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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, December 6th

Slim eats candy corn, Jeter wants patience, Heat players want more time (We Apologize for the Audio Quality Today)


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He needs as long runs and AM. You know I can see as the strong vetting this isn't an Urban Meyer we know what happened when you go to Florida Gators didn't think they would change. Yeah I don't I don't I'm Obama and I wanted to hire him just off of the suspicion I think an urban Meyer's in this you have weird going on and yeah. Saucy and so yeah there liar yeah so we're. Pizza gone down tonight in hell yeah Bob from predatory lenders out arena it's. 7 PM yeah great things on the ticket I think in this thick you know I mean yeah you didn't this the breast cancers. Yeah area yeah yeah almost nonexistent. Tennis yeah. Again I didn't I didn't yeah it's you lost pay all my god I can't think it's. Gonna. Yeah the mighty big ticket. A. Yeah that's stammering air to save Wednesday morning to ease six. Good morning of December. Sadly more industrial lot going wrong in the world of sports. Still be doing here the next three and a half hours. And goals in the morning. Hey good morning there asserted showbiz saying there's nothing going on around sports and have actually I that it would I think there's plenty of times actually. Usually around my age it's so why it. There's nothing Glen rose towards the listens and he talks next three and a half hours anyway it's a lot of July's one of those. And February's bad soon. Your words you read February if February or march or bad and I remember when I first trailer here he's going for here is where he's at February or march or bad because. If that's most. Yes but it's it's it's due a year. Here at your past that early point where you know the regular season games are exciting. And you're not quite close enough to the end where the games are really focused playoff positioning feel like a year and a dull area. I'll Romberg morning Dan return. I. So when the morning's view and thought man. So. Isn't god going on today. You got the yet the back in action tonight then and certainly. We're we're gonna talk about stand this morning as he got beat there than it did Giancarlo. Watched. Is on as Diana and Harlow attitude is yeah John Carlo. That's that watches on it could be happening sometime soon you're different things mostly. Most say not just rephrase the San Francisco Giants that's yeah that's that's called us called double entendre there. That's that means. But I'll tell you what I like Rob Gronkowski being suspended for Monday night against the dolphins network that works out kind of well I like that. Mason it's had a morning just saying what's going on Monday night maybe they don't lose thirty to nothing or more frustrating. Failure is what is nothing yeah Canadian. Navy he's big brown will know this. Gronkowski is one of those guys where. You all are your surprised when he. Does something wrong right because gronkowski has that. He is that personality of their more muscle on the eighth he's on the kids' shows my kids want to show on Nickelodeon. Let adds I don't know how many times a week is on my kids. No both of them know not only older one he knows football but the younger one knows Rob Gronkowski to do because he's the host IQ shell on Nickelodeon. Like gronkowski is involved in kids' stuff he's got the really good at. Reputation is outside full always in commercials are okay and and it. It's recognized in the commercials. Laundry detergent commercials as they do laundry detergent yeah no I ground as a family friendly reputation as he does. He does Susan Owens earned fans. Why yeah why is it earns. I don't know I guess I guess it is all the joking right that's an every down over his joking is necessary family friendly Internet it's it's not there's a lot of sexual innuendo was. It nice yeah and. You kind of a lot and it's like man again uses a lot of drinking and partying and net sexual innuendo and I'm. Yeah people love it. And he's very recognizable to kids out there you know I mean if my kids both minus. Are recognized him by face and a league that normally does not have recognizable face is okay except the quarterbacks. And yet he's he's one of the more popular players and they upheld his suspension yesterday. So he won't miss the game against the dolphins. On Monday nights and I get. But I did you go to Monday night and feel like OK I don't know earlier. That's what I do know is a shot now yeah now learn that out loud Brady so plane helps you soldier wins earlier. Against the patriots. Yes. Again they'll play the game the goalies noted the Broncos I guess I mean according careless they did it means it means nothing to me. A guy that game was tough to sit there ruin. Who cares. But Monday Night Football against the patriots. Yeah I I could still enjoying that. I'm never enter a mile swim the last week of the season maybe. Ever into the territory of counting the losses and they had a good draft picks I've never been there I'd say it against you I can understand why after the game at the gay laws like. I fall gal does health this. Helps had a lot of traffic houses do this. Rolling like that I can do I look back after the game like. I know that blood but certainly gamer going into the game I I. Narragansett there and hope for losses and root for losses and I could still appreciated winningest team like doing laps probably only win. They still appreciate this seems morbidity and he had to do good ball float skating union's Kansas City. And and I am I missing any others. He's really get ready for it now if not rooting for the draft things I think he's a village during anywhere and because they're few and far between now. And 88 yes yes don't party against definitely has the Broncos they dislike a guy who's out there is yes there and ask. I have some players but you guys don't tell law permits and any mere second when the season with number fourteen like you throw. Go all the players are also own talking. That's the now you know we we took chants of we will. With. Also I wasn't that the players. The players are winner of all of the situation. I really think they'd go easy each team each week just look at the one game I don't think they're aware of but I really do think the dolphin players. They say would you go week by week and if we finish line instead in my view all work itself out there and you know that's that. I don't think they found the actually knows that they have Photoshop. It was a little I'm gonna drop it depends on what your season is as good as of now on as a mouse stuff right through the records so it's Soledad mature 31 record season but. But for the most