ZRA Part 1 2-2-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, February 21st

People are jerks, Jarvis Landry franchised, Mavs organization is Animal House


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And good kid. And bold and and and some of and good pensions and our. My lines as Iran's emirates is saying Wednesday morning the 21. Morning of February hammered the morning and good morning Romberg and you'll. Tobin good morning to you stood viewing your standoff yesterday that got to you know Romberg. Robert was what upsets he felt his wife was holding out on him so he was gonna hold out on her or did. For awhile. Armed man. Choose a where you recommend like this a jerk to me sit. You wouldn't give me none of these are used to it all day Iraq and jerked royal cool about it that's a good way to get your oyster. Wanna put out and our families I get the point across gonna put down a couple times too Ryan just made her feel. And how quick turnaround it brides and girls like that a Mulligan absolutely that definitely makes me wanna have sex on the man and then now what I don't want to miss a thing like that and wanted so hang in on the night. No one believes you have to put to give kids to bed. Crawled in the bed late embed government foam little bit mr. you know mama comes on the birthday suit all anti panty. Trying to get a pummel prompts us to get off me. Which he knows that you're upset or hear about visitors to range relationship and she knows she shutters off for a deep seeded issues there are indeed. Mosul Ron Douglas Ali CD get after she got after it not a good job holding out and also yet to do is vinik yup. That's it or local men but I can say tonight and that any different she learned her lesson. Oh really. Let's say humor and adolescent humor that I have sexual puzzlement I feel like having sex and has been. Humorless yet there's hundreds some pleasant he wants have sex are now I don't I wanna do tomorrow's and its moral lesson Martin's yup. And and sound like a lesson was Lauren edited. The settlement they'll comment actually think they have the control. You'd deadliest and early into the line man. It's generally earns the fairways are okay and the way it's okay. So I ain't all good for you I guess I mean you feel like you won and you did win I mean you guys BA you know you got after it. Ma I want a couple times OK art while good for you still still do that tree come all the toys still on the last OK and still again near late thirties and good for you a bill that any money into tobacco I had to present that you can do it ought to be perfectly honest good for you man. Good for area so sore brought brought the hammer last night's wreck America again Canada our rights. No rag in Iraq is amber that's one when editing like destroyed. I don't look it holding up OPEC audio so easy. These late last night is what are you sank. So at that. On what you guys dale. OK if I did it ever get put this any meat and come up with a fun way to spin down now by a you know if it is if tiger. Her on this in a series direction from moment here. If you've been hanging out on FaceBook and Twitter or whatever for the last you know old couple days you've started to see what you know was going to happen. Okay after the shootings Stillman dollars and by the way tonight's. And BBT center is the town hall okay it's me and CNN. Meets at 9 PM. Eight it's a BB NT Sanders so there are clearly expecting a very large crowd okay. Jake Tapper from CNN it's hosting it's a big deal RIT Gotti got a watching you now watch. So that's that's tonight's it's at BB empty senate town hall on hopefully you got some I imagine you got some some you know you know and government officials would have you. Who from the seat of water and eat there and you know presumably they're he would grow our rights that's illegal ones but you know this was going to have an. If you pay attention to social media at all. The last couple days. You got the truth there's out there. Okay nightly well you got the truth matters. Where. Now the guys that are screen shot a kid there was in the news two years ago to host sing and then now he's in the news for this again as a student it's a hoax sat out since it is and why it is since it is an -- insane what it's nearly. As offensive. As the truth there's when it comes to to see Andy hawk because of Samuel the truth there's actually believe that the whole thing was a hoax. And the net and don't all okay that that it's. It will not legally and the only reason that they believe that the true actors aren't being as offensive from that perspective that you wanna call it I. Is because all these kids have cellphone videos. Of people dying. You don't any actual footage of of kindergartners and first he's been working very hard to discounts from the eyewitness accounts of hundreds of seventeen year old who all have cell phone videos and Earl. Flight you know far old enough and capable enough to speak about what they saw us as offensive that OK and it is not as effective but not because is not as offensive. As the folks who who say that city. Actually didn't happen and it no little kids died it's all fake and phony so it's. Quite to that extreme but you do now have over the last you know 2448 hours. Where some of these kids for the survivors. That the plants. That's a hoax and they're not bad that they they they don't go to school there OK they want them all did anything. And you knew that was coming okay so that's out now our rights and I'm what you would do. If you saw immediate path but if you saw that one of your friends was one of these people like you on FaceBook Twitter would have but but supposedly FaceBook. And you've got you know someone you know may even know well who is actually buying into that kind of garbage sale what you would do. You know someone who's one of those troopers out there who thinks that that the debt that add part of this is a hoax it's not real their plants. Mean to me it's so morally reprehensible. That it's our panel I personally wouldn't associate with a person I mean to meet that is. That is a different level of morally reprehensible. When your when you're spreading that I mean these these kids -- Some hatred to murder these these kids last week. And you're sitting here. Saying that it didn't happen and and calling them liars and calling them paid actors. And saying that it's made up as are sitting there crying and begging you to do something so that doesn't happen again I mean to meet. I don't know how you do that I mean somebody's treat Thursday did things like one of the fathers for sandy hook. What is speaking. At some sort of events and they showed up and they are screaming at him about how he. You know made the whole thing up and this is a man who's a four year old was brutally murdered like are you kidding me yeah I mean to me if you're one of those people. I am no evil we are no time for Al he and there's all sorts of ignorance especially on my FaceBook timeline my lord because of course from this job now I have all these. Priest that friends are people who I don't actually know even people I knew even people I went to high school with a lot to be on the high school when bill. Stoller in my hometown and maybe didn't make it past high school there's a lot of people are