ZRA Part 1 12-12-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, December 12th

Dolphins win, HEAT win, Who is Justise Winslow?


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See you might even do that and I know you can tell you have any enough and a government to get mad at anybody that's got nothing to think about isn't any. An amber yeah. Date Tuesday morning need 12 morning of December. Hillary is that takes place in the center of the sports universe yeah I didn't having your drums anymore and I. In the morning when I heard my local. Like tonight's league. But you got to be well rested and ready now. What's a girl. Blinked. Critics and basically went at it differently yes I was yes yes it's worth this much better than that terrible painting at home. Hours in the morning amber Wilson the morning. Rob American morning. Totally good morning. It's the war sweat when you lose the sleep. And and it's for nothing when you team loses all its so what she's electrical to a listener right now only care about the dolphins. That you give Theo. If you're steps you go to work this morn you feel good. Less salt into the season I'm close. Not even I won't use most fun game of the season all of it great job. Great job about it and also baby won't matter it's one of those games to where. It can make you angry if you wanna focus on on on this side of it where. You know that was a bit. They make you angry little it's. You know you don't wanna be anger this morning you wanna you wanna rebel in an Indy only like six hours ago finance hours ago seeing you you wanna rebel and in the victory a little bit. Maybe later today or tomorrow you wanna get angry about that Feingold had a Feeley. But for now these feel real good about that bureau good all week you finally get a national TV went to a thousand years. The dolphins have one on national TV. Baltimore wins against Tom Brady here in Miami in his career then then yes you wonder why you are here. He doesn't play well here and he blamed it before on the weather on sometimes. Playing down here and being so hot that again and feel his legs not one that would definitely not the case my Latin well. How does an extended fairly hot weather. There is. Who he strawberries that we. Who aren't like solicit a strawberry. Wonderful nights wonderful nights were annoyed if they elect. Coming through. So DA did it on sale for the first game or do what you sow comparable with the dolphins been had you at this and comfortable it's. Also sale. So I was falling in and out of sleep the entire second half. This ball. Picture this scenario so are you watching your badge. On the bed and that's that's a person's take so I go upstairs and get into that will the dog Xena and its third in the Sosa and they're not used to staying up the way. So why can't be. So we didn't we all went upstairs is a family we went to eggs as low a dog can edit. No alarm at TO forty degrees outside red on the last tournament. The seal the well there's a system Romberg we don't need to get into it that'd. Two of the three start out in the bed and then normally one of them gets down in the night in and goes to a different does that against her around I don't miss that Manson thing that's so one that Smart about it owner Dennis. I I'd died domain it's the best parts not on my dogs are super Connolly I have done here everywhere I mean there's not a place that there's not a dog hair ice river every single that. Over the port that I don't miss about about the dog sleeping in the bed is throughout the night when your list in the commerce. And most in the covers. And most in the conversely come in and out throughout the night. And I might I don't do Amidon going to be under covers. And I was going to be on top the covers off. Only thing that annoys me is now Maine Maine girl died now that she's older she scared to jump off the bed. In the night and she wants to get down together drink water and it's a wake me. Dan knit middle of the night and our original us that I get up and lift her down. Also why why can't the dogs being your betting you're still watching downstairs in the living rooms that you don't fall asleep. And I want it has a son did not say aren't in a common bounds all cold outside and huddling in bad I love watching TV and bad time relaxing and about how much in the game. So Bennett halftime and an halftime starts dragging. And you know it's halftime. And so I kind of just shut my eyes for went to heal and I don't ask again you know any complaints rights. Yeah I -- run in the he complained they were what is into the game I did slip back import that he game but I was also trying to see this release early things that had been advertised for the dolphins game. But then at some point. I don't laser light show at Italy's lights out all the all the really big Floyd planetary sciele. Police do nicely grown up I should do that you're racing do you Pink Floyd of the plane are they girls Pink Floyd eleven cent limited all our guys and they are you planetarium yet. Miami planetarium. BC goal effort dates I used to go to Tampa on you gotta be careful though which which switch seats you sitting senators vomit on the seeds in a very good care that. By the Miami the Miami planetarium all man their shows on a Friday or Saturday night eight SOA and and and I'm I'd love to be hornet that they don't think it. I was or vomit government Dinara atmosphere and thoroughness and figure isn't. This'll do us. Money on my planetarium so I had the laser like planetary there's the Planetary Society Russian. Now as a question or an article has aren't sort of run you laser light show us an I thought so at some point it fell asleep right in that I I kind of woken up in the night and then I close my again during the third quarter. And then I woke up the dolphins scored again which are shocked by. I look a break before it looked like an injury got injured. Yet he's okay and an end up being a tank but then that was scary answer that I was up. And then I kind of started to nod off at the end. Mean it's that it's the patriots I was really fighting to stay up weakness I don't know how you ever feel comfortable shutting off I came complete. Got the ball back with a chance to time. Paid in the second half the they never got the ball back with a chance to tie I mean they got the fuel to make it 2720 late. And dogs that the good stand by you know for syndicate the field goal. 2720. And they go for the stupidest onside kick you've ever seen our rights. And the Dalton to cover boom that's a ball game the EC that onside kick somebody look Pascal ski good field goal kicker. Does not ons like never that important. Did you seat on a guy like pickings really difficult yet it did he say he didn't feel OK do you see Louisiana is there script or. All they didn't immediately immunity. Just put the ball on its side item on the 35 yard line. And he gave it up a law nudge. The world together all eleven of them were bunched together in the middle of the field because cows he gave it'll all knowledge. So it just ruled. As slow as can be and