part of the guys are losing their very aware of how horrible they are and what blocked a shot they have and one of the playoffs so. As of right now guys planning northern going for New Year's leave. Post new years where vacation or doing a good visitors suddenly diverted the doormat. Is doing is suddenly there we go I'm always started slow and humiliation. Yes you need an entire thing of candy corn. Because he wasn't really as simple as it sold out of peninsula molester. It's a bucket is evident that you can always go into how your kids want to do is going to be higher. He he I could find a substantial amount of candy corn via bat that reserves substantial I had to listen to him and well look it's a bucket of candy I'm going to kill the man. It'll run its not real pleasure. How much he's doing a good Obama's diabetic so I. Snow's cancer and dozens and explode. And I go yes you look at this of course a whole homer and say to digest. Peoria and he's he's only had one handful of these are you looking might queasy on how is he the one hand pulling Obama want you showed on analogy with the first Tony Romo one might emulate this and you have to be able to make it that if you do that. And so that he goes handful and it looked. Looks rough. Now now look what hasn't tasted the AT&T so I wanted to make sure hey you ever if that is how does that work candy corn. They're gonna do he's on pace sorry I don't work. I'll tell you what when it anyway you do it it's not good at this Mark Richt somehow he likes it can place that is an atrocity does stick. Yeah isn't actually and in. Exactly the things exactly what it is just a series of weights doing business and got as lucky guy knows close thousands series wait then everything about it and it's. I'm no good luck film and they are owners want me vomit yeah you credit for that no I. I am so are you ordinary. Is there not a good that there are no I think that snow hole a good call trash can look up to the window and make you watch. Not a law third is that that's not humiliation is being served today. Unless they get. They're quite Tobin says it's it's not the real pleasure okay. So another little pleasant as unfunded Rashad and exterior and then loans without something to do yeah. Now it could be something. I it's. So again slimmest hope Philly humiliation today we will keep you posted on that Rob Gronkowski is suspension is upheld. That benefits the dolphins and made yielded a news or some calls stand here for yes that's next. Back hundreds. Delegates today and we solitary figures report rock music festival. And since April. This is sun rises here. So we'll stay up for both those later on this show this morning. Yourself. Not really sure what are we could be largely about how quick this Jon Karl's state or how long this drug policy and deal is going to rule is going to take because you got reports out there that it's gonna take just a couple more days and any other reports that nothing is even close. But when we start that names that are out there an actual prospects that would appear that you kind of couldn't feel like it's got close. If you have actual names out there and eat it feels like we're in the spot or all don't call us to do is say. OK I want to go to the cardinals broke a wanna go to the giants and and then more or I can only go anywhere don't go anywhere and and then you'll doesn't happen but. I'd also I don't I don't remember serial like this either where. And has not given them a list for the not asked to call for a list of teens. Know that's been there at an early or did it happen. We were saying that the list is just the Dodgers. Dollars and that was our at least what we were joking about on the show but it seems like it. My picture and had his reps had meetings with the giants and with regard I don't know desolate but then it. So has. I had the most ignored. The list that bulletin hey only consists of the Dodgers the Dodgers are trying to trade for Jon Kyl. I was you know we know the list is not just the doctors goes noted didn't Ali just ignoring the list. And I'm excited to go into the cardinals is on Dodgers their new York and wade into there oh yeah those are the scenes they're trying to great. I'm especially because one of the big things of the Dodgers is they wanna avoid luxury tax which is why they don't want officially gone Carlos stand here today with all the money they had they don't wanna spend did nothing seems silly. So the reason is about like where you have there as if they're not willing to make the deal especially if that's used over the Dodgers in your bailout money. You then have to go convince other teams if they're gonna if they're not on his list they need to get to know John Carlo maybe convince them to be young is less. So I would carrier ring in the southern directs the Celtics were on carrier Irving's list but they're making the gamble that as catchy as opposed federal trade from and we think that. He's gonna have enough time in be convinced is that. Yeah I feel like I I can't remember a scenario like this where the team. Just decides to go make whatever deal making and the best deal for them and and by weighed in what they need to deals okay. But that if he decides to go make whatever deal is best for them and then. Then go and convince. The play. Lady at least the Kyra yearning situation you're referencing their balsa and tried to convince carrier ring and it's like okay. We convinced him Nellis were gone straight. You know here. They made the trade. They need it they've apparently agreed to the principal. Players. And now we're going to try and convince John Carlos I'm never heard of it going like that. Their eighth that trade is made before convincing the player portrays agreed upon before convince the player. And peace that it's the it seems like screwed Alyssa seems you wanna go to work late in the best deal possible and we're gonna pitching the whole deal. In two. Intuit this is your only option I had my best I've never seen a scenario like this. That's crazy man and the order of the opposing players we have guys that are involved get a prospects. You know that they're not that they don't get why didn't seem like it's not a familiar tunes like wholesale. Usually the top prospects out the other supposedly very top or prospects here with us go through ASEAN with Steve with the giants and I thought a portable ones there read my second baseman was his name out panic was literally on the billionaire now is not the only more report. But it's it's it's half. Floor literally giants' top four prospects. That or being named in the deal right now I'll tell you something it didn't get the guys aren't anybody's prospects OK and from what I from what I read it I'm only it's hot guys projects to be sore. OK but if they aid. It