ZRA Part 1 3-13-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, March 13th

Zas can't let go of Walking Dead, Cool with best friend getting with your widow?, HEAT got Dame'd


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And and this. Like the morning and we'll. Iran's amber is aides Tuesday morning he thirteenth. Morning of march. Damn good morning good morning Romberg morning due to open is that the morning blew water out yesterday. Tony business all wow okay very serious million dollars and you have been miss it on a steady assuming fix them a roof. And the like could they off. Account that he decided some of them and fixed so you fixed your roof. The Dodgers had to be in my household these people were fixed in matter of their radical so a man at my house open to strangers I termites in my house a couple weeks ago and now notice the damage Eros idea idea that termites taking care of and as MI group fix what a pain in the ass moment did you catcher house no you don't have to attend to anymore. Mean it is some some houses and Chinese are houses are still ten. Common practice but you try to do they have a lot more advancements in they can do they can it big until on the grounds now. And localize and it depends where the termites are and how on passenger process. Daddy it's not the way used to be you don't need is not tens of 1000% the only saloon that in my house Anderson tell it's still the best solution her but you don't have to tent anymore. Now they they have they have ways do where there they're spraying and they're drilling holes in the oriented that ran their they're putting foam in sight like you don't have to tents. First all tend to use them is the most efficient animals that's a great. Well and it's it's it's become a bit cheaper but yet the most expensive. Thing to do it also tends to be something that people opt for on older homes are noticed the dating your homes older Romberg every night. Would love you'll be doing is an older home from the remodeling its we're doing our house was an older home and we remodeled everything. A lot of the Norwood that they've been bringing in that has already termites in them so a lot of these kitchens you build for 5067000. Dollars of all your brand new cabinetry and they come with the termites. We'll see what I understand because I had to get my house done before I moved into it mommy bought it. We had to get you know turn the same thing you distance outflow with whatever. Then it's the ground at the drilling holes in the foam on the whatever. And from what I understand that's just Florida. Because my house is a very old and it's just every helped what Florida asks a lot of new in my how easily ten years old at every house in Florida says cannot you know Ali. Getting his daily total mussina did is he married man and it's easier thousands of dollars retain luckily we have another place to live in and my wife has just picky as hell when it comes in Seoul. You know they tell you all don't worry about it you know use you as long merger. The matches will be fine everything will be fine just and he can open food item that's what you have to discard. Our way of. Yes what are there any ass man error in the ASEAN to get rid of all the food. All all you whites may god have expenses. Began the am one up Cheney as olive and I'll do that by Napa. It looks like a circus on our retirement yeah Marty seriously elusive gathered economic street and it intends to you in and that's how they cook the math and breaking bad. They made a deal with with one of the attempting companies you know and every house they tend to they use it as as cook house. And I wasn't gonna Wear the masks anyway you know cook the math so they use it as cook outs. I wonder my main neighbors have gone on the only thing that's really about about that is as any kind of landscaping you got along. The perimeter of your home. Done my. It's so long our house. We have BC reporter purpose hedges that are all the way around her house and those are those give birth to brown league and within 24 hour period they're part of brown. Luckily there are so old and their roots in the in the trunks of commerce so sturdy. But they've already come back and they're basically back to normal but it took three months for martz whose book they were dead bear dead bear don't know man I'm all right. All right all right make him the landscaping guy and early hey here's what you gotta do you move plants you do all the Sosa from obviously QB kidney and catch them early Buchanan are my life easier to catch an early time and no big deal. Is is there anything like that we're the advice is catches late cash apps they do all the damage and. Catch it early vice catch it early. You know as best he catch it lately minority Donald damaged an Iron Man. Speaking out brake yeah. I. Speaking of break in bad this Gary you don't watch. DD you know this. Get early and I think catching it early is an animal here right it did go to sue. Try to knock them out real quick dog or wait till you get about 56 AM I don't think there's a cure for that. So speed and speed of great mad okay you know I I I caught up on on the first couple episodes yesterday of this slate the second part of the seasonable Walking Dead national Sox. Organism. I mean that as initiatives. Zombies the show to all its not really about it hasn't really been about zombies who did you even know. Yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah zombie apart a bit literally bit about zombies in a few seasons by. And that showed his socks and I aim I'm too invested. According. I am I why is set to investigated. I'd wanna give an alcoholic posturing is what it. I don't think so ugly so it's very high ratings and Don yes Avery talks about assigning Richards still the most watched show on cable television. Really did even blunter words are heard them talking about the stolen got to please and they were talking about how it used to have a few years ago that you couldn't go on to Wear her trip without seeing this trailer Walking Dead and now. When something big happens it's nowhere. Right that's true. That is true by the ratings and the razors highs the used to be but it's still the most watched show on cable television so so I mean it still isn't. Zombies don't appeal to me is on the news and sad it's just it's I don't know it's up for me it's it's like the NFL though words they all live alone so that gets the most lasting or country you know. On. You zombie person either people love zombies do I start watching the show a few years ago you know several loved and I got it whatever I got to pick a new