it was kind of watching the ball. And one of the ball handlers jumped up even in front of the ten yards and covered the ball. It doesn't have to go to Kenya aren't they didn't touch the ball wasn't gonna goats and yards like these gave a little alone notes the headline and so. So that line of his reasons are this morning is the patriots attempted one of the hour science AK Gil and don't use it I think it's the Warsaw onside kick all time there they were basically banking on the dolphins dolphin. And either hitting that ball or touching the ball and recovering in allowing her the pictures to do that it was such a stupid onside kick. Belichick's team harassed embarrassed for belch now dolphins when my site 27 to twenty so. They get their sixth win of the season and look beyond us at the end it feels like Miami is the senator the sport's universe. It feels like I should be aware of idiots took place last audio wherever you like Robert Kelly did you stay a blessing as he watched in the ball game to vote. And 45 always well when the patriots. Eight point 717 you call it a night you're gonna. You confident enough announced their own good or I would never come to mind boil Bravo lighten it up last night ball and I don't know that means forty saw hundreds of Kiko Alonso I'll. Well that's what you mean knows all over the African Marie last night man who he might get worked a little bit you can tell how he's he's quite undersized he hasn't had a great year Ollie eagle wants we have not had a great he's a spider monkey man he's gonna climb on top your back and drag you down after he carried it cared about to Richard yours but he's he's making tackles Manuel who puts the UN's sick last night man around there on different levels anywhere but did return to the NN Sunday. Yet rhetoric buffalo organized summits in buffalo in buffalo. You have a guy that was there that was their playoffs are red and a sort of. Well I'm and I'm kind of concerned about the help and hope he of these guys after basically laying everything they had bottom line last night for the big showcase them on an I football but it great job of kudos top. Don't you sit at the end right. The dollar and yet now as the U I was done I was doing on home unconsciously and says it's on at least. All right so I was more concerned about what conferences. Well yeah he answered about the ruling clearly that was the campaign last night slow them fools enough of it but the dolphins' season and great win Canada. I yeah. The kind of done but still yea yea you feel good about lake. Like I care all about the win last week against Denver might not at all last night wall it's equally as meaningless. Now alas that was one example blues sergeant and a being used at the Jai were still have a shot at the first for for sure about get the hell out of your retirement I mean what I'm talking about is you getting the hell out of here. I understand it is their right. I am the jags wagon but also on the realistic wagon. OK. Okay come and play that they got into next week so what's so what's the jaguars remaining schedule. I imagine three of four from got to be against AFC south the imagining here how we find out what they got tires with the Texans next week and it hasn't got on the I think another got to put the titans were more time how to guide times that game the front of the division I soccer. Out of us and upon learning. I will say. But I Ottawa they I'd be on the Jack wagon okay. Say real fast sounds it's an indifferent I got a Jack wagon but it doesn't mean that I'm out here pretend like they can pass the patriots and get a first round pick and the guard. If they work to get a first round. Suddenly you're on a jag schedule Hewlett leaving as part of being on the wagon. Houston. That's ever Cisco at Tennessee that's of these. Scheduled then they go out there those games let's pages remaining schedule by and the Jack Jack was win all three of those games Houston San Francisco Tennessee. Big win all three of those games. It jaguars what are your first round by would you go to Alltel Stadium and for your first ever jaguars home game in the Toyota says hose me. Wood to the majors have left. They are in Pittsburgh and lost tough against buffalo and against the jets. I know that's two or three wins quality even Steven it says that's not that's not what that means. I'll tell you about Miami be incentives sports universe next. Doesn't you know even if only don't quite blocker right during that short and he's who has. Good vision and we'll see my dad and he just explore their dream dress him. Questions go pretty good distance. He ought to shut it worked in the medical situation matters stage just try to do my best is to win games. Not much like a broken record I mean that's just my mentality you know rawhide joint run out there and perform on stage is obviously good. There's a great team win on offense defense first team all facets of the potential. Shot dead by a camera angles put us in the you know you can get together jumping. Goddamn game and there are star running back. These canyons ridicule. Him and at 17 this morning giving opportunities and comedy on game sharp shooting game and we have total week. Immediately after where it'll give you a chance to win a four pack of tickets to an upcoming game how you put that. So we a lot of suffering to wait to see here this morning to watch the dubbed red hots winners of back to back team. The Miami Heat will get to that coming out. SE Levitt's hard last night was on SV PM. EST leash so yeah and Peltz. I like how they have them labeled as Miami residents that's right and let the darn it means he's in the belly of the meet as opposed to ESP Amber's now not easy in the center of the sports world but it sounds like they're going to hand because. Of those junk hosed him train. Led the charge seems to be one of the only members of the national media willing to actually criticize this move from the Marlins though that this their first take it was one of those things where it's love it's hard says yes this is a wall and then they will end in this Sony did agreement each other I was so discuss. I'll just to yankees homers that does chatted us chatted. Johnny zoning and had just added saying I had to hang on to that and general and others are you having any idea with the bulls and Miami as saying on that so jokers said does senators and hold on hold on. Was was she at dolphin game last idea how he wants young kids. Well man. CL watching the albeit it's like I experienced all realized that from you guys last like I'm watching the target on new. I'm watching all on mute on you know an important burned her monster ball and it's not rewarded when I tell you how one million on mute on on a thirteen inch television it sounds yup and caller yes U game not exactly it's the opposite of important OK I mean I'm watching like a scrub. On on thirteen screen okay I could barely see and so watch it on mute. And you know I'm I'm missing though with some things here and I mean I Adam is very much. But I'm missing some things here and there so