there again the top four prospects in the giants system. I I won't be a sour about the deals are expected today. Not as good so on the entry don't cause Stanton but I won't be as. Sour as expected to be. Because I didn't nothing that they would get inning yeah get anything in return I I thought if they were gonna get. If they were gonna deal would unload all the money which they got a moaning all the money but there are more amount remaining animals and I did they or if they were unloading the monies they're not also going to get the prospects. And did you just always been reported and hack and he didn't come out completely different when it's finally done but just the way it has been reported so far. They are getting rid of almost all the money either unit 250 to 290 million dollar. So those sort of things does it say about this dude you don't normally hear all the names and I think there's a big play from the monster put public pressure on John Collins to accept the deal. So like even if there are most fans there OK do for the better the organization and these are the guys who want late if it is strange how many details are already out there. To try and swing polar bear but I do think they've had a misstep because. You know he may have been more willing to go to a team that seems like it's going to be a winner or be happier for him but it feels like their treatment of him. Is still there's still a factor of what he did he could still say please. So meaning meaning you won't do all he wants to sit through them and say hey don't healthier. Yes. I think that's really been the missed out here you know maiden re maybe they can still get these top rusty but here's the thing. Now he does one save bleed you guys and I don't. Now you've lost leverage now it's you can come June says especially the dodges and say I run really give you anything at all or take the money off your hands. And that's going to make him look really really. Foolish more on this and Amber's got your headlines actually. Every Monday and as good as governor gray mall Monday realigning got a full recap of the weekend's games got his fantasy up stays home. Agree bottom. Friendly and knowledgeable the price you want sponsored by Atlantic coast public adjusters. Course lights and the Florida lottery. So. Started the show pretty much talk about John Carlos stand situation names are out there it would appear that the pressure is on John Carlo or maybe it's not us. The winds are making any decision here Derek Jeter popped up on and on radio and a couple places plus and that's coming up for you also. And and David Sampson even show up on the limits our show yesterday interview movies thinner you got to forget that I. And is back so enjoy that I'm here islands it is not like bull look buddy love and strong learn and I never man hours and that's a bit I don't know lake. There is now that I'm. And I did that. If I didn't see it until I had nothing but positive interactions of them IE I like David Samson and I I do have an appreciation. For local baseball and and the moans as well but an and I have. I have an appreciation for what David Samson Davis down here you know like it or not a big get get your your representatives get mad the government here okay. But David sand sand is the reason there is going to be baseball here for at least. What appears to elect the next thirty years Fed's. Bin Laden get Davis get mad at your local politicians OK David Samson and that's the credit for that doctor Gloria finally found her second okay. Played David Samson is the reason why you are going Boland and I guess that the local politicians there recent deal. But David Samson as a major major. I share. As as to why you are going to see baseball here for a very long time and I need IE as a baseball fan have an appreciation for that. Quintupled. Yelling like I said I don't know them a positive interactions with him I mean that's. Demo and and he loves it but you hear that every time like they're friendly they're really good friend death blow to. So I like studies on them again but guess what advisor Paul. WE XY 88 was how my. Yeah and W. You've only got going on here. These headlines surprised you about I never had anything he says the play's been helpful hardware folks the Christmas and drafted and ready your local easily guess from brands like Laver craftsman. The walls to raider getting in plenty more only days be helpful please see the Miami heat's. Take on the San Antonio Spurs tonight 8:30 PM tip that. Column and 830 saw lava means coverage not a great year and seven it is it's 730 the man he pregame I know it's only get better at 833. Amin. 830 start through now eighths 50 are you don't hold your redone at the arena admit I don't know the road game I'll be done out in here. Here wealthy why just amazes over the air mattress. I'm Beth ally here before you. And you see Obama I don't why I I would say to them that you know what I'm for Euronext contracts as well I would demands. An office that a bad. I would rather drive home and and sleet they're firm out war then stay here which is confronting a piece so far. I wanna sleep in the same building that is often Palin has slept in the studio Blair's of them were hello you really simple and remove us this really gets us we've all my god no. It bad. You know I was thinking actually. Or humiliation all firfer this weekend. Our. Company holiday party is next week okay gone. I do and it got our company. They say you going Romany amateur golf so does this week. I think for a noah's son Noah doesn't radiate in the same price gains and then the ACLU's original isn't updating. Tonight's. That is the Nixon didn't know about it he that is the night it was originally planned months ago when they told us about it as the ninth you're not making now enough. It's next week and next week I have the next weekend thanks for this for a living yeah. Yes thanks try to I do think I'm gonna go but hum summit brought it. The tee I was taken for humiliation pool we should. We should have to do for this weekend's games you gotta you gotta go to the holiday party. With the with the with with the the sweater with B thumb move as Rudolph. Think they that we thought that was very I think you know be really good at keyboards I think there was like you imagine Romberg and I remember obvious if you imagine that's. The all recognize its television and we got to just keep you gotta cut out the hole in the shirt and ENS yeah buddhism. The move. Get your man losing Rudolph. Well I don't care if you're at the main aisle but better if you do it's never set. Foot on my fed will not travel with the heat on this very trip. Then came here to Miami Hurricanes beat Boston University 6954. Earth. Money walker between six points he was fired for seven