ZRA Part 1 12-13-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, December 13th

Miami owns Brady, NFL Network harassment, Spo wins record


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Hi good morning everyone is as a around every area is 8 Wednesday morning the thirteenth. Morning of December. Good to have you with us. Camera wasn't morning pay your morning Romberg new. Tobin good morning for the there's a long time until we get on the Miami Hurricanes game doesn't it. It's been a long time it feels like since the last game all of the women a week and a half I guess right it feels like it's been along time. And it's a long time and hill. The Orange Bowl were. We talk about three weeks away lessened through site to an app weeks away from the Orange Bowl game. Even handle that like senior member national champ Jim Gaines wasn't play well back then when you're American or national champ prepared for national championship game like what's go. This month man it's sold all the. And I used to exams you got a lot of so appeared you know you do a little bit more body recuperating you get your training and you you're running in and also a NeuStar practiced. Right now during the Q how much time off from practice do you get during that stretch in the last regular season games and then the championship game but two weeks and he at least you get two weeks all now. There we used to working out running but you'd like it was a Khaled nearly two weeks there seems a lot straight and true grit you know he's very little refer exams you get your mind right in the nick Americans are practicing and then. Your you're able to go home for couple days for Christmas. From and then you turn around to get back to practice Ruble rusty old Dino it. Yeah I don't like baseball you play every day Seattle rhythm but manly yet two weeks off from practice all the sudden get a month off from game day come across it definitely. Are you gonna only gonna buy a week one week you you come back to you that first they back his little rusty as well but. The take long and they're going to back. And feels like a long time until we get that hurricanes game coming up so humble team to in the same situation yeah no yeah knots right. Don't know I'm just I'm almost like turn the page ready and you know I'm excited about a ball game and you know like a nice little come to head situation at the end of the season but. A look at this game more as ago. A predecessor of of what is to come next season so are your your a lot of your high school recruits you're gonna hear a lot of who commits are gonna. And understand where you might be at this point time because December 20 as one of the signing dates for this month from all the high school recruits so. Com to find out who's committed to your U Miami who still kind of on the fence. And you might have a better idea what your team might look like from a season. So the year back in action tonight's. You god everyone's still feeling good about it dolphins win a couple days ago a real good about that dolphins when that I really enjoyed Monday nights I've enjoyed golfing game like that a long time camera gets of gets to enjoy it like I said. Homage thirteen CD when a sound and still while the enjoying it like. I haven't enjoyed a Dalton win like that in a long time I mean. It was is that case is asked to win. As coach of the dolphins Syria and me out coach bill ballots. It beat them last year right at gamely beat them here was two years ago rose at twentieth and I think it was. Again was two years ago right at all and beat Gregory you're last year dinner day plummeted. Yeah okay it's a crisis a couple of days ago before they played them that only a known Peter she's the come down here and lose quite often likes of every 779. And your again now and often now I'd I'd. Which meant. Was that that seven and nine I mean obviously they're in teams really can grasp. That's when it ten team we're talking about yet that. Or is like thirty fly 813 or some Dan is the first tee first or second game of one field ends years of the Dalton's. Lock them up. And you had the the AJ Feeley game where Jason Taylor essentially won the game by himself two bit and AJ Feeley. So through the touchdown pass on fourth down to us and do name Thompson writes on remember that use first name. You know there are there were several. Several games are remembered but usually you know I ain't I'm Dalton beat the patriots I don't. A member of that and I know if I didn't I remember we found out that Ronnie Brown with a lefty. Yet at the top rated game and I was in New England of course but to operate in play that game many don't he was a lefty I do Philly we've seen him lose out here quite a few times. Yeah nine times I was like things he does does mention a nice town nice it's a lot of. I sucked out to me that's why I was like every lead they never women may come here. It always seems like it's like an issue when they come down here that they never win it's always something in the and it's always a December game has always said that that game at the end of the season that. Whether the patriots are on their way to another Super Bowl run nerds just men being super successful it's always like the Achilles heel for them is coming down here in Miami had its time of the season. And in the fact that it was cold thousand posing medals in all god we have nothing in favor don't hear the sigh. Yeah it at least with the heat you hope that he's gonna get him the humidity is gonna get to hand there was a couple of revealing an ominous weather this right now. There's a couple of afternoon game from New England came down here remember watching them on TV houses or holy smokes man it's December down there at 7879. Degrees these guys for this that's been his excuse in the past is whether. Always of the excuses in athletics as I never lose. It never lose and they had to give excuses this team we got detailed in his press conference post game on the on Monday night -- as an offense and defense need to play better. Pretty. Pretty temper tantrums on the sideline. To get zero emotion on the silent what do you think yeah. It. Is a whole thing we've talked about all elaborating on the economy Bill Belichick does not that. Not bad. And thing Billiton which is only second time to get some emotions towards his own children pulled to. Tom Brady's always throwing temper tantrum love Brady huge stadium match you AV editor. You don't love this dozens of what he join you like you it is at least three to veto decision at. Now he's a program that's some RJ Cutler an adult and probably appreciated this. Besides it Jacob was fantastic. Isn't an ocean sea it is a game shuttle. He was no illusions that ever seen around you. In the official two it's. And it