ZRA Part 1 3-20-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, March 20th

Tobin next Hooters girl, Bill Simmons loves tweaking Miami fans, Shaq thinks the Earth is flat


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. He's actually runs it and he had his junk touched by Matt Ryan a lot more than his wife to a false perception. If they can keep going to have her home in time. For the. Don't make me break it. Yeah. Eight. All hot and not on our I don't you zoom is so they don't believe it doomed love it and I'm looking clothes work you do lose. Grown ass man yeah happy Brothers on the air field mostly heat wearing on. Let's hear repeated and get it together now it's on them you know the likes. Telling and so on seven. Back yeah. On that amber is day Monday morning in the east twentieth morning of march. Good that you this year amber halo. The minus Romberg morning highs Tobin good morning. How the weekend go for you amber you good feeling good ol' party and I do us literally and there was little it really. It's awfully easy Romberg was and is as good as Amber's reagans and it's. Lawyers man. I was at my with mama's good reason being is because I like I've been coming on exercise to Oregon the basketball challenge you oh yeah and on that exercise kick and everything went well. Even weighing myself as late as Sunday morning. On then Tim in buggy too much over the weekend really do you don't Romberg stocks. After it's largely led only dimly lit a home for the middle resuming because Sunday was in on the mom's birthday yesterday okay your expertise so okay. Tiffany reduction data made food for everybody once again and then I ended up going pretty hard on the food situation incident which currently raid controller asserted. Aren't our annual no excuses me on down on on. Late VOA news consequences and repercussions when Yusuf like that OK so no excuses all right. Amber back to you let's describe this wild and crazy weekend for everyone out there are Leo was on a little fights year. A laundry party easel we are going on absolutely yeah I'm giggling and my girlfriend gases yeah. User and yes very soon and mud pit that so we legs out where it's excellent excellent. On you'll hear more that sexy stats and a couple of hours from now. We or talk to Chris Catania Rick Christie and senate lives member yes and dealers okay yet there you go all right we're it's all right Grimes is twin brother. Already looks like Brent Grimes mr. urged against your nickname yeah Agassi right. Chris contains gonna join us and a couple hours we'll talk to him and an especially good timing because. Wasn't thirst let's lead Friday. It was Thursday only Chris Rock on. The question actually does that sound but they were just on a pseudo cast members and Farley's next I love yet he's necks I love talking NASA now cast members of game but I feel like we're talking a lot about comedy last week and comedians that stand up so it's it's good timing that we're gonna have. Another comedian on the show today so. Not to a couple of hours from now. The we we doubt about the hurricanes from Friday night that on the Larry I'm so much younger now. I really was I wasn't throughout would affect those guys who prepare the way that they did it Hillary escalated quite. And it is double digits and all the sudden when they didn't do anything for the longest period of time I think it's I think the Catholic. If the game at the first 120 or 23 and a good and also our winner Keynes would have dominated yet it leads when he won millions all the wanted you know the good old you know it's one when Odom great but. You when you don't do anything for like seventeen minutes assists in his pocket and out. It's frustrating that sinks horrible moment rather big Mansur plan really really well and no offensive rebounds and this is just a group show well look disappointing. Look IE you know he's going to be upset that's fine but reality and it is. Is this this canes team over achieved this year okay. It warns most he very good to sees Andrew you and pretty good okay are grenades fizzled out them beyond any one out with a whimper OK in the NCAA tournaments. But that was that was not supposed to be the way the season went this year instead they went into immediate turn an appearance. And next year you know you got Larranaga Yahoo!'s recruit in the good kids. And they are a couple kids coming in next year who slows the rule. Really terrific. Like next year's the year. That I think it's it's McCain's flame out Nancy determined in this kind of fashion get upset about it. And leave your hurricane fan you bombed out all the game is going on because you're never and it's after an ice starts. But you move you move it along okay this is a nice season for hurricanes basketball that's that's. Now as far as the rest deterrent is concerned I sit up late last night's OK watch negate yesterday were. Fantastic I thought yes it was the best day of the tournament so for okay great gains between. You know you had. Michigan early in the day yesterday with a compromise I went over global great game. Org and winds are coming from behind against Rhode Island yesterday avoids a major upset. Great game you had Rothstein all okay Davis Love and it's still good game. You think he's he's he's sitting there it is is live under him thrown at the TV still a game odd kid is not the living room because you work in the game last night. Kentucky. With. And back and forth game and they beat Wichita State yesterday they avoid a major upset as well. You don't bunch of good games but none more satisfying. In last night's what frank born in South Carolina. Why did knocking off number two duke late night I stayed up that team last night because it's fun every single time watching duke lose in the NCAA tournament. Those kids. You you would think. That they believe it's their birthright yeah to win every single basketball game in Oakland and it comes along with the scholarship you miss got you to attend school diploma and that's what players. You get a scholarship to attend duke. It's set somewhat a scholarship. Also got to win every mass walk in the it may think it's their birth rights OK I love watching duke lose basketball teams in the NCAA tournament. I love watching them lose early you got that grace and Allen you got that that an arcade is Lou canard. I love watching him with the black guy I love watching him out out there as well. That's the kid what's his name on a meal Jefferson. I like watching him lose. Coach case standard that the what's on the face and that half cocked smile I love