ZRA Part 1 4-16-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, April 16th

HEAT crushed, Hassan to blame?, Romberg sick of Beast's Instagram


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Yeah. Amber Tuesday Monday I didn't succeed in the morning of April. At W board member of the morning good morning Romberg mornings I don't think so men and good morning on board the youth. Used to make fun this weekend I saw the movie Rampage. That's the rock the rock and you pay my legacy that I would like you can asset great video game as my childhood right there great game so easy way to Florida. Yeah did you pay for. How will probably get a free I mean I guess when gold donate blood if remove we think it's does it up free movie tickets. They're not any other Marie he would spend money on your instrument ever happen Rampage man wells out right now that your seat. Rampage. When how it took the boys on Friday nights a lie it's but here's the thing. It is is is the Rampage will be any good no of course not. But you gotta go into we know you're gonna say he doesn't want and don't know this you. Even known cinemanow has video game wellness and now that. That's ridiculous. Idea blaming unions get. Yeah well I it was popular arcade game is very popular yes. You got the monsters and climb up the buildings in the smashed buildings and eat the people and gets about William. Bly. Which I mean I logged as it. And you don't and we know what you could see though it's it's it's an action film. You get a lot of things exploding in cool special effects and monsters fighting and so tell me how to hamburger gorilla gets subic but what do they do to him. He he got lake in sect did wins who really game. Not just the rail car Walt Walt there's three there's three animals in the game OK there there's a there's guerrilla. Huge gorilla a huge walls and huge crocodile or loser okay that that's that's the cameras and an and you pick which one you want. And yea yea you climb the buildings and you smash is different about this game is the guerrillas grade. That's what makes standout grows outline you Sabina is on the road yet now days albino yeah I don't think he wasn't here. He Delray that that's what really stood out from every early. Donkey Kong game and now he's being brown isn't really popular V music all the idealism one day you know newer type games that you would see late in them. Arcades now a simple game yet very perfect for me it was what it was like a pac man. It was like all along those lines it was all of the Nintendo age where the teams were not complicate her OK yes it was a very popular arcade game Rampage. Critically video games but I played video games really as a consequence of having a little brother I was close went. So you know he had all the video games he had an Nintendo that he are eight this was at all that stuff and it's one game at home though this in the arcade size and the years. He met you could probably get if you Arnold and tell endo. On the one cartridge that had like fifty games or thirty games and if you remember back Kurt trio went yeah yeah on I was at work on it usually might have carried Rick this is such a simple easy. It's a building you smashing you eaten goal but it was Qaeda members want to regain the bull on you took home as an arcade game. And and like I said you got Agilent moving no more you get a debt so we just look to be entertained for nineteen minutes. And what some ideal monsters fights and watch the rock do cool rock things. Then you're going to like it was at work and after the at least fighting and stuff you know you got to beat a couple of guys up. Brady threw too much fighting this let's presume these private colleges and yet he's he's into wind tufts pharmacology is a prime boy ECB. Navy seal. He's a former seal that go to from a caller yes yes is a former seal these all bull I mean eight rock. So they have turned the troopers who. Maybe this kid is okay hold flowers or whoever you want. Although you don't studies that don't a lot of times when you when you're like in rolled in the article you are setting some generals go to school the same time that I got it up selling animals when you're when you're trying to protect Snyder navy seal know for you guys is jumping to be a CO NS and outs and got a lower level it normally. It's alias seal and then you get in my Uga you would roll in the army go to school in the army and home if you wanna see many and are no Canadian. What do you mean and steals or navy you know I know I understand Maroney arm no I I understand that but you were all in the army or what have you or you'll notice are the same time who will serve that's what I did hear it here full time not on school wired on. Anyway so. Yes the movie the movie I enjoyed the movie my kids like allot all my got my younger one the whole movie all in the entire movie. I had I destruction every minute. He was so instantly ask questions not asking questions he plays like you know saying what's going on reason he's talking a particular remedies there's other people there watch all my bit. Yes of course there are other people yes luckily we had kids sitting next in the hearing care so much and you know he's Balkan. And EA's aliens in the movie all Manny was so into did you hear editors that a debt. I tell you know he's explaining to me having it's going on was due to mine what is the time they know Kenny is now obviously in the media I understand and we got very complicated. By es I mean war weigh into its way into. I enjoyed them and you led the box office this weekend come on now the rock. When he's a major line may prompt isn't it he is a major money. You bring your kids or Cassie reference its viewers that day did you see that your signal. No home. Don't your I don't know I don't think so because then the conversation continues in any explains mark and I just all night and we're Lebanese and explain the thing that I that that I did see. You should say no cigarette next you watch in the same damn movies you work of course I sought is this how you talked to of course. I'll see you turtle. So would you guys do this weekend and more exciting I did us all Rampage. I mean during thank Mario and experts. And now than an entertaining particularly exciting. Saturday night was not very exciting. Oh Saturday night was the second half on Saturday night's second half was not fun and be landscape go in the sweet and quadruple header on Saturday and Sunday. And of course you sit around GO into the game on Saturday nights and the idea very excited. By halftime and he seems a little home team shoots the lights are you very well. It's shuttle itself though which is there were