show let's check it out. And and I always liked the show. Never never loved it's I'd never ever a lot to people loved it I've never ever lumped it OK I liked it. I like that shows with characters in get attached the character isn't always median on that Tokyo is like that and all Serbs. And the shows though where when you get attached to characters and it's always a risk of like them dying and stuff like that in. You know those type shows and only friends. And and I I always liked the show. But of a couple seasons ago it started to go and some great anymore. And now every episode I find I'm on my formal whole episode is waiting for the episodes and like you know what happened. I got a border with it's I just fast forward through them to show is the show worth it then made everybody and nominees with a bat right yen and knock guys. Head off yeah yeah the last moment I feel like everybody's fun those legal asthma Philly everybody is talking about the walking you're probably the biggest moment ever wanna shout. And and what I think you're right that it was the last moments. Where you're going to have to show spoiled for you if you're not watching it lines and everybody where that only comes from anywhere has virtually in this building and as the reform yes so original right now says he was visiting knee yen known rounds and I. Who calls her kidneys and by the way. What are these like these last name. Never heard of a million but I think it's his last public Smith isn't all our rights then Ian Johnson is as slowing the most popular. Last name. We only won Stanley Scott Wilson Bogart in here in Florida. The rates and when did you. That's right the only ones are impostors down here. Let's show me an assist stinks now and like I can't quit I I January 19 giving up. What shows have been like that would it is stink and you you watch it for so long and they just wind it stinking bite but yet. The TE can give it and you know it's. So I don't have that experience but I think some people have experienced Grey's Anatomy. All really is great and at least it has great damage and offer ever does it say ground I quit that's only twenty years ago that is an all around open and I wanted to people's stomachs anemic. Ed Tobin and I am disgust is performing Grey's Anatomy hey guys do so ridiculous and I believe I was hooked to Grey's Anatomy and she only wants a Netflix has or she got into it. But she's like yeah what's what's about sleep there's a bomb and somebody sonic. Did you kind of reached for the most dramatic things. Places you can go and hospital. Bed never quit a show like that because it is it's gotten bad. I don't have ever done what he's given up seats in the end to an amateur and sensitive reduce the journal of the so shampoo bottle. He's not listen to you what does this camp you're not sound. So I was gonna get boring is Malia walking debt ratings were if this past year. On on television also is not number one he used to be number rights. And oh yeah definitely there's points where it was beating some and I've football so now it's eight. Our net I had quite a number one's out and so that the but she knows what show is number one what shall not not not not for all not sports what show is big bank the number one show right. Boards. I'd seen goes coming up at 715 a lot to shock you that game you're listening god bless you if you listen to the post game show last night. He lost in Portland won 1599. At. At 7:15 this morning we've beat you to call you tell us in the sharpshooter was will say over the parenting its an upcoming heat home game. Right after that 720 on you to all the week OK and their he had a four pack of tickets to an upcoming heat home game to get say yup with. I'll say I know we did this before I don't have done a thousand times but I I I can understand out every show on this topic you know whatever list. Most watched shows that it's all CBS. Told CBS CBS has the good shows I don't know anyone who watches these show always. Just all of America except for you. Touch. Any don't want just sure looks good show other than Big Bang theory Obama plan OK all right. All the good doctor is is right behind the Big Bang theory that's a new show on ABC are Alec to bet it was called duty out I think a lot of these people watch these shows on the low Laguna lets you know what's going on and they just going to do I don't embarrass the front of a beautiful. I think what you're seeing here is because he's there at these are family friendly shows like Big Bang theory is the kind of I mean it's. Smarter than a beautiful house type show that I think it's a nine like that like those shows when we were kids but it watching your parents. I think you know I think the flyover states what CBS I mean it's artists. Probably. Would the fly over it all those midwestern states man all the flyover states adding and adding CBS's. Like did the same people who are the reason why Jay Leno be Letterman every single week. I think the flyover states watch CBS I was touching when I was tired my cable. You'd do you CB. This. Seems like it's Jay Leno and Letterman so funny the other shows that they're on illicitly young Sheldon show. People watch show is that still on I was. I'm still really time being and cousin it's massive it's a very. And see us right after another CBS show that told you this before an enzyme family for online. I sold this for a single porcelain and you see this week's episode and CIS crazy but and I think NCA AS is one of those shows like a law and order there's so many of them McDonnell the time I think people just end up one thing and I. When I know watches law and order. I mean I think that a lot of people Agence JS these days is are you asking people about NCAA as a man of your the person that they were necessary approximately. I personally and ZIS is terrible so so I am not in the NC I need is make sodomy because CBS only show you mentioned that I watch is Big Bang theory. Then then finally and non CBS show this is us comes in at sixteen at night which makes sense because it shows great. You everyone's got to get a good cry and once a week all right and that's where this is us makes an appearance. And AM wanted to talent shows and then the Walking Dead so Walking Dead among like. Actual shows not football not the reality Walking Dead is like OK fourteen point seven. Million viewers and its cable television the other shows more freedom or CBS morneau BBC the Walking Dead ANC so so it's still comes in. As number one on cable television. Not a mortal parole. But number one on cable television walking in debt that's so so there ego even though it's