wasn't even it wasn't even that he was a way into on the big plays in his arms and that'll deal. If it itself and linking mr. receiver. Abbott a couple times war you know Julius Thomas you know days is BM is being among mass like their work there are several times where. They missed the big play by inches and he was fired up over it and like you said there were times where he was yell and the officials as well he was way into its on Monday night. So into it means there's going against robbery in a. Yeah and under team is in no matter where your record is at that point time when you an opportunity to shine against somebody who they consider one of the best in the game you know. Europe's the ballpark ready to go. He'd never beaten patriots I think that that was something that was important to them. The I think it was important to Redding became important on during the game. Is listen Medea the play for the season funny it's all I need him if he's in its he's been in the ace eases hole created so he came really wanna beat the Packers you know I was only nearly drowned time you know right I think he's only played them a few times but you know it's juggernaut great patriots Tom Brady arguably the best of all time. And he just outplayed Tom Brady that's something that you tell your grandkids about. I'm really surprised that we having gotten that it's. Jay Cutler several times this year I mean going into this season for the dolphins. I've said here I'd really focused all teams can score this year. Well they're going to be a school or other he was gonna throw a lot of touchdown reception still. Which you know I mean is that is that moments but it's not like he's thrown. It is ideally crazy with the interceptions. And as you throw interceptions. Those that a lot of touchdowns to about assumes no wind to move the ball I think a big part of it was also because of the bond to park it was a reward some and by and and you voltage age I was gonna be running. The way that he ran last year and I think of that going into the season with all the talk about. HI not his fault. Well maybe not necessarily fault but they get nothing from. Know the gentleman from canyon Drake now what. Yes it's been pounding towns are slandering. Yeah not would you whine it's not the big theater group in receptions that you want but that's not what your gonna get other Jarvis Landry but I mean he's been. Reliable this season when nobody else has banned which is why he's gonna get paid. Let's not forget is what is the primetime game of the money in a game guys play different levels when it comes a primetime games when when your showcase on a national stage and you have no other games to compete against you. And you know the world is watching guys elevate guys take your play hourly. Guys were different socks you know they're willing to take a 500 different so by February you were the low lights you were the black and Francis of France's you have all teal going from your knee all the way down your shoe. You're paying by Graham you're willing to pay the buy Graham Mike you're on prime time on and I thought what you don't care. So like guys just elevate their game when the real Michelle in town. Ager to probably used to it no but yeah government and again we do a lot of dolphins this morning still feel good about Monday night's win next we'd rather. Fielded you know it's like punishing him and damion really good cause a lot of problems. Does holds those guys have. It can do is do you know we've just got to keep working to clean up the ball security make sure things on that thing. She's put your hands traffic. That Frankenstein. This man go to Leo head coach thought it did. It mostly because. An integrated defense that's. That's do they play most pro America. But it wouldn't be intimidated if she should cheerio good god. To say hello America I. Favourites. You know you got. Several guys. You know robbery you say that needs money football they wanna play harder you on delights in airing amidst the fourths. Night team they. Played this year and if there's an idea Sunday night they had road Monday night they had those primetime opportunities. One of them was on the Sunday night was at home. Thursday was on the road forty nothing. Monday was on the road walls that 4521. And he was in the like that Carolina. Boy I knew you did have several guys who. Literally play the best that ever played. On Monday night and did it against the big bad patriots. Team grant legal problems they play the best he's ever played right. Division rivals. That these are made an impact like that yeah I think that that's what it is I think it's a competition. More than it is the prime time. I'm like doing battle disrespect thing is obviously the patriots are coming in May feel like dirty mated. They've done it before there'd they're gonna go and roller helmets and your put your shoes on and come on down play against us impedance. And I was in his guys to get a little bit personal. And they might have got a little bit bulletin board material as well in the locker room in their early you know and if this. No it was finally do this thing so I'm I'm best suited them before it it's it's an awesome movement you know that's great but you gotta turn gonna do it again this Sunday exceeded Howard. Play the best Zimmer played. On Monday night. I know against summary. Gets patriots don't forget also to into the season a lot of these guys probably going to be here again next year so the probably showcasing themselves and possibly their contract somewhere else. You know you a lot of teams that are gonna watch them on a football game towards in the seasons and Jimmy Howard and locked it down. I was uterus of the season yet there there there there are invested in him though like this guy's execution Howard his players an example you know some guys sometimes guys showcase on Monday Night Football and that's all it needs that he's the one game the ball out to show potential potential passionate you are about football and you might not have got another opportunity. And the team come calling to do a little money. My guess is witty Zabian Halard they you know the dolphins' brass rally yeah finally this is this is what we thought we are drafting you as last year as a second year is always lower draft last year it did that's. Probably how they feel good final amount is very set the bar high now is like I gotta come and play like this every night girls are gonna get chewed out my coach all the time talking about what happened. I saw you do before and I'm expecting to do it again. So he's got to you know same thing guys that do well on Monday night got to come back to the come back to the facility same workout regiment. And after in practice blown out and in what it does is usually it's