three. Yes from three they did yes from three overall though wasn't like he shot 60% or anything like that yes from three they shot very very well would you enjoy more. Jerk or accidentally refers is bush. Did you enjoy watching. The cavs get warped the way they go by a team that you would never even I didn't enjoy the Lopes. Suspecting when I did enjoy that why is Robert avoiding the question that is we can't. All I really did an isolated answer. Here in the keys aren't sure or just some semblance senator rid tailgate Borough TH well toady for the spring game. Friday to news. There's no one there. Generally wasn't it sucks room wasn't that suckers and audio what's that there's no there at the camera the only game. I don't know I don't know how to go to our lives knowing there. Are there normally is a spring game normally well attendant was probably not ours bring games normally not there spring game is normally either at the facility like it was last year or Lockhart stadium like I was surprised that you couldn't get it on TV anywhere rate. All we know you're not gonna get the the SEC volume of attendance yeah I mean I think as I can you say yeah you gators. You know the orange and blue spring game it's and we very very well attended. Yet it Sheehan well shouldn't be doing that the stadium visual and apparently they on TV they superseded the Miami spring game for a force states are angry immature about one out of I would definition that shoestring and now we're wanna watch her reading in the like quarter wrecked for four or 550 minutes. Well but they shouldn't be doing like I guess they tried it out and at the stadium and and they should not do that again. Because maybe it's different players out there who is and our mission which is. This big one side of the stadium for parking area because it was the whole for the most part the majority the stadium was open except the one south swat where they're doing construction. So you have scattered you have like maybe like 101000 people a dozen people scattered. And you know it's like if you're trying to have a decent time prior to scrimmage. And then the stadium just so big you pay you to put 8000 people a 7000 person stadium personal pretty spare sparse now. So I I I could agree with a maid may be in the harbor might not be the spot for the spring does not. It's not into being a terrible. You know work the EU look at this year when you Aston and they get a major crowds and then. A UN decides tried doing out hard rock stadium in place empty it's embarrassing should not doing there then it's I mean it's not good for anyone. Anyway so. The basketball over the weekend yes you are very excited at halftime. Your question was what it on the tabs I mean. And I enjoyed that did it suit your weekend to make a little bit easier oh well no I don't care really care about what's going on the heat I mean I don't think tabs and when and the whole thing I and so it like whatever you know. And and they held they may not even get this round Cleveland which which would be applauded but you don't think that's gonna happen I think Clinton when the series but I mean hell lessons Edelman pause. Please send anything about everything around and shots. Mean they just lost the home court advantage again brass gates. The entire game that I'd never I think this is more kick in the junk than it is what you're going to be seeing throughout the playoffs you know you were you always say it is that the the talent. In a series of seven normally we'll take a couldn and a feeling he would Aurilia and I'm and the only one male one gored guy Cleve you know life. LeBron to win ulcers by himself and that means he's AV bar maybe you. Did you see the nose of me -- was a Jefferson like that where and when Stephenson stood Nixon LeBron in the LeBron panel looks embassies and he's guarding him and looks back up and giggles a little bit of smirk. And and that I aid that Lance Stephenson he reminds me of the got a guy he did. A year ago at a league. Is not normal. Now you know got to not. Maturity and commercial break on ovals exact kind of reminds whose duty looks like this too little bit I mean and US news yesterday Stephenson. Nobody you know it's guiding yes people who scooter news yesterday a real event data will all indeed all of evils we're player because as. Mean this is what it's easier in the league I think and just all I mean he is music's on. He's X but now today he's been a 1516 point in god for his entire career. And and by the way he said he took some action motivation yesterday. Because he remembered the beginning of the season when they made that big Paul George trade on the sent Paul George oak on the city and they got a victim of the depot and and Dan Gilbert's. Open his he illness Nagle salesman mouth. And Dan Gilbert the owner of the cavaliers and that the that the pacers could a lot better. Meaning they did not get a betrayed. For Paul George and of course you can make the argument that pacers won all George trade let alone didn't get a good deal. And Victor old depots said he took an extra motivation there and other planes and it would seem the cavaliers that's Nestle extra juice adds that series. But the results and report that says Dan Gilbert wants who originally drought sectoral deep over at the about it. Because of demo and you can't believe that you can't believe out there can't believe that. There's no believing that the sleep apnea yeah that strike against Daniel we've ordained it would doesn't have control what goes on that franchise that makes sense. Golf course now the guy is gonna beat him he wants him he's such a Beers he is a bomb. Patty is a bomb asset on the catalyst but does matter OK as a matter don't care about that a Carroll took place on sat and it was 27 next. I got here today how we cared for more rock excellence. That's coming up in a couple of weeks what rock festival our rights aren't and won't settle down so give those away coming up. At some point. As someone to show this morning I once they talk a lot about he game two is tonight don't we get right back data game two is tonight 8 PM in Philadelphia. The site of the heat's 27 point loss we gave most points. Anyone allowed this weekend 130. OK with the NBA action is okay. It Milwaukee Boston was as good gaming gets OK as I've ever seen on the finish was re easy. Crazy. Finish OK so. It was it was yesterday afternoon it was tight game the reality boss also led by like six points the whole game really. And it was tight Milwaukee top Milwaukee. Hi is the game OK. With a three. From Malcolm broads in a play they draw it like fifteen seconds left tied the game with a 30 okay great. The next possession