not that good anymore I don't need to put import still the number one show. On old cable television. People or so watch it I'm still option even though I know it's not that good anymore. Optional sold or. Mean seriously. What it can get we get to the conclusion already. Oh what the short end only shows you really like in your invest in breezy don't want them down like I don't wanna lost and Allman got lost so I never wanted to please go on forever which is somebody better shows others does is let it go you can spend our time. ID on the resolution. You and I don't what's gonna happen I got to know how it's gonna any dip but I wanted to just and already. Shows Sox man. Money doesn't read about how it ends after events. On the comic is still I think the comic is still out on the good comics over and comics allow must think I'm. San whenever it does them and you could just eating just take you know. Hiatus from watching the logging data them whatever they do finally cancel the Walking Dead and wrap it up to read on Wikipedia how they did it. Politically to cancel the shows that you don't gets a shot fifty million viewers there than it. End one day but tell me. Cancel I don't know I mean it might. They might have run its course at some point here I mean break now it's not gonna get canceled and a couple more years that it gives trending this way MI. And they'll and they'll ended the way they want and it's. But man I I am just a mom bored out of my Marines every episode now a days. That show Dexter was like that right people law or ballot Dexter is mandatory bailed their rights are built a man. Did I see you watch the end though. Our bill before the answer. Dexter definitely sucked it was it wasn't because the first four I think when they brought his chicken there and they had a hidden and she died in the bat that kind of thing I didn't like that yeah well now. You don't kill me those sorts of shows are hard to sustain a show leg a Big Bang theory that falls losing categories like our friends or any of those fluffy type of sitcom type shows. Those shows have sustainability. Yeah because that is that the dramas that we're talking about here. People to a two weeks they want they want to know how concludes grey a show like the big banks terrier friends Steinfeld. You conclusions that you're going to want Ronnie for ever get a beating you don't want to show existence on the actors decide to. They've had enough of that. Amber's got your headlines next. It's your chance of a thousand bucks all right. What time it is said that demand came money contest you can't take on the thousand dollars not yet dues Texan would manage juror manage your. Manny juror. This 72881. What was weren't. Managed juror. To chance to win next stands atop an X now international contest matches data rates may apply a Texan drive. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. You given Big Bang theory a fair shot does I think does what the problem is. Eventually definition of theories and I have tuned into the show before I watched like five minutes not funny kid to tune in for five minutes. Again at a given at least an episode it's yeah comedy bit see I got it may be left right away. Really took comedy. Doesn't have to make you laugh out loud to enjoy it because Big Bang theory is not on others when totally relax out. I'll laugh I'm not someone who watch or something by himself and laugh sellout that's rare while he's still didn't really funny as happened for me to be by myself and laugh out. Laugh oh what a vowel it's just sort of the sitcom comedy in general are you. Are you a sitcom person of course. Likes I settled I'm really great pleasure and signed Foulke signed a the star signs old is an extremely famous comedian. Didn't seem at curbing those two shows I. I'm very very early Jerry very early stand up comedian not a sorry got that sound yet but he wasn't yet but it does he even shows the Santa means all of our. And I talk I'm talking about all. You know leg a fresh prince about Blair and you know full howls at LEV sitcom sit coms because he's no pains treasuries. Allaire amazing show Marten amazing show. The office is my all time favorite child that's not your run of the mill sit com okay that that's a little bit different. But yes of course accords of sitcoms endowed you her at least a lot on because. I still amazing sight they'll still amazing fresh for Isabel they're still holds up I've seen it recently still holds up. Morton I've not seen a very very long time. I'd I have no idea of warns holds up but I I do remember the show was raised its move to easier now really it doesn't hold out until we get the fresh prince got a lot of cheese too but it but it still holds up it's still funny. If you want to Basilan the sort of fresh prince a toll that it makes me crazy work. Will visible in the high school basketball team and the court is like thirty feet long and I can't watch. Spent a lot of money on sat. Is Big Bang theory is less cheesy then the fresh brands in full houses those other sit coms that we all grow on its less cheesy it and that. But it's still that sort of fluffy sit com. And he giggle to yourself you're the last thing our. I am feeling good kinda there's a lot of there's a lot of under. Weigh in in Big Bang theory I would not like left probably. Now through channels and all of a sudden I see what's her name in the shower girl from being bearing. Kelly logo yeah or my Meola and apparently sheaf none on and we'll blossom now on but apparently but apparently. The girl across the hall fell in the shower and heard herself which she was naked and she needed shelled in the goal and an helper put clothes on. Thousand Allison or want to Arnold doesn't realty some well known risque. They are very special letters that a big interestingly some nine minutes in my life around. That the disappointment. But it was really funny or may actually not. I have some dollar haters I don't really do give this. Can kids might like it does make me laugh so bought to the way. No she is like don't like that either. Way like I feel like every time we talk about to show you why you like Blake. All we want scandals together we both love scandal that's another show on site and still won it once okay scandal win and also and that's the final season Stanley's be so great I agree anymore. By. Is she loves long order SP usery to watch that together loves that we want this Seattle this. The best thing on television. An out what is like that promise yet another thing I'm willing to Rahman Paramount's my dramatic. Person most of us like drama. Dramas are good and this is a slick