ZRA Part 1 2-19-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, February 19th

Goran Wins, Fergie's bad, Curling


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He needs as long runs in and. Tell me right now high speed has some strong vetting process with Urban Meyer we know what happened when he was the go to Florida Gators are you kidding me you what's your answer. Yeah I I don't I don't have a problem not wanted to hire him just off of suspicion I think an urban Meyer's team that you have we're going on the call. Well you did so you're you're a liar yeah so we're. She take on the gas tonight can help tipoff from predatory lender that arena. Actually an imminent 7 PM the coverage is tape on the ticket begins at six you know I mean look like that's a stupid this is the breast cancer. That's good I'm Gary. I think hey I'm home has done extensive. Ice you've lost and then again I get in Atlanta and you lost all my back behind cancer to be like oh yeah don't stuff there. On 790 big ticket. Still remember Romberg here with Kia. Romberg off in the keys samarra pirate ship. Your babies are here who lives Obama. Has little worse for weather but I'm okay. There here's Olympic scandal guys is a watching curly right now Russia has been busted again for doping this time it was a little it was an Olympic Russian curler. Not my girl. Not the one that every now hurling mail now mail Jews sitting juicy to get that stone down to the bulls but I can't believe as I mean the Russia the Russian doping knows no bounds. We can easily aliens into the Canadian duo broke their own record and I know I didn't. Yeah I tried watching a risky the risky dancers the risky guys that were Duma the stuff that nobody really wanted to see that was too risque for him to turn. Television that there are about eight skaters. Ice dancers. The through the couple skating. Mortar and oh what's his name errors famous again the broke from record. Earlier but. I don't know watching drilling a bad manners and a completely shuffle board on the I ace Yemen Libya you utterly idiotic he may get a smooth for that stone that's why you at the brushes in front of the regulators and that part I don't understand what the goal is here legged they get into the outer circle is that the quality trying to get into the bulls eye in the middle in. I don't understand why are they all they all seem to be aiming. For that outer green circle. We won against the bullseye. Because I get some more points. But you gotta you gotta play against the guys the defense of rusher. And there's a whoa yeah in defense of orasure Nancy beggar their defense of brush her. And he's trying to he's John as he shot over smooth for your stone so you get out of the circle. There. So the guy is that a rate in front of the Stoner on the same team now and then the guy hangs on the other end is on the opposite to you know. Defense of brush and then he's hoping to make it so smooth once it get sits in the they stop they stop brushing one's at other times to a certain point out that he takes over. Trying to do they're trying to keep it keep it out like this is it's team America vs the world. Wow homeowners' and really it is our kids. You've got a gold medal for pavements of brushing. And then askew woody Stephens of brushing if you're gonna say because my only role. Was to brush ice. Are. Shuffle board of the Olympic medals in Olympic middleman we don't tell anybody about a bit to the Olympic curlers for Canada but that rusty. Pay from for waffles or anything. All the arm and you're telling me that you would value. Of gold medal as a defensive pressure just as much as you would. Forward downhill skiing or the ski jump out all medals the gold medal if anything and it's harder because it means gaelic hills do most of the work quite frankly. I I want to disagree with that the reason being because. Like I couldn't see myself over number one's probably when you grew up or what that how can I do that's gonna make me famous that nobody else wants to you. Legal guidance. EU for 460. Miles. From. And then gone back and shoot once allies are glad to know it. Often battle of the solid solid enough and I realize that's a good its opening and that's the man is Canadian defensive pressures really strongly announcer the it's gonna lose don't go to headlines. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. And that would your two minutes of growing portable presented by Canada. Your more. I mean raises Russia think they are amber. Just can choose good deals for car. The NBA all star game was last night team LeBron edged out teen's death at 14145. A thriller that was a thriller LeBron won his third all star and BP which morning nine points ten boards and eight assists man. You deserved Goran was on team LeBron. He played eleven minutes he'd been deserving he had to. He got to yes I've four rebounds one assist your gore on. Yeah I did I just moments did I did and came to score thirty policemen Boeing's. You know I just have to go with the flow and what they're gonna happen happens then. In a first shot landing so that was that is bad yet. You get them. But intent on scoring thirty points or forty point and it's points. I got a feeling that team to play foreign. What a great to have your tummy or happy missiles and into them he could hear the joints will. I was out for him enjoy in the whole atmosphere you know just the idea that he gets you know where his is brand new spank him blue suit. Or guardian of the fact that hormone the the fact that he has his job they're wrong with the boys about as exciting for go on but. You know that's this static game built for him you know like you people are there to see driving labs and used the. Or arm. Easy as LeBron and Irene. They're just cracking up together on the benches a couple of phony snuck -- love those TO a couple of phonies estimate Dan Gilbert look a fool yep so is at all set up zealot it. That's of this until all this some massive plan. Of the Malden had. But who knows I mean honestly. Snakes in the grass than it is it's crazy I'd say one thing now you put the bronze name on the team was charter. Baghdad he's he's branded do it gonna make him play a lot harder yet this worker at the system work it definitely worked especially for LeBron he's just like you know. Step and I we revamped to solve Mike wants. We keep me you guys only got the most votes and it wasn't he was like your idea from the Joseph. Adam silver probably after the Indonesia aid then. That the draft is probably going to be on TV next year wheelers that wasn't apparently it was stuff curry everybody thought it was LeBron stuff that along on the but I don't know its bid should be a little Bronson as you be after the practice and Visio look at everybody and then I haven't figured out. Wayne Ellington. Was one point shy of making the championship round of the three point contest. Hollows so disappointed I was a sports bar. There's only one and one of three point contest on Minnesota's upon Klay Thompson eliminate them. Here's the man with the golden arm yes I did have in the room that's I thought I was Assad is doses. Two guard to Verona you know recruitment. Suns guard Devin Booker took home the trophy yeah he was good. Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell won the dunk contest didn't deserve he beat out Larry Nance junior he did not deserve a night of stealing ideas. I heard that they had dunks is I don't watch the dunk contest I heard the dunks this year lackluster. It was a great it was in the last year wasn't the worst year but I thought Larry Nance deserved it he had his cool double tap off the glass. His dad was very paid homage to his father of the inaugural winner of the dunk contest. Well I Don initially comes out that it to win at any age is does the Vince Carter dunk but not as good. Slow. It in leg it was all props as they all look at one of Vince Carter Jersey real throwback. But it wasn't as good. So I have for you now begin served. You don't need it Booker from the suns as in the poker that we passed up. As in the warm merit is doing a lot better than Winslow Jessica of one young yet and I think your record championship round. Don't forget imminent when he took when Glenn hears those go way higher than need that we all thought the heat were getting a steal that spot. Now but that in. That happens sometimes the Florida Panthers lost that you do a gold bar and it turns out it's not gold yup and in the Ford and there's loss to the Winnipeg jet seven to two. PM Thursday supported Marjorie Stoneman Douglas by wearing. Very cool most of and a pair editors DM Miami Dolphins speaking of uniforms are going to make changes to their uniforms this season. It will not be a major overhaul but there will be tweaks to that make you nervous Tobin we don't know what those tweaks are yet to act. I want products and so on me it's pretty simple Garfinkel tolerance there of soya. Don't screw this up. Espn.com. Has a range Jarvis Landry as the top free agent wide receiver on the markets. Them. We'll speak with the market. And finally. Marlins starter during and danced a really miss doing that by kissing you says he's glad the quote unquote John grossing an increasing Alter on. Who will do it to get the effect object then. You know whatever it takes soya. Whatever it take and then of course on Mattingly get mounts a team needs a guy like the answer really elite that club and you just need to go against a million people out. These new. These need bodies yeah. So that's reminds them on bodies fifteen minutes he does next. Speeds as low bronze in. Yeah. Fifth seed is justifies my champion for life for himself close the morning Jeep truck and SUV customization shot. You're guaranteed that the hottest what level obligations and down because champion former point 7865023446. Go to champion former fort dot com. Also