their shoulder right now okay. The next possession. Terry rosier for Boston. Step back three point her okay crosses over the kids from Milwaukee step back three pointer. Drills the three with point five seconds left crowd's going crazy. Looks a terror rouge new starting in place of carrier Irving of course in a very good game he puts Boston up by three half a second that games over right so Milwaukee inbound the ball. Some built in whose forty feet away from the hoop. And chalks it up right quick there's only have a second left got to chalk it up real quick. Nothing but net at the buzzer overtime they got reviewer did everything they called on the floor and it was nearly all his fingertips. When the horn went off. That was good they go to overtime cities nor'easter rate three point baskets. All in the final seconds to send the game to overtime. And and boss and his style and this Milwaukee got kind of hosed toward the end of that call against. Undated combo he fouled out. Should have been a jump ball and steady Dallas out and housing and the games sell. Boston takes game one in what appears is going to be a really good series so that game was great yesterday. You also had Toronto and Washington on Saturday afternoon which was a very good game trial lasted them though do you was really tight. And outside that. Yeah in Utah on New Orleans all rights although I mean I'm sorry I Utah Oklahoma City was all rights Oklahoma City they won the game pulled Jordan's terrific. And outside that the the other games the world will real home home but no one gave up more points in Miami did. On Saturday at a 130. And is Bret mentioned they shot the lights out from three but. Overall. It was very pedestrian OK they shot 47% over ought to be to witness three point shouldn't they could get anything done inside the three point bucket three point arc. And it played very very fast he looked so low. Out there. And and it sure looks slow because it does at this heat team that doesn't have. Athletes I mean the only guys out there that should be slower. You know white side of all clinic and I don't and his or anyone else who do you think should be slow for the you don't know pretty athletic in. And join and doing Whiteside. Political and wait. And any Ellington isn't exactly fast okay you wanna add him to Louis fly but everyone else I mean. Coach Johnson's Richardson. Rockets Winslow and a bio. That you should be able to play fast. We gotta look at this heat team and say wow slowing down athletic athletic guidance mentioned there. And and young guys and young guys to be adjustments and a young guys and and Philadelphia just. I mean ran the heat out the building. In the second half. Yeah it was a really disappointing because you appeared it's an inexperienced. Playoff team like Philadelphia. They aren't going to be able to handle the pace of the playoffs because things turn out. So significantly during the playoffs and it was the heat who couldn't handle the pace not fill it up. You love you love this or that he got out too because as expected Philadelphia comes out thrown hay makers OK and they call seven like midway through the first quarter in the heat kind of weathered the crowd in that whole deal on the took a double digit lead early in the Elaine the first quarter and they lead at halftime you figure okay me no good this is the years there's play in the game you know didn't let the crowd bother them and then all of sudden in the second half. He can't get anything done offense until he's. And as good as it gets to translate anyone in the leader an excellent defensive team and and they were viewers a lot fast than Miami and you know between Sharia each and Ilyasova and Belinelli. The heat could not stop the three and Redick they could not stop the three point shouldn't. Did it take you back effective. And he was out because of concussion particle about being a process. I asked the other day I know he's he's constitutionally. Ago. And and and apparently he's passed it recently a guy I thought there was a concussion situation apparently he's pass to be a plane to. He's already been ruled outs for tonight's game so. You have another chance and trying to steal one with and beat outs in eighty getting an opportunity here and have some posts sound from a he lost starting with headlines next. If they stole a new home online seven ideas to get so download it stayed listened to us anytime anywhere. The. Get the Marlins and yankees tonight a kind of snuck up on opposite field. We're ready for that these yankees they need to shut off all day the big oil yeses it's huge article there are posts. About how the Yankees are telling angry monster has to be patient rigid lead on Soledad well you. Money into your own business yankees I don't give a rat's ass what's he's he's got I saw it hurts. Oh easy the Yankees away with all highs through one of the highest payrolls in baseball every single year tell Marlins and a B patient. Oh loss to the eighty stand trying to be patient with consistently lowest payroll in baseball. You on this edition of the gods gift to you the MVP for an offering a portion exiting our guys shut down law. Jump ally cheats pilot store at Mann's mom. Use once. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. When you call. Use LeBron left the court early last night hey no big controversy plus what's left the court early. Seconds remaining to peace at this. My snake snake in the grass. This way to hot heat. Playoff update is brought to you by a man a law firm 100% dedicated to your financial recovery fighting the insurance company is worth that. Miami Heat we'll turn it bounced back tonight in game two against the Philadelphia 76 Ers let's go out. He gave up a franchise worst 130 points to Philly over in game one really saw on Saturday. And our fast guys. Quote on quote prospects. No bigs. Disarm only applying twelve minutes. Eating good spokesman try to dictate the pace of the game by putting this on in and Kelly and James a little bit bigger guys. The only that the time that he at times that the heat made their big runs in the game on Saturday night world with political on the floors Whiteside on the bench and and he were. Believe it or not at their best of lessons until until MB gets in the series disarmament replaying much. I got a hard time seeing how they're going to be able to keep us on on the floor when MB is not. Polls will see dry and it was a bright spot pretty heat on Saturday. Goran was 44 were teen. 1% and it's not only played twelve minutes actually mentions. Ben Simmons. It was a good in his playoff debut I. I love the way he plays which I know is easy cell lines to blow him in rookie