ZRA Part 1 12-7-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, December 7th

Heat-Spurs. Warren Moon sexual allegations. Player safety in football.


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That's all right amber is safe Thursday morning 87 that morning of peace ember. Amber a good morning Martin and Robert morning Andy Tobin good morning and we on for all to get sued today you know John Clayton joins us from the couple hours from now on a few hours now I should say. John Klain joins us obelisk at week fourteen does that sound right week fourteen. Started the NFL today and it really good ones okay and one with a lot of maligning of saints and falcons tonight. It's one of the better rivalries in the league that you got playoff positioning involved with tonight's game yet the scenes who wore. Fighting and both teams are bulletins are fighting to oh win that division I suppose although not an hour early so much Atlanta Atlanta's fine for a wild card spot but New Orleans. Is final hole of Carolina at the top of that division. Both teams are obviously in the playoff picture of division that could have three teams in the playoffs so this a big time rivalry game. And to prove how big rivalry is this when I always go back and I think of how you know. What's his name. Steve Gleason right that there's nearly twenty flare. Yeah now has Lou Gehrig's very as ale lasts. Which which I I think is the worsening out that he could possibly get. I ate it I I think it's the absolute worst. Disease ailments that you could possibly have Peter from a prisoner yet it's I mean it yet it's it's it's a great hero of mine. But I think it's the absolute worst thing and and so at this Steve Gleason. He he has he has Ellis now but anyway he he played in. The NFL for a long time EA get a nice little career okay. Is special teams player statue built from Eddie played linebacker and a mobile such as a built of him the statue of the play centers built the play. And Sumter and yet he played the New Orleans Saints. And he he's involved in it and one of I I think guilt and great. NFL place you know lose the first game back. At the New Orleans superdome. After hurricane Katrina and and it's among their full. All game. And it's falcons it's say it's OK to Mike Vick he's the quarterback for the falcons and I Drew Brees he just signed with the saints you know its first year there. Or maybe to second your baby's first year was when they were playing all the games like when they're playing LSU the saints that for that after Katrina the street yet so it's the first game back and and the very beginning of the game the falcons are punting and and this and the Steve police in need he charged in he blocks the putts. He blocks the punt and the saints pick a company run in for a touchdown and that scene. I'll watch on television of course and that scenes minded football. At the new ones who will it was the great easiest football scene I'd ever I'd ever seen in my life. It was. So no you weren't on I thought it's not yet it was absolutely. Re easy OK adding its editorials and great NFL moment would you. Release had a whole community and city behind you pinpoint them like that. That ultimately is that they even talk about that a lot of the players that I was friends with so are. They talk about that game is like a spiritual game there was something going on that night. But nobody could explain what that's like for falcons players in that moment. Later they sit back like man is no one is awesome stuff like that happens amber how are you could beat but but for the most part and stuff like that happens you you kind of taken in you know you sit there and you almost say good for the city good for the people go for the fans and it's it's ultimately good for Europe. You're industry when stuff like that happened so late in the late in the middle that went when when that touchdown was returned and the place is gone I mean just breezy. Our falcons players looking out late while this is this is crazy. Not not not ruling. Not really it's going to be that's gonna happen after the game if you're still on them in the heat of the moment where it's just you know white lines and Greenfield and so playing football but when you sit back and you are on the plane. And you go home and you realize you know what you just participated in was. Was something of epic proportion com shortly there after you look at every Monday Night Football game at the focus of putting us New Orleans when I was on the team. And I am going in there on a Monday night in the superdome. I don't know what it's like for the teams that to a boom on the falcons go back in their in the play against Norman's. There's nothing else like that on Monday night game that prime time game it's it's epic. The up and own. Boom boom boom boom in a whole crowd is groove and they got that New Orleans a jazzy feel to it. It's it's something in some Tennessee it's a really cool sight to see. It really reminds me that team I mean and I think it I think it probably has a very similar feel to the Jose Fernandez scheme here in the night after aware. I mean it was pretty inconsequential point inconsequential gained one of once X zoom morons aren't any good. By you know the Marlins they'd they scored on runs that night and and but most importantly the home run to lead off the game and it's probably very similar. Feelings you know that night in New Orleans you know coming after the hurricane there but anyway. The the overall point they need to show you what this rivalry is like with parkinson's saints. Invade. They built a ace not you okay outside it. The superdome in New Orleans and and it's of that play OK so it's Steve Gleason. Locking the plot that's the statute. It's Steve Gleason diving and the hunter for the falcons is obviously. Part of the statue to leads those who players. And leeson's diving the blocked punt is the greatest play in saints history which says a lot because they wanna suitable a couple of years after that okay. But there's a statue of it and the falcons. Didn't died. The saints are requests. To have. The falcons a logo. Ball on the bronze statue of the punter and they've brought the intensity purposes. The falcons denied. Permission. Through the saints to use the likeness. To use either the name falcons or or the logo whatever it was the falcons denies it. The request that's a robbery. That's a rivalry. I mean come on. Let let let let him put a name. On on on a statue there it's cringe worthy that. Isn't him I'm not memorialize a firmer. It's it's guiding you look bad for all time off but it doesn't look that it just looks good Hussein to believe that the falcons commute ensue over the they go they do they benefiting office statue. We wanted to do it will is Google's trademark chooses not to get permission for art. For her 00 I see