ZRA Part 1 4-13-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, April 13th

Scary movies that are too scary, Kaepernick vs Foster, Tobin vs Australian Parliament member


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I can generalize dazzle rods and hammering Friday morning east. Thirteen morning of Friday's timberwolves and good morning thirteen morning of Friday. It is now. Xstrata group hungry so try that again this Friday the thirteenth the thirteenth morning. Of April. There you go good morning Romberg morning Lola Tobin good morning event. So it's Friday the thirteenth okay that that's aroused they need about I obviously got tongue tied it's Friday the thirteenth it's very scary all right dawned on their myself down a bit okay. And you know there is a this movie out right now in the theaters which is supposed to be really scary okay who we called the quiet place. You've seen previous war right John Green and Malaysia bluntly scary BO OK yeah I'm out right and he's he's he's turning into big movie star now John Kaczynski he's in a easily a bunch of movies a leading man now okay. And racial winner. I like him a lot obviously Jim how all this might favor shell okay. And it's called buckle up a quiet place be quiet please be quiet please quiet place. And apparently they live in some type of that it's them that a family and they live in some type of is society. Where. There are some kind of monsters out there that you can't make any noise it's. It's some kind it appears to be some kind of post apocalyptic. Kind of deal at least. I'm stupid by the way I'm doing you just describing the promise a sound stupid but. The previous out it looked air. You can't make any noise otherwise these things that you're not introduced to obviously the trailer these things. These days they're they're gonna come in and they're gonna hurt that I mean it's good idea. You know usually nowadays it's been done. Melting has been numb like this where you can go anywhere without making noise. The public's eye and down on paths in the Stanley is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that haunts by sound that's the movie that's the synopsis in the movie. Yeah it's cool stuff like that where two in the trailer there their they're playing monopoly. But the monopoly pieces are like. Pieces of cotton. They're not like the real. The real pieces you know they need to play with something that's completely isolate it it's gotten the piece is that the move in Iraq different colored pieces you know. And as a whole moving into quiet I don't I don't know Betsy kind of boring right is there. I can't do I can't do quiet two hours experience adding that they they just released and one of the latest previews where. That guy from me offices standing across from a guy who looks like he's obviously haven't been fed up or he can't handle it anymore so he's standing there in the woods. Probably about 1520 feet from the office I. And he just opens his mouth just search screaming and then all of a sudden something comes out of the woods and gets so well eight's 95%. Certified fresh on runs made him 95%. And April weeks so that's like that's the rate. That brings out and cheat. It's now for a week now 95%. Certified graduate who read for character ray movie in its Reid's I don't remember any lines here. Eat well SOA. I know him I am acting Emily Blunt certainly does not read reports super emotional she got. Does either of them do their obvious to the very good actress which is what worries in this movie looks scary. Because whenever you have a horror movie with actually were genuinely very good doctors and great to hear horror movies have you believe never heard out. But these actors are such good actors that you received this movie's very good for them to do it. He's also the director of the movie which I'm guessing is directorial debut he's directed the movie as well. She definitely did not reach for parts he'd probably he may not reach for parts anymore at this point it is grow either I wonder now. I believe they're getting divorced OK they they've been married I don't know if they're together anymore I think they're getting divorced then that's recent but they'd been married for a long time. And I wonder if I wonder if being a married in real life helps you. In a role like that where you have to wonder why where you have to be able to to have a relationship lawyer why it's in there when there aren't speaking. And I absolutely I think heavenly and what a 100%. If they came here I couldn't speak ID 100%. Would help PO I mean just the chemistry between new tears knowing each other's. Just everything about it Larry movements just knowing how each other and work just to work ethic everything your comfort on set together I don't think they're getting divorce I think they're making. About well you know what sometimes and confusing them with. With Chris Pratt and on Farris going note getting yet they filed for divorce in May already be divorce and family blind and John Kaczynski. Iron and he just said it was the best collaboration fiscal career being able to Durham movie with a YOK good because I like him very much and Mary from office. That's not realize man. That's that's yeah that's not a real thing two worker couple man Beebe who grew up here it is funny you know people want the office and I and I love the office like people watch the office like I wish they were real couple. I wish that was real life I want them to be married in real life. Thanks so good I'm glad they're not divorced him because I I I like those two together they're a good couple kits so I think a movie looks awesome. And and my question is like if it's mostly really scary. My question is wins and they started thirteenth and that Allred a more. Well the last time you've actually been scared watching a movie. I don't do scary movies. And out obscure I don't under water. Isn't more being at a during the scares out and finally it decade are you scared the. We did this before where I I do get scared okay. And and I didn't wanna see it's Stephen king's it in the movie theater because in looked really scary now I I I watched Z Steven king's aunt I finally got around to it. And I watched it. One afternoon it's it's light out all the lights on in my living room and EN and he's really good balance scared Ellen's. I mean there's there's a scene in the beginning of the movie which is a golf watch OK but it wasn't scared at. The rest of the movie with its any opening scene of it set the tone for the entire movie and it works really well. But it wasn't scared okay watching it. This movie. It is supposed to be really scary. I won't watch me to be great to have a gaussian you know I'm going on C I would spend the whole time not looking at the screen investment. When I get scared of a movie for coming here is like a Lal the following. Alia live via the popcorn aisle to be doing any thing that's not watching a movie old and we look like I'm not terrified of the financial. I totally reasonably member told you I've watched the movie woes it all out brawl on cell block 99 events wanna watch Dow last week. And I to look away now present Christmas now because a scare but because it's like hi I thought it was gonna vomit. Did you have to do the do over Rio at home you're probably all right did you 'cause otherwise you would be good and ill. Like I do