year born I mean is. I love the new style the MBA with a all the three point shooting. I I I liked the way used to be where it was it was a more powerful game. And and the big men were more important. And giving some back to the basket. I say I like the power team better than I do all the three point shooting like I hate the passing up the lay ups. For the three pointers I hate okay and the heater is guilty as anyone a play and that way. I hate the pass and the two because you wanna shoot hasn't been easy to seek it should be open three. I I hate the lay ups or three pointers nothing else style. I I like the way the game used to be polite. And Ben's Simmons is of that now Ben Simmons is eventually going to develop jump shot and a three point shot he's going to have to. And and I mean look he's he's twenty year 21 years old and it's his first year in the league he's going to add that he's going to get much better from the free throw line OK he's going to improve upon all of that stuff he has to. By I I love the way he plays he is attacking the basket he's only taken good and Smart shots and he plays for a guy. Who places disease now are always big dangerous position for his position he plays a powerful style. Why I love his game he is a heat makes the roll back type of player even though he's very unique player. The sixers were eighteen for 28 from downtown here's score on discussing. How to stop them from their comfort on. Now it's got to remove it or try to make an impact. On the ball than. You know not true when defending the catch and shoot guys not do enough to big separation at the beginning of the action I think that that. That's gonna get us in trouble who is. Rick capacity that we had to leave it to put some muscle on that you know tried to remove the. Here's James Johnson on the key for the defense. Our basketball we're not everybody. We got really realize that. We got tennis and so who we are in this dogfight. Here's. It was jobless harder I think that is careful I don't think that we were. No. Playing in the way that we could look I think that we are let them dictate everywhere they wanted to go. You know we've got to get him to death off a little more police to use our brands. Should they not brought to the three point line to try to contest some shots early autumn morning a man Lott opened nausea. A lot of open shots supported bills because there a point fasten. They're chains issues there's not a whole lot he can do about it defensively Padilla Lotto. Shots man tipoff tonight from Wells Fargo is set for 8 PM that means coverage starts raining here and seven I the ticket to 7 PM of the Miami Heat pregame show. His son. Played it cool when he was asked about his own time. Don't know complaining after the game as we've seen in the past they need rent I really associates and his decision making. Gore on the says a Philadelphia and Portland under the too loud as Arenas. But he's. Land I did one mentioned that. But I fought Israel wants a little bit of every game OK some more than others this weekend and including Golden State Philadelphia was easily the best crowd of the week and nightclubs. It was. Easily. The best and crazies crowd the higher wheat. And Erica fans back. I mean I mean they are there good sports fans that are. Degenerates may be but they're coming up a Super Bowl looking to find him yet the torture for you see in theory they're very good sports fans of course Philadelphia's a major major market but man that built it was empty for several years I mean just sent well. I'd a never ending to Watson. Target says that the billionaires about the how loud the arena as these are the good news is that they've party got a grip on how to US communicate via hand signals because of his accent. Good. And I. Jauron be predicts that DS 76ers are going to make a run for the fight also. Look. Feed the east kind of feel is it feels wide open for a team like Philadelphia okay. You know outing anyone scared of the winner of that Boston Milwaukee series. And you know Toronto life I guess I could see Toronto come out of the east but then again they've never done before Saddam really a 100% sure. And you know this is a down year for Cleveland so yeah yeah you have very ragged coaches Philadelphia Philadelphia type team settled. Philadelphia won nine mayor one game in day your for your personal trips to the steam again subtle. Miami Marlins lost two out of three the Pittsburgh Pirates but there's lost on Sundays 73. Just implored. It is fourth homer of the season. Marlins take on the Yankees to unite street go 635. Pampers its Caleb Smith is on the hill for the. It's my rights in order to save a deal Smith what do you say about he'll he got a sounds that bats in Tokyo Smith nominal leader. Derek Jeter told reporters this weekend that we've got to find a way to win more games this guy. Moo 01101%. Of balls on the sky and let's be honest. Got to find a way you know IE EE you know he was a way to to find a whaling is Nikki good Blair. What what one a one up air on this guy to get out there to have to have the the big call. As the first couple weeks of the season to get out there and say we gotta find a way to wing gaze hit anybody but at the payroll. It myTouch go check what's happening in Saint Louis and Milwaukee and and New York OKC when you recognize. We got to find a way to win games I mean get get the hell out of Seattle and a self. Awareness. This so what do hair on him the self did it the Celtics beat the bucks won thirteen to one of seven overtime Sadler described. How they game ended going into overtime on a Chris Middleton three pointer. I have the calls from both radio networks and play 13 more on that you're willing to gas it this is the Celtics call our inbox all my. After the second identical both castigated and does so the shot is the way it's good but he may yet have a fun time. Mittal didn't hit the 378. Feet behind the line it's. Extremely close but it's probably going to be good. I can't hear you on before Emeka is our nation. Let's. John is looking to get it and here's bill that he takes that it's not it. Made a couple of home and how about that Netscape urban area it's gonna do. I can you the first one again and then all. May examination. My pets in the second identical both castigated and does so the shot is the way it's good but if they did have a fun time. Middleton hit the 378. Feet behind the line. It's. Extremely close but it's probably going to be good. Can you say when you guys looking to get it and here's middle that he takes that it's not it. Now it's okay. Ryan in the hopeful follow. And how about that until and it's been very good at it's gonna be at Inglewood