a little bit more confidence in the players Wallach of a guy parts of the got a Brent Grimes common interest. Acting like Spiderman intercepting balls having big nights. You know he comes in a little bit more confidence in any plays better and that kind of snowball that happens progress the season unfortunately happen and we fourteen. Getting straight as while. Didn't Drake at the best of his career now granted distorting the opportunity okay. And this would that I talked about earlier in the season were watching the dolphins and then watch in other teams. And how they open up holes there offensive line and the at all it's it's a struggle every single run. For for. Maybe not for the first time of the most consistent time easily. Is that running back had some lanes to run through was Monday night and I mean what what does that actually from. This offense on me eighty you do eat you up a couple different parts that are on that off as vibe that that top ten million you know peddlers Orlando Pace you know like. EE got a hold him in pieces but when I talk in stores here this the first it's the first like full game. Then I feel like I watched where they consistently. Had an. Open right. Also impact in the box either tells me knows a lot of six Minnesota man box. Vs. Nazis a big Fella because he's he's bigger than Drake he's brazen exercise straight by. Not not too many people I've film on Drake did Erisa shifty he was so you know when we load the box and expect pounder likely jade giant lowered shoulder has tried to break through the first line of scrimmage. You bring you guys down in the box resist time bailout a lot of isolation blocks a lot of more on lines they're relying on guys to beat the offensive linemen more annual. And it all seems like a really good pass catcher. Which I thought something was an early in the it was a god Damian Williams did Deo and sees the pass catching back it was slow Kenny Drake made deathly can get to the jug machine before practice. Because symbols probably Damian Williams and I've got to do is third down he's he's much better out of the backfield but. Are you sure that's not all the reason nine or by at least part of the reason that gays wanted to get rid of Magi in and keep turning I terrible Ascap exactly terrible. Kansas stone. I DHI maybe gays knew that and canyon very. Did you just notice for switcher or just noticed her switcher Syracuse. Yells at about. We're seeing what Syracuse shirt for litigators him but all what is it about its you because you didn't look at the bright orange sweatshirt earlier in the gators and just a he's really investigators rights are. To Syracuse let her boyfriend's from Syracuse. I had his mother gave it to me there ago at a point degas. Can't switch is threatened no ring she's wrapped in youngest and Ambien and then not nothing here. I guess what you think he's got a very sweet mother Chavez not to gets. Ethnically. Ever get headlines three next. Football Friday percent of my Palm Beach volley all season long gets ready for the games loaded assault than their opponents. This weekend in buffalo. Bobby Charlie always number one draft picks funds like East Coast public adjusters. Sand bar grill in the grove and Lexus in North Miami football Friday on game 790 FM one a four point 362 to take it. Any of the low lights for medical network command defend themselves yet. With her community's. Analysts Marshall full. Like Taylor ball Kevin has season. On even Donovan McNabb was ESPN. Now and and who a assume oh well once apps I've beaten these unemployed it's what makes him. Anyone else Weinberger that cement is very limited statements heavy set ending early trying to defend themselves employers. Cut out for them and made a statement. Not the Narnia. I don't know about I don't now. MC anything by it it's it's entirely possible. Knowing that that the executive. And Weinberger is supposed loses name and know that he Gallagher I think from the wring their rates so I would imagine their lawyers involved there. They've all been pulled off here ever single one of them yet they may well the other guys just been suspended I think. Suspended indefinitely yeah. Now this is from the rigors saying that. America's on indefinite leave until about understanding what transpired at this time at the end of we will conduct their own internal investigation can't bring him back room service lying about everything. Andre and I are as everybody who. Cheat on and promising she did sleep with somebody. But why would he single guy. Going through their dressing room try to get after it. Doesn't matter do you sleep with somebody in what it what does it matter and I find eyes on them she slept I. I didn't I got a shots he would try to pursue I sleep with lemon your assaulting Rihanna okay amounts to China it is taunting are trying to. Could win it would you know I'm not. Chinese that you got avenue you're like okay emotional somebody at work I'd pass that the. What is it hasn't hit there's no passes sec please do not assault your missing the point and the allegations aren't. That is the money came and asked earlier on he asked her in if she's OG and arrested at. No it doesn't start with a walking up in the figures are deal on her shoulder or grabbing her idea oh senate it's hardly the George Allen and Singh has always. That's remembers hearing now is always a winner and so earnings are saying it starts with from the conversation you find out for instance. There's this it's who he hit it I got a shot yeah that's what it's like she's sleeping of people out work OK nice I got an opportunity and well he's done it wants a period governor she don't talk to her and you talk a little bit funky with her that she's like okay why I am trying to I don't wanna do this review. You don't get ahead you don't get to know amount China going to sleep with a bunch of people worker norm on interest in you this is illegal. Your hand bringing in a woman's the sexual pass to a rape trial this is why that's controversial when you do that. This that's wait a Philly you guys are doing in the spot where like a pay wall he's got audio American and you know she put out that. That by a diet she's opened for business and that's just nod I mean no one's opened her. Unwarranted. And obviously I was really disarmament just don't wanna assert that anybody. You were right. Work like can I can assure you that most women want to have sex with somebody at work I mean that person it's like a unit knows it again I know how what I always say about these conversations is like there's not much gray area and I wanna have sex you're gonna know how to sex. And it's really not accounting for let's think about and didn't let. He is just a couple of minutes ago you an idea don't come up and just like