ZRA Part 1 2-23-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, February 23rd

Luongo's emotional speech, NBA harassment hotline, The Loria case 


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What we're. Whatever it wants his or on an amber and yeah you know the world. The field beyond. Woolsey's old one. Some dropping her views on. It was like he has to go up to Boston. Like this so that meant it literally to a gold. It is another no getting and then again I think more than one games here. Amber morning Barbara good morning and are Tobin good morning and you. Then there's one last night in the closing seconds and it newer did they were honoring they were honoring the city apart cleanse it and and our friends and the families at. Marjorie Solomon Douglas stayed didn't have any billboards around the rink no advertising it was all Stoneman Douglas. And they did the 5050 raffle which raises on the money they did that for for Stallman Douglas last night. And you had you had a very emotional all and charged atmosphere it seems. Which was which was really great you know I I don't wanna get into I don't get too heavy early on but IA's so I was very moved by her Berle on the last night. I really was needed did you guys did you see what you hear. Luongo speech before the game last night do you see any of this I did not. All it did you know that he he addressed the crowd yes he he addressed the crowd before the deem and you know it's it's team's first. First night that they just got back to my I guess three nights ago you know. From from nine or ten day Roche have been seeing gold CNET television voice of the Panthers gonna join us in a couple hours here. But in the long realism Kirkland yet the teen had not been back you know that it's an opening goal on this whole volume and and they're the only one of our teams are rule. Actually either lives in Portland or lives close to pour clintons because their facility to practice facility besides the meat does not very far there. This facility is right or their practice facilities in Coral Springs right off the salt grass okay. Their practice facilities very close to Parkland so this is. The the only one of our teams that. Actually lives in that community. And Zaid bin goal on the whole time. And you know some of the players. Live there I don't know Fannie MM you know it is the AG a plane hawk Kyrie on your late twenties early thirties you. Well we don't have kids and high school OK but. You know the you got your kids who go to school in that area they're not going to private school and locked all the neighboring schools down to yeah. Oh yeah yes so you may have some kids who were in the middle school and they were locked out only now. But but but regardless they live in that community. And so that Panthers it was their first game back. Last night and they finally get to be in front of the home crowd and finally gets the little bit active in the community. And Roberta Longo who. You know I think sometimes people forgets. Or maybe don't forget he's not a waiter because the Panthers that's probably that is. You know people are not a waiter Roberta Longo you know for for the talk of guys like you know Udonis Haslem was in. Here when date plane for the heat for fifteen years you know Rivera Longo obviously had a very long stint with the Vancouver Canucks. Between. 06 and fourteen that's nine years that he was eight years that he was in Vancouver. Report Longo has played a total of ten years. With the Panthers dating back to your tooth and would revert Longo has been. Down here for two. Seeds that he's EE he's been your protect ten seasons and since the year 2000. I mean he is. And he's the all time great South Florida athletes like you don't you don't recognize that it's hockey okay. The road Longo is is probably a borderline whole femur. And he is they residents. Of South Florida he spends more than half his professional life down here. And and and last night's they had him address decry how would be you know they get a whole ceremony and everything. And Roberta skated out to to the center of the ice. And and I mean look if he if you know the way Danny's goalies. Prepare for games and that they're nuts okay they're not jobs. And and for rubber along though it's a go on the middle of the ice and addressed the crowd that's extraordinarily. Unusual I mean no matter what you're talking about. It's not like what Udonis has them goes and greets the crowd before the heat team thinks that want to be in season ticket holders and thanks everyone for this and Alec. And a big deal are right to get back on the bench curator played a game these goalies it's yeah. Very very out of their element do that for a game. And and Roberta no I'm not sure if you're gonna be a tell all audio wise to play it if you watch the video. He's he's on the verge of tears the whole time he's very emotional yet a barrel on the last night Tobin. To slow wanna start off by saying that. Would impart when the living there for the last twelve years. My wife was born and raised in that area my kids go to school part when. When I'm done playing hockey columnist and the wildlife and parks and I love that city. Last last week. It was Valentine's Day I was in Vancouver. And obviously we don't know what happened and who is hard for me to. Be on the West Coast I'll be able to. Get back home and and protect my candidates so. No child should ever have to go through it's terrible. It's time for us. As a community. To take action. It's not enough is enough we've got to take out. For the families of the victims. Our hearts are broken through guys. There's no not much to say it's it's heartbreaking. You guys are and thoughts. We've been thinking about you every day constantly. For the last week. And just know that were there for you with you guys need anything you'll be in our prayers. And let's try to move on together. Lots. Two more things. To us. To the teachers at a school. You guys are heroes. Protecting your children. Some of them that it may get trying to protect children and that is shall we what are your rulers and those people. Need to put on a pedestal for the rest and lots. The last thing I want to say is since last Wednesday and I've been watching the news. And I've been seeing what the kids. From Douglas Coleman doing. And I am very very proud of you guys. Doesn't breed. Guys are an inspiration to all of us. And again today you guys are what's giving us hope for the future. Thank you. Okay and and now I suppose an angle on plat that he was great last night in great and they wondered threes a great meeting and and you know he's he's been very good the whole year it hasn't played. Dominating games EEE set when his career when it's irks me new usually share in a lot of times I would just a sales has been hurt and Robert and hurts. Our. You know Andy he he's been hurt 20 belong was at that age or he's aegis is all sorts. And and I I'm almost so I'm I'm almost surprised that you didn't have guys like Rivera Longo. Who wanted to come home. In the middle of