stuff like the Crowell loaded. Zach how to deal all. And Jeter being attendees I was others use Abbott and even know you know he was that are. He's spent the last week he's been courtside at eking out he's been sweet side for the dolphins game. But I he doesn't go to meetings notes on this thing gimmick it's a winner meaning it is kind of unbelievable that he's that of a completely inconsequential. Dolphin game and also some that we learned about Jeter now maybe we should be surprised about this. But he's a massive front runner OK because the only games all of our sports teams down here you apparently he's going to be a mighty resident he asked me if he's gonna wind up and his team. He's running one of the sports teams here Miami. And he is only showing up to the other team's games when their plane the best of the best the first heat team that he's been too old state warriors the first four bodies into New England Patriots. He and massive front. I'm sure it's numbered your boys into the Michigan connection there. The I. I think you're right I think that's I think we've known that and it's been a thing I think you're right now is so it was a ring for the major it's definitely yeah probably was raised bastard yet which makes last. In Boston New York he's Hoover ball's at he's a massive. Front runner. How do you tell that Jeter has actually moved down here is until I haven't heard anything now. How does saying that he's he's got to be living in some past I would think he and we think your Russert I would think you're right everything he has to be living here you I mean is he showing up to the office like easy showing up to the facility saw a picture of guys who I had seen these organs are just showing up there easy when words are different and Lori is officer David Simpson's office or wherever it was David gyms offices to cover it. Now I don't know. Was dated since the master of the giant hand sanitizing in the yes that's right so neatly and he's that was left from Sam says he's watching this we last night we don't always Whitley who was like other news -- like I guess Robert Kraft like losing to rob a graft the most in helping sell or the months of sweet tickets to an open kidded you yet they used their wire ever what I had malls when I had dolphins is there has back in the day. I sat yeah weren't all in season beatle my grandfather firfer I would say up until right you know him out after one of his team. And allowed just because it anymore countered anymore wow but they went figured that's he's taken all the renewal that came in the mail and he's like you know a lot of good at all the time during cold and it's really ask operatives was aware of that and don't put it past that team to a ring. Prices are either John bulls have been behind this one game. So where where receipts are well hello there and receipts until you're about to say that you remember the Marlins said to me I remember the Marlins had a suite is remembered Tuesday super random mauled to suit their own time Brad Penny John bowls yeah Hampshire terrible. Sure all the teams are sweet yeah. Now how was he how was the crowd last night to come across on television. Or spine. I mean was it a little subtle robbery and Alice seat in by an increase it was okay. Hey was and I patriots crowd that's expected was a big time is allowed him as Sarah and now. They also did a much here well you get that Boston. You know fan base kitten crazy on you like you probably wouldn't have the patriots you know got on a fast start. Or gun on or or making some got a huge comeback bustle is the place loud and it was it was against Notre Dame yankees and angels I'm best at that stadium really is. It wasn't embarrassing really and and it wasn't very mean and you know it is when you read that all the fans are now. Week fifteen or fourteen of the NFL season. Lose bird area mediocre team. Tell me that's tell me canes and it is not the all time best at that stadium. It is so exciting final the deals the whole time I'm so glad I was there and as Aniston. My concern is fidelity it's a whole reason why I'm on the orange welcome trying to recreate Imus and if I happen it's definitely not going out and you're number in the keys to the bowl games as a very corporate. It's going to be a slightly different now than UK Canada and the best literally as. Nothing there and topic no talks for an alternate plans to rule there's going to pound it wouldn't be gladly sit out of court that's ridiculous not to go to court not a top. The woods. Those are the Americans are the result no it hurt them playing in an active or expose a national championship and our gains or and it it would top it. Yes that but. A year or even a playoff game yet I don't help and helping him out easily top end is and what would draw more fans. Super Bowl. For the Miami Dolphins seem Ochoa vision for the Miami team McCain Sen. On my guess is national attention to McCain's biggest. I think it's ticket while both would be outrageous adding a little bit more affordable when I don't think you can compare that terror would people will be more willing to spend money to go watch the cane so they would be going to spend what's that often look even gets about that again is not a Super Bowl tickets are extraordinarily XP and you know that at all and it is not you it's a medieval symbol Dorn actually fans by the team to sucralose is different environment yeah. Yeah and I have been I'm I'm I'm armaments and give plays it will Marron. He knew that. But I did have 36 tickets at their status to get Syria OG make others there isn't. Milieu you Mike Tice. Or. Julia. Funeral. Amber's got you headlines next. Insult. Let's get to do a little. These days WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. to Miramar. I mean you know any other sports town. That the sport's universe revolves around like it does South Florida. Last night on the give you example here OK before he gets your head it kinda similar headlines Israel Philly you're about to do comedy gets how many give an example here okay. This this this this is how big time or sports town is there's no other city in the country that had rule we had last night did anyone else had. This right here technical. Down it was quiet and effective that I. Did any other sports on also had this drug trial outside good screen by fans value the fans. Haven't had to read Jim and a fouled. What a great Elliott moved up inevitable IO by the dragon. Did any other sport sound also let this happen to see you again. Nice but I did. Good save but it's. Been. David. The same time and don't want to give it in the past quarter to have any. No one else in the country. There are hockey team basketball team their football team went on the same night. Yeah yeah playing football don't give semantic details how Papa John Hurt their baby. That's what I did. Sports town however. Some of most of that ugly people about that. I'd love. To rollercoaster. Bills that are. God amber what are you guys loans that are lower than ninth. Loads of loads we were passed the pixel paints this the wrong way there's one. These headlines are brought you right eighty deed homers in just a blaze is appealing to knowing that you're safe PDT lets you take that dealing with you learn more EDT dot com the Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots. 27 to what just like we all saw date night follow his like we all predict the years without public. At battled to a 31 play book they keep on grounds of known for quote here that's a heck of a win but I don't. They is the hackable way this team really really needed. Jay Cutler or it is horny I am 38263. Yards three touchdowns. Kenyan to rate. He's a boy Tobin. Yet again led to raid saying Serena also. Offs is due to can be great train. Raked bringing Rachel ray had yet a 193 yards last night which is almost 200 all purpose. 