warrior but you know look at a way but you're trying to make it not look like they're looking away. Yeah yeah yeah all I got attacked. Oklahoma maybe that it's up court you're looking for some but on the ground. Just my crotch or something like that you know on the day I can turn my head on a dozen a cancer or some that low and sitting that I got to go look away for a moment. But but I I wanna go see this movie and I'm trying to think of the last Sunday I was scared. Watching the movie now now I do remember those of a lot younger and we're talk and at least twenty years ago when I watched the re mastering cousin became up before I was born. Bowl watch in the re mastering of the movie the exorcist and I do remember being scared watching the exorcist and that movie is scary. And and it probably holds up as my guest but this is. One years ago probably that the exorcist was remastered slow watched it. And and I found Ellison is the opportunity they re release it in the theater the exorcist and and the Sonics owners yet meet sit and and there's one scene that they like they added some seed and there's one scene where she does. Despite walked down the stare at certain and it's really creepy. And I remember being being a little bit scared of watching the exercises again I'm like it to 71617. Years olds and only that. When the movie was released and I remember being scared watching the exorcist. But I don't know any other movies have been scared watching. And you know it you know I love the saw movies but it's always scary OK though those are those are. More and their gruesome of course there are more thrillers OK you're trying to figure out what's going on who did that kind of deal. Like the saw movies in knots theory. But I know last week that I didn't. Actively scared watching. By Christmas murder Arthurs who ran. By Christmas filter president Tuesday I don't know that is what does that. That movie where budget cultural sorority girls are getting ready to go home for the holidays and some of them stay in the in the house. We even had this primary is on our sound escapes and gets up in the attic insert calling them from an out of line. And then asking them if they've checked the children. As I guess some of the kids there may be a couple of the kids are that are babysitting or something like other American babysitting. Every time Robert I saw this movie for its and so on that regard I'm giving banners are also a mountain man one of the ending scenes is like the running around the house try to get away from a guy. And he's hiding behind the door jamb. And they look up as they fall. And they see his eyes in the corner he's got he's a cuckoo person whose eyes are kind of mood around crazy so just. Gays get crazy eyes are crazies are crazy guys do registered akin to a man like my Christmas skiing is coral is that what's the best horror film. And I don't wanna do I I I don't listen to what some on this because I mean it's really it's we're really bad doing his radio right band and today's Friday at thirteen that's mad cheesy but what is slightly what's the best hormone. There's this movie looks really good normal ways and I usually 95% run tomatoes and you go in England Friday the thirteenth and nightmare on elm streets and they're not 95% and the amount of science. Little freaked out by cited a horror movie I think the I think the most and the most famous Mormon resentment property Hitchcock movie still rate meanest shower scene or he stabbing people I mean I was gonna live when that none of us were alive when that movie came out. We all still know that scene right mean and even younger beetle rolling node of that scene and yet that movie so that. At this point rose Richmond a little but I never saw that. Man noted is that banner song I think it like religious nature you know he's got to start conjuring I saw the conjuring up these guys scary when I always good. A few years ago as two and a seek walking about a couple years ago. Yes Austria the name of the lead actors not movie but that that was done movies go to conjuring felt familiar elements in there. Well like damn movie that was kind of scary. That's sort of a sort of got to watch in my home in the middle the afternoon with the lights on because mauled a nervous on armory acts. And screaming at kids around suffer you know. What I just Google the bus or maybe is get out is number one not to sell more movie I'm sorry death homely. I guess it technically is not a doctor now bounce off home movie does it there's nothing scary about get out. We've all seen get out the BCS it's not scary movie. That's where it goes on the porch he's hear all of a sudden the farm hand comes running at full speed and NB lines are right here. He's seen a movie and you'll hold our film. It got stupid at the end and so it was ridiculous it's now or movie. I get gets real. I mean it's I think it's it's in not John or I think that's where you categorize. But I Anderson we are saying for you it's not scary see you wouldn't put it we mean for Melo and in us on rotten tomatoes ripe tomatoes top 100 list of us or movies of all time get out. O line you know you go put in the whole movie category but because it you say is that John that we not scared I'm sorry you got scared watching get out. The cabinet of doctor. Allegory isn't last year on the analysts UCL one at nineteen wanting. Well boy lies and then and then say that we're talking and Canseco is number three. Which that there is Zach and I expect a very high all right that's I that's open to show on clay is it two ways as well a movie in the twenties fives admit in the thirties I mean these and there are some old old or maybe our students scared of their own shadow back in nineteen to what else yet. And modern movie other than get out until you get the baba duke. Which is hadn't on this list of buses from their all time he's on the fourteen clumsy Asian movies to my. Yeah there was that's just yet know how mass rallies are terrifying not a mess around that sound mandated there that those people are scary. That's failed to show on either team. Please don't normally mere money in the theater. Like his movie a quiet place which again is is getting great reviews and this must be really legitimately scary. I think is only at around fifty million dollars records out for a week but you know that opening weekend Wayne movies are now a days. A year your big score is opening week and you gotta make money opening weekends. And it's the gross box office for this movie is is over fifty million dollars which is not surprising because again warm we don't normally make a ton of money. In the movie theater like what is the highest grossing a or what what are the high highest grossing horror films you have do you have a list of those. A six and it's as number one. Were we scared what this means it's really good movie or use iron. Or more at the thriller what does that mean or ahead of any season early to bed that pushed on the book I don't like that part so is there there's and hit the area under the bed under the bed I don't like and habits stuff. It's great great treatment over image is and how it is still to this day sometimes from sleeping somewhere. And I have my arm thing on off the bat I kind of slowly gradually picket Beckham can attack Japan use EU so sleep early you're hit with with an English and not the