that trip. You know I don't pay maybe he didn't want to come and any made a last minute decision zadi you know what a mistake now my wife sees being handled things OK we have family we have help they don't need me. But I and I'm surprised that like what you think there'd be some guys on that trip like I was going home. Amounted you don't have I think Palin members who were directly affected by it. Like you mentions that they don't have probably high school aged kids. Right I guess you are looking at me blankly what I don't know I'm I'm a who's listening to you okay yeah I mean that that's that's my dad. Why American general but you might. I don't think so overwhelmingly the majority of the team I imagine they don't they got a handle on it coming in the Irish had said that that the schools. But it was trying to get preschooler herd to the great time more than news outlets that there was a shooter. In part when because in the beginning soma Douglas wasn't out there it was in part when a lot of the little schools a lot of the preschools a lot of the middle school all those other schools that are even in that area. Were all locked down you were able to get and get out there so a lot of people that were freaking out because I can go pick up my kid. And you're thinking who knows this that this person with a gun is gonna walk over my kids' school so it like it wasn't just people assume and Douglas at supper a lot as well. There was a lot of the neighboring schools and people in that neighborhood that weren't even able to get access to better. Yeah it's and your mind playing tricks on you and playing games with the but you heard a lot of people are communicating a lot of parents or communicating with the kids via text. And all of a sudden the text went dead because. They had no idea their children were alive for their dad or their hiding so there was. There was it was it was pretty pretty dangerous ground targets is safer for fewer hours and. I would imagine any of the players were in that situation they would have. Popped on a plane and come home. Osgood router Berle on the last I really Wallace a I felt a lot of pride that he was able to get up parents speak. For the team and for him when he's he's been here you know like I said he spent a big portion of his career in the middle. Others who stints with the Panthers in Vancouver. But he never last year you know he's always had a home here in being in in in Auckland and say where the president wants to stay after he's done. And and all you know is his wife's from here sun makes Senseo. But he's he's been here since two foul us and he's been here for almost two decades. Again the annual long time enemies think about outlawing Udonis Haslem and Dwyane Wade had been with the heat to me you know a and you go back you don't fifteen years or Earl started the year 2000. It. He started playing with the Panthers a Mac guy is our longest and again stint in between. But dating back to when he started playing for one A split most of its core with the Panthers. And dating back stood distorted his career or heat he has won the ball to ease the longest. Give you know South Florida athletes. By fall. Explore so it was it was cool that he was able to get out there. And speak for everyone else at the last night and and they raise a lot of money and they did a really good thing really really good thing. So sequels even Candace television on the nail wanna hear bowel of the night was likened. All the other course up that the Panthers were aborted due to trying to help another commissioner was there at the arena last night and DA you know obviously he fir needles for support all that. So goalie will join us in a couple of hours now we'll talk to him what I doubled to fund today it's Friday it's a week. I. Kansas hang around to demand. But the big win last night. If you care about it that's really good Washington team first place in their division two of the best teams in all of hockey. And the band as many rounds I mean their five points in don't look at division they no chance but they had their five points back of a wild card spot in the three games and can't. So do the math there. And it's six points available on the despite points back they are right there they are right there so five back three in hands. And Eli is left and it's 24 games lest their their right in the thick of things and tomorrow night against Pittsburgh. Which is is another great teams so really really fun really great night great job by the Panthers idea given up there is a lot of money. Last night's four for the city Auckland and it seemed like a really good crowd to. All right so these Olympics over yet we don't this is coverage over a can do that this is us. Nominally crazy this is us have been preempted for two weeks to meet that demand and this is a strong candidates over Iraq through. And Russia still doping. Leader this morning that are Russian Bob Slaughter now to Scott popped. Look they ticker they Dickau and relatives so you know Mary and non core. Rights. Such Rondo he that's arranged right right right right the right. I wanna say something memory popular dissent. Hammel said right in the bleep and that's going to be in on me reasonably they can't you know ID irritate him by and now -- those are those until she ciccone who's doing the leg extensions I notice that America I would that that was Hussein it's a GG and and that's going to be you know now. So any way you can take it in there that's for its report can't do that can't say that on the radio and I'll do that. The point is they take their sports serious matter what is. I did I did forget to mention yesterday I I do like this Summer Olympics okay. The winds really they don't care about announcement to set literally nods in agreement or the soccer that's Oscars ever mentioned yesterday you know I'll I'll watch though I'll watch some of the basketball with the with the Olympics that's really isn't easy to geared to individuals sporting event usually the Olympics are you picking a team really against elite team. She is god and man but he's a guy. And I don't even love the basketball because about a week we just dominate the basketball it's it's not it's not a you can't deserve better than they were one years ago so OK the game was the US the us is gonna win okay our our guys are a lot better. But I love the soccer. Okay. The Olympics soccer is so good war always huge underdogs all right he got that ailment known for yet. And it's an engine seeds it's soccer played the highest level is so good. I love the soccer I love Summer Olympics soccer summoned to that forgot to mention it comes a guy who's looks lawless the on camera not a day and gone yet and I think last week is last week in the he's done now he's involved in that anymore hair atop the polar area that is that's right that's actually nickname they're up the big goatee Alexi Carrot Top lawless. That's right. Yeah. And. That's why didn't suffer in my let's let it but I thought that's what they qualify as you know like he's gonna reasoner is