brought about all pro or the BA all pro orthopedic and sports medicine it's their job get you back in the game. With yourself all occasions there's one near you know all therapeutics dot com for more information. Team heads eat. Noted Friday. Elite. Brought guys in play yesterday barely eleven minutes. Damon perk up a coffee in the second quarter and then play at the beginning of verse of the of the fourth quarter and that was it. Wayne Ellington that was a forego me. Almost made it its image browns had a three point contest at its very brief though if you don't move on it goes so quick one point one there was one point away he got really hot like the second the last round he was he would get a perfect racked. That got him back into it. Because it was it was gonna brick city before that. Those it was it was. Alabama bayou in the rising stars game. He was of area well are presented this week and so those fifteen seconds apiece. Yeah that's there's that there's not much to say from there to him it was there he did a cool thing where he was in showing. You know that the performs the finals are Saturday that you did that sees a little cameo doing away Chris Bosh is there he was rock and both hearings Oslo style. Pullen. What response was there yesterday. Use rock and both he chairmanship brings is that the style. Do you have one on one any chance yet one in each and I'm gone. Now. What kind of god limited his boss yeah Bosch and it and it's a god when exactly does it. Let norm of course that's true but I don't understand why you gotta Wear your championship rings. At the saying like you're out on all these events and sponsors and you're trying to woo people and Chris Bosh is China. Get back on our roster is to get a remember that. Remember that. And so is flash in the rings that's what's going on there. Enough for not once not once but twice not once but twice man the other shown if you don't see Jack Johnson you'd see Tom O'Leary. Seem most. One piece that too peace. You know for. Now he came no points no amount and a model for now. Undrafted guy now for. The rules are a big timer and a bit few when she stain Elaine we have Robert Woods the loser. If drive actually larger national championship I actually Rex collagen would you of one both rings you want to. That wants no I don't we're one of our 11. It would and it won a Super Bowl. As soon roaring. I've maybe. May be like a really prestigious event at a gala something on television if I was doing TV work that I would work but you don't want to like hang out and also we cannot have a all these guys are all over on camera at all star weekend and conversation piece acre spot has HBO to anything about that. In McFarlin for that. If you pay equity pays for aids we don't have the image bill. I'm assuming response as HB don't know that. You just tell us about that I think you know you know what happens when you assume. It wrong you shut the hell up. Yet so did you guys watch cells are gonna say it was learned it was more combative. I did not pay as floods in stifled you're Israel and all of a and I wasn't made. I kind of wish that I had stuck with it because apparently this year was more competitive in the last year. Yet even stopped the game ended on or stuff period. Charts with LeBron and Kevin Durant at the end of the deal Atlanta where they're actually players not bunt and here on out there are Seth Curry. All right all right team staff it's on you buddy don't get to go to to here's all fourteen feet about their bid for the broadly listened stuff there's no shot you're getting the shot because we are not going to overtime. So go to hell. We're throwing the two biggest people on the corner that you could block and it ended up used some we gas passes DeRozan could even get the shot off. It was terrible. But also grateful that didn't go to overtime. Because what a pain in the ass that would be yeah I know those guys are playing for overtime game with a hell wants overtime in the all star game. They weren't plainly there are playing defense obviously then they weren't playing eight. This is normal harder it I'm done. Like. It would it was hard it was really a playoff game repeat were actually like. Contesting shots and Denny Brooke. Mean again the portals until 200 at peace slashed right it was so what better severely as a rule where is she super fertile. And so this year it's you just try a little too little too small sprinkle. Something kid Dave cool little Alley oops off the backboard and all the fun stuff that you came here to see but. You know just may get somewhat competitive give people in back in the run of the game there was one point when you know the the LeBron team had their reserves and and I think it's teams that got ups like a ten point lead. And then we'll run the starting line I came back in there to make a run and so it was cool and that was it may yet what are what they do now but once the next game went