Hussein I don't know I don't know out of the rules out now I will it's. Yes that's right they benefit like why can't just do it why can't they do it's I mean Eddie cans but. Why can't pay more to the news and avoiding holiday usually likes of the players on the mark from a they'll rights under the. The lateness of the players and as much of an issue as as a logos themselves is a Barry Welch a statute but the player no question and the question you see this would repaired it no I mean you can't build a statue didn't view the heat low knowing. Either. Add a different. A green I mean it would be the same thing it's always a Battery Park. And so that's you know I got no one knows benefiting owning any money off but are they. But it does it mean that night well yes wolf as the re as clear as you could argue they are. They are because the networks have come in and you know the morning show the shot the the shot of the city the shot of the stadium it's a quick commercial or commercial break or they come into the stadium. You know meld the myth that there are team of the Atlanta Falcons rivalry. There was talk about blocked punt so there Gregory to a statue and and show that image prior to entering into play tonight. I love Watson. I love that play a liberal a house watching homely those yell out of the TV was so cool. It was Seoul cool. There's a lot of games we've played against those guys that was like to stay at always it was just always a battle against them not so much from the came to our place it was always out there for complacent it became. Just in night games man and everybody was just wasted going up and down French Quarter all the time throughout the day. They're beginning at work early. Just coming in that stadium just lit lit. I'm gonna seem a few months and have been their obviously room for a Mozy wrestle mania and in millions or April it's that not a sister heard about the same crowd now probably not is incredible wealth may be the difference and let's be honest from. He last night they lost the spurs that's next. I was doing got going on today. At 7:15 this morning yield a chance to win a pair he tickets against sharp shooting game if you listen last night and the post game show we gave me the sharp shooting game. Also before packed tickets for the heat to give way we'll do that in the 8 o'clock hour and it. Leg and into an all week we'll see you with a pair of tickets for the four rock music fest or its Wii a lot going on here this morning. Jamey Eisenberg from CBS sports will join us that's 705 so it's advice for your fantasy football playoffs it's likely what you got going on this weekend is important stuff right. New get good advice a week fourteen starting tonight as there's an I football is Atlanta new loans that's good one of course John Klain joins us. The heat loss last night in San Antonio and what was a relief on game. They were really fun game they also teamed up on them. That's the easiest way to summing up. The eight played well although he not a good defensive team so far this season and ended I was on wall. And and it showed last night. Because the spurs believe it or not are not a good offensive team and for the second time in a row with the heat have been without Hassan against San Antonio. And both games they've given up exactly 117 points. Mike you said spurs are not good offensive team this year now that's that's because quite letters he played OK but. Then out of office team they're near the bottom of the league OK in in the offensive categories and other greats defense of okay there is good as it gets. And and they held my need to or mayors say he scored on wall hundred although. And yet it's it's right around where San Antonio averages they they give a 97 point two game meats or under by. The heat of lose a game that was super entertaining for really three plus quarters and as Santonio they've made big they went ahead by double figures the first time in the middle for European stay up for it and he would cut it to six with a doubt. Already minutes left. And and now is as close as they would get. Through three quarters though this was a very exciting game the heat you were up one going into the sport is very backing for the team they don't want what your point oh the fourth another Dow down four. The round four on the fourth. Buying it but the they were right there at the sort of the fourth quarter against a team that rarely lose at home. And and now you move on to the next couple games of this road trip which which are significantly easier but. May frustration continues at this team we talked I was before where it does not feel like last year you can't seem to get. All the guys. Having good nights at the same time Goran Dragic is dryers and a real struggle for him I mean played really well against gold state who cares he got blown out and the last night to tight game that. And he has scored single digits fortified games. Rep to declare the week. I don't know that's about. It's weird and his weird and it makes is desperate. To game were idiotic one play well together that's really talk about what all. That's my analysis. Good analysis well Lou. You faced good iron and then Olympics just thank you for that he's awesome. I'm not buying Ambien awesome. It was good last tiny. As well against San Antonio. New user every time a user to let you and I for him. Use very blessed. And Diaw was good to. But otherwise I mean. You know James Johnson gets the start last night he's on the floor -- three minutes. Is picking a foul after foul after foul or not this season. Ally of the coach sit there and got some open. May change up the starting group B through Lincoln there he threw James Johnson got to suck and I mean TV is even now two games under 500 they're not good. And and you you could not use James Johnson the way he wanted to because he is and how shall the entire night and if you really don't get a good grasp of what you got Derrick as a sign is gonna be out spurt at least the next few games. So I don't know what James Johnson and Kellan at work and that's our lot maybe by a Saturday again. There bigger part of the broadcaster managed in a matchup thing because San Antonio's one of those rare teams that starts two bigs and it might note also out also continue adapt because man like you two games under 500 got to stink right now at least some different. So I would stick policy to a Saturday see what happens. On also say Libby is a means just as winds offensively the killers that killer. Went to a nine last night. He's a killer. The first is the fuel economy start out. That three Gloria guy or two ago they had nothing out that he did the other advice he'd shoot and I am I can't examine the sign on again I can't do it. The defense of them is also very disappointing like watching him. You can tell that the offense is really