randomly put your deal on my shoulder and I want it on the sedar passport but that's my point that happens wave later on. Let me behind the guy on guy would automatically just walk of two girlie just. I harasser and I don't at this early gazans and these lawsuits we don't know it's true but we're just going on with the allegations are that the hypocrisy isn't mr. pulled out the scenes look at. Good it may be true. What you XY and south why would you accept each show yeah. I feel that she's only female was working in that entire network that's what that's immoral sounds like knowing what's at all or go after her as a percentage and that's why I was like why is every single guy trying to hit that thing all going after her it's it's it's it's seems pretty easy. She's the only woman Erin their mission is extremely attractive maybe she was baby she's one of the only women there and who's not married. It's it is Leo at least he'd men who were smelling blood and she's the only one who they could possibly. You know made shrine yet who they can may. Also it has some of it might be her position which is I think way she would lead us in because she is she's beneath these men in terms of position I believe that the network. Standing in their bathroom and their change room all day long but it that's got to be a little shuffle. Yes marshals on the roster for sure there you guy but he was he was doing company was like dirty doing might get his own locker and everything but he was already doing a media. These guys yeah same old Alice a year martial laws on the team on TV everywhere we. Yeah I remember that remembers these Jackson took over when did double layered and yes some of that I am a good sign that. Anyone of those things with these conversations is that that the men and you know again we don't know of these allegations are true at all but even with a Weinstein scandal analyze these other scandals that are happening where it's men in a position of power. And in a position of entitlements. That that is it that seems to be a huge opponent of this that they feel light. I guess everyone is going to be interested in Hammond everywhere they do I think it is chilly big do whatever they want because they've been able to do whatever they want and their entire lives I think pages and genuinely feel like gay you know every once they're further. Pleasure essentially and I they're that's the problem that we're seeing. I feel as I just feel witnessing just got way out of hand you know just guys just habitual lines that person just one way over the line I think it probably started out as fun. In terms of conversation in the changer in the locker room but guys just took it way too far and went way over the line inserted by touching the woman and and sending early. Stupid messages that you know harassing messages that would who would send that to somebody. That plea for the most part I think they're just trying to hit like that as how are you began is is is I think you began that somebody might have said. I got after one might wither and then everybody was like okay that may you know it's my opens my opening. But evident that situation numerous times with people that I've worked win or I've been aware that they would be interested in a sexual relationship. If in fact I would is willing willing participant I've never had somebody. Sexually assault me and I mean that's web blows my mind about these allegations. And all of a limited amount flowers die you know like walking into. Mays can imagine walking in my boss's off as an intern and having the door locked behind me to have children and our muscles right. You know arrest does is with these allegations she is the the executive guy I think the most egregious than the Alley five cents for the worse he's the word in every school is like any action you guys because vaccines touching her not just action but because of his. Johnson and his position that's what it is I think it's eighteen that's what we're realizing is that it's men in bees like he fell to the most entitled because of his position because he had the power over her so he took its. To this next level. I'll say what I mean no in their there'll never heard it time worrying allegedly there'll never be a time Horry here's some then. Lousy that warn Sapp dated. That's going to be surprising. None of it is surprising it's all completely believable anything you ever hear about Warren Sapp. But. Warren Sapp is. Being accused of doing is I for the east egregious all of all of these guys who in the reports that. We'll let our observers joking about how Michael Irving is not. In this and I don't off many viewers there as well and how surprising that. For Mike you know but look again. There's never going to be anything surprising about Warren Sapp the U here and it's all believable and what he is being accused of is the lease. That opinion. Of what we're hearing your beliefs. And maybe it is the proximity to her being around these men and their changing maybe that I mean which is ridiculous obviously they should be able to control themselves. Maybe it is that she's lab with somebody at the company and so I guess these other men despise. And I can't imagine. The ever I it's just it the whole thing is so foreign I guess a women I just can't imagine being at work in and they're being some guy here who I'm really try to you and I hear he sleeps somebody else at work some like hey hey you know I just start running my name marker mentality you know private area on his shoulder didn't hurt his grabbing his deal might need to de. Mark remote code so talker bad dudes do so bizarre. These headlines abroad Cheever is Sprint's just in time for the holidays get a great deal on the Samsung device or into a sprint store call 1800 sprint one their visas sprint dot com slash steals works for me restrictions apply the Miami Heat. Post the Portland TrailBlazer worst tip off from American Airlines is set for 7:30 PM that means we get started right here on 790. 