that one of the books and you know. But the Celtics ended up being about. Such a great game I saw terror is here from from balsam was so pissed. When the Middleton shot when I did this to. Like the vessel what are your life and just isn't heave from forty cheap shot over time it totally takes away the cash moment your life. Like Goodell cares about they're losers the Reno means nothing. I'd be Matt Leo that's that's so obnoxious. These are defeated big cat is an 82 ADM LeBron had won 21. Story first round games a streak is over. The thundered handled the jazz won 162108. Is a game the game. The rockets. Beat the wolves won a fort wanna one James Harden had 44 points and now one and it was that close oh my god 44 point filing as a right score us operates or not only so I will whatever. Rockets one goes and a 1411. It is given to the appellate up 104104. When I guess close III in season in half. I'm I misread this morning I did not realize my game was close. The pelicans top the blazers. The raptors held off the wizards and the warriors blew out the spurs by civil float around Sony which games are close that game was I didn't. I NC is they have a game that game doesn't really good one yet that's elicited the games weaken the raptors beat the wizards. Raptors. Get out there was there's 114 a one hour south it was a really good game TO really good game in the pelican stop the blazers 97 and 95 yeah it's a close games this week and. How did you win that series. Add to that game that he really wasn't even as close as the finest courses pelicans rob buy and doesn't look like five minutes left in the game. And the blazers came back late and a chance that I I didn't Bogans and when that series. Tonight is game two between the spurs and the warriors to pop for backing Amos at 10:30 PM. IE any else. Today in Miami Dolphins begin their off season workouts. Then. Run in the room. Danny Yemen dole adored ESP and he left New England because Bill Belichick doesn't pay his players. Want to. So there's an article or Beasley kind of re Tweeter put out there to sitters we called he called the naval. He called Belichick and I hope anyplace that Clinton told Danny haven't oldest radar calls him he calls and an able. It's not easy that's for sure you know he's. Sometimes. A lot of things I didn't like. About planes forum but I must say things that. I didn't like you were all. In regard to getting the team better and I respected him. So yeah I didn't like tracks in the snow and it Mike Tyson in the rain but that was gonna make us a better football team. That was gonna make me a better football player it was an easy. And he'd be the first to admit at at the ring ceremony that it wasn't it wasn't easy to blame for it and you know the silver lining is do we were at the reason. The new young. And finally. A burglary in Australia has allowed sixteen king gurus to escape an Australian zoo. You know just hop and Aaron what are you now. Fifteen minutes heat to blame might be Emmy night in my Beethoven after the series. Always looking right now that might be the and the kangaroo cost him hop around on 441. But his solution here you go win this and you feel so differently putting blame on Saturday night next. Plus you buy your insurance attorney Nancy Lopez called real flight 800 per month. He'd play game two tonight at 8 PM saga that started at seven. Mike and John had a call from Wells Fargo Center in the heat look to even up the series at a game apiece and the off before he didn't all the things that went wrong and will you blame in Wilma of loans matter house on. It Tobin right. OK I don't care how much you lose game one by lose by a lose by a thousand lose by 27 was by one right in the heat wind to get in the game tonight. This and he come out of the two games in Philadelphia the big one. We we are a news I look around you to order some time all a bunch of cities where the soft all boys from not and shall not you know and anywhere. Average and the yeah I mean like way. After the game how he doesn't and every single game laborers at the end they can't figure it out in the old what you're saying it's true but it's like that everywhere enjoy Allenby has them winning the finals now after one and you know. Coupling our little ones he's he's he's got a costume party. But you jewel and here but you're kidding yourselves if you think that. There are fan bases around the league who to hate playoff losses well now it doesn't mean that we're not beat cities because we all. But every fan bases like it scares me. It's just about Zetterberg that you have the Charlotte series how Al Jefferson was has given us that work. We couldn't figured out if it did figured out until we went crazy from three game six safe. Coach OK and I am glad Brett brown has gotten his opportunity now that Philadelphia. Is good. Where you know yes to sit through the four years of them try to lose games. This talk in Philadelphia that they should go higher Jay writes OK get the hell out of here with hiring G right. Right now deserves to run dish yet. As long as he wants you sit through four years and tried to lose. And their final in a position political wing games and you wanna talk about these hired Jay Wright get the hell out of here so good opportunity for Brett brown he deserves. Never coached blasters OK Brett browns never you know on one game to play and seemed in the next game and seemed to next game and the same in the next game. And Erik Spoelstra is as battle tested a coach as there is in the entire league. OK so from game to game I hole we expect the heat to be able to to make some changes. After Saturday night's loss and play some things especially the way they played and Simmons plays some things differently tonight played a three point mile orbit which part which of these efforts OK I mean we we are just so war. And get nabbed him and hand and someone's face now. The blame that he fans are gonna throw is going to be an awesome whites we know that it's okay you and let slip some in sports he was completely. Worthless. He was war Lewis out there okay. And and answers questions from the game they got that you know couple weeks ago. Why don't match and up. Okay meant that it was or wasn't that the what was that game against where he got mad and it was so you know while matching up as he knows gone small was that game against setting up Matta our amber. Who was at Brooklyn Brooklyn okay. So. To answer his question why we matchup because when you're out there worse Lois how I mean we we are super slow as hell. And Philadelphia it was heal us when you're out there on the floor our rights the heat. Made a change they pulled us on four minutes into