affecting his defense he gets super down after missing shots now. Letting guys vote possibly as that they were fell love with him as a rookie to put an affront anybody and they were any was a lock them down so the case anymore so enemy his plan. My plan pat Riley's plan goes post plan which one meter plan right now for justice Winslow. After first year having a good good first rookie year at 1819 years old man turning around getting her scooping the bed for the most part and now he's just. Still stuck in garbage right now so what what is their plan after a guy going into his third year who still stinks at this point in time. There's nothing you can do it on is ME Italian no trade value. Not brilliant when he any it return for us is when I'm. Entry in the guys like that anyway his main money. Banning any form. Is only valuing house to the heats. But look. Break days away from from significant trades begun re Audi and and and there's no way that I've rally sits there this team be in several games and their five on resides continue Ryans out there's no chance. And cannot say no make moves they make anything significant but. Bill they'll get ready guys. Now get ready guys and try and put themselves in a position where they can do something next offseason. Would that create a little bit of an incentive for these guys in the locker missed our ball out like I know when the teams certain doing poorly. And in the NFL guys are doing okay. No we might not be your next year we might get jobs so what's going and try to do we can do to get on film and and have an -- showcase a display for the other 31 teams that are in the sleek. Most nights I don't think it's about that they are not trying to nip and a couple games where the effort has been more I mean that New York team was really bad OK at the one you think about. The Indiana teams really ballot that's another when you think about it outside those two it. On the B effort importing act they lost by double figures last and that was a close game and also to that's a lot better than them so like joy dot sites came I think be mad about last night. Enjoyed watching myself on game okay. I I think the most. It was disconcerting part about last night was I mean how many three easy make us like eighteen. Still was a double figures it's amazing that's where this league is right now 'cause that's the cell like they got eight Tina. Three point makes. And still is a double figures. You collect ten years ago you make eighteen threes you'll win that game like thirty. Every time every single time. And now you make eighteen threes. And you lose by a double to. It's. Weird. It has got more on the heat plus your headlines next. Safe eyes on the ticket that's tomorrow night's cobalt Fridays and my Palm Beach volley all season long you ready for the game is a look at the dolphins opponent they'll lose to this weekend. Palm Beach Charlie. Dollars and number one draft pick spots like East Coast public adjusters embargo on the growth. And Lexus of North Miami edits football Friday's. One hand 790 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Warren Moon Warren Moon NFL hall fame rightfully belongs Waltham more moon NFL hall of Famer he is in some trouble here sol where he he is. He is the he is the latest in a line of famous people who war in trouble for sexual harassment alleged sexual harassment what are you laugh and adult their troubles. The elect you should be able goal I don't think so though. Today because here's it's beat because he made they made two totally gave him credit for what he didn't see if that's why small thing. RA that does that offend you. What I mean it's it's a minor leak like it's it's not it's not consider it felt did you try to camera in the hull them like three weeks ago for the same thing no no I asked John that's when we asked John clean. Do you take that into consideration be taught is no more mood and he said no they don't but that. Before that I use you thought that it did. Yet old yet yes I also includes John hormone is in so John's stances made you offended out of his involvement in auto all hazards and the mormons ultimately Alter her you're stranded on the hall of fame which showed. The actual hall of fame well fame not all great. All of Spain where you're Eli Manning name borderline hall of Famer which is crazy is that Tutan jewel event in halting a little I think I. I think he's a hall of Famer but it's not for the super for the through Super Bowl wins like it at one. Super Bowl win. What are your mold him. My guess is no it was the Super Bowl and VP yes. Time's right. I'm saying in this an area you're in a criminal but a bit so so tightly that makes a difference eighth two wins in two MVPs and exit or nobody is one. He is one Zia and aligned Super Bowl win one Super Bowl MVP. That is that would be a way I'd have to see you know what it looks like when he guesses the resurgence would Jacksonville in aliens another receiver volunteers were to open. Yelling it's too it's who Super Bowls and -- when BP has the hole because. I was as as adults order yeah I'm anxious just a body of war. In the regular season you know hall fame that's why people say borderline but he is going to get him because it two times who won BP but I feel. Like those things are they to me there are should there should be some automatic hooks that that you win. I guess that's normal to me it's William box did you reach a certain level if you win. These certain championships units in different organizations or whatnot public art that's in like nobody's done that before that's unique to you oil that's a rare thing to do it and I'll end so it's more like and I like Craig Biggio. Does that. It felt. I'll big battle armor no one's ever done. Got aids. He does a super roaring. I ain't got as a broadcaster. All that doesn't talent. We're a little. Is is yeah you know intake editor John and I. I got news I'm not going to the basketball fame that's correct yes the broadcasters due to the vast wall of fame. For their for their professional career and opera beat a player if you were all for the radio hall of fame would you not bring to the committee your two championship brings you Wear them of course so all only one on were both that's that's very. It's their case I think you'd bring both of them in the case and you open them out. And show the committee to show my credentials it. Yet probably probably do that yet. Yeah it probably. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. true Miramar. Warren Moon these headlines are brought to buy advance out of our little what you're used to date of the war and mentally. And rewards illegal on the other and misleading or suing them. So long they can happen addition to 35 to three blows it frank Reich. Harassing. Earlier reports are quarterbacks who frank Reich and a one a Mormon. I interviewed Warren and once it is very professional. No mail Anna's story apparently not allegedly Syria is assistants. Both target of anti out of arts whether you're looking at changer our air filter her glacier breaks you'll find the urge you need. And knowledgeable team members ready to help but Advance Auto Parts let's get by you back on the road to carry it carried this year's staggering this morning airliners carried this year Bozell. This woman her name is Wendy Haskell okay says that Warren Moon made unwanted and unsolicited. Sexual advances toward her washes work confer he's got a marketing firm allegedly grabbed her to do Jim's question right. Let's see here the lawsuit alleges that soon after Haskell hired in July of seventeen bugs recent. Moon demanded that she quote submit to a variety of unnerving sexual and reverse controlling the arrangements. Including sleeping in the same bed with him on all business trips providing him unfettered access to the bathroom every time she showered. Wearing skimpy lingerie while the obligatory single room. Obtaining prior approval for a wardrobe and being subjected to continuous unwanted. And unsolicited sexual advances and quote if that double as sure he's a huge scumbag so yeah. And that's part of their employment contract. I know sub conscious and he demands it he demanded relates sounds they do you get fire. Accords a lawsuit moon drug task goes drink without her consent during a trip to combo. Pasko said she began feeling strange NASA moon if he had put something in her shrink which he then admitted to doing she said telling her. He did so because he thought she wasn't quote having fun. On the same trim accords a lawsuit moon pulled off hassles beating suits although on the beach despite her pleas with him to stop. Another trip moon grabbed her crotch while she was sleeping. And after rejecting another one of moon's alleged sexual advances. Haskell said moon wrote an email to the fallen did she wasn't comfortable as demands you quote find someone who doesn't have inhibitions. About the job and how long Jim were form this is July of seventy and lower when you're unemployed for all of you were only in December not very long couldn't have more months. I mean mullah army term your put up. What seems like she's dumping novel. I don't do that and here I that he can't do that. Men doing that is there is no point any can't do that it is these guys don't ever understand it is it's what I don't come like this is a victim becomes like his victim blaming that lower plate role. What a you know like you stick around and allow it to happen it's only carry the problem is and her allowing it to happen the problem is the proper trader who's doing it according to law. Suit you I'll go work for somebody if they demand that you sleep in the same bed with them on trips or. I need to have access to them shower I. Certain rules first I certainly never been in that C region are my bosses telling me that that's what I'm supposed to do and then second of all. You know I don't know what her financial situation was I don't know how she got the job I don't know what her ultimate goals were all of that matters and all of that plays in to us and we talk about the Weinstein scandal a lot of people. A lot of men. Has sat out here are saying you know well how Powell Howard these women in these situations. And it's really easy cast judgment on the outside except for the fact that. If you are an actress and you may need to have this. Guy who's all powerful on Hollywood thinking make or break your entire career. And then he's holding that Arab Rio and then my error in your hotel and on and Hollywood. This government. This warm room you're in hotels are allegedly cost and the warmer might. Warm and come to juice visitors a situation. I mean I mean everybody has electric just quitting their jobs and not worrying have a shower will it if you're if you're an assist and I imagine there's plenty of people out there that. Can be hiring insisted that my book how I mean it's not need to be sure I necessarily very eat this they'll get a job as an assistant of a professional athlete or somebody making that kind of money who probably. He's her boy paranoid and I mean this answers your question here you know aware aware of the attorney is saying ending she was scared she's expecting a further career and sports marketing industry. She had no idea her job duties were going to and all that kind of perverse protocol. And then it goes on to say he ensor is not the first time. They'll Warren moon's been accused. Of sexual misconduct in May of 95 outs that we played. Alois quarterback the vikings move was sued by vikings cheerleader accuse him of offering her cash for sexed pieces. The case of settled out of court two months later moon was arrested in Houston. After his wife told police he struck on the head choked her before she escaped the couple's home the case went to trial moon was acquitted. When his wife testified she had initiated the violence the two later divorce woman sound it's got that. Tell me I'm wrong. I Gordon's. All India. Problem one doesn't after the. A. May need out of his Antonio spurs last night 117 do you wanna five. Mark is under age eighteen points to lead San Antonio thirty gave put up sixteen points seven rebounds Tyler Johnson. He finally got it right hit good night for the heat's 25 points here's TJ. The more fresh and just because I thought known. We as a team kind of thought we gave we have kind of conquered the demons as far as having those little 34 minute lapses. To kind of break the game open. And then we're having a claw our way back it's. I don't know this is some now we're gonna have to keep part to know where we don't have those lapses because we were like four to five minutes away from me and really really good team. You know but you can't we can't continue to say that is those early in the season. Because. You know do you have the kind of carried on for a little while now so. He's a miniature people minutes because it's not early in the season that's why you can't say any more were a quarter of the way into the season teams two games under 500 is what it is that's early it's not a drinkers and it's not. Not earlier ball. Did at a Christmas it's early in the basketball season GAO and it you don't what could slash so I was proud of the season's early in the season affairs to team wolf. He read a crazy statement last year about their only there are a Leo a little wish it away from getting things right and you. So my leg I wanted to roll my eyes every time Erik Spoelstra talked about how you know were close these we saw good things you know or. We're getting there and and were sitting 1130 a ball close since Ilie on the roll eyes every time but he was right he did it. And it's really really hard to do it again now