6:30 PM wed Jonathan Gaza and the Miami pregame show. I got you got you covered as bad news for the trailblazers this you're ready Paul that action. Bout that action holds its idea. And bullet if it's immense commitment. They're exposed her as one win away from tying Pat Riley for the most regular season wins by heat head coach in franchise history mess eco Jabber is about to become. Why is another tie and a Tony. Young age I have seen amber yeah I think he taught two yard passer and he's got two rings. Minister. Also does pat I'll and we haven't wanted to go to one as a coach as a neutral negative role or roles they both have three with the kims. Sparrows on the staff that is true. Who would John we don't hear head coach she's got Willie with the tiebreaker and I already met my now was head coach supposed got double those aboard the playoffs to reckons most Riley's playoffs is a coach were like back in the. Hey mom Sears when. Nets good question. And we don't take Romer evaluating best head coach of all time we don't take into account a career before the neat to. I don't records now. And didn't exist before that that is drilled by you know and what what I saw culture were season there expulsions were season with a 36 when team right. Couple years ago when he fifteen expose worst year Riley coached at 2.5 win team in the fifteen win team. As coach ever spoke. I'd rather look stronger possible in Baghdad either that's right. Cantor was 51 years old when she was fired. The woman she's an older woman. To ever. How old 51 she's she's no she's only a good one yes Trevor and yet you finally saw the yeah yeah. It's a little little sign that what we thought now. I don't labor this like. I would say I would say when she was younger should probably really really attractive when Jews younger but now on the issue looks like start their shoes 41 yet but now she not seem like younger light you know our age router should vote really attractive and and now I mean she is a good look in 51 year old woman that's if you'll excuse the stealing clothes that's why the terminator and apparently they've they've gone around and they've made it difficult for herded to seek other employment so I'm basically. There's eleven causes of action eleven. She's filed eleven scenes like a very messy situation. Yeah it does it definitely seems like a situation there's more to it Emma size which is why we keep saying I'm the real icing had any idea of any of the allegations are true they they very well maybe it does seem like she has some evidence of at least half against. Executive. Brady he seems like he's probably. In those hot water she doesn't ship the text messages and everything. As a true Donovan going after an older woman on all of more. Al Golden moment in a married strong women older woman must portray for new. Mlb.com. Is reporting that the Marlins in the Orioles have discussed a trade for a dance lately all your Mitchell. Inform. USA today is reporting that the St. Louis Cardinals has the favorite to land Marcella Xena again form. The nationals blue jays Rangers in Colorado Rockies on that in dressed. Writes good bidding war to get your best players the Florida Panthers lost to Chicago Blackhawks 32 in overtime at fell asleep in the third period last miles watching. Was tired. Here is Adam ace talking about some movement since we've been talking about the winds still today your database reflecting on the dolphins win or victory. Guys are great job just plain wrong. They're winning a better. Way to winning last week following to win this week. You know it's tough team play and they're well coached team. They they know that they have to excuse Michael circle right muddled along its arsenal the formula had a chance to win the fourth quarter and so like players do a great job in coaching staff do a great job and his guys ready you know it's it's it's a good one for us because I was I was most important game. All that's Tobin bull what happened man. Will bleed all come back and a good. Where did you get that audio on know what that come from. At audition with a potty amount of them from got the from ESPN's. Audio Silas is what it is it is already exists where they'd they didn't do it in its war on nor the ninth normally the sunny espionage trust that it is edited right in Paris it was Ross though. You know. Yesterday's exit the F were denied unlike. But it hasn't lied on T wasn't this is a lot mommies bring it TV show Vista at there and that's he's he's not listening at 6 up in the morning. It's early following cool we're cool it is after 10 PM ER BC in the game seems absent can be handled the laws are different so everyone it was probably after 10 PM appears and they said the upward. Walsh different. Did you can actually got a much like the Walking Dead and eight they cross all time. Shall not sent via. Maryland yet lol yeah Simmons what network it's on grand. Does the very much does. But it is that I like I HBO they get away with it it is pays service so it's it's the total army channels that you're paying not -- I completely and I think some of the cable channels that are in a ball in the regular are included in regular cable packages I know I'm an artist. Ticket do what ever they want who has nudity it's what they swear words but Yossi like AMC or oral or you know Bravo whenever. It is after Tempe and the the laws are a bit more relaxed. But he got rough I can say is it on and they you know pacers and played an understanding with serious Reza how courts or answers in Europe wants. On Russia radio you know told in it didn't tell until opens it letting anything he wants planners now. And get a little fired yet that is next week it released. Bob hey gals that's what is there you go. And the Els amber at deadline did seem anti next. I thank champion four by fours that Florida's number one team. Trucks and suvs customization shot. Few guarantees of the hottest four by four modifications in town called champion for my fourth. At 7865023446. Gonna champion four X four dot com. Every Thursday morning to hear John Clayton wit us that's tomorrow. At 820 yanks out for a couple seconds segments. It's bonds might enjoy on the vina accident attorneys me in an accident call 800 simpler seventh free that's 807473733. The heat are back in action two nights they take on the Portland trailblazers. Both teams are thirteen thirteenth there Western Conference us okay both teams are thirteen and thirteen the blazers are obvious in the middle road trip here. You blazer a decent team OK Damian Willard you're gonna see here is is one of the best. Guards in the league he's fast a big time score in a big problem for Miami OK between Willard and McCollum. All right got big issues there with that Portland that courts I don't of their big guys plan I know he's been hurt recently but otherwise it's that he's important club let's say was. This is why your mom during how mine's Jarron film you didn't. Until I actually feel fine about it and and an outside pubs and other one's good. But I'll tell you this league right now right now is to win this team needs to make their move OK they've won back to back games. Any of the favorable schedule coming up the remainder this week he got Portland tonight. When you're at Charlotte on Friday they've been a bad team so far this year the hornets. And Andy I'd seniority beat them earlier this year. And on Saturday you play a clipper team was as bad as anyone in the entire league okay and that's at home so. If he or going to make a move I don't care Whiteside in routes are