call via some aspect. As does your arm actually dangle off the bat. Chilly outside partisan our economic and brown are you trying to seek an end to us that it's not a lot of time. After a monster under the but grant is an element of your life story about. It's called blood and remembering the goats from the attic grabbing your -- on a Friday you're doing turner might feel it did you that's okay sweet but they're hinges hang in off the Bennett aka you still sleep. At my armor back on Obama's side baby boy your legs. Feeding you'll know they know. You know armed some don't use like that's still. What else he got there what's on exorcist is the second highest grossing horror movie of all. I'm yet it's scary movie axis scary how much money that make 232 million. What Ozzie and any Alamo is re re release that certainly plays and it really understood the crazy mix and a had the kind of bring that across the border. We talk in the actions this is I don't remember them we wanna do. It's the very beginning in the Cadillac is there an exorcist two or three years whoa where they panicked when they backtrack and they show how. That demonic. Stone or whatever L one identity CDs sequels that's for sure some little. Mexican do their current runs across the border like hundreds of miles it's for a world's yup there what lies Benin. What I what I what does that sent a pretty decent what is that. Mean you are asking the wrong person what does that man. The pictures it's Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer memories like sleeping with some girl on the side Indians a killer and burying her in the lake because she you know I know that movies as imports and it always good and then she comes back to haunt and an. He's on top Michelle Pfeiffer. On the butcher block an in the kitchen and her face changes are transforms into the girl that's in the lightweight and we make. It me that 155. Million Rosie Lamar on what does that mean like a mockery of it. Damon Amara and it's it's the picture of what lies beneath the simulate crawling out of bathtub right Ehrlich hand over about. And I'm serving as terrorism board and Michelle paper charts very good as he's moved the the Blair witch project. Gary but it's here yeah there. Scary very low budget so the Blair witch project for exam so to give me an idea. The 6%. Follow policy and this is interesting on this list. It's a listing on the sixth and as one but then another one to listing it as one. So it is 6% and it some are our number one movies but those on opening week and the sixth and it's. Open to each 46 million dollars Blair witch project open to one million dollars. It's on opening weekend opened 223. Million now international against different time blurb on those who as you mentioned there are twenty year old guy is still I mean even even these movies that are twenty years ago Alder opening weekends are you know 20000025. Million Blair rich which fresh opening weekend was dwindling because it was a coal right classic -- took a long time to catch on. So lifetime gross it ends up being the fifth. Most moneymaking horror movie of all times it's just a low budget in the cap catching on but nobody when it first opened their visit there wasn't much buzz around it. That conjuring as the sixth. I'm good and I'm always good. The rain is a seven I've I've seen the ring too heavily scary also some more the grudge is eight. Did grudge similar I think I've seen that before that's a Sarah Michelle galore Geller. I used in. The there are no moral paranormal activity a lot of what I assume he's not I don't watch that those are probably scare at a watch those movies paranormal activity three instead. I was going to pass Sarah aggregate in normal paranormal activity two is an analyst blog sixteenth. I don't play that game now I don't watch those movies that that's done on to don't don't you know don't dump on him. IMS Titanic and move on again this. It's it's too much I don't want to. So yeah actually looks like it has an attitude is Willis is number one Eid Al maintain the highest human front are going to be able time policing is Rauf. Good movie really moving arms men via penny wise dancing clown. Clowns. And in Newton. You're watching YouTube that none in the little girl on the back in the elevator and like different places to click that run it they come in and earnings are running away from the girl. Oh totally practical jokes yeah I love those. Re a little logo there and Reynolds and lights go out and supported don't understand shows up here's what I don't understand I love those ranks okay. I don't understand. They're using a little girl Imus and less it's a little person and it looks like a legitimate little girl so they're using a little girl. You tell me one day that little gorillas get kicked in the head but one that people were scared because they feel like my reaction to that have been amused and picking up the ghost. In they had. And it's a little cooler and you hit it closer and no bullets puts it goes OK it's it's it's it's it's a girl and she's you know. What ever you wanna call. How does the little girl not get a half. Why someone. Question. And a feeling here is that I really there's a lot of liabilities. They're ghost of her to finally ghost or demon her presence or whatever little girl you know go after it so I think it has stations. Stand there are scared to do something to protect myself against them and have hesitations and I can't do I think you'll still see like like in vampires from people turn into vampires. That's why I love about her time kill vampires as the two little kids can't do it. Middle and go man. Thank them grow from go aren't as there really are I think in the isn't that dis on. Eminem and the do with a bomb in the backpack it was around throws that I. It was funny I'd love those videos man. I love those videos doesn't really offensive full Saudi Arabian gar really offensive videos and pat really offensive but so amusing but funny funny. Amber's got your headlines next. Okay radio dot. Home of 790 the ticket. Download its data list and let's anytime anywhere. You know obviously you listen to zoo radio. First. And then it purely on the move both. You could use the radio dot com app on your Smartphone owner iPad whenever you have. I feel it it says the radio dot com as efficient almost like we're not on the radio anymore. That's that sounds like eight or a little bit but I hated it looks and aboard out on mind rate make sure pusher online that make trooper and analysts and authorities. Korea dot com or on the radio two wolves or stream now is getting registered and our ratings if it is how you write you your right and that that is that is a big deal you're right that is a big deal but it just outside radio rights no seriously and I've got to put it ends the long radio dot com app is the official new home how likely is set a DA and that that's a home. Maybe they'll get around to putting streaming TV ratings as well. One time I went there ratings meeting with our boss and it was like is they did we we this and it's his idea how to Moses Lake. What's. And and the app and actually check diocese to it's really easy to navigates well now a whole lot more than he beat a listener strand that the good news here is people listening to the stern. Let's or Atlantic mom. He speaks WNEXYAM. South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true. Multiple