the game they paralytic and it was our best player by far on Saturday night. And he made the first big run of the game and and they weren't there when great. OK so that's the cancer of the heat or too slow. Against some teams went house on is that there. I heard some analysts before this series started ninety I can't remember who lives but they were talking about Howell. Wade Powell and beat out there the best wave war the heat to play the series would be to have Kelly Nolan again and has on now. Did I mean that I mean that was proven yeah. Well I was totally a full of Hasan so much of it as it is. Against her credit problems researchers in all that plains just does not to take it as as an insult okay the fact that that's. Team X is too fast for us when you were out here. Plus can help held he has okay. Like that's that's not necessarily his fault there's he's been understanding that you know what this right now. Is he really bad matchup for you. And. It's not even it's not even a thing with him where do we can look and say yes it's a bad defense matchup. Problems on defense you do anything right I don't know he was worthless he he couldn't score and rebound. And ears you have them out there yet our we'll hit me in the assault out of fourteen rebounds and get the hell out of here like on abound but so I need to do something okay. Now here's here's Rossi about I was on seventeen offensive rebounds Israel's assay and the heat for the most part this year had done a good job rebounding it's Philadelphia. Now. One thing that I did find to be super for Russian with us on an am I mean it's part of the way he plays and it's a frustrating part. I'm I'm so over the soft crap. From us on it's too many floaters. It's too many it's too many little one hand did all runners from us on our. Don't console once had. You're the biggest guy out there but it. Compare him to Shaq OK she went to a company floaters okay she was the biggest guy on the floor he's great if he gets the ball around the basket. Could it on your head okay and if you wanna fouled and you found it's almost like us on how the time. It is trying to be super quick. And and avoid the defense and make sure that that no one comes near him. On someone's head you know the biggest guy especially eight and Pete is not. Wine it's exactly what wade apparently sad about him after the game tailings. And no pull in better positions offensively. When is not just. Those stubs and opinions there's other ways that you can guess I can't easily be asked. To enhance. The wrong. Please help him and they that's Lewis. Mean it's you watch him jump he doesn't jump like used to jump. Used to be a guy or he can go to achieve putback dunks or Richard Owens did do it like even on the value pretends he's not he's not able to leave. It's like he got off that plane is hit flared up again. And he was out there of Walken like 45 year old source the situation and bam and the band get many minutes. Okay yeah hopefully eventually you know that a limit played a lot and and bam got the minutes when a clinic need to rest a while we let went okay Randy and he cannot finish around the basket he's frustrating to deal. He cannot finish around The Who am. He's got to be wide open that's the only way he finished around the basket. Amateur proceeded to have a removes all yours now that's not his role we Altman's. An assault on the defensive and again put very much torments. Okay. But enough would allow guys to get on impede its the rim. You know again you the biggest guy out there what. A guy on. The floor but we didn't lose because it's on I mean has promised only out there for twelve minutes slide in order to sit reading this seminal idling on the front which signed up to it whatsoever what that's what the conversations going to be the answer really fairly he wasn't he was now there is a whole lot of other problems and didn't go Orion was a huge. Component of bacteria she was a huge component not bad those guys rushing out there. Heat fans or blaming us on. And it's understandable as he is a lightning okay. Ebbers right. It's not fair to put on us on. Drug age. And a specially Richardson were portal notions are right to sell us on lightning rod is going to get a ton of criticism. And it's not entirely fair from game number one. This team especially offensively relies on drawbridge and Richardson and it's an trot each out there was try to be activist goodness shot. Richardson if it sought just hours ago the plan Philadelphia let me al-Qaeda and CNET. Dragic and Richardson. Will come slowly notion I may say hey riots in the could be bothered him don't want to hear it all the time unity here it's okay. I'm glad he's playing you suck it up any of the tough guy that's why he's out there are rights. It's not excuse I don't hear that maybe ease media knees hurting him whatever if you out they're out there left on okay. A while wall Hassan. Is going to get a ton of criticism he is a lightning rod for its. Dry age and Richardson. No shadows on Saturday night you got no chance us on good hats when he twentieth. It draw Richard and Richardson are gonna do nothing yet no chance not. And Dave would know where to be found. You know James Johnson did his part. Tyler Johnson was fine. Winslow is flying Oleg was terrific. Son only way to almost nothing drop H Richardson no shows and Dragic is a smear all star exposed me the best blaring your team. And like I said you tried out there he took fourteen shots like he he was active he's gonna get anything done read it and and I'd better. Okay and Ed Richardson and his first basket game like three minutes left. In one basket came with three minutes left in the game he was nowhere to be found. Got a better. Got to be better roads and bridges and you know that he's gonna have another role of alien target isn't making you shots. Launched writers doing I don't. My own rich it's gonna be on the best player on the floor on defense he's getting a steal the basketball is gonna do things like that I don't have chords outscored Koreans. And useless. A man I was under the do what Hassan tonight because I think it is also it's just a terrible matchup okay. And that's not necessarily our son's fault when he is out okay offensively I'm so over the soft crap in the biggest guy out there and defensively. Hole someone on their acts you know when's the last time to undo draw over the Basque especially guard okay. Osama do drove at the basket and some let them know this Terry in for you. I was you know long this like this that yeah before. You Jeter who received this year. Now is part of the floor ain't for you this is my area likely it's just be about deterring guys. Getting