ZRA Part 1 3-8-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, March 8th

D Wade visits MSD, Skank strip clubs, Refs botch more games


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I wanna get Owens as the Iran's amber to date Thursday morning 88. The morning of march. Sandals in the morning suspects Romberg morning there was Tobin good morning and that it. I had no idea I was you gotta tell us I was very moved by Dwyane Wade yesterday. Did you guys see that video of him to showing up at lunchtime the Morris Almond Douglas yesterday I did I was very moved very good work I am biased eyes are very move does well there are so excited. And you know there's no there's no there there were no media are gays there's no television footage no news came and ending. The footage that you got out there is you know is footage from. One of I don't know all the kids who were filming it on their self doubts you know it he walks into. The lunch room. And and the kids are free can now and they all have their cell phone out and am I saw I I watched a video on one of the kids was taking on a cell phone there and the it into it's I was I was yeah. Very very moved by it you know and and he's he's excited to see every one and the kids are super excited. And he you know he gets on the microphone put a minute's notice addresses everyone and says how proud of everyone he is in. Disease he's really happy to be there intend to you know to meet every wan and either to lose and I was so great and and I I I do believe that it's it's an example of it's it's one of those appreciate. You know. What you got. Or or you don't appreciate what you got until it's golf like and I feel like there is a real attitude. Around Dwyane Wade right now. Where. He's just so happy to be here and just wants to be a part of every. Singer and he mean on his end to the per second that you meant. On our end and Andy I don't feel like Miami hello and he is nurtured it to appreciate how my Philly offense certainly always did an all out his. Enemy hit just his attitude. Attitude. Is. Aids it's different then what is the two years ago. And and that that's not to say that. You wonder showed up martyrs Dohmann Douglas if he had never left here I I'd I don't know that that's the case. But it is is you just showed up with without any of the rest finding out and doing that whole deal wouldn't just just the whole attitude just isn't high. Higher attitude here he does. Really feels like this is truly is community. And it seems play and he obviously had a chance to go back quote unquote home which. I mean he was from Chicago and he had a chance to go back to the one other place that. Maybe he always diet with different accents and don't forget about this though you know yes from Chicago it's his home he's. He. All all almost half of his life in Miami wreck you know and here. No longer. Able to this has fourteen days before you know this this year will be fourteen years now to Italy for fifteen years he was gone for year and a half so fourteen years as raising his hair there are we waste 36. But you know he was color number of years to grant he's half his life. In Miami is on judge well okay. Yeah it as like. The environment more obviously as an adult being somewhere so. Those years arguably are more impact well you probably remember every single year he spent here and Miami that he had the opportunity go back to where he grew up. And I think he realized that that isn't home and there anyway to literally centers are in Miami. Ali is name rings. As heat of an impact as it does down here that it would back to Chicago. All right absolutely and I think that that all is part of it and I think she thinks she realized from this journey. That its bid and bigger than basketball in the sense that when your talking abouts. Quality of life it goes well beyond the core and that he's selling batted in the community down here and so beloved. That really this is the place for him. Yeah you know if if an incident like this happens in Chicago. See it the kids in the school and let's let's say that the one witness is when the balls you know like the latest Jason this is a second year doubles or let's go back to last year okay. It's an incident like this happens in Chicago. You know Dwyane Wade is is not even Carlos to the top of the list. Of celebrities or at parties that those kids would would would hope it would come and visit them. I'm saying I'm still pre if he was on the bulls horse what nine years it rated defender rows of racial problem there and there is primary day there's I don't want. Yeah that way and Butler I hear you're talking any as a guy players headed Dwyane Wade in Chicago they want zealous and antimatter pro. Any guy on the active bulls' roster any guy who played for the bulls any hanging. Would be I'm sure welcomed at a high school after or something you know any of these athletes when you see these athletes and they go visit. Hospitals you see a football players all the time. It's not necessarily the star guy who walks in the hospital makes an impact Romberg you've talked about you did that when you were a flaring you've visited hospitals and and you know Romberg wasn't Tom Brady but I'm sure that it was just very very cool for those little kids to meets. And NFL player and it's very cool for them to meet an NBA player but that's what do we wait would be in that scenario is just another bull's player you know it's really cool. Base year. And sir you know we isn't everything but it's not the same is down here Oregon here it's hey you know you're it's it is your Michael Jordan it's as big as you. And yet there's not there's not as does not an athlete's lied down here who. Kids. In school wanna see before Dwyane Wade. Not that we lied not Alonzo Mourning. I'm Dan Marino. Not Pat Riley OK it's Wayne way inland and and and in Chicago a lot of athletes move toward the way and waited a lot dilemma comes into love. He's from Chicago. But there's a lot of athletes and head of Dwyane Wade. Cool who is it we wanna meet today on the grade of the you know zone so comes out here in Miami. Dwyane Wade is the hop guy. They could possibly have come visit you OK in any situation let alone a situation like with those kids are going through right now. Ands. I I ate it. And they said this is right after he returned and you're able to see how happy he was when he got here he got the plane and then you know his first came back and I you're in Dwyane Wade net which happy he laughed. Wish you happy that he left for the year and a half if Dwyane Wade never. Left you wouldn't have him with the cost her into. Attitude at. And demeanor that he