193 toll or the 114 yards setting nine yards receiving. Almost there in port in Russia. He was close he was a rape there. Nervous Alina Baird touchdowns. Tom Brady era night ether two interceptions. Both noticed is that Howard. Zabian Howard own somber if they don't have a total of wedges all. I would be us. I read the dolphins are in buffalo 1 PM who all your first round byters don't do that thing. Derek Jeter. He was in attendance Berman and I the ball in anger in the winter meetings is a bit too sweet to take in the games jerk has dome piece is looking pretty rough man he's he's gonna mourn her lefties he's despicable. That this capable person. The despicable man. He really let up in arms about him not attending the winner meanings every baseball expert on the national stage as a right it was tweeting out about a I mean buster Olney was extremely critical. You're making your making. It did you see the on psychic there is I was interrupted their shown that we are we gonna watch or worse on psychic never a good good job Belichick. So it's blue it's a good job bullets took. So Jeter. Jeter age just engineered. One of the biggest trades in the history of baseball that really is what happens okay you descend shared one of the biggest trades in the history of baseball. He is a new CEO. And he doesn't feel it necessary to attend the winter meetings with everyone else in baseball. Airbus are only two waited out the Marlins are executing major franchise changing deals including the swap of the best player in the had a baseball operations dared. It's our responsibility that comes with the title he is not here at least tech. And they had a baseball operation in my killers bunt put Jeter is headed and you see other senator girl there yesterday though just a Blalock shoes over their mile endurance Seagram from from the meeting snail like there. And we know you do. And then a whole bunch of my arms looking Ali is people who tweeted out about about. Jeter not being this early a lot of people with a screen grab of him in the sweeter dolphins game might miss is where Jeter is it. They. Since I'm going to get a handle the heat and time you know what we women might be seeing what Alex Rodriguez has been talking about for a vote maybe this is the reason why A-Rod. Was trying to hold up his palms all the time NC you guys don't see what I see you don't see this Derek Jeter you guys put him on a pedestal like he's the greatest thing ever. And I'll probably is just sitting back just looking at his nails into on the whole writing thing like I told you. Look this is what you get. And Jeter had that New York media fold this mining media camp that's passed us man negate UN New York media. You put it past them Miami assess it and get chipped. Umbrellas it was introduced as a near kinky yesterday. Jeter says he would have done nothing different in the handling that state and train him to Wear a yankees here's his exchange. Would Joel Sherman. Dirk just where I something that you expected said he wanted to make the you know morally. And that the Yankees deal with the best deal that you were all. So why we've spent the cardinal into right field yeah. Because I told him point blank that I would present she would be that opera that were on the table. And dot those really offers around the table were the only opera they'll run the table and we presented each and everyone to have. So that's why presented to him because doubt about it when them. We were honest without Michael hill as well we were out of them and we told them the opera that we have review we will present. Because he had the military clubs he had an opportunity didn't move along if he wants to that we presented in what law resilient. Realistic is it just Apollo. At any point. War that. He'd make clear EU the 123. Whatever number is that what it was willing to go to or what they've gotten out you put that that. He'd he had me he was very clear with Michael hill and he told Michael built a team that were on its list. So we knew what team Iran has went there we were we told him that we will get back to him what what offers on the table. And no one believes any of those. Here's John Carlos Stanton saying Jeter won its use of track. She's. We we had a meeting yes home. We spoke about the direction of the team. I wanted. To go forward and and and that perhaps with a pitching staff we. I thought our line up with the zoo and we need help with our pitchers and we need to ask rodents attracted. And there. Go way they want to go with tracked so. Let them know and I do wanna be part of them. Another rebuild another losing season and that's almost guarantee you losing season taken way. What I thought was a great lineup so. Yes I do want you partners do. Too much half truths come from Jeter half truths and half fly half lies coming from Jeter you know. I Jeter can spin it that John called told us you wanna be here anymore hey guess what jerk you know when when you go months without ever. Talking to the National League MVP on the team that you just acquired any completely insult him and then the first time you get a room with him. Okay yet tell him after he tells he wants his team to improving get better because you want to play pro winner. And you talk to slash payrolls the worst in baseball and you get rid of a bunch of guys knock it adds and a roster and it tells you yes you know I don't wanna be on the team it's gonna be terrible for the next ten years and that he could not say that on call and wanna be here ads ads ads have truth. It that's that's not. That's not the truth. It's a half truth is half lot okay this cheater is a liar. Liar I think it's 200% short teased a lot I think you might puke. Yeah there is reporting that does a little extreme yacht owners are worried that the Marlins are and to keep John gross in the marlin for a life if you didn't accept a trade to Saint Louis or San and this guy he might Alter bluff. Are out pretty well for John Carlo John Carlo had put out is a Graham post thinking. The city of Miami and the Marlins of the Fey and he said that the city that adopt to me at seventeen with open arms I've love displays over the years and it will always be special to me I appreciate all my teammates and coaching staff that battled day in and day out. I feel for you fans