very devout opinions and and maybe not most educated opinions. In the world and that's an eye opening for me as an adult is how much. Straight up ignorance there is out there frankly quiet this beast through third that's like a different thing that's not lake oh we have different political opinions because. You know we've had different like experiences or there's something that maybe you don't understand there's your night as well verse and educated in the world and that's mighty imitate god on why you have that you I mean there's a lot of viewers out there in tickets or understand why people have some even though I don't agree would mount and be able to chalk them up you know it grants or lack of education and whatnot. But when it comes east through third I can't do that there's an there's no manner in which I can understand or justify how you could ever. I mean I I just hope that I don't know anyone who is on that side. Would you do it he says somebody on year. Timeline on the results with them anymore when I got so I just hope that I don't know people who. Who think that that hoaxes and multi year the crazy political friends that are just going. Breezy around trump either way the battle and they. I. I literally have serious comment who's an absolute crazy. Political stuff is different OK don't wan side of the political spectrum mom on the other side the political spectrum are we would add to its agreement to what have you you know. We don't believe different things that we are fundamental differences that's OK you know. Even if I can't see your way or you can't see in my way below but what we're talking about like these mass murders and especially when children learn vault and and we're talking about that this is phony and I got this is speak right here in the government is covering this so they got. I I can't I I I can't rationalize it again I'd I can't I can't I can't be harder than any shape. That's how I feel about it very strongly with political so far right slide yeah just sort of on my timeline here I don't agree when all sorts of the most people are Bebo I know in my everyday life I don't agree with I mean the hell am very different. Political opinions then a lot of my feelings to herself and so we can. And disagree on we have we did this Israeli politics to me when you're accusing. Children. Lying and you've gone there horrific things and screaming at parents who. Lost little children who have been brutally murdered and I mean to me that's. As suggests that's not politics. Tells it like that I probably got at weddings and drastic to be done about guns you don't think something drastic to be done about guns. You know any US constitution underside late goal. I can't arguably exiles lab noble will pass and you know I don't agree with you bearable right constitution you can handle on NAR fifteen. I understands but arguably even an individual right the constitution the Supreme Court. I understand until they get past that a camel to pass that part of view right to bear arms I I think it's real more limited okay won't pass LE a crazy person. Blood but but but the truth and stuff but the kids make. What do not just the people who have kids or is there's a lot now and of course this was gonna happen is these kids are very vocal and this is the first time I think we've seen the Vick Tom's. This vocal. And these kids have as we've discussed at our front Jack possible. Critical on their promise and the data to and there's a very vocal which I don't understand I mean it but in who you people are truly in trustees that it's the white. It hit signs of anti crisis actor. Please you fourteen years old you don't readily be your prize is liquidity duke Austin what is what is an idea why has it crazy I actor spent three or four years it at junior. At this little put it there at the school the posting pictures all of their FaceBook of the year they've been at this school aged kids into the trap you kids have such and social media imprint this way that it's bizarrely you can maybe queues at three year old of that and strategy of yourself of that body latest seventeen year old that has a social media imprint of seventeen here nobody can clearly see where the kid is from and what to get aids czar anyway it's not me but. There are now all of these people. All over my time lines which I also have a little bit of an issue with because of course these kids are very vocal and I inner city if you don't. These kids are calling for gun control and gun reform they just watched their. Their friends murdered last week. And they think that that will help and they want you to try to do something to help them so it does not happen other kids and so they're calling for they're very vocal so people who. Are not in support of that from a political perspective now are attacking the kids right and I have a problem with that in a sound now those of our troopers. So I'm and then you know. That I still find really really gross that there. They're calling they're saying that they're coached they're saying that their parents are telling them what to say and you know these are kids who were practically adults and watch their friends murdered. Wonders in goats and I like a flat even ticket kind of situation make I would charge card I was. So everybody believes. BB NT but you know the Florida legislature. Chaired just yesterday voted they're devoted against even hearing a ban on. Let us and British shows that are going mirrors all aren't going to be broadcast from art from the TV pretty big deal man and they did a serious was this true is well yes there was one of those for two things. That they try to present something to the house yesterday and got the night yeah. Yeah I can't I can't just I can't get involved and Henrik you're likely I don't really isn't anyone else beat egg salad in a little blades Eric yeah I can't get involved them on gloves aren't out to understand how nice that we're hearing. A big not even hearing a ban that would have banned assault weapon some assault weapons and would have limited the magazine who accurately give the and they didn't even letting get to a vote they overwhelmingly voted against it and hearing and he had he Stoneman Douglas student who'd gone to Tallahassee in Errol -- McRoberts and then you have these gross people online were putting out means of those students and saying adults one student zero and celebrating violated this positive thing that these children could just watch these you can't and rear and murder of eight of them it's like they're celebrating that these that these kids don't have the power you very bizarre. And it it it I know its IP. Again I know I can't get crazy about what happened yesterday the lord has not on on the front like you looks really terrible but I am Ahmad I'm not Smart enough to understand irony how old's that. Process breaks down. I'm not even talking about that. I'm talking about just the people that banner going out yes children's react and it really you're you're you're terrible per the terrible person and if your running children through the mock like there's other ways to go about politics and that ain't it what. Tell you saw when they shout. Air ticket for Smashing Pumpkins were giveaway at some point this morning Smashing Pumpkins are coming. Two American