after the fear of the that does the initials on totally. Well and I so have you really should still go. Of course it's still going it's like them. The guy knows what he's headed stunts this evidence yet they show the show takes place in the past in the rising and so big bounce around online order to facilitate deeply regret and makeup artists. Look at what she's. Now remember you loser of the majority of the shooting graces of president. The president is the bulk of the show and the president there's actually no reason I shouldn't talks there then there's the future army anymore on the kneecap and then there's that passed without a doubt in my horse that's got dang kids look more than she does make a part of sucks yeah its own mistakes I think it's great guy going in another actress. You pulled up the air is a weird take on your upper arm berg. I don't I don't sense I think guys I have kids are watching that show because I don't wanna cries I'm a wash has a long time. But I did see a preview the other day and had the dad back. And I can't tell everything as we don't can't do that but. He. Eight days you would come back to the sort of guy I think it's what is not actually been. This is where this is a goes off the rails which from again thrown brought back the lord of light brought back to life. With the help Medicare predominantly. Out of firemen what we are sick he had to knock on Illini. Well we've found out does I'm sorry it it would make a heart attack what are we finally got yes this vixen is that many articles and her best friend itself would make or sometimes a rival automaker ahead. What's that what is anymore when they show her this fixing to sleep when his best friend Amanda. Marron up him I was doing Barbara longtime when I was and everybody that I cannot show I was loyalty what a terrible friend. I think it's great. A best friend marry my without. Here terrible if you do that he was always good to her though valid everything they had a problem beverage it's terrible friend let me ask her on life you know you. He's heard Gloria do you dense. I mean we forensic and carry it if no yeah no worries taking care of her own right and you really love your if you really love your friends and you really love and light and leave him be around for it the wrong now. Good friend with a terrible friend was our oldest Heidi good by another woman he's been just. Was it was a good thing in this entire time he's been Jack in the being sought the whole time hell out of here. At least you know that this friend the. Manuel sure that he never I never get here. He never assured that this is his second marriage as well Saturdays is a nationally they don't there tone because he was disloyal. Hi OK well your life now you're bang in my no. You didn't I don't care reform or somebody else. Additionally you'd be cool would like boot shall be married manager willow. Yeah dead although I'm telling you is rich man my kid to meeting ever Smart why it's going to be taking care of you that I'll put that right now so happens reboot your kids RAL had asked you got that it. Why do you care is Alan you're honey. Embryo and or not. My feet and I don't care it's better than some rain under a raising your children totally took me a random turns out you go each women. Yet know why or being skids yet here click now. Hours just across Brad grandfather I die who's got dibs on my feet total boo Gibson damn you kids are culled down I know are wrong and the at the called debt and what it makes them call bad ball that they'll be offensive. Can't have a dad with a nickname boo. Hewitt Robert lucky he he marries your wife and he does well the list you don't. From Italy to any of his friends that deep down I'm mama let Cuban and in my family middle America is you know. I happen and doesn't trust any and I know any of his friends know he's seem too much from his friends wait too much. He's good friends. I need dispatch my friend Robert friends he doesn't want to fill the. Human being no. And he's got reason that it's you my friend great and so actually he's lucky to still be persons I understand he doesn't want his wife Demi sets. Anybody climbing up on top my wife. So Tara Burton. Can result but I doubly and she went gotten I don't know if you notice but many more when Latin. Yes well valid now is his best for those those present he was Steve was Jack it means that early on the revision when that the double dated the bar available they had winters on the married just a little wood and underground office and use every trouble news like Tom sit out you've got a really good. Payment but the real good my wife is relax. Pump your brakes. Latin lover humanity Annan this isn't enough you can sit downs that shouldn't be the man stand behind you. A suitable IRS Wimbledon I would ego what are you got amber what are got here today when we are going on. I had sports last night by the Miami Heat spelled CU Portland trail the trailblazers and rename it and I'm getting anonymous saw men don't like we are seeing a C a little bit in the beginning and then I walk up and watch some highlights because. I want to know how bad they were going to be kills does all the good at any point. Did they are they pulled within three in the middle the fourth quarter. And in 93 to ninety and the blazers went on ten don't run after that and and the that. He went on eighteen to run to pull would in theory. But the blazers ended that real quick. 11599423. Points Winslow put up fifteen points and thirteen Gordon's rain wind Hassan Whiteside missed that game Damian Miller had 32 points. Last night's the Bucs beat the grizzlies won 212103. Which means that the heat dropped to eat in the yeah. You are not a good night not a good night. The Ford Panthers fell to the senators 530. So good and then the last three minutes happened it was a great game. The Panthers are down to nothing they tied they're down 32 they tied its. It was a really fun game and then you are they came out pretty good though you have to admit it. Setters out late in the first period obviously escorted gold the first minute of the game. And they led to nothing at intermission the Panthers dominated the second period it was 22 after two. 32 early in the third Panthers tied a couple minutes later just pulled and the final three minutes of the game. The senators were two goals back to back and and that's no longer so they are just three back. And four back of the two wild card teams with two games in hand and three games in hand. And don't play until Thursday NASA as a tough loss especially because at autos and stinks said that's about loss of Tampa's