ZRA Part 1 12-8-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, December 8th

Amber's birthday weekend, Romberg hates Disney, Dee Gordon traded


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He SaaS long runs and end. Then we had the Big Bang up Monday night. Whose spot that we ended up going crazy on doing that this writer maybe you're just here and it is using big words you don't know. Nobody familiar word gambling in cahoots with none of them to only use it we had to dig puts don't hunt I'm trying to identify you. I'm going to relax ran the ball OK and smaller instrument permits to identify with him in the senseless violence spla is is like is like balls and what is hoots bug gumption. He knows who's it just seems. It is a single word. That means it's it's like balls like you guys see a lot of guts to go anywhere we had a great time. On seven Maggie that ticket. Okay you're trying to dazzle newness. Turns out those nightmares around thirty do you notice it will be at 6 AM are you went did you pull them over here letting him join us a little leaks. Really loud in studio that's not really what I let him do it's just led wire when you dozen. Soon signed Rome where the way it comes to play professional football's like doing wound. Are apparently would you not hear the I have a short time it was starts later didn't realize there's a difference times on an Orlando. Right crazy even Orlando at this family is they. And they you know I got. To get votes and then either it's all exactly like a small chart 3 you'll hear every morning. Not and it plays probably I imagine he's closer to whoever studio he's. Gonna be broadcasting from the dean lives here what does. Mondale whatever either way he's dead no beards sick so it's two segments of us is yeah murdering and then you know have been stumbling in there and. It Drexler despair though he has yet. So it depends on by the oil orgy of linking him from the band saw and sent it to me you've been no Brothers and I have weren't. Covered again I do every game I have a disease never had a seat the stinky pants that stat like where they were with all the gear. Smelled bad. We need this mound that allows you planning Selig be the hockey locker rooms the smell terrible Everett that was now Turco is there because they were all soured by the time they came out to interview for the post game. I'm feeling definitely yup yup he's he can and the other regularly they got to gear down and they got no other getting on the bikes to loosen up off the ice real. Yeah. And this is still this is so it was an odd experience because it's when you cover most sports. The game ends and then you have a whole lot of time and again that's a locker room and then you're standing outside the locker room waiting for anger for these players are normally you know doing whatever free allowed access to them. With hockey isn't actually that was my first time covering hockey. And mean McCarrick I go immediately and I mean we went before the game ended we left the press box or make your radar until lock rooms. And by the time we as a rocker arms honorees were imposed over. And we had left you know few minutes before and it's so with these these hockey players are ready like stat in you read axis stumble right away we on. I'm really really shocking said they were diet Blake most professional athletes and I have covered in my career. And it seemed like they had already stopped and they are all showered and you interviewed down in sort of a separate part it was and they're. You know wasn't like really in the locker room it was like this separate area blocker. Hudson news thing the other guys are opposed to the longest and had to cover teams obviously anybody in the big to really took forever Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Took forever it's because they're so important Jason Taylor. Is telling you took forever man. It's anybody who knows that I don't press is gonna sit there for three hours waiting for it I'm and they make you sit there for three aspirin implement Israeli and and not super cooled because every once is doing their jobs earnest as always try to wait for you brought assistant generals out of bed handsome what's taken so long to get ready for a Surrey does he does seem like that kind of person just wakes up on him like that. I don't know the worst ones are always the Marlins because like you I go to the morals games of late. Hey there is really hiding from the media and that broke you imagine if you lead in the market actually cared about baseball if you played in New York. And you're hiding from the media a cancer that one of the navy and uses a plane out hair it. I do not like hey particularly once to deal with. Throw a million votes somebody's way it's like oh it's like Al have they'll talk who once a week it really. It's crazy. Why he buyers are the past and for minors and I talked to just go and I was there at a hockey game and she was telling me how how hockey players earlier than us in terms of media access in the way that they treat the media entertainment of the media. And the media relations people at the Panthers couldn't be better definitely the prelate of us media relations people town just in terms of how accommodating they are. They certainly did a lot of information and of that and of the Panthers won because I wake up to nine emails yes. Lots of information and saudis and access so when he goes there a day I mean they could not be more accommodating and and happy to have you and it's because she is the Panthers won. Any more press coverage there have enough that no they're gonna get it either ways they can treat any which way were at the Panthers obviously wanna make it. Comfortable for the media to be there and inviting I would love to the mark cover mark Amber's scams yet. I would also look for them to be better. I was I was very impressed though is how he in the Big Three Erin didn't. It didn't feel overwhelming. Odds and obviously the finals over the finals are just like that there's Sony people there and it's Zuma during the regular season wasn't. It didn't feel much different not really so when you gotta press pastor in the regular season my press spotlight there's a place meters at the press box and you're able to get access to the players won't. And in news different as a reflection stations so labor I was covering her name I was gonna get indecency unless it was like. You know let's say it was Kobe was in town. And then we probably have one good sees them somebody had to go sit in the in the huge nose bleed section a above uptown and scared her. EA wasn't it where it wasn't so it wasn't like from a simple I got in Philly the department treated you differently I thought they were always awesome. I don't know our poverty I've never got 30 am but last. Press at the