out sweating qualify that's right. Here back in action tonight the heat are in New Orleans finally get some Basil Basil last night the NBA got back to work last night's. You watch any NBA LSI's salsa and the cavaliers the catalyst they lost on TNT less than a watch Slobodan that. And that's a weird thing it's going on with the wizards right now because Bradley Biehl is is playing great and it's he doesn't lose now that jumble. And how does that make cents. Little tune dal as and when you as we're talking about soccer but we need is saying that the Americans can't win because Alexi lawless is hurts right now es he's he's retired actually I write it carried out these aren't tired you retired recently last week was very confused all right as we knew seniority would you react like 32 yes look at Amelie Clinton did it inspire him I hearing something probably when he did apartments of another apartment. So it's weird thing it's going on with the wizards where you don't we had and stupid but remember we had when when he won top news has sagged without weight. Beater better without wheat. Which one which as of the time. Bogeys wade was still very productive player see Eddie also Reagan recharge your batteries. It is me very practical for the rest of the season now we got past are no justice no wins. No lol why I don't I don't get behind that doesn't mean. I start that aspect are meant references to facts are facts notes it's no justice no wins answer. I I I I'm saying there's no justice then we get no wins. Billy gets confusing hash tag up but tonight really trying to imply no justice. Wins. But no justice no wins implies that if we don't have justice than we can't win. You're usually like is if you're going to be like for an up the next meeting. You Luther picketing stuff like I'm Gunner and nurture chat on the back jolly just no win yeah I would expect you to stand editing on the bench and not winning games no justice no wins you know put justice in. I just is probably really liked had a passion and maybe just started. He's nationally Tobin. Millions of heat critters that I would just one but I don't media via B. Be somewhat of a personality coaches those dog and his diet do you see that now Sam asparagus. Working out I. Us is awesome adorable kids so yeah. And later see you week period way to setting you know let's just let go what doubled to fun and don't get back to work behind that aren't rap album. And more hate than regular. Why are we have sound of him raping you does it claim it's very good copyright yeah it's condor and cutter you I'm sure he'd give you via. Rates apply it on the radio I'm imaginary promotion. You had you know yet to hash tag without wade in which it was silly and and it's a similar type of thing it's going on with the wizards where. They don't lose now that jump up to us also. How could you not want John Wall and end the wizards is they don't lose games anymore Bradley Biehl who was also went out John Wall OK but has a big rule now. And is the one in Cleveland last night cats were hot we know that. And and game room and it's one of those things low income washing gore tot. A week or two ago had to apologize to his teammate John Wall for saying some in the effect of we're better without him. And enjoy the great player he's got like 200 million dollar contract. It's not it's not one of those deals are like he's a ball on understand that every tennis is again and he's either really play her. And I never know how to. Explain that type of thing ever I can never understand it I haven't even better asset without weight. Actually thought they were better those years when wade wasn't playing. I don't know little Adobe fans out there tech series and justice keeps the Winslow. Such a better option. It's kind of word yeah that is a learning tool system and I'll I'll I don't do that now I don't I don't support that I do support though that when the heat have. Oh full. Slate of guys which seems becoming Magruder is gonna play some some rehab type games with the team in Sioux Falls OK and then he'll he'll be back in a couple games but I I do support that when the heat have everyone healthy which seems to be coming. A couple of guys who are currently playing are going to have to be. Sat out the rotation and I do support justice being one of those guys means probably justice wins on the Babbitt or we're going to be hasn't dome light. Lou that is to be a break glass in case of emergency type guy and just who is gonna sit exiting as a better. Mean some guys are not complaining I do support just has been one of the guys who doesn't play anymore. Act can't behind them. You know hash tag we don't want justice playing anymore because he's not gonna do guys. Get pat. Amber's got a bunch Farina. Wake me up. Stay out before every game that meet at 7 o'clock tonight at 8 o'clock start. Get things are the Coral Springs auto mall pregame show I get a go and get ready for tip off post brings normal homo. On the low cost callers that brought you by Comcast business built for business and. Here's what's. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you call. The Florida Panthers defeated the Washington Capitals last night I read it to you church act had the game winning goal with under twenty seconds left. Maybe he returns to action to not eat the NBA's back income. Against the New Orleans pelicans tipoff is set for 8 PM coverage begins right here on seven and the day at 7 PM main man Miami Heat. Game was snowing down. Davis. That is pelicans there is Whiteside who doesn't learn idol Philly we needless air preempt I don't do that anymore the Davis Whiteside stuff I don't do that anymore. We you know we definitely we keep putting us on the zone economist and I don't do that anymore around anymore it's not even a private conversation anymore right walls are done. The the way what I mean by that is I don't do a whole you know it's big time match up. Assigned going up against in Vegas. Saunders and when those matchups. Normally doesn't admit when I'm not only does he not win them he very rarely appears in them yeah I don'ts I I don't know I don't cosigned that part but. Coming here with what it's a big matchup with either book right now doing names of nine point onto Obama do nine -- the entry you know and he had you had a game against and feed with all the trash talk cleanup to win a sign at a summit day in Latin third quarter he like pay. I I I don't among doing that anymore I saw on one. If you could be wrong we could go back and look at the numbers and and and made him bunt. But it feels like every time that I've done that signed no big match up Anthony Davis or bode cousins we nobody's out but. Hassan Anthony Davis huge matchup you can win a match ups man. Now sometimes he'll get his numbers. But when and and make it cumbersome it's like when I say windows matchup like. Alonzo Mourning news to have that title match up. Alonso is also dean out the other guys also stop in the other guy and some dude it's. It is certainly stop that other guy to make it does not