in really great Democrat way after December 15 maybe you won't maybe Riley has more faith in the now it Dion that toys your points gore on put up only eight points last night. Course now all the taxes and tax liner saying and it's stupid she should acquit. It's very astute and you know why work for some really but I think that the what you guys are missing is that she didn't quit. Another or straight to an excuse your camera but other women are also pose in the same question. Oh I understand it's one of we year's strangest things demeanor with all of the sexual assault has been an. The seeming from women to women it's it's been very odd. But I think it's I think it's women who maybe have never been in certain situations. Which is very fortunate it's very easy to question. Her but I don't know white I don't know why we are questioning her it's like this strange thing we do a woman comes out. Says a Mae and did these horrific beings. Against my well and that immediately would question why she was there to begin with a set of why the man's doing it and then put a blame on the man it's like this very odd image she did quit. She's suing him I don't know of any of this is true ally I mean this is all allegations. Issue can be making an all up for all we now. By it too. Question YE a woman would work for somebody like that is just it's it's just an odd kind of victim questioning thing that we do when you really are. Energy should be spent on the actual perpetrators are buds. Or return well I think a lot of what happens is you got people out there who say you know if I was in that decision I wouldn't allow that I would do this site would not do you know stand that he is adding it's kind of easy to edited to sit back and say what you would do if you were in that spots. But adding it's one a lot of that comes from and I look adding I think a lot of people probably would you know. Quit immediately or go to Syria he's doing and leave but Eddie it's hard in that situation. Good going telling police thing had a lot of people I think Tara. I think there are missed judging what their reaction would be if they're actually in the situation but I understand it's really hard. You've never been in the situation again maybe it's hard to comprehend it and you think that you would react discern way and it's really hard to know how you react to situations until you're actually in situations apparently by the way. She didn't go and tell the CEO of the company and they did nothing. What she told them right away and it thing. It's it's dot sort of reaction that we get like you know in an not to call you up a sort of the Romberg type reaction near where this is what you guys coming out. Right yeah director came out. In point exactly why did I yeah I said it is really run the number of there Ryan isn't lumbered. Type reaction sitting to my right. You see it is Al frank where there announce today sexual release may now you know it's all this is this kind of reaction that's like this is why women don't go originally hang around I don't so make a big wheat first all that was only citizens that are six months and it worked there for six month doesn't mean Megan had a brain probably lighten up bulls could all real easy easy you know he's gonna worker for one month and a that we know along. They're saying anybody in dire need in dire straits first this chick apparently is an Irish prison terms of trying to keep her job and keep from position trying to advance her career. So somebody for instance who may be molested kids twenty years ago is now doing daycare you're gonna dropper kill off a daycare because you need somebody to watch your kid because you need to go to war that's. Situation and it's on the same thing when you're talking about yourself and you're in a situation. You have to understand that. There's a lot that goes into being in a situation like that there's a lot when you're when you're victimized in a situation I never gonna situation that this woman was that. But I do know when your victimized in certain situations. There's a lot more seem. Associated with it than people realize you're going to feel that's a lot more embarrassment. There are some guilt there's not one I just know from having been in in domestic violence situations. That it's. My IE is that. If you consider yourself a very strong woman and you consider yourself a person who wouldn't find themselves in certain situations and then you find yourself in certain situations. There's a whole lot of in it personal embarrassment at attacks that that you don't want anybody to know about it's one reason. That you don't go reported so pleased wineries and you don't want your family to know because you don't want them to know that you would ever have. Made that decision to be in a relationship with somebody like that who retreat ally. And so maybe there are some of that attached to this where you don't why it necessarily the world to know that you would have taken a job. That. Corn to give the guy who employed your access to watch you shower and great asleep in his right. There's a lot of them heiress meant that goes along with that great that you would have found yourself in that position that you would be. Maybe that at that point of desperation where you would be in a position. Or where you got that this famous person in this famous athlete were you had put him on. And that sort pedestal and then found yourself in a situation that you were incredibly comparable. In there's a lot more that goes into that when your victimizing him victimize and that's our situation than people realize and that's why. There's a lot of people who it's very easy appear on the outside to say I would have done this differently. Is Hollywood even beyond that pedestal fuel rightly not even in the hall and what's deposits are under a lot of the Texas and she didn't quit she was demoted and I'm stunned that vengeance apparently Monday when he told them when she hold on Warren Moon. They did nothing about it and they demoted her. A group that we're in a man's world Italian and I. If again if any of this is true we don't even know this is true but if it's true these allegations are are there are some that. Well most important in my experience normally it was not like as an I was his assistant. I took ball the falcons host the saint at 825. Tonight's New Orleans a one point favorite and I came. Stinky cavs won their thirteenth Arab Marxist thing. These weighted stock last night they beat the king's one on one and I I get analyses good. LeBron did not I not root for either I've wanted to do poorly in Cleveland I wanted to do well last you want to poorly this year. Brought the Aries you Wenzel in sports and sciences Derrick Rose back getter announced yeah actually the entire shoot around him Jack does and he apologized in a statement BA gotten