last night. Wanna Texas rain or Tobin Romberg that makes your Terrell Brandon Harris think that. I think people are considering though the whole kids factor like who do you want to raise your kids in you Camby Eurasia kids I think that's the difference in where. You wouldn't mind that blowing in one of your good friends who you trust is the wraps held three guys. Amelie I speak Scott is purely an extra that's why it's taken my family he's got his own family sometimes you can chew. I can't imagine two people I don't bust ramping. Was that means he's been. Well I dated a guy you know wasn't actually dated him for a while Nolan and I and did his best friend next. You climbed they're no longer threatened and under the best friend half a man. She isn't. You're lethal Mexican you know did you lately it was their cheating situation involves of. He is I mean he broke that he burned me bro but for now I know was if you're gonna you and I'll. Low Danone and now I did not cheat on waited until I don't I we didn't and oh wait until yeah we broke up and do you date a friend for a paid but I. Usually spends ball a casino all I think you know your mental well with no no because I actually genuinely always had a grass on the France and was always all you know see our because you. Tool but I went for it. These original. A people always tell my current board and I would always tell him like he beat you I mean you know discuss sleep across front. He's got a hot restaurants that worked out on lethal and good threat. You ask me who got us. Well he's not married he doesn't have his own family. And he's good guy we listen thought about the snow melting the first ever ten minutes ago now. I easily not never thought about something you might wanna discuss a red overeat is auction her I don't know announce my decision much chemical that nods at me now to. Jeff Darlington is important that dolphins are going to cut Ndamukong Suh is part of an organizational hall an organizational. Quote unquote culture scenes I see you back bear peanut gallery in cracking up at the top corporate. And his tween waiting average union donated 200000 dollars to march our lives. Also. When it really embrace small lean back kind of thing idiots pretty great. Not ranked saint birthday for later. It is seven for more headlines fifteen minutes eat the heat road trip got started last night not the way you want it next. Import export South Florida's number one Jeep truck and S easy customization shopping guaranteed to abduct. Highest for about four modifications in town called champion four by 47865023446. But a champion for export dot com also why all over the media and sports medicine as a job be back in the game. Would force up lot of locations there's one near you go to all rolled orthopedic dot com for more info by marital high school as a Martinez your insurance. Attorneys call the real flight 800 per mob. So that he blues at the blazers last night 115. A in 99 titled the coach Erik Spoelstra following game last night I mean most of it can tell us what happens now lot items again OK I'm done as did a lot of front all right it's at 1030 game I'd theirs. You know the 82 games in the regular season. I'd probably do about seven the year so. Our rights and and you know that includes not to win games like last night and more rights that are on the Wesco idealists who can Friday because whenever a you don't. Friday night I'll I'll do the radio show on the morning and in front and who cares. But I got you know reassure comes bursting I can't be can be sleeping nearly a homeless and then do we need a radio show okay does. Tommy tide know that if this Florida legislature ends up passing that's. Daylight savings whatever it's called bill that's in front of them daily to terminate daylight savings that Donna guy's gonna be we're Lombard. Well I don't know that's the case I mean in 88 you know. I think it just means I'm gonna be losing sleep because if he's going to be working a lot more elect Obama did not do with the games like that nugget that. And I'm not have a job anymore like it's and as we screwed again got I gotta do it's okay the west goes games now I don't do. And and and some of them are like last night so I I did not see year. The second half of the game the heat lost by sixteen it was a game that chilling nineteen in the third quarter of anyone a huge run. And the cut the lead to three in the middle the fourth quarter. And seemingly Goran Dragic was the only one who gave them anything offensively last night until the second half we're justice Winslow. Apparently was to risk death brought them within they got to within three in the yeah it happened yet Damian Miller who killed the heat did you see and I want to. No nudges a wire or the recaps a much like condensed game as it's gone but I watched the highlights and then when I was about we don't prospect it's amazing I can admit now I fell I fell suggests that plans a watch it was the first half. And I fills it right after the senators took the lead on the panther easily aren't sports is an happen the rest of the night. Well look what happened the last time that the blazers were here. He led that game I think nine don't have the fourth quarter and and literally crazy in the fourth in the game was tights and and normally means why it's what he lacked it's why they had. That stretch of not being able to close out close games. And then you got weighed in you've you've got a guy who could hit late shots. That the big problem there late in games when everyone has tightened up defense you know you gotta have a guy who could hit tough shots and couldn't get tough shots. And that's why most the time a tight game the team it's got the best player or players on the floor is going to win the game. Example last and the Portland was here concerning the union Willard formal way the best player on the floor and he dominated. The end of that game you know he was in very code. That first game against the you know last nineteen those rate. Okay great hold hands as he got close and they cut it to one possession game in the fourth quarter Lola went crazy and had a couple three easiest set minimum last night's. The without wade and Whiteside and blazes have now won I think ten in a row. So third extra man it's. You bigger blaze late may be the blazes to make the playoffs the third in the past. And we know the west is great. Now I think the west I think the difference in third intent in the west is like a game and a half for two games OK there'll bunched together. But the place went hand in route. But no we've if you're look at the teams I mean it's