ZRA Part 1 3-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, March 12th

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The access long runs and end. Miami Hurricanes snapped a three game losing streak in defeated Notre Dame 77 to seven before flying lock for the fourth led Miami with nineteen points and hookah. He's doing do. There you go and go there you go fourteen points eight boards to blacks pale looking. Meaning hurricane dean line coaching jammed credit Craig cooling gals teach their corner and. When a few hours more impressive element and doing to tell the truth of person you ripped that thing apart houses like hell yes good job and temporary Gelman of Italy each and I'll break it got me. Because I was preparing for the last name not so much. On 790 the ticket. Everyone that's around that amber did say Monday morning neat twelve. Morning of march could Debbie Ford Hamburg good morning good morning Robert morning new. Tony's outs and a slim is running the show. Or is actually in Iraq tomorrow night. So anyway we are a lot to get to from the weekend a lot of sports against whoever you're having fun non ending ending injured staying in the Wilson manner. They do anything on the street. Particularly really ironic he's cancer fitness thing yesterday. Which was nice it was a nice cause all right sometimes schedule charity you know many had to cut off. That is keys yesterday. When I'm there for lunch every weekend every what are you went on the launch of the hell does that mean. Just drive down a lunch I had three funerals on Saturdays or two ago and then so Sunday we we're born on. Just not this weekend against her like you have to go no matter what have to go. Your voice sounds like he did some vehemence yesterday headlines that what you have to go a little bit. Or how you have to go like I don't know how. How this works is driving down to the afternoon I've ever driven down there and been down there for just for the day to feel like just total just per day announced. Reexamine. And it's amazing now but but to go just for the day for a few. How does he goes to Key Largo and you'll run out Miami I'm a moron I'm losing death Baylor as a South Miami. So it's not that bad at this hour on the door yes not bad it's like an hour it yet it's not it's not like when you drive to Key West or something that's a is that. Now it's quite giants are Oxford when you say oh over the keyboard like Geary one of our sales guys serves me at Texas the day. One of the keys I need some names are restruct smells like. Yeah which he it's three hours long man yeah hours longer than any pressure there a lot of key ease some of it are you looking are you talk about the area that I live in are you talking about just the wrong and minorities or holy q.s socially. Pay among go to Canada he was present a unique response Foreman I ain't mine and I. The average he's even better I think Jackie running q.s is a really good time your city or a series average teases its very relaxing and three apple. And on camera that's where that paper. Salary I do certain things are awesome drummer is one of those guys who can't miss Al. And I was seeing since Thursday DJ Williams posting videos with him and Vilma. Out on boats fishing down of the keys and I knew that Romberg were sitting Charles Blair at home watching those videos just doing that he couldn't be there. Here's the thing not only did. I not participate in that massive mass is the biggest fishing terminal world. But only daughter biggest purse not only that I'm not participate in that I didn't have any fun at big dinners parties. All that other stuff. And I also of the play dad and mom for like the last five days six states soldiers are you gonna that it's been it's been a pain in the nets. It's been a giant pain yes. It sounds like your weekend. And Dallas site but it's like don't end there tiger equitable ways on the open down early you learn it well and of well. I'm curious as how about my weekend. Crazy you gotta love the third event after he came oh yeah you know it's like it's funny I did go to the match did go to Levitt's art events and. I did not think you're gonna make it like Nvidia dot that you're going to now I know that you had been invited. Play that by the time I think about a tiny red heat game in that you're actually meet its I I didn't. I always impressed by you re now he's others called win those is downtown now it's stuff that's known Greenwood and what are its right you never AME all downtown CNN's Brent for for live so close to the arena that it. That and towns when woods and I went door to your guy. I'm total five no. But were Winwood is year 305. I'm the real five. I will not get out of here. And so after the game on Saturday night yeah I went to Levitt's our demands and and I was thinking to myself. I mean it's it's been years. Since I've gone somewhere after somewhere. Yankees you'd never been a leopard ordinary department out now. Put it had been years. Since I'm due in some than I am going from something. To another somewhere. And that's what I did on Saturday night's. And I got to love it's hard inventors at blackbird ordinary it's cauldron and it was I I really good time it was it was a great events this acts. So it was Don Rickles limbs timing yet and you want cameras on Brent is an out when what you know that's not when this just wasn't him win would. Miami I that was in wind played some pretty cool downtown Miami I told you I I you do you don't know downtown are the same bank girl's real -- it's downtown so de LAU. A rat yes but is not the same thing and. So that's or was a Saturday was that does Blackburn ordinary places hat. And and Dan and his brother put on day's events they are raising money for sure there arisen when exported perfectly honest with you. But it would raise money for her for a pet rescue. Oh okay so there ego. And there were sound a bunch aren't there and obviously tickets and the proceeds and and all that new law. And they had a bunch live music going on some local bands who play in. And arrogance not so it was happening when you out there all he oh yeah yeah I think I think what what I left it soared to shut down I believe OK like I got there right before the last. You know band was gonna play. And show yeah just bands and I should I show edited down that's out roles you know. The door and people thought you know sunny side of Pat Riley you're my gears and they are on sat Manila. I don't know bye Geiger the side door Debbie entrance okay now. Speaking of doing something after something. You see what time the pre game is for the game around Portland. Are. You doing that inevitable as fronts for eight years do. I am not. About not. I am I am out this week until Friday crime not doing tonight or when I saw that I don't Friday night a Friday