watching all of watching all them lose. Some things lately and comfortable about you reveling in the so much as they're calling them kids. I love it's I don't care. And not the list of you know us on the kids and and call names or what have you OK although agrees now 130. But I can wanted to lose. I mean hell OK and he hit a black guy I don't want to know that front black or not that's. I don't want I like watching that team lose. And I'll tell you out at you know they're so capable. Unbeatable number they're capable there's so unbeatable coach K goes out there and he's just like he's walking in these high school gyms like. Us table can on the album and they get in the scholarship. I love watching that team lose man. And good for frank wanna like watching frank morrow and out there you know he. You know of course foe former former Miami IE and you know made its way from Kansas State those those run congress coach. OK it Kansas State's. And I realize me and South Carolina. Few I guess is three days Guthrie is most of first int he tournament like. Forty year or some. Like they're never in the tournament. It was their first tournament win in for like since Alex English to get shown out single in the ground. First tournament wins outs explained that concern yes. It's two and a few years ago and I know bullet they were attorney Mintz. Few years ago never won it they will never first tournament win in its hole long yes so that talk actual piano once last time South Carolina got a tournament win. I think it was like that Alex English seemed to become shown how to English in the crowd yesterday. So some good for Frank Martin man I like him and they knock off duke so peace out. And so support the number ones though that lost support Villanova obviously they went down in flames. But deity and with the random ones this three number ones UNC had a scare they survive. Can actually pretty well Kansas and Kansas ruse okay. And Campbell Kentucky that was number number two or three and tip yet so the big loss there was still an elbow over the weekend. Duke over the weekend as well there are number two they lost as well you're aren't global number Tuesday lost to Michigan. You're texting me titans image leap because Villanova lost you I had chosen to drain and I got out of my god. And and you shows UN seat and a grocery tells what are our. Right after that and then I am glad I held back yelling about it Alison help. Those did I was right there at all of the trigger. About to start talking some smack I. It was those are down like five would like ten minutes left in the gamers on that I'd I'd dollars and trouble okay is of course. We have moral little bracket challenge on Tobin had duke I think winning it's always a big trouble now paying him Titanic I have Villanova winning holding some console tied for first Thomas watts. Wall it's you know it's one thing to loot so to not have the team that you pick. Wind determined to win determined to be Uga still would win your bracket. But when you lose you win or so early. And normally or skirt yet to killer beat real update on who's looking like they're going to be dressed up as the hooters girl next miss. I itself. An update you what's going older to little weak hall of Famer we have we've called an audible. And we had decided to extended. The tool week hall of Famer Morgan extended a few weeks of Kmart continue collecting them you're too little we call fame. Nominees now we ought to announce the winner okay per say today okay. But the winner that we announced today's going to be cattle Lego finalists you know. And then will narrowed down the finals the way they do for the you know though the pro football fan OK you got your finalists. And then the very end you find out who's actually going into the hauled him to do like that to okay. So does that send. Every week we're choosing a final straight at her for the next little while organ that we have lightly ten finalists OK so sold for ten weeks where every week we're have a finalist. And that in in in ten weeks from now we are going to have the the big induction ceremony okay. And each week wall won't give out prizes for the folks who who their nominee gets up you know makes it to the semifinal to the finals I guess of finalists. And and and we wool why don't give way to grand prize the 500 dollar Swartz and each Rex would alternative decking accuracy off Florida lumber does that sound good mildew like that are candidates will be able to give way handful more prizes yet I think that's a good idea. So here's what's going on with a bracket challenge beat out a winner. Our show. Okay the finalists who work here and there the morning cruel the big mistake they're called right on the short host and nationally. We the cinema sorry and I Arnold bracket challenge. OK and the loser gore finishes in last place okay dead last. Is going to be our server one afternoon. At. Owners OK we like hooters there are no frets and they're gonna have to be our server and dress up like the looters girls okay so and you know. Not terribly flattering. For the gentleman speakers of I have to lingo I happen in the amber actually looks very nice. You seen those tight so girls Wear those things like make the legs look great well so. The loser loader finishes in the last now audience OK you know what my ass has been in national arts Woolsey about tonight's enviable hang out don't worry about it. Our audience now this. Is rather. You more media a loose so that we're embarrassed or have amber and Ashley were both very attractive like which would like good news. Government currents are definitely around the streets I've seen seems regular meeting of errors in Ashland Lanka the other players that's all fun and games you know you have a cute little moment but. Actually have them walk to the table and wall and I via okay not a little late. Nicosia AC leave there OK there's mores that phrase I don't know what is I understand impeachment. So. So that's what's going on OpenId and right now through one weekend okay. I hate to see leave an island to see hours and then you go there you go out there. Right out through one weekends the leader in points tied for the lead in points all or actually. Slim. And amber okay. Last place right now in points. Is hope. Bring in all that re putting me actually is one of the leaders. NASA and is nothing I Biggio is not an inning. That he owned and nothing and that at. Ashley is a slow and not okay X eight years she knows nothing about sports aren't. You know ounce of it takes a talked actually she does he have a television