to the hoop because they think that you're gonna block their shot. Don't go oops don't get works because you're so much bigger than them that they're afraid of going to the basket and attacking. One player forget I forget who was that drove the basket so does a straight up bystander while a guy gets the hoop and lazy Saturday night. It care and not. As soon. Make this man does that mean players that have been him. Dubbed biggest guy out there he does not play. Not just in general. I don't want him I don't blame Assad percent makes it was not his fault. I I I look a lot closer Dragic and Richardson for Saturday night's performance but man. That's the kind of stuff where okay. You know if they're playing fast and speed doesn't. You know is not conducive to yourself why then you know what you'll money when your little. What a guy on the floor. I mean that port comparison to me let Rick this heat team is we don't know let us know layups man no lips. The sun is out at the player they get Dwayne no problem. You're referring to the morning days though Jackson's long time Jack tell. Shaq Shaq you're like I gotta get get the basket. Mean so obviously this whole episode is don't put on the floor and blocked shot is how rare is it lately at Sears and raises the bronze at you back like he shot them. Yesterday league it's such a rarity to see anybody do that in the NBA these days knows the one European dude it's nasty nick it's really violence got bumps all over shoulders all the time on Zaza Pachulia. Well I'm gonna vaknin and nobody wants to go near the melodies and their because they know they're gonna possibly turn an ankle or blow out maybe I agree what can be violent I agree. Must hurt anyone just make them think twice and this is an all guards are welcome Vanguard's. Guards are welcome here. Some sort of a floor league that's what they haven't taken that away from a solid like they've they've put this thing on him when they wanted to be part of the system. He used to be that you people used to feared going in there before blustery day here because they thought there to get their shot block not because they immediately grounding and hers to match. Important to me and specially this time a year. To. Again. A lot of guys deserve their point the blame. I I Hassan is not top my list of guys who were at fault on sat does that give just to give everybody a little bit of an inside information when it comes of the post Khaled you the game what's gonna do to somebody. For instance. Correlated to football defensive end like Jason Taylor guy that is really good on the pass rush spinning back inside going around the outside edge Dwight Freeney another one that was really good about it. On what happens is if that guard like Princeton temperature during card meter was sitting on the inside hip. Of your starting left toe ankle tackle for the Miami Dolphins and all of a sudden Jason Taylor wants it would put a spin move to go back inside. When Richie and tornadoes sitting on that tackles him he will on load. I deathly blow to Jason Taylor's head when he's trying to spin inside make sick about it defensive end knows that that's possibly going to happen. You're gonna get the spin move he won't do it he's gonna take that out of his game to such a cell block in the shot man right. It's just amend it's a mental thing in the beginning. You wanna take their game away from them mentally and in a playoff and get on to playoffs the biggest guy the floor let's go largely the ball and look at it and anoint him toward their other slim forty members at the bit of his threes that wasn't the late I know once. I know the threes with a difference a note eighteen they made an announcement but it is general in general when's the last time some putts on the floor mates want to think about going to his area. I gets him in that if they're not if they're not good around the rim like what is that what is the purpose of throwing some of the ground plus that energize the hell out of the team. To get everybody up off that bench you're ago and he's a lightning rod. Not night Tom buy list out of school Alec right at Richardson a draw which like it or thanks but man those two egg guidance. Were strewn in South Miami on murder roads get ready for tonight's game this. Afternoon from 46 he's going to be there and have a chance to win the thousand dollar jackpot with the and a half. Great food just the beginning and resume sports grills joined a decent bird road location tonight. From 46 brought by three and a half and game 790 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Romberg it's a rationally matting amber at at east. Closely at a nowhere. BSE it's Matt it's very to what makes you so Korea or does that it's irrational and out of what you all that is radically. And we all riled up about man. Tired of the upwards so tired of what's everybody knows if you wanna look thinner you take it downward right some tired of the putting it on your gut. And taking a ports to show the giant net Julia got lights all the smoking a cigar tonight was a bother you. You cigars. You are okay so I'm look a lot better on and smoke and I'm so. You in the ocean. We get it you're in the ocean we give you the housing happy beverage unit yeah setting in the water. And it would have been in the laudable are. Marla I got to show love for salt armor have shown in low salt armor along parents aren't just move it every loads up in the water. May he's got a shall look to see gawkers and wearing a mask and presented. Here is not sure there's even though I'm just lying Danny showing a lot of air popcorn. Well I hear you there doesn't seem I water. It's parents man. Man because that's the whole point here you're constantly posting about your paradise and he likes my truck. That is his paired is the sitting on my guess is that Huntsman shot hole smoking a cigar that's what he enjoys is working you enjoy being in the water yeah. I just I look back on this this we juniors rocks and I was. And implementing up. And various chronicles. I thought about it myself down here and I look back it's like Motorola. Well this thing early age during this weekend you know yesterday the game to show us all Rampage Leah amount you so Rampage ever that in the must but I said and I thought about it. I drink Friday at the dolphins golf tournament. Try to molding and Saturday. At the tailgate. Drinking again and then yesterday. And again. You into a golf tournament you went through tailgate. And UN boating. In the keys I Philly Fed's doing a lot more. Then just seeing a move and it was used started off the show saying needed joining us out of there like you don't a lot of hunters to. Par for