you stuck with me as we shared some roller coaster years have always try to be as professionals possible during the unprofessional circus times there. Regardless of the ups and downs they've grown and learned a lot as a person and players so far that I give saying I hope there. Are better days in Miami the city and the people are too great for there not to be stayed positive and much alone. John Carlos didn't spoke his press conference about how Marlins managed to hang in there. Alison hang in there you know there there burden. They're gonna go through some more of a few years home. But in once it looked advised not to devote to this people maybe want from afar pictures you're gonna want to put. You know. Those guys those guys there. They battle to you know the guys throughout they're there they're good kids and the other in his support to. Just. Keep on truck and I don't know what to do you left man. Matt did John Carlos M not mad at him but don't tell me don't tell me the hang in there and and not quit you quit. We eerily quiet kind of quit. The Yankees are gonna win a whole week early on can admitted that he doesn't want you bought another rebuild well. The building and am really want Lindsay barbarian on don't tell me that I I should sit here and watch a rebuild and on the patients who don't want to hear your rational person. Deterrent that's hurt when he got revenge for David is ill they beat and the grizzlies yeah. Hash tag for this alien was it revenge her says I ask tag close has sag winner for sure which birthday is without ever trending on Twitter last night and he was and hang on the world lie that seems really morals and lied and sun above WV Ross. Yet and you gotta you gotta be important if you're trending above them had to be wrong 'cause that owns Monday night's. This the score in the eight grizzlies game one a 782 Goran scored nineteen points to lead Miami and Josh Richards and seventeen points he was three for four from downtown only. Tyler Johnson and bam I buy you each had seven or fourteen points off the bench although I'd seen it tweet earlier in the game that TJ had played seventeen minutes and scored a single point. It Tyler as the king of garbage time last night in all fourteen is points in the fourth quarter doodles on fire in the fourth quarter were twenty is in the stuffed gorilla to really what you have here is on views like fast breaks operative report had pop yeah he had 43 in the fourth the threes in the fourth quarter. Too. They are gay and be the severed three sunset it's like. Bush and others beat the Detroit Red Wings two to one and a map it's in scored the game winner in OT count primer two points. Romberg two points. AB two points that the cats again back in this thing you know they kind of are actually they've been playing very well. Well the last few weeks stay out there trying to either trying to climb back gets. There's there's so way blinded by their. They're trying to climb back. And finally sixty teens have contacted the Marlins are part Marcelo -- don't. Miami would still like to keep Tobin boy Christian yellow she's married there you go very good really trust this Jeter. He can. And you might be rock. I'm looking into net we never got to via. Stephen A Smith and a Max Kellerman sounds a three hours so that I had T ist so stay tuned for that some. Fifty minutes the next. Customize my champion for life force out Florida's number one team trucks and suvs cousins agents shot began to eat and the hottest format for modifications in town. Called champion for my fourth 7865023446. Go to champion four X four. Dot com also like Comcast X when he delivers the fastest Internet the most sought by coverage on your home and those Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide it's only from a X dignity. Pesos ticket is proudly part of brought about jury heard about that amber. It's celebration of all things New Orleans coming the Pompano Beach and Peter on March 24. Totem beast and LeRoy they're beginning the opportunity when tickets are all right seagate and check that out. You can do is the Big Easy that ever Lehman sup port that's right if your animal that New Orleans. Get ready to win courtesy of brought about three money and 798 FM one a four point three HD two of the ticket. The heat win back to back games last night to get back to 500. And now I get to the next three homeless a feral part of schedules so a blast gobble wins were important because. I hope to get things don't you know Wednesday morning to get Portland at home is tough team but your home okay. And then Friday at Charlotte David struggling even though they won last night's. And Saturday at home against the clippers so you your spot now where I'm hoping you could string together your first real. Win streak. Of the season yet one of three game win streak all year and by the way you know folks who discerning and now back to adults shows can be dolphins and promise soul get right back to a but. You know when a senator the sport's universe and all your team's winning rider ever get here again here when you're the only city in the entire country was. Hockey team. Basketball team and football team won at the exact same time you gotta spread global okay that's why would senate sports universe. And last night the heat won by 25. Day hash out whatever it is became thrill. And they got to win it's a bad grizzlies team and you continue to see you like it all come together at same time. You can see and I'll grabs it by saying. The team they beat a couple of bad teams OK to have a bad but they're there they're below average. They beat a couple bad teams okay the last couple games Brooklyn and then lastly I'd met this is bad as anyone who lost 1516 games a line. Little things you start to see all our our sorrow and come together. College Johnson is in the past he has all season right now okay. James Johnson. Explain the best he has. All season. Right now Josh Richardson is playing the best he has all season right now now can you also get yelled waders on board I feel like he's the final cut a piece. You know this team so I gotta get some back to be short. But Sami back before you know it's and waders I feel is kind of final piece. Before he can start to feel like maybe you could put some together the way you did the second half last year NT was much better last night he wasn't out there chuck and you know the last three games for us they deal was one for ten. Use one pretend in the game against San Antonio. And he was one for ten in the game I'm sorry you're Roberts and the game against Golden State and you won't protect in the win on Saturday in Brooklyn. To a three games was one of ten. And last night push the ball five times news for a five to hand the ball you double figure scoring and Campbell assists liked. Dion was my last night but it if it he's kind of an XP's I feel like that needs to fool for the seemed to get to the point or at least. Think in that they can beat a team that they were. The second half last year. Well how is justice last night because we know that Chris Bosh