from the team and apologize of those toddler. Fur for quitting. I don't think I feel like demons early at to give us eighty supports Hamas. Purdue I'm pretty well Maria. Here once Isiah Thomas comes back in a few a.'s Derrick Rose power play very much anymore. In Allah why would you do do it quits on them easily easy to put on the next you know old walls of last year. And Indian back the guy who you traded carrier ring for like a Derrick Rose prominent play very much anyway nor city. I've got I think is accurate easily easily stick around because of the deep as money that's a well guy I'd finish get rid of them cavaliers have won thirteen route to try to win a championship and and you got a guy here who. Yelled twice in the last three years is actually got up and quit on his team's end of Allah here. Unser Ambien Syria I. What it's like to be a a person who sell physically gifted because I have no idea about doing what I like. But tears so physically gifted and such it's as enemies of freedom an athlete his whole life and obviously won MVP it was very bad early in his career the only one because Arnold's map LeBron and if you don't but he was still very very good dazzle and out so if your if your that physically gifted and talented. But you don't really. You don't really loved being a professional. Athlete. What that's like that's I mean I'm sure it happens and maybe that is part of any Derrick Rose has obviously been injured. It over and over again I'm sure that's mentally incredibly exhausting and maybe does have a love for the game that that he wants how did he ever did. And I I do wonder when you're in the position. What I mean I am I would not and I don't necessarily love our jobs because your gut that. The amount of gifted athletes I've seen it could be so much better our our our permit examples might my right tackle in Saint Louis Alex Barron forsake it. Ridiculous. Like sick on the basketball court he was a right tackle. Had them smooth this feat I've ever seen like better than Orlando Pace better even Orlando Pace like he's the most gifted. Individual I've seen Alex was like 67. 35320. Pounds and what does it love it did how did how to work out. And now do the actions of the wanna do anything and he only the first round draft pick and ultimately was done after his time answering most expelling one year in Dallas. Got embarrassed on national television a couple times in just. Zero or emotions zero cares zero deaths give him. Well when I'm Rory is only gift I imagine your entire life people are telling you that this is what you should do with your life. Maybe it's not what everybody wants and us are doing their lives. We'll give you fifteen minutes he'd next. It's still good vehicles into the. Customized by champion for life for South Florida's no more achieve trucks and suvs customization shot began to heat of the hottest four by four modifications in town hall champion four by four at 7865023446. Or. Go to champion four X four dot com. And now for every he'd game you sort out calls rings auto mall pregame show I get you ready for the team and be ready for tip ball. On Saturday that's the next game sought and started five. PM Saturday stored by the in the pregame. His teams in Mexico City there are different times on this that they do they do and cuisine Mexico City. Of course rigs on ball low cost callers brought you also by Comcast business built for business graded. So there than not so related to increases 6 PM Malia and that's that's bananas that you. Easy in Mexico City have been 6 PM our time yeah and as it so it's 5 PM their time your right to do it again at 5 PM. Makes even worse. Spot six pins closer to an all time five games even worse fight in starts hell's going on here in Mexico similar works. Yeah it's annoying to me last saw Kelly a clinic was being asked a couple days ago while playing in the altitude and Mexico City 'cause apparently they're there their million feet above sea level down and ask Kelly let me be stellar innings played there before I guess the Celtics have played a game in Mexico City. It's like playing teams in places where the players may have trouble breathing. What are we doing that. Denver. Exactly like Denver that's right Mexico's easy Morse or edits so what are we do but there's not a team in Mexico City so why are we playing somewhere. Because we're totally leaving and BA the world that took everything. You read things get better and you can breathe yeah I get into better shape. Stay in the game. And someone feels like debris that destroy also be legally the vast big giant rats. Gil tired. You good you led the yellow in the Caribbean is on the team so he's got trouble breathing a competition was about it until almost ten years. Of him being in the National Football League never played in them you bin to Colorado. Has been a cholera. It never worked out to Colorado it's insane I mean I have I have as wallets it's yes it's very different that's split you don't die in late years as the week ended much more easily. What's it like to breathe through a straw for forty minutes. People's temperament on her summertime it's like Britain through a sock great but the humidity levels are committed and that's the athletes where I mean you can you can buy those masks that they Wear your ran on the treadmill on stuff they do they train for anyway during the game and he that'll lead to train for and he he did tell us ultimately run is not with them Chinese army in Colorado. I never experienced any of that you know urban and high altitude or you're gonna sort of thing so awesome yet have you when he wouldn't exercise so what are you doing there. What do you wanna call for the distillery is well when you hit it treadmill in the last of. Kabul once airline examples and Colorado is there. Murder baby oil on occasion and call or you were like running on the track. Well my own and you probably ease into. During daylight you're not parenting. If you're exercising yet you'll experience. A retired two yeah people walk up the stairs you can now feel elegance and whenever I get to Colorado and I go out. Three flights of stairs and an ice usually they're models that are seen. When he takes there's Leah says as a on the scenarios in Colorado in just a one story. He's now do you go to Colorado higher in Colorado if you smoke weed over there. Why are you asking me I've never known god I'm talking out loud right now I don't neither confirm nor deny and I'm wondering is I think in the due to the altitude does that affect. I as well. I won't I won't discuss that illegal. But it's activity how whether it's legal there. However illegal here. Where were on the radio however. It didn't alcohol. Can be I definitely wasted or did you get and you get a really doesn't get altitude you can also get altitude sickness very easily. And you're