currently has he. He knows it. Is that he's got the best situation possible here that this is what he needs to beat and he's not supposed to be playing anywhere else. And he never left here. You would not have him. With this current attitude. You what it's it's we should be happy that he left for the year athletes soils the whole hey you could be one of the rare kind of players. Who plays in one city his entire career in the goes hall of fame and happen very often. It's very rare you know Patrick Ewing didn't do that. Hakeem Olajuwon didn't do that. Yet Kevin Garnett didn't do that is very rare. To have a guy who's gonna hall of fame and and places in higher crude once in your Colby who did it Dirk Nowitzki is likely gonna do it. I thought Dwyane was gonna do it and thought yeah and why it was disappointing end. He only did it do it for very short period of time yeah a lot of those other superstars and it finishing out their careers tomorrow a bounce in team to team to team I. And and then maybe they signed the ceremonial. One day deal which have been without Garza's right at Yale drama than ever do it's. He's actually playing here he's part of its team and they're they're going to make a playoff I think you know. Fan maybe just wish that he was able to have this appreciation without leaving but it would have been cool. For him to have that Kobe career and still have that appreciation. But so what's gonna happen to you saw how disgruntled he felt at the Andrea before you last copy 2016. You saw a guy that's just how was he was he was in his feelings and it was. It is what it is he had a terror he had to leave to gain that extra inspiration. You know and LeBron complicates the whole Australia. And really it's certainly it's it's a complicated. Situation and I tablet given LeBron comes back too don't you think Nadia has become did it yeah. Cocktail that seems to veto. He play the sixers tonight. And another playoff type game to ninety mile from the Panthers. Are back in action tonight they have more. Seattle all the French Canadians there are going to be at BB NT sat porn appliance NRA they do all those French Canadians. All English I was I was more out Mario. Hey at least they saw. So can others look at them two points tonight but that's to be a fun atmosphere like if you haven't been to a gathered in tonight's the kinda game to go to you because it will be packed. And although let you need is rarely that that Middleton and again a wild because is they always play at every. And read every damn night that he played the Panthers are a lock to play. I don't really bad. Annoyed Gaza why just do it that only you but seriously why do the act does make financial sense for the NHL for the handers. Hate we we wanna play Montreal two more I'll try to make you know once. We get some people go to he also comes to building. Went out oh I don't think the policy into account the NBA schedule and it's right in the schedule there where you don't and you know they're not but can the hand there's come out of state to the actual news has problems here. You know you can we true raw hi Ian. To schedule games on nights that the heat don't play because you don't we make money and what we'd make money you make money and I mean what I don't get it's why can't other thorny a little bits. Our third then there would there be other teams and other markets you have conflicts with other sports. They should do their niche sport. They should do their best. To make it possible for let's get the most people in the building to schedule every game around every game and out of their way they showed a ton of NHL NBA areas around the country that share that's seed and etc. there is quite a few that's true of them attitude that may. Vision into account. Most of the share outlook as a glorious stupid okay most most cities that had passed when hockey sheer arena I mean makes sense you're it's so there isn't that conflicted a lot of cities. They should. They should go either way hell I don't they do it so much anymore but the Panthers won the use it went when when New Year's rolled around during winter break. They can't that's what specifically request they would had to Canadians here during that break. The Maple Leafs the Rangers. Can do that purpose did you know you have all the snow birds who were here. You get a monster row woods a during winter break during new years like the NHL what would. Would would would. You have a solid schedule those teams are Sam why they can't to coordinate somehow. So they get the bigger crowd anywhere spent too long on this so tonight the Panthers okay don't don't care is no denying the game. Means who the hell that is damned very seriously cool with a helmet on hard on a broad loudly year old on the home nobody cares I mean does nobody. It's on saint. No one Guinness. I. The Panthers by the way speaking of Dwyane Wade and shown up to Marjorie Stoneman Douglas yesterday and it and I was I I found it very touching I was very proud of the way in Wales proud of these bad that he's back here. And and and part of our our city again and and and being the greatest player that's ever played here in South Florida. But speaking of that situation you know shout outs of the Panthers who'll are are doing a tremendous job but when it comes to. You know what what's going on their Auckland I I saw today they flew out you know. The Douglas hockey team and it may have they hockey team there. And Zaid went like this is yeah yeah and Alex they chanted and and the Kansas flew them to rule. To their championship game at hand. In all -- leopard on they'll had a similar on the ice and on the mile and skate and scan Stanley Cup consistently topless yeah it's cold Kagan has Stanley cups is not the reason the cup would be here placate we get the Stanley Cup down to sell sort of terrorist no other reason for a day you know and and the NHL I guess there'll yet have a great idea you know into assailants were they brought the Stanley Cup down here and and the Panthers have done. AEA really nice job all three of the big teams went above and beyond the call of duty. Immediately got into dolphins to church because I was in communication. Some of the people Miami Dolphins. For doing some kind of charity thing and that happened that morning inning immediately the next day throughout that afternoon the next few days for that matter. They were in attendance on panels creating. You know talks creating all kinds of stuff and and supporting us on Tom perfect what a bunch of stuff. Saw a lot of the media a lot of sucks a lot of the players that's like Kenny stills I saw. I term slanderous a lot of guys that you know