site. So since it was to get used to I don't know you know so if you're gonna win that matchup that shorts on like like a lot Zell. Alonso what would maybe get the numbers but he's gonna stop the other god. And and you don't get out with us. You could grieving and Garrett thanks Veronica Alley they use it in the Davis here with. You know cousins out as of late playing that's on the basketball. He's he's a bit of a perimeter. But. Still he's a monster rebounder OK and and you'd like a sunny keep multi glass but you'd be surprised and Anthony Davis has eighteen rebounds and points. I got them talking about you need it. If it for eighteen doing that or assign as the big match ups knighted senator Paul hold devastated not read outs. You know and am I'm I'm not conference that anymore. Ups there's the come for a shot from a bunch Jamaican patties seafood laid out Manila they ocean mostly are the anti immigration you go to America for vacation. I don't like America my job that's for sure. Remember that time. Romberg had the Anthony Davis Hassan Whiteside straight out of the trade trained and rode on the enough diets I was shocked. At a time doing all season yeah that it Davis says that he is intertwined 21. Things governor OK so he announced he's coming here printing that's on in his eyes. After he said he is central towards what new and cool it is eyes said. Perfect yeah so Bausch to rape estimate to. The Needham and he's got he's he's got he's just a platoon of tank now Bosnian ever come back yet on the Miami Heat ran away or at least it can't be the next steamy side that's for shall war but he did go back to his former TNA's. Yet cannot do that. Rodney Magruder will join team the Sioux Falls Skype for worse to get some playing time. Miami Marlins open a spring training today against the St. Louis Cardinals. First pitch from Roger Dean Stadium a set or 105 PM. He's got to leave 85 degrees or go to Sioux Falls and go play basketball right now look at some game time as couple couple games. We gotta get mad teams she wants to do that the gutter and Ella. OK so it looks up to say about all there on a road trip and so batted. You're probably treated like kings Soviet play for the Sioux Falls sky force in Sioux Falls. A filly that's actually not about gang members and your go to mom Paula kettles diner. Every day to go eat some division in and out of a suitcase Ronnie was MVP was a champion with the Sioux Falls sky force and BP. Given everything in my daughter's grown and how drummer. Now. Manny airport to the dolphins will cut I'm sorry the Miami Herald is reporting that the audit the Miami Heat is reporting on the dolphin. Makes a lot more cent in the Miami Herald is reporting and the dolphins which is what they're doing. And there reporting that the dolphins will cut Julius Thomas and Lawrence Timmons as the first of many salary cap moos takes a. And yesterday I was confused because it's the it's grim account of the Twitter account was Miami dolphin. It. An office it was an official Miami Dolphins page but if you look recount it's a Miami Dolphins and like he's cut. He won't be here next year or dislike the hose that what do they do that Ozal a lot of that is really put out of their cut and houses and Wanamaker. Governor is cold blooded dude baser get out there. I ask how would like if that's the way goes out does the dolphins account comes out Julie's Thomas period caught theory cut yet out. Timmons caught price tag you don't go play for the Steelers like you want to you know stuff like that an event Julius Thomas Austin I would make the outs is a little more interest and yet. 21 James. Waste of money. Caught even in the draft to sum up their draft choice Jane's boss by the way you know that right. I definitely don't one year he wasn't a bust but in my remaining years yes he has been sub. 21 Jane is classy caliber his legacy he's a team for four years. And is the initial rookie contract he's slates may nine point three million dollars next year in the dolphins concede that they kind of they're going to cause he's not a good. But. To me it use it got the first round. Specially top half the first round but abuse let's guy in the first round. And you choose not to sign him to a second contract boss. A guy that you slept in the first round has to be a guy who you want to keep on your team once that first contract is on there or bust. Bust. Now doesn't mean that he can have good unless you're believable trade value or your team goes in a different direction that's. You trade a guy to get supplies last August trailed coaching regime change or some Democrats are afraid if you if you choose we are going to get rid of a guy. We're gonna let him walk. Instead of signing him to a second contract. You know these teams the Sony freeagent go is in the fridge and always overpaying for it yet you build you build winning teams by being able to buy buy your your your draft picks being good if you want to keep them. And we signed your own guys have yet I tell you that's labeled the winning teams. It if you if you drafted a player in the first round like 21 James. And you are choosing. Not to sign him to a second contract. Let alone caught it before the first contracts which is what they would be doing. Post income were to become from Tennessee yeah was Tennessee or via a bust. This morning. Let's take a look at your Honda classic leaderboard which is brought to by Edwin watts golf shop home with a ninety day at 100% guarantee is sitting atop your leaderboard for the Honda classic gaming congress and golf clubs men and I'm in physical limits. On the -- would want to Alexander Norton who is east suite and then followed by a much Americans Webb Simpson and Morgan Simpson. Really to Simpson's doesn't make sense of Morgan Hoffman and Webb Simpson is at its current homer Justin Thomas. And Daniel Berger let's bring in there. Matter off. Rough morning so far. Oh not at all like that early and ice I heard the support FL ready to go driving and you might go on yeah thank you got it in yesterday and that's the problem. Mexican app yesterday the first time that we lazy ass again now and still want to sleep early last night. And got an and boy who I mean at colleges and I'm Procter and she's in that Al every now says zero each. There's on the leaderboard which is brought to you by admin the hunt gold stop home of the ninety day 100% guarantee. What he was on the classic leaderboard yesterday. That's not nice does that allow mind jeers and osu went into Oslo. Where I do it. How do you of the leaderboard just know what she had to bring it wasn't her fault at all what happened to lie is 200 beast emailed. Mean. At 730. Here senate majority in the morning and I had already done two headlines by that point doors for many hours. And any emailers has been doing mess but it headlines and enter an 8 AM how might we got into. Passionate discussion about something else and I did not time deployed aboard to. Up all I know is when the big bosses out in your turner where the big boy pants. Kim Betty style