right right now he's out see you wanna all the old coach speak we have enough need to write. If you gonna make a move. Right now it's time to run off five and route it is. Plus in Atlanta after that. Oh is that right yeah there's stretches his legacy following this week sorting out the Atlanta then once then that they got that there in Boston's of these next four and exploited you're gonna get fat and sassy is an issue says Rowell yeah. Right now. Right now it's six game win street time you've got to take advantage even without light side doesn't matter you got to take advantage of the favorable parts of the schedule. And right now is a feeble part of the schedule okay. Do we know anything by the way of Al when he will be available again disease that that additional bone her now. Adds it's this. EI a nag and information and heat and a nail your injury wise and not and a injury lies CA you know fine dining wherever your belt arbiter the former auditor hotel now don't worry about that don't don't don't worry about that. But yet sources like about Siena won another animal weights at which was going on channel about it. The AA bid Brooklyn on Saturday then he had an easy game gay couple nights ago against a terrible man this team. Hey at Portland they're decent Charlotte's been bad clippers the worst hawks the worst. Right now. Right now it's a stretch I don't care white's eyes outs I need to Dion Waiters Hartley DO we've seen the elbow is really that it's really on calls right now so. Don't care they can't use these excuses all season long right now is a favorable part of the schedule for them. Gotta run off six and route. Am I talking went five out of six and talk in six and a role you tellem win these four games. Up until that Atlanta games are bad teams secrets and on the bones that appear only when it's at. I mean you set yourself a failure had I am not Sarah calm and as an error by sheer. And you you came back thoroughly upset and although this is six and around now before. Christmas pour. Rate is six governor this is six and Arabs upper half of the season member that one little stretch really do not have a motto McNamee crab and out of the playoffs because you got (%expletive) when these games that run a stretch here. This could be a century and who ended up being right about that. This. Yeah you end up missing the post season by game. Actually lost time don't come back to the crowd and I'm the glass because your ship ticker business on these games that's right this is one of those just depression in this week. This is one of those stretches right that's all you're about. Most of the scissors with a bottom of the conference that you're really stacked and with all those teams and so if you wanted to really get back in this risen distance yourself from these does yes. Huge opportunity yet caddie Teddy speak it. You have to take advantage of the schedule like how do you think he winds up. If your team like Miami located at their not on Cleveland and now all stand in our own states. Houston. You know you're not one of those teams. Who can run off. Big time streaks against anyone okay because they're better than everyone else. Policy think it team like Miami. Or you don't you wanna do it comparable teams Indiana. Washington. Catty thing these teams wind up beefing up their schedule. You've got to take advantage of soft spots in the schedule and this is worthy are right now. Yet it feels like they've had a really hard schedule thus far only the guards in the warrior well I tees up it played whispers that with the cavs get the Celtics. Really only good team then take on as is Houston Houston Toronto. Yet it played India be India you know they they beat the timberwolves beat Clinton wizards couple times got to split their beat him in Washington. We did they've got a tough tough enough schedule so far. You know and at a 500 oak and makes sense if not one of the elite teams unity 500 against them you know what when you went on to the good teams there are 500 that's okay. Guess what got beat up on the batsman was spread one of the stretches to Riley looks at the roster and if they don't about it at least three and 18 Friday's Heyman Friday's save Friday and it trades. That's why if if if this team is going to show some pin right now they should win six. In a row in order 120 issue went for more it should be a six game winning streak cones that ball game otherwise innocent ones on high alert. Friday is the day. That all these trades can be made. All these players who were available. I mean who who signed free agent contracts what have you all available entrees come Friday. The recent Friday after disappointing loss to rights or are they gonna be winners of three in a row. And look in to make it four. In Charlotte. And and he got stupid clippers hawks. About supply. Hornets right and sixteenth terrible record. That he. You know why don't care Assad as plan not. A bedroom might god doesn't room. Johnson I got the backroom amber. LA's not designed come down and never come down back there. Does that he does have the top he's not a saw it that so he has that I'm a big concern and we need dunks and I love highs of the day but we got out of them. Big time defender big screens. Set good screens. And their big V harm you got that big. But listen quickly may not be watching that that's not to think may not be watching Hassan OK I still want to Shawn Kemp though. Philly wanton young Shawn Camp. Let's see now I simply there is that right. That's on scene out there feel like watching you on Shawn Kemp are better. A launch on kept on Seattle us on not that that son of better than John can wow that's you reach in there BBC on tend to be amazing. But Sean against Seattle much on Kemp sat Cleveland. He was so sad reach into Cleveland how IE you gotta sees significant stat when he's I'd definitely sat completely has yet it's cold. No economic scenario and you're forced the imagine imagine Emerson let me tell I'm going to Cleveland unless I'm being forced to go yeah so that kind of an equivalent or someone calls you on bases in an amber you gotta go do you have to you have to and we traded you to dual radio simply won't. And get that be awful. I'm enjoying. But but I mean six runs six months from now we secondly you'd you'd be gross looking. I. Headlines and love handles Wilson yeah time is for dean would be gross looking are going to be ten. Now illegal police went and yeah. Depends Al demands how much you that does love handles ago. Major nickname is love handles Wilson you kind of got to live up. It would be a lot less pressure living there than here. More cushion for the push and we get to where winter coats there are months at a dinner break we uncertain think that the sounds like a good idea. It's trade