games yeah really I guess I mean I went and done that Sheen around to my nine and this damages but. Yes but like back in the day when it was just like we'd yearly wage though we know nine. And it's he was struggling by Beasley. And Daequan Cook and Mario Chalmers. You'd only have to sit like way up there. Probably the same thing like I remembered who I remember the LeBron in the the there's a huge match whose immersed LeBron. On national television. Michael Jordan was in the building was begin LeBron says he was gonna retire number three does the game were where wade murdered. Anderson bears out of the dawn. And I just remember actually really cool because you conceive. Whole. Because you hole. William the whole bowl and they when that dunk happened old places rose up Blake OK is your comment on gasoline like the Roman coliseum is used witnessed somebody die. And he just took his manhood that's what it was life and pretty sick but even that you were like you'd others Hillary had to go sit up in the the super nose bleeds Intel rolled. The Marlins games though there is. Crazy. Why why. All we ever go to India he games. As press. And the flagship doubly good. Had a few wants it. We recently that. It's a sailor care earlier that he came tonight and they will be Superman in the S Vietnam really in the press box. The superdome with the like I am I am a little lead. In at a point where like have just I'm gonna drive down I let somebody know they've been a comment like oh lobby ready to volley a huge deal I don't. When you do a daily pass silly insist it's. Well yeah lemonade or anything like out there and give it to you were at the door it's super easy but it was a bit it was those are cool thing. Testers are mad at us for trashing the panthers' other and I feel like there's trash in the paint there's not like there's public affairs grocery there. To cover but says they're mad at us for Russian Anderson day after that Pampers one of its members to be attacked hitters or use. Over an hour my daughter loves the Panthers really did you ticker to a game she's you do on the Panthers Russa were playing unicorn hockey. What is unicorn hockey well. Is that the goal in the playroom aha and we use some kind of sporting objects. And well she's got this unicorn on the stick says got a unicorn had mixed sound effects late at noon. We know also the other ears it's just it's just like it's running unpack and so unicorn hockey simple rules like hockey. Yes issued towards the goal that you are using the unicorn had you flip it over. And the unicorn had as used as your as cost and laid it on land. And it's go time. All right so goes in the Tillman council IC do you let her score on who had no. You can must learn. It must learn failure early amber and how to deal. And and you know she is sugar sugar right them when she's ready for the Olympic hockey team shall remember these days of the unit. We're not desired goal here held a sing she's I've she's I think it's someplace she's 35. Since she'd be on the ice already does it feel like in Canada who's the women she's competing with. Philly they were like on that I said TO that's nonsense. I don't think so no but they Wear. No there on that I super league walk. I believe that sure and I don't imagine that part but it is organized or near my house of you don't we'll catch up. Canadians and it doesn't matter Olympic hockey team at the Canadians aren't even going to be on our teams who cares isn't tired out or realizes shall expertise. Now quit talking to warm up got to be cool Miller faced NASA in the and the hockey. Why are they always miss RG. No and in men's hockey they don't because they're crazy and it's you know old school dog mentality but I imagine they do his kids gray. I don't know. Enough to your question youth hockey asset base paths now I don't know doesn't let me know their hockey expert. And not get to mess. And and and. And I looked around and amber are here with you about today. I'm going through earlier in the segment. Yes there's allegedly anyway as it's decided that he is not to work some 6 am on the days that he's in Orlando because you know the time change it's rough on him. I'm going to these headlines. We get we get a different headlines and our. Our in boxes in the mornings and I think coin they're them and that's headline. McDonald's employee wearing Taylor's suspended for head butting customer overnight. Wolf. Yes and deets on the arrogant or all of some deep but you inhabit this is a deliverable England's. And integration into home there boy there. And doing. In UK was reportedly suspended for head butting a customer after an argument broke out over chicken nuggets. The altercation has caught on video. The incident occurred at 4:50 AM. Of course and apparently the employee was wearing. It marks. As Drudge buds to now let's show or details and probably annihilate again an actual rack those roads and stupid foment yes. Manassas on that you're walking around real reindeer antlers I mean your encore and pretty hardcore man. I mean look nuggets are good Soviet are getting on that you'd like within our you know about not getting a month time I don't I. I don't know the details we sour sauce is not enough diesels on this story you insulin takes some time and decent read what you do it's it's also the nuggets well honey. Honey honey you're hunting mining saw about all day about a light sweet and sour sauce when what are you go with. Our per share is covered certainly night alternate one nugget sweet and sour one Nachbar one nugget argue sometimes arsenic between honey and barbecue out. But when I was younger it was straight honey is not an entitlement and I didn't doesn't have to know. Mean it's been years. Why. Don't I have an ad that I mean I don't eat fast food belie. Why don't hate fest appeared healthy enough and honestly with the big deal of hard being held me now but you like you that you cracked wanted every now and then you it wouldn't just love the delicious meat nugget I mean and I will love them and ignited and some pride isn't but I wouldn't love how I felt after eating at that ramp. Selig I don't understand this is I have noticed put as far as the cubs with eating. But I I always wonder with people who are super discipline there eating. Elect you just never few late it's not gonna it's not gonna who. Send you on some trajectory of of of sadness and badness you know you can just he had magnolia and then you'll be fine to be healthy the next day. Giving you get two point eight or your not even if you go if you go over the long time and I'll fast for you due to Estonian and craven and you diamond wanna be a so the only time I ever eat fast beard is if I'm on a road turn them. Does it doesn't he's I mean that's UT's condemn Medina is now part of my deal delay pivots Udall and there you do