nights and neither do pregame tethers on and on Friday. That's right time resident Mike that's did you tell them about her off because. Of the West Coast yeah. Daryn and I know I told I told them get used to what I'm gonna be doing next year because of the permanent daylight savings can JC not doing these games. Yeah it savings is over the weekend that's forever may be may besides upper shore yet but Kobe forever. I got in my heart does morning and is at 4 AM and actually definitely that it is at the 55 running. Got in my car this morning because I hadn't changed I met. But hey you know in my pardons and doesn't automatically update it man that is disorienting. Yeah I mean I looked at my clock in my car and Mike we. Yeah yeah and bowed again to make sure. There's a proper time. Have you ever have you ever. Gotten out in the middle of the night and got ready for work or school and the time was wrong and it was like the middle at ninety at one time. One time that happens one time I got out pins are getting ready in realized that I was like three hours currently. I did once in high school. In high school. My house muscle I don't remember it well what happened. But I guess is that my house lost power so you know all the alarms on your radio clock radio set to midnight automatically my arm and you put your alarm on before you go to sleep in my seventeen or eighteen years old. My alarm went off and bother to look at what time it was it was midnight. Us weekly hour and a half two hours maybe oh yeah okay so now and I I would answers upstairs I shall world news or even try to combat ready to go. Hand and her lawyer so tired and I come downstairs and I sealing the time like in my kitchen what time it isn't like holy crap sentiment before. Shallower at midnight get ready for us. Cool that is so annoying to you shower and you just got an up. And then realized it now or never it would have been awesome nice job they're I have hours left asleep right that is our in every. Yes and no head all night. He's been able to go right back to sleep no matter what like I can go I noticed lead all on keel but I do a lot of coffee every morning right. I did a lot of coffee I'll go home from the show and go right to bed. I envy your little problem lot of days I mean most days that are in Nevada to try to nap there are lighting and populace has for the error a lot of days like this last week. I didn't nap until I think like this Thursday I was a written you know I was I was really tired towards the end of the week two weeks are wearing on me these hours. And I do they laid down into stares at all Allen on an out sleep I'd I can't not I have a really hard time minute. No problem no problem. But no I am not do any team tonight I'm not do when he came on Wednesday and doing it on Friday exits and it's Friday and Karen Thomas. By I am educated you don't on the Internet and three years. Palestinians are low prices are. It's hard at it like you were doing the pregame that's why is there's nowhere does the appropriate time. I'm not doing tonight I'm not till Wednesday. Mom and Tommy title handle the duties there ego make sure you still tune in our lot going on here there was a true raid over the weekend. There were wins over the weekend or the other or there are turning seeds over the weekend or next. Yeah well you know at 6 AM. Had a chance here to 1000 dollars a threat to its man cave money contest but every hour you got that opportunity. And at 715 and argued queued calls you're listening to. Saturday night's heat win. You heard me give up the sharpshooter of the game that's coming up at 715 leaving opportunity went to get to an upcoming heat home games so there you go out. Well I guess the well there there a couple big stories okay the draw obviously injury trade it is is the major story we spent a lot of time. On the show talking about that of course stars Landry trades and the Cleveland Browns for a couple of draft picks including one coming up next month that you got heat. We get a game they had to have data just trash Washington Wizards on Saturday night they scored a season high. A 129. Points they shoot 60% from the 4000 out Hassan Whiteside OK coming off that. Monster game against Philadelphia oh Whiteside hurt his hit that morning. You know mis probably not gonna play tonight spot. Likely see him sometime before this trip. And but he get a game that they had to have on Saturday we'll get that coming up to the hurricanes okay the hurricanes are number six seed in the south region. In the NCA turn amends and man has a big time win for Jim Larranaga because. And I I certainly was uncertain whether or not assume is going to make the tournaments okay and then a couple wins later a way to UNC. And today they were a lock OK and despite not winning an EVE they would wanna gamer too in the ACC tournament he won have been higher than a succeed. So that's that's a real you know in into the error. Side of the bracket okay. Applied seeded Kentucky. Who just won the SEC tournament. You know the keynesian they won a game. In the AC term exit lost right away in the quarterfinals UNC greens would not have been ranked higher than the team. That they were not seeded higher in this image just won the SEC tournaments so. That's a big time win for Jim Larranaga war you weren't sure a month ago there are going to make the tournament. And net they're out there on at eight seed which I thought it could've been as low as the not so there are six C okay. So detains I I think you're happy about it NPR hurricanes fan now you know you're sixty unions right away after the first round playing good teams. Okay you would you probably matchup Tennessee. If you windup. Winning your game. This Thursday night sticky here it is this Thursday OK one of times notes times for our teams down near the canes are 310. On Thursday which coincidentally. Falls. Right smack in the middle of when the limits are shows doing their event. Yet that's that's that's that's life right there that's why I was thinking we might as rousing military event was in Winwood because deal undeterred event this this week isn't when went on Thursday when they're doing that beer event. At JW hurt but hesitated waiting for Jay Wakefield brewing. That is a that is that is very lucky and cool very cool it's cool so the event they're doing. The hurricanes it will be playing their events adding two to five and McCain's lead at 310. All right on Thursday came to play and loyal Illinois okay. You have. It is sixty as well. They're playing the winner of one of the plane games OK they're playing the winner of saint Bonaventure UCLA. And that is 10 late ones on Thursday. A US is playing at 9:57. PM on Thursday night Brett I'm that is a late one. All right I'm Emory say not that. 957. On Thursday name it's. IMac and