crazier and a lead the spurs are the playoff pixels in New Orleans in Minnesota a 345 bright. But New Orleans got a home court on right now after 45 as Portland OK CNN New Orleans and Minnesota or Minnesota new loans are tied I don't know as the tight let's talk okay sealer Paul George and Connell Anthony Russell was from it's not work and if it is right now given him and they were seventh last week but yeah this west is is is crazy but last week you had. Well Paul is in the midst of a ten game win streak you have on just 19 in a row until a couple nights ago renewal until day and did have Anthony Davis for game. And then the rockets were in the midst of a seventeen game was treated to the raptors snapped at this weekend. Kris. And plans to be really good this year. Really good and our first and last I remember last year they were and they were it not okay class were not good last year. I think the NBA Clancy be great this year so I don't know what the hell's gonna happen in the east I mean you eat yet. Toronto Toronto seems to be for real okay. But after Toronto. Do you feel like Boston's gonna rule somebody the first around the exciting I think Boston's been a big balls and go into had a tough time against what they played in the first round of on. Above here and I want Boston's Brazil this talk about carrier brings leg is not yeah awarded only bolster the royal one ball balsa seems like played their best basketball of first half of the season for stressing buzzards are overrated coach hope can expose him for certain we do that again is still the coach circles around in the play no one's afraid of what basketball. No one's afraid of Washington okay and and no one's going to be afraid Cleveland Senator Clinton as a whole according to which they may not Indiana to India right now number three. Don't afraid Indiana saying Cleveland be so much more fun now the blame Boston so much more fun in the Eastern Conference anyone it it'll I think anyone beat anyone in the Eastern Conference at Toronto trial lock to win their first round match up. And and then in the west. You know we know the top two teams are or who they all okay but after that after that that the three of the four that seems their plan. I mean integrators it's look at the heat and a series watched and once they play against in this series curt answers let's yeah. No I think I'll know I I think he can I think he can I think he would he Toronto on a seven game series but he's shown he can clearly quite what Toronto. I'm not saying Toronto and Paris the Toronto as the only team in the Eastern Conference right now is an elite team they don't want. They only want trot trot right now looks like they can play with anyone and they showed the data beat the rockets went seventeen game win streak okay. The other teams in the east no one's afraid of them riled surreal. No one's freedom anywhere else needs your conference let's not Cleveland on the first rounds and then we lose after this abroad and we wanted to step into what what did you accused Howard about injuries and help slick really these guys never satisfied never says it is wrong it is a weird it it is. It it is a knee a black guy on the brawn and it you know that people are going to throw him when his career is over a way it's like. You know. Your best player in the world's you've made the best player ever yea you were always complaining that he needed more now that he's going to be a black guy on. Did you guys see this Magic Johnson there in the game he's going over there and he's talking a maverick Carter and with Bell's agent rich Paul. He's I swear just doctor Davis called Apollo. That's or talk and that's it. After he's gotten slapped in the face with a tampering charge are ready this year as jobs is openly they can out talk to the bronze agent noted another deathly talk about continues. All Pope OPEC. All right. I think some of the I would LeBron and those this is the air that he plays on some of that's not fair to do to him. Because the reason he needs more help users are in this era that he plays in where these guys are all too but he's he's teaming up to count and sort of a break. Why. Still fact that mean you're still. Stillness environment where you have the warriors you have a OKC and you have you stand then. This is around this era of basketball where you do need help where you need more than one superstar in your team. Anyway. Contribution. I don't. I I don't know many are saying about that I mean I use this like I hear you saying by. You sort that OK I mean I'm not eat I'm not. Not a LeBron. Well I did think LeBron is is the greatest above obvious that a little. Analytical LeBron since he left my hand means I'm probably not business typically of defending LeBron I just think it's a little bit unfair to say. That that's gonna be a mark on his career because they pinkie do you have to understand that Aaron that he that he played and and that. All the superstars or wanting help. Increase in the coach last night following the heat's loss he lost important last night and it wasn't just right now the very slim chance the IAE AEA salt the end of the game last night. Mean we've played about 1012 minute stretch in the in the second half. Where it was very competitive basketball. Winning a lot of the skirmishes. And usenet Forsythe degenerates and offensively are there and there was taken literally on forty minutes of that throughout course your rotation not you don't have to play perfect basketball but yet play with back competitive edge. To yourself. A legitimate chance to win on the road and we're capable of that we're expecting that kind of effort and we just intuit consistently enough laws in a row on the road who. I. Eight narrow on the road Needham lost it's totally flip -- great at home now. Can't went on the road as represented a year they were great on the road and went home we'd rather than bakery at home are great. How you have to went on yes you gotta you gotta when hazel Lester as well to a farmer court where the world a better road team they were at home as well invade for most the season last year yes and of course second in the dozer to catch on the warning everywhere but. Yet he great the first half the year on the road I mean justice do the math and out heat I think they're sixteen and eighteen succeed in nineteen on the road and glossy around at one point he were way over 500 from the wrote. And and tremendous record on the road. And now we can't really from home. So next service tomorrow in Sacramento league you've got to when tomorrow night's. And and then you got the lakers on Friday night which will