like some BS McDonald's salad. So I A I have some while. I mean this is so it isn't gonna sounds are gross DO bio one MI a guilty pleasures is. Bean burgers you know I attorney vegetarian and sometimes Sherry Rios be over it I. Own it I admit I don't know. Same or even amid all of the way that's not the early I was and I've had in the last few months sometimes you know I do I was driving back import between here in Sarasota. And damper on what not and sometimes they'll stop to talk about it it'd be older delicious well so. Get wild and that there. And mark. Don't believe it or you figured there was are port is very hard and as there were fired in the air growling at the there also owns tell me that I don't think convince myself. That there's no meat in there. You've just urging that for help there is an animal thing about. We mean and what city do you really like to save the animals. I think that it's. I I I'm a person who believes that we will they do. In the wind will do so to speak eats meets I think that we would eat animals I think that there is evident well when you said he neanderthals. It deepened that. When you said he neanderthals there's evidence that some some did eats. Mean animal protein and some did not based on where they were in terms or region so it appears that. Prius story humans ate what ever was available to them. Which makes a whole lot of sense kind of like how we are now one and one of the problems with the modern society is everything is available to us which is why you have so many problems obesity. What it I have an issue with isn't so much the concept. Of it's because I do think that you may be we are in you know a desperate situation in the wild deer probably eating whatever you ten. To survive. But it's the treatment of the animals and modern society that's become a problem. So whereas the breeze start humans would be an end you know cave men and women in my and I would be eating a white olds. War here you're raising them. And in her perfect fashion and an have you do study what hat happens in the meat industry he. And really gross and white people we organic rend grass fan and stuff like that it has when I news like rice and shake and an instant all my guys I am telling you see those trucks I mean ice ice gators rock because I'd buy me the other day we live chickens and they are edges hundreds and m.'s stock on top of each other in these tiny tiny crates were they can't even though I mean it's torturous it's a terrible way obvious to live your life. And then you imagine that because there insist they're being tortured their entire lives. They're probably not providing you the healthiest. Meats if you are eating themselves that's. Pumped full of drugs and higher by onyx and stuff like that it can't even like thinker barely walk or a lot of fat and I'm standing Eagles resonance here that is really aren't because I have the I grilled chicken wings last night and they were so polluted. And I think it worked Tyson and man they were good. So I don't know like me I had the most beloved chickens because when I grilled them to perfection out of them that's chasing and it felt like they were delicious and and I attaining batted it down taste it and piano it tastes guide a bit a lot of things taste good that are terrible Oreo feeling you guys are cooking and you think you can cook the torture out of the chicken to make it taste delightful I don't understand. Their contract and Russia that are actually Catholic I grew up off. So because your. Buying the Tyson chicken and even it it wasn't making use and tortured you are perpetuating. The torture that's happening to these animals. Assam and Hamels like to have a good lively island and off on a horse farm and in these these whores get fed all day and they're still bastards. That oil and what are those animals have a good life that's why is it right you. You know all that pens I don't eat any red meat that or any pork Kerney the only meat I ever sometimes dabble in now is sick and and Turkey although I'm trying to cut those out. Why I wanna Disco full. Is it pastor Terry in the deceit says Serbia has attorney didn't as I wanna go full basket area and so it and that's where it well hold on is just do see their whole entry and end wild caught seeker Hibbert put. The other problem with the fish. No because they're wild. I don't need armories like our great slap BO get out of here and a so the straight and to our raising a CNN ready shoot the dye into the salmon to make it paint trio in it's it's not pink is associate these women and that's. Don't need that either. He. Rooting so many people. So minute. My dear let me tell you why thank you feel better about you know fish. That's a lie filled let's have a lied to get school credit it'll get a scoop duck now. The new field for a chicken that was important to be higher like EPA is it's disgusting. He. Says this might do is otherwise sit official lived it's good life. It had a Channel Islands and a horrible and then it got hot you know not necessary and never had a chance I'm not baskets and I want to fish to live. All of the fish to live out there in the wild. The end I would make you just a vegetarian and then you don't need any any animals and and that all the animals. Live I'm not baskets and I eat everything but finish because I want to fish to be free there in the ocean leave them alone are enough things to deal with a shark come around at any quarter eat them. What life so I get a deal with the nets. And the sharks. Shame on you remember and it's really videos and just a matter shame on you take away the good life of the fish haven't Angeles every chance to get away now. Now the media ABC those that's you're watch finding Finding Nemo. Meanwhile those kids can mimic the study in the low A he was as women freak out no got away no because remember Tyler I got caught up in the net and they had to swim down now to Eric and they got away on an idol thing this Fisher idiots and they can't do that. You're rooting their lives. Nobody was eating now he was being cut to be put in a fish tank no it's not true dear remedy under the amount I. The regular Ernie Pyle is offers name now first Nemo at the end they think their furry and you're caught the fishing net. They got to teach all the dumb fish to swim down a break. Remember that but that was it they are and yet there organ each knee now you don't know that I do know that and in am. I've tissue and that there is any name out there Australian I don't know it is ultra vision and and then Nemo -- clown fish. Maybe some irony is that really everything it needs a delicacy the body marlins' payroll. Our or. That's because finally turned them pulling the trigger on a big trade we'll tell you about it next. The thing is proud of the product brought about your celebration of all things