ways now on multiple flat platforms including green dot com. The Eastern Conference quarterfinals starts tomorrow. Game one between the heat in the 76ers. Tip off from Wells Fargo setter is set for 8 PM that means coverage begins at Brady here and seven say the ticket. At 7 PM the Miami Heat pregame show. It may sound weird IA and you'd rather home court advantage you wanna have the extra home game especially because. That extra home game is game seven line. I I always I always dig started series on the road because they feel like lucky guy to opportunities. Out of the gates to get a win. And if you get a win and on the road one of the first teams and good business all of a sudden you know the team that was favored it is they got a ton of pressure on them. If you go down and Oates you haven't lost the pursuit games on the road. Writes I got to come home and you got to do your thing on your own floor the only thing surprising. After the first two games of any of these series. Is if a team wins one of the games the whole team is supposed to win. Those two games at home so why I digs on the series on the road. And I hate I heat it's when when the home team goes up 20. And then you get all the analysis on a series of sit so this is over. Can you let the other team play a whole game first before we talk about this series is all I hate that I guess I carry for the percentages. This many percentages of teams win her move linemen they lose this many games I can't wait for that statistical data come out yeah it makes it 23130. OK give me those percentages that's very tough to recover from. But you don't both teams split a home game you gonna get the shouting about the series being over Torre only let both teams played game on the home floor boards are about a series being over. So I. That would start in the series on the road I like Alec Pete's chances of getting one. Add these two on the road and then you call moment if you really good about yourself. Philadelphia's a seven point favorite in the game. Here's more on talking about the intensity of the playoffs. It is a very different. Especially. The Renault as a whole lot you know defense crazier. And now of course the games means more even if you lose one game here between something so. It's a lot more pressure but it is ten times it's a lot more fun because of that. He expects the Plame game one he sat out the regular season finale with a sore knee. But he says that he thinks is need will be good to go in game one tomorrow night here's a son Whiteside talking about playoffs. This will moments and made you know you walk on this locals over talking about the playoffs about moments you know and on decent. That's what the whole season and about you know get to this point so if you wanted to residents. A disease that you would in the playoffs. I think his son's got a lot of pressure on going to this policy that he may not personally feel the pressure but I I feel like. I feel like a son's future could be too old Peter that he could be riding on and the way he performs this post season and he's got a lot of rot lot riding on his policies. Kansas grad thing that affect their highest paid player. Didn't show up in any kind of award category but a silly much a team or NBA but more monks like both the fans the heat nation. You find that kind of awed about. You still working on this is Kathleen Curtis and Fredricka Malta and moved it behind a lot on the blog on the amazonian city true they give other personal awards for the season. Ready and Ivan is it eats two to three games that's it like his are disturbed. Sample size is all that's been a Ross saw a rough year for us on like like you mentioned it was thirty games is here it's bad you know it's his loud and I'm and that's. As part that's. You know last year he led the league in rebounds the year before he led the league in blocks thing as the year before. It's all these phones this year he's missed atomic time I mean soccer beyond he's on to be on any of those awards are any like that and and a big reason is because he's missed thirty games. I don't ball flies when it comes to these categories because of all the games that he's missed. But I Ida and I don't care I don't care about that stuff I don't act like. I think he does though I don't need your highest paid player to be your best player you yeah it's it's a lot of times a good thing. If in your behind your players not just didn't yeah that's that that could be a really good thing now. It's not always good thing you know I I made the comment yesterday on Twitter wary of Frank Vogel got fired after just a second year with the magic to think is unfair. You know don't care for Frankel and gets unfair. At and and also when when your highest paid players is not the combo he got no chance so that's the kind of scenario where. It of course your best player is not going to be a high speed plagiarized that there's this back beyond book so that's not a good scenario where your high where where. Your best players not your highest paid when a server team like the heat's. Goran Dragic. Is probably their best player he's not their highest paid you're still getting big production run your highest paid player being house on the and he's not at your best players that I actually is a good thing. The situation that uterine. Jarvis landry's being are getting paid he got campaign. The browns signed him to a five years 75. And a half million dollar deal with 47. Million. Guaranteed always takes on stupid team as the Argentine league only has one major you can Jones on new course and I mean jars beware. Yeah this is no doubt about it I mean does nowadays and Oscar winner Cleveland that's there is that miss politically and that's true. He is the he is doing it all. He had the big winner man Mikey he's clearly. He played it right. I suppose I suppose like well. At any questions ask though is to be playwright he probably thinks that he played it right but the question is there at the basic player rights and and you'd probably be inclined to agree. But. The question is would you would you rather that contract he received where. If you wanna do it her you know average salary it's fifteen million dollars a season. Do you want Zacks and living Cleveland or you know twelve or thirteen million a season which apparently the dolphins were offering and he gets eleven South Florida like that's the question. I think you'd rather have that in living Cleveland and here talking about. Football because it's not the dolphins are some incredible organization and his colleague it's a difference between. You know the patriots in the grounds. Great I'm announcing Jarvis and he's winning a championship the Super Bowl here. Anyway my lifestyle a lifestyle browns yeah we're talking about NFL players he lived here all offseason if you want to stamp. And I think most guys all of those eight let me in the NFL in particular feel like it's it's such a shortened season diet. I don't think those guys are so worried about where they land any Romberg notice. Knows better and I dale. None of email Susan I don't know when you're younger you column by a nice big crazy house wherever you're playing. We don't realize you know. It's never going to be a sure thing so I think the fact that he has so cemented himself in the South Florida community I know he