fixed him. And that hold up he's not gonna be a guy do you rely an doubles tomorrow don't know answers oh he was fun you had written him you always try to sugarcoat it Newton. This fight was one or two from three last nights but a mile and a score that's that's on his possibility. It's a night it just Winslow publicly give fifteen what is a bonus. EU you can never go into game expecting that does have a responsibility was and achieving to a leader's defense has been pretty lackluster always confined he's been fine on that and the floor. At all all been very good disease in Gaza we expect a lot on offense and a ball on both sides of the ball or how are you measuring on defense IDs and fight defensively. I I guess I guess I want more production and fine in the what is an auction all we've heard about him is that he although he can't score which obviously isn't massive problem. That he brings so much on defense and he's buying on defense it right rates on Deepak was. You won rookie year. There there was a res shots gonna develop a shot guns and also yeah our in your three now and his defense is actually declined. Since his rookie year. Yeah how are you measuring a lie I don't think it's declined I think I think he is what he isn't as good offensive player why he thinks he's wanted better form as a securities. I I I don't he's got worse that's for short what you think is even declines. Just. Based off of what a lot of the announcer talking about and where that gets a generic than it's ever surrounding him has been very negative this series and Tony even save his defense stopping go to acknowledges that there on the on the on the national broadcast that I saw him as well there talking about how good he wasn't a predominately was his rookie season years ago a bright light shining star for the heat. Then obviously had a setbacks for the injuries. Which they were blaming a lot of the fact that he wasn't playing good defense on. Coming into the beginning of this weekend and now it's it's been basically the same thing. Haven't been talking about how he doesn't have any value Leno and he Lori than what dozens. Right well why doesn't have any value OxyContin mixed like formally dollars a year well OK but if he was really producing he had value. No you Vietnamese or million dollars a year Opel. You can't you can't train for soccer player when one guy's making four million dollars a year that's part of white as any value late Contra to match. Or why does the value but also the reason he doesn't have any value at all I mean you have value because he hasn't been producing. OK be soaking entry guy you know for a good player he's only been four million that's that's a big reason why does not value. That hasn't in the conversation around justice went on the conversation around justice Winslow has been taking it shouldn't mean that has been a congress yet so I don't know why I'm glad that he has changed I don't. He issued either offensively but I think Brett right in terms of the season I mean defensively he hasn't bin not enemy inform. Everything we talked all season he's he's just been mean to you guys. And that's its work but boom which I think Larry. Did you or die with passion defense that was shockingly good coming in induced for sure playing basketball professionally he shouldn't 39% from three and Renault which has. He's always much better this year now it's not exactly it it's it yet have it. The 39% from three's a little bit deceiving because he's not out there you know shooting I 600 deeply when Ellington. Okay like. You get him water to attempts from three per game. From just he's been all lot better all login Wayne Ellington I don't either but let's go other talk about Alec. There's a percent and it shouldn't 39% from three he's an excellent three point shooter. At just nine of seventeen over the last eight games he's not an X from entering. Agassi you know you don't get a positive strides that he's improving I I I don't he he's been much much much better than yours is saddened much better at things not improving if there's shots improving that's good he's been it isn't room and you're right. He's been much much better but you can't sit back and throw 39% from three meet without also adding Hank and shoot a very much yes. We got in a lot of shooting at all been out. If even if you tell me I guess it's just what the Cayman this year it's only used via 34%. For you three point shooter 33 I a great I would take out take it Andre wanna skew the numbers and say unlucky day yes yes hi game where it was four points wise I don't think he's been far. I. Mean I don't think there's all there's a lot of complain you can do there he is he is right in line with his rookie year where he was more in this role in mean you don't want just I would be a. I'm not go right and I think he's been far and he he is a he's a bowl bench player Tim now do we wish that he was more. Probably. I I think it was our point probably. I don't know why were suddenly satisfied with the relevant player even justice when winds left on base is what is at all. You really get into the analytics avoid offense of lineman you just you know how good they were there rookie year. You know they're gonna get better doing certain things he's better right now and he's a starting but he is he is better overall right now but he was rookie year as a disaster. But he's slick he's net that's what needs to meet. If this team is relying on just who wins them big trouble they need him to before. And that's what he's been. A nice player for them all he's a bench player. Did you guys they needed. Good. A big. Last few games Johnson Richardson especially those who was a disaster the first part of the season has been. Much much much better you know Omar Josh Richardson. He has been much better argument OK the guys that need to be good had been good lately Johnson Richardson. Tyler Johnson isn't much read those guys or important. OK any of magic as a drug to which you know joint winners need to beat you notice. Almonds and but the other guys Johnston ridge and Johnson who have been struggling. For most the season you need them to be good justice isn't one of those guys that you need to be good this team be successful. If once a while justice can give decent scoring greats and look just sit. The real surprise teams get tougher for anybody and not be good for them to be success justice is he's he's delicate ninety most important player because he's an idiot and an a good. If he was better this team would be a lot better. Usually it's you you can't you can't keep coming in these games to saint man went for justice ones that break out NBA guys can lead is escorting a renowned and never gonna happen. Never happened. It goes on fair expectations for he is easy role players a high paying dominant yeah. He's a role player. It's day it is what is. They get it in big win games that justice Wenzel being big and we solidly. Only 2.5 percent to five point two of the memo about back academic side of us. For years he played good player it'd interviews imbued a role player