it's not very often that. Well because I'm not I'm not here. On Friday so I don't know that they Symbian today aka I met in May it may be worth a thousand Florida State is also playing yes stream really. Billion doesn't happen very often that all three of the big schools there. In Florida Florida State they are nine seed and they are today there on different. Different regions okay canes or south of the seas west Europe is east at a U denying their claim Missouri. And that that 950. On Friday. So pains in the afternoon Thursday US late Thursday and at this you late Friday. So there you have and appears in this kind of thing okay you number one seeds you VA that's an McCain's bracket you VA's number one seed. Villanova is the number one and Florida's brackets. You guys. Who was Kansas is a number one and the number one hand at this use racquet is Xavier scenario does youth port number one seeds there. Not gonna break it down Vietnam I area mentally that's for for rom coming up in a few segments spoke at some little odd that already for you already to go. Amber's got your headlines way to come up next it's the difference. You know when your broadcast for professional sports scene and you know making you get Tuesday Ollie I'll mom officer may come off a two week. And the markets cancer and at 6000 dollar man gave money contest every hour between six aim at 5 PM Monday through Friday Elizabeth coat award tech city. This 72881. You have a chance to win the money you need to build the perfect man came out. Messaging and data rates may apply don't text and drive this is a national contest. And we are getaway man gave money on AM seven idea FM one a four point three HDT this guy not to when he came timeouts in the game tied. Wednesday on some good Eli then when you said that you can't take off Revere broadcasting for professional sports team all the toxic chemical on vacation like Monta we don't know I'm on vacation we know when you take vacations each either yeah today. The fact of the matter is I've said this many times in Korea and and I'll I'll say this every time that this comes up between that between the radio show. And and the heat broadcaster dying it's it's a no brainer. TV talk show is 1000 times more born. Yeah this guy. Yeah the auction is more important how I interviewed on the show and not done the basketball game every I know how do we know you still did not know how broadcast that he always is convinces an easier person those that we are more important than him. Nobody in doing that doing the heat game. Is go into a hair my ability to do a talk show are doing and. Doesn't he told her daughter's sweet teacher daughters is not to listen to what a man says but to listen to what a man dies because men will be gentle sort of boldly about how much they care about Q. But it's their actions that really speak lakers' word of the sorcery that women constantly played 24/7. You have a mind game we have no heroes are Crying Game we have really where I'm tell usually child good to remind you teach your daughters this he'll begin life. That was doing that ain't that men do where he's whisper house we not been he's telling us what we want to hear is telling us so baby means so much to me here my number one of them and let his actions would show otherwise. Fears because they feel it can be in a good worker yearly guide things did you last week that I like I I'd I'd stuff to do the beginning of last week were missed Monday in Tuesday's radio show OK but. That had nothing to do with me not being able to work in the evenings and late I screwed you know or else I'll support it nightly what what are. While I take the whole day off when I only need the morning so I still war. Monday June. That's sort about it your puppy doesn't constitute an impediment is it's that my puppy okay it's not my daily order that's what it's about. And I didn't get burned remains up early. And make on. With rom every time Romberg talked about you petting your puppy it's really awkward for me. I misjudged how hotly populist as. I should tell you Dow. Over the weekend hopefully everyone's tuned in right now and not hey you know about about students thirty minutes now to give 53630. In your all set with your daylight savings and all that's. Which by the way what is consortia light on it like. It and now some like that. And are now before it's euphoria but this is this is the permanent all this gloomy out. Libya that Florida once again it hasn't happened yet but it's I mean it's very close to two happening okay where. We we set the clocks forward over the weekend. And we here in Florida Maine never touch the clocks again that's possible that we're never going to it's not a thing yet. But it's very possible that it's going to pass and while why not well I don't know. It's like in hell we use specifics. OK so not to do that's. I I will tell you that I know for shore. That people who. Who need to be in Tallahassee. To stop this thing from a sports perspective. All are trying to stop it. I can tell you I I don't know outings goes or what but it if if you're curious like made OK or be angry like me I should say. That this hold daylight savings part of daily savings. Is going to school all of our sports watching this Italy for the heat Marlins and Panthers not as much of the dolphins but it's certainly for the heat morons and can't there's. If you're concerned about that would tie it into a nightmare OK I I can tell you that people who need to be on its. Law or hornets and tried meant and done. I'm losing did. He sort of got this weekend now and sound Blake other people are very excited about the change we were to which every discuss I would have been blessed or odds for this job just generally in life I think most flirting you know accounting to stop the sports port and wrong when. Does a great. That's been established. This sport sport it's it's a whole disaster. Outside of its. What I've no idea what would not agree that it's very good thing outside of that put sports related very very back. All right now let's give it chance 1000 box to tickets man paid money contest your chance eagle a thousand dollars and I got to do sex or would it. Eight to 72881. If you don't win this I'm your next chance adopt necks our national contests message and Darren may lied don't tax and drive. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WSS best HD true Miramar. Jarvis Landry. He's now Cleveland Browns. He was traded to the brown is 4820184. Round pick and how nasty 197. Brown picked. How mad as he would though where JG I was cents compared door he was cents I mean coach eights stage ice and in the Philly coach hates me I'm in Cleveland. I'm not search terms under prayers I think there's Landry and I can't bring you got to care personally and they get by you guys you got to care for a second. He's going to eat well first I going to get paid anyway he's getting sixteen million us you know. Find it ironic and every single. Giant South Florida sports figure that we got going on currently. It's gonna Cleveland. Every one or two LeBron James is settling wade. And germs like denies this there every 131 how many there are big big guys we have reliable stands enemy stand went to New York. On our way through baseball. And it's not it's not that strange because obviously the promise from Cleveland's and then two ranges went there because of LeBron yeah. Did Al Z LeBron and you know go to Cleveland Michael rug in dots and Jarvis he has the dolphins had to trade with the team that the head these picks to get away. And was willing to pick up that contract. Mean at what other big players have left us. Over the last however many years. You know I got lay out a locality Vernon's he had big player and hitting Cleveland either but I don't count on NB a big player like who's who's and it was a big guys that left. One of our teams. In general I don't know of any superstar players as I was the man trouble thinking about it. But if he chose to go to Cleveland and free agency Amy was treated to leave right right and there's only so many teams ever be able to pick up that franchise. Did you undoubtedly have. Rhetoric he's on Cleveland. On of all places we've. At least ox man frame it doesn't might services anger about advanced premium themselves out in the Cleveland Browns uniform in bed Oliver socially. And cleared it seems overly rightly. Death that's three got a check your mindset out it's like okay I'm willing to go and leave this place who's going to be paying me what three million dollar different. Or offer a thirteen minority only all we. He'd have a choice with where user retrain my name also I'm we have no idea what what kind of contract he's gonna sock on or something certainly there's there's like a RR. Your sermon dolphins the dolphins are reportedly offered thirteen or thirteen and a half depending what report you read. On a multi year deal right right on a multi year deal he turned that down and and so the dolphins traded him to the browns animals see you in the browns are able to give them a long term contracts. All say is willing to sign all it is here if you're Cleveland you can't although as you hand immediately give a fourth and seventh. But it's it India Cleveland GA you know make in that trade if you're knocked on what you already spoken the agents he got a ball mark as far as what the demands are. They you know you have to pay immune ya gonna make that trade. To have him for one year. OK so that they're gonna wind have given him what he wants. He'll be paid like one of the top wide receivers in the NFL all I want it and he will not produce like one. It probably not although I mean. But that Brown's team is made some moves and you really look at that Brownstein. May not be as terrible this year think again Od company is terrible considered a single game this year so I'm pretty sure they won't be as terrible yes there's only one way to go or you can match your performance from this year that would be as terrible. So yes it is today is Kelly they are going to. Win games this neck yes season and they will they really need admits I mean it has been interesting there's been a lot of dolphins fans on Twitter opening up the putting up the rosters and comparing the dolphins the Brown's singer to really some plans and how much worse. Don't care per browns browns won zero games this year and and and now right now folks you wanna get on the tips adage obviously entry Tyrod Taylor. Get the hell out. You movies on their tip but in terms of I acting like it's the most miserable situation for early Andrea not and I shirts up out of the amateur is that terrible the situation. Is my point the way that there are turned may make moves and trying to yeah woody suitable there a budget landry's. Obviously landry's focus was getting paid a certain mammy Landry wanted to be one of the top. Receivers only in terms of his pay and it seems like he's accomplished that goal. Look maybe I'm taking a more simplistic view by being rated CNET has won zero games thanks a lot. I mean here's if you're still worried about eighty he would have to again those thirteen and development it's now I think he's probably. Happy about getting ready I can't exactly happy about that I got this. Obama yeah noble was clearly the money anytime. Ports the last couple years. You'll mile that's exactly why number one Fermi would necessarily be always be money rate but it. Some people it is a means a mile all you care about his every dollar of that which is totally reasonable it's going to get a career short. So makes sense also maybe prioritize it's been a mixed double timing Cleveland you know eventually he'll be able to a retired back in Florida or everywhere being. You know it's it's like what what I rather where rather make the money then time to meet personally when I rather make the money that Americans do a talk show. Right here okay in in in South Florida where I've lived my whole life and it's really nice and like a lot war. I can get paid it. Let's even let's even say a lot more money although which obviously in a situation is not a lot more but let let's just say a lot more money I'd get paid a lot more money. And I got to do my radio show not with you guys I got to leave my teammates behind Purdue radio show by myself. And I got to do it like to peek a Kansas like. I'm going to beat Kansas and take less money that you know it's still funny this thing here is now would juror analysis change is. Your career was only you know ten years along maybe. You know if you only I had no idea how long micro is I've no idea what it's like. As I have a time stamp. I know I deal and this business you don't know by late in football you know rate aiming at football you know that I mean ten years would be a you know a hell of a career. So you know that your limited an airplane professional sports particularly profound meaning grandma knows there's times. Say yeah I think you know there's an end dates right thing it changes things in terms of your desire to wanna earn every single dollar you can while you can so somebody told GO OK you're going to be a Sports Radio host. But that career is only going to be ten years on C at ten years to earn every dollar cash and to provide for your family. And to beat Kansas is offering you all you know a lot more money. You might take it in that scenario it is my point is being it's a different. It's a different sort of thing I think when you're right against a short career. Right but I I personally. I personally want. I would I would settle for less money. And everything else being right to in my living situation