does some stuff for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I was getting involved in the a lot of charity work on herself for a so I imagine I'll be seeing him a lot more. Down here than a lot of people will be seeing them up in Cleveland PO I want you so and all of cannot say and so he's getting fifteen guaranteed in Cleveland Miami said it was rumored to be offering around thirteen Baltimore all know that that's that's the base out that's it that's the average Zell right so average annual salary he's getting no word about guaranteed medal there he's getting he's only seven minutes and apparently employment year. Ole bull on what they were offering yeah I don't know the dolphins claimed they offered him thirteen million a year. That wasn't there to be put at a packed situation going on after living in Cleveland and having to pay the city municipal and state it works out to be basically the same thing as playing for the thirteen here let me begin immediately guarantee that you're looking ahead and get a life with the tenure of the length that it is well might not have been the same one yeah well I'm guessing here in the studio and Cleveland this is his slate I am. This is mighty setting myself up for life in my family for life money so I imagine maybe the dolphins that now back at same vision for him in terms of a couple years or what the situation might have been we know. It was what he wanted to I mean hit Jarvis landry's. Goal was to get Peyton Emmy he he always made that very clear. And he got eight. He's gonna be I mean he's he's happy because he got exactly what he wanted. And I would say that the dolphins are happy as well because it's really stupid to pay him that contract. It's a terrible news of revenue of tons cast face and all their weapons on cheap deals yeah quickly and panel actually think it's and that's got Josh Gordon just cords that she'd give your money. David jokers on a rookie deal they're gonna probably get sick on Barkley and they're getting a rookie quarterback good that there's a pretty nicely produced record regularity brought them. And Taylor Tyrod Taylor he's a proven item buffalo right he's improving got and find new. But they get there they're gonna draft different just court right as soon right plus they have urgency at the part of the best player in the draft when. They're going to be pretty stock on offense so if you have all these guys are gonna be a rookie contracts you can afford to pay jars Landry. Who pretty good thing to have a young quarterback his safety blanket like done a terrible into Johnson a running back was a big time pass catching back Josh Gordon Matt. Our wide receiver you get Joseph where tight end. Tyrod Taylor to back up quarterback. About involvement poisonous starting quarterback for now but originals of those weapons by. I hiding the dolphins 1000% made the right move I don't trust the dolphins okay by IAI I think the dolphins 1000%. Made the right move. Colin cabinet got a workout scheduled with the Seahawks Seattle he imploded when cabernet said that he would not stop kneeling for the National Anthem. Meanwhile. That. Collins is withdrawn and meanwhile losing NFL player who just anger government roster at least charge 49ers my doctorate imposter with three felonies. Including domestic violence forcefully preventing a victim from reporting a crime. And possession of an assault weapon is still on the 49ers right now you possibly be there for eleven years he's facing a eleven years in prison. But don't worry guys he still on the Lee calling cabernet. Is not always like me and I'm hitting the zero crimes and not eating the crap out of any women. Ali yes what you're saying is true but the Ruben false adding I think came down yesterday okay he's he's not been a lean very soon. Early early to say oh really let me do it we get it. Well let's not pretend like there aren't any guys playing football with felonies on their records and domestic violence in the Bratz is there's plenty. I understand is also room Foster ball I I understand but lets you know. Roger Goodell is probably going to gamble and of their lives in QB Tony and he's probably going to with the least be suspended I mean it is ready mentally. Doesn't spend it not let him he might not be black balled from police Molly I mean you might might go to prison break and then he still only get back into the lead after that us policy. But they know this idea that he's still in the league right now it. There are games going on right now it's April and it and it's just tap. I mean did you have my overall point remains I mean it's so it's so ridiculous they waited so ridiculous B or so much more offended by somebody. Whether there on a near standing about it but you so much more at an all these guys beating the crap out of women killing people would DUI that's. Our conversation gusting felonies that are physically harming ago the only people people I think it. Yeah accused of murder and and these people are still in the league and it got offended you last you you've got something strange. Don't know that's a conversation but not that one guy can't in the league you want I still in the leg room all avenues eighteen hours ago on top of that. The owner's meeting and having to vote every year and I guarantee you. 75% of that meeting was spent upon. This is the ratings for mush here let's go and find a solution to go and find out what's going on the kneeling in the stand in France and that's why these owners came back immediately the ones are teeter tottering on allowing their players to do what they wanted to do when express himself. I'm Melvin is a real agreed to say that you know what everybody's going to be Sanford at the mission and obviously at the pocketbook. Guarantee there's no discussion on them but they haven't they have there was no violence discussion there is no prison discussed there's nothing like I did they haven't. Has not rolled right only that it they instituted a rule on the and a prominence of the discussion period. They don't usually Ngo and I mean why not just one of those. I think it on me as they weren't able to the senate to reach an agreement about parole and I think some honor and low key are still not. It's against us as may be assuming I don't know if I am otherwise why wouldn't they just why wouldn't they pat Tyrell. The Miami Marlins opened up a three game series with the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight rule dealing Peters. Takes the hill for the fish bounce back Allen. About two grand slams over the line goes for the buyer to first at 7:10 PM right out and act Peters and look forward that's. The NHL playoffs are lightning beat the doubles. The Bruins defeated the Maple Leafs the Blue Jackets top the capitals the predators beat the avalanche and the sharks sent out the ducks. You don't see confirms that CM punk will return June 9 US seat to 25 against Mike Jackson. How you work when he made is like playing Terrell how long was first fight Kelvin. I don't know the exact time it was not long there's less than two minutes right. Maybe Agassi you already a bomb all IE had joked out it took you through bunched it took yeah I think is less than two minutes. And finally Khloe Kardashian and gave birth to a baby girl Tristan Thompson was their for the. Are not. Happy family there you go out as kids are gonna make