and house she's one of those. Televisa in those families that don't have TV no yes yes any TV or yet. That's all I definitely don't have cable and Internet either. There are those families that doesn't do you like to acknowledge all they might be on edge but anyway. She's in first place she's tied for her waist. But that's not what you got to look at what you got to look at when you do in the bracket challenges get a look at points from meaning that's what matters doesn't matter as much how many points you bring now. In matters how many. Points you have remaining. And the raw doll. Okay he's got the most points remaining our rights so rob you good shape and he's still got the team that you pick to win the whole thing now believes points remaining. And also in last place overall aides told. And Toby didn't match. Okay does he has duke when in the holes today and you'll lose your winner this early. You wrench rubble OK so it's Hogan losing duke last night he's in very bad shape. Amber lost Villanova over the weekend she's in bad shape as well. So even though she's tired of first place in points she has not a lot of points remaining so amber and told him. Are both in bad shape and great shape either I'm not an awful position. I still have my overall winner I lost the current times over the week like I'll also wants to lead AT and you're a season ago and I lost to fly this. Survive and advance out of get hurt bad and survive in advance but I lost two final four teams so that's why don't tonne appoints lots. Robert Yuri goods to man our rights I know you don't wanna dress up like. Looters moral I'm concerned that's when they wanna Susan's son of Illinois you're doing all right Noelle you're the car. All right Florida keep going arsenal Mark Gardner told that they're just all banking on Florida now. Auburn I was I was texting amber and I was I was trash talking rights I said I say hey don't go get that looters out email wanna get that get up love you know. You wanna try we're gonna get measured this weekend are you ask it for real she's telling mariner ten. Hooters outfits at home because you were and who really who does actually. Jesse and I look as the most angry you and how do you like these dressed up kind of anger me. Ashley used to work in the legal and I'm originally mature. Hey it really doesn't even set it's not fair challenge look for her seat as he. Doesn't want she fell by the other tells. Me she. I don't know how you inside of you kids. I want I don't. Exactly and Avant sizzled a little bit but then second evolve. See inside the outfits so let's not it like being drummers on to something here's is still put them on for the hobbies so she's got a comfort. With these alpha you know she was on that show America's come all I did note that named signatures on America's top model I think seed Dayton didn't she win. No no on the G1 it's now. She you know went. But Shia yet who's on that show was at like Tyra Banks who's a host that who does that. One of those women dude dude is like an. Area yes the issue now. Anyway that's what got going on so you know if for folks who would like to see amber as looters coral. It is you know you writes if you're looking pretty good for folks wanna seats hoping. Dressed up like hooters girl you look you're an excellent. You really really good shape eighties Amber's got a deadline plus he lost last night next. 79 Mercedes-Benz corporate run the five game set for Thursday April 27. And they from Claude Claude Mercedes-Benz what Ron dot com repressive team registration packet supported by yourself flawed us. Mercedes-Benz dealers and buy admit. McCain's McCain's it was on Friday night he blues last night it was weird man watching he'd lose last night because. You know they never lose anymore. It was it was literally odd watching the game last night because it was it was like the middle of the third quarter and actually doesn't like. This game and I haven't gone that long time. And Damian Willard one is unstoppable. Not a whole lot you do about that it was the as far as I'm concerned it was outside and Isiah Thomas when he had fifty some odd points against the heat and he was 29 points in the fourth quarter that game Damien little last night had and the best performance of the season against the ET so good buddies couldn't. Like he didn't play very all I need her blood. If he's gonna do that as you know is gonna stand five feet behind the three point line and just knock down threes. I met got eked out one. And. And as we are likely to militarily when there are those ridiculous he rumors a trader Richard damion Willard that was one of them legit guys I was excited about the I don't know how that happens then to me that happen. He has you an assassin. He's already great score that defensive player but hey a great great scorer he would. 49. Points last night he was nine of twelve from theory. And and really things turn for Miami. Way and some whites it was an adjustable minutes in the in the second half he had he were to kill some bad third quarter but the floor fouls in the third quarter alone. We figure OK but how. How does the has a some Whiteside had no fouls at halftime a kind and nice to be looted in the second half because of foul trouble and still present don't know. It's all came in the first half. You know. He played only twelve minutes had one point three rebounds in the second half he you're gonna invest podium for star player or caring to pressure and and or its use of market she. EE dominated as a result I mean you know look listen. Will be nice back of senator OK let's idiots using nice backup center he truly truly showtime no but the point is slightly. You know I remember earlier in the season. Where. You'll Willie Reid stepped in. For Hassan and or people were doing though are repayments on all I'm guessing yes it's like whether it makes a million dollars a son makes twenty look globally we can do. Willie Reid sometimes and last it was one of those times it's pushed around down there OK and that used to barricades had his wave with who Hillary. On on UD's inside the heat he's heats talks about the different guys on the team and he says Willie Reid could be one of the great back up. Back at center easy and not really really good back Zairean and I he's a backup center in the I think I don't need to hold an accurate and we need it he was talking about you know is going through all the different guys like he's on to be one of the senators and we can use it really regarded as back up he's been. Yeah I I think that is completely accurate and in Willie Reid is a very very good backup center an important part of this team. But on nights like last night or signs of foul trouble and they're facing a big man who who has some skill. And is being good like Willie Reid gets pushed around a little bit sometimes and that happened last night the store had mosques. 