aborted their offseason plans and came in and help the the south toward community so. It was and only the football basketball as well I mean wasn't on the basketball on the hockey as well so that I thought all three of our big major sports teams undated a great job responding parents. Very cool. Its very core everyone's doing their so again tonight got both of our local teams in action pandas eat every game OK they're still behind it. The heat though in agreement has played a bad team like the yards and look great other show on the news there yet join wade. That's a student's cell phone that's recording Dwyane walking into an am I mean is is he by himself by the way what do mean by himself. You know that looks like he's just walking in with Stoneman Douglas faculty you know yeah yeah yeah I would like. Grew anything I think as he had a good handlers but yet now he's I think he's on and south Dawson. That's so you never CNET. News never seen that's what Jimmy you know against teachers going up and taken the pictures with him. Maybe he is there with a crew I don't see. I mean and and an easy they're completely by himself his drive by himself I don't know. No I'm cherry didn't but he ED to show it was arranged so that you. You know wouldn't create. I tell anybody you showed up during his showed up there's no media is no presses not a it was not a scheduled. Visits yards is really cool. Like I said had a seat every game no matter who their play any of their planes into Montreal tonight but the heat had 88 playoff type game against Philadelphia and of course the Philadelphia Ian was the game. Or wade had the huge fourth quarter fifteen of the seventeen points. When you get Simmons and and be back in town here Tyson that this is going to be a fun one this is going to feel. Like a playoff game tonight Amber's got more on that plus your headlines next. Their own lives you know garden. And I what are we got here what are we got here is Tobin wants me to tell you how after every heat game. Including tonight after the heat beat the sixers you tune in to Lexus and Subaru Pembroke Pines post game show give you complete wrap up. Lexus consumer road Pembroke Pines always an amazing deal once a champion for life force apple does not one Jeep truck an SEB customization shop. Go to champion for X board dot com all have you know actually we have several. We several four packs of heat knicks tickets okay so heat. And nick are markers are right that is on March 21. We're gonna give away a four pack every hours ON 6 o'clock hour at 7 o'clock hour in the 8 o'clock hour it was a breach you'd call. And we will say yup the four pack of tickets there and of course you know you got your. Chance to 1000 balks at the top of every hour with the tickets man cave money consulates do that right now actually OK so right now you first opportunities in 1000 dollars. Courtesy of the tickets man gave money contests are Chancy on a thousand bucks and only got to do is texts in the word guide. Tex and guide to 72881. That. That's chance if you don't win now that's okay next time comes up and exactly an hour from now top the next hour all day long to national contest message in Derrick may apply. Don't tax and dry. Speaks WNEXYAM. South Miami. And W as advanced age age old Miramar. I'd emerald we got here Willis what's what's going on the world. York Miami Heat is vast I regularly as gospel just regular news regular news on current events both home stormy Daniels who has. Allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump the porn stars she's young and appearance at a strip club in palm put this weekend here in Austin. Robert you wanna go to suns' one. Stormy it is your name has done under the broad New Orleans are you good trump elect then paid the 1300000. This is how is flashing her to come and show up. Your problem now hot. The reason the simplest pained her to come and show all I literally just sets you let's go how many people other you bigger say and let's go now. Okay of socialist right in the frame is three. You ask for real news they see any news or else you show issued a feature. I met she's featured dancers so likes Hindu lap dances or anything like Natalie you know that that's and I goes whatever move you only I don't don't know. And the manager for really oh yeah I that's I suppose happened you wow. And how that happened Robert an excerpt I was out of happen we'll remember that oh wow. Has yet featured dancer and all these porn stars all the time they nearly travel around the country in there that featured dancer in this club tonight whatever. Now blood the day they don't dance. All on the stage and only walk off Beagle we say yellow lap dance and and you go and any good luck this. No lap dance there now I don't do that attack they don't do that like the other girls okay they're they're just the featured dancer OK and get out there like through times throughout the night Riley two or three times maybe. And and that's that's. You got one of them to go to go to the back pretty good gig gig get real dance. Toys good for you did you favor of that good freeway at regular price panning. Not yet okay now why does. And is America's Romberg rumbling on these chicks are always towards them don't you done. Drinks writer on those guys that things the server is legitimately attract determine a lot of them yeah I. Always meet a personal interest affiliate everyone burst on their winters your boat that was me the first somehow went to strip light on enjoys. Bhutto's nineteen or torn yeah I was eighteen hours over. Also the whole event sources and wins Yemen via the year. Yeah and auditing. But to beloved nineteen I don't know I just he Soriano is actually in a place called spanky and Chatham. -- us like a classy joint super. Dude I gonna go to the classy joints and their play classy joints here that don't care of Phoenix you're gonna wanna yeah you gotta go little club a license fees stick to the floor you're gonna close gobble Lewis thanks to its own Ali this smell of our taste of hey you don't wanna go to the fancy pants strip club today like. Personally you got its hunt money we have a great time at fancy pants strip club book and as the girls and audio loops with you you've got to go to the claw its columnists -- to a rights and plus you gotta give you look at a lot of the the talent that's there as well in terms of in the audience. If you show up in their new at one of the better looking people the girls like holy crap yah this guy's gonna actually he need to come and hang Yemen and go this guy really quick. You don't wanna go with a 65 year old fat slob that sit at the in the stage and Herbert