Airlines Arena in July 8 tickets go on sale this Friday so. We'll have that for you coming up when it's also now McKinney this morning Brian McCann he's got some type of charity and that Romberg was also involved in so Rondo at the math and thank. So McCain you'll join us and a couple of hours from now. New to Walt oracle of football with him also speaking of football. The big news throughout today today's the day that officially teens can place the franchise tag on players in a challenge obviously injury that dolphins I guess technically did last night's. The dolphins officially place the franchise tag on joy obviously injury. And I gotta be honest I aim I'm not I'm not under present shore. What a ball. It means OK I'm just not a hundred sensual the altar doing in that spots. It is not aware of what it means when the team places franchise tag on you Jarvis and does not sign. Okay it just means that the dolphins have his rights right now even though he's going to be if you freeagent OK and he could sign the franchise tag tender you know which would pay him about sixteen million dollars for next season don't make him one the highest paid running backs but it's it's not a contract and one your thing okay. So he could choose sign that. Or he can sign a contract that another team replied if they would team decides to sign him to a contract. It's heady compensation that the got a handle putting its global first round. Picks plus is a lot of just. Give you a little bit of a tie over until lectured too they just wanted to go and do this. And sort of make you take this off their plate for a little bit ordered Gregory negotiators delay comes at this he's delaying things it feels like so so. It's in good sign in and they got a hand over heavy compensation which is not very likely okay. That's you know part of the advantage of the franchise tag for the you know the current team. And or forty inside not signing anything and and then he sees is quite okay he has more signed attack he wants long term deal. And it's hasn't played those are really the three or or optional could be that sort got to want him. There minute they could still be so disarmament tensions in order to work something out for a it's getting it's still work out a long term deal. But come on confuse the dolphins are doing their because like you said Brett. They're just. Which in this thing that year we kicking the can down the road are we going to set that that's what it feels like right. Like what we do otherwise. They're pushing it back a year while also. Making him one of the highest paid wide receivers. On her annual base. Is the most optimistic beneficial for their books have you franchise tag. Is every team is entitled was it to a franchise franchise tag because in the count so much torture salary cap or your books for that money. But there are some that that was the point that it is it doesn't count it's something like it doesn't count towards your salary cap no it it absolutely does and does a to a full amount yeah yeah I mean for a while rain sixty million dollars and how much riding and why did it it completely counts of a bit of franchise tag you kind of getting it either you know this amount of money your 110% of their sleep you know and but as far as. What the money isn't how counts against the cap it. Eight completely counts against GAAP. And the dolphins for a team that isn't could have a lot of cap space this is going to take on major chunk of their salary cap space when they free up space because right now they don't have a lot the nets cut a bunch a guys. But this takes up a major amount of money. For the dolphins and it's it really feels like it's assailants that steal this in a year from now we we have a deal that right now. Denounce this is a man on the same lines of I don't know if this is sure not bode dude the dolphins owner. Wanted to be away with the dominance of the most part it was I saw an article that I read article he basically gave up on Ndamukong kind of its beak. He this year I mean I know that months ago there was a story in the middle of the season more than dolphins are gonna move on from Donna consume right. And the dolphins adamantly denied it I mean I suppose we're going to find out exactly what's law sixteen. Sure rate there as well to right or is referred to is locked in for a piano and middle round Ross had said that they did bin the values. Done with sue that he wasn't in the plans for next season the dolphins denied it then there was another report that came out recently because there's been a lot of suffer on the Eagles lately. And there was one of the coaches on the defensive side for the Eagles said they were due to cracks in Saddam against soup. Nadal leads to reportedly was so impressed with the Eagles lose his men aka I don't even care about money are completely guys free next year. And that sued through the team denied that that statement ever occurred but I don't know why they would live up. All right so that's that's been to Iraq Iran a lot of. What players are way more impressive what's going on on other teams or they got going on here you heard about. Actually who is Suze. Only we can't get to launch from gently touched and then you ski garlic. A lot of as a coach. Amber's got a month next yeah there were. Listen to Curtis and for every afternoon of the ticket for your chance to and special events accessing the best beach volleyball players in the country in the world. On four auto beat says each major series takes place on four Laura between. February 27 through march 4 for more on this and many take advancing you money dot com don't forget to listen Curtis impart to win your way in the and that is brought to my game seven I need FM 14 point three HD to the ticket. It's got what you XY and south I can tell you XXX Ph.D. true. You are Miami Dolphins as we discussed last segment they announced that they are placing the franchise tag on Jarvis Landry. That means he will make sixteen million dollars this season if they don't come to a long term agreement. In other team besides offering him a deal and he wants design Miami would receive 21 round picks in return. They're taking the average of the top four play players right at that position and it's like the average age or a 110% of the highest paid satellite like some. A 120%. Or the previous five years of the position down position but I think on that team. So he's gonna get so 680 science and easy to get sixteen million which is the third high speed I guess what's the Andrei Hopkins and and who is are the only other guys that are paid are only only two guys would be paid higher than him next year records I thought that's how workers just take the top four highest paid at that position and they average stepping out ultimately in a three get your money ball he he was asking for a contract apparently thinks for years and 58. Million dollars yet against world's. Four years in 58 million dollars guaranteed though I don't know. But for years fifty million dollars what he made side wanted that's holes reported by I'm on the sub Gail from The Herald Lysol which is whose contract ultimately. Hours and other wild and average you'll be an average of fourteen half million okay. And so that would certainly play some lean on the top 45 via I would