do oil and discovered the bomb of the beach campus there. On Saturday march 28. This week you listen to us in the midday show it beast and LeRoy a will be given an opportunity to win tickets experience cajun food music and drinks. As you bask in the show New Orleans. From a crawfish boil. Art and kids area you can visit the Big Easy without ever leaving South Florida your pfennig gumbo jambalaya have been gays oysters. Or her was awful it does I don't know that I'll let his buzz sounds delicious. Ready to win courtesy a crowd about Giuliani and seven on anathema for three HD to take it. We still some good proceed you guys today four pack of he'd pelican state it's coming up a little before Christians on December 23. And a pair of four rock tickets. Which is coming up in the spring they go once believed today by. We are to be your chance to win today as well so that is that is pretty awesome so how that for you on later today malls are making big moves. He got yes there's a full ball last night if there's action last night Amber's gonna tell you all about it. And lives. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. These headlines are brought to you by your neighborhood ace ace is the place with a friendly helpful hardware folks this Christmas rapid and credit your local ace would guess from brands like Webber craftsmen to Walt trader yet Ian play anymore only eighties the helpful place. Thursday night football was last night's the falcons beat the saints twenty to seventeen. Dovonte Freeman rest board 91 yards and a touched alma. Via felt pins barely pulled it off at the tens on a pick. About the pick again it was. So the slur against L and that's right it was a Deion Jones pick that sealed the win for the falcons do we have that called slam. He's did that I now I his rise tonight. In division was right what were sick of the land into the backfield worries snapped don't worry zoom to fit the senate could well. This big yeah. No political Iran to hit man Yemen analyze what's going on. Does falcon game last night I was going on your buddy fired up for your boy this. Dem at a market in the building in my man here's tell me about that bad ass interception that happens or pretty excited about it that you're that the boys and an opponent out at home early where where you do when you were asleep. No mom. You know like when you're walking around Disney and you see like that family that happy family you see the guy that's like super excited to be there with his kids yet you Jones and his kids are having a great idea I am not back I'm not back. On the got us kind of huddled in corner may be rocking back and forth a little bit with his head in his hands them and wondering like this is my nightmare that's me. I'm not I'm not the other day that so how does this on earth man. My beg to differ. I I. I don't disagree. Where's your half lives disagree where's your habeas lays on earth like Vegas or something. You know the family on a boat in the keys that's my happy face that's my happy place was amount in obviously. The beans did. Pull it off last night also brush off the choking gesture from Sean Payton in the fourth quarter. Sean Payton trolling the pocono legitimately yeah apparently it sort out around a dozen Big Bang after the Super Bowl now everyone thinks about the entire mass of jokers. You got to Boston about him so I won a championship again until like the warriors like wars do with a three run lead you gotta do that joke until they win another one which they did. Yup the mark anymore. The real there's one last night dealing they beat the jets six to four actors Jack scored a pair of goals for the cats. Evans and judging is handsome. You know dishonest the first time like without his gear on and I'm like man that's a handsome Fella underrated I think in South Florida as far as good looking athletes that were always go and stand. And went on the amber you look at this Vincent Joseph Jack. Up hair go in 'cause they're so good on the ice. Rate and well that's always weird about hockey players generally what am I mean when I un Blair talking earlier this morning about Nike game that I covered interviewing those guys after early they all I had the hair done. By the time I'm Eminem is like five minutes after the game. The guys are winners yes the players but are they they take pride in their laid out the back of the helmet like that's the thing man like. Out the back down like who's the ticket Badgley for UN he's got the whole you know hockey player looked to him so yeah I got out there at the background. You Blair's visit Ellie they have helmets off. You know OC would think that the hair meaning it's got to get somewhat ruffled. Well you look at me. I had I had an unbelievable Maine on me and I have I had my helmet on all time. You think Dick let's look at slim yet. There might be held its annual the beard. I don't think you. It looks like you I mean Iowa I wasn't going there that. I I think yeah I think he's and we didn't like me I've never I've never and some. We I would never currency idea doesn't ever thought that he would that you look so that's a fame. Well we we know we have a tennis is in and I to have guys that look like celebrities or athletes leg leg arm and grant. Grant looks like the singer from nickel back slash. Self proclaimed he thinks he looks like the guy from Sons of Anarchy. X app. We we have some look alikes. Well I do think I think apple that is. Is probably the pass a Mac team is ridiculous and these tree windsors are you from windsors are got to him got him some pro Islamic. Com I'm not uncomfortable and act like I'm heading on slim somewhere black. According to Ken Rosenthal John Carlos has refused raids of the giants in to the cardinals. Craig mission of serious examines reported that the Yankees Dodgers Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros are the only teams stand and is willing to or. Balls in the court jeetz what you guys. I thought the Yankees the Dodgers are on his list I didn't know that the cubs and Astros but what's interesting about that is I thought that we had a reports. Buttons up close and a couple days ago that that John Parlow had blocked a trade CU cheers and. None they try to trade there's apparently were on the running lately. McDade they inquired us in the Brothers were willing to give up of that too. In the front were to pay for. So they're probably off of the mall and something by the mall is you know above the main part of this is getting rid of the money. Grant and I don't think Houston's in a position where they can pay whatever. Two to get John Acosta and so is probably a deal. Maybe they offered some really good players and they're they're stacked Houston's got a lot of good players. So maybe they offer better players but not taking the money and cheap ass moll