throw that's been trying to throw you an accord to almost a personal care with their patrons look like Arnold yet the I don't banks are really big to scare about the size of the wallet. I mean that's first and foremost. Lack you know did they wanna be you know. Grind on top of some so what he slob I would guess no you sure you rather be grading on top of I didn't someone who is more your agent somebody who I suppose you find attractive but at the end of the day I'm guessing in the strip world that's not their number one concern kind of just like they are -- rather have. Amber you come lesson tonight on getting rich guy in the amount more active you not Jerusalem doors you start climbing along the Mir along the Buchwald and it's me NBC and and perverts where are we going to first. I think that if you were in the stripper world. The concern would be who has more money be it terrorists to see who has much nicer why. He's thrown out all the dollars and you don't put a penny down perverts Rowe okay. And virtual by the way that those the people who sit on the stage you know and and demise riverfront room yes Burt throw it like she is she's going to go to beast if that's the case that like. Yet seen. That's why he could he's thrown all the money I. That is like yet so you're probably going in first or on what it's all things are. They're to meet a man like I know all of you all think like these strippers are hanging out mr. love them like they're really that in dresses and you know meeting you in getting to know you they're does not the industry that there and there are an enemy some minor that there are actually you know like trying to husbands. Sometimes. The I know you like you woman situation I know you can't let happen when you were eighteen that that's stripper I did. You are here when I was I noticed you giving her future has. I was into it did it's it's every guy the first time they go to strip club and I think too that like. He's got you got this could yet is really attractive girl and it'll listened to on the piece went a little bit in front in their hard. There girls who are very good at making you feel they want EO and they want nothing to do in your kid you're just eighteen. And anytime a girl has spent this much time talking to you. And and and this happy to be around you she has actually like to you so when this happens at the club like I think what you always know. When the girl it's a big issue it's called for the stage hinged on sept rate back down the media she gets off stage and a couple guys approach return to grow ever handled the baggage that Manama and it's going to be here. That's when that's when aggregate it's been a bit taller man pass through this on Danny can you compare to put a stop playing that. All words when she thinks that you're going to be paying garden that. Ours is a silencer. By the way I by the way Casper on and by the way there is no worse feeling that middle money earlier in the night. Where there is little radio there is no worse feeling in the world then when you do. When you do. Hey for the champagne and you do you ego that whole rigmarole again it's what all tab there is no worse feeling in the moment it's over. And the moment that is over and you spent all the money and not for that you got to do the walk of shame whistler. To the eighteen. OK I don't you can't do that not for Maria the money or a pocket but maybe he sing yeah I wanna do more guys go get money afterward that happen. Big ID you then had initially this walk ashamed to the ATM whistler and enhance her more money. After it's already done got to immediately worst got to at least 45 minutes or answered she money. Fingers she wants and it's also a bipartisan locker on the club of the pants and on. I mean bears and then what happens is and and and aunts and experienced and then what happens is okay Yee ya yeah see what had happened what happened was you spend all the money OK and then you feel awful. And the move you immediately go to buys is time ago via. That's the best in what industry on you order your bottle cellular drink you sit down your body's gonna comes back he's a guardian vertigo that moment we dot governor we ever got the volume today got got to do you know and I'm good good outnumbered ago about ago. I even have any experience once. Pressure in my belly button and we got to go down to go get ago. I got it like I got a lap dance with a girlfriend line. From a female stripper and gone on hands. And because we wanted snow with the champagne room was like yeah. So we decided that we were gonna go that you do. You strip club and they'll understand clearly sent a forehand. Well and we decided when we got there that we got a straight the sort of retire and we decided that this was a thing that we are going to dare Alia. And so Lindsay got a few got a funny girl no doubt would that Britain will also rates that we found a girl who rebuilt since Sarkozy on proceed I like girls my girls discern. So we go into the champagne room and clearly didn't know how works I'm not. That is like Sissy yeah Alger totally Dan tells. And then. She can't dance sing and we didn't realize they charge you by song Mike the situation wasn't explained to a man. The intro is in the innings of all so hold on yeah. Yeah it hurts coalescing and every told us until the single most of them all I see you're you're getting lap dances you're not champagne room begin lap dances you talk about the difference Claudia lap dances the only every song your pain a certain amount of money. And in like some back you're in a bathroom and like I got out and full and or other people in the big room get into Iraq actually there's nobody else in the room but but that was available in other people want it to the ship Andrews could be a ride like blue Ruth or or room. I've been in my noses while that was admit that's a different story Ali you again so chances with a girl like that isn't laboratory on lap dancer I don't know they just haven't it was not a very busy minister club at all on and I that we decided that this is a good idea which is one reason that we did it begin to keep his own leaders can't argue that the people there yet so we went back into our user getting lap dances in this round. And there's nobody else and it's in which is one reason we did it because otherwise it would have been a whip. Felt creepy inflict there's a guy next to us also getting lapped it is that's normally how does you my girlfriend. And we have of getting lap dance zoo zoo where it was all about who we didn't know how the system worked in. And since she was dance and then finally she stopped inches ninety Lama to keep going