enamored of Cleveland does move to some code on town and clean out I don't whining returning either like Odyssey Odyssey future compensation. I'd die for these future considerations and I don't want Charles Bradley and I've been through some of these towns and I've. We've got discovers is there a four on there I think that that might be low lane and I miss him like I got out of college I moved straight to South Florida that was silly. Invited moved to you know lake bed some. Code on town in the mid western I'm now would have been. Tony cleaned up. Every Thursday when I ever wanted Saturday amount. Football season. Look. Not at. Zero point zero what are you talking about but the scale. The leading out of the competition of the ladies. It's remarkable and it I'm never even an NFL seasons I've come back after the season and be back on here for the offseason. And I have a sore neck and my first 45 they Specter because even just driving up and on the street you see the quality and it's just like my god there's nowhere else are it's like. There's nowhere I don't please I like you wanna go to new area and I didn't. That has the women not south on I mean that the women is doppler ridiculous. Let's throw it down here it's anything if you go to put on town if you don't know any better. I think you might find a diamond in the rough down here you know you you find a five that looks like mine. That's already been spoiled you know she said. Chartered hurt their guns down and she's pro had an implanted to hear there she said oh yeah I think it's natural down here right it's a lot of work being done out here in its its future investment that's that's what I call you know the girls down here they kind of get ready for their future investment they have to put in the investor and an announcement as themselves. Pays off they work for three weeks go by a blessing go to a club 19 and you find some sap. It's gonna wouldn't pay for their light bill for the rest of season so you know it's it's it's pretty good take another return is pretty phenomenal geez it's it's good that we're living this what you're saying. The women that do that as a career which it I mean I'm shocked at how many do you do that as a career. What is your expiration date on that. Not long you answered it turns your ethnicity. No certain types of latins only last so long night Colombians seem like payless for I mean. How can you how can you really make I mean your ear fifty yen and the clubs dole and the next second idea. What is the first one additional point that deck a plan. Or you milked them for everything he's had. Near. It depends on which when you're going to Colombian usually kind of just how about prototype the Brazilians should fall sold somewhat close behind that venezuelans moderate their Cubans. I've been told that the Cuban longevity is not too long it's like 3335. Here's a look at that once you've landed that guy it's not over with there any kind of goes downhill after that. Your wife Emma is a situation your inbox. Fever. Weekend party is more nights in Vegas roundtrip airfare unit yes hotel for four nights. And tickets to see Foo Fighters surrendering and the Zack brown band. It's great way to ring in here you wanna win going out to take in my dot com slash contest and you could be going to Vegas. This is a C three great concerts winner and a guest. Yet between when years are over and this is a national contacts. So tomorrow night's. Huge tonight possessed look manly. Huge. Tonic we took him this is is there's the Monica is the third arsenal will be the third night to move my night tonight how assassination it's him who him. Lasso the group wants to do it delays in Kenya and we lit that dang near the site and stuff we live that the anger that you did the TNT thing I think that. The TNT thing like say it's Brown's legs yet it's pro assets from the pronounced and no it's pronounced print. And yeah we did all that last night's boys got gifts all worked out very nice when you don't you don't you don't tickets. Now I'm not really it's Christmas an urgent where it's it's it's really about the case are these are they really eager gives her that he's supposed to small cancer in. Well it depends some families like to war their way up to like. You know bigger and bigger and bigger and then on the eighth night it's like an extravagant gift door. Some families dual big gifts or some diskette the big ones out of the way and you know some like callers placed the order for the really big gifts and not come in for a couple of days so that's a conflict that's that's not a guest. Last night my a younger one got a videogame OK for his spurs Nintendo. And milder one got a laptop. We simply tell me his big give me some me it's like the regular Nintendo and you'll tournament and now want to please tell you that. On notes for it's for some allocated one that that nobody can play with snow even on a known I don't know it's it's for it's it's one of the hand held. Nintendo's. It's called a two DS. That's that's the one that he's got bought him bush. Gets kind of late game boy but better. You have money or somewhere in the other one got a laptop and yet when that. Game now still wayward doubt because because the younger ones big gift is in the mail and ending it's coming tomorrow what is it'll get that tomorrow. You soliciting you don't know. He knows he's getting. They held they now a child again although we tell them like labeling of me they say they want and don't answer who's your Santa Claus and com. We we see on uprisings tell you can't go Brady and he is is the Mench amends the Obama comes and brings elegance we know it's like they think that they know no where his parents are buying the gifts again we're very transparent our religious leaders don't. Men go on to put them honest about the ram van around like. A menorah or take him a holiday for now. Now so there's no little Jewish dude sit on him on a bench he and Clinton Fisher island rentable Jewish dudes in my home up to us the school. Grandma me and you having your health and Christmas match. During Christmas. Santa Claus. You have an old man show up in BC and us not we see Santa clause in the mall I was gonna them all that terrible and that's on. My kids to go see Santa in the malts I had I just I just I mean you're reading an opportunity you're really on an hours long the line the kids are always I don't know why appears or so of Sasser taking a little kids to CT into. And every pitcher sees the little kids here fives into. Am. It does seem weird if you think about it or light boards like tailored Stater gives them all seriously it's on the loud and bold man whenever Matt. We can't handle a little bit and cry and scream in and be scared and and then by the time they're old enough to