more likely get altitude sickness if you have been consuming alcohol. Large amounts I'll call my friend to sense and against its you can get higher faster on M of that. Spear crazy the biggest in these wildfires in LA on my goggles and a movie as cream is terrible. Those are moving but you're driving in the bowels of hell it really it looks a year and how. I mean not joke really cool it's starting the Getty museum now that's not cool there's really not wanna I wanna fly into Tron I'm Norway. The places called hell were you driving into and that it's like written in red and it's above amounted to a tunnel you're going into the tunnel and it says welcome to help our guy. You know it's it's it's pretty nobody got people who are taking pictures from the highway you know and it's unbelievable really antsy it really does look like like a move he was a movie set it's terrible coats. Lot of people are losing everything they own and speaking Appel physicists because he had a wedding dresses are way did you see vikings last time management and even not you know it's funny because you ask me each week and I still never ever seen the show. There are like you to come in past seasons you know. Why even seen a preview for vikings I think you make this show up. I don't even know which candidate we never should get a single text on a tax sign anybody else who watches this or rubber the only person watching banking has only because he thinks he is of. I don't know I've seen Promos for a guy it's on it you're not is only Travel Channel History Channel History Channel idea I'd. I see pre eighties or it's totally agree to share. Lester got vikings tolls a role reversal via. Yeah I got the episode brought got revenge you know like to witness took it from another came from another religion. Arm who escaped and then now is like his kingdom good for him stole like get this check tensions Horry stole like a chick. Wish we check whenever arm chips yeah she's been up to me. And in Europe soon grows wins worlds or who is this is a fighter that is rag Arnold brooks' first wife. Who sun Buehrle to this is homosexual queen. And I think she rocks both. Management minus zero bisexual. Queen. And go on. Again. Yelling it's not agree to Bristol shots they look like I am DB vikings as an eight point six rating at very high. It's very high brother if you wanna increase your testosterone and maybe they hear on your chest. Watch when does a documentary this somehow man mountain a documentary on how I give Metairie in my ancestors ice special good Ed biking cleaner. No you mentioned AD are exactly and you think that this is some documentary now now and I got over there. There's cameras back then documented myths and now. We need aids V. Now. Seems like something that I would watch. Your documentary does not too keen on Greg matters like. Other offspring I like Bjorn Buren as a regional summits dude homeboy famous float key slow he's like that's a that's. From. Okay you know you know the crazy scientist that's in the movie Thor. Yeah you know Stephen king's at the clown. Almighty god penny wise and inflow cute girl Brothers and but that's the data in real life that's the family got OJ magazines Gasol scores guard yes or okay yeah guys Alexander's -- go where there's like three Brothers that are actors in the old man's yet I feel we have a bunch attacks on attacked by about making spicy tell me not a documentary now now and Aaron. Among family tree. Strikeout he applied the holidays that ticket proceeds runners given oil 400. Dollar gift card you divide DJI spark at that price. Or he can use the 400 dollars towards other DJI products like the map maker of the Stanton for Perot. Flight noticed wrote nerds dot com or visit either of their locations and amateur or pine crest. Draw owners supple does eye in the sky. When we give cards to comply drone register at the chicken Miami dot com. In about 2.5 minutes from now we'll talk to Jamey Eisenberg from CBS sports you wanna be your fantasy football questions ready you'll likely have your fans football playoff starting this weekend's this important. All have you getting your question ends and Sebring decent answers and all that good stuff Roger Goodell yesterday a signed. Finally sign that five year extension which B worth of 200 million dollars throws a lot of incentives and whatever that he asset there which I'm sure very dependable the Brazilian society 5%. Incentive based contrary to my guess is those standards are very the very possible for him to gets would be my guess in that spot now. Like I. That why else. No it was based on the performance of the NFL. Worse all based on the contractual agreements that are gonna go on with teachers don't yet rate now I'm not assert that that necessarily is easy to accomplish because it's not as if ratings and popularity of the NFL's been trending is and it's like a dollar more in ratings race but the best part about this thing uses finally love singing. Something in terms of monetary compensation reflect. Similarities between the players. And management now like everything is incentive based you might not get all of this money it's not guaranteed money. So I kind of like the fact that also any kind of breakdown there do we do we do we don't know what authority had already know. And forty millions in his annual salaries about it is apparently what he's. Well up to you don't know about forty million annual each of their owner improves it the owners approve all the bonuses and give all the incentives are Matt. Read a Waterston these incentives like how likely is it turned to get them Kazaa again my guess to me that it is likely. The base salary of the new contract according to out of chapter is in the single digit millions. And then 85 percents is a compensation package. From bonuses. Which would be subject to ownership approval on validation. So why was it won't get all crazy when this negotiation first started a while back because they had nothing to do that and I imagine the jet came about and the long term health care. For the rest of his life for him and is dependence probably was an issue on an open. I was just Duff Jerry Jones is a leaking to try to make a Gallup not even a probably ever in every commissioner in history ass or that sort of stuff. You see this safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mike Mitchell he went cut and not yesterday how was it still was his problem was a little you know we got a veteran anomalies room gathered around the locker room. And I'm sure he was felt a little bit emotional about the situation with their wide receiver ju ju getting his suspension. Upheld for the most party spent a per game. Look at what Rob Gronkowski did he's suspended for one game I think roe would Rob Gronkowski did was so much more severe. To a player that would juju dated to one of