it's you know course and then she's like get it this is in that's like 300 bucks. Remember one day you itself to you got twelve and I looked at me in series like. And yeah I it. And and does end to end the server saga horror on our faces. And she's like yeah I'd buy song yeah yeah I'm like man what. And he did tell us that the saw chase you got to know you have an intelligent. And I thought it was over anti. Nobody explained the system because you guys must have been our programs like I don't have a McQueen media have is that I'll I had a can't you got you got to use them that I can't I can't have the democratic ardent Michael what. And about to (%expletive) referrals cast. Yet their move is OK number one Ramos right Andy this ran a strip about after that is very much like you guys are describing Robert Ehrlich spirit animal they they and the songs early okay is a good start new song to get more money per song. And also they're playing the shortest songs hospital. Police songs a 22 minutes and had not played Freeport. Yeah I'm I'm realizing that. So then the other story I have about getting audience for a yeah. Around for a police ever I have concerns about and is it male strippers on a note that the other time I got. Well at dance from. Females are nervous when we. As you know somehow. In Vegas. Cynical reason why you're owning these proposed it just want to believe it dissident. Oh we go to Vegas. And is that we end up it's spearmint rhino is really popular department Vegas we end up. Knowing people so anyways we end of somehow getting them like VIP treatment is hermit rams were back in the VIP VIP. Graham and its date and the owner locks and he and he asks us what table girl we threw money like it. For a feed on the bottom. Like he's going to just give us against each as her legs but nobody that's a complicated question as a girl and actually attracted to women so it's like what grading earlier elect him like I don't know so anyway as. What ever we each get a signed their own stripper bringing in Maine yes and this stripper who gets assigned me. Then spends the night. Telling me about her children and about her on her on not on site again I. Hello my other releases and you're glad you're still pretty bright and right Vegas jail is there is and I had to play this team is she's receiving my daddy tragedy in. And I think I was here on the all time. They have has this. Ever received as three days makes it very happy to be allotted just. They always goes on lessons all of their older and they're real estate license was very fine. Bahrain is running experience I have now got annoyed. That was a nice titles even more about how then we ended up wanting to leave and get out decency reason and so that we got into the spearmint rhino limo. Because we were all the AP that day and so it was just me and a couple of my girlfriends. And so spearmint rhino limo take us home of the spearmint rhino limo. Was wrapped in all spearmint rhino stuff so we pulled up. Talladega is not like 8 AM I was about 4 AM. We are and we get out of the limo where you tiny little dress smaller yes and we're in the habit right now and it's like 8 AM and their sees Porsche family's standing out I'm not a children outside the hotel. And the local slots that we're there buy something that's been crawled through the street reevaluate my whole life and that. Instant nicer I've ever been and that's you know finale all night against and nothing really make you more disgusted when you leave strip club in daylight and it kind of sobered up a little bit. I'll leave that club in the light at seal who beauty you know you've done wrong. As I get X situation are the mammy dragon actions and made against the Philadelphia 76 or about American Airlines set for 7:30 PM that means ever gets inserted race here antagonize the ticket to 6:30 PM at the Miami Heat pregame show. Wayne Ellington is listed as probable for tonight's game. News I didn't not expect him back yet great news. Ford V actors host the Montreal Nady n.'s faceoff Habibie NT is set for 7:30 PM speaking of current events. We're going to war with Canada. Know who know what we do that Florida wanna warm them on the ice no and then trump is authoring others is terrorist issue in Canada you get is all sad about tariffs on steel so. Philip might be big candidate here at some point. And it's it's probably a mistake of Canada wants to throw down what do you do if we go to our Canada Romberg who's side you're on camera. We are going to you know I just know just took about. Citizen anymore buddy and I am the only do some coherent blew off sounds like part of this other citizens don't goes down. All the same lymphoma drug him all on the same line them out yeah that's that's why do citizens into Canada on the same everybody likes Canada man if it is the lead hits the fan. Priests. Compact model and howdy guys in that time about veolia. Audi 5000 new. On policy and amber. Maiming her Gaines played their first ACC tournament game today both times and Carolina took office at 4:9 PM. All is so late that night yeah I'm not. God and by the way when daylight savings kicks in enjoyed at 10 PM starts. Going to be starting on masks. That's a month all right fifteen minutes he. Next. Over the shot clock go first base away. Customize like champions for bipolar South Florida stuff like she trucks and suvs customization shop. He guaranteed that the hottest four by four modifications in town called champion four by fours 78650234. Or six go to champion for export I cup also America like Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys called real by the eight under a month and by all pro orthopedic. An all pro vita can sports medicine it's their job to be back in the game would force outlaw locations there's one near you go to all pro orthopedics dot com. For more info so. Heat of the 76ers tonight and and is a big one because that is the sixers lead the series two games to one. And this obviously the final game of the season series if Miami. It Miami once he realistic chance. Catching the Philadelphia in the standings you have to win tonight's game OK because right now I look there are. Seventeen games left that's a lot it's not it's okay and he doesn't feel a lot of it's it's not the leader two games back of Philadelphia. If you lose tonight the Levys right ahead of them and number six they're two games back of Phil so if you lose tonight you three back you really format because he was that hyper. All right four games back seventeen to play. You know McNabb. That's that's a lot of game and 86 in a play by the late forties which sixteen to play it would be you know Megan that