it. Fifty minutes or heat next. Great defense by my. I do again. Customize my champion four by four South Florida's known what Jeep truck SEV customization shot he guaranteed that the hottest four by four modifications in town. Called champion four by four at 7865023446. Got a champion for export dot com also by all pro orthopedic and sports medicine it's a job to be back in the game and force up one location there's one near you. All pro orthopedic suck com for more info by your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez called the real flight 800 per month. And the DJI store by drove nerds in win would injure hundreds and haven't turned pine crest line over to draw hundreds dot com. South Florida's high in the sky so I Zimmer mentioned the heat 47 point dog tomorrow night's. Opening the series in Philadelphia. A lot of bigger lines this weekend here not the biggest underdog. They are not the debate in night in the the second biggest underdog to more okay. You have the San Antonio and Washington were both eight point dogs. Opening the series tomorrow. On the road at Colmes state in Toronto respectively. And then on Sunday the biggest on the weekend is Minnesota. Which understandably. They're opening their series in Houston they are the only double digit dog of the weakened to rules. On eleven and a half point underdog. Deem one of their series that's actually the final game of the weekend. So tomorrow night though 8 o'clock the heat and the sixers beat her seven point dog. And I I like the heat's chances of getting one of these two games on the road. I think we got a long series that warrants all playing their buckle up. I seagate I think you have the tip the goal the you know swing of emotions where. Dead heat of a losing game and people are yet crazy ending a series is over a carry over between these games okay he would take it one game at a time. And it is needed to win a game in the series and your bill amazing okay so I I would caution he stands. Comic Sobel crazy after one loss and I've gone and there is Sweden 76ers. I don't be stupid this could be a long series. And even have a ton of back and forth both teams having you know when any others on floor. That's why it's important reminder to wind up getting one of these first two games you'll get one of these first two games ago he you probably intro books like I said thank you sixers are gonna get one here in Miami. I think I I think and you're kidding yourself if you dig a mine looked 6160. Polk and I I I got a hard time believing and that is good as the heat have been on the home floor of the second half of the season. That you win in three home games and and you take and one in Philadelphia that say when the series like you probably have take multiple games in Philadelphia there when the series. Now season's over the one non Euro grown up. That's over but does not count and it's a new season but your article the second season is does the count and my point still holds up that you're gonna have to win multiple games in Philly they want to win the series. Do we have an update on July Allenby and if he's heard. EC EO he's has stirred I was item that I. I'm behind you race them and talk all I believe took all that we call whites soft I'm going to be surprised if he's not points more outgoing indeed I would white tie the season got their man did sit out inexplicably far beyond his injuries and no we can do the whole. And beat it clip singing that we normally do and called off for not coming back over fifty million dollars reprieve played thirty games aren't about. That's why I got a hard time really plane tomorrow payments on a hundred million dollars and how many innocent he missed a season. As I got a hard tumbling and he has employed you know easy and especially because going up against Hassan. Emea tomorrow or it true hoop talker gonna talk treasures not going to be able to but go on playing again. We've got a New York Times indeed sucked passable time he's been sitting on the Ryan. Has been doing is talking trash is just how to play forty Basque Williams you're good trio. Yeah he's he's going to be out there tomorrow night's look at is pity to day you open the opening get lucky and and that's the game the steely doesn't play tomorrow night's and then yet you yourself a nice position. Well that's why I was asking as you were talking about. Taking on a runner and the unemployment and if he doesn't play the and I think that that's more realistic that you take one of these are still up there. Very tight games and all had their own stories okay the first game in Philadelphia. Is the heat game. Rushed OK and they mounted big comeback they had a chance to win at the end they didn't. Second game the heat were. Blowing out the sixers. There but 24 in the third quarter and the six came back into when the game. And the two teams here Miami a third match of the year was the Dwyane Wade game everyone remembers he had fifteen of his 27 in the fourth quarter he had two game winning shot as this moment Aziz and and the final game was Hassan Whiteside a just sure ration Joan beat me just tell them he dominated him. One and the other and house course the game more us on punch himself and face and got Madden. John beads got called for for Sally even though I had the lead vehicle for well even though Hassan punch himself this Psycho technical. Assigned its angle punches on the base and got a technical foul not a shining moment. But outside and did own that. That is what was most important political setting that move. To pick up resemble found went to self in the face in other got a problem and beat poker. Aren't you know. I don't remember when that went down. They can myself you know what trade off because they goes and beats fourth foul that time he had to sit. And I think a do you take it traded and beat having to sit with Dallas fort technical free throw. Actually did turn out to be a good move Arab that I you write actually. So let's get started tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock it's a quadruple better tomorrow. And it's quadruple better on Sunday to buddies others in one's interest to get as other's games stand out words like all right as appointment television I gotta make sure I catch you know Golden State San Antonio to an eighty standouts you that you wanna you wanna make sure you catch him among job. Utah series or group or PC IE does who answered by the way. That that's the one series this weekend that I think that the I'd take and he had a picture that's the one series this weekend I think the lower seed is going to win and here to beatle. Home city did you think. Terror and I ages imply that you think the heat is going to win a series. What I was taken out of the equation if we wanna talk outside. I I although a Lloyd I do I do think he'd have a shot to win the series a deal. I need to be a long series and adding he had slim shot to win the series. She acts yeah. A hot shots yet. Yeah but that's all they have you know when they have a shot at the opening voice that he broadcasts and it does give us a shot yeah. Yeah white hot and may or may not be bad news for the 76ers out of socket bad news I consider immediate sandy you're gonna sweep every team that white sari. Don't do that I think he had a chance when the series. You want that kind of Philip good Olympic he. Yeah only if you