from downtown and as brown as the dean man you woman sat two to four weeks with a hand. Injury. I was guessing as a keynesian yesterday for gains on Basilan in trying to fight a date that works may only go down there how how did we end up going from. People in media's slandering I was on my side and the team saying we got to see with the severity is have it. They have not even taking trips not like one another the media as the Australian dopey fans who think that's on the bench and now he's an MRIs something media absolutely not. It's still be fans who think Dennis Simon has been benched OK and and I mean who would Dallas times that's but. I housing nominated this year but he's got to go I know why he's not making the trip but how did we go from people think he's being benched him on the future and not so there's injury has already come out now I'd still be fans. Just don't got plans. According to U series examines Craig mentioned the giants are offering their top four prospects. Sick aliens who paid 250 million stands remaining 290 million dollar deal I do wonder. Now that more isolated they're paying 250 of the 290 million dollars one half it is. Stanton. Pops out after 2020. For the Marlins 1040 million dollars right now or. Or is it worn out down 20/20 at a mall and all the Holcomb. Well I I don't work Scott dancing is the Marlins are off the hook it's gonna be like yeah his style is here you did the justice he'd taken out of your they got to account. Susan if the date. Conceded a good field and that the monster getting and that's following may widen not being on the whole per. Much of that forty million dollars estate and we're off Dallas which you probably wouldn't by the way. Buy it it I I wonder how that works. The series and as a terrible our system. How bogey I mean hey I don't know idea that's. And I know Bono John Carlos contract is merely back loaded so what you're we know more come on out now no real money now yeah it's it's like 25 million dollars a day. I don't get a Hunter Pence is recruiting Stanton on Twitter earth. Cardinals outfielder Dexter Fowler is doing this seems so often while blue yeah. Don't know if it ought to be about the giants sponsors and several what I read which is the tough guy they're an outfielder he he's projected to be slower. The other three guys on the list are are complementary type I mean mid major leaguers eventually. But complementary. Type. Major leaguers but again if you you never know NASA bit like the prospects why the prospect that he always go back that up though Miguel Cabrera trade. Into Miller. And Cameron Maybin was projected. To be studs now Andrew Miller. It is a stud reliever at this point but admitted taking a long time to guess that's. He's will be stud starter but it took a long time to get the point where he's considered one of the best relievers based off camera made it absolutely never panned out. I mean he's he's a below replacement level player never ever handouts. So the Asia yet you never know you never know. But. FedEx is probably right that the giants farm system may not be very good thank you said more I read only it's tough guys there is projected to be SR. Derek Jeter told the Marlins hot stove show that there is no update on stance and he also revealed that he will not be attending went arena it's. Sleazy that's the only place points you be getting updates from my can't. That's a great and I'm good I'm glad my kilshaws all the responsibility on. That's the only place you can hear from Derek Jeter down here is is where. You know there's if there's no law on salt. All done theirs your is also on WFAN and in New York where they also love him he was dynamite princesses so here is Derek Jeter. What is it look good to be a first class organization and then and Mikey knows well as anyone coming up in New York. You know with the Yankees. One thing that I was always preached us that accountability accountability or responsibility you know those are things that all thrilled America. From when I was in the minor league so I don't bring and that's the organization let's say not gonna be held accountable for the decisions that I make. And you know I think everyone in this organization should be held accountable. There's Mike's corner loads. The Indians had a great admittedly there and they get that checked out. Your parents your tire and good so long as the German ever that's why does ledges went on. That's news that it wasn't like Marlon good go to your proven reserves than prince doesn't. I was moving who has been salivating or reduce the entire time I was well yes I the only place it here from Jeter down here. Is on is on the Marlins. Look like god that's a radio show with my calls. Yet the whole you know that's not true is is the Marlins radio show I guess that that's not forget is the flagship station site. It died WI NZ has to say good things about the Marlins that's on the blog trying to make the don't footage of I don't think they do. But that is on and that's on like a Marlins in weekly radio program Marlins. We're also you know. That the Marlins gets with the contracts so it is Jeter's he had nothing but so flawless piano business you have no idea was that we are now. My DOI don't but my guess is that Geithner. But I don't know that's my guess who thought he never finished off. The grid is learning just remember just oh okay buys them off the ice there yup he's obviate any. Any difficult questions and hold on to New York with princess saw where it you know they they kiss the ground that he walks off. So his friends this is for it doesn't last week or last month the city's okay done soon that he is less then look at that did. Bring in Italy eighty to help replace him. Well and he hit show looks like Arizona and then at the end and then the former jock putting hasn't yet nerdy and. What got another one were linebackers got sent the girl what's got him the news bureau. Someone told me and broaden. The Q how dear you are subject from the fairway just thought I can't remember her name's Stuart that there are learning. Are in the broad. Her name it that's not unnatural to nickname him I it is it is replacing my friends Macedonia stay in the afternoon this list I mean the biggest piece of real estate and radios portray as country some are well I it is stuff Chris Carlin and Bart Scott and green on its earnings Maggie Grace. Thank you for Annika but I really cannot floppy hat but I really don't know much about. She ends. In TV I think right now and finish thirtieth and that area. From my house he's one game suspension and has been up how old he will miss the money made the game against the delta and I'm here is bill Belichick's reaction. Any reaction the news that's you won't know how to use for Monday's game pending appeal let's