that's that's very difficult if you win tonight's. Your a game back. And you split the season series. Net not at 9 o'clock OK so this is a this is a swing a game. And and we're talking and conference record when you break it up the tie with this with decent whip with with. Teams so Miami Philadelphia and right now the the 621 and sixteen conference leader 2318. So you know you talk in percentage points or exceed played more games but that there right there. OK as far as the conference tiebreak is concerned. This big. Okay and and it is three and you've got an opportunity it's chased down some of these teams although they didn't know if you look at the top of the conference I didn't know which team you prefer like. The heat we're facing Toronto and by the way our government saw the end of the Toronto game last side was on ESPN a watch the in the fourth quarter and overtime you sick okay. Toronto won in. Willis they Detroit's. Tremendous tremendous finisher accident blow it should now get that second. Tremendous finish OK but if you're in the heat and we wanna like. Toronto. All standard. And and Cleveland those top three teams are didn't actually it's the hiring new piece here. Many nasty scared though only the only big gets the most he can win beat any of those teams now thanks to get get smoked. Yeah I really want me maybe Cleveland scares me the only. I'm league gets smoked I I I IC Toronto or Boston I think it like adding they'd be reply. Let's inning to win either one of those at anyone of those series but I I do not think you get embarrassed I think you'd be looking at a long series against. Any of those three teams the heat play Toronto well. They'd they'd beaten Boston in Boston this year. Right hand outs I don't I don't and and this Cleveland team. No history OK I must meet beating those three teams well. Likely let me matchup but obviously be it I think the most fun pork. Various 31 of them being that that's the team that scares me the release of those three teams but also because its it then you lost so ports up the Cleveland Miami rivalry angle. So that's the one that I like to see in these I don't think that there is much. In terms of what you root for in the is house frankly I don't think that the team as it's currently constructed didn't make much of a run for it but. Pushing Cleveland. To a long series would be fun. If your knees and you publicly. And and not just because maybe you feel like that's that's the best match up of those top teams yet to jump to six OK as I mean you know when tonight. A U you'd wanna play Cleveland because if you would have beat the cats and a seven game series that's Aziz. No matter grabs hang onto your an airplane is not Angela to the next round when I say this matter were evident as we know if you don't win the whole thing that's why it's a matter what happens after that. It doesn't matter what happens after that viewer beat Cleveland. In the first on the playoffs the season is a I mean just huge success huge huge huge success. When it does not exactly sand out of field you'll need Alston and a first round series of Toronto and a first round series with a season be a huge success of UB one of those teams then you lose in the second round. I wouldn't call it huge success. I think those scenes are battered angry ones I guess from that perspective it's a success. They view if you believe that Toronto's that esteem an Easter conference or if you believe the Boston is the festivities are covered than you beat the best team in the Eastern Conference I suppose from that perspective. It's his successor wouldn't be nearly as fun as beating Cleveland. I must win game if you want Kleiman standings doesn't it make a glass Peter Peter seven and their five on Detroit who lost last night okay. By this a must win game. If you wanna climb standings to back Philly three back of Indiana three back Washington. You've got to when these head to head games an ex insiders Philly. And Saturday's Washington sold next two games you go yet big opportunities to gain ground. Take arrogance yourself in the standings is big week. Big week. Now big league not a big week. Big now. You may have seen late afternoon early evening last night. The NBA. Came out with pretty usual there are two minute reports their last two minute report when they indeed they show you the while calls. The officials and determine whether or not there were any mistakes aren't like that. And the way that they do it's a game goes overtime. It's two minute report. That means it says the final two minutes of the fourth Ian final two minutes of overtime. And we're wondered yesterday does that mean two minutes of the fourth quarter and in five minutes aren't that sentiment had been some right to me. And and they don't do like that it's the final two minutes it because it's the fourth vote on a double overtime whatever it is its final two minutes. See the final two minutes last last night's. From the day before. He wizards and we all know that he got score OK we all know there on the short and the officiating state. By my count yesterday he we're screwed on or holes in overtime. Loan. Now it's just human reports. Sell all the calls that I bought the we're screwed on we're not in its human report was at least one of them may even call. Were above two minutes OK so they according to mention the wanna hear what calls were that the NBA's admitting work incorrect let's from from the game OK Diego you've got. The 52 call. The most obvious of the miss calls but I said I as a as a 52 call most obvious. Yet challenge Roddick which would have been a fast break and it was questionable. Foul on Richardson which an addiction in free throws. And you had. A charge on justice Winslow which was not its march. The justice winds of one did not shall and Tuman report because it was a ball to miss that was in there although I know that was a bad call. The other ones that they credited. As bad calls the five seconds okayed the league. The legal route more it's it's marquis Boris did not release the inbounds pass and in five seconds. And there it goes on to say that each should have been awarded the basketball pretty straight fall and here's the thing though. The NBA rep for re is listen this gibberish. The NBA rest for Reeves association responded. Through that two minute reports and said quote. We are taught at this this explanation is read it keyless quote we are taught to count of five and make sure the ball has not been released. Before calling a violation. If fish and they wrote on Twitter. The official in this game got to five. And the ball was released it was the correct decision and called the and