season be introduced today we'll be nosy remember the eighty's. It looks like easily producers are still saying I was acts like he has improved its radio peso could not. I don't yet know what I read that he did it the elegance in begins on answered the physical the it's a physical yesterday and it's it's a done deal I'm pretty sure introductions going to be today. And as Derek Jeter in real slime ball and respect your headlines next.