and you drop the ball. Pants and a big transmitter Amir Hamad beast them obese too big hand he's sorry or point 33 engines seem. You know would you want you gotta pull in things up and get ready to go you idiot stuff organized man big pants the next boom goes not into the amount. Two Allenby told Greek freeh to complete the 76 Ers. I just goes it's used hampering the players right now I would of their players and tamper with players is saying it wants a couple analysts now. It's. Pants small and seem to be pets your Shane Battier. Money he'd director of analytics in nerd stuff and this was when he was. There's in the broadcast and doing doing color analysis. Her cup for ESPN. Six bullet. Point. When I his outings were really really battle now. I I and by the way I I kid because I loved because they do I do love Shane Battier and and I I hold seem Battie schemes seven Tony thirteen performance. In the highest regard okay in South Florida sports history in the highest regard moon I'd love seeing that emblematic chain. Why do you. It's he was like the athlete guy at the school for the kids you are kids' school did and they were always go to him for a lot of the stuff now. He couldn't wait to pass that torch so now guess who gets stuck with all that you this yet Moses can not there anymore either there now and agencies and out onto that he's the vet obviously did you wizard to someone you hit that guy have made a lot of money in his career. Obviously not because that's not the case because you ain't committed Shane got no man. Yeah bush in Maine is and visionary and a you suddenly get up in his second ago presented to salt. In Visalia. Did you send them there and Romberg we love doing that's. Much more money people made me. Are there on the blogs and there's a high levels of those little empire McGregor appears to put rumors. A way that he of his retirement he tweeted I'm fighting again period he just keeps getting is built strip them. And then it needs trip his belt the labor bill Tobin is Clinton drop off them by the way go on from game seven here Romberg. Shame that he made. Terms of basketball which is not Malibu Kumar money. Right right right he was he was never a guy who signed like long but he saw the guy's contract wanna stop doing what he's doing and you know he's more an election was to forget this in a phenomenal when he was also he was gone he was he was washed by a ruined the game on the equipment. He played it looks like fourteen seasons. That long yet gasoline like everybody that he he boarded know that he thought he was like undermine your guide to sit arms on. I use he was used. And finally. Yes ran ESPN is reporting chippy shots in the summer. Lets you tie green Irving's request. A mystery doubles is sloppy talks templates direct quote from ESPN what does that mean slot is a lot detox the Cleveland Cavaliers are having sloppy talks with. I think they're saying look. Let let's have the same league loose lips in the organization sink ships there as they had the Elliot spit ball and meeting with a light and what do they were should do to make your of those runs it was who renewed her tirade that summer rat in that meeting. Got bored to carry ham and they're trying to trade you also. Harry was like the fact that his name was even brought up in trade and attic got out is it. You know F this element of Prius piano's inventing terms sloppy talks have never know it's almost a quote from Currie she just said that a quote from Gary it's a source. From the Kaz organ is already there and on cut I sodas quote so yeah who's deeper heard the term no sloppy don't know. Sloppy discussion is the actual headline it's. Report carrier ring requested trade after sloppy discussion by cavaliers front office. Diego people my name on the streets that's. Now. That's not so I live my life till as you might it mean Tyreke is a win here on your back and say it's it's the only thing in common you put money on the streets now. It is knowledge idea perhaps like you my name off the streets that's why. We in my understanding here money is on street in real. Well your main street. That's right Ian Marleau. You don't want. Loaded jam. Champion four by fours out Florida's number one Jeep truck and SUV customization shop guaranteed ten hottest. Four by four modifications and towns called champion four by fours 7865023446. Go to champion four X four dot com. Also while pro orthopedic all brought the beat its boards medicines they're job to get you back in the game. With forced out one locations there's one near you go to all pro at Pete suck com for more info. Also my marital Michael Bismarck. Seen as your insurance attorneys called the real by the un German by extending when it comes the entertainment you love X one gives you more change the way you experience TV. With XX and eighty X one so the heat are back in action tonight very New Orleans they take on the pelicans detonated clock game. So I get it started at 7 o'clock good. Did you EC this year that it's the NBA is launching a hotline. To confidentially. Cot confidentially. Reports sexual harassment in the workplace. And this is this is you know coming on the heels of course. Of the Dallas Mavericks and Mark Cuban. And did the terrible shame that he must be going through right now and observed mean you'll. Is sit sit we've been taught us that been an ex whoever couple days you can say what you want about whether or not Mark Cuban new rule about what. You know the CEO was doing and and the actual sexual harassment. But he absolutely knew about. You know home boy with a domestic violence that beat the mavs dot com writer pool emea special agreement with. Two that he can continue to work under his roof has he was trying to I mean it it really is as ludicrous an explanation I've I've heard in regards to these sub situations. Resides continue employing. A a a section a domestic violence offender. Because he wanted to make sure that heating goes some Morales and commit. The same you know act so he's gonna keep them under his roof and under a watchful eye. Me to imagine someone who like like terrible explains it's. So nonsense it's so that I can match Nissan commits a crime like you know day got pick pick. Crime and I don't know whatever whatever crime it is and you're gonna you gonna keep the number continue blogs I don't wanna do gonna commit the crime somewhere else watch. I committed here again hey gaga. Number 1 turnover every morning cursor on the nature he doesn't go and do the same big somewhere else on Monroe key employment here animal law. Jim what's shocking to me is the fact that another big time organization. Jerry Jones is Dallas Cowboys. Has had two different instances whether you're dealing with. Hardy or you're dealing with. On the other running back there what's his name busy deal it they've had to prime time examples of domestic violence disputes. Physical activities. And getting basically you know chastised to outpolled Dallas cowboy community and Dallas downtown area. All of Texas chastising these two guys now you