it goes on say MBA disagreed calling an incorrect not call. That explanation is so mind blowing we stupid. That we are taught to count of five and makes the balls are released it's not aids. If it takes it ten seconds to count to five. That's not an OK if you're gonna help applied. You've got out of five seconds well they get into why are we are limited on one Mississippi. Two misses it noted that it Toney did 11000 to 1000 they started late it was easily six seconds gave them easily benefit of the doubt. It would halt to count to five you're taught to cap. Fly second deadly toys and Robert how to fly don't elect rather handout interests especially remembering the ball McCormick commend counting there. All it onto the Balkans according what you look at the shot clock and time there but out of bounds yes or how to the fly but this we're taught to how the (%expletive) Five seconds. As the more it takes you ten seconds count the five. That's not correct so actually she's read it to us of painting a hard stance if you rests on counting. It's so easy to prove that it was that it was over five seconds. It's so easy. So it hell out of here with your with your explanation NBA rapper res association. That Al is bogus. And the other two calls were the Richardson wanted to mention they agreed was incorrect call but different from what I thought it was incorrect I closing cracks and it beads are free throws. They say dosing crack if they doubled down on. It was only because he wasn't shooting should inside out they say it was a foul. So yeah that is an incorrect call and how this one. The final play on offense remind you were wade missed the shots and Kelly a lake got the rebound which should've been an easy putback prolific they're signaling got out. And Eddie in which I guess would be why he didn't convert put. There's any FL should have been online for two free throws with you know we talk a second left two seconds left in the game. Those were the ones that they 33. Calls. For calls in overtime by my count they had three. In just the final two minutes. Embarrass surprised nobody misses the Olympic thing is like your happens there that's one of those days or it's automatic shut off for me I don't watch replays. I would dwell on that and so pissed at how the amended you don't you don't feel better at that that they admitted they are human that are coming out I didn't even know about that now more upset nodded and I really think they got those yeah you know you don't get you don't get the win and they don't they don't granite mining now with. The win that's not how it back protest. Protest. That's. You know the heat are one of the it's one of the only situations I can ever remember. Where they crow tested a game and won the protest and had to replay. It was like it was like ten years ago shackle on the team sewing is adding that awaits the heat protests at the finish. To a game in Atlanta. Because Shaq fouled out. And the protests and after the game Italy and said he only had five fouls should have been allowed to continue play and the league ruled in their favor. And they replay the final few minutes of the game and next time they visit the hawks. Now yeah winning is really Malia final win minute and he goes away it's like ten years ago and really get Shaq was on the team Shaq fouled out. And the heat are tested after the game said he only had five fouls shouldn't have been fouled out and the league agreed. And they re played the final couple minutes of the game from when Shaq fouled out how do you read the loss missile. They replay they start before the new game was starting as a month or two later for the new game sorted. They started at the old game they play let the final two minutes of the old game. You lost to and a solid game 2008. And right on the nose up giving up. Given up they got to you owner David. Of the last minute of the game yeah against the Atlanta hi Jack found out it was 51 point nine seconds left. But as it turns out he in fact only had five fouls yeah. Sometimes the two teams played. They replay in the final minute or her cell of the game. Here's ears and think what was the date on Latino ridiculous. March 8 2008. Know what I think that was the original game was Margie without an. I don't was it went nine and eleven before that's every played game in March 8. Yeah that's when the replay yet. It'll occur immediately prior to next scheduled game now to teens on March 8 2008 here's why bring up here's the funny thing. She wasn't even on the team in March we emergency sunny today so it happened exactly the replay happens exactly. Right marte. Yet not be true are you sure you're not mistaken there she and I yeah that's an awfully funny coincident as a martyr 82008. At Philips Arena what is a redeployment and I heard it subbing out Shaq was in on the team and more than. He was treated the month before the problem the sense that it happened on December 19 at least at Philips Arena. A ridiculous weight every player protests that game you still don't have Zach could it straight at them. They replay the replay the final minute Neitzel. Yet it was today. The clinic once they exactly ten years ago. Placer re played with it. Stated it is surging oil you look at our Chile to the guys and shipping container of work to. We money to join them at. PM all right Andy to take the shipping container bracket challenge you pick which. Of the ship dictators Beers a favorite going Beers we announced data national champ Japan and we launched. You like music from the Renny is a wholly dancing isn't. Above the skyline Amaral what's your favorite album by the holy dances I don't know. Any of these. They do that and good to set all that important to elite field grown as an independently on craft brewery and tap room located in the heart when would beat their 2 PM on March 15 dilemma towards shipping container. On am 719 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Speaking of the NBA officiating which day they admitted he blew several calls in the final two minutes just try to. I have them blown war in all overtime pages do about two minutes OK they add them blowing several. Calls Hillary. In the final two minutes by. I don't know if you saw the finished a lakers and magic last night to try and explain this you guys you could understand what happened. So I just I am I I wanna kick recently about the officiating in the NBA and it's it's so bad. It's at an all time low I don't know how you're supposed to fix it. I really don't because the fact of the matter is he got players who are so big so physical so fast. The referees are you know what they all are not physical specimens. And