overseas at the hero to a Friday but when does the the the normal season resume again. My this weekend manly they get remember late last year LeBron was complain that there wasn't a lot and along at a rate of whatever LeBron wants LeBron get scabs on the mound account power. And so he is so yeah they like a week off just added to rest of the body. So you could say about him not now so if you don't make the all star than you get like almost two weeks in general. He runs later when things look lady is Colombian we pass the Colombia looks like. Then this he was posting. Videos being sure most telling Columbia out of historical omnibus saw on the street and looks like he's as until Tora Bora right now. With the videos that have it re gay music happening and stuff right. No well no it's just that there aren't some high over the water like you see in the Maldives or some moral gravity it was like that. Not all Mehdi and I don't think that's a Colombian like it. I don't know. I'll now what are you assuming Colombia's lately I am. Bogota meta dean and many yen and well every every every easy those cities in Columbia Tennessee just think it's all narco sometimes. Little. Mean. That's what you do in the dollar and tell me that there's no pleasing Columbia back and have nice Tiki god does not one annoyances. With Clearwater. Submit it. All right. This was doing Colorado to get me into rubble and little tired. Listening audience not I'm not trying to intro to Colombians I just want you you are legitimate that you stereotype Columbia already dragging over there isn't anything. You except for the women because they are so fired title stereotypes. See Italy irons in Columbia Norma can be fire but they can have a nice resort. Listen correct or not it doesn't seem like they're England and but I could be Iran. That you are wrong people Barry now when I'm wrong. But you don't think you're wrong and that's an odd thing for you admit is they are wrong so that's why am. A mom questioned his back down. Well the NPR Tommy's in Jamaica you share so. Yeah led to mend it don't you feel silly now Marion doesn't seem like using what it seems like he's I get doesn't Qaeda and Somalia Jamaica it shouldn't make that even now posting Jamaican flag on amid. Let's go to regular. Sale of the tomato soup books I've swimming in hot water there for a minute. I think it's because Tobin says that his girls Colombians a moment. October industries we presume that he was in Columbia. Wonder if his guerillas Colombian did amid did have appointed the week when they were in Columbia. But still a hundred million dollars so I'm sure you go all over the place for the weekend. Wherever the hell he wants to ago. Now. It. Yet she's the ninth again Newsnight and good life. Along with them and several hers well and she was also posting videos you'd look at. Oh yeah course now would either amusing his sons do with mentally if it. Month layer we LA well well would you expect. These doors he's been you know first first new contract lady using that was going to be not the look and. Just like nobody wants to have any hunt takes a Colombia or I and I'm living in hell away from my take that on yeah. What is he says can't be nice no you never said he can't be nice they just said I don't believe it's you know are you think all over the water in its. And it's reggae music now you know Columbia a little bit more of you know you fly and it's more land line than anything to do if you are you an arm bitten in BS and and there are at least studios I was watching you would understand why didn't think it was Columbia love dealer Colombian reinforce Worcester checking out the bill that's or. Are their rain or single or married to saying that this deathly reinforcing Columbia Cilic got our own right there. Are there. Yeah I'm pretty sure in the jungles may have triggered a further grumbled Michael Trainor now. And Tora escobar's treasure is somewhere. I see you guys broke drugs again not me. On the record they reserve are growing and Auburn are grown Coca leaves in the city downtown new. Let's cultural. Telling. So it's aside what he's doing his break dog who were in LA for the you know so a man. That's a that's all of its tone Wii's yet we got we got no basketball this week it's going to be Panthers hockey. It is lossless and it's the Winnipeg jets and so the bounced back points no doubt listening to their asses kicked. In this Canadians agree Canadian ship Tuesday you told you know they do the tour of Canada. Us and it's it's tough. Since tops let him for the for the for the old tax. I think that NBA all star game would be really cool. Thing to go to I'm really actually got to do fun weekend wanna put it this seems like there's a lot of events around that to me. We don't assume it was a million events around at that's at the impression I get of the NBA all star game that it's more about. The events around 100 illegal is paid parties well I