imagine but now the dolphins really give him. If he signs it's sixteen million dollars for the 2018 season which would. You know be more on her annual basis of course not a contract it's only one year things are. The average of the top five salaries at a Blair's position guy or 120%. Of the players previous salary whichever is greater. But it is and and again something can be worked out long term there's no stop in that OK but. It it just feels lazy or don't really know what to do right now so let's let's delay this three year. I think it's not that crazy on the dolphins part because. The last season that they had with Jarvis Landry was this season the Jay Cutler was throwing to him so I can understand them not really knowing what to do with them. And wanting to see him play one more season with the rain Tina help before they decide they want to offer him not long term contract I actually think it's Smart new credit all voters. Moved through to a lot of people probably who pull in the smooth but make about a member dolphins are right now in the driver's seat and they wanna see were right Tamils going to be coming back in doing because obviously. Got a magic color film again and then who knows the going to be drafting in terms of the quarterback position that they even are going to be drafting a quarterback so. I think a lot of this is based on what rides an annual can come and campaign do with a director ever slandered and Petrie gonna see you're gonna see term citing going to mean he can't. That's another thing with the franchise that you don't have to show up a test that's the one of the best things about having a franchise tag is you don't have to come to the offseason workouts you have to come all of us that he just got to make sure your they're on day one. So I think that's another benefit but it seems like Jervis is that type of player. That wants to be around his teammates who wants to be around this team and working out and grinding together so I think they're gonna dolphins are gonna get a really good idea of what right Dan hill can do to help. Would charms line drew wants to do going into the senate policies so well the part. That is the part that I think could winds of becoming a problem is Jarvis Landry doesn't exactly strike me as the type a guy who's going to wind up being happy about this deal right now. And for a guy who we know was on his mind all of last season OK the fact that he wants new contract. We have to negotiate new contract and the lame duck this year. And also he had conversation he was one of the guys OK who Adam gazes talking about not run in the best routes not paying attention and still Merom and all that kind of stuff. Like how do you feel that's gonna go which obviously injury where fiasco is this for all I know a thirty year. Well I think giving goes the same way and he never gets control I guess of those emotions Anita on a play for about long term contracts. And he's doing now with Brian T and a held and I do think that the dolphins probably don't offer him a long term contract. Right now how is that I was over the hill and they're gonna paint sixteen million dollars this year to be disgruntled and have an unhappy like it's only counting answer pap this year. Right it's I mean if they're not gonna get a rough day it's later that same sixteen million dollars to a guy who's going to be disgruntled disgruntled and problem more whole year. And I think because of his talent level on how he's thought of around the league that they think that it's worth the trying to take a chance on top player instead trying to bring to me like we're gonna bring and that's as much upside to start is Landry nobody. So you might as you'll take chance on him. They sort out along trending of them about an innocent and saying this doesn't prohibit them at all from working out long term deals so. They do the franchise I again I mean they could work out I think tuber got a long term deal before he ever. Season feel right I mean naked you know our long term deal whenever they feel like it's so this guy is finally time. In signing into early signs some and they can they can come all the deal in science and red and analyzes it is just I'm Jonah a lot of this is the free agent market in the draft and a lot of the stuff seeing a lot of chips fall so again this is just something like you're. You know. Imus certainly keep Jervis happy pitched so let him know that OK look worse they were extreme interest in doing something number if you. This is not the end this just little bridged Hillary number were doing in order to get us through and over the hump of draft and pre season and mini camp so I. I think I think we're going to be okay dangerous going to be fine prospect. Crystal ball talk is reporting that the dolphins placing that tag this quickly only Andrea showing their desire to trade him no trade can deter until Landry signed that tender. A transaction is unlikely unless he agrees to a long term contract from the new team. Florida Panthers closed or Canadian to alert with a 10 loss to use the Toronto Maple Leafs. They're really big tents this couldn't just couldn't get one back of the net. Good road trip to them they lost final two games they won the first three overall it's good road trip and team I was explain last night's what they're finally back home. There were on the Stoneman Douglas stickers on their helmets. Which is really cool but that that's the one team down here that has. You know all of you know a neighborly connection. Where is hawk went in with that community there. You know their practice facility is is their their products always in Coral Springs Coral Springs is right there with Portland and they'd even call on this whole time they're the one team down here that's actually in Broward county and happens we really near Portland. And even call lightly Derek MacKenzie to captain from the Panthers say I'm pretty sure he lives there and Barkley and and the aid they've been they've been away this entire time they're finally back home late you know early this morning. We situation. Don Mattingly is telling grays harbor to mind his business after the nationals outfielder. Told report made some comments about Miami's offseason moves here's Bryce Harper in those comments. I was very shocked that they were gonna let go of studio is chosen and stand because it's one of the best Al fills in the game. So very shocked about that. I mean you can't say enough about what standard last year when Ozuna did last year and when you know it's is on the fast cover yourself. I thought they were great cheer I think they decide that a couple more pictures and everything you're doing good so. Look I can understand Mattingly India's India's needy here other players specially other players in division questioning. In other moves at the Marlins Jamaican I get it I just wonder though how. Got a question came up like likewise reporter asking what are you know the Marlins team of the Marlins feel pretty books free. Swedes and it does sound like he came up prelude sounds again asked about an Emmy Mattingly says take care beyond dug out. That's a direct quote from Mattingly it I mean OK but I mean Herbert and say anything controversial there. If harper was asked about it. It feels like that was one of the