you missed it when a lot of this on quality about once a lot of money it's a lot of money and what we're talking about the difference between. Macon 40000 dollars and 60000 dollars okay. We're talking about the difference in Macon thirteen and half million and sixteen and half million to need you so much more. Per year in the difference between thirteen haven't sixteen million dollars probably not I'd I'd rather have the great solve living along with. Your saying forty to sixty would matter a lot more you know we give you early making forty into me offers yeah yeah matter a lot more than either making thirteen and somebody offers you. Sixty yes just eat you know forty to demonstrate in 40000 dollars and 60000 dollars you can probably accomplish a lot more you pay a lot more bills in your life like that that is a big difference when your. In that in that you know salary brackets okay. But when you're in the bracket it make it thirteen have millions sixty million dollars what are you able to lied or you little four to that you couldn't afford with one salary nine get with a sixty in my. That that those decisions on hundred Hadley they there's no differ. You can't the only thing would be the longevity of it I mean I think that would matter those those extra millions it would matter really if you speak if you. If you did it properly. The cast it out over your lifetime and wet that would do in terms of what that money would end up being an especially the invested that money and in in your looking for us might carry you for a lifetime those millions were matter a whole lot. You're at that but not not every professional athlete candles at outweigh. But you're reading most guys and an agency tell on the nest is still okay where you use you just gotta go the most money as. I mean why do you think now Olivier Vernon went to a good spot New York went to New York but New York was willing to give him the most money begin highest paid. Pass rusher ever OK at the time. Yeah I remember marry a Williams years ago when he originally left Houston Andy signed with buffalo for it was a lot of minds a while would you go to awful awful. Heed the mostly all. But these guys what are you gonna consume content to Miami okay. These guys in an almighty out as the great location bull why he come to Miami they offer the most money and in that sport in the NFL. With no individual salary to the team's salary cap no individual salary cap. The team that offers the most money is always going to get the guy. They have just your little as the quality and that's why do none of our money is guaranteed so you got to get as much as you possibly can as fast as you possibly can I'm never met and got it goes and signs of life for at least. We see joke of a couple of guys that signed with us in Saint Louis I came from titans to the titans had a little winning streak. And you know we call them the robbers no because they basically signed a deal that. St. Louis Rams needed people that were winners they needed people to come in here and try to help change the organization and help win football games. And guys get like 3538. Million dollar deals. And came in just. It horrible like. It really really bad to forward became a joke it almost became comical that they were with the bankrupt the national called the national bandits because they came minutes or so much money. But it's just one of those things are you know you wanna set your family everybody says oh this is like in Elizabeth when consider family. It did the difference between the sixteen and thirteen compound at your rear rear tickets is basically saying. Not only can you pay for you and your family your media loved ones but you know the next generation and we had. Turn things yeah yeah yeah but they don't organize an NC tax and all that stuff too you know we know we have got to go around and am. Meaning hurricanes were awarded a number six seed and will play. So let us know. She cabaret this is a Chicago little Chicago yes is it Leila Chicago currently old and I MI and only loyalist scholar and landing is getting Aztec we what's called you know buried out both. On Thursday 3:10 PM. On true TV. At a Dallas did you find out a number two TV is down. And find out trillion hired dial faced a similar programs and through to view moments ago drew channel on gun doesn't have so what do they have on the had a similar crimes and off. Miami Heat and dominated in the Washington Wizards on Saturday 12921020. James Johnson had a great game twenty points five assists. Tell you let me get a double double with thirteen points eleven boards assigned did not play he suffered a strange hit a strained hip flag surge during the team's morning shoot around. Dwyane lately left the game with a mild hamstring strain. Neither later neither of them is expected to win night Portland's. Just is Winslow also appeared to bruises knee late in that wizards game but it's a said that he speak it to yeah. Aren't any else the Florida Panthers won a franchise record eat straight. Home to eat all that story against range lands on 13 win on Saturday greater power to me keep my cats at 1 point this morning of his other I know you cats profile you paid him. I hope we did hope that Jack ass. Heading contract issues with gay I can't seem out of place works but it doesn't Pena great great Leno back at seven agents argue you river that some zone. We get to those Ottawa Senators tonight puck drops at 730 and go eat or whatever so people Texan. They were GE. They're writes from. Let's go to the Panthers won on Saturday night in out over time shootouts OK here's say they blew two goal lead at. They they won the shootouts. Vince in church it never got down one nothing in the shoot out and they scored the next two rounds while the Wanda came up with a couple stops and got a game they had to have got to beat bad teams so. They all are they three games in hand on both teams ahead of them Columbus a New Jersey. And I believe they're two points back of one and three points back to the other so there. The right there but it feels like it's. Let's of those games in hand we made up locating its idiot three games in hand eventually goes gonna come and supply so it's it's and come right down the and the season. And that's our minds and by the way eight EU. Hope okay yeah I hope. That's this can develop. With mortars Dohmann Douglas there way involved and everything going on and hoglund they Wear the hats you know they do a lot of sub those kids out there. And you hope and maybe you know could develop into a really good story or Wallach the panders Megan cool little Ronny year may policies and they won a playoff series the first time in. 22 years god forbid okay. Hopefully it. It could develop into a cool little story where there are rep present and those kids out