see what happens when we get these. I don't work. Not a decision that we. Our decision. DC maybe any that it didn't in this weekend's I don't know a week office space it has this restaurant yes. Don't look at that position not want or maybe and so we'll. Religious I guess. It's funny if there was a benefit like they would just in themselves right. But look I question that third benefits them not playing. I'm Fred I'm betting he's not that he's not playing beyond. Hey down thousands sour about it and it's like ever played the dolphins are there isn't very action films and you go to benefit late date they wouldn't. Underwater footage showed me those are happy. Isn't scared of I'm you know who's. And that's gonna come over cookies that. He thanked Americans are very yeah that was nice and emotionally thanked him for Fallujah. Mark Richt was named Walter camp national coach of the you can lose her new words only voted on by other coaches and eighty it's. And around the country no rights must get any else. Sports buzz according to Casey Jordan era of big breezing to an injury is having more success than Magi is the dolphins bucking rate has improved considerably and get better. And center lists the dolphins as high as a possibility to doctor Eli Manning is off season. That's really that really bugs and Helen Morrison and Miami Herald say it's unlikely you don't like us now makes it can't possibly be true. There's no chance just NL's not a blanket inflation after just Phyllis the other end teens who needs a quarterback play. It can hit it just it totally ignore the fact that the an oath of office second there's. Any belief. That an uphill for not being held at the start next season and dolphins had to draft a quarterback. Now let's say in draft a quarterback did this idea instead but. If they don't believe that ten hill is going to be healthy in time that help is is presumably. Going to be an issue for the rest is great and you've got to quarterback but drafting Eli and but I did think Eli Manning on. It was the very end his career the dolphins are a lousy team a few things. Health beauty and helps the team. That's that's right on the precipice okay that's terrible quarterback. Need someone who has a Jack just been decent OK and and can take them you know my next step adult but another key. It's it's it's it's. Heard that there's consideration. That there isn't thank you for the dolphins would go after Eli Manning why. Hell would anyone walk the dolphins want associated with the dolphins want them to get you may just the right now with Jay Cutler now if I. No I mean better than Jay called for a good right now how long. One could have known what I was actually retired of the. Eli may still playing yeah man you last years shutout much better than what we Stephen color the last couple years ago I really weren't so there was another report. Yes I'd admit that Adam days Manning magic again. Those of you view season we're talking about Saturday's fifth opponent Jack felt that it. It's a third of five seem feeding my dad as a says he possibly can it's it's relevant and others you know Matt Moore we know that amuses him. He's in the junior stirred up a little I would definitely rather have now more. We'll get the hell out of here easily met more special viewpoint do you all need they need right now more than Eli Manning we are now. Well I'd I'd I'd rather Matt Moore it's it's Daniels knock you ready for the start of the season I'd rather Matt Moore the first couple games told him I was ready and I didn't. I devices don't forget you and I think it's a breeze better. And until now more or not you don't that's a point the point is this week prepare and help the visit is you know you're back we're familiar to compete with ten health meticulous. Did you lose the American compete but right into hell do you historic one Dalton's do that. We're resilient heard again. Think Danny don't try to quarterback. They remove this every year every year it's candidates are here's always plan the future it it's her Sino. Busted off. That's my quarterback that's the plan every year they got it hear it here I'm sure both handles health. You get you gotta use high traffic on a quarterback as. Or tails you guys Toyota what do you do this every year it was like hey who's who was though the busted a quarterback who's he doesn't want many more colleges Eli Manning not so I'm not. What do you gotta Kurt Warner situation or has the region and and it the dream rejuvenation down here got a lot holding Kurt Warner wants. All of the cardinals yes waddle all of course the thirty when he got the carnal allied here. How easy yeah what doesn't mean fifty years you'll lose they lose her do. Fifteen minutes hey it's Willie Taggart. Is that how do you forehead goats of foreign states I think that's something I should say hello I know yeah and the union coaches to. Fifty Nancy next. Okay. The other guys. Okay. I is customize my champion or by force South Florida someone keep talking Nancy customizations cannot be guaranteed that god is four by four modifications town. Called champion for my fourth 786502344654. X four dot com. Also my Comcast X and he delivers the easiest I'm already fastest Internet. The most Wi-Fi covers right home with. And most Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide there's only from X community theater and action tonight they're in San Antonio take on the spur loser. That is an 830 starts so all of the greens started here at 730. The spurs are doing their normal thing where no matter who's on the roster they're really good. I mean they are what 168. And get this one has seen it yet that's exactly right they are sixteen minutes. And the heat of course are cultivated blowout loss at the hands of the best in the league you don't stay awards the party faced. San Antonio once this year it was. It was during the back home stretch. Early in the year where the spurs beat the heat up those seventeen point win for San Antonio. Of course minus quite quite as you get this your right she's still outs. Does get a quite injures live earth yet and Parker just returned from a similar injury to acquire Leonard still outsold eventually they're going to add quite Leonard. I say some of them bugs you know all about feet right now you know James Johnson and Dion Waiters yesterday each and had a couple understanding is saint James Johnson in particular is talking about. When you just isn't this makes sense that one of the adjustments that he has had to make this year. As big and bad teams now comparing form he's in scouting reports and that's never happened in his career so I understand that that makes sense. What's your waiters senior bothers me OK here's the here's a quote from Dion Waiters. But I said black had this difference. And