best outfield and baseball mean a lot of people Bolick so he's anything crazy. So why is being asked about it there really isn't his business and but clearly he was he was absolutely. What do you know Marlins and I don't with the nationals. Meanwhile we're vibrant NBA players as ask about where LeBron is going there and this is what it. Reporters do when a critical time right right but at least they're that's that's an an anonymous serving in his arms a microphone in front of space in a room it's Ian. Here is are actually Christian gallant. Told ESP and that the death of Jose Fernandez changed the Marlins franchise is dead. Right it's out I don't galaxy and. It sounds callous but he's right. Medium hitters. You know lately it does sound callous solid meaning the end for us like this all downfall was when he died we go to and that that sound weird to say their bodies right so I mean there's. Leaders EU can't. Recover. Especially when your a franchise in the spot the Marlins or where you know your year low budgets. Your team that's struggling a and and you got this kid who's you know the thaci a franchise and is also on a good value as far as the money's concerned for now. And and many diet what you Lewis an annual isn't for nothing can Britney dies okay you loosen and use him for absolutely nothing it's it's a it's a whole franchise killer. Like the Marlins never would have allowed to listen for nothing that would trade commuted got some good form if you want to pay him all the money. But you lose that for absolutely nothing yet to range it's an absolute killer and it sounds callous for him to say that. But he's writes like that that was the beginning of the end and he said. It's it was her window to win was with him. And that you know they are almost rate there. Having the pieces after the rebuild and that it's no baseball essentially that it was. It was just a tragedy that changed everything here Stanton. When he was asked about yell at his comments. You left Miami I just read an article where I particulars yellowish who suggested that it death of Jose changed everything. Do you think that changed everything there very. And what changed expectation what what happen. Total team granted it was a tragic. I'd say. The expectation and I say that there and there feel. Fitting question the next level. No that that shut down guy that you can always go to unknown. Group make playoffs maybe you know throw in every every third day and know that he would be ready you know shut. It ultimate confidence where this got on the mountain you know like you were in good shape. Mis write you know and and it's the other reporter doesn't wanna sound like he's been insensitive that's why is gonna say also Rio Grande is tragedy. But it's it's a legitimate question and and pushing out his right now that re really was being eating and eat you can't recover from that. If you're the Marlins and and they couldn't. Sports Illustrated has released a detailed report of the rampant sexual harassment that was occurring with the Dallas Mavericks allegedly Solis a big deal. Mark Cuban saying that. It's all news to him he says it was apparently. Accusations against the president slash CEO. And how the HR the head of HR handled those accusations and Mark Cuban. Has stated that it's that president. What is here before I guess Mark Cuban bought the team and that he had talked that Mark Cuban had talked to you ahead of HR. And after he was aware some of these things that he was told by HR that there'd been no complaints since Mark Cuban had owned the team and apparently that appears to not be trailing so now everyone's gone he fired upper body. He's claiming he wasn't aware of any of us. That's going to be a big story today especially because it is a slow news week that is on three major major focus. And that is no coincidence either that SI releases during this slow news week. And finally the Miami Herald reports that the dolphins could have in dressed in former Broncos running back CJ Anderson who they signed to an offer sheet two years ago. Deeply proud and decent Denver. Aren't we do some more details on a sort which is going to be a big deal today with fifteen minutes in next. And. I customize my champion four by four South Florida someone Jeep truck and SB customization choppy guaranteed deadlines for my for modification town. Called champion four by fours 7865023446. Go to chip in four X four dot com. Also while pro at the beetle brought to meet its ports medicines or job to you back in the game with force outlawed locations there's one near you go to all pro orthopedic suck com for more info. And by marital Hayek Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys call the real 5800. Per mock self. I would imagine is not a lot going on the heat right now means he gets back in action a couple nights they'll be in New Orleans we'll take on the pelicans. And to. The big story imagine. As foreign as the league is concerned is SI with this bombshell piece out whether this come out any mustard in late last night. Chuck when. Check time stamp on this story. And I was talking insect. About about all it it dated yesterday so sometime yesterday camino neatly yesterday well. The Dallas Mavericks OK. There is a a long. Extensively. Reported. Story from. Jon Wertheim who's won the premiere bass organizer that aside and Jessica Luther Wright and Lucius but that's okay. And they wrote up a whole long story that they've. Looked into and we've spoken to people and it's it's pretty extensively reported about the behavior in the culture. Within the Dallas Mavericks. Organization. Which specifically centers on issues with the past presidents. Was been there are few years the was they're very long time. And the BH or departments. And what that workplace. Is or was like for women. My dog and sexual harassment have more talk in domestic abuse. One of the women described it as a real life animal house working for them topics. And Mark Cuban released a statement I guess it will not to sustain him but he also a full on QNA wins which Jon Wertheim with the writer I mean he. He was very open and okay and this is in response to. The story in Sports Illustrated some action this was late yesterday right after that story came out and Cuban of course is is. Adamantly denying knowing. Anything okay. Why. This is going to be a major deal today because a lot of the stuff in years that especially when you're dealing with a past present like one of the stories I mean. Brett when stories. The president of the team sits down. Sits down at and 88 and at lunch date more than dinner table whatever was suitable for a game. Where is. A female employee. And asks her out for Sasser visa Dow therein and and she says yes. And then he asks her what she's doing tonight's this weekend's and C says. I don't know he says I know you're doing your haven't ganged. Like that's now that's how it starts. It's that kind of behavior. And like one has yet you haven't gained no we don't this week. Would say I really is Bret Bret three straight out like what's wrong with god I'm not that bad. But you have to understand that this isn't like. You joking around me saying that where worried a friends off the air and we're together every day and worried on the same level of employee men here it's