don't know about the paid party so much but there's still many. Celebrity's Eric anybody or Yahoo! News blood that's the problem that's a problem with going because then somebody assumes that you are one knows what Romberg sat through that is just bugged out. So you can be mistaken for a I mean just your presence there can lead people to that conclusion. Do think that there is there's the kind oh business with. Business suits and whatnot I'm drinking there's a whole business you know relegated enthusiasts like it seemed unprofitable business to business suits in business sent into. Like it female escorts and business right. I would imagine now. Know that but this morning. Why you wanna you wanna good team Alan business or audio ads as love to break down the business meetings they restart option do PowerPoint something like that. Just my news sect G. Secretary Stein type of breast. Two cliche the UN actually had legitimate CEO nine at. How I eat not a small scourge not a low cut top legitimate business and a business Tyler let's go I would not think that there's a huge market you might be on an island byers well everybody's talking about from the -- him beside me and has had terrible for viewers of the national rivalry that's in next man up. Live it's. And and and dishonor. Spain none. He's cool. Here in Zumiez. Fergie and so are you Sarah I don't know what the hell lap and. That's all that's classic mind of closely trying to make into your own. It has been sitting there all. What's the guys that have a guy sitting their record to with a ago once snare and then a brush. From sick I don't know you know I didn't know what hit him with a one time I didn't notice that poses bids they were to join him on green at one point unilaterally if he's. Oh no way he's openly mocking her as this is going. I mean I don't think yeah they cut to him I see singing and Percy did and then he starts cracking up. Oh yeah and the cameras still on the. Here is unbelievable man. It was a really bad Darren belts weeded out ten hours after singing something that resembled the National Anthem. Fergie is still trending number one not a single player in the game is in the top pointing. Oh man it took over it was crazy and meet us at this morning those things where is go look if birdies back in the public I haven't seen colonel Lyle. And as this things don't I dislike hum. Ruslan that that's songs most sound as you. She looked as you couldn't ask your editor at Joseph Botox I don't know today knows she's she's Fergie. But you know I like the outfit my stress. Off shoulder. Yeah twiggy yeah. I don't understand I don't understand what she was an act. Zach laying up. Within like a jazz loan us. So. It's relentless then. Being OK and who it's. Meringue it's a not us. There's he's down to your voice isn't terrible. And she traded as high notes for a man. I don't hold. Yeah us it's. You see the struggle and nervous. And national. Once song yet this one's on you can't mess with you can Alter the national I don't assume wavy tries silly you'll do it though they what is the deal though you think you know put Jamal Ali. That's what it is they're trying to pick mark it never ends well now the never ending and a very rarely in history as it ended well and even the people who it has. The table William who you remember singing the National Anthem like the Whitney Houston's of the world. She didn't really do anything crazy with at that owns you just just very wishes Houston. This uses terror ensues as an amazing voice. And that's what they roll with that. I was looking for Ron Burgundy to get up there with a fluke good break and act alone at the end of that was awful and really awful don't normally. Rerecord these things. I would be at yet they have to have a sound check in the minute that somebody goes and here's our version can't do you feel like what are you thinking. But people just give her advice and say no no that doesn't sound good slate eight in Idaho you know ever hear cats get murdered. Let's just a day away from that a little bit more. She had to hit those notes at some point greatly and and her. I mean you're definitely doing your Dudley practicing in your doubling our Alan Jackson and whatnot there so I'm sure at that point she had given any notice net result is that she wasn't hitting those notes. It isn't actually satellite and ended up sounding I think somebody would have sent something to her so my guess is she was sitting that's. It is very elegant team of the esteem like a lot of celebrities or there's a great very Yunel that note that your own no one's got to know John and not sound like that. The thing is that it plans and a base because Wednesday and a base needed just like stop. Dunn is pointers in only especially realizes we have earlier incidents here removed and everybody wants to go home now I think it was long due to those. I was thinking about this because I had had a one of my profits