have the same thing happening in your reservation and what he thought of oh you didn't see on emea in the same seem city you're talking menacing our city evidently every day you're opening your headlines for the Dallas newspaper there it is going to be. Securely it's trial or it's going to be hard you want our guys employed in your organization yeah you're right you know as opening the paper reducing. B you mentioned this before Romberg and we discussed as an aide I guess it was yesterday you mentioned Powell. If this was a patent you guys both discuss it of this was you know player this is like a star or something you see this sometimes right divas of players you this time we Ezekiel Elliott. Because of what he means the team and because he has a do you meet skill set. And doesn't you mentioned what's so unusual at this at this is just some mounds dot com writer when there you know frankly a dime a dozen. Not the odd to have any talent to be so nice turnout genre can't get rid of the guy so I mean there's so many people who pay you are qualified to do that job that's why unlike Ezekiel Elliott's job. That's hardly like has a lot of dirt on a lot of people not organization and are you think he's only just a beat writer. Capitals beat writers are hanging around and are talking to everybody and they got buddies they animals just like agents have malls. They doubles in the organization that know exactly what's going on on road trips they know what. The note to people working in those offices are doing on the side that that's that's probably my guess why McDyess continually employed. To what amber was saying there is just it's so easy to make the right decision in that spot if you're QB and and when you're Jerry Jones with a hardy situation it's a lot harder to make the right decision because. I was a reliable and either. It is scenario I'm not suggesting that it's OK in any two Wacey performed sushi and about sea island that guy situation when your player. But it's it's particularly odd per boss to even think twice when you're talking about a position. That hole at people can do when you're talking about a position on a football you literally have to think twice a lot of practicing twice a minute this story didn't come out a few days ago. Dude still is so bizarre. Asked her and you know if I. I don't understand how they employed him after a the first incident that he pled guilty to buy it. And was arrested on their facility at the rat in what's out with a good rested at their facility and then couldn't do his job. These he couldn't travel with the team to Toronto was the best I read are very very weird and bush expanded for him to do it against an actual a fellow employee. And then to also retain its job I mean it's so bizarre it's not like he has on his residence not a magic pen and he had on his resume from twenty years ago and you had some explain senior inner view of how you've changed and how you. In album and sought help or whatever I mean it wasn't like that these incidents were happening while he was with the map apps. It's very similar to the Tino right leg of Morgan believes that. That Tino did not know about. The sex parties and what have you with the recruits that he can't know everything that that's going on on his campaign is really only lead. A nobody but it I mean I can't believe like I could see what are you may not know everything is because turning a blind dive maybe that's why. But if it pitino. Is is not to know everything that's going on. I absolutely believe that Cuban is it can possibly not know everything that's Augusta any limits CO. It's not the same position. Is that the same position Martinez. Arguably the pitino's position is much more closely related to everybody under him that an owner's theoretically. But just Howell. I mean I ordered isn't it an owner owns the team and owner isn't necessarily there every day action working for the team were it's obviously with Tino he. It is I guess just how much of eligible watchful eye can you keep on all of your all on all your players on campus and all throughout the city. How are you expected and I guess you are expecting. Plus I find that he's back here in the top of the top. I mean that's and that's the way the perky call cookie crumbles sometimes but it's. Where did this Mark Cuban story regarding this maps dot com writer we know you know I mean he's admitting he'd. He's not a question of what was he supposed to know he was fully aware he is so it Arab everything that went on with this particular individual to very. Odd it's very embarrassing. End and for aid. All I saw this Jesse to a forgot about this I'm ready shore. If you go back a few years ago. The mavericks were that team. And you and I believe there criticize sport of the time. They are that team that was putting out that program that basketball one on one for women. Where they were doing course it's they would do and they were they were they were offering up training courses basketball one on one for women. Four for female. Dallas maverick fans they were offering up training courses to teach women. About basketball which is all kinds of ironic coming from that organization what we known that. Well that's the thing with Mark Cuban from what I understand is that Mark Cuban is prairie. Pro women's rights in varying as daughters and and a wife and I think he only has daughters and ushered he has any sons. And from what I heard. Somebody discussing yesterday on ESPN dot those are. Causes that Mark Cuban apparently holds very nearing steered as part he's very vocal when it comes to women's issues and supporting women. This obviously is it then particularly odd that you would take that position. And that you would take the position that you're all about female empowerment because you have daughters and your wife that you love and then he'd be. Keep maintaining the employment of a guy who beats what. You Texans show on the close rings are multi text line 67974. In regards to our conversation on Hassan early as our. How many times and Alonzo Mourning stop Shaquille O'Neal once it's goody or use use one of the best players of all time. OK if we want him nightmare random team one of the best players and most unstoppable guys of all time alleys on Alonso Sasha. And if you wanna. Have that congress to have that covered Asian governments anybody who played the lead against Shaq. You know what it would not asking her son to have. A great defensive performance. Every single night we're just talking about returns and on about 350 woods yet as to call once in awhile go up against Anthony Davis and hold him to a sub par game maybe you'll be tonight's. Maybe he'll be tonight but I mean what what a stupid example how many times and Alonso shot down Shaquille O'Neal who won once it. What Shaq but Shaq. You stuck in this who has Sig Booker before Winslow. Or does mistake. I haven't all the time in Indian drafts and any sports science and its twentieth when it comes perhaps happens all the time man. GSE broker's suggestion for the three point