the course. I can't say that I went to the movies with a blanket a giant buy popcorn at the departure fee by Angela. Borer sit in my back journal by myself with a spotlight behind my head that's on the out of it and you and. You're you don't like him on beast does you have sat in your backyard by yourself before and taken a picture of you drinking. Scientists. Are made it's much problem. You've done an exact thing here like you let him live his life now adding easel raskin. Why can't his live his life. You know normally the renowned I'm actually and follow him sort out the look on pictures and got an amazing. Not harmful warmer now who is what does it is on Twitter that he does letters and on and see Graham is Arista Ramirez to grammar Braxton variances. I'm just defending wrecks and because some destruct on like. Don't count your chickens before they hatch McMahon I think it's on FaceBook and you follow month FaceBook is a pretty good. I don't know. Prominent front amend their two reports. Renewed old Brian London something or other yes his name yes that's what it's called at his name. You're actually and you're gonna on friends him on FaceBook notes on a much in reference of do people find out when you won friend. I don't friends and want to someone find out I hope so you know they don't get notification you know the way that I exited hid that the message member and and it flash on the screen Johnson's dazzle has left the group in I like puzzle embarrass. You don't get a notification telling you like a picture of him helping to look at it paints a picture him in a pool. So that's. Now it's wonderful as you follow my face and and you got a Bill Belichick churn out uses actual avatar like Belgian. And so what is a suspect on them. Not just on oh so and so he find out the on followed him I just don't do there's no notification and he would have to go to Romberg stage TV hurt. Now I don't think I'm going pieces gonna lose any sleep over. There you go you really you really made a statement there. Just I'm just trying not to fiercely losing sleep over it does it feel that your little one has bothered by this scenario is annoying me so this value unfriendly beast you are now going to. Here you're gonna feel better. It is it the dear you're days to go buy a better and knock out CDs picture 0%. Because remember this Marcella she inherent need beard we shouldn't follow someone who were extremely upset but to sink if you if you follow somebody and you sleep you know seeing her average day in life figured you know they buy with the dogs like ever take special report today bother me I would follow. Exactly I am just learning them out because some I don't wanna see there the pedicure is I don't see the nasty feet yeah annoy you ideal life man knows a good point. It's really your fared too easily annoyed me need to handle that's gross and tougher skin. That is true toughen up their capacity is look at the size that meg and I got corn on the side of my neck robbers now show me pictures of him from the outside the huddle out the little nugget. In C Graham accounts and NE AU got some vein action going on bitterly on the side there. Something else that you may you may be a little freedom well Gary. Or maybe you should feel free up his seat as Jerry the king Lawler you know WW superstar I was kind of stroke allotments sex. Why should Romberg be afraid that no man. The Lawler one of them little blue diamond hills that he was taking I don't know giving it worried about stuff like that. Mean evil diet having sex before you everywhere about that. Not really because. As we know I don't I don't think only my believes it's working much eating he's worried about that only my her real Europe on March Philly he's focused and other thing you know he's a lot of work into it. It all the parents can't wait we would ease your hurry to think about that months now we now know I was born in his knee against him signing on was born. Argued to espionage related corridor rusty delays are now in that this non that this. Am I that this justice it's possible that this defense. Prompted this and almost Marty looks like this is a good look. It's it's all downhill to 35 and ones aren't you know me dead fish you I feel bad feel like we do in a bad thing about the truck. Come to go over the playbook. In my head for the most part Mona says should do milieu of until auto could do both com boom room whatever makes it lasts longer but it Andy admitting that I put my mind to. Start up Rahman should Tanya a stroke after so during sex. Says that he got up he got up afterward he said some into his adding it is beyond normal that he said something to her she didn't understand what he said Bonnie said something. She'd understand what he said and then she told him to go look in the mirror that the entire right side of his face was trooped down to his chin but was it Bell's palsy and was a belly as stroke. Bell's palsy stroke. A stroke okay. Okay delirium get attention Gregory sank down on militants are yoga it's August so. Gays rights as it was is tunnel pushed to the one side of the that's a you know there's a telltale signs some walls in your face still like always Olmert. But yet there's a lot of the telltale signs speech Airpwn. All manner scary. Glorious old he has some good I'm glad that he's okay don't you dole is 68 yep audience you must line yeah I just throw that number it's exactly 68. A free man I five. How about that. Near your neighbors smarts. Diverse warm and has got your headlines plus reaction so each game one loss next. Everyone is there a piece you can join me then I'd run her rent out my every game. West fortieth street just get it out quietly running a watch the second playoff game purely out here you have a kid to a thousand dollar jackpot. People act and perhaps. It really permit where you need to be right with me again. You all let. Fortieth street not Miami Burke wrote. Here and I saw rocky where it can happen of course the folks today as the IP at 10 or 3-D C here the ticket. Which you Romberg was canning distillery which would be paying going on the course yet. That loses do something. Maybe he's under the blankets hold on a minute I was just one of those things are he's not here are three tapes and sends it in on his phone send and end. No flow. Did not flub at all there was little love Paul was not a flop. You know as you know clubs and floral armament floral number more than just slumber these people ms. service affords community now for multiple generations over fifty years. Located just east of the Miami airport not to far from Marlins park just over the river. 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