things like that. We're just so used to playing with each other last year we just knew what to do we have to say anything and you run these continual loop I was gonna be well look who's going to be yet. Everything was on a string right now we're still figuring that out guys did you difference once Republicans are clicking like that. When we get to it and how an eclectic mix there in the LC easier guys are going to be able to pack the paint or guard me as much as they're doing now and quotes. And and that's that's that's bugged me OK but give a couple reasons number one. The team went out and spends a lot of money on several these guys specifically because hey. These guys perform so well together last year let's keep this good together like ballot that was them that was one of the main things. When we sign these guys cause. Let's give this group another chance let's keep them together Duluth not so here about the loop that means gimme a breaks look bad in an easily could. Twelve teams like you look at this time. It is but that's it if if if this team is missing Luke Babbitt that's an unmitigated disaster. Here remember who I heard they think maybe you way is maybe it was an afternoon south. Sun is somebody I heard a discussion of them had no you know letting TV news in me now as a nine elevens are and he was talking out of the import doesn't realize he was talking about the last week is talking about the importance of Luke Babbitt VQ now lower now than how people don't realize how finally found out how much do about it changes. They're dynamic ethic and I want to hear about going out they spend all this money and we're talking about cam is only the loop data until the until it sounds ridiculous to me as well. I can barely during the basketball experts it actually makes a difference in the NDI and seems to be your collecting has. Defended his argument made sense about spreading it around not a lot of people on the painting being out on the permanent you don't you don't let's listen for a lot of what we're given Richardson the money waiters the money Johnston the money politically like god. God damn we missed. Luke Babbitt and hope I think maybe did they think that is is we all did they think that they aids. They that you know when it would be a better. President right now actually I mean it only gets its shooting threes one of the best these are legal and out not to hold off. But old link. Is one of the best percentage wise one of the best three point. Before last game and I ask you might be used one floor from 313 month wasn't like that he was a 49%. Of the season with a leading the league has ruled out. But believe it has been. He's very very good three point shooter but he's in Alabama in that regard. Man does that bother me like we're talking about the team misses Luke Babbitt who. Yes I'd like the last day before training camps want finally picked him off though fortunately it went walking babbitt's. But what one and one of the main reasons they brought these guys back was for continuity. Chemistry and we have from dale waders now or it's like you know got to get used to each other staff both the economy second part that bothers me is. Mean we're 218 plus games into the season you got training camp he got pre season you got a quarter of going to see we're talking about getting used to. To each other yet that's just needs to stop it is really it took you guys an entire past season to get used to set or last year then and now you're telling us that you have to do that even even if we even if we buy into the theory. Okay it's a departure about it was it was actually a big loss and and they really have to get adjusted to playing with a leg and and this team also obviously has been injury prone in the beginning of the season so they authorized to get used to Bastia down this road trip they don't have as fun for example. Yeah isn't even though did you buy into that so it's like hurry but now at this point you know meaning can't take another half of it even forget another rolling. I mean a better I. Quick what is the pre season training camp for fourth quarter of the way into this. He always hear the heat is how brutal they're training camp it is and every season and now. Why aren't they make you work and how much weight they make you lose it's only hears it and why is take so long for them think they don't. But the thing that bothers me in that stands out to me the most is at the beginning of this season and my concern was giving a bunch of guys who have never been paid before. That payday. And the reason being is because your ultimate goal as a player is to win the first secondly is to get paid through co amounts of money. So when you do and your season very well you get your money it's almost like you've gone to the top of the mountain now you can achieve your goal. So looking forward now we go to this season and the common denominator a lot of the pitching complain that's been going on from the coaching staff. Has been the effort. An effort is only because these guys are being lazy and they're not going here tomorrow and I don't wanna call the guys out or anything but but honestly. You've gotten paid. You've been accused of being lazy and not giving the effort that you're giving rise here now your coming up with excuses about not playing together like what are what is next I hate that. I was on this certainly doesn't happen I sign up or riding the career and he also mentioned it's meant career and his comments. That's another one to like I. I get it and seems like they missed at Magruder more than I expected until. When writing to bring her ideals big deal. Because they're at they're viewed on the perimeter players between Winslow and Richardson and Ellington and Johnson like they're they're deep. At that exists if it wasn't a big deal to me. I I understand the team is talking to all those little things they do but I think about it if if if we're talking about eighteen month. That we we want to play. At a similar level maybe not thirty and eleven but but a similar level to similar style all execution wise. It if you wanna see that's your play similar level as they did the last half of last year EUK give me a reason they're not doing it because no running the group. Earth I'm sorry doesn't fly with me in front of the I'm scrappy and that's what they were like shooter is graphic but also seems lately and today with the two guys that have been out there. They've really been her place both by justice Winslow. In the lineup and let's also not forget for the maybe. The heat need. That turnaround for Miami took place without justice. Last year. Well I'd just as an end and that. And then broken shock and now justice issued a lot better as far as jumpers three point it is who's gonna hear you