even remember a year it's a tradition that normally stops. I don't have any you remember going to the malls the kids and sitting on Santa's lap and I I don't remember ice and fun for photos. Late that go you know that gets talked to the man do you don't eat don't enjoy having her talk to the man you tell what you want. He goes ahead and release the message chin and then it goes to the thing hours like okay. Does he really the massive leg is the mall Santa hold the parent the batteries with sustained does that mean the most in the Cadillac. When you go over that with the kid you gotta say you'll what are you gonna woody and asks Santa to bring you this year and an a K it'll tell you security no. And yeah you know my my kids' brains and I know where skip and a whole ball line. You know I I I think in my it's created a business opportunity for illegal Jewish people out there that are looking for side. How's Yunnan and who's that guy like what does that. Opportunity that you just ran. My words are they show up now and they're going to be the Chanukah. So Monica homeboy eloquence. And this is yeah the big setup you know Santa Claus has like how's it might the globes in much the winter of entry on set up. You guys have the same thing to you guys can have the danger here big blow drew on the corner or you can have the menorah like lit up. You have the old man with the curls downsides of his cheeks mean we don't you thinking him for exactly well these are good idea I see is. Yeah. Yeah I just I just gave. Her those pop art yeah they do not think about. The very least something to think about. Is all. Look isn't a good thing about the reason why demands on a bench is and target. Nothing solemnly code it's it's it's a target because they're trying to compete with L on the shelf for it. That what mentally benches and it the results. Thanks so I don't my despair and that's why it was a legitimate questions because we think about it like. You know the health must go reckon reports Santa Claus. Who does the match report to us why I was trying to figure out what why not like I said I said there's no there's a misconception with Jewish village and they all know he gets her coming from the parents. I mean this thing is with Santa Claus and Santa Claus was. Saint Nicholas which who has from the for a century from. Then by the way we do it like that's what the crowd hungry christianity I mean it says it has been around for awhile there emerged trying to now just create something. Here's the catch on to catch a big is sketch on the hunt for simply amazing really I. See where this goes a couple centuries from now as I would say elegant centuries somebody's going to be crediting. Romberg and exit or rat numbered with coming up with the exact I'm a man changing. Judaism Brett Romberg right here. So Smart I though tomorrow night yes third out of Monica but not as important not as important. And is I went out and I got my tickets for solar a night. I BC news previously that you don't see a lot of know coming out on the Ellen no. Are you allowed to know movies are hot a liberal I silicon does BA isn't aligned delegates this crowd has Hanley iron. I don't I know it's a bad hole not one of the holy holidays at all. Is speaking of fully holidays I drove by booby trip this more on the palm and Oden excitable excellent. Were open on Christmas ladies and gentlemen it's 7 PM they'll Monica. I don't know you pressed percent of none of that we return a congressman Sawyer it's going to be Scudder pretty bad but I thought about that what what else is how unlikely heading in the irons yes that's all those months ago period. You know the the lay away stuff back toilet for premier league of some I would move. He if you work on Christmas night. Make some change. I delegate definitely done the club on Christmas night. You don't lots of English and was one of the greatest nice to go to the movies on. Or is that movies are open right those extra pose a movie theaters at the day to travel on normally do. It's big thing for a lot of famous over Christmas they'll the movies and I think it's a thing like it's it's sort of. Does what are you doing Christmas night I got everyone's doing anything by Christmas night can I answer to floor most well and it's the morning that morning Israeli. What I think mostly. However he may be daddy just tired of getting everybody else gifts and may be dead musical himself gift. At dinner tonight or here yet. But yeah here am I doing here yeah I do. Put tomorrow night though morning stall warts I've not seen a single trailer. I'm going to be able to avoid the tomorrow you cannot force me okay to Washington don't watch learn and I'm I'm taking I'm taken my name my older son. And we are going to more right it is opening night sorts okay. Ali full on review for you to. Friday morning I'm just after seeing some of the previews I think and I've never seen any of them you from day any one none of the seven. Nothing zero point zero alarmed many little previews that I see while from every single one of those hearings. This week. Well it's the reviews are sort of command like I said opening Nuys tomorrow night you wanna know what it is on rotten tomatoes are now is that an even it was now Star Wars the last jet I'm not the first and I the last general. You wanna know what. Certified fresh 93% outskirts of this current. Sample program and is credited is that doors traders caterers at -- is very years ago as a kid bouncing ball on anything for people that are seen OK don't ask me questions like that market knew that. My Tony anything like that on your text or region. That he's not book the sweeten called smelled the Chanukah Al. Shelf smell Honecker Al I don't want to I don't like that either in your own yeah. Yeah sure no. In separating instruments of torture. 93%. Like it. She Ralph chronic health. That's she is adorable that's a knock off did you look at my. Now. You other dose control alike and because they only have to Chanel welcome. Exchange member. The bush does she know that's a good question that he sonic on many different transition many you make it though he is need to get together and does decide on our way. Ice I saw the right when I he has pretty clear this is and a. He told month. What's the thing the menorah is what's up. Those pancakes called did you thing. But is holds a lot more seems inappropriate to golf but it can get a jurors reindeer. Though so yeah rain gear. Restrained here let me say it is the Steelers are the I think are those that live music did all that you think the taillight. They and Norah minority I and UC BS and a freight and you Syria it wears a back I think I was like don't ignore talk like them. Schnabel. Malaga and I'm like it. Are unsure growth gitmo in my van would.