be a tough game latest play sciele which doesn't work for the heat's. And the lakers are also one of the hotter teams in the legal whether or not their style works or doesn't work against the. How does that work for PR when he goes Specter is there any kind of never. Home you know these news then does he do an inning when magic in terms of do they get together that's true man whose tense relationship pronouncement on. Oh really yeah. One out. Relief and we indebted salty like not nominated up Lou if I love it. But you know he is easy and executive now ranking chummy with an anymore. And unsafe you now don't tell me do that. I don't know I don't know do you. Know. Senate so charming. I'm sure there still chummy. Yes. So anyway. I had eight last that was why I was OK with wade and whites I'd miss the game last night that that was taught the scheme the trip for. There's only actual good team they're playing. On this trip so you know of got to missed last nights we don't give it another chance when making a must and William what's at play so sit outs. Get the rest be ready for Wednesday. Data. Overrule. We're. My mom and exit. He's only gonna. Again in slow. I'd so look at this here's all the way hall of Famer. Who can join the likes of Brian when doors he spelled Jeffrey Loria. He is sending your submissions now to our show email morning show the ticket money dot com each week we're gonna pick a winner the winner of that week has been when a fifty dollar gift certificate to Florida lumber. And then a month of may and at the ten weekly winners we're going to pick the inductees. Okay. And that person who nominated the inductees this reunified under argued certificate. To Florida lumber to 2018 tool we call in selection brought to buy four lumber and 798 FM 14 point three HD to the ticket the first. Nominee. Of this when he eighteen class was named the last week so congratulations. To Bill Simmons okay he is a 2018. Finalists now. Woolsey you know he's he's united sent to ten person class a world ways away. From having a you know the induct team mobile gets that a couple months obviously beat out by being used. Well but what the date they could still be nominated and AM at anyone who nominated someone last week is still in the running in just it just wasn't the nominee for last week that's all. We have nine more so don't be discouraged here your nominee is still there and and could still wind up could still wind up winning. We started the show today. We're talking about TV shows I mentioned now I caught up on a couple of episodes yesterday of the Walking Dead okay. And I think everyone whining and and three episodes this season so the second half of the season. I watched the first two yes say just stinks all right should least be really good it just stinks now. And I say I stick with it because I got to know how ends I just gotta know how the show ends. I'm I'm not even in Sydney episodes anymore does Washington know how that show and I'm sold or every episode I'm on my phone the whole episode trying to pass time. And I still can't quit. IA I got to watch. Not that watch it live OK but I IA I'd get to at some point throughout the weekend and I'm inevitably disappointed by it. I can't tell it like some saw an episode of the walk in Gaza emails awesome episode. Like sometimes there's good scene. But at the episodes are never good as a whole. And people still watch it now the race not as crazy you Steve it's still the number one. Rated show on cable television on TV overall it's it was like number five last year so so very very hot okay. Still very high ratings but that shows stinks now and. I don't remember a show that I have ever get old okay. I I got to see it through got an odd show ends. And I was measure before from my understanding Dexter was that kind of show where people bailed on him because he got so sold. In the final season an elder show that I want to watch. By then when I heard how bad it got the final season clicks grew valley restored Michelle and I know finish is terrible. Well while I wanna get invested in that people watch to you watched it all the way through rates open and and you were you are Matt writes. I it was really matches with these last episode and it is and do wasn't as good. Yeah I don't wanna go through that I don't I wanna be mad at the fat and the ending of the show it is one of the worst in television history on car components and it's not the one on the course and television history the way that people didn't like The Sopranos finale some people do like The Sopranos finale some people didn't like The Sopranos finale. This finale was universally panned writes yes it was the worst pending in television history yes some in essence yes some people were OK so I fell dead in an up seems to comedy but a lot of people. Like the way signed on most people did not like Palestine part on that but this episode apparently for next Ehrlich what are eight the show is as and the governor senator I've. The new Dexter. The funny guy that content houses may putting new Dexter was Emmys are like a new Dexter series that's out is there I don't in my old Dexter is no longer during it. Not I don't think so you make an exile man what is he like killed people or some of forensics guys who works for the broke the police departs Miami who analyzes blood in Miami Police Department but he's also serial killer right now and that's and I thought he's murder he murder but is anyone of those certainty is one of those serial killers he's like a vigilantes yeah. I was them is a serial killer the moral to that. But he also has beautiful boat and he dumped the bodies off. And the Miami waters and you respect and work in the respect senator not to they actually shoot that show in Miami I believe so yeah. And it really has an ounce you mosey says Miami the tape as Miami which is frustrating yeah so hole maybe Dexter thing I think you've got a little bit funny for me when he got the chick and then you know that they're Kris Dielman killed chick and then. I thought at a loss and two that a I don't bail on shows we can't do this anymore all watch your show. You know median episode I realize OK I don't like Emma Watson's anymore. But if infamy on the show like men on the shell I got to see. Suddenly this is too much I liked her and Emily Rose. What are called me exorcism movie better. Whatever of Emily Rose the X zoom out and Emily Rose as it's called. On I like turnout numbers are first ever acting job and she did a phenomenal job you can run through the annoying here who works on shark. I'm as a symbol torso. But I like her in the Dexter show and