know Loughner didn't take many of them. What percentage rise you shoot a lot better where justice kills your offense and he's he cannot finish around the basket then he's absolutely and I finished. So there's there there are times out there where feels like four on five on the offense and then now luckily. Josh writ is gonna start again I don't. But until the last like three or four games. You've been starting to guys at four decisions when he's zero per option offensively and you don't know summit of the Americas offensive rebounds are there now you don't write. Now you. And and I almost wonder. Mean. It's a it's nice that Winslow gives it a good defense but you've got guys you gotta have guys out there with the score in this league you have to. And the heat are not scoring and they're not shooting at. The way that they did the last half a last year. And for the most part Richardson is embedded. In the last few games. But a year he's been added and Winslow percentage wise all all of his percentages are way up this year from last year. He's still not. Good percentage wise. CF two guys before position who have been hurting you offensively. You're sensor is not a you know spread the floor type a guy. And another thing I don't know if it anywhere else is noticing this but specifically for waiters and Johnson and James Johnson. Leaders the most. Man. Am I tired of those guys driving at the basket and passing up open lay ups. Or at least floaters and runners from 8910 feet and taken out. For three point guys kill until this. I mean take take a lay up if you can kill you during the good news here in the bad news. Only this is the bad news and more of those front thought. Well and even want to know that you you tell them not huge do you drive and kick like that's kind of promote their offense off the I want to read about is getting two points it's right there Kevin here's the thing. The the problem though is if you told guys do that last year they had so much success with that is what it wasn't happening like this they want. Passing up open I had an exasperated. Several times a game. Ways with waders winners the most a little bit it Johnson where they get to the basket and it looks like they have. An easy shots around the pay an eight K and weighs just hang in the air does and is I think. That's a rigorous three readings sodas closest juries and let the filmed alive in the shooters aren't shoot it they're not shooting in rhythm of the offense. A bit because it is on the shooters more than it is the facilitators. Then that's that seems like some and they can be easy fix because that's what they would that's what that we say and you miss Luke Babbitt. It's good lieutenant there was no question with a renewed their can shoot the ball a little different from anyone as miss Luke Babbitt. I know but even still linger in the offense you still have to rescind another that is now and then you probably didn't touch is going to be away and I don't know if the face my dog. Let me get this straight you're used to care for the whole game and don't say employee word. About what you watch the game about what he game. You don't talk at all you don't broadcast more rarely rarely. He wants before the game you guys at halftime he says after because it doesn't sound so yeah man you don't do for a living. Even then sometimes even gander. 7:30 PM tonight brace here on 790 because they get started at 790 any AM dial Romberg Alonso won a 43 HD still. But I am games that are isolated in their hands and killer I told you on your news is 73 he'll here's dozens voice for all our. And by the way by the way in in third is the thirty here in thirty years of heat basketball and heat have won at San Antonio three times regular season. Three time while that's really bad Saturday and it's horrifying really bad and I. I don't know exactly how many of his ladies and they're 12 years with 29 business but he wore Western Conference team their first in the league so like you probably an extra visits makes an armed. So I think it's a big business and not entirely anxiety they're three and 26 and they've been their 29 times. I think so maybe thirty because I present within a year if they don't Western Conference bringing winds at thirty day dance the worst building for them. Along the post season play in the NBA finals that he had won there are what are we talking wines do they won it twice a belief right now. If so is there in the NBA finals three in a regular season to an NBA finals. Still believe I won thirteen games two and fourteen flight data. There's a pretty good even tonight. And LA FL hey you feeling great I mean did you did too. I saw an hour before every game you know this bizarre reality in the Coral Springs normal pregame show at 730 tonight. Disney 35 calls brings on whole month of the low cost callers frosty by Comcast business built for business. Have you checked yet the ticket cost for these. Point four him. The added but it it's it's that it's expensive what does it. But in the regular I mean we're talking low level and lower level seats like 205 to ten something like that I think it's similar because we got the email offering a former players brought to get through. I think the president ranged between one knows something and 2050 yeah way up in the upper deck I have I think it's. It's like 150. Maybe. And I mean that 107 is no service charge of your Bynum threw the way to your Bynum I don't know but it. Yeah they're they're expensive. It and I wonder if there's you know the hurricanes have a certain allotment of tickets and I'm wondering if if if those things eventually. Gets funneled back into the system where you can purchase those because he tried purchase tickets now you can steel like what's gonna be Wisconsin's side of the field was not available right now if they have. That's huge block of tickets right there. Some wondered if eventually all those tickets and I think if they UN hasn't they don't get scooped up by eight you know there are hurting plug in seemed dig olden what have you. It does get funneled back into the system so the general public got more chances the ball around. Sure that the committee's gonna have a second round of tickets that are gonna go out because I mean I was gonna go to the ACC championship game. I got a phone call made and I get a response for like a week which is rare and got to the point where his. Almost a two days before the game and then I got my response saying OK you don't think it's I don't know where your mouth more about it I heard Orange Bowl director on the afternoon so explain that they do think he's fifteen and then there's a whole another section of local tickets yeah so I was I don't know guys. Guess. Miami and it affects only get as many tickets. And you guys obviously the