790. Got chicken W eight XY AM South Miami WSFS FM HT TU. Standards do weekday mornings beginning it's not here's what's trending now. I'm surprised you by indeed dot com are you hiring injuring over three million businesses that you indeed dot com for Herring poster next job opening on the world's number one job site. Indeed dot com the heat got deemed last night's. TV alerts are 49 points. In the blazers win over Miami 11520104. Hears this on talk dollar's performance this to. Four somebody's making that she that was you know well we Turbo blues soul and you know again there is some easy some easy buckets I think and and you know he's the guy out there. In order to go to. James Johnson had 44 points Goran put up seventeen it was not enough Miami's back in action Tuesday nights and when they host Phoenix at 7:30 PM. Dion Waiters says he hopes to be back by the end of the regular Sedin that is not sound promising waiter says this ankle sprain is much more severe than the last one from this season is the worst pain he's felt since breaking his ankle at a school said he thought it was broken when it happened he eyes that he hasn't been able to put any weight on it's here is. Suspect and ankles and left ankle. But he sprained and Minnesota so I don't know what whose company is with Minnesota. But he sprained it. Children the way he did the last time sources say I was a timeline on it and there's no way to really tell until. You know we get to the next day. I probably have amputated. I mean when you hear the coach talk about there's no timetable to the scene associate I mean they don't say anything when it comes injuries mechanism to probably an anti. It is. Emerging in the loss Friday to Michigan State 78 to 58. Spartans lost huge number one seed Kansas ninety is that India on Sunday. And easy on an error Romberg that Michigan State got worked cocaine McCain's. Who knows what haven't McCain's they face Kansas like you do like avoiding that potential embarrassment then maybe. Not elect at least when the front Lanka. Are not heavily white dude jumping off the bench argument their hard from Michigan cereal bowl and a why aren't other notable quote owners. A formerly guns in the South Carolina beat duke Lally to 81 love it. Kentucky top. Which is hot states 65 to 62 great games shocker sorry man sorry Wisconsin beat Villanova 65 to 62 great game. Nice Florida State's. Anyone to 66 and Harrelson in the middle of my. Or Leonard got you. I killed there. Florida. Beat Virginia. 65 to thirty now. Ron do you. As a decry any game last night as you used bummed out about Virginia obviously is his eyes as a cranky imagine each round agree billions in Orlando. But like you imagine for anyone who travels to that game and it you know fear you via a along Marlon have you and they grow up a seventeen spot at half time. I mean that that's the worst travel on furry game and you got no shots you decision they're watching it got no. Shot 39 poise it's. Or does not similar to recruit when their armored big game the other night OK I hear 27 amount but it's not that I. Plane a single elimination I clear that the planet today the crowd is embarrassment or Virginia is. I don't think so no I know I don't think ridiculously low plodding. Not at that and was there. I originally imagined I did forty years ago no I don't thinks still that it's the worst thing college ask yank gators kicked the crap out of him good only get the hell out of this tournament because they aren't bore fest to watch and the gators. Gators right now. All are on the luckiest even the tournaments because. Only one and number one seed has been knocked out. That's Villanova law. And that's who the gators would be playing in the sweet sixteenth sitting teeters yeah traveled to lock you running the final four. And the gators or that team right now instead of facing a mournful note blocker decreased number eight Wisconsin. And that's that. You get the final four if you're not and I'm once or not hasn't rained fire on them. I'll. That's the directors on the theory. Learning Wisconsin's got man but the gators the gators and a nice spot you know of for for potential final 40 you know or at least play in the regional final. 'cause of the gators were to be. Wisconsin and they wind up playing the winner of South Carolina and Baylor and of course they avoided a potential matchup would duke. In the regional finals so the gators the gators have a little walk other side right now. I shows the gators to lose in the sweet sixteen because I thought if you did they would be facing Villanova and I tell you I was still extreme guilt ever thought bracket every year when ever writes use English you're constantly items beating. Virginia ago now. I had and getting to the sweet sixteen of and it's and then go to and then and then lose it but now it's an I mean now it's different because they would believe feasting was conned I'll. Listen not weasel I I'm diet in LLC I will be happy though that the primary sponsor for me an obvious indicators are still hurting from Peter's not from upper. Don't have me with your brag about. And I don't mean organ beat Rhode Island 75 to 72. A great game to siren Ross into our. The World Baseball Classic scoreboard or sponsor reg game time at sunset place like two teams plan covers seventy TVs full bar and greets in game time watch it when it played his game tying up players dot com the semi final round starts to now ain't. Netherlands takes on an ornery. Nine B is it just we just do Puerto Rico updates every night now reporters are they really get through development and it's not about that earns an audible due to. It seems that you're at right I mean I only like yeah. I'm more worried you know guys you don't wanna for Elena to talk teams left now are you rooting for America against the that lead go. You're steaks sign it again tomorrow at these same mountain horror will regularly did that. It's Hume. Come in fresh off a week and a half. How do you still hard Jon Karl hit that ball over the weekend. No my ate my interest level on the World Baseball Classic are unskilled ones record yeah. Amazing really matter. And and music has had Jones made armor yet that I saw that. It has been all about globe is with us yet he's he's continuing to stick it