contest those good idea yeah I liked it but a lot of people didn't arsenal practiced yet you get your own passer. To kick out threes do you like the home run derby I don't like it. Why Booker said that war game scenario Booker said that it could be a friend or family member somebody who's important to you that right to choose their own so that makes the three point contest a little bit more special Saddam they edit it got to choose are on a personal arises that breached while I like it. I like it I'll I don't I am glad you like it because Jolie. Put out a poll. It was her. You know Hollywood to Hollywood on and on a podcast Hollywood put out a poll and I was surprised that they voted minute and a light did but the overwhelming majority of people or voting that they did not like the rafts. Like I could address or glory that's a tax. Is the best that there's nothing boring about the. Yeah nothing boring the racks are part of its. Iraq's nodded just heard Booker who complain about a ball out of these complaining he sees making a suggestion some meetings we better wait points in the ground in Iraq was horrible through my. Because they don't grab from racks when am I saying they have somebody. Passed them to do when they're practicing so that's why I like is ideally this is how they practice. Let's maintain how these guys practice a problem become better in the contest was at a vehicle story whoever they chose. To pass it's not going to be so. And Sloan. Guess some Brothers and father gobbles the ball and it. Fascinated to als that would be all part of it that would be a part of a strategy it's a player you have to choose wisely seat probably be choosing somebody who you wanna. You know give that position two for some reason there's a specialty you know or their support a cause you wanna support or whatever the case may be that NASA be somebody who's related to them. But you also. In the why you also takes strategy Ngo accounts. You know you got the ball boys were trying to catch a rebounds the ball isn't. Ricochet back out the shooter beyond the rest freeze there are trying to make sure that my lines and all of a sudden you got some dope who's running around with you Pasadena ball get in the way I. I gonna be a dope. Eric has passed and it's your ankles okay. That Iraq doesn't pass it's you rankles Iraq all possible. And take when you race issue what does that make a wish child or some things still don't value back to me into. Lets your listeners to make decisions greatest possible we recently sent out a survey by email to all the members of our insider club we wanted to take it. If you're not a member of our and our club. He joined now by logging on its agonize dot com more recent survey out to you along with some news of the rom dog you know all right there you go can't go wrong America. Do you think has him. Increasing. The amount of people don't let sign up to do the survey. I'm still. We care about your opinion on am 798 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket so please take that survey for us so what's gonna happen now. Jeffrey Loria. Apparently lost like the org you know Jim Gloria slash Marlins like they lost the hearing yesterday. They lost the hearing about. You know whether or not they need they know that apparent. Well they didn't know they didn't lose not yet and they just lose a hearing and I haven't had a chance I never lets her bring us up this early Evan attempts to fully agreed that it didn't they just. Didn't the judge just ruled that it's there that there is no. This is just imagine the burden is on him to prove. That he didn't make a profit from this and that so far he hasn't provided them the. OK there was a deal if I just the first step yet the voting him out in the case as there was apparently Jeter's lawyers. Showed up and violate his they cut them you're not. Sitting like on the defense bench. There are sitting behind as if they're watching the case but I supporting. We're up while losses in the judges like. Media are really you are already portable as they bought the Marlins so that they bought the guests who have that for to determine is that ever the you'd be liable party. In this case so and I'm confused I hear explaining us anyways what his lawyers or lawyers Sharon in the case that doesn't make any sound they showed up to court all day his car in his lawyers for what his lawyers who represented him in the sale you mean you got. You got. Lawyers lawyers lord is lawyers. You got Jeter's lawyer and member of the Marlins don't exist in a few days ago making it very clear on dairy and that the case has nothing to do with them right the judges saying. Kind to us. Weeks so they'll lawyers who rappers and the current marlin you know show her you're saying the judge said that they have to be involved and okay. In the morning and it would make the case in the courtroom there named but they were acting in the courtroom like we're just here to watch and it analyzes and racing and they are not in Balt and it's it's like. Are you watch a part of this too. Part of its league and I know they are named in the lawsuit are you named as the panhandle. Are people that have purchased stolen goods often and they're named. In the lawsuit colony is suing the current. Ownership as well the galleries in the doing as many eons yes Katrina I don't know that's right pay your time a name or title and us senate panel but. That's why the Marlins released a statement if you're party in the seat there's no there's no reason Blake Tobin saying that they would be. Sitting behind its. The meat out that look and think that there are not a party to Massoud a minute. They release is Dana says they're not here at the county brought the suit February 16 in Miami officially join the complaint on Tuesday. The Miami Marlins a company Loria formed when he on the team as defendants. As is Marlins team Kyle accompanied Jeter and partners formed to buy the franchise not to. Yeah and this comes from Doug thanks Twitter account who was covering the case. Lawyers for Derek Jeter's Marlins. Are here rental Laura Marlins and Jeter Martinez declined apart spin the hearing even though when asked by the judge to come forward to sitting in the sector a bench behind Lorie is lawyers. Sounds like lawyers lawyers were brought both the buyer and seller. Move there where legendary you're being sued yeah EA you gotta come freebies like not. Being sued over the I mean that's not a having seen the kids and hopped out of water. But not come and sit on defendant spent a bright you're watching I'm not be in suit Europeans. Good move. I assume dieters may supporting get behind. You in trouble in court. Right now I'm not enjoyable. Trouble. Should watch. This show apple what are Zoho to resonated in to showbiz the lawyers to turn on his charm. Representing and so are we were so. I don't look it's because my business savvy OK I I don't understand though why you why didn't white Jeter. Jeter Marlins I don't understand why it is a have to be part of anything. Involving Jeffrey Loria and