like if our big lots. President of the team is sad that to me zero and coward. Previous conversations of hers this is opening liner when Spears' that there since they are saying that they didn't they're doing more they had an employee bus type relationship that's that's what a suggestion is. This article isn't it's not just one woman say it heat. Said that numerous times and she's a number of the gonna go to live at my friends and he's like no you're gonna go to eight gain patent. And see back overseas obviously made her uncomfortable play it's not just that it's Dave interviewed. That this is from women in every department with the mavericks and a bunch of women deserve that like just 11 when he's our eye on what you guys yeah I got. I its oldest usery guy and this guy what is the CEO of Nike became CEO of the Dallas Mavericks and he was up at one point he was going to be the next. Commissioner of the NBA or most. All spoken out that he he could be design these the guys on the. His name is in David Stern apparently really like salmon. And he I mean this is a guy who's out and held very prominent positions at companies and yet there's like I mean a bunch of women speaking out this about how he treated. I just socially awkward as I like his way of trying to break the ice or what stunts out won't know it sounds to me and and one of these women were even saying that when she told her friends choose taking a job with the Dallas Mavericks and these other business women that's. I she she was war under your watch out for the president. That he has an open reputation of this kind of behavior. Now Sony stores are gone back 1015 years from now are great but there at that he has an open. Resolution. Read his wrist slap before remember the urban rat and on before nobody ever brought this Tuesday over a decent attention opened sequel one and one of the sorting out all they get insignia tell and am one of the stories all won the women's soars one of the women is is saying how they even stop going to H Orrin kept their own law all go their own monologues of what happened because HR wasn't doing anything about. Definitely the biggest movement though that happened was they hire this new HR guy who they basically put outside of his office and his biggest move it was just making a new handbook. To like you know tackling the big islands that they are doing something but not really. There's also there's also part of the story with Dallas Mavericks beat writer from live that's. Employed by the team he writes from mavericks dot com. Not being a local newspaper or anything like that where it it took several. Instances of domestic violence for the team to finally act and do something about. That gentleman. Where they continued to allow him to work there and then apparently started dating someone within the mavericks organization and the situation with earnestly is gushan in the parking earning more like. We have on record here that he had a domestic violence situation with a past girlfriends. And so of course it's all gonna come back to Mark Cuban. Current who is who as of last night's you know and it's on in sports O'Shea is a long Q&A with Cuba with reaction to this piece and he's denying knowing. Anything as a micro managers he is he there's no well that's what that all that's what the writer that's what the writer says we know you're so hands all. And but his his claim is I'm I'm extraordinary. Hands on with the basket. All which it is true it teams I mean I will sailing when I worked. At the dolphins have in the the football operations and the business operations for the team are totally separate. You know I had no interaction right with the football operations. Side of things. But Europe rounds you know let it top executives on the business side that thinks I mean it's possible I I can understands. How do you work for an organization what I. Could be a light even though it is hard to imagine as we know. Mark Cuban is involved but I also understand as an owner you would maybe want to be involved in the basketball operations and not necessarily. With the CEO who's running just isn't. So writer says to Cuban you're known for your hands on approach and you're known for known deet tails and you an employee who requires an escort and this is something you don't know about it. He writes EMI involve those on the bass will side in the basketball on the business acumen on the phone our writer. And the best on the business side completely different truth the matter I'd defer to I had CEO I let them do their job at a director may Chara let them do their job. And not found out this is hand loading correctly. You know like I got involved in it goes on to say and then and especially a number one and basically say mark knew he had to now he turned a blind guy. As long as the revenue came in the consensus among the women was basically is no way mark did not know what you say to them. Humans and correcting correct as long as a revenue came in we lost money you saw how we ran focus on basketball. I declare over and over again is not about as long as the revenue came in you know let's add Celine corrected did not know anything. No idea ever heard in terms of our president was that he had an affair with somebody in the all this early on my ten year. And Andy was appropriate time to address somebody on the personal business. Nobody said a word to me about anything relates harassment in any way shape or form I know might not sound realistic. But I'm not involved in the day to day operations Ballmer companies there's just site eat sleep and breathe the basketball side. I its latest salaries of every player on every team and what they're analytics are breaking into everything. Again my whole thing was so I get reports and a bad news reports obviously not an that was included anything. I received or would've done something like I did take as he fired a couple people yes it would be HR I fire yesterday rafters report. Came outs and and what's that report was was good though the mavs right are still employed. And he suspended him I'd exacts a place yesterday also but he fired the HR guy yesterday for sure war on this story coming out. I do think it's entirely possible for somebody being to be involved in the operations side of a team and not the business side of the team however it is hard for me to believe with. Somebody as business savvy is Mark Cuban that they would have no interaction do is show business side I mean. Stephen Ross has interaction with the business side the dolphins it more so I would say than than the football operation side. With somebody like Mark Cuban and I mean you would think that he's more business savvy than he is basketball operations Saudi and that he would be even more closely. Embedded in the business side I think even though the basketball operations at a things would probably be more fun. To be involved in as an owner it's hard to imagine that somebody with. His business acumen wouldn't have some sort of connection to the business side of his business. The the Ryder apparently is no longer with the team he deleted his account after. Tweeting out which is like him is like an auto about to really go these web sites. And he went to delete all tweets dot com to trying clean has to America out bush and that it. You