to you man I don't think the worst that a minute pavement that. Albany it's still in the back of his -- mourners like I don't wanna be a one hit wonder like I want to show that told an outline a you know he ate that crow for reasons I mean now. And ever since she changes to your friends than what you hang out in the home runs this center out. Mr. Eaton crows were told in in the east are going to brings some real strong talent to the crew waiting event. Now we sit and longs plus his mom is and yes our capital iron off you go mom try it senator a melody that just said fire. And now the understood it and it takes some of bird. Are you didn't. You Orleans on the one little the mommy multibillion. Third baseman Roberts and prod elements opening day from a hamstring strain that he suffered during the world baseball so that means there Dijjer installer right. That's the opening for Jared Detrick in line up right. Though like it's important that all must and it's good thing but it Venezuela just days after an entity in doing. He's answering that his players I was injuring there you know legs are and on the first north. And I used to running on a sixty strong civil. And imagine the things that football players go through these days of us can run ninety feet without the leg what day is what day's opening day. And an uncertain. Now the sixth paints the is it is at each. Riley get paid 31. March. Now via looks at the 31 trend reverse is April there oh April author of modern minorities here architect my car. Our first home game here is 1111. Openly in the right used guessing numbers. Are your credentials to do some home game I was wondering. I don't care most given so little so that I base early in the season have a really the mets' first week of the season. Hi excellent teacher. It's not sure. Gives him economic reasons in Edmonton I hope to wrap. I've got every balls factor in this and what's the remedy for Marlins relations emails that we did on the daily rig. You can't market. Yeah relations email us. Oh I don't get those on ya don't don't yell Alan listen don't nannies analysts don't have any authority and an Alice in Europe and don't be an island vehemently you don't know you and me had anatomy and the Panthers don't data and I don't. The other ones you don't want and you know amateurs at night says lets you know don't have an eagle for media who that you know what's going on at the arena the night before the games and kind of the gains Robert loves knowing when Tom Rose availability is they had a this and let's you'll Stanley sees going to be in dollars and Nokia in Davie. Condit McGregor. Blew up on boxing media Madison Square Garden this again not going to use shock the world after everyone has been writing off and that that fight with lead it's real close to get home so hi I want to know. Wanna know what the hold you've seen the video right of him shown about his mink and there fifteen grand new its own mink. I got 50000 dollar broad strike Iran's New York City he's I don't know what the bullet and go and I'm here that have gone. I don't get it I don't I don't know and while I don't always got a ton of retirement to stuff is worth a look IL. Economy Gregor. Under rule hauler for him OK against Floyd Mayweather. But. I I am in touch and reality enough to acknowledge. Don't know what in the boxing world professional boxers have been able to touch for me when. And as is common McGregor is at what he does he is not a professional box. Okay he's a professional. Mixed martial artist OK and if no perfect if if the best professional boxer. Your entire life I thought they writes if they're unable to touch Floyd Mayweather. How exposed to believe that content records can be able to in a boxing match. Especially about our watches video over the weekend as well about having. You know having basically your game plan to stay true throughout the whole match. And what caught and what not Connor what what point does best is ultimately make people get frustrated. You abort your game plan you abort which are trying to do because you're skating so pissed off that you can't tag BI that all fundamentals about the window and you're just trying to swing hay makers try to knock him out and don't avoid good just keep tag an Italian. I'm feeling that Connors not gonna have the discipline to stay true ovary rounds when he's getting embarrassed a little bit but he can't tag and what he wants to. Also some points in that fight like hotly Peterson met all the flying your focus OK and you know you're in your zone whatever and these throws a kick to the head because like he forgets that like hey you're. This is a boxing ring this is not the octagon McGee just go to your your usual instincts where all you seen opening let me kick him in the side. That there's going to be kicking involved where I would like they're to be but I do think once they start getting like old rap to get me a lot of one particularly the ground wanna see he'll he'll do something like he'll certainly he'll start. Political pummeling him or start a pummeling a little bit you know when I'm older I'm an army Floyd knows how to do that stuff but. I think Connor might take a little bit of a. I'm the I mean it's not imagine a oh not a mile afternoon. Point. Pilgrims is like at some point there. Another guy that you just and the match sleek. If you did some recent snow this ready out as I predict that's gonna happen eases him cheat and I think you'll love can't afford. Any Yasser us. Chuck Berry the father brought girls passed away the soldier in nineteen over the weekend that the saint Charles Missouri man rather than an hour who's there who's gonna work. Love that scene in back to future he's got a call is as I was in shock is his cause injuries on coal is cause and I think right calls his cousin chuck why did you sit. Needs exponent. Year Michael J. Fox play plane Johnny be good at the great scene from Dresden what. Took the Woodrow yet Chuck Berry yes he played her it's yes that is true Mazzola and Rubin because you know we're talking time travel here in new Lincoln don't believe that. And finally heating pairing sense about her song I kissed a girl but truth be told. I did Norton. Frazzled dogma 1990 next. Yeah. Twenty minutes. Well yeah you know my. Scandal and sales and service beyond your expectations heat lose last night they dropped 34 and 36. I went to team won a fort portal once he finally had a chance. To get to even 500. And they want to lose their first game this homestand. It and you knew they'd slip up in one of these games you aids it's difficult