like her at all. So speaking of television shows a sexual tyrannosaurus to choose him after permanent. I mean she dinosaurs. Zero tolerance now central front soared from just. An animal crazy again BO RT I do now on on what you've got long arms. So. I don't know if you guys all this but you know television shall lack gash he sex you know as usual blanket yes very popular show. And that are similar yes I saw the first few episodes and is responding as you double time it's good. I don't want to dominate at 04. And bill later. And it's funny that that the show the way my understanding of the show black ish. They do a lot of social issues a lot of contemporary issues current events that kind of deal. And of course is kind from the perspective of the black family and it's a it's a very popular shows showed as well. Good actors and it is wrong and it's and it's interesting actors are great actors and kissing it that's the show that it is or should calm. Because. When the show first debuted. And called black cash. Like all while this week parity the shell Writely seems like that's gonna be a parody tight show black actually just from the name you know it seems it's going to be a show that is. Good in them lean more on the funny then on a. The yell let's do some serious topics every now and that well it is funny it's both know I understand it's less about parity. Mean when the show's called leftists that seems like heroes because it seems that it just becomes cheesy. And it's not cheesy. At least from what I've seen and from what I wanna know about the shell. And the shows and rolled in a lot of controversy right now because is they filmed an episode that is never going to air. They made an episode. That was supposed to bearer. At some points I think just those air at some point the end of last month the and they decided to permanently shelved the episode. Because of what they're calling. Creative differences between the network and show runner. And the show apparently deals with social issues. And the rumor is because they're not describing them too much detail. And the rumor is that it is because they deal with kneeling in the NFL. And of course ABC. Is a partner of the NFL there grant from the NFL. Peace years prominent football. It's very big entity for the network. And they don't necessary to deal of thought is that they don't necessarily want a battle with the NFL. A black. ABC can't they have a fight. Ports that they're not willing to. Not so burn extra had to do it on I would think I mean that's the soda probably can it could handle it and present. A topic. And and an interesting. And humorous manner and get people engaged in that but I think it's just the problem that is it's on ABC and that ABC's a partner with the NFL. I don't know I don't think they feel not only humorous and medically probably that show's been taking on the occurrence and social issues it's it's not a humorous manner like it's it's a serious man the way that show handles it and I I don't handle well every episode I scene of that show is and fun. No they get serious topics on that show and they do really well. And I would imagine that is the case with this one I mean the synopsis here of that episode. It says year. Anthony Anderson's page George ray caring for isn't it Simon and I and intense thunderstorm keeps the whole household awake. Terry attensa read the media bedtime story but a band is that when the baby continues gripe you instead. Improvise a bedtime story that over the course the episode conveys many entries concerns about the current state of the country. The episode covers multiple political and social issues in one scene. Drain and oldest son junior or do you over the rights of athletes to kneel during the performance of the National Anthem at football games. So that's the only part of the socialist knows that is mentioned is the NFL are now is that salting it's disgusting that so went out and singles but. That would appear to be the reason that ABC shelving it and an out guests at ABC is looking at it worse is like listen. We have an incredibly successful show here wis. Or without making the NFL angry so how we just don't make the NFL and probably the route that don't. They're probably taken the easiest asked. Do. Not (%expletive) off people that they don't wanna get angry. As immunity shouldn't Denny episode. Every decide. But they're going to easiest route here which is it's not necessary for us to hear the sentence abroad very successful show why we have to also make people angry. If you like that there's a lot of crossover there. They can imagine most people who are watching blackness. Probably. The you know the protests view of those things anyway. Like to me it's knowledge of a bunch people who are. Against the kneeling Avaya a during the anthem are probably like the last I don't think it's about I don't think it's a lack gauge being afraid of making of alienating. They are all audience I say it. An angry analytically the problem is black is that that was my point of the actress who was on any other network. And I don't think this would be an issue at all idol been black resistance Arianna alienating its idea how big an ailing and Tony I think it's just the relationship between ABC and in the NFL that the NFL. Doesn't want this to occur and about what the you know in a difficult situation for them dismissive though like. What's the difference with any talking head on ESP NN. How did you point of view that they're against Anthony who question or at the museum or what the animals doing it's that yet too much as they different especially if it's a comedic show us. Super weird question that's always been attention with the ES and you know and its partners in terms of the sports. And in terms of different sport is inspired me daddy I is that things are also doing more than individual becomes about personal on a farm out not a whole cast and crew and mistrust among these guys and you know its attention we all have. I mean it it right I mean here we can we can sit here on the show and be critical of the heat even though our station it you know has. Has a deal with the heat raid because it's a parts hit the flagship station. With the heat we wouldn't want the heat to tell us that we couldn't discuss the heat in a certain light that everything we have to say about the heat has to be positive. In some manner we wouldn't want them to be able to control our content like I. Because. We are Sports Radio until I am now wondering why it Thomas. Some people think that is true and be able think that's what you dale. Your chance when a thousand dollars next.