see I don't think your idea midday Sam again it. I do when this series. ER that's it unbeaten in 3% of the fourth game or this is like you don't make that's with members of Australian parliament. May oh is that right you have dealt with that member of Australian parliament damn right I didn't like him slandering go on Dragan what are the terms of his bat. Betty is if he if they if the heat beat the sixers his assets to our big blow dryer Jersey outside parliament. And and denounced what he said and does he know he knows that you had his bat with him yet he actually tweeted me overnight because by the way Australia turns the other side the days yeah yeah I didn't know that I don't know that yeah I thought it was soft holiday for him knock it back to. But lo and behold you sleeper in the morning he when I wake up to two weeks and is not he's got other said the date like twenty hours sister to. It's about a very different. Didn't know that almost entirely different territory and hours matter that the future yes there are very much of an advantage in that it Saturday they're now. I mean LA and and less in less if there's in less Australia's big you know there's that big time difference it's like thirteen hours ahead of us. No no you're may literally linked to 22 hours or they sat there and you're right now Sydney Australia at 8:29 PM on Saturday you know Sydney Australia. Well then I and then it must be because a strong are now I'm sorry and on Friday to eight at 8:30 PM today. On Friday to like I said fourteen hour and I sit there aren't so it's it's like I said it's our it's that's all it is is exactly like a set point is I'm defending the honor of Goran Dragic over that over that that that Uzi spread of slander that you put on parliament so all out resurgence singer. This guy did not respond you. Is he did no no he didn't. Show it to me show you tweets I want you know tweets says look up my phone. I shall look up what's what are your ball what's your Twitter handle it you know after the isles and I don't we value your was your pennies or your lesson Brendan underscore Tobin. And the ones you. See him. As the guy Tim what's. That's all all islands is the easiest. OK so tell me and open a day ago. Sent a eight looks like a jet. Of Goran Dragic this Tim walks OK Tim watts and NPC and member parliament and that's of those ads about it. All right so Tim thought Canada. Member of parliament 191000. Followers. Homeboy is got. He is federal labor member for Gillibrand. All right let's see what else here and then he responds its hole and with a picture of my list. From how to train your dragon. That was all it yet how to train your dragon court and so he sees train. He's training the dragon and let's see how triggered the know Ricky did you give to give us and then you got married just didn't get it until this night. Know the character was too clueless yeah knows how to traded I have never seen I don't Robert put valueless simulate for kids movies aren't really good moves and got dragon you know gonna. This slim downloads the illegal and pirated videos and aren't maybe a dump to pumping in trouble. So. Then Tobin responds back with you shock. And it's it's another gym full. Of going to its. And bloody about three hours ago. Because the afternoon there three hours ago three hours and shouldn't keep you busy doing parliament on those guys don't know it's the. Afternoon we got off work. The three hour it would have been the end of the work day to thirty there right now I'm three hours ago would have been and this has worked area snot out on Friday. I don't know the answer to you don't really know gosh no in Australia on Friday they literally I had I mean she won my best friends is the last night last five years. They they and their work day a lot of them at noon they god drinking beer eyes follow Australia is completely different than America in terms of under terms of work ethic is in way more fun ever and it's certainly a lot more during and it played so. Fridays we should start drinking here. So I am legitimately Wiki is a very good to go corporate structure job legitimately. Newman friends bodies and they all hit they all at the pot bunny in the public parent I'm usually don't. I am Australian time and he's he's he's tweeting at Toby and while he's getting lit now makes sense and and then he sends back. I can't believe this is actually happening. And then he sends back a message to Tobin says bringing its. Contrast to this is an item I am stunned at this liberals would prevent me from wearing your Jersey in the chamber. But we have a pick up game at Parliament House or I could where it's at happens hog differs record at the deep. And Tobin responds done and make sure you go Goran Dragic Miami Vice Jersey. Order it early I hear they're hard to get and Tobin said that message about sixteen minutes ago result why you act OK what's the best. I don't think stipulations on the guy now he is to try to get it by ice Jersey which I don't want to back order and he has tried to get one to usher. S and if you ago. Gore dollars budget an extraordinarily hard to get Ali you're right you right. Sure payoff actually three months anyway you know what is your end of the OS if he if if if. If he lose. Edison folk anger costume with a Benson reserves. Yeah well that on the streets home weekends and bad from the the only do you wanna grow our drug answers is bad for him. And when you really clicked on what they go to national news in Australia it is member of parliament is warning Gordon Roddick sure you know and I'll try to parlay well that's bush because gore and chastised him for even talking about a parliament. Outside of our element in a pickup game giving people any national news or so I'm not sure I am. We initiatives gets back to gore and I was when you go when you go into the Parliament House each speaker. Not a speaker but each each represented of his mother to read and speak their piece of they have something to say some will stand up. And I've had my friend who's actually a member parliament can't sing can't do an important you can't parents you can't Wear but you can definitely speak about. He's going to do that adding the whole point is he's doing this outside of our lesson and it outside that's got an obligation is him getting in front of parliament committee was wrong. So you'll stand up and you'll say it mr. speaker I would like to first off congratulate. Goran Dragic for there in the Miami Heat for today. Mr. speaker this is what happened and then they'll continually go through the process that is mr. Altman I ever pick up at least into Parliament House. It's a ball is in the Poconos I don't know. This this is this is a terrific. South Miami bird. Have a watch party on Monday night. Good chance of 1000 dollar jackpot the jackpot with fan half what they want and on Monday night against it into money and game two. Great food is just beginning at bruiser in sports grill news grills. And it was just more rigorous. Growth this joined the peace that murder a location Monday night regarding multiple sports grille design so maybe. It's federalizing it's not you know that there's multiple sports girls. I stand haven't answered and I need FM one a four point three HD two tickets yet writes it scheme two scheme to heat sixers. On Monday night game three is Thursday that's year game four is