to expect final homestand. You know the last couple homes and tools at fourteen homes and then another four game homestand we swept them both like a five game on San Diego the biggest slip ups. And as a without Deion. You know what it's Ali last night it was a night where you know as I as in Dion Waiters is gonna do anything about Damian Millard doing what he did out there are now. And if they're gonna wind up blues in. A game let it be game where. Miller goes off and eking into a whole lot about camera you know. As you got a guy Gordon gnome I'm from my efforts were not for three point oh and he's twelve at all from the free throw line unit. There was not a whole lot that they you could do Baidoa the coach took some blame NAFTA to gain seen nation of adjusted to it's a little lured there in the third quarter. But you can record or an answer it I guess they should have maybe playing him differing in you know lol what have you a guy who organized the that's the and a million. You know Dion Waiters Dion Waiters not. Playing yesterday that's that's not why they lost that game you know they at that they have enough they're deep at that position all right but it. Nomo they the replacement plane that's actually really well right now I think Portland's now 1810. And they had an accurate yeah excellent road trips so RIE you lose last night and you drop from the seventh. In the east now to technically ninth because you're tied for eighth in Detroit the Detroit has the tiebreak. You play them one more time in about a week all right final time this season so he could take care of that business itself. But the thing is bald heat or ninth right now on the east there's still has a team and a pack of six. Regularly and a half game back for sex right it would and a half game back so it was an opportunity. Blown last night for mine but. Still existing team and a pack of six and you own the tiebreak against that team that is. Insignia so what's the big question right now is Miami's offense is reason being. Because your boy and the hall of fame. A little bit of a question about it. This season. One of the things when you look at the Miami Heat hammer. Tell me I hate them. You know they are right now I would say and there's a really good chance that that's going to be the cavs first round opponent. And if that's the case you watch how the Miami Heat play. From an offensive standpoint the in that series the caps might have before best offensive players. The heat have almost no offense of ability. But they score points because there they worked so hard on offense the cavs don't have to play that way. Because they don't have to expend as much energy because it got so much tell. The word they always certain guys. I mean over the last couple months there and the best offensive teams in the entire league. They had a talent. No offense and ability amazing to be one of best offense is almost no matter Billy looked them it's an army almost no offense Michael on drives a little bit ability load it. That's why it's almost no longer Zoellick is dry spell a little bit. Look the law sensibility. But it was a say that it's it's just stupid. It's still. Another guy let him watch the aussies that's what it is sit and watch eats all it does he looks a box score he's like. How they score 120 points with Rodney Magruder Luke Babbitt starting lineup we got that's. But it's not an unmanned not only that but apparently we have no home court advantage. I mean I think my name is dangerous and they're very very well coached. The good news is that they have a terrible home court advantage of that that out loud it's always you always look to weaken those Miami and you'll never let it live it down relieving for the Ray Allen shot. Nor should look bad and that they don't show up brigades. I am with that part I mean how many times it's not a Miami in the Syrian and they is empty seats listed. I just don't I just understood I mean just don't let facts get in the way I guess of reality I mean I just don't understand when you had. The second longest home selling a sellout streak of any team in the entire NBA and then you can say that I mean I. Brutal slump and all I mean it's not hard to do a little research guerrillas are far off you car. Italy magazine they wanna say all right I can only tell you so many times every game is sold out cause of their missing a game our rights is the place is packed every night speed fan has has proved everyone wrong on the over the last several years. And furthermore. You know their home court advantage it not stop them from taken out ass every post season against Celtics are it's about. Some. That keeps attendance number is by percentage. Of capacity fell this year no one of the best they're tied lesson for us either one of the best to tie for fourth in the the great Boston celtics' eleventh for folks who don't understand without visas went when the when you look at attendance figures EU can't look at. Actual attendance numbers some buildings are bigger than others okay you know the trivial one building its 30000 people another Billings only fifteen and you know do Matt. So you look at capacity okay. And the heat are consistently. Over a 100%. Of capacity. Do you over hundreds or capacity is capacity does not include. The suite level the club section suite section standing room only. Is not included in capacity so the heater consistently over capacity because they have people standing room and in the suite level. Not the heat are one of the best teams in the league when it comes to capacity. So. And the heated Donnie. Post obviously post of prime as a victory Arab post LeBron and recently clean and was it doing it after the terrible to me they had terrible attendants. It's it's look if that's the batteries it's one of the best candidates in the week. It that he has. Immunity is the innocent. Citizens in numbers. That made me just say after. The the road from kids' vision. And you Wednesday the sometimes some things are headed it's time 00. To still get it and I'd you know. Oh I didn't understand Alex you could carry it no way everything I'll tell you what though more bloody games then watch and doesn't show each acre back. And Gary Graham wrong. Only one song only wanna easing still exist. Huge. Last night though the heats up Xeon now. Since he's not. On Twitter. And I don't know Twitter rooting. And easy to do. The FaceBook. App Jack and we actually had refused to combat the men's world you know G-8 Q was there you go. The NBA's decades with the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron does he spoke into you know well. The bronze are here are saying the NBA can't do anything about it can't do anything about players sitting down and LeBron then may be tempered those. Commons next time I see BA comes out well I don't think I don't think we can do and not right now they can't re now they can't. By and the brother got sort of the next CB anchors he comes up in six years the brine plant in six years he's Natalie man. But I'm I'm guessing by the and that we will try to pick the problem is TV contracts mean you have the you have ABC and these you know these different now works spending. What amounts to billions of a dollars right then forty's gains and and and on. 80% don't eat right times and in that hey I mean ultimately can't decent weeks and proud that it's politically really happen. Rates to be zero to three weeks just happened to the clippers the clippers had no they they sat every one right. And it was doc who did this saying. Either way I don't know do you wanna play with those TV contracts I mean as a TV contracts that are allowing the NBA to have such high dollar against allowing the players get more money ultimately so. So you wanna spend what the next five years pissing off. The TV stations who are essentially funding. During re currently hi I'm Allen seems like a very did that seems it seems very bad. To be doing that that spotted your it your right and ultimately. I don't know how long contract it is and how long is it the ratings go down and down and without an TVs and has contracts are all they're going to. I mean needing may lower the bearer. So and then whats gonna happened and then the player salaries are gonna end up getting lower so ultimately it's gonna hurt the players these players need to be and I know LeBron and it's never gonna hurt him and I understand I mean he's the end of his career. I mean he needs battle noting he's got your taunting me and BA with some of his comments because. Ultimately that's what could happen in that spot I don't know if he's looking ahead and really thinking about. All the other guys in the league coming up behind. Pallet they sent their guys. For the first of two gains in Los Angeles it's not like they're getting on Alberta and coordinate travel won't change hotels and was in the night. You know was back to back the beginning of the yes yes and. Staying in the same hotel or layers of waking up the next morning Ed going to work like everybody else. Turnaround is going to get a free for all against the lakers are far and I'm. Although they barely one night that they need forty some odd points opposing it goes in West Coast trip. But it was just chill lacks go hang out maybe a little bit punitive before. Check out LA maybe go register to guys on that 99 inch travelling same hotel seem a Reno on. And and and maybe it may be getting a leg sits on talking about where if LeBron wants to sit out. The just come back to like a police before. He's returned yet as much as lovers or China he did you get like one game I presume the admit I think you have one game back in the navy gave him limited minutes underground and gave the night off the first night I realize that yeah but. It made me think you know I mentioned when LeBron set out to name here where OK look. You wanna sit out of a back to back game. You know the schedule is you sit out the first game you play in Miami OK is she playing for the Miami fans. And then over the weekend money do. Sits out back to back with sits up first heard me tell me he couldn't a done that with the game here or he could've sat out the first nicely placed in front of the heat fan. Sat out the first game of the weekend. SATA game against the clippers when you actually think you need your way around play against clippers they're really good. You can beat the lakers out LeBron. Like you wanna you wanna sit on the back to back. You sit out the other game you don't sell the Miami game ball he did that this weekend where sat out the first game and played second you find yourself a little bit partial. You don't like the Atlanta people would say my would need to sit out sick name much either with the heat because that's who they want to play for us with the running game crack. What is it France's former team I mean yeah I got this point forward seen you playing for your former fancy you got you got people here who love you want people still do. But you got people here who loved you. Okay place and let them. And you know we did we discussed it before her or did you guys discuss anything that wasn't here when -- tweet at the screen shot of that SI article or a bronze talking about how he you know he go he knows that when he's on the road but he's playing for those fans as well he's a guy anymore you know you've also Experian to watch him black so he is aware that he certainly is very aware of and I had no Romberg you've set as an athlete Ole athletes don't care about the fans. LeBron has had a lot of comments in his past or he talks about. The thing ends and how he's very aware that I need arms how much money the fans are spending to watch him play. Now maybe doesn't give a bleep but he certainly is aware of it and and so you were going to be aware of and that's why it. The fans that who used to be cognizant of or certainly your former fans who who spend a lot of money and you and supported you for years on end. White man white lies next. Pilots do why you mad wife Gladys wanna Texas Buchanan calls brings on a monkey attacks line 67974. Initiative that calls brings auto mall he'd pregame show I got you covered before every game right here an hour before every game get ready for that game. Tomorrow night's Phoenix targeted started 630 spots by Toyota South Florida. Get a few Texan here. Some people are proud of Jon Karl Stanton in Christian yell which were wrapping. Team US sane World Baseball Classic some miles asking you to hold funeral for the bulls seized in a once they are eliminated not an unborn enough. It completely irrelevant to Chicago Bulls. Again the blazer fan represented here finals 32 we died. I guess that's that's they're saying final three to a guy that would reverse through I guess someone else an Abbott and gators amber. Have of them Gator Taylor. That palace here Romberg does that too like Clarke he sees but what Clark. You won't hurt and hires a wrist RS are tired as the Dwight Clark LS story scary even a little or do you try tonight and think of those types of things. That's probably about the stuff. Armando I know I Norman being through Charlotte normalized so it is what it is man just enjoy