is only that. Miami Marlins traded away. He's now in Seattle mariner. It's a Bonderman made out to prospects in return not surprising. Gives you new life this is gonna happen with with all the payroll cuts mean Dior was even out there before. The that was who he was out there with the whole reports of statins can you stand pronto and deed or those guys that want an era of but here's marlin looked. Two things or the most emotional mullah tomorrow's history with his home run to have to Jose for his death. You know and and and you you know we've been around while he goes around the bases. But well that. Late I just thought an energetic guy fun to watch stole a lot of bases. And showed us. Sarah tests with with the eyes but does that work. I was then he was doing Sarah is wrong I think that's crazy. I really do remember on Hollywood you look like without the steroids but he looked like he did the last two years it's getting here. Mean it was making every now that skin ears always been there scanning I know putted slay it he he felt he was supposedly they have have you know we layers and you're assuming he claimed that apple has tears in my view products and that's fair but was it was of the Mexican meat was like legit steroids full blown. Stare and a colleagues Sarah it is was and what he tested positive for which I don't understand. The some people think that you can just do sirens and then maybe just don't work out the new look like the rock which is not at all hysteria to work from insurance you bodies are still have to train incredibly hard. A professional Ashley. In any capacity is training barred because he. Is actually draining I mean actually has to go to the gym so I don't understand they're not growing Mara cited Xavier on the and a boxer it's I don't know. Well maybe he's discuss such crazy genetics that bids as he burns the early. Lead that's. I don't know visas. Who could who could figure these things out amber raises past may just did them wrong. I don't know but it'll play center field for the the Mariners now. Well the Marlins also is an international pool money to Seattle and you're saying so Seattle Ken try to sign Japanese favorites yes what you're calling him. That's what everybody is calling my easy easy easy pudgy. Noted. I don't know it's a show Tommy I think is I pronounce his name and he's. Not only an amazing hitter he's like an ace pitcher. And he's the aside from job growth stand where he ends up. Is like the league baseball topic of the winter meetings ago. The thought is he he's crossed a lot teams there's big story last week the Yankees he's key cross them off it was almost immediately so it probably let's go to West Coast team. So at the Marlins did basically. There's a salary cap in baseball but there is with international money and how much money you can spend on on guys who are international prospects so. You can only ethnic Catholics 3.5 million assimilate that. But you can trade your international pull money so at the Marlins dead two in get a better prospects in the steel and send their cab money too mariners are they give Tony more money. So he'll choose them over let's say the giants or something like that some of the West Coast team. That's the breakdown of. May need to Mexico City to take on the Brooklyn that's Tamar and I ate that. To have offices 6 PM that means that we will be started right here on 790 take it at 5 PM of the Miami Heat pregame show don't. Let's go boys. Need to win a tiny guy. That's it that's all I got breakdown was the heat come on now I knew we had fifty minutes the governor out. But yet a solid out what are you would you guys are relegated team as he attacks or 81015 minutes of mediocrity. And delegates are arguably it yet but these these text is and we does that wake up to reload the shallow. It's like good morning how are you sir. I desires. Like all old tell you honestly think that people here like propaganda. Performers for the Miami Heat up. You know don't don't know soon you're you're you're mistaken Kelly Olympic. He is Chris Bosh you're you're you you don't notice the Dion Waiters is gonna blossom into LeBron James this. And that we don't know where a lot of same vein near riots and arrests. Really. You guys usually does the games and these guys LeBron James Dwyane in prison dodged let you set it great cry babies I swear to god Miami Heat fans. The lot yet. You you'd think. This the other day Islam that I. That we are realizing our interns who are. You know of round one years old they worked well when LeBron. Nothing else follow us. Not crazy. Late to court buying what I think there were dirt late summer 1219. Year well when when the Big Three got here you know he's gone through. I am never yours now dead yeah but I never thought about that is yet again in 2010. Doesn't look at it hasn't done. Yeah at least she yea your right is about BJ got maintains that they. About that so here like you you you wake into the prime of your sports watching your sports fan hood it is like guess what. Most famous basketball team ever. You just think that's how it always it right and so you get all these enrichment is a web. Shots man and in doing things like are you seriously rich that's how you feel these big businesses like it just happened like that. You can get a role in the sports fan and and you win the powerball. A year ago gruesome struggle some character it's like all these lose or had to make their for their kids were stepped her jerseys. Did you get insulted. By New Jersey. Or Europe that parent. You ever imagine that family they're grown up in Boston right now with the patriots won in Super Bowls all the time and yet the Celtics doing what they did. You know and it's the Boston Bruins doing what they did for a few years like that's that's a nice little grow up time. Well it's that the ebb and also they live in Boston which sucks racist. Speaking of the big area. LeBron James has confirmed he's going to the lakers after eve by the another mansion in LA this time spending 23 million and say it on a second Manson and LA he's been 21 million on the last mansion. And in Los Angeles. All the people what it'll do realism like. Athletes they did come across massive. Real estate deals that they go and partake in. And it's not necessary to resides in the residence it's it's ultimately an investment this. Financial you really guided the brand new house built this year in 2017. It's gorgeous it's soaring three million islamists you recite. That's a. I mean maybe gonna flip the other one roms. And you know not live there. Say this though like LeBron admit that I have heard this of Orly LeBron with that mansion and Akron we'll take. Whose body that you're it's not argue you but admits it in LA that's one thing. No one's buying a mansion Akron play in less sums superstar comes the