he is just as good on the court player. He is a good. Blair just just shot 40% in his first two seasons 43%. No 44% right now he issued in 42 point 9% at its. You know he's he's decides it's basically this there and it's inching both slightly better in and speaking as has been arsenal are literally his name is resigns as good pretty much the same. Yeah I it. I'm surprised. That gears since I was I which his minutes have increased like I'm satisfied party told you why I'm satisfied because I've come to terms with this is who he hits. He is not just what is I think you guys have changed their mind about him because I don't see where he's improved dramatically like I going to talk about how. With jumps the focus on the fact that he was such a shining light his rookie NBA season. For the Miami Heat he was supposed to be you want to not remembering correctly this is only you not remember correctly is murkier this is god when the play basketball as I watch all remember a guy like justice Winslow I don't I don't watch basketball number one and if I get what our numbers are about Conan are more. Half yeah from bright guy if I ceremonies justice Winslow are pretty much everything we spoke about every game that I seen I saw justice Winslow. Rising star who was so raw talent who works so hard who wasn't. Who was a boisterous who was an emotional. Very keen. Even keel type of player. Who was accepting coaching from a coaching staff and who was going to get all that is true better and better all stroke and then obviously he gets hurt so he says he gets set back a little bit and then he's he's detached himself a little bit from the team. On them are developing he shot his wrist is still jacked up he's trying to play hurt. I just thought that the way that we built him up his rookie season the way that he played defense so well the fact they were putting. Their best offensive players would justice was guarding them throughout the game and then in the can so. He played so well in the playoffs do what he did a very good job on the play last. Hey I I don't America October 2 yeah I don't remember that way he was benched in the playoffs. That day years Charlie yeah he was benched in play one of the games is etched on I remember that way body was deemed to defy easy. Average gross of imports in the play out here 43% doable shooting the F four point eight rebounds averaged throughout that series when he was point 15 minutes. He was going against decent players are good playoff he's so that's. Players all Hussein is he is found all rule now on this team he's a three indeed player okay. He's shooting the ball very well from three albeit small sample size he's shooting it very well from three. And his defensive play that's in my an easy ten pick in the NBA draft in 2015. Or whatever that year was. Is justice Winslow guy that is just being a role player of the dude you eat eat maybe you're like it's not like the NFL draft for every one in the first round should be a guy who you can rule can be on hand he has started. Others expect any NBA when you have a high pick in the draft there's expect yeah NBA. You got. New 34 guys don't as the draft would you expect to be studs. And if you're the back and lottery to win he worked. Ten that year fourteen this pastor banning a bio if you get a guy who's going to be a rotation player who will be part of your team. That's were you looking for their man. You know you you are getting stuck to number ten overall. I added I don't think the battle as the congress is Aaron justice went on I think that we thought it. We might we how we got a steal we thought we got a steal we were so excitedly story before just as well as well. Olympic after all the after committing starting right forum them regardless. Booker. Yeah book was after Kaminsky got a looker yeah Booker is the one that BO we're gonna look at and says. Oh god here with the whole we can't find value at the time back we're not going to let you know Greek for no just not enough or someone else not. It's not hot and amber and nor should you don't find value they eat you look at every year ago I was picked the back in the first aren't being good. The point is there wasn't there was a medics expectation around Josh Richardson coming in ready second round pick but justice Winslow there's a lot of expertise around I think we're always say you not find value. OK Paul Pierce was number ten pick crime was number ten pick pulled Georgia is number ten noticing knocking value. The point is outside the top floor fight picks in the NBA draft you're not guaranteed to get a great. A us. No it's not fair value in the first four picks either I mean frankly in every year many rewrites that go into every draft. You have 45 players you look at well. Need to be sites now reach out besides different story. Number ten overall. But does not falling to us at ten overall and I was gonna pick before that way before that we went in in the excitement you're right you're right but let me felons around that you're right. Right and there was a reason for. And also they were minorities seemly roster of those upon our justice was leading the team and shot at times and it was. Leading them to be the worst in the league so that's kind of the test himself as a whether or not he's given your friends as guys all the ancient vault thirteen times game last year horrible thing at one point it was he was averaging fifty jobs again and when he got injured you get a guy debate maybe if you wanted throw and a whole lot of alone was the injury. But I did in just the shooting like we dug its all time he's got the doesn't fit the crime or on the rim. Let there be times where he's he's right by the Rimage is like I can't finish. Like right I don't understand your right there that I'd like that. Again last. And twice last night around it is that to me is that was more frustrated the shootings on the bodies that he misses. And he does have his sneaky little delusion of himself like going in the last year or use saying right. With a wage on I wanna I wanna be an all our if he said he wanted Austin this here at media day he was talking about ever asking about he cultures that. I don't Winslow culture. And examine some of Mulally also of the personality so. Unlike a day you liked it when he said that Taylor and I thank you leery talking about you were all fired up after he media day it was very charming he struck exactly time. Personality her car. And his history here to have another thing I listen you're the most culture. Hey easy easy. This edgy humor. I think if you lose did you have shirts say Winslet culture. Yeah I've men's first ever hearing and comment it's a known thing I've got an audit of the it is a very node thing but it resists if your if your bond you can have your own culture. Well I'm armor I have repeated as restore. I think I think it's been fine is not one of the guys that he'd need to be great every sing on the eve of the defense. But offense and you know guys. But it overtime this year than they found a monster Mika on fourteen whatever you know I hate