every day like it's a blessing. Mail us the worst man I think gale us is the apps will worsening needn't get. Your prisoners under daughter payless is the absolute worst that's that's a terrible terrible story. For two like Clarke and Stanley alright secret to do he did it go right I got some upsetting news surveillance images of that. No he believes cool man I saw her quotes and stuff artists on Twitter from Dwight Clark. I have some someone must have taken written some must have just taken small quote when he released a whole bunch of things and I I'd admit. But in feel on this mine my hand all around season pass oh yeah I saw was directly from Dwight Clark's with the blue checked so you have some. On others and there's a lot their surveillance you know there's there's a lot healing heroes I. I have mail us those words are still very hard for me to say. No good luck announcing that canoneers is that I can't you know I obviously is no easy task. Yet at an annual audit and asked to play football calls I don't know for sure but I certainly suspected did encouraging NFL PA in NFL to continue working at. To make the game safer specially as a relates to head trauma no he he wrote quite a bit to talk about. How long he's from human with symptoms sentenced when he fifty started to eat in 2015 he started to feel his left hand it was a I was numb of but he India's big deal so he's always had neck problems from his writing career so address the nerve thing. And yeah. He was diagnosed of course Troy Clarke and most teams catches and two global history in the back of the end zone there. Yes it's a terrible story slow death roll of quarters underneath his feet with a vertical has to. Circuits at. A match this morning okay I'm mad because. And something we fetus out. Now. Your being a few weeks ago told everyone that that he is a a flat earth there OK there. And you know earlier date came and said he thinks it's a Larry is that everyone is all up in arms about it that is nothing Larry's not being stupid okay. And now you had Shaquille O'Neal who doesn't podcast how OSHA. But he got Shaq out there now. He's on carrier ring side Shaq is flatter there as well. Shaq is Shaq Shaq says that he drives around and your sport and he's he's driven across the country and for some rounds flat. Across the country this is just did it he says he shouldn't from Florida California many times why. All right he's he's never driven out of 360 degree angle set up. Although auditing that breeze makes sense of resentment that issue is flat to me or some sort of like I like yes yes yes he goes flat I'd British seemed flat to okay and but here's what I don't understand. Why people like car career being like Shaquille O'Neal for that matter. What are you feel the need to dispute. The earth being round at all it's does it say like the president president trump wants to build a wall okay. Some people want to build a wall some people don't wanna build a wall. If the person who thinks it the earth is flat hears people say that Europe has rounds you feel the need. To disputes. What cool is that actually bothering. What's the problem with Europe being wrapped the problem the wall Mexico foggy it is actually actually aside what you wanna play don't want what is. White people saying that the earth is around little ansari and saying as well. Why is that a problem for the people who think it's flat and they have to orgy you'll it being flat with the. Don't these people I think are at this flat think it's like some government conspiracy that we're being told it's over is it against you being protected the conspiracy. That. That that he did I set it to consider jewels that yeah there's all sorts of quote unquote conspiracies that people think are out there about it. If they really took some time to think about it why would it be you can spear like what is it what is the goal of the kind. Of the conspiracy but you know people. Being around all bring down after all it was you'd know it's two deaths aren't what he got amber. I want sack to keep deriving and let us know any balls off easy driven it's flat. About. I'm not this morning. Because they enlist them all about you know saving their environment and all that stuff and and I understand that that there could be you know I would imagine very important uses for recycled water but there's a brewery in C in DA. Who is come up with a beer it's been dubbed down from toilet to tap well and they've come up with a beer made from. Essentially toilet water made from recycled water. And yes I think that maybe takes it a little. Far right you know I would imagine not recycling water is all sorts of rape on why should I do every other me a lot of beings may be like your piece and in different stuff like why it why I don't know why wean necessarily needed or beer person I. Seems like we ask you one area that we just didn't go ahead and try to stick with them. Non recycled. And nine's pilot ought. Lol yup I'm glad reason why I'm glad is because you're. On FaceBook. People trying to steal bicycles here what's the fun. Of those idiots are the latest one where the guys actually make SE dot CA out of it now and it's. That's that's got to be one of the funniest thing and got the Obama tries to grab the vikings steal and then realizes that is his ass is so high that he has to jump from the Paula loved it my neighbors when is when the light is tied to something. So bigger than a virus yet that's my favorite I love that OK and I can't get in trouble for like lighting the seat on fire with these two torches underneath that they basically hate to torches to the stem of deceit and it's a metal seat loaded with tape over it. And they have the the torch is continuously burning heat the metal seat to the little pot balding burning. Ought. And then I don't know how you can't get arrested for like trying to burn somebody's ass off principally as well mom I'm getting at. Or or that piece of meat between the front and the back that really is sensitive. How does that not happen you can get trouble for that. As that piece of me did you area 57 these are just want to let out an honest Medina high 27. Till morning. That. Better reviews committed to mesh. Bridge in Brazil were more people items of dust yourself at their moot point if it got this Dynegy and daughter who's this and you went zero nudge of mergers muse that is picked have a fist whom creating. The what did you have been ratings. What would you agree ratings on her dupers. I asked me the ship that is true. It is dictated by the rig on merit. Am a sketch headlines next.