the money that he's made with the Marlins and I don't understand on. You don't because they're the ones who sold to the Marlins so I suppose. I don't I don't quite know white they would be that any this is why I would like a little more time Daschle and just as I can explain it TO. I I don't quite understand why they would be being sued necessarily. I guess they're gonna share lawyers now with the lawyer Gloria lawyers are going to wrap presents. Both parties which is an interesting as well basically mean the lawsuits gonna be about. Whether or Gloria made profits off the sale and so you would want the paperwork from both sides of the deal. All old glory just looking at people after he makes the one point two billion dollar sale on telling anyone who's who want to listen to make any money. I mean it's an amazing set of balls writes is that that respect to that comment from a loophole man you got you Scott you got to put some respect on his name W but they found an unbelievable loophole they really did in the effect of Miami's didn't catch it is this crazy this into a team. War is because Miami Dade's claiming that the Jeter group is ultimately responsible for paying the profit sharing proceeds if Gloria refused stereo so that's why they that's why they are associated dot com saying what I order if you are saying that there are going to get their money it's either going to come from Lorie are Jeter they think that year's camp. Has also because Jeter's camp have high as the sales agreement makes a profit sharing obligation but Gloria responsibility. And and so Jeter except that liability for the off. I'll sure fashion I noticed on all kinds of money. Yes sir care crisis is settled into a cup that you don't it sounds like it sounds like when you buy a new home and the people who lived in the home before you didn't pay the water bill. And so now if you wanna have your water bill turned back on and off you'll have to cover what they didn't take that happens every one when you buy a new home cut it sounds like it. Zale the money. But it is to get paid and you're gonna have to pay. That's it sounds like he's going on here with. The Marlins Loria is being a scumbag and Jeter and the Marlins are going to have to Culver. Can not hold an up his end of the deal because the deal but the deals like that with the Marlins OK and Lori and the Marlins anymore Jeter's now Lamar Owens Sherman is now Lamar. It's. I don't know that's true I I think that the deal would be with. Like how they're suing team co witches. Which is very G your company I mean and not none of these I don't know what the what's the name of glorious company being sued a season that's coming is that the bad end up you know obviously owning the Marlins but not the Marlins saw his name of his company's double crossing wire. Olympians who you're being sued. I'm here watch you offended I'm not a defendant. What do you don't so another. Chronicler of and what's so I'm speeding you're speeding what's odd about this is it when you do I mean you sue everybody you can. An order to try to collect off somebody but than typically ME they would have. They would be adverse to one another I don't understand why they'd be sharing. Reuters with the laureate thing and I don't quite understand that I understand why they wouldn't. Let me amazing. You're speeding ticket and taking it to court shall sit behind the bench is is that as though you got a sub here's your turn we just called is not how does Mike are sub zero logic yeah I can speed you spat. My guilty that's you're guilty. You watch what users want them part of the lawsuits so you could end up. Getting hold of their documents as well remember when you need to do you it was a subpoena documents without somebody being there or not there yeah. But it you know and it probably as important as we give them a deposition and everything but ultimately they don't want those documents out there so those lord's gonna come in the peace toll roads. To leave this alone. I mean I would you typically I mean intimately everything settles before it goes to trial. And you would think that Gloria what do party and concerns about that which I mean obviously he hasn't presented them with the proper. You forget their if you were told by somebody hey. Where the cops are gonna show up or you know right right right and I got toward bright orange knuckle on all of sudden shows yeah I did a onetime 1000 school 1000 college cup soccer shops like July shall mobs to defend myself I Sarah and I Ellen he's he's right there infamy. And and man I mean I'll I was not ready for them and I I and publicly and eats literally eats and he's got in front of the judge like what's his visit on. Around defense and say I'd social anyone to mimic and there are a process they have bullets at. It's speeding I looked at a Raza site current judges are sort what's the problem sir Paul. Don't let us and I got a ticket for 18 miles over the speed limit and an Eagles a first of all mr. armored nobody's gonna get a ticket for going eight miles over the speed limit. I just thought to that officer over there and he said you're going nineteen over the speed limit and forty or something like that he lowered it for you and I just looked over and Osama executes. If he should not edited and I thought it was loaded up shows up your staggered read mine was like yeah. Cargo gets the more people off the streets. Michael and I get the case for the cop doesn't show up they'll save that cup doesn't she know the thing to do what was right here yeah kinda court dated a boat don't go away. As is some cut the seven bucks as a result time from go to court denied it later on cap and the second time around it a waste of time go on the court idea I thought I was gonna. On how I got a good lawyer I got a good lawyer around if rain anymore I never shall. Yeah I got a good I got a good lol how about if ruined my whole idea is right to the keys to do it too dumber Roca and I was like you know what avenue resident. A commerce in town I thought my name might go a little in antiquated Alienware married to him that. In February were down there I got a good I got a good lord takes care and now Muller's take Howard. He handles on anything disturbing to me too is all some. And it was all left for me. I. On their off cocaine in my glove box that you pulled over fake outs Jimmy out they know the lawyers started ticket clinic I think yeah I PV legislator ever come out of Miami law do. The lawyer who started the ticket and I got another fake out. I shook him bleed together it's a trap similar some of them at a high school people on all traffic lawyers a lot of travelers make a ton of money. How than reversible I gotta be in bed with the red light camera because they're him like half the price that they did we gallery. I can I I could never tell like I thought they were legal and I'm still in the tickets Sino lion I'm getting the tickets as well there are legal. Amber's got you headlines next including restoring pregame speech last night from Roberta long though.