good. Happy to be born in Ohio. Anyone about the bronze castle so I don't know what the new oh how much LeBron whose mission is worth an actor do you find that out find out how much that things. It that much straight is its access. Point two million. In Miami it would be 39 B yeah I was gonna say I mean an Akron Ohio the prices campy Heidstra also twice the size or whatever he just bought an LA. Trust and those that I had in Atlanta the house that I had outside Burress ran outside Atlanta the poorest. Outside of us so I'm not even talking like the Buckhead area which is not necessarily. Two comparable to what Miami prices are so are about twenty minutes outside of the city of Atlanta up at a place called Duluth area and scold sugarloaf. And those houses there. Ranging pretty close to a million bucks but down here and they would be like seven yeah a million dollars in the year ago fifteen more minutes north in a place called shuttle launch. The bank was trying to throw keys that meet about house that was on an acre fenced in all brick six car garage thirteen 1800 square feet with a so lawn and this stage in it and do massive kitchens. I'm not talking like just your regular. Normal. Appliances that aren't exactly high and I'm talking full out viking sub zero wolf kitchens. Doubt Ron borrowers that was just nasty like nine bedrooms. Thirteen bathrooms it was it was insane it was ridiculous for 900 grand. When my nine honored when my brother is trying to talk me into moving to Atlanta a few years ago he had a realist or shall we places right talked me and threats makes sick and I was in atlas like in the city of Atlanta or so our races are a little eye and obvious aliens huge city to bigger city than Miami. And if I mean it's unbelievable you can get there compared to compared. You know who cared. Lane ceilings everywhere like every house has an unbelievable library are dead in it that's just like wood from floor to ceiling with Crawford's. It did it makes you frustrated they really Dele you go to Atlanta anybody who's or the opportunity go visit somebody that they know or family member that lives in Atlanta do you suffer or don't open your eyes and you're welcome our house joke because you're going how much you how. You can live here now there are some neighborhoods and Atlanta that are that are pre Harry just but he overall I mean it the F South Florida's prices are insane compared to Atlanta. And it did they am looking matches nine point two million is for LeBron value of the bronze Akron. House a regular thing it is nineteen rooms it's 30000 square eats. It's a guide us like Holyfield's. Nineteen learns how six bedrooms eight full toilet six and a half. Half bass I guess a recording studio to blame bowling Al any casino a theater these. And and Tim Miller and a hundred I'm out now really they'll say about that is I guess if your LeBron James you figured that you're going to have that house for a birdie on homes are you beats probably figure that yields us you don't have a house Akron for the rest of your life. He's only a lifetime ninety contract he's got and don't forget that he's got family to me like I'm sure he's taking care mom and surest yeah they put them on an army green tea. Fifteen minutes that he does next. Did other vehicles into the. Fifteen Messi is justified by champion for about four itself was among a Jeep truck has to be customization shop your guaranteed the highest level modifications in town. Called chip info about four 7865. Votes 23446. With a champion for about four. Dot com it's the Romberg never Tobin givers does that today he is at art Basil he's being part of an artistic display did you. I'm thirty albums or are you don't Tobin is in far. Over the other than I have what you are so amendment zone and sent to saying I'm in prison as a and I will. Yeah what is the medicinal worse everything opponents well thank you. Irony in this from a Miami radio brag. Past is here whenever I Jesus did you didn't see thirty came all the way in from out. Knocked down moments that are run enrich to the mound that was unbelievable those nice and smooth. Thank you buddy thank you before yet you before it's a fifty minutes Helio tell you about the Mondays on the ticket it's the Monday. Coconut Creek auto mall Monday rewind. We re wind football even though that money is gonna occur this Monday. We're not to rewind because it's gonna be like game day Monday that football dolphins patriots get hide people sell monetary ones on the Taylor brought fuel. By go to record almost from an album depression or also by Atlantic coast over to justice cores light. And the plot a lottery rob Henry wind would have been another true true. Four or victory one what's gonna happen on your birthday is it is tomorrow. It is up a home that is thorough. Oh who's a who's trying to keep that quiet. I'm excited that I am going to Atlanta slid and why Oklahoma State now on us were party yeah. I've never I've never bit I walked through Atlantis when I was it was much much younger ones coming off an accrues Denver actually bit into Atlanta us ruined the that was years and I've heard it changed a lot since then you and restatement to come over you take in the bowed down and I think that the cove is. Is it may be the ad that's the most expensive tower I'm not sure stand there. May be one of the more normal towers it I I I honestly don't know it's a surprise stretch Billy told me about it it is Al. Is on May be ready to take off for the second time and we're gone somewhere and that I guess where we are going to the idea you know are dying. But that's all I now you fun and it's going to be just I don't have a PJ this event as the mayor let me play to your lens Miette TJ I would not a Jack. Be a little scared line Obama's from my honeymoon and who really. Severe proposal together and well it's jetBlue though some might actually be it jet there was a when I went. On Anja I was a jetBlue flight I I heard multiple things like some people. I use some of the southwest planes or judge to aping it just depends on the some of them are propellers I Gaza you fight their data in layer boyfriend take the propeller the properly pay down. Man selling a thirty minute flights out of regret I mean nothing can be a little worse in the plane I took a plane to prep to a private island in the Bahamas wants and balance that was great eight. Yeah as you have any animal encounters into some of the gigs. He remembers this and rid. Also ends and I said that depends how the dolphins are treat it. Iso I have a lot of good race is series are once iron down there there are modern day the showman. Are they are they a mood small confined area is that I. Onus on the development of define small time cash small of your adult and who do you find a smaller fewer adult and. All of the really Smart. Really