album alum so far he's exciting. He takes off the dribble reverse layup I believe those M I couldn't believe it was him because and watch on a thirteen foot screen that is an NH state. That's really likeable leader can change yelling at TF thirteen inches rent and I don't know. Isn't what this emissary terrible TV at that point this year where we're bailout I was announced that Koreans is locked his ass because. Someone that's awesome. And what global. Interest. Penalties and magic potion or anything to take it from we just didn't play due. Got behind and try to battle back and just couldn't couldn't do it. This is threatening. I wish you play better we didn't and you got to move on and truck welfare and. It didn't play well you want excuse. Cool. It was it's always on her fantasy football update presented by to join the V accident attorneys admit an accident call 800 cent or seven free that's 800. Some we're 7373 to response out of directs. The right call it always the right price and by East Coast public just as we've got your assets covered call 855 get ECPA. Or visit East Coast public adjusters dot com you'd see this throughout the day today we locally world were fired up but the dolphins just I mean the wind isn't meaning thing the big picture but. You beat the patriots that's that's can make you feel real good and and they beat my dad last night the final score. Is not indicative of what that game was last night. Dolphins beat the patriots down yesterday that's when you feel good about I don't care about when he gets the Broncos they kick the crap and that team. But last night's they'd they really beat a patriots now makes me. Oh -- no really is immunity thing pitchers are a little bit of depleted team but still you could tell the overlook the Miami Dolphins yeah you know his reasoning is basically where there helmet Nawaz going to be Tom Brady's back derelict in the wind. Mounting a lot of Carol who'll business Tom Brady and at any time. Good job by the defense by the Miami Dolphins my god god show. Two way. You whose fifty of them are fifth branch. Still Israel good to us I've spent a world and a field and running back. It marijuana can't wake late in the game right before they got that final field goal can we came so close to the strip sack and Aminu organs so hard all game came so close. All wanted to get an essentially in the game but instead the game and it on the worst on thinking you ever seen in your life. And you're also gonna see headlines all over. The news today I was I am wondering now the wondering what has happened is revolving. Revolt under athletes' current athletes. By. With all the sexual harassment stuff going on Hollywood celebrity types that kind of deal. It has now seemed to fuel hit the sports media in a big big way final. And in balls that found that mean recent excerpts here you read this as we all over the place today OK you read this bill former this is a lawsuits. That that's real that's not that's awesome woman coming up front point fingers it's a loss OK she's pointing fingers in the loss here right written. Don't know the degree but the lawsuit you know luckily I got pending loss there rightly gets some of these women who who you know or out there and accusing a what have you. It it it these this is stuff that's going ports this is these lawsuits okay. Mean you know doesn't necessarily make it better or worse today Regis just say you know because there is an argument to be made that the women who are just coming out. In saying what's happened to them. But are actually suing the people obviously are in it for any sort of money grab a which is what happens with these stories is a lot of people. Think oh she's just doing this for money she wants something out of this and that's why she's making these accusations. And for the women who don't even bother suing you can't accuse them of that because they're not even trying to get any money they. Sinister is almost up business right. Former executive producer of NFL network Eric Weinberger. He's now runs Bill Simmons media. The ringer yet. Or whatever Bill Simmons is doing he's an easy on the ringer former executive producer Dana Von Erich Erich Weinberger. Sent the plaintiffs several nude pictures of herself and sexually explicit text including but not limited to quote. You were put on earth to pleasure me. And once he walked on the whole makes me crazy. Year B drives me insane. While work mr. Weinberg grass appointed to meet him in the back at the because he need to see Euro was quotes a warning. At times one plaintiff was working at her desk mr. Weinberg oppressed his crotch against that against point shoulder. As pointed to touch who does. This way. I. It -- Schwartz is so well you know I get so much worse as there's more people already and don't force is she's accused mr. Weinberg corner plaintiff and grabbed her behind touching plaintiffs crotch groping her breasts put its hands complaint his pants duke quote. Check if she was wearing underwear. Mr. Weinberger also made lewd comments including telling plaintiff she was quote making simply can't sit on the year making him wanted you all kinds of bad things and that someone like plaintiff. Should be getting leads every day and tell you something. This person should be imprisoned. That prison that you know that person is an imposition of power. And she's suing I believe and it's on network or a determination. As she claims her supervisors knew of him. I wanna talk dirty to my wife. My. It it's it's interesting because you even you get a lot of backlash for men over these stories that are coming out and and guys are saying oh you know now I can't even tell a girl she's pretty. This. And stories are coming out are so egregious it's. Biting her at work and said quietly Kearse currently that's all were talking about we're talking about a guy coming up and so stinging his himself on you like Robin and I looming comments amber okay you guys have never touched on some hot. Shoulder. Think we re excited inning feel like some delegates and Miller conquer we did you know. Rock on guys. You'll definitely have a conversation that some women would be made very uncomfortable why we're doing two and this is so we get a certain report. At each other we know it's you know we're we have a good understanding of each other and I'm not happy yeah yes it slightly whoever handles. Mean that's unbelievable. And that would be anybody else is all by the way. So. It. Would make. It work in my boss comes Albany is like putting his. This got long you all seen and that he's like grabbing might write it I mean. Match in the way these guys have this big problem with he's winning amount telling these are the did I in it shouldn't require you have a daughter freed understand how appropriate this is but it did happen to your daughter or your sister. Or your mother is too soon so these are. Not only not only the name that you mentioned the executive. Of the word vigilance look at it I guess I don't know. Usually tell you how okay the big names OK and even warts stuff I after an ax.