the dirty players in the NFL want to I agree I I think one is worse than the other mobbed by four OK but. You know. 11 game suspension at a at a sixteen that's that's a law right right exactly so I think that's one of the things that he was hashing on Mitchell and in his post what was he saying that that gronkowski should got none I don't it is you imagine a grown counts Archos get his mouth to what he did talk about was earlier on in the year how he originally. Tried to hit a Cincinnati Bengal wide receiver. In the stomach he try to go and died at a summit but because of how horrible of a ball Andy Dalton threw that's not his ball. And I have to pay 50000 dollars out of my pocket because Andy Dalton threw a bad ball on the wide receiver had to lower his head in duct in order catches football now all of a sudden making head to head contact on a defense aspire. And I'm losing 50000 dollars and I got. A holes like Matt Hasselbeck who two years and this. Oh yeah into the day this is football. But you wanted to deflect the ball then let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to Wear head and but give us flights for me to pull off that way I know what we'll plan. Yeah not signed a plate full speed contact Obama we're not doing that. I thought I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for me to hit you right now before I did she that's crazy. I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect and Altman's the player because he's on and an overall damage you'll quarterbacks in the food and promised them. There have been two years ago about I I'm I'm not open at all. And you don't go volatile driver two years ago however had to die we're out in the fourth gut. But if he don't dot you don't get that's fifty grand out of my pocket because any growth of the ball. Make that makes sense and in person taking our money but now you know you are bad like Matt Hasselbeck calling me a dirty player and I try my character we've never met before them. I donate more money into and that. Underprivileged kids that publicly people on the single. So don't give me then and my nephew goes to school there man I think all that person you don't know me never had a conversation or B don't judge doesn't always skillful welcome football my competitive stuff. None of this so this is just so what's going on in the game right now yes obviously I'm a little flustered by the mean he's got to do better we got to do better off than yesterday we got to do better as players and Nissan the next night we got to get better leadership as we run in the league. Because obviously everybody from Fay is owners players all disappointed and Rodrigo. We just we just got to do better we can't have a guy where you just. Handout this went on how you see fit their needs to be safe guideline of how we do what we do. All he'd eat yet he he took playing floor yesterday to. Flame thrower Orton mania English but yet he he went off you are not out I was injured defensive player and I was actually. Happy to see what he says when he spoke about because I couldn't agree with him more. Well are you got another try to preserve the health and wealth of of the game and the players that are and it. But it's a 100% true a lot of the arguments we've had in here coming in post Sunday Night Football games her mom and a football games and judging how horrible and how violent of the hits have been. But again you're dealing with a player that's going full speed they're big guys and and you can't ultimately control your target. If the guys diving in moving around trying to weather catch a footballer avoid being hit it's it's very difficult on it I another super athletes but it is a difficult task to try to overcome. And I and I grew my 100% you know. Any domed rose about ball. How's that his fault that his guys diving for now when he was trying to originally had some battery that wanted to be topical and grab taken out of pocket but that's a tough one. It's more than teachers make men to take somebody's ultimately salary away from the mono he makes everything's relative and he makes a lot of money but still like fifty grand no questions assets outlets. I don't have a yeah I understand now one you know the guy moves at the last second that that's also like Kiko Alonso situation you know. I get that it's difficult but overall. Overall in the the the the basis. Of these rules. All are the league trying to make things a little bit safer. When you wanna get an incentive to the players to try to. Avoid that situation so. Yes your intending to in I don't know what I didn't see play out I mean obviously army backside but I mean it was it was a year out. You're trying to hit him and then he goes for a low ball because of a bad pass and so delete is in that situation I mean did he. Could he have changed. His scores in terms of where he was gonna hit him or his momentum I don't know because I didn't see that play sometimes you could sometimes you put it. But the league has every reason to give players an incentive to. Try it they ten and tried to avoid that right try to change your your momentum try to change the angled you're hitting and I even though you had. A plane and in your mind it's going into the app play once stood on the play doesn't pan out as you talked. Pointing out as I was living the National Football League. And I'm going throwing the concussions and all the lawsuits stuff and sitting down with you know blew the attorneys in and meeting with teams and stuff like that like. I eventually think that this game is going to be removing pads like that's where it's gonna get too I don't think that you're gonna be seeing the big hits anymore because. The preservation of the health of the player in this game. You know especially after the concussion paying and then now you're dealing with star is being removed him amid the decline in and ratings at. I I couldn't agree more. About the the seeding of the athletes by taking pads off and remain if he's telling all of the game hey you know event take off the pads and took off the face mask. Okay. A lot of the hits would. Would not be as violence modern digital way out duties you've seen guys that have their helmet removed on certain plays and are still because of the adrenaline in the muscle memory and what they're taught to do. They're still trying to dive in take your face off. With no helmet on my. I've had my helmet off before and I'm still trying to head but blocked guys. Because I'm just immoral and I don't realize what I'm doing and I'm without a helmet until you have like a cut face her bloody lip or whatever might be. You you don't really know about plays over. So send your questions he gave fans vote all questions you likely understands football playoffs. 67974. On the calls on a remote key attacks line that was Amber's got your headlines next.