and it represent great shape. It's a it's like he got there the 65 year old man running up and down the sidelines for an NFL game that's not the case in the NBA. Everything is in great shape in the NBA waging. I don't know how you're supposed to fix it if you're the NBA. I think it's a hard sport to officiate about it is part of enemy it is it seems like to meet. That football would be much easier to officiate for example because much slower game there's a lot Marbury to Islam or time to confer. Then NBA the action is so fluid at peace are on stand and it's so quick a lot of the calls are very subjective. And you never I mean your reason your not getting much time off from it. You know you can't kind of glanced away first sect in error or how do your mind goes tomorrow is a man which is imagine that that's actually a much harder job than we give it credit. I think it's them I think it was difficult of the four major sports thing it's easily the most difficult to officiate it it's what about it. When demand good salute what generally I don't I don't know what the answer is just get right do your job but your job can't beat I'd get right and less it's hard and you can get it wrongly he's got to get right. I'm or fixing the problem I mean they did they should hire you guys wanting to use the NBA officials I got the solution married. Got a lot of flame out athletes all right guys just don't make. We make them officials. Have no problem. Do much. Islamic in the Dili burst that's good lead and be an NBA wrap you went Derrick Rose to officiate your game Bert Jones junior just doesn't make it on the heat right out there. Which doesn't say doesn't. They dared Jones junior and NBA official. You put training. Is so new actual athletes who can keep up and everybody sees that things that. No org went on in the game. Not not some not some old geezer who does know. Hell's up and over what happens when Derek Jones junior is best friend blaze on the suns the suns are playing the lakers and he calls go in the suns' favor and everyone thinks that he's on the date because he's best friends look. First all I can succeed idea bad idea they're not old he's okay there that the officials are perfectly flying in age and and they are great she. OK they're not old caesar's. And the idea that they don't what to look for is it summer okay it's their it's actually their job it's their full time job. They don't exactly what to look for okay. But. The finish last night till late as an enemy may try to set as the breeze you can understand. The lakers why one would point six seconds left and the magic beans and Alec and the magic are inbounded the ball in their front courts. So they try and throw one of those lobs at the basket and only point six seconds left they want like a tick in situation Okinawa time. You can catch and shoot point six but yeah stuff they want that at long have been situation. They throw the ball toward the basket. Blocked starts. All the always in mid air. I did a whole host of being touched. All sorts. Practically right after the Paris. The clock starts. So both or the hole even you don't get to near the basket for a player trying to get in and teams over a pleasant all wall. So the referees have then go to the reply excessively Dillon takes and our bad to go to the replay. And they come out of the replay. Joseph ball. Jump ball. They jump and I'll bet half core which would mean the game's over because what can magic possibly do with a jump ball at half court with point six seconds left. Jumped. Bowl shrink rate bull Frankel is go to Matt he's raised rightfully so we'll wooded. What is Frank Vogel on them to do enough spa and how do you. You just replaying caught. Obvious. Thing to do. I don't read what you. Any other X and be any of the discussion as to what to do then don't read through its. And apparently the rule is if there is any kind of clock malfunction. It's a jump ball yeah. That it Madonna's like hello you I was I guess that's the rule not using common set of spot and by the way it's not even like. There's home cooking was in LA so McLaughlin is why not any clock malfunction jump ball we win. The rest threes have the clock on their hit. Okay in a situation like that at the end of the game except that the rest for re has the cult hit a buzzer on his hip he starts the clock. So one ref breeze it's very hard time you don't caught. The referee made the error. And and and the result. Is shown all. If I was frank mobile if I was the magic load taken my guys and walked off the. Court believes we've had this discussion before on me I would known would have been the same result join this question but grew this how is this. How would this profession. Poses a solution and professional basketball I walked off the court well that's the thing though we've had this. You read this tension both. A war in terms of the rule verse where you wanted to be a bit more subject to the and you you always one the common sense should be employed by referees and I've heard you have this conversation. Before in different scenarios. And the reason that they don't do that that they have these rules is because that makes it an objective a more objective system ray which is what you really wants. In terms of refereeing a game. You line in this scenario further wrath to be subject them and be able to just sort of changed the rule based on the scenario. But you could envision. A slippery slope there where he is always relying on the rest you employ quote unquote common send my level and be subject to argument and then just changed the rules based on the scenario. You could see that going horribly awry were then you feel like refs are just making rules up. As they go along like I got an area like I can live with some and in some scenario I can little common sense. I can't let us say is per common sense usually. As a thing is like last night is that you want the rest to have the power they are just do whatever instead of having a blanket rule but it wind. The wrath. May so the subjective called that you don't agree with all the sudden. You might have a different opinion where you wish that there is a blanket rule that just took care of the situation and how was that. For national officiating last night. One you listen this okay actual occupancy on their side because the reaction from some of the players after game so good. That's because it's a show you ads in the breaks here on a show you'd apply a camera played a video for you and eight it's it's so disappointing. If you thought the end of the heat team was radical points ago and unmatched in losing like that last night's Amber's got headlines next.