for these sites to work to bill have to you have to send out some tweet so. The last thing that he has as I just registered to delete all tweets I come to the lead on the tweets instantly. And in the count as is gone. That's that's such a weird thing we. I'm registered to delete my two weeks and it deletes only tweets right now and no one can never seen it doesn't delete it. I just don't know what kind of guy bombshell ma'am paragraph like. There's obviously way of but I just don't get out on the president's. Yeah it's it's it's it's very bizarre behavior is really bizarre behavior man and he is married to leave married probably most things I don't know what he's in the elevator he's he's he's big in the woman just one time let's have Sachs you know. It it's very strange being out regularly aside I could see them regularly. Girl but secret number the one of these guys like our listeners who have a hard time grappling with us I think bad. Romberg. For better horrors. Represents a lot of men and no I wouldn't say the majority of but I I think you represented. Perhaps unfortunately a lot of men when it comes to now they're learning about sexual harassment. And I think that this has been a learning experience in 2017 and 2018 for a lot of man and there's a lot of men out there that are thinking. What's really so bad about being in an elevator with a woman asking her to have sex video yet when you're the president you can't talk to employees that would this is this is what. This is what it men don't seem to understand you take that attitude your your putting the women at your company in a position. Where they aren't comfortable going to work every single day because they're going to work. To show up to do whatever job they how it ends in the midst of doing that job they're being solicited for sex. Over and over and which of course subjective by women and put us in a position where. Word they are to have sex with the president of the company and not they are because of what upper duty we've been given in our employment. But beyond that it just makes you uncomfortable day to day to be your workplace and do your job. You don't wanna have sex with a leaping president of the company so you don't wanna be solicited to have sex with the president of the company. And a lot of match and I I. The grapple with this concept in it's really not that hard if you have a war environment. We're also women in the work environment aren't comfortable being there of course you have a problem and your gonna have a problem from a production in perspective as well you don't. Want to have a company. Where half of your employees or even a quarter of your employees or even 5% of your employees are uncomfortable. Doing their jobs in CU can't. Allow an environmentally back to exist under. I just I just don't understand like that there has to be. I wouldn't say light warning signs or or its signals that a girl has to give you an order for you to. Converse with a female like this sort out our donors has just like discuss is Randall it's very blessed to bring. It's because they're dying isn't such a pretty asked position all how or collect this may and who makes a ton of money. Ian is in a very powerful position frankly am sure there are some women who would like to have sex with him because of that and keep things that he can just use that power and privilege on. Any woman and that just any woman is going to desire him and that's not the case. Who tried to just say. I don't know when I get the post or just a disorder. Know what it's been accounted governor Ruth somehow you know women there everywhere is walking around soliciting I was old rom dogs are asking for some sex. All part of the reason that that guys like that feeling get away with a it is because one of these women went in and and told the the VP of marketing. Okay. And he corner her or corner he he. He decided to give her a ride to the next meeting they were going to such as the two of them and the caller and he stopped and he told her. Two to never speak it is again do your ass in jobs he's the boss do what he said yeah and and like. I don't want her sober predicament regardless of if it's good or for about it if it's a possibility. If she's really cool she's not really cool. I would never put myself in a predicament of like driving a girl home getting in an elevator by myself doing things like that ticket possibly hurt me. Down maligned by just hearsay or are just her going out and saying you know he touched me like what what word is it whose word who didn't believe. A guy like me are they gonna believe girl I don't mean so it out all the gonna be against American be against a rock and a hard place no matter what happens largest. Do yourself a favor and over yourself Mac kind of predicament that that that possibility. That's going to ticket to happiness dream and take your money dot com or even on radio dot com. And he ends up watching you. Yeah games as well that's new this year I was not always takes there's so many ways this influx. He did sex in the shown the calls rings on a multi attacks on its 67974. Piers where. Mark Cuban is likely to have a big problem tonight. You know like I did I get any reasonably that market in the liar. Like I can't believe that he. That he is not fully aware of everything going on in all of his businesses. He could be focusing all of attention on the basketball suddenly he says he has a resident in a CEO. On the business side and there are all of the is a let him know when there's a problem like I I get totally by. But here's where here is there's zero a market was going to wind and having a big problem today where. You know this this. Reporter this this writer for mavericks dot com that's. Now let's not someone who is employed by a you know the newspaper or television station arrays. That's mavericks icon that employed by the Dallas Mavericks they work for the mavericks right. And then that's this Earl case need character okay who Tobin said no deleted all the tweets with. Might delete please don't catch me doing anything else wrong dot com and and he released a statement to use Sports Illustrated. Last night this writer okay. And by the way Cuban before Cuban fired this writer yesterday he had initially just suspended in days before he fired him yesterday after. The report full report from SI came out. The writer release a statement yesterday saying mall both instances described in the reporter damning in language he uses. Not accurate and and by the radiance is talk about as the first domestic violence situation. And then another with domestic violence situation with the mavericks in with a map and mavericks employee. And he was arrested on campus at you know on the facilities of the Dallas Mavericks were one of those cadence. And the shoelaces described in the Porter and not something I am proud to be a part of I underwent much counseling after both situations under the direction of mavericks vice president of human resource is but he Pittman. And I feel like I grew from that counseling I also signed the contract here's always know prop. I also signed the contract. Stating that I would not have one on one contact or fret nice with female employees after the inaccurate described in sit on my female coworker who was and I live in