Saturday afternoon. That is here so. Then all ignoring him Bubba the most important these are I just I dismayed heat aware of until opens during the break there I made the aware. Of Toby ends. Side action. With Australian parliament how how do you kittens old man in this not. Cents television and don't forget I don't forget and I talk at this guy this get this could ruin gorgeous moment. It's finally made the all star game after all adjustments does not want a lot of great that the audio here. He had a lot of great accolades over his life he's gonna he's going to be one of the best players the MBA. Bodies mature and so out of the LCIs and Simien and a couple years the best play only this guy steps up in front of Australian parliament. And he's just he just. Rose score on. I bronze tonight to express my count right. I'm inclusion of a strident. And banned women from DC is India I all stock what Helena record breaking news repeat for the Philadelphia 76 is and is currently averaging. Nearly seventy points I rate now at us and guide on. Five triple doubles and frankly no one with a T brain cells erupt again would want Goran Dragic on the tame either banned. Now see that's the point that socks okay like I understand. You're campaigning for Benson and who again. After starting next year is gonna make you also are in every season he's alive okay. But on it's it's the last sport and I understand Goran got the spot over Bentsen in all though. That once you guys before Goran Dragic who were injury replacements and and and sins and get an out there I did that but you know he decided. To take the jab at Goran which I. Heiress turned out nobody nobody would and one gore on on their team over bunds haven't I would adding guns your head really Tobin I would you can absolutely and that's Simmons on your team you have a war on drug it's. On your seem true beauty and on your team moving forward. They go you. So so my guy under boys who had terrible GM but you have now been fired but you have respect for. What's what Tom was named Tim watts you have respect for Tim walks. Equalize. He's he's taken you all on your on your back. All the respect it's a must take and that may not have respect now met of Australia defending Australians yeah and that's why I'm a man in America defending a Slovenian. Men of America. So that's an excellent idea concorde that it. I'm sure those two guys are two funny guys amazing. Is bush is unbelievable so it's it's still win this series right win the series. Win this series that's the bet. And if you just tuning in now. An open and reached out yesterday. On Twitter to trying get is some type of rise to get a reaction out of homeboy from Australian parliament who. Who is is against Goran Dragic. And Tobin was mad that he wasn't any response. Tobin doesn't know that Australia is half the day ahead of us. Buddy was likely sleeping. And and at the end of buddies what today. Which was a few hours ago because apparently leg amber said they and their war is on Friday very early singled out. And he. Responded tell. And it's taken him off on all on is that weird. He has to Wear a Goran drawn each Jersey and take video and pictures. At. And and send it out and Tobin has to do now if. The sixers went. I had just in Fulton your garb wearing a Benson managers are holding a can fosters or no no idea hold a sign that says Bentsen's may go on as little Joey. It's Q. Its bid to grew up. Really grates. Really it's like it's like I informed the heat during the break okay and the city you know you maybe you wanna. Went Goran knows that no real thing going here. Defending him. But that's that's right that's right. That is that is just terrific. That is all in this stopped me I don't know yet to yell it's being last year. And I got this. I mean let's call. Captain America. Acute separate gives losing. Her pilot lost one with Captain America live and a well. Will not come whatever there a kind of glad you lost there because you losing their was good for our home team. And I'm referring him having to eat crow right now that I think he had it done without actually eating the crowd yeah it was worth it. It was bad for myself with a divorced charred two men who has custody due to nationally. It was due to Nassau. You're Captain America man. Thank you. Lately so. And captain. Slow your roll a guy gave me Captain America you does captain Larry thank you Captain America you are you positioning yourself for some some playoff tickets is that what you are going are now. Let's not refer to position yourself for some playoff tickets as a which you go on on are now for the heat. Republicans Italy and Libya early gains are really fought for him to do was only three hours from where you live. Purdue every much really for last time I think you enjoy heat Amy under the slipping here. Maybe the clincher they go to the interview or background on how sick when the hero here on the Europe three good game for. The sweep that last start with 230 game afternoons intimacy can really get Lewis an MR. I would be so great at bay if they just they were a team look better games I that would be so great this app that I that would be so great and so convenient girl. Man. Really really terrific job I had this this Tim wants home boys trouble man you don't. Yeah no. Doubt he thinks the playoffs at the same as the regular season. They get games like the geezer OK so much tomorrow night eight hymns of the games you Billick. I'll will be it'll be in the morning for Ali it's a bunch of the long term nine or 10 AM Sunday it'll be a little watched. Will be any gains you gain more when heat suite you'll likely not you want to be the middle and. Aside a wake up to the news. Then yes of what the jurors. Ninth. We just got the phone and should be don't forget the game over their rate I mean that you you have to watch it on the Internet you know Leo probably grab bars and so pubs that are instrument it and. We get him on the phone like next week maybe they've picked up groups of course these guys want to NBA ball. A bit low and Stewart basket was huge in Austria. You'd yet more. Yeah because. It it's limited what they actually showed there and remember parts that you can tell going to be able to show every Eastern Conference and Western Conference matchup over an Australian that's not gonna happen. You have to get here and I'm sure you don't get the hometown boys are some of them hometown boy and maybe he has a special pat incident or accident that might be turned. Yeah kind of a special package. We want to show us and yeah being on the show 1 morning next week is it it'll be evening for him shouldn't be should be huge difficult. To get them on the doesn't pay for a ball and get the call car body. I don't people so he's going guards. It's a musical and call collect. The last thing we use a nose call collect at least suspend about. A 18200 dollars a month on a calling card called his girlfriend back home in Pennsylvania you know as the move calling collects. Where when they ask you say your name after the beat you skipped the quick message. Say we want to set in the person on the airline consider getting your name you of the met you of oh jokes at the call from. And just couldn't get any penalty there. And cigar guy yelled to accept the call these hang up and that's the move known as pay for anything that moves man the only one.