other team that it stated that the city of Miami gets more betting stats I think you're gonna end up a bummer my complaints yet another hour. That's what's available right now it would appear because look like I said if you go online at Ticketmaster and seat they're bill Moreno is only one half the stadium's available. So do you even know you know there's not universities haven't been made available yet. Now the general public to migrate. When masking his. It does he's don't get sold and Helen Wisconsin school above all their entire allotment that they probably will but if they don't I'm wondering why and now those cease are going to be thrown back into the into the system because I believe that I got my tickets yet I clarified that it was it was we got the email I believe it was Sunday morning. And that we have to put our name and it's nice taste the headline today is the deadline guest today is the deadline dad that's why I mentioned I think today's the deadline. So I'm wondering how what I think it's situations and wind up looking like late tonight and even starting to tomorrow. I'm excited about it because we're contemplating. This is this is the habit we have this is the first time that need DJ intro Roland Jonathan Vilma had the ability to be together. We might throw it myself rocker like like the old school Robert K okay well liked on steroids. Rocker they'll be bum that's like a big debate is going to be in the next 48 hours to see what the situation is going to be with the other tickets in the attendance and act and I thank. Yeah he says here think it produced a really until sort of 115 that that's rice always the cheapest ticket nose off in the upper levels 150 Bob Heussler for immediate test. And almost two and I don't do that man can't do that you're doing that's party did it. I don't do that I did it and I wanna get seasonal wanna I wanna hear and watch and I don't want our way or another for parking pass through. Really earth that's really nice actually know that I'll do. I won't go to enough hard and fast. All right well the order you want -- I guess I why they did art is a problem and operating an old North Pole he wants he wants to rid of driving around. Purple or black I'll take the black suit and if any Notre Dame gay mainland just. Heard them on the pit box there was no problem at all street hit an ugly few seconds and then you don't have ordinary yeah depending upon a time. Slid to second signal that far along and nobody barking at the data are now far and integrate with Burton you know I got Smart I got a mark on the stadium grounds he wants to be nice for the most of the building here is going to be next to build again and you'll until then as an outlet for Ellison. Now announce. Didn't think frankly ballet actually doesn't take very read how they've done a great job they were you birds the other weekend and I Weydedat who. Forever I don't know that's because the Hillary spoke freaking English over and over over an older daughter forty news. Speaker seventeen languages when you speak and they just want to speak. Much of the controversial for sure because the drivers didn't know where that overlooked was because it's across the street here and have a miniature sign that's about. You know including well it's pretty well in every driver was complaining. Well I don't know as an aside I think I think it's. I think is pretty well labeled that I messed up and down it may have as a much better get down before. But that's why I stopped doing it because I think I told you it's anti didn't take it that was the one time last season and then waited an hour and I'm TSA lines dear Dan I don't know what all the way you're losing things changing the car is on how to get out there. It's a really good concepts so I was stay with the gas because it is a very good concept yes. Good lord no remark didn't drive it could care ice you know hide my terrible my black market Basque. We'll see are widespread put everything and as hot and I'm only good for the white Basanova think if you belly at the mall. Mean yeah. I don't employer know why I use agitated no I search for the perfect spot stuff you know always does is it worse we'll throat. Doing it because they're not like guy and he's got Angelo this spot they need I've heard the Rambo he drives separated. The nightmare on you tired play your normal person and Sadler drives around her fifteen minute yeah this I was appointed your parking garage yes. Your parking garage does little to ride around lower low level like. Four times when there's no parking. Meanwhile you parked downstairs. Walk downstairs they're standing there waiting for him one way or fifteen minutes so that she can parking is and we'll bring his tiny eight minutes phases apparently. Closer defended I can't walk this is an in his thirties. Are you part of a stalker. What does that mean like what follow the media. On it. Only only if it's like a Christmas time and lost an interim mall on the yeah no market for hospitals of luck. Or our walkman I don't know if enough I won't I won't stalk someone walk in there's base. Instead of parking for only do it there no space. And by the way I went over to a mall last week my god we're hot mess always has its Sasser handles hard. I don't iron. But the good this season I think regain Jack because there was only one dress left in the whole city and Jimmy Jackson Hole inventory or that I. I'm into a mall and for photographs of my wife one to do with the kids for the Christmas photos for those stupid. Damn Christmas photos that happens every year that you wanna put on a card that nobody gets the bird bird and Emanuel a wall she read your iPhone you made her brother goes to sawgrass mills OK I want and the other one. With veterans Ramona had to drive them through more vivid yes that's that's why don't you just pick another. Parton CD duress nominal edited out when it it had to beat the red with the print it had to be out or. Had to get up an average price on the secondary market front more tickets average price. 300 bucks man. Expensive ticket what kind of cool means grad Lehigh Miller fun and they wouldn't see him address the wooden mallet they wouldn't side to another story you had to go to sort of regular. As my name there and you can pay me. To get out enter our sirens up amateur partner waited for little ones I don't think there are there are pictures. And I netted wearing out and I and I had to do PP so bad. My daughter hurt so bad walking and I'm always originally when that when he you'll destroy it goes the more you do show a very good Dermarr. I'll do whatever whenever you guys wanna com made so many thanks but this is it death. Really are gonna GeMS Ramallah may NN Houston burned to death. Don't remember her. Amber's got good lies next.