girlfriend. I abided by the details of that contract for four years. And received counseling during that period to avoid future instances. I think buddy Pittman from me grow during that time I think Mark Cuban. For his willingness to help facilitate that growth. But that's going to be a problem that's trouble are right about that. Very well I don't know what we need and you and I don't really means about I think Mark Cuban dramatic if he means that Mark Cuban was actively involved in that situation or he just means because he had a job with the Dallas Mavericks contract had the job of the Dallas Mavericks played it well job was to sign a contract only an argument does it review every contact I mean Mark Cuban is far from reviewing every contract that his team signs him and I guarantee very few of those make it. In front of Mark Cuban. I'm sure they make it to his General Counsel and to his CEO and that's probably where it's ops as the legal department and CEO. And that's about it I mean your not your owners are gonna review every contract your team a million contracts with sports teams. Domestic violence situation you have a person to keep Bork in there and that's what I don't understand he's arrested that's already agreed not to fraternizes other female. I'm not want to jump to conclusions when it comes of that sort of thing that I could see a scenario where the contract. Is never in front of our Q and could seed up again. Because of who Mark Cuban is it because of what we know that Mark Cuban it does seem to mean to be stress that he wouldn't have been aware of any of these things. I still employs guy he let let's not pretend like this is some mark. You know position that cannot be replicated. EEE either stupid beat writer they get on the back of a team that's what I tried not to I'm surprised about that errors I am surprised that they would not just replaced a minute there's a real bill the other guys do a job because didn't they say she still works at the company on a China I don't remember his law. There's a lot to digest in the story I don't remember. But I and that there's a million other guys we do that job. That unity it. Oh. He was. Kirk picnic or something out because there's multiple taxes on the Tex like now in the years. Seek an email over motors and tread lightly around amber everyone thinks I'm gonna go sue Romberg everyone thinks that I'm gonna hash tag meat to it Romberg going to be part of that I'm bringing down the hole on dog. Where ideas Romberg as an example it's because of what we do on air here we I mean you guys hearing it we will they emit the guys do me a lot of inappropriate jokes but at all in good fun it's all on the air. And Romberg sort of wrap presents the very sort of what I would describe is at a meet ahead what did you say open meeting there you go. I didn't meet ahead very kind of archaic. A way of thinking firm met and so I I ages use Romberg is an example because I can see Roberts facial expressions. And when I was listening something like he solicited sex in an elevator with a woman. And Roberts faces satellite from the sun doesn't seem terrible sin before I was looking at Romberg it's not it it's not that I had any. Discomfort with a Robertson what I'm clear out for everybody listening. Is another these guys are her. It made me feel. And pumped her email last night some guys really concerned about amber but nothing I get analyzes what I wanna say none none of these guys. Here make me feel uncomfortable. Off the air in any way shape perform. In us any of you guys were. Putting me in a quarter and soliciting sex from me I probably would it be it except for use slam. One's median of her pre at. Ever written all who resigned last. If any if any need is actually light like pushing me to a doctor Ayman soliciting sex for me that I actually would be and what I heard of a problem that does not at all the work in this room opens and I mean it could be further from the word and firemen at this company nobody here makes me uncomfortable. All portable works with the things that we say is because we're all in on the joke. That's why it works it works and we all have an understanding I mean that's I think it was Romberg point earlier when we were talking about this and Romberg was saying. I don't get how these men just think he diet. You know she's given you know singles is yet to come on you at all in you haven't been due out on a day would hurt his social setting with earn your just. The big boss and he just walked into the elevator ask to have sex relay who does that and that's what Romberg was saying it. It is because these manner in this position. A privilege and power I don't like the whole sense of entitlement of like you think that you have the right you know approach female one said he wants sex ring. Just because I don't consider things in there right I think it's they think there's no repercussions. They need is no consequence aren't ridiculous top dog. I think it's gonna do about it ideas floating some of these ma'am live under the delusion that all women want dumb I you know I do think. That is some of that is that these men just tired are somewhat delusional. About. How desirable and they are and then there in a position where they feel like yeah there's no repercussions and they can just go out on a limb. And I don't understand this issue because of course we always get those on the text line. If you're a straight man and you worked in an environment and where your bonds who has you know on gaming and would you feel differently if he was always cornering Yale. Asking you to have sex with and I would I would imagine maybe. And that scenario outlined it and that's why it. I think that meeting that's a better example to used to men because what how is with men Italian evidently on this on the tax on what happens with men you talk about these situations and then goes meant think. Well I would minded the mice female boss of the when my company were cornering me in pushing me into. A doctor and Stalin tried to have shot and I don't I don't I got all look like I wouldn't bother me a dollar a minute interview and I and my team nobody I wish I you're married guys of course. But there are some mend it don't see that doesn't seem to compute I can apparently measure when I'm like that's all well. I wouldn't like it used to pressure yeah I would I would guess he's gonna think as a way to it'll be him I mean can you imagine I'd be very uncomfortable that happened is that he gave me a gay male lawsuit to be female boss and we feel we have a very proud that we have a very attractive female bosses now not to handle myself okay of FEMA boss I would not like and your way certainly would not like it may be fair and. Did you work in an environment and you were straight man and and and it with a bunch of you know many here who weren't straight and then they were pressuring you all the time maybe that's. That's maybe what it feels more like to be a woman at the woman isn't. Jim and wanting her desiring to have sex with these men that works in an environment where. All these men are pressuring you to do that an object defying you in a way that makes him extremely uncomfortable when you're just there to do your job. Holy smokes my mouth just such a microphone. I have syphilis.