there. Trying to help them out fifteen minutes heat next. Thank get into our bracket contests are right twin peaks hoops hysteria you logon to dig Miami dot com right now beds of pick your winners. Compete against our posts and Dimitri sign of their ability a thousand emails from. The suits over here. Either way I am. Expect it never gonna get a thousand emails from all the suits about the bracket challenge have you signed up yet Gaza I don't tell me do not what did you try new things I got to my home base. Yes canceling a fifty dollar twin peaks kit card every round and a grand prize to a man cave party for ten and twenty dating for Jody not include parents. Twin peaks hoops to Syria also brought to a play twin peaks hoops hysteria now. At the ticket Miami dot com and us also tell you guys fifteen minutes he is customized a champion four by four supple orders number one team trucked in SEB customization shop. You guarantee to the hottest four by four notifications in town called champion four by four at 7865023446. There champion for export dot com and by all pro orthopedic and sports medicines they're job TE back to the game. With force upload locations is one near you got all pro orthopedics dot com for more info. I would take too much stock into the beat down that he'd put on the wizards on Saturday night the wizards were in one of those. You know unfortunate schedule. Lapses where I think they're playing their third game in five days as the second add them back to back and you know the heat were at home for several days. Now it was a fun when why you're trained to know and as I mean they they. I'm saying no it's it's good they got the win a months on saying that is the fact that you don't like. Who you know wall's 25 points you know because of a team in the world leg leg lead dog crazy it's knowledge ga you know they did he trash the wizards and they showed up on a nightly they should have ran an out building. Where is your home if you're home at a team is on the second out of the back to back to grass. If now Alice elite team in the wizards are not elite team get a good team and act Betemit. But if you got a team that's in your building. Again you got to win and second headed back to a huge kick their ass and they did. He did exactly that they ran them out the building they scored a season high 129. Point it's 76 points in the paint means or do whatever they won't. Here's what ever they were all gamble on him and they did. Now as far as weight as concern sounds like wade is gonna miss at least a couple games and why would that mean what you and he goes going to be time in and you know over the course of thirty gains or wait pessimistic gamer still lead a horse that happened okay. It was early in the fourth quarter which seemed that he tweaked hamstring he asked to come out right away you know that's not a good thing but he's also Smart. Where you know a younger guy maybe tries to play through that into wins like F this you know I know this is I'm an advocate here okay so it doesn't as soon mean it's batter serious it was gonna take this opportunity go to that reset button to rent is about to write. There's nothing wrong with him taking a few days here we'll take out tonight and here's the thing you look at this road trip allocates Portland and Portland's 1000 games in route. You look at the standings in the Western Conference so we're the team's video you Sinegal Stater once you. Then you look at the next. Like three teams Portland New Orleans and Minnesota. That's 34 or five in the west like who the hell had that and by the way his real quick it's you would you talk. You tell us 37 and thirty was a really good record to deem their in the heat tent in the west. Big game and have backed off war heads. Is a game and sat back and forth in the west anywhere near Portland tonight they've won nine in a row. And this road trip Portland. The lakers. On Friday and the kings on Wednesday the heat of lost all three of those teams in Miami. So you look at you like RA you know Portland is playing very very all right now but. Lakers would blame all till now okay Sacramento but it terrible heat lost all three of these scenes at American on Andrea this is not an easy road trip. This is not an easy road trip and I do think the time is right for wages and alibi like this out double games did get right and you know come back Friday if you can't not having the color expert in the big for Libya too it's it's apparently age is how he responds to treatment and all that's. I don't know how his guys here it's that the due West Coast trip and know that all there they've you know they flew yeah they're there. You know do we know what happened with us on how he hurt his hip and it is and how it was an android is shootaround snapped. Now hasn't shootaround that morning to Lima Charlie or redness. But it is not I don't know. The he sees he said he heard that morning and but Winslow. Who'll find whistle with all this that the serious via. Well here's that was scary is as a very and that game and and it was scary to think OK that was a great great win by it was. It was tempered a little bit by the fact that big you are missing wade. Eight megabyte so was not Neitzel reaction from justice Wenzel there I mean you thought it blew his knee out. The reserves the way you lie on the ground and and then he walked over to the scorers table one and he threw the telephone. That's on the scorers table at the guys who. Or escorts he released to roll. Well one way to hurt us justice or so east swing at them millions on the lap they got a clean stuff fault it's mentally they weren't in the room together you know arena LA gang identical twins they say 11 heard the other one her. That's awaiting Winslow. They do love each other those who love each other they do to others pain you know wade result so Winslow Felton. I have I have been I have been more. I have I have been I have found it justice who has though easier to like over the last like. Weaker TO OK. I'm not actively disappointed in him. Although still every dummies you to think it's going to be at the top of the backboard which it did on Saturday and what is the read data at the top of the backboard. Has gotten baseline on the corner yet it hit it to another saw the backboard. And about port. I do think that every time he issues it's been at the top of the backboard I do think every free doesn't mean arable. But regardless he's been he's been really good really good the last couple weeks and I am run for. OK you know that ports and while not to root for the course and Rudy boredom I think sometimes he's a difficult watch. But anyway. As far as the the resistin he's go the heat are here entrenched in the playoff picture okayed a five and a half games ahead of Detroit they're going to make the playoffs