ahead for ahead pink in the over for the U suitable. I mean does this for cleared two minutes over she was like 250. It was crazy long. I mean she was all of that moment no stake in birdie off that stage. Pink saying that. National Anthem with a foil and sounded maybe a thousand times better than 30000 and way more how to eat healthy Fergie. Did under two minutes of this for he's a city Mandalay. Given action syllables to follow. That's just crazy bad. The Internet exploded dream on just marketer right there reopen the Internet exploded but for you version I was I was Jiabao ordered just taken a writer from from our. Through that an insult them. Prince's goes up that Edwards is they knew their. I hear they also put him on the Jumbotron so not only seeing him on TV but apparently on the challenger on laughing in the middle but as well so. I should we say they this a lose for you reacted to how awful she was. Land here. No. No only two met it's time Grammy Award went refer you to reform the US National Anthem but no reaction to the sun. I mean and they did anybody Clavet the animate this thirty still on the dolphins. I won't minority owner she still over. Or know when. Yeah I had. Those minority actually system for probably a hundred years ago there but practitioners Gloria I think Bob Buckner. Abusive much bigger deal at the Beverly chum in the middle games. The they Ross is library well. You I think you realize that it didn't really doing hang in terms of a poem I'm over the years who use the dolphins they go through life that make the rock do sends up. They do it every celebrity. The tape and it was insulting it made no sense that was also before he. Stadium had been briefed on aria I think you're doing everything you could to try to get the attendants may have the orange carpet. Is there the Betty huge problem with the dolphins oozes like we're gonna try as a partner. It is not an orange carpet. And then the Jimmy Buffett Lara. Parent this. Man. Oh. People are calling it. Sultry rendition. Sultry in your career headlines this morning Iraq. But they're saying Fergie sexes up the National Anthem and America is having an I that was ignited sexy man. I'm not not yet the problem was that it was terrible not exactly taxing. I the thing is like she wasn't even that pitch see your enemy like it wasn't going we know she wasn't not hitting the notes so much as like. You're trying to do this like lounge jazz thing and then you're also like yelling at the top of your league low should respect. You don't she was hit seal on the I mean a little bit high notes that I am nothing morally off nothing crazy business has its is that. While I admit I about it is now on on the big on the very big long noses in other ban dads is way out some of them were bad I mean it wasn't like it egregious like super terrible by. The thing was like her just via the rule is. Good. Like overdoing that stopped them and act. Yes and that it made the Heine and made the loud long and high note sounds so much worse. Yeah brought it was a little and author of people are calling it the worst rendition ever. I don't know the words that are bruised pretty bad as a lot of headlines telling the worst ever there was there was rarely do hers. But sure she'd remember the words a lot of fuel for north it goes hello. You. Oh well at least you try it. Mummers Carl lewis' nationally and I'm all along and we like 1990 or something oh. Not really bad to be story about it. It's just like he hits and no Ronald trying to find it and then the food is like oh. Okay the aim is one. Before this one known as the hours on men and I was so pretty those who don't have the important pieces are O. Oh. It's a lot of listeners of has made the station his greatest possible seriously senate a survey by you know all members over inside the club. To check email please take the survey heavily Romberg he set out a note because he wants to balloon get the quality of the station up. It it's not as you know music company man. Joined now by life on the ticket Miami dot gobble said the serve way survey and remain Acura the triple Lutz skiing with a rifle. That's clearly abused lottery and an edge the whole thing's a beast. About your opinions so check it out take our senator and it seven IDF and one of what three HD to the ticket president. We have wireless. Yeah. We. But it. It was. Woo them. And her baby. A moment ago oh when we did you match Nancy got thorough is that actually how he's day at. Now he adds it's edited it that and yes pretty bad old and then Roseanne Barr was also the other terrible yeah very famous. She wanted to she was going to be terrible she knew that another talent and you know Virginia fox from the from them about pot Yemen with a photo he's turned into church. Although. And to you about Allen's remark commitment to it is far more. Heavier than Meyer Rudolph. SNL no. A dozen now that's awesome. Hours back to headlines at this.