Smart that's the problem exactly implies. They get to be the it's the celebrity dolphins. Myself was Hercules. A bigger public cares about being a celebrity golf and I think he had would probably prefer to if dolphins. Or unhappy if dolphins are as Smart as humans. You don't think that there is a bit of a same bug on dolphins that would make them a little bit vain. Well but they're not getting internationally famous from being a photo with the now they melee to. Perform or get praise at the time and snacks break they melee bath. And I'm not saying that you can't interact with animals I'm just wondering in now what capacity I did swim the dolphins in grand Cayman. Once and that facility that they were out ME that was fine as they were like it was part of the open ocean and when but obviously like they had an area but it was of big area. And you can tell that those dolphins were you know very well taken care of it happy and you know so just depends where. Where there are being held at Atlanta TT PC. I'm pretty sure their wild dolphins it is roads and Everett NC should go some of the often just an electric for that honor. You detect a girl that doesn't mind sharing her birthday with a proposal. A reader you like upset about. How men and what I know now saying good birthday present for that is an Iowa than mentioning my birthday to you people he's on how to throw open tricked me during the break he really dropped the ball during France. He did not to drop the ball. Dell I I don't you know I hit a lot of women have a problem without apparently that's a thing where you don't wanna share your day I guess with a proposal I think from the guy I would imagine from a guy's perspective their reason men do it. Is because he's thinking. That this is the ultimate gift to that you can give someone essentially and so that you're making her party special day the most special and will ever be. I would imagine us of not Ross's from the guy I think that that's a sentiment I don't really understand why women get so bent out of Saber about that stuff. The lake in did your herbal engagement anniversaries aren't a thing or would you marry you don't know why don't know why women care like who care who is goes back to be your birthday and I love so why do you care of I so you're saying is you're open to it. I I don't I don't I don't have some hang up about that where you know you can't proposal house holidays are birthdays are. It is that I never understood that because again I get added that it's an anniversary in a year celebrating because then it's like Jerry Kill two birds one stone Bryant. But you're not ever celebrating being the judgment day get patent. So they are over where it will be I picked the wrong data proposed all the way and slam a lot of women have that's like a shame heads. Adding morally moles all my friend owns Jesus is this thing that you don't that it's the you don't want them to Sherri your day that you like too easy for ham mad at UCE run EYE drummers wife probably had a thing let. You have it can happen I'm here today but Modesto make it I the only game I actually remember my proposal date over mighty. Wedding date for the most part a lot of time that is limited I was inebriated but the proposal day was something that exit plan that I plan. Sometimes you will be John you. Don't know the whole proposal thing makes me really uncomfortable. It's your birthday I am a hundred. Leahy is still more elegant on the guy and like I don't know when it's come Maine and I feel a lot of pressure it'll like to have my nails done and stuff it's just you know all. It's a controlled free once that happens this weekend it's only I'm having to get I know it's not happening this weekend. It's not happening this weekend don't know that I do I do know don't I'm having this weekend's Coca. And you know I mean it's nice you know because now it's the question that everybody asks when ever we do anything so now he feels a need to be like you know I'm not proposing to you this week and yet he's lying to you here's this guy has so knowing that this thing is hanging overhead they're gonna get it's gonna happen wrong I still orient engage her Ryo is an item for ourselves as a Selma stand pressure. Now I ordered bronze who's gonna out of nearly a song with the dolphins right and one of resolve who's gonna come and go. Hercules Hercules gonna bring the rink. And Hercules is gonna bring the ring musica popular right out of blow hole by Philly that's a terrible ever brought to fill your cannabis to go so wrong another well trained. You can't go so high the Dalton goes rogue. Code that's I don't know you tell your four. How badly badly because whatever the doll and this is fifteen minutes that he will be back after this. I'll light my life gladly get it back for a day. Because I like it. He advanced particular presents heat game they'd take its axis the last minute he takes decided not he gained its biggest dot com. They are receiving alert tickets are available you can get tickets for as low as ten bucks. The team up is the here on December 16 against the clippers seagate to take a sign up now. I'm glad this morning glad yeah. Sweet science to a mile away amber tonight what does that mean Gordan Hialeah racetrack. Go watch me some boxing down that my father in law a look at podium. Beast you're leaving that out tonight I was is that one of us is to the mid days so yeah. I got all these kind of Brendan don't accept it saying he Brenda I. I don't extend this is the movie pulled Robert legislative. I'm unlike just explaining to our program and are just Mike Easley hourly guys and big government demo now to watch boxing him. The bees to recitals up because it. You never that office along like you never just talked to the Boston you don't get the break down here becomes his swagger and on and with this coffee is like. I watched boxing. Is that he is that you get me tickets. From like. I mean an ally ten got to centers through is a pretty good setup with the Scott from sales might. I mean yeah he's he's you know he's the guy who set up easier running commercials for the Adams and I'll do I'll go take their moment ago really go to reach there. So that's his sets me in my environment thanks but no thanks kind of things or related goods that I'm not I told him like a mob drama about driving you there is a drive meal reaches there. My RA so that he's everything you could to try to get out of it alleges wells isn't as. Avenue you're you're covered a lot by public peace go to the like boxing in the I wanna I wanna go experience it. We last three matches and you're gonna leave but there's no shot you make of the old guard. But okay you whatever they of that in this big fight tomorrow night beyond the soon moments ago against Guillermo Reagan now. Which I can't land as quite the