they're five and half games ahead of Detroit with fifteen games played that's also. This day all our a game back to number six. They are two back of number five but after beating Washington on senate's Washington number five and they are two and a half back of number four. Which is the home court spot and also Cleveland. Cleveland has now dropped to number four finally Cleveland is out of the top three Cleve has now dropped to number four and I do Sox. The soccer. The other basket last night at the lakers and you know it's like they may trade for a bunch of role players we know that's. And it and it played pretty well for a few games after that. But he was it was like this does reenergize him rejuvenate because you had guys you play with guys Abby don't actively hate it hate the other guys. And now we got new guys who are young amateur cool it's a guarantee you let's dozen former basketball and they want some games but now the sudden exit all players like. What it what points the lakers Lessig ass kicked on national TV now is that a different story don't playoffs. And stepping up here and we get there after the lakers yes putting generally cats seem to for the trade like that would that there okay. Okay. There was fixed a match raid the veteran player on some immigrant now what didn't. Had it in Reno LeBron doesn't care about regular probably going to rock the brunt they said that he is playing at an all time high right now and he is this past. It's telling you I'm playing the best like possibly play right now and I think he is an ugly and rates. So I have always great even when he's not blame us he could never mind his lingering. Well they're only a half game all they don't we have you on the spot what you mean it would even have a home courts in the first on the glass and they stayed on the wrote. It's totally possibly don't home court advantage. When the Korean people at the cavaliers in the first round all these god these hush them. Heater to back of Washington where they would make that happen but you gotta jump another team in Philadelphia also. Sell. This is a this is tough roach of for Miami which begins tonight they take on Portland Portland beat the heat here. Sacramento beat each year. Lakers beat each year and those are your three games last night too by the way too caught in the lakers and cavaliers on ESPN last night. The the lakers have been a fun little team lately okay deeply very very well. And. Many folks like me got to reconsider the idea of LeBron going to Los angels play with a much younger and. Maybe yeah reconsider. Brain and Ingram. Wants a ball. Julie's Randall Cobb Guzman. And nicely young players there yet freeagent money which of course was opened up because the cavaliers you know took contracts from. Los Angeles so it's funny how the karma could work out that one. But I'll. I am I I I had a hard time LeBron wanna be involved knuckleballer ball nonsense. OK so harm though because a Philly cavs knew what they were your honor I mean it has news that there's a high probability you know LeBron pencil acres of gamble. I don't think they cared like there's any gambled their attitude apology dean if you want sleeves and violently yell that's exactly what they think Dan Gilbert and we got. So we that we got to do whatever else is there right now. As a means you know helping out our enemies and you know we we gotta we gotta do deal that later. Ray in addition to not mortgaging their future as they sold it how about that up tick. They stolen on their neck you know and still try to get better right now that may run last trying to keep. Real fun week now. Washington we kick their ass but Philadelphia on Thursday night was was as good a win as you're gonna have a lawyer Hassan was so. All of this one and a plug and play Saturday early Wallace because he was he was so fired up after the game on Thursday night's. And so glad you know the coach reach is the numbers as a matter don't care about that. Well when he. Can give you the numbers. And participate in a major way in a big win like that there isn't like I mean c'mon I got felt really good for us on but he was able to do that. On Thursday night but he was an American not on Saturday night keeping going. And so that would talked about for a long time like that's great to give that type of effort how many games and broken you do that Tony in broken you beat a guy what's not to want anti get a chance. On Saturday to do again ounce up and unexpectedly and pumping he's gonna play tonight. Entice whatever. Sit next couple days. A year Ian you need to win and is a really tough game but it's not worth its elegant hurt that doesn't telling you think that we're gonna get that win anyways. I don't even Intel's road trip ST time I'm not looking at a single game has judges they get a win. Well there's like all there and do it is a very tough road trip. Antonia I am I am not. I'm a little nervous about as gets why it's good thing he took Arab is on the home floor. Get a Lindsay had to wait to flip flop the first half of the year the also at home the big winning streak at home and exit that Laker game and we can't one on the road. Milos except in a row on the route we can't win an aura. Such got a and started tonight hopefully on Portland's one nine route. Are we like to get to this morning Kane's an attorney draw obviously and you trade as well next. And every game that data going tonight it joins Alexis and similar Pembroke Pines post game show. You complete wrap up of the contest Lexus and Subaru of Pembroke Pines always an amazing deal. But my champion four by four sub floors now more Jeep truck and SUV customization shop go to champion four X four. The dot com I saw Jose airing yeah. Is going to be the opening day and pitcher. 401 under The Hague high energy guy that Jose Mourinho was pretty good. Last year for the Marlins so hopefully could be that top line guy and a look eventually got to move on the most southern angry about the mom's done gusts are actually thinking about to you know. A unity a bald win ball games OK so we are we're just a couple weeks away. We are not far away from the Marlins who open up the entire Major League Baseball season in the first game. Like that day Gallic. The triple quadruple header on ESPN. And the Marlins the first first game on he has been he's told and start and it's more than callebs so. There's like this impression you you know it's not be a lot of people Marlins games this year. Although I don't know the crowd is gonna differ much standards and it's been in the last two years. Because you would be moving going to marlins' games. But the hardcore fans anyway. Some of them I think are extra angry they did think that some people go to marlins' games does daily experience daily the ball are they wanna take their kids it's a