name again now. You go about Guillermo is Reagan thou I don't believe we did again all American now. Don't know about him you gotta read this article man this this Sadat and actually did that he did for the undefeated it's really wanted. Port pasted on to do this article I didn't even know it's not a right it's pretty good. We we know we all know that I could my camera my hours like that again now going to avoid saying that I am. What do you remember I'm glad this morning. It doesn't rarity covered him nine million Mamas and no wow. It right the Bahamas and a few hours. And I'm living in aids it's just gonna go have some fun don't put them Witherspoon is in the Weathers was still wouldn't be exposing ban it and he has assume is Red Sox I know he plans surprise trip for somebody in on the weather sacks. So so it doesn't rain and he's item veto in the heat well it's supposed to rain tomorrow I figure there's a spot there's a casino yeah. From what I understand dismissal in Austin just constant Mormon and there's a no bill. Yeah there's always one of the busy weekend for him. Let happy amber and me to go to Atlanta as these are pending grudgingly you're gonna go and you just Muslim take a bath. The distances go under it's like go to Disney they him very Alia you walk in the doors of legislative. Partying. Stroller rental. And tonight's SMS their food and why am mad. He that's what I'm doing this weekend Disney. Super excited. Well and I. Flying higher funds at Disney with the Fam like they would like what are you doing playing in damn Disney. This month is Christmas ma'am it's pretty. If you give children until they are decoration is is that the point in my life probably wanted to go you know. But you know it's normal here's what's normal sending the family are taking the family to Disney as liquor Christmas gift. This is something that's just like hey you know what let's go to the castle causes all lit up let's go let's go see them both so. Snowe would haven't really great round third set out of that before you became professional athlete this and I'd I told the wife doesn't make sure you lay the fertilizer outback around the trees whose move we come back we got to pull some more money out but not yet I make sure that their father fruitful. Unbelievably. Drummer is this guy who is I constantly stuck between having done very well his leg but also having come from humble beginnings where he has now grill is now and is a world where his wife didn't so much come from bumblebee you know. So there's this constant person poll jays spam link between him having. Having thought of his life as being this humble and one down to supply the salary he is blessed something else. On my boat by myself and my mother in law in my wife were supposed to be up here with the kids enjoying Christmas similar you're all like you you're gonna get out of the family trips you. They didn't even I told her normal time for Michael as we can have a sad thing goes for you have a go for it I'm sitting in a studio in Orlando and he. Iran is did she say like a week ago that your the data Mike's go to Disney. A Philadelphia zoo well tonight I was I am not our. Same added that doesn't sound as though they're Robert exactly and they enjoy nearly all auto I reminded some budget that all the solos like this turn happen nor is like I hate Disney. I don't know I hate the earth. I have a little baby kids that never stay up past 730 and all the sudden the white want to try to plan the parade at 830. That the show at nine and then all of a sudden the fireworks at 10 o'clock at night last night and that she has been the nerve to hit me with that. You or did something nice for somebody and look at their face and see their face and how excited they were and think my god this is worth it. And I looked better last night at around 930 when the kids were screaming their ass off and I said. This isn't worth it. I held on that one for a two and have days waiting for this isn't worth it room. Great sorted and that's like a happy day of class and I know they're der doing their own thing I'm not doing anything to listening here. Refusing to leave the hotel that I am. Yet this I was the condition yesterday at the participate otherwise I was gonna get taken out of the family well. Today I get to stay around and do nothing so I might do the business brings thing maybe hang out. Originally born by yourself and so are you kidding me. I got Wi-Fi. It's a source to be left alone to your daughters being happy doesn't make you have that doesn't that milieu the ultimate joy exists that the crap I hear about having kids Romberg thank you. About it the only enjoy. Jimmy happy the last four or five times you've been in this place. Mention going to be happy from the next 67 time for coming next year anyway so that I'm OK with it I'm OK to let this one past. Noon others here I that you receive it was some mouse is by the end of the Leigh and a dude that got. It always been telling his way for black I decided I do you find it amusing that per week and a half even telling your rights are not going and obviously you're sitting there but it flake. It's like you haven't learned the dynamics of your household yet even though give bin in this situation for like fifteen year. It's a member of the fairways holding a will over his head but we do you do to be out of the will. YI I married her retirement plan. Oh yeah yes. And ignore the fact that she is unbelievably beautiful and that she's Zito wildly intelligent and and a lawyer and all this kind of stuff he is he married Burt you Mary cheap Eagles with Robert straight up Goldie and. But this is all played it one of the laws is is holding up the mouse is the robbers like shaking his head and they pull up the well like a scroll. And that's the put on the night. Little later under it they they cram it threatens. Its that the oil on fire he doesn't put on the mouse ears nor is there a time. Oklahoma yes because you're hurting for money you need that money so bad I can see why. What are the rules for women you Mary first curve for money second for love how does echo. Where would those actual rules that you guys have all I thought it was I think his third marriage or Le La second for money. Now I think igniting drummers rating it's like first term I mean second for something third for lovers on the. I don't knows I mean you're dating history doesn't suggest that during a perennial critic who married and stay married. Don't get out here that hogwash I'll tell you I'm okay that's not on my get married again that's says divorce lawyer propaganda. Let's try to keep the company alive he's got to keep it afloat Lynn duels and beyond saying we're here rehabbing and help lower. Shameless plug both spin the wheel of humiliation and talk about junk Palestinians trade demands next.