fun thing to do with kids. Those people or so ago. Or marlin Vincent go to do things out. And I'll ought Guatemalan fan I'm also angry we both of UB article can an angry you know that that I fall into that category I'm still gonna go to games I'm still going to watch I am angry. Is what is on edge them out to my focus going out there and and and you know warnings winnable games and that's what's going to happen. And and the first series against Chicago like the play's going to be. That's true because it's a rock. Yet to cut yet to be packed. Opening series. Against Chicago yell a lot of people there and then is that is that in the Yankee the next series. It's and it's so it may be the next series this is gonna look good for a little bit I think it's early in the season now. So you got some games are being gets and here's the Sox now on Red Sox or yankees won the other one the other ethnic here in April rights. The red it's April 1. Is. They're also right arsenal he's not the Yankees the Red Sox the Red Sox immediately after the cubs have so the first liked. Six games. Very big crowd is awesome it's not kids it was in god forbid this ESPN national publications pick. Out really well that'd. On the data Jeter they can only commonality is they all are coming out taking now a man not play out what other clubs and rest up here is spirit of all of their good car. Red Sox are good point owner of the national medium it's been that Marlins fan has faith in Jeter not play out. Jeter got a bigger ovation in Jupiter apparently of the crowd was chanting his naming gave him getting an easy and yeah you guys are playing the Yankees and the Yankees you read that headline that Jeter. And everyone incentives it happens chanting his name in giving him a standing out you don't realize that it was the Yankees fans during at. Yeah mall a certain way Marlins draw huge crowd in opening series. In Jeter's debut as owners are odd man loves it. Clubs it. Judge and a Red Sox aren't gonna armor onto. And Red Sox were never here by the way we see you know it's going into that those cities gets Boston might sell outs. It begins at Chicago and up sell maybe opening date may be all right it thinks maybe but games against the Red Sox will be sold out. And that building for more on games you can count on one hand how many times it's been sold out in the you know we talk in six years they've played baseball. And universal out Red Sox will be. Jeter bringing hope optimism and boxing seats. To marlins' opening weekend. Until we stupid. That is going to happen. That's big news right there that I think notes be careful. Here. So this weekend. McCain's the seminoles. Gators all three are in action hater it's not a crime the 9:57 PM and I. Yeah man on none of them are in prime time. Mean anything change are playing in prime time either all you have three in the afternoon on Thursday is not pro got. I'm gains in whatever he could that's an interesting about our primetime is a struggle 10 PM on Friday when the when the Knowles split that's also not primetime your peers or primetime is. Yes and march mad is none of that matters. What's in the tournament. 1000 school was the best thing ever though those are the opening weekend Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday it was the absolute best when nearing college. We just staying home all day lots and shrinking. Yup food lots gamble laying up. You tell me a story about college about you staying home all day always stand not confuses me on multiple levels on. 01 which is did you not a classic college. He won here I was living the dream one year I set up my schedule or all my classes are Tuesday and Thursday. So I actually had two days woes a five days five days no school today school actually ends well I dream ice mass I. Did the Tuesday Thursday. Cement its masters well what's your day you guys go to two at Florida you can stack of I mean you could stop it. Just on Tuesday Thursday but it every Tuesday Thursday as you know twelve hours a long yeah. Yeah it sucks because each classy take its use a Thursdays at a Monday Wednesday Friday closet like an hour and fifteen minutes he sort of at a diner you started a make a long time and yet assert early I did it again at all and are. I really I remember I was I saw all those days until late you know. Seven or they saw president goes. Tuesday and Thursday were terrible but Monday Wednesday Friday were so awesome but it that a balanced it out again if you're young you're looking for any. This morning weekends all the time yet Friday Saturday Sunday Monday and then you'll see dale in the middle of the Wednesday to be to break course right now is did you stay image come home. There then I think it's Gainesville now manned the the it's the best. Exit greatly anybody violence that's. I'm so much fun. Well let's turn it would roll around. And 1000 school Metallica and gators but now I guess you know I don't follow the way and used it but. The you know the bad and ribbon school and Billy Donovan as the codes and may not now when I was in school in Gainesville they were fate could. OK did you rate before it was right before they were at right did you graduate before they were boarding I. Was listening for there are national champions okayed you always good. But but when I was there they are fate and it was it was is Matt Walsh Anthony Roberson and mad honor teams who were like. Consistently for five seed in the NCA turn so that those personal fun yeah but also loss in the first round one of those years you know as of five Selig or fate good do it they were so right for first round upset special each of those years. And it happened one year. But when I left in. Then was and they got big class wind joke and Nolan Torre and careened all ordering and all mom for Al. Horford and and how important recorders and out of those who are sick now on Rosie I got to cover and I was really really fun. Yep born out when I was there the teams were good they were full on and but I like they were they not. As at Robert you're always giving me believe about his as anybody made a 31 thirty about the gators there's a thirty for thirty about that exact gators basketball team. The one I want back to back yeah why what's so interesting. You mean what's so interesting and I went back they won back to back NCAA championships and because they stayed exactly know. We will let you know that's what does that's what was so winter and that that's the what its stinger guy. And